Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Ben Parkinson lost his two legs when a landmine blew up underneath the Land Rover he was in during a patrol in Helmand.

Yesterday he was awarded just £152,000.

An RAF typist was awarded £484,000 for repetitive strain injury to her thumb (which I assume was not amputated).

Meanwhile, Blair is twiddling his thumbs and deciding which lawyer to appoint in order to get those multi-million pound book deals sealed.


Yes, because it is run by psychopaths who laugh at people like Ben Parkinson while they create billions and billions of pounds OUT OF NOTHING simply in order to prop up their bankrupt and failing financial system that, during last century and the first decade of this century, has brought us massive and intolerable death and destruction.



Soldiers, veterans and politicians yesterday described as an 'absolute disgrace' the compensation paid to a paratrooper who lost his legs while serving in Afghanistan.

Lord Guthrie, the former Chief of Defence Staff, said: "As a nation we really should be ashamed of the way we treat people like this."

He was among those reacting with incredulity to the case of Ben Parkinson, highlighted in yesterday's Daily Mail.

The 23-year-old lance bombardier, who requires 24-hour care, has been awarded £152,000 for his devastating injuries - only half the £285,000 maximum award

The payout is less than a third of the £484,000 given last year to an RAF typist suffering from repetitive strain injury to a thumb.

Faced with a huge public backlash, Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth admitted last night that he could not say the payout was 'fair' and said a review of the scheme was under way.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


This morning I saw on the news a few excerpts from an interview of Gerry McCann, the father of missing Madeleine McCann, at the Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival. The bits I saw showed McCann expressing his amazement at the GLOBAL media coverage of the disappearance of Madeleine. There can only be one explanation for this coverage : the microchip.

While on the subject of the McCanns, the innuendo and rumours coming out of Portugal could be a warning to them to drop their campaign and research into child abduction across the world. If so, by promoting the microchip agenda the NWO fools have created global empathy for a family who are on a quest to find out what happened, not only to their daughter, but to the abducted children of other families.

And if they find the truth about who is really behind that and who protects them, then bodies will swing from trees and lampposts.

Hence the demoralising anonymous accusations in the Portuguese media.

I will once again state my deep suspicion at the timing of the abduction of Madeleine McCann. Dangerous allegations surrounding 7/7 were beginning to surface at the time, and they were gaining momentum, not just in the conspiraloonosphere but also the national media. They had to be stopped.

Hence Madeleine?

I dunno.

But who could be behind all this?

Child abudction.
Kids shooting kids.
Youths beating a father to death.
And all the other crap that goes on?

And how could it be encouraged?

Below is that inverted, irregular and incomplete pentagram immediately north of the BlackWhite House, and a picture of the Federal Reserve building in Washington DC where the greatest financial crimes against humanity are planned and executed. The Federal Reserve financed it all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


It was reported yesterday that two Russian Bears entered British airspace last Friday 17th. The Sun says so.

Yet The Washington Post says the Bears were tailed in international airspace. Two Typhoons were scrambled (?!) when two Bears were headed towards British airspace.

So who flexed their muscles?

For Russia to violate British airspace would be absolute insanity, and would simply serve to portray Russia as the careless aggressor.

So if their mission wasn't to violate British airspace, what was it?

Was it to fly around in international airspace, albeit close to British airspace? And if so, what were the Typhoons doing tailing the bears in international airspace?

It does all seem a little bit like boys with toys.

The Sun quotes one anonymous military expert:
“Putin is playing a dangerous game. If the RAF were to shoot one of these things down it could quickly escalate to an unthinkable level.”

There are some on this side of the North Sea who would love nothing more than a confrontation with Russia, so they could drag the USA into it.

The Sun also quotes an RAF spokesman:
“The plane was on a heading that gave a cause for concern. Our response was in accordance with NATO guidelines.”

If the Bears were deliberately placed on a path that would provoke such a response and NATO guidelines to be followed then someones Russian arse needs kicking.

