Tuesday, May 15, 2018


I used to think Morrissey was alright. A bit queer, odd, but alright. He tried to address subjects and topics most musical artists wouldn't. Irish Blood, English Heart is great. As is Suffer Little Children.

But then he goes and writes a song praising Israel.

So I'm done with Morrissey. As I am with Infowhore$. Stick a fork in both. They're done. Well done.

Particuarly after this retweeted by Juda$:

Soz, Mozz. But your song Israel is written by a dull person for dull people who haven't and don't want to have a clue. All these years Alex Jones has been pretending to be anti-Israel when now we finally know he has been one of Israel's biggest fans all along...as has his sidekick and loyal Morrissey dullard Juda$, who sold out for a shard of fame.

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