Friday, May 04, 2018


The American mainstream media (all controlled by the CIA through Mockingbird) is divided into 2 camps: 'rightist' (Murdoch empire/Fox); the rest labelled 'leftist' (CNN, lovingly called Clinton News Network).

This cassification is actually a joke because both 'rightist' and 'leftist' in this context are in reality rightist.

The 'rightist' media and the 'leftist' media all support war, particularly the wars since 9/11. They also all support Saudi Arabia, arms sales, microchipping, automation, digital cash and mass surveillance (much like Infowars do).

Kanye West has recently caused controversy by expressing support for Bomber Trump. The 'rightist' media also supported Bomber Trump. In fact, it was a rightist Zionist media network that got Bomber Trump elected...and he is not disappointing his sponsors: moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem; bombing Syria; allying wth the Saudis against Iran; defunding the Palestinians, etc.

This rightist media is also supporting Kanye West in that they are not attacking him like the 'leftist' media is. However, I have yet to hear West on the Israel v Palestine situation (history, response to war on Gaza in 2014, and the blatant ethnic cleansing of Gaza which will result in Gaza becoming uninhabitable within 2 years).

West has been projecting himself as some kind of new Jesus, tweeting about love this, love that, and love the other. I have yet to hear West criticise Israel and its ethnic cleansing. Nor have I hear him criticise the PNAC wars since 9/11, which Murdoch and Fox supported.

So, until West expresses contempt for Israel he will be pushed and supported by Fox News and its commentators and contributors.

Because we all know who controls 'Murica...and it's not the American people.

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