Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Tommy Robinson is a Zionist shill. No ifs. No buts. He proudly wears Mossad t-shirts and poses on Israeli tanks with an automatic rifle. He is, ironically, the Shillman Fellow for Rebel Media which is run by the biggest Zionist journalist in Canada, Ezra Levant, who organised a rally in support of Israel while Isrel murdered 500 or so children in Gaza. And Robinson apparently detests Palestinians too and has zero empathy for their plight (so no wonder he and Infowar$ hit it off).

Robinson's role is to demonise Muslims/Arabs as much as he can for Israel. He probably knows this, either figuring it out for himself or being told directly.

That said, he is absolutely right to raise the issue of Muslim paedophile grooming gangs. But why just Muslim grooming gangs? They all need exposing, put on trial and if found guilty then locked away. But I find it telling that he gets outraged at hundreds of white girls being sexually exploited by Muslim gangs but he said sweet FA when his beloved Israel killed, repeat KILLED, about 500 destitute, malnourished children in Gaza in 2014, with hundreds more seriously wounded. Why be outraged by one and not the other? Yes, paedophilia, and by anyone, is disgusting. But isn't killing a child worse? Even worse when it is a cowardly act from 10,000 feet in the air using white phosphorous?

Robinson went to Leeds last week fully aware of his suspended sentence and the terms. He said so in his live feed. He was not to attend a trial of alleged Muslim paedophiles and start ranting about Muslim paedophiles or Muslim rapists BEFORE the verdict had been reached. So what did he do? He talked about Muslim rapists BEFORE the jury had reached a verdict. He couldn't wait. He had to jeopardise the trial.

This guy Jon Gaunt has got it right in the tweet below. He knows and supports Robinson. But he suggests that Robinson fell into a trap. Maybe true. Maybe not.

But Zionist shill Robinson clearly violated the terms of his suspended sentence. I don't want Robinson dead, or even attacked. I hope he gets out safe. But he knew the dangers to his liberty and the risk he posed of producing a re-trial in which the victims would again have to give very stressful testimony..., that is, if they decided they could go through it all again.

But if we all violate terms of a suspended sentence, then what?

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