Friday, June 08, 2018


Bomber Trump's solution:
1. kick out generally innocent, hard-working, tax-paying immigrants while ignoring the (generally white Anglo-American male?) perps of 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2007/8 (e.g. Dodgy Roger 'the cuck' Stone);
2. slash taxes for the rich and corporations hoping they invest their windfall in jobs, jobs, jobs, but this is projected to add at least $1.5 trillion to the national debt, but some say possibly $2 trillion;
3. ally with the Saudis and bomb anything that moves so that the USA does what it does best, export death and terror.

On point 1., why is Trump allowing the perps of 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2007/8 to get away with literal murder? Murder of millions and millions in total?

On point 2., slashing taxes while drastically increasing the military is basically begging for fiscal trouble, particularly when a significant number of jobs being and to be created will be automated and at the moment untaxed. But there is evidence to suggest that this may be working a bit. However, I am not surprised by this because slashing taxes is bound to generate jobs, as I expected he would do. It's just that if you slash taxes too much then tax revenue is not optimised and greed rather than patriotism takes over. But there is also evidence that, although some jobs are being created and some employees are seeing benefits, CEOs are paying themselves and their cronies and not passing on the tax cuts, and they do not plan to reinvest.

On point 3., Trump sold himself as the peace candidate, but so far has been the precise opposite, bombing Syria, drastically escalating civilian deaths in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia and Yemen. And he has escalated the use of drones and eased the conditions of their use, leading to more civilian deaths than under Obama.

On the other hand, Bill Clinton cut (not slashed) taxes which eventually led to a surplus of trillions which was used to pay off the national debt. And JFK's investment tax credit led to the best growth rates of any president post-WW2.

I still maintain that Trump should have implemented a JFK-style investment tax credit which was only granted to corporations etc if they could show that they were investing in not just jobs but jobs for humans not robots. No need for the racist deportations of often innocent, hard-working, tax-paying immigrants while the perps of 9/11 and the finanical crisis of 2007/8 go unpunished and are given millions each in bonuses. No need to increase inequality and the wealth gap so much. No need to increase the national debt by trillions (which Rex Jones will be liable for). But above all, no need to ally with Saudi headchoppers and the military-industrial complex to sell weapons and mass death.

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