Sunday, June 03, 2018


In 2007 Seymour Hersh exposed what was about to happen: the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia would unleash the worst international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran. This was done because the plan for war and regime change in seven countries revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11 was seriously behind schedule. Syria, Lebanon and Iran were three of the seven countries named to Clark. The other four were Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. But for whatever reason the Jihadis were first unleashed onto Libya, where they were assisted by British Special Forces on the ground and NATO became the Jihadi Air Force clearing a path for the Jihadis all the way to Tripoli.

Former French foreign minister Roland Dumas has revealed that in 2009 he was asked by British security officials to organise pipelines to smuggle Jihadis into Syria. Dumas declined. After killing Gaddafi the Jihadis were smuggled into Syria, where they have been ever since and have failed to do what was expected of them, which was to oust or kill President Bashar al Assad. Some NATO nations encouraged the rise of Islamic State in a bid to isolate Assad and give them the excuse to invade and bomb Syria in an attempt to kill him. This encouragement included allowing Jihadi preachers to preach Jihad on the streets of Great Britain to persuade potential Jihadis to travel to Syria to join Islamic State. One such preacher was Michael Adebalajo who murdered Lee Rigby when he should have been locked up. And such Jihadis were allowed to travel to Syria and entered Syria via the border with NATO member Turkey.

But these Jihadis had a dual purpose: the first was to join Islamic State and other Jihadi groups to learn the ways of terror and kill Assad; the second was, if they failed or gave up, to return to Great Britain where they would pose a threat.

Our intels knew this would happen. They knew they would be given stronger surveillance powers when the Jihadis they allowed to join Islamic State returned to this sceptred isle.

My grandfathers landed on the beaches of Normandy in June 1944. They didn't fight for this!

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