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A guy called Sabbatai Tzvi (or Zevi) proclaimed himself to be the Jewish Messiah, born to lead the Jews back to their Holy Land, and was excommunicated over these claims. Tzvi was arrested by the Ottomans, imprisoned and converted to Islam, for which he was ridiculed.

Next up was a guy called Jacob Frank, who was a right freak. Frank also claimed to be the Jewish Messiah and also the reincarnation of the aforementioned Sabbatai Zevi and also King David. Frank created what can only be described as a sex cult, and like Tzvi was banished, etc. But the interesting fact about Frank is that he hooked up with the Rothschilds in Frankfurt (yes, THE Rothschilds) who actually sponsored Frank in his later years.

In Frankfurt the Rothschilds shared a house with the Schiffs.

The five Rothschild sons were scattered across Europe. Nathan was sent to London where he hooked up with Moses Montefiore. The two became business partners and were brothers-in-law because each married daughters of the Cohen family. Montefiore began to use his wealth to lobby Charles Henry Churchill (a blood relation of Winston) for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. This began the first formal approach to establish Israel. Montefiore bought some property in Palestine intended to encourage Jewish immigration.

The Rothschilds then financed the first Jewish settlement in Palestine called Rishon Le Zion, but curiously also rejected Herzl's ideas for a Jewish state. Herzl went to see the Ottomans to ask for a Jewish homeland in Palestine but he was rejected.

So now we come to WW1.

The Federal Reserve was created in 1913. This is a privately-owned bank, not a branch of the US government. The Fed was owned by the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Rockefellers and some other banks, a lot of them Jewish.

It is my opinion that WW1 would not have occured if the Federal Reserve had not been created, because Great Britain would not have been able to finance such a global war.

Around about mid-1916 Germany was on the verge of victory. The German U-boats were sinking supplies to, and warships of, Great Britain. So the Zionists siezed their opportunity and told the British Government that they could get the USA into the war on the British side if they could be given Palestine. The problem was that Palestine was still at that time not a British mandate and was under the control of the German ally Turkey. Nevertheless, the British government (actually a Rothschild agent) issued the Balfour Declaration...but at the same time promising Palestine to the Palestine Arabs if they rebelled against their Turkish masters!!

Anyway, the USA joined the war on the side of the UK in April 1917, and Germany was defeated. After the war Britain was given Palestine and encouraged Jewish immigration to Palestine. The Arabs, just a bit cheesed off about being betrayed by the British, began to riot and there were several massacres of Jewish immigrants.

By this time a trio of Jewish families controlled international Judaism: the Rothschilds (UK), Warburgs (USA and Germany) and Schiffs (USA).

These families wanted Palestine populated with Jews, but the problem for them was that not many Jews wanted to go to Palestine because they saw the anger that such mass Jewish immigration generated, and they were actually quite happy where they were.

To encourage Jewish immigration to Palestine from Germany the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis. This may sound odd but is demonically logical: both wanted Jews out of Germany and in Palestine!

So for several years the Warburgs with the Anglo-Palestine Bank financed the Haavara, or transfer, of German Jews to Palestine. But despite the finanical inducements and the hate from the Nazis only 10% of German Jews took up this transfer.

And the Zionists had also rejected offers of Jewish homelands elsewhere, specifically Africa. So for them it had be Palestine and nowhere but Palestine.

And in addition to the collaboration with the Nazis through the Haavara, the Warburgs were at one time the largest stockholders of IG Farben, sat on the board of the Reichsbank and their own private bank advised the German government.

WW2 occured and the Holocaust convinced an at first sceptical world Jewry that they needed a homeland...and it had to be Palestine.

Palestine was by then still under British control, but Jewish terrorists began to kill British soldiers and blew up the British HQ, The King David Hotel. These Jewish terrorists even planned to blow up British government buildings in London and even the House of Commons.

In 1948 the UN agreed to the partition of Palestine. Why? I have no idea. They should have seen what was coming. The well-armed Jewish terrorists then terrorised 800,000 Palestinian Arabs off their lands and farms into the two largest refugee camps in the world: Gaza and West Bank.

As anger at the fledgling state of Israel grew, the Zionists sought help with weapons, big weapons, and even atomic weapons. They got some from the USA but not as much as they had hoped. And JFK was really trying to stop Israel from acquiring the atomic bomb and showed a deep interest in what was going on at Dimona.

On 22nd November 1963 JFK was shot in the head. LBJ took power and over the next few years he gave Israel lots of weapons and the bomb. But despite this support from LBJ, Israel attacked a defenceless US Navy communications ship and killed 34 US military personnel. The plan was to blame Egypt so that LBJ would bomb Egypt, but the truth was out before LBJ could do as he was told.

So, of the JFK assassination, when you ask, cui bono? Israel benefitted. And what is also suspicious is that the man behind Oliver Stone's JFK, Arnon Milchan, was an Israeli nuclear spy, so he had motive to dump all blame on the CIA/Cubans.

So throughout the 1970s and 1980s Arab terrorists committed atrocities while Israel grabbed more and more Arab land.

In 1996 a document called A Clean Break was written for then PM of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, which called for Israel to engage Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon. The group who wrote this were connected to a group called Project for a New American Century who in 2000 published a document called Rebuilding America's Defenses which stated that Iraq and Iran were the greatest threats to US natonal security. PNAC was formed and staffed by dedicated Zionists. PNAC called for a "new Pearl Harbor", which they got on 9/11 when PNAC members were in control of the US government and military.

The American public was outraged and supported war.

General Wesley Clark was informed of a plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years: the four nations named in A Clean Break above, and also Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

The US military has since been advancing this plan. First stalled in Iraq, Israel started a war on Lebanon but lost. The USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia then agreed that the latter would unleash the worst international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran, but they were first unleashed onto Libya.

And in Syria the Jihadis have all but lost, thanks to Iran, Hezbollah and Russia.

And along comes Bomber Trump, who proclaims that nobody loves and is more loyal to Israel than he is. Trump adores Netanyahu, even after Netanyahu had killed 520 children in Gaza in 2014. The Zionist media machine goes into overdrive. Murdoch, Breitbart and the Rebel-Horowitz networks promoted Trump. Infowar$ sold out and joined in the Trump love-in.

And yesterday Bomber Trump pulled out of the Iran deal, prompting Israel to yet again bomb Iranian military personnel in Syria as an obvious provocation.

Israel wanted nukes but JFK wouldn't give them to Israel. JFK got a bullet in the head. LBJ gave Israel lots of weapons and the bomb.

Israel doesn't want anyone else in the region to have nukes, so their agents did 9/11 and dragged the US military into fighting their wars to get rid of the anti-Israel governments in Iraq and Libya, but failed to do so in Syria.

Iran still stands.

Israel, created through backstabbing, mass murder, terror and war, wants Iran crushed.

I feared that Bomber Trump would be the one to do that for Israel. He has so far shown a willingness to continue the plan revealed to General Clark.

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