Tuesday, May 08, 2018


On 11th September 2001 a terrorist attack on 'Murica occured. I thought I'd remind some, just in case they had forgotten while they have been enriching themselves from fearmongering and enjoying their ill-gotten gains.

Such sordid greedy characters blamed Israel, Saudi Arabia and the intelligence agencies for 9/11, for providing the pretext for a series of wars, invasions and regime changes.

The prime target of 9/11 was Iran.

Less than an hour ago, President Bomber Trump pulled out of the deal with Iran. What message this sends to North Korea is obvious, particularly after Libya in 2011: the USA cannot be trusted.

There is one man who commands Bomber Trump's ear who wants war on both Iran and North Korea. Juda$ correctly identified him as a "mentally unstable maniac". That man is John Bolton.

Bolton is the darling of both Sheldon Adelson and Robert Mercer. Both financed Trump and are close to Netanyahu, who Bomber Trump called "a great guy" after Netanyahu had killed 520 children in tht Israeli-created cesspit we call Gaza.

Why do you think the powerful Zionist network got behind Trump?

After that speech to AIPAC in 2016?

After son Eric said that Bomber Trump decided to run for POTUS not to make America great again but to get Iran?

Iran is much more likely to develop a nuke now. After seeing Gaddafi's fate from selling out. And who do we think will drag Trump into bombing Iran?

So, Bomber Trump just tropedoed the Iran deal and slapped a new and larger set of sanctions on Iran.

Imagine my shock.

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