Sunday, May 27, 2018


Tommy Robinson has been arrested and convicted for contempt of court. Infowar$ are making it look like Robinson has been 'disappeared' and has been possibly attacked already while in prison and may even be dead!

But who is Robinson?

And why would he be arrested now?

Robinson is a Zionist and probable Israeli agent. He is currently the Shillman Fellow for Rebel Media, which is run by Ezra Levant who organised a rally in Canada to defend Israel in 2014 while Israel was slaughtering 520 children in Gaza.

As with Infowar$ you do have to take their often wild and inaccurate claims with a pinch of salt. For example, they claimed for days that Alek Minassian, the guy who killed 10 in Toronto, was a Muslim terrorist, when he was in fact an Armenian Christian who supported anti-feminist, pro-male groups. Plus they make a (very good) living from flogging unnecessary health products, so they need to generate traffic to their site and do so by making wild claims.

Here are a few photos of Robinson indicating his allegiance to Israel:

And remember that Alex Jones recently confessed his support for Israel.

Meanwhile, Robinson's actions may actually lead to the collapse of the trial he was covering and is probably why he was arrested:

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