Monday, May 21, 2018


Has it been that long? Sixteen months?

Trump claimed he knew what was really going on: hinted he would release the 28 pages and accused Saudi Arabia of 9/11; suggested he would pull out of Syria and Afghanistan; hinted he would implement Glass-Steagall, etc, etc, etc.

But Trump's priorities seem to have been to ally with Saudi Arabia and Israel against Iran, slash taxes for the rich and corporations, and destabilise the Middle East over Jerusalem. How he can expect a peace deal now is beyond me.

If Trump really knew what was going on I would have expected the following:
1. 9/11 re-investigated, this time in the open, and thoroughly;
2. an investigation into, with the intent to prosecute, the financial crisis of 2007/8;
3. all files related to JFK and RFK released, and more open and thorough investigations into their assassinations, as well as that of MLK;
4. Glass-Steagall;
5. audits of the Federal Reserve and the Pentagon.

And I would investigate the activities of Trump's "greatest friend" Roy Cohn.

But instead we get deportations of often innocent immigrants, rumours of a wall, some jobs and growth but nowhere near as much as Democrats have produced when in government, massive weapons deals with the Saudis, selling out to the Zionist network that got him elected, bombing and building bases in Syria while handing parts of Syria to the Saudis, and a tax plan that benefits the rich and corporations while adding possibly $2 trillion to the deficit.

Clinton, on the other hand, also cut taxes but generated a surplus which paid trillions off the debt.

And instead of draining the swamp he has built a swamp of his very own infested with many swamp-critters from Bilderberg, CFR, Skull & Bones, Trilateral Commission, etc.

It's just one sellout and betrayal after another.

But at least all this has provoked an admission (at long last) from Alex Jones that he supports Israel! So we can at least thank Bomber Trump for that.

All this was predictable.

The only thing that has surprised me is North Korea. But with John "mentally unstable maniac" Bolton as National Security Adviser we can expect the talks to collapse with no deal...that is, if they do occur.

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