Saturday, January 28, 2012


(in a David Brent stylee)

The New World Order create money out of thin air and have used that God-like power to advance an agenda for a global fascist dictatorship...fact!

The New World Order ran 9/11, Pearl Harbor and the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand to start world wars to advance that agenda...fact!

The New World Order created Israel, Hitler, Stalin, Mao and even Obama to also advance that agenda...fact!

The New World Order, as a final goal of that agenda, plans to reduce human population levels down to about a half billion...fact!

The New World Order are a cabal of warmongering kiddie-fiddling fraudulent fascist satanist scum (and that's just for starters)...fact!

The New World Order had the arrogance to put their agenda into the architecture of Washington DC and thought we wouldn't notice...fact!

The New World Order are desperately trying to engineer a global war out of conflict in the Middle East and Caspian to distract from the multi trillion bailouts and satisfy a plan for three world wars...fact!

The New World Order have been sussed...fact!

The New World Order are toast...fact!



Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A is for abortion. Adverts for abortions will soon be shown and heard while you're eating your Corn Flakes, or having your Sunday lunch or driving your kids to school. I have not heard an advert for the abortion of the global fascist dictatorship soon to be born.

A is for assisted suicide. A recent report by Lord Falconer, he who said invading Iraq in 2003 was legal, suggested that we should make assisted suicide easier. I cannot find a report proposing the assisted suicide of derivatives.

A is for WTF?!

Sunday, January 22, 2012


For those who do not know or who have forgotten, Angry Frank is/was a character of comedian Harry Enfield created during the 1990s. His full name is Frank Doberman, and in Enfield's sketches he and his brother George would be seated in a seedy pub discussing current affairs over a pint. Their conversations were often erudite and insightful, but would always end with Frank saying his catchphrase, "Oi! *****! No!", and he would then go off on an angry rant.

Here I have written an angry rant for Angry Frank on the Illuminati and the plan for three world wars.

I rather admire the way in which she and her husband have fooled the world thus far, touring the commonwealth which was constructed with slavery and brutality, waving and shaking hands with all those muggins taxpayers who have just bailed out the City of London and Wall Street system of looting and infinite rehypothecation in return for brutal Bilderberg fascist austerity. The secret association with and protection of Adam Weishaupt and his satanic cult The Illuminati has been very well kept from the adoring public. And the engineering of the two world wars of last century through creating and financing both Nazism and Communism to fool the world into accepting a provocative brutal Zionist Israel, and a world government in the form of the United Nations which is now pushing eugenics and mass genocide on a global scale through the fraud of anthropological global warming, is a masterpiece in Satanist planning.

But if she (or someone she knows) were to assassinate her ex daughter-in-law, who threatened to build a huge bridge between Islam and the West by marrying and having children with a Muslim, and then launch World War 3 manipulated between Islam and the West through a false flag terror attack on the World Trade Centre and even The Pentagon, which ends with the imposition of a global fascist dictatorship and mass genocide of the human population down to a half billion or so people, then I would have to say, Oi! Saxe-Coburg-Gotha! No!

This is a potentially beautiful planet with enough room and food for many billions more people. They will not be tricked into lobbing nukes at each other due to a 150 year old plan for three world wars proposed by a Freemasonic sicko, Albert Pike, but will instead replace the current system of war and fascism with a system of peaceful cooperating nation states which enact fair laws and implement fair economic and monetary systems which work for the people. The people will be treated with respect and will not be mugged off any longer. The people want to work and build nations they can be proud of and pass onto their children and grandchildren as the greatest possible inheritance.

[This blog was brought to you by the blood, sweat and tears of our fathers and grandfathers who fought and died in two engineered world wars for freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of protest.]

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Someone entered the search term "the rothschilds" into just a few hours ago. My blog came out number 4.

I have just clicked the same search and my blog came out number 678!

How can that happen?

Very, very bizarre.



