Friday, June 08, 2018


Today in 1967 Israel attacked the USS Liberty with the acquiescence of Zionist LBJ hoping to blame Egypt and to be able to drag the USA into bombing Egypt for Israel during the 6 Day War, which was a war of aggression and expansion by Israel in its quest for Eretz Israel. Israel killed 34 US military personnel, even attacking the lifeboats! But ultimately the attack failed to produce its desired objective.

Israel was able to do this after LBJ gave them the many and heavy weapons they had asked JFK for but which JFK denied them. JFK also didn't want Israel armed with the bomb, which the Zionist leadership saw as the prime issue of their national security.

So what did the Zionists do? They used the CIA and mob to put a bullet in JFKs head. Five years later they did the same thing to JFK's brother Bobby.

Infowar$ are more concerned that they won't be able to oggle and drool over bustyful and beautiful American ladies like Homer Simpson drools over pork chops rather than expose the Zionist takeover of the United States of America.

Most sad (or should that be, Mossad?)

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