Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Russia interfered to stop Hillary Clinton. Whether anyone from Team Trump wittingly or unwittingly colluded with them is another matter.

And now focus is at last turning onto Israel and the Saudis who met Team Trump in a meeting organised by none other than Erik Prince.

The bulk of the pro-Trump propaganda came from Bilderberg Zionist Rupert Murdoch and Fox News.

Then it was Cambridge Analytica, a Mercer-Bannon operation, both Zionists, which admits to manipulating international elections for the UK and US governments.

Then it was media like Breitbart, which was created to promote Israel.

Then it was the Zionist Rebel-Horowitz network (which loved Jud-a$$ and he reciprocated).

Then it was Infowar$ (Alex now confesses he supports Israel but his ex-wife Kelly is suggesting that Russia may have thrown some $ their way to repeat anti-Hillary RT news without any questions).

But I still maintain that all this just got Trump within touching distance of Clinton. The single most important influence on the election was Comey's unnecessary statement that some more Clinton emails had been found (which the FBI had sat on for months) which at first glance looked suspicious. This statement was made with just days to go before the election and caused a 4 - 5% swing to Trump. It was only the day before the election that the FBI reported that there was nothing suspicious in those emails. Clinton then regained about 1 - 2% of the support she had lost from Comey's statement but it was too late for her. Comey had swung it for Trump.

So we can begin to look at Russia's recent actions (or lack thereof) in Syria in a new light.

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