We don't need silly shit like this.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I have just listened to a rather strange interview on BBC Radio 5 Live. A woman was being interviewed about her brother. Apparently, this brother and sister were quite close (or she thought they were). He had a drink-and-drug problem from the 1980's and 1990's, and had been to rehab three times but relapsed shortly after treatment stopped.

When he died her house was raided by Customs & Excise who alleged that he was involved in an international drug smuggling ring, acting as a front renting property for the ring. She didn't know about this, and is cheezed off that he didn't tell her, or her husband (the brother's best mate), what he was getting involved in. He died in a right state, emaciated from drink-and-drugs.

While listening to this interview I thought, there are much bigger skeletons, real, boney, fractured, skeletons in the cupboards of other families that could and should be investigated.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


The Chief Constable for Cheshire Constabulary, Peter Fahy, yesterday attacked parents and cheap alcohol for the increase in anti-social behaviour in teenagers. I assume this is in defence of the Police action (or inaction) in the death of Gary Newlove.

The Home Office also agreed with "the substance" of the comments of Fahy.

But in both cases the "just blame parents and alcohol" argument should be amended to account for the blatant criminality manifesting in society, right from the top trickling all the way down to the bottom.

It was the UK who went into Iraq in 2003 against international law.

This criminality trickles down from the top, in which the UK creates and enforces unfair international law or ignores international law altogether, to the bottom, in which the under-priviliged and poverty-stricken see crime as a way to simply survive.

"Behind every great fortune lies a crime" - Honore de Balzac

During the reign of Queen Victoria the British Empire virtually ruled the world. It achieved that through slavery, through invasion and imperialism, and through engineered famines and wars.

The British Empire was built on blatant, bloody crime, and lots of it.

That criminality of the British Empire still exists through the control of the global financial system, based in The City of London and Wall Street/District of Columbia, which is 100% pure fraud, enforced by a Freemason-riddled Law and Justice apparatus.

If those at the top of our society are to remain the top criminals in the world then they need a criminal society underneath them for two reasons:
1. to keep them at the top of our society (an educated and clean living society would see through their lies and crimes and topple them),
2. to believe in or accept the criminal actions of those at the top.

Hence the sad but not unexpected death of Gary Newlove. The lack of respect shown in our youth today, manifesting itself in the sad but not unexpected death of Gary Newlove, is not purely down to alcohol and bad parenting. Those reasons are partially valid, but not the sole reasons.

Go down to your local cinema or DVD/video rental store and look at the films available to watch, particularly the more recent films and re-releases. THEY ARE SICK! They are violent. There is no clever or moral plot or historical education in them. They are simply 100% tortureporn.

Similarly, go down to a pub or club in any town or city centre and they are loaded with drugs, playing banging, moronic music helping to hypnotise the young men and women into fighting or having one-night-stand sex.

Yet go to mainland Europe, and it is like living in a completely different planet (except where there are pissed-up British louts on stag or hen nights). I have walked around Vienna several times on a Friday and Saturday night. It is brilliant. Not only are the streets clean, they are also very safe. There are pubs, clubs, wine bars etc. , but hardly any violence. Why the difference?

Why are the British so different?

Guess who tricked whom into world war during the 20th Century.
Guess who financed the dictators of the 20th Century.

There lies your answer.

It was our leaders and their secret servants who have allowed that dark force to mainfest within them. And so that dark force is encouraged to manifest itself in our youth, so our leaders can continue with their dark agenda and megalomaniac schemes for total world control. With an uneducated youth more concerned about getting pissed/loveless sex/drugs/adrenalin sports, our leaders can get away with murder, mass murder, literally.

That is how Gary Newlove died. It is not just down to bad parenting and cheap, abundant alcohol. The murderers of Gary Newlove are products of centuries of social engineering by the greatest criminals in the world, The British Elite.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I didn’t know Gary Newlove personally. But I know people like him. In Warrington. We all do. A loving man with a loving family who wanted to make the world a slightly better place in his own little corner of the world, the street where he lived, and suffered tragically for it.

I know Warrington quite well. I was there when the rave scene kicked off circa 1990. The place was flooded with drugs. It was due to this abundance of drugs in Warrington that I began to become suspicious of the local Police. Later I came to realise just how corrupt the local Police force were and probably still are.

