Wednesday, May 16, 2018


In a defence of Roger Stone, Alex Jones has inadvertently exposed the role of Roger Stone in the 2007/8 financial crisis.

Here's what Alex posted just a few minutes ago in defence of Stone:

Which contains this written by the author:
...I remember it clearly because, at the time I was working with NXIVM and Stone had recently quit – he was gunning for Elliot Spitzer. Stone told me he would see to it that Spitzer – then governor of New York – would go down in disgrace.

Stone suggested I help him go after Spitzer. I had to pass at the time, for my work for Raniere/Bronfman was consuming all my time.

...Stone went on to other work in political circles including – it appears – to play a role in the disgracing of Elliot Spitzer a few months later.

So, as I will never get sick of saying: if you suffered and/or are suffering austerity because of the 2007/8 financial crisis, then thank Dodgy Roger Stone. For it was he who stopped Eliot Spitzer and his investigation into the corrupt practices of Wall Street which allowed the crisis to (a) occur, and (b) develop into the global catastrophe it became, the effects of which we still suffer, as we do from 9/11 which Stone also played a role in enabling.

Thanks, Roger.

And thanks, Alex. I don't believe what Juda$ says about you in private. I think you're alright (particularly when you post stuff like this!!)

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