Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Then (mid-1990s):

And now :

The question is: what about in between?

Was it support-falsely oppose-support?

Or support-support-support?

All those videos he made mocking those who called him a Zionist shill. All those rants against the Rothschilds. All those shouts against the Jewish Mafia who he acknowledges run America.

Yet there he was...and there he still is: supporting Israel.

Even after 9/11.

And remember when he bragged that he was working with some factions in some intels who think he has "the right stuff" because his family founded the extremely racist slave state of The Republic of Texas and fought at the rank of colonel and general in the Confederate Army during the US Civil War to defend negro slavery? Wondering if one of those intels is Mossad?

Most sad.

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