Thursday, May 10, 2018


Because Infowar$ say it is.

Infowar$ exists to make money out of conspiracies. If real ones don't exist then they are made up. That's how Infowar$ has become a multi-million dollar operation.

A few weeks ago after bombing Syria Infowar$ accused Bomber Trump of kicking off WW3. Alex Jone$ was on air crying, talking strangely about not sucking you-know-what.

Then last week they proposed Bomber Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize over North Korea (even though Dennis Rodman did most of the work).

And today they once again accuse Bomber Trump of kicking off WW3 after they had bigged-up his pull-out from the Iran deal as another campaign promise fulfilled.

And whatever happened to Kanye West? Perhaps West is smarter than I thought for not going on Infowar$ (but at least the possibility generated more sales of Brain Farce?)

Anyway, don't panic. It's not WW3. Not just yet. All that Bomber Trump has done is he has taken us one step closer to it, and his support for Israel has emboldened Israel to do what it did last night. As long as Bomber Trump stands behind Israel then Israel will bomb Syrian and Iranian bases, civilians on both sides will die, then Iran itself will be bombed, and when that happens that then will be a proper war.

So relax, sit back with a cold can/bottle of your favourite beer and watch the missiles fly and the children scream and cry.

Behold Bomber Trump!

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