Prime Minister David Cameron has been accused of utmost hypocrisy for accusing Iran, without evidence, of sending arms to Syria while the UK sells arms to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, who have been brutally crushing revolutions in their own kingdoms with barely a protest from the UK.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has courted utmost hypocrisy accusing Iran of supplying weapons to what he called Syrian crackdown while he has personally oversaw the flow of weapons to repressive regimes within a stone's throw of Syria.

Cameron told British MPs there is growing evidence from intercepted vessels that Iran is feeding Syria with arms.

French Foreign Ministry earlier said on Tuesday that Iran is sending ammunitions to Syria in violation of a UN arms embargo, but did not offer any evidence; nor did Cameron.

In response to French accusations, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said the “political” allegations by “officials from some European countries, this time by France… are baseless and not backed by proof.”

This is while, Cameron's accusations are not only baseless, but also hypocritical as his government has renewed arms export licenses to the Middle Eastern and North African governments, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt, which have been busy crushing Arab Spring [Islamic Awakening] movements in their countries.

A case in point was Saudi Arabia that received British bomb equipment, weapons sights and components for military vehicles and helicopters not to mention British training to its National Guard, which was involved in the Bahraini regime's suppression of demonstrations.

According to The Independent government figures also show that London granted licenses for £2.2 million arms sales to Bahrain between July and September 2011, more than £1.3 million of which were for military use.

It was timed to coincide with Bahraini regime's bloody crackdown on protests and routine raiding of homes to silence those calling for an end to al-Khalifa despotic rule.

It came also only a few months after Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt told MPs that “any licenses for equipment that could be used for internal repression [in Bahrain] have been revoked".

Cameron accused Iran of arming Syria based on evidence he never offered yet there is overwhelming evidence that his own government is arming regimes that have the blood of their own people on their hands.

Now one should decide on the truth behind his comments in the Commons: whether Iran, or Britain, is arming what he called “wretched tyrants” who are “killing so many of [their] own people.”

[source : London accuses Iran of arming Syria, Press TV, 21/1/2012]


A Jewish newspaper published in the USA(!) has suggested that Nutternyahu send a Mossad hit squad to America to assassinate the President of the United States of America Barack Obama so that the Vice President Joe Biden, who has publicly stated that he is a Zionist, can replace Obama to defend Israel and "obliterate its enemies"[1].

This just about says it all.

Without the hundreds of billions of dollars that it receives and has received from the USA over the decades Israel would not survive. It would cease to be. It would be an ex-country.

So how does this American Jew called Andrew Adler, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times who made the suggestion, see the USA? Is he thankful for the support, financial, military and moral, that America gives to Israel? Or does he consider it a duty of America? That no matter what Israel does, even assassinating the President of the United States of America, that cash cow called the muggins American public will just keep sending that money to Israel for ever and ever?

Many in the intelligence world think Israel did 9/11. On the day Netanyahu was overjoyed, and has stated several times since in public that 9/11 was good for Israel. There are also The Dancing Israelis, who were arrested on the day for bizarre behaviour and who were suspiciously released to appear on Israeli TV to state they were in New York on 9/11 to document the event.

Adler would not have published such a suggestion if he thought he was alone.

It truly is a bizarre relationship between the USA and Israel.

Here is Biden stating he is a Zionist.

[1] Uproar after Jewish American newspaper publisher suggests Israel assassinate Barack Obama, Haaretz, 21/1/2012

Friday, January 20, 2012


I can't find it, and it appears to have been registered with

I have not moved it, or deleted it.


John Pilger has written a great piece on the world war on democracy waged by not only the USA but also Great Britain, i.e. us. Entitled The World War on Democracy[1] Pilger's article looks at what happened to the defenceless people of the Chagos Islands, and what the archipelago has been used for since. America, with the permission of Great Britain, gassed all the pet dogs and then kidnapped the islanders and shipped them to Mauritius. The manner in which the dogs were gassed is similar to how Nazis first killed the Jews; exhaust fumes from vehicles. Thus Diego Garcia was born. The military bases there have since been used for the multiple wars on Iraq and the current war on Afghanistan.

But why?

The original aim of such brutality and heartlessness was for war on the USSR.

But how did the USSR evolve?

