Saturday, May 05, 2018


But I thought Trump was going to stop the wars and bring the troops home. That's what Infowars said, or at least hinted.

Instead we get massive weapons sales to the Saudis, bombing Syria, building bases in Syria, troops back to Afghanistan...and probably war with Iran within the next year or two.

And now this.

In Yemen:
The revelation that US special forces have been operating secretively on the ground in Yemen since December underscores once again Washington’s reckless drive towards a regional conflagration with Iran.

Coming just a week before President Donald Trump is due to announce whether he will abrogate the 2015 nuclear accord with Tehran, Thursday’s report in the New York Times that Green Berets are fighting alongside Saudi forces in their genocidal war against the Yemeni people demonstrates that US imperialism will stop at nothing to consolidate its hegemony over the Middle East. Having supplied the Saudis with intelligence and weaponry to continue their murderous assault on the impoverished country, resulting in the deaths of at least 13,000 civilians, the United States has now become a direct participant in the ground conflict.

[source : US special forces operations in Yemen presage wider regional war, WSWS,, 5th May 2018]

And in Somalia:
MOGADISHU, Somalia — The U.S. military is dramatically expanding its operations at a former Soviet air strip in Somalia, constructing more than 800 beds at the Baledogle base, VICE News has learned. The construction at the secretive base marks the latest example of America’s growing and controversial shadow war in Africa.

Baledogle’s expansion is one part of what appears to be a massive U.S. military infrastructure development project in the Horn of Africa country that will see at least six new U.S. outposts built this year, according to multiple defense contractors who spoke to VICE News.

[source : Exclusive: Massive military base buildup suggests the U.S. shadow war in Somalia is only getting bigger, Vice News,, 3rd May 2018]

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