Sunday, May 27, 2018


Russia wanted Trump in The White House because he isn't Hillary Clinton.

Israel wanted Trump in The White House because he proclaimed that nobody loves and is more loyal to Israel than he is, and he stated to AIPAC that the first thing he would do as POTUS would be to rip up the Iran deal.

Pro-Trump Infowar$ posted about 1000 articles from RT during the election campaign. Alex Jones' ex-wife is pretty certain that there was something going on between Alex, Roger Stone, Russia and Trump.

And then there is the Zionist media network that backed Trump: Rupert Murdoch; Breitbart; Rebel/Horowitz; Cambridge Analytica; Infowar$ (Alex recently confessed to supporting Israel).

So did Russia and Israel collude together because of the mutual interest they both had in stopping Clinton and getting Trump into The White House?

Or did they work independently to get Trump elected but saw and recognised what the other was doing and why?

And now Mueller is beginning to home in on Israel. So how long before he is quickly and quietly shut down?

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