Friday, May 25, 2018


The graph below shows the net gain or loss of jobs for the last 10 years in the USA:

The source is : Job Growth Rates

Obviously, after the Roger Stone-enabled financial crisis jobs were lost under Bush 43. Then jobs were regained under Obama over a few years. Then by 2011 there has been a steady cycle of gains and losses. Bomber Trump does not yet appear to have changed this cycle with massive job, job, job gains.

And GDP was lower than expected too.

So, so far, Trump has been President Let-down: he betrayed America and his base with such ease and panache by allying with the Saudis and Israel, appointing John Bolton, and bombing and droning anything that moves so that civilian deaths under Trump have accelerated drastically; he has focused more on booting out often innocent hard-working immigrants looking to give their jobs to Americans rather than build an inclusive expanding economy; he has not re-opened investigations into 9/11 and JFK; he has appointed a bona fide torturer to run the CIA; and he has shown that America cannot be trusted by pulling out of the Iran deal and pulling out of talks with North Korea after North Korea had made gestures but then Team Trump brought up The Libya Model.

And as shown above, not so much jobs, jobs, jobs.

Still, it's only 16 months in. In a year it may be different...if Trump somehow avoids a war with Russia and China over Iran for Israel.

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