Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Half of Alex Jones' family are CIA. Some took in defectors from the Soviet Union, but we don't know if all of them did this as their job for the CIA. We also know that Alex's father David did some dental work for the CIA but he was probably not a CIA agent as such. David was (still is?) a member of the John Birch Society, and Alex has stated that he was inspired by the library of his father which no doubt contained a lot of JBS literature. This, together with his racist ancestors who founded the slave state of Texas and fouoght to defend slavery during the US Civil War, explains the politics of Alex.

But it is the origin of Alex's Zionism that interests me.

There seems to be an overlooked aspect to the JFK assassination: Israel. James Jesus Angleton was described as the biggest Zionist of the lot and helped Israel develop the bomb because he saw a nuclear-armed Israel as a great ally in the battle with the Communists for control of the Middle East. JFK did not have this point of view and did not want Israel armed with the bomb. Angleton would have been the boss of CIA agents who took in Soviet defectors and as such he would have been the boss of Alex's family who took in Soviet defectors.

Now, if Angleton's Zionism was transmitted down through the ranks then Alex's family would have experienced this Zionism and possibly agreed with Angleton's view, though they may have not quite gone so far as to support the asassination of President JFK?

Anyway, Alex is quite the dedicated Zionist and apparently believes that Palestine belongs to the Zionists because Jews lived there a few thousand years ago. But he also apparently does not support that logic being applied to white America who committed genocide against the native Americans and stole the land that they had also been living on for thousands of years.

So, is Alex's Zionism due to his family's work for the CIA? Was there a firm to strong belief in the rank and file of the CIA during the 1960s that Israel should be given all the help it needed in the battle against the Soviets and the Communists? Including being given the bomb, against the wishes of JFK?

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