Warrington is halfway between Liverpool and Manchester, and halfway between Stoke/Crewe and Preston, surrounded by the major motorways the M6, M56 and M62. It has its affluent suburbs and its not so affluent suburbs. It is a large North England town with its fair share of pubs and breweries, pub and work football teams, shopping centres and supermarkets, and sadly, its protected gangsters, thugs and criminals.

What I am about to say is true : I have been waiting for a death similar to Gary Newlove’s to happen specifically in Warrington for about five years now. There is something rotten in Warrington that has been allowed to fester for years, a very dark energy. I feel it whenever I am there. Others I know say the exactly the same thing. I strongly suspect Warrington has been used as a laboratory for some sort of social engineering experiment, and with this I am reminded of “A Clockwork Orange”.

There seems to be a worshipping of violence and lawlessness in that area. Tony Wilson, who had the nickname “Mr Manchester”, died last weekend. Many are sad at his death. But I believe he shouldn’t be praised so much, for it was he who helped to create “Gunchester”, a legacy that still haunts Manchester with shootings it seems every week, usually over drugs or the gangs who run the drugs, a scene fuelled by The Hacienda and the musicians who frequently attended there.

Blair should also be in the dock for Gary’s death. Bilderbergers Blair and Thatcher, and Trilateral Major. Blair’s Britain killed Gary Newlove. Blair inherited Major’s Britain, who in turn inherited Thatcher’s Britain. It is their policies (social exclusion, dumbing down of education, cuts in resources and violent films and games, while billions can be created with a click of the fingers for war and to save the bankrupt financial system from collapse) that have led to the attitude that youngsters of today have; abandonment, rejection and a “fuck you” that Lord Rothschild would be proud of.

Gary Newlove was kicked and punched to death outside his own home by a gang of young kids out of their heads on drink and drugs. What sort of Britain are we creating for ourselves when this can happen?

I didn’t know Gary Newlove personally. But I know people like him. We all do. A loving man with a loving family who wanted to make the world a slightly better place in his own little corner of the world, the street where he lived, and suffered tragically for it.

Who’s next?

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Wow! The man is dynamite, ain't he?

The first ten minutes of Newsnight was simply pure propaganda for the war on Iran.

It started with ALLEGATIONS that Iran was fuelling the sectarian war in Iraq, and then comments from an anonymous "British official" that pulling out of Basra is exactly what Iran wants, and some more whaffle.

Then came the John Bolton v Dennis Kucinich showdown.

Kucinich is the man who started impeachment proceedings against Dick "the fart in the spacesuit" Cheney with HR 333.

So despite the introductory allegations against Iran fuelling the Iraqi civil war, Bolton immediately starts ranting about attacking Iran over its nuclear weapons policy.

Are Bolton's drinks spiked with testosterone and amphetamines?

Bolton championed the war on Iraq. Look at it. It is a violent shithole. It was destined to be so, so that idiots like Bolton could appear on idiotic BBC Newsnight to broadcast their idiotic warmongering rants about bombing Iran.

But, this is August. Last year it almost kicked off over Lebanon. It seems the Iran agenda is being rolled out with some desperation.

It appears quite a few hold this same view from the discussion board on the BBC Newsnight website

Steve wrote:
I feel John Bolton is constantly harrassed unfairly. He is right we should attack Iran with no evidence available, if we had not attacked Iraq think what state the world would be in now,and the links with the taleban and iran even though they hate each other is there for all to see. We should also consider attacking venezula bolivia and the uae, because i reckon they may be against us aswell, and for that matter scottish nationalists.[TTS: very sarcastic, but funny]

Bryan27 wrote:
Isn't it time Newsnight stopped using John Bolton? He was sacked last year & no longer represents the US administration. His views are predictable, & his style offensive. Putting him on the programme turns it into Punch & Judy, not a balanced presentation of news & comment.

