Saturday, June 02, 2018


Infowar$ $old out.

$old out to Zionism. The Zionism that the founders of The Federal Reserve support so strongly.

Last weekend Infowar$ were non-stop claiming that Great Britain was a police state because Tommy Robinson had been arrested, tried and sent to prison. Infowar$ made out that this was to shut Robinson up because he was exposing all Muslims as paedophile rapists. They also made out that Robinson had been attacked in prison, had been 'disappeared' and may even have been killed. Turns out that:
1. Robinson was on a suspended sentence, and was warned by the judge that if he appeared at a trial of alleged Muslim paedophile rapists, and talked about Muslim rapists before the jury had reached a decision, then he would be sent straight to prison;
2. so what did Robinson do? He appeared at a trial of alleged Muslim paedophiles, and before the jury decision he talked about Muslim paedophiles;
3. Robinson was thus arrested, brought before a judge who sent him to prison, as he was warned would happen, because his actions could be used by the defendants to call for a mistrial or unfair trial so that the alleged victims would have to once again go through the very stressful experience of giving evidence at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds;
4. Robinson had not been attacked and was fine.

Robinson is a Zionist shill. He proudly wears Mossad t-shirts, poses on Israeli tanks with automatic rifles and is the Shillman Fellow for Rebel Media which is run by Ezra Levant who organised a rally in support of Israel as Israel was murdering 500 children in Gaza in 2014. Robinson also detests Palestinians.

As stated, Infowar$ complained about Robinson's justified imprisonment for days.

Yesterday an Israeli sniper shot dead a Palestinian volunteer paramedic who was tending the injured at a protest against Israel.

How have Inofwar$ reacted?


The silence of the sell-out.

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