Sunday, May 27, 2018


Is it that he promotes Infowar$ as the last bastion of freedom and democracy and privacy and all that while he spies on and stalks his ex-wife Kelly?

Nope. Close, but it's not that.

It's this: Alex Jones' expression of support for Israel.

"That is their land", states the Zionist Jones.

Nope. It was their land a few thousand years ago. That's all.

But if we apply Jones' logic, that we should go back a few thousand years to consider who owns what land, then we can ask, what about the native Americans whose land Jones' family claimed a few hundred years ago to establish Texas, one of the, if not the, most racist states in the United States of America?

It was their land, Alex, until your slavery-loving ancestors grabbed/stole it. Why do you support the Zionist claim to Palestine just because it was their land a few thousand years ago, but you don't appear to support the claim of native Americans when you and your family live on the land that native Americans lived on for thousands of years (without dropping any atomic bombs or using the Marshall Islands as a testing ground for nuclear bombs) before your racist ancestors came along and stole it?

This is such a profound contradiction.

Or is it simply greed?

I think the latter.

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