Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Besides JFK denying Israel the bomb and the heavy weapons, he also supported the right of return for the 800,000 refugees who the Israelis terrorised and forced to live in Gaza and the West Bank. And JFK was desperate to stop Israeli lobbying buying off US politicians. This lobbying was exposed in a report written by Senator J. William Fulbright which was written in March 1961 but only declassified in 2010. JFK wanted several Israeli lobbyists such as The American Zionist Council registered as foreign agents. JFK gave the job of stopping this lobbying to his brother Robert, who ordered the AZC to register as a foreign agent. The AZC refused and renamed itself AIPAC.

LBJ was a lot more Israel-friendly than JFK, so...

But on Robert, I am intrigued by the fact that he was assassinated in the Ambassador Hotel which was owned by Myer Schine who was the father of David Schine, close friend of Roy Cohn. That the alleged assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, who could not have killed RFK, was Palestinian raises the question, was Sirhan framed to provoke the USA into supporting Israel while at the same time eliminating Robert who, if he had become President, would have stopped Israeli lobbyists buying off American politicians and looked into Dimona?

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