Friday, June 01, 2018


Kanye chose Bomber Trump and fancy trainers.

Bomber Trump has sold out to and allied with the headchopping Saudis who:
1. did 9/11;
2. unleashed the Jihadis;
3. are creating a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen which threatens the lives of millions of children, and Bomber Trump is flogging billions and billions of dollars of weapons to the Saudis to help them do this.

Bomber Trump also helps Israel ethnically cleanse Gaza and support Islamic State.

So how can that be love?

It can't.

How can supporting all that violence and death and oppression be called love?

Kanye, like Candace, has simply left one plantation and is now on another but different plantation.

But the plantation owner is still the same old Anglo-Zionist-Saudi axis-of-evil.

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