Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Decades ago you were admitted to hospital expecting treatment but were tied to a bed and suffered electro-shock therapy while your brain was hardwired to a machine.

Today they can zap you in your own bed in your own home using the mobile phone networks and satellites.

Now THAT is progress, don't you think?

They can destroy anyone they want, quietly, behind closed doors, without any visible wires feeding into anyone's head. No horrific photos. No external damage. They simply send a signal across the mobile phone network to buzz your brain while you are asleep and/or just as you fall asleep. Not only do you hear the buzz, you can also feel the membranes in your skull vibrate. And it's not just a buzz. Sometimes it's a fizzing sound, or a rasping sound. Occasionally it can be a sound that generates fear and terror, such as the sound of a shotgun going off, or the sound of a very aggressive German Shepherd growling and barking, but these sounds seem to originate in your head not next to you. Now imagine that happening 3,4 even 10 times per night, most nights, for 7 years. How much sleep do you think you would lose? Coz that's what happened to me. And with lack of sleep comes lack of performance. And probably change in brain chemistry and networks too.

So while Canadians are suing decades after their abuse, in a few decades times there will be cases like mine.

I know what happened to me. Maybe they wanted me to tell my tale so that they know you know that they have these weapons, so you shut up and don't cause any trouble, or else...

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