Tuesday, May 29, 2018


So it looks like Robinson was represented in court by a Matthew Harding.

And if the correct procedure for locking up Robinson was not followed then I'm pretty sure Harding would be in the media screaming about it but he isn't.

1. Robinson was on a suspended sentence, one of the terms of the suspension was that he shouldn't be anywhere near a trial of alleged Muslim paedos because he could risk the trial being deemed unfair with his actions and words, and he was also told that he would go to prison;
2. but Robinson went anyway, after seeking advice (from whom?);
3. he gets arrested and his supporters immediately claim he has been attacked in prison by rabid Muslims and may even be dead (he hadn't and wasn't);
4. he admits to breaching the terms of the suspended sentence and is sent down;
5. the trial of alleged Muslim paedos he attended now risks collapsing at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds, and witnesses and victims having to go through the very stressful ordeal of giving evidence again in a re-trial;
6. suspected Israeli agent Geert Wilders then claims we are submitting to Sharia.

In a word: FARCE!!

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