David Bateman wrote:
You really shouldn't -after her disgraceful cut-off of Alex Salmond, let Kirsty Wark get away with yet another blocking out; this time of Dennis Kucinech's response to John Bolton's final snide remark. It makes really unsatisfactory viewing, especially when taking into account the great importance of the subject of Iran/US relations and intentions.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The highly recommended DVD of David Icke at Brixton Academy shows a photograph of a baby chimp sat on his mother's back, scratching his head I think, with the caption:


You're born.
You go to school.
You make friends.
You get a job.
You get married.
You buy a house.
You have kids.
You work.
Your kids grow up and go to school.
You work some more.
You retire.
Then you're dead.

That's it.

You don't have time to look up and see the world as it really. And when you do it's to see 22 blokes kick a football around some muddy grass in the wind and the rain.

Unless there's a manufactured dictator that needs killing.

Is the human race that imprisoned? That controlled?

Yes, it has been.

NB the past tense.

It has been so imprisoned.

It has been so controlled.

But I see positive signs.

Even when I see selfish shoppers at supermarkets using the pick-up points as a permanent parking space.

Even when I see people jumping queues.

Even when I see DVLA vehicles in my rear view mirror possibly recording my car being driven without a valid tax disc.

I see positive signs.

People are concerned about so much war.
People are concerned about the state of education.
People are concerned about poverty and why we never seem able to make poverty history, or why there is always so much money readily available for war and the lies to take us into war.


People are asking this question, and their answers are becoming more thoughtful and correct.


I picked up my car from its MoT testing station this morning. The tax had run out last week and it needed a new MoT so I put it through its test. It needed a bit of work doing to it to pass (I am not fractional reserve banker who can conjure up a couple of hundred of thousands of pounds for a brand new car), so I left it at the station. I cancelled a meeting by email this morning and informed some family by phone that I was going to be around to pick the car up. Because I didn't have the MoT certificate the car was untaxed. As far as I know it is legal to drive your car untaxed from a MoT station directly home. So I had driven less than a half mile when this DVLA car quickly pulled out of a side street after I had driven past it, and it followed me for about another mile to mile and a half. I saw the DVLA vehicle pull out behind me in my rear view mirror. I know the road. I used to meet an ex-girlfriend there when I was (much) younger. It sped up to catch me up then slowed down to put some distance between us, even though I was doing 35 in a 40 zone. It was almost like it was waiting for me to drive past, then pull out quickly behind me so there was no car between us, and record me driving without a valid car licence. I mean, what are the chances? I only see those types of vehicles on the motorway.

Oh, yeah. The car followed me until it got to the motorway, which it joined.

It was very...odd.

The car is taxed now.


£9 bloody 9!

Several calls to the DVLA have me assured me that there is a 14 day grace period to sort stuff out like that.

But still. That DVLA vehicle. The way it appeared out of nowhere just as I drove past the street after I had just picked the car up and paid the station by credit card.


They wouldn't do that.

Would they?

Mind you, there was those two letters sent to my address on two occasions, but addressed to the headmaster of a fictitious school at that address; when I applied for entry onto a teaching taster course, and the day after I submitted my application for teacher training.

And now this DVLA vehicle. Was it? Wasn't it?

As the law stands I'm covered.

I had 14 days to sort the car out.
I had just picked the car up from the MoT station where it had been stored.
I was insured.
I drove straight home.
I then taxed it at my local DVLA office.

So if it was more than chance they're wasting their time.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Over the last couple of days I had been preparing to publish something I was writing about a co-ordinated attack on Russia. Not a military attack, but a verbal one.

Two things irked me last week;
1. on the same day The Weekly Bollocks Standard and the twins PrisonPlanet and PropagandaMatrix (who I have great respect for) published articles that attacked and mocked Russia, Putin and Putinjugend.
2. allegations resurfaced that both Ryazan and Beslan were Putin's false flag terror attacks (and all sources can be traced to MI6 stooge Boris Berezovsky). Basayev openly claimed he was 100% responsible for Beslan and two planes being shot down, but did allege that maybe the Russian Special Services botched the rescue.

We are now well into August, with the UK Parliament and US Congress on holiday. There are two, and soon possibly three, US carriers in the Persian Gulf, and God knows what else we don't know about. Cheney is still lingering in the White House as the fart in the spacesuit desperate for a war on Iran and ultimately Russia and China, while I detect the possibility that Bush and Putin do not want to fight Cheney's (or rather his masters in Wall street and The City of London) wars.

So what happens? There is a co-ordinated attack on all things Russian.

It is vital we get through August without any major escalation of war. The Israel/Syria thing has been simmering. The USA/Iran thing is also on simmer. We need cool diplomacy and some trust in world leaders. If Russia wanted to escalate things the expulsion of four Russian diplomats from the UK could have resulted in alot more than four British diplomats expelled in return, despite the other ridiculous allegations made at the time about Russian bombers coming to bomb London and an alleged anonymous Russian assassin of Berezovsky sent home without charge. Instead Putin has offered a station for missiles in Azerbaijan and visited Kennebunkport for a chat with Bush about co-operation. So far, besides a flag on the Arctic sea bed, I see no signs of Russia wanting war over anything. Instead I see Cheney and his minions seething, foaming at the mouth, desperate for war.

So today, I have highlighted The Weekly Bollocks Standard alleging China is fuelling the Iraqi civil war via Iran. And today in The Washington Post Robert Kagan, CFR, co-founder of PNAC and senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International War Peace, is preparing us for the USA ignoring international opinion and law and going it alone for "freedom and democracy - Iraqi style".



Is the United States out of the intervention business for a while? With two difficult wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a divided public, the conventional answer is that it will be a long time before any American president, Democrat or Republican, again dispatches troops into conflict overseas.

As usual, though, the conventional wisdom is almost certainly wrong. Throughout its history, America has frequently used force on behalf of principles and tangible interests, and that is not likely to change. Despite the difficulties in Iraq and Afghanistan, America remains the world's dominant military power, spends half a trillion dollars a year on defense and faces no peer strong enough to deter it if it chooses to act. Between 1989 and 2001, Americans intervened with significant military force on eight occasions -- once every 18 months. This interventionism has been bipartisan -- four interventions were launched by Republican administrations, four by Democratic administrations. Since Sept. 11, 2001, the situations in which an American president may have to use force have only grown, whether it is to respond to terrorist threats, to curb weapons proliferation, to prevent genocide or other human rights violations, or to respond to more traditional forms of aggression.


For months now there have been allegations that Iran is fuelling the sectarian fighting in Iraq, despite superior evidence that it is the UK/USA-creation and ally Saudi Arabia that is fuelling it.

More recently there have been allegations that China is supplying Iran with weapons.

Hence the image in the dulled mind of the average citizen of the UK and USA is that Iran is fuelling the Iraqi civil war, Russia is supplying Iran with nuclear technology, and that China is supplying Iran with convetional weapons to pass on to the alleged insurgents in Iraq.

This is becoming more overt with this article in the paper you can trust, The Weekly Bollocks Standard.



This year, many truckloads of small arms and explosives direct from Chinese government-owned factories to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been transshipped to Iraq and Afghanistan, where they are used against American soldiers and Marines and NATO forces. Since April, according to a knowledgeable Bush administration official, "vast amounts" of Chinese-made large caliber sniper rifles, "millions of rounds" of ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), and "IED [improvised explosive device] components" have been convoyed from Iran into Iraq and to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates insists there is "no evidence as yet" that Tehran government officials are involved in shipping weapons to Iraq for use against U.S. forces, a judgment that seems to hinge on the view that the Revolutionary Guards are not part of the "government." But the administration source cautioned, "these are Revolutionary Guards trucks, and although we can't see the mullahs at the wheel, you can bet this is [Tehran] government-sanctioned."


Of course, there is the possibility that China is indeed chanelling conventional weapons to Iran as part of "the conspiracy" to foment a very ugly WW3. If so, then it is due to the deliberate bungling of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which The Weekly Bollocks Standard championed so much.

You may recall that last week the news that Iraq won the Asian Cup, the implication being that if Iraq can win a football championship then all (oil?) is well in Iraq. But watch this interview of the captain of the victorious football team. It's an interview I don't think we'll be seeing too much of here.