Wednesday, May 16, 2018


There's this on traitor Alex Jones' twitter advertising the latest book by Roger Stone:

Thinking of buying it? Or any other book by Stone? Then don't. And here's why:

1. Stone was once the homosexual lover of Roy Cohn who ran paedophile networks for the CIA, and veteran NYPD investigator Jim Rothstein claims Stone helped Cohn in this;

2. Stone helped to buy the US Presidential Election in 1980 for Reagan by delivering a $125k bung from Cohn to split the opposition to Reagan in New York;

3. Stone enabled 9/11 and the PNAC wars by organising a riot to stop a recount which gave Florida to George W Bush and got W elected to the White House where he was surrounded by senior and founding members of the ultra Zionist PNAC;

4. Stone scuttled Eliot Spitzer and his investigation into the corrupt practices of Wall Street which allowed the financial crisis of 2007/8 to occur;

5. Stone wrote a book which pinned the blame for the assassination of JFK on LBJ but completely ignored the Israeli influence on and benefit from the assassination because Zionist LBJ gave Israel many heavy weapons and the nuke while anti-Zionist JFK didn't;

6. Stone recently claimed he had been poisoned with Polonium-210, but as you can see he is sadly still alive;

7. and it was Stone who got Infowar$ behind Trump (along with all the other Zionist media) to get Trump elected.

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