The USSR was a product of the Bolshevik Revolution, or to be more accurate the Bolshevik Re-revolution, a plot that can be undoubtedly attributed to the Rothschilds and Warburgs with financial and moral support from Jacob Schiff, which replaced the Russian monarchy, and subsequent significant assistance from Great Britain and the USA, as Stalin recognised in a comment to Averell Harriman.

So the USA created the USSR? Hell, yeah! But it gets even madder and nuttier than that! Because the USA also gave Stalin the bomb, as recorded by Major George Jordan in his diaries.

But why?

Because it all fits into a plan for three world wars proposed by Freemasonic sicko Albert Pike.

In that plan Communism was to be empowered before and during WW2 but then held in check, as it was with wars in Korea and Vietnam, and by NATO in Europe.

Zionism was then to be empowered and supported to create a war with Islam, and it has through the creation of Israel and the current drive for war on everything, democracy included, since the highly suspicious and fortuitous (for some) 9/11.

New Atlantis was written around 1620 to 1630 by Francis Bacon. It portrayed what is now known as the Uinted States of America as a utopia ruled by a scientific college who knew what was best.

Today the USA is driving us to the edge of a world war 3 that, if realised, will result in a global fascist dictatorship.

The American Revolution that allegedly separated the American colonies from Great Britain was supposed to bring freedom and democracy to the colonists.

Today Americans, and indeed anyone on this planet, can be arrested, detained, tortured, killed and "disappeared" by the USA, and as John Pilger correctly points out is now waging a global war on democracy.

Colonists went to America wanting to create a utopia, to worship their God, but over the decades they used and supported slavery, and ethnically cleansed the American Indians, herding them into reservations which could not sustain them, and claimed the natural resources such as gold as their own.

It's amazing what people will do if they think they are doing good. The religious wars, with all the blood and guts and torture, are a classic example of this, and more recent filmed psychological experiments show this too.

So how can I succinctly explain the conspiracy to wage a global war on democracy in the name of democracy? That old familiar inverted, irregular and incomplete pentagram pointing down into the White House.

[1] The World War on Democracy,


Remember 2001, 2002 and 2003?

Remember the build up to the invasion of Iraq?

Remember being told that Iraq had WMD that could hit your back garden barbecue within 45 minutes?

Remember being told that Iraq was involved in 9/11?

Well, it all turned it out to be total bullshit, didn't it.

I knew it then.

I knew we were invading Iraq because it was part of a long range plan as laid out in the two documents Rebuilding America's Defenses and A Clean Break. I also know that the current warmongering on Iran is due to the same plan and the same people who wrote those two warmongering documents. I also know that this long range plan could not have been implemented had it not been for 9/11. And the people implementing this plan knew it too, when they wrote of transforming the USA into a military state and global war machine in Rebuilding America's Defenses, Chapter 5 entitled Creating Tomorrow's Dominant Force,
Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.

9/11 was that Pearl Harbor. They wanted and needed 9/11 to go on a global warmongering rampage, grabbing people and their natural resources, all in the name of freedom fascism. And the authors of Rebuilding America's Defenses and A Clean Break and their like minded colleagues were all in the right place at the right time on 9/11; Secretary of Defense, Vice President, Deputy Secretary of Defense, writers for influential media and think tanks, etc.

So since September 11th 2001 our media has been a tool of propaganda supporting and propagating this agenda for global war.

Last night I watched the first part of a documentary on Vladimir Putin. It was more of a defence of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, portraying the jailbird as a saviour of freedom and democracy. So when Khodorkovsky created Open Russia, as stated in the documentary last night, who supported him?
Lord Jacob Rothschild - biggest banker in the world and thus profiteer and organiser of the current financial crisis
George Soros - Nazi collaborator, sponsor of colour revolutions and profiteer from Black Wednesday 1992
Henry Kissinger - wanted for war crimes all over the planet.

Kissinger and Soros have publicly stated that Iran will suffer as part of the Arab Spring.

For whatever reason this information was not mentioned last night.

When Litvinenko and his photogenic death were splattered all over the front pages, we were told he wasn't a British agent. Oopsadaisy! HE WAS!

When the Russians alleged that the British were using a fake rock to transmit messages for espionage, it was denied. Oopsadaisy! THEY WERE!

When we invaded Iraq we were told Iraq had WMD and was involved in 9/11. Oopsadaisy! IT WAS ALL LIES!

Tony Faustus Blair was Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007 when all this was going on. Oopsadaisy! HE NOW WORKS FOR SATAN'S BANK, JP MORGAN CHASE!

And when we waged war on Libya last year we were told there were no British boots on the ground. Oopsadaisy! THERE WERE!

The implication from the documentary on Putin last night, and it was an implication without proof, was that he allowed the sale and purchase of Russian oil, with a little corruption, so that Russian oil didn't end up in the hands of The City of London and Wall Street. And yes, that's the same City of London and Wall Street that has engineered the current financial crisis, financed and still propagates eugenics, engineered two world wars and the two genocidal tryants Hitler and Stalin, and other tyrants such as Mao, and all the other ills that have plagued the peaceful development of the human race.

I am sure that Putin didn't do 9/11, and never would.

I am sure that Putin didn't engineer a global financial crisis, and never would.

And I am sure that Putin hasn't taken Russia on a global warmongering rampage, and never would, a rampage which at the least will result in the looting of massive oil and gas reserves for a satanic cabal but could very easily lead to a WW3 that would satisfy a plan for three world wars proposed 150 years ago by a Freemasonic sicko (and we all know who runs Freemasonry).

F is for fascism.

P is for propaganda.

Goebbels would have been pleased with The Military Wives and Wherever You Are at Christmas 1942 when the Nazis were struggling to take Stalingrad. He wouldn't have been displeased with Putin, Russia and the West last night.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


F is for freedom.

We are told we live in freedom, that our fathers and grandfathers fought and died in two world wars to secure not only our freedom but our freedom of speech, our freedom of expression, our freedom to gather and our freedom to associate.

But I look around today and I do not see much freedom.

I see fascism.

I see banks using customer savings and deposits as their own, taking profits to tax havens but when it all goes wrong and the economy is wrecked they are bailed out by the muggins taxpayer without any prosecutions.

I see relentless lies being told over and over again so that a taxpayer-funded military can kill innocent men, women and children in far away countries for the benefit of a few global corporations who quickly agree lucrative contracts for reconstruction and exploitation of natural resources.

I see millions dumped onto the dole queue being ordered to work for free for large supermarkets, for example, else they lose their meagre benefits and end up homeless.

I see the government using its muscle for the benefit of large corporations. The wealth gap between rich and poor grows ever wider, no matter who is voted in; Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat.

Yes, F is for freedom.

But F is also for fascism.

I can write this blog thanks to my grandfathers, both of whom fought in WW2. But for how much longer? Plans are being implemented to place strict control of the internet, over access, content and use. Soon only corporate-related activities such as advertising and purchasing will be permitted. Blogs, alternate news and radio will be banned or relegated to slow, unreliable connections.

Freedom is fast forming into fascism.

F is for freedom.

F is for fraud.

F is for fascism.

They give us fraud and fascism and call it freedom.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A report on BBC Newsnight tonight will detail how British Special Forces assisted the Libyan al Qaeda rebs last year.

Or will it?

An article on the report is on the BBC website. It provides some details on some operations. Generally the admission is, yes, the British did have some boots on the ground, but not many, and they were very well disguised as, well, Libyan al Qaeda rebs.

We knew this already. All the BBC 'investigation' does is name a few squadrons and what some personnel may or may not have been wearing.

But I take the following from the article.
1. British Special Forces were training the Libyan al Qaeda rebs inside Libya, and towards the end of the struggle were always with NTC commanders
2. but there is no comment, neither a confirmation or denial, that BSF were involved in the assassination of Gaddafi.

The SAS had meanwhile strayed beyond its training facility, with single men or pairs accompanying the NTC commanders that they had been training back to their units. They dressed as Libyans and blended in with