Tuesday, June 05, 2018


This article begins to bring it all together: Israel at least helped to kill but may well have directed the killing of JFK to get the bomb and the heavy weapons they wanted but JFK denied them; and Bobby was whacked because he would have re-opened the JFK assassination and found Israel as guilty as a puppy sitting next to a pile of pooh.

Two interesting facts are omitted here:
1. the executive producer of Oliver Stone's film JFK was Arnon Milchan, who just happened to be an Israeli nuclear spy, so he had motive to produce a film blaming the CIA, exiled Cubans and other extreme anti-Communists and completely ignoring Israel;
2. Bobby was assassinated in a hotel owned by the father of the best friend of bona fide Zionist deep stater Roy Cohn.

The fingerprints of Israel are definitely all over the JFK assassination, which have been either ignored or covered-up, and in this lot I include Roger Stone's book on LBJ. Did you know just how much a supporter of Israel LBJ was? No? You mean Stone doesn't mention it? Well, imagine my shock.

Alex Jones will rue the day when he uttered these words, "I support the Jewish state of Israel".

And Bomber Trump will also rue the day when he uttered the words, "Nobody loves and is more loyal to Israel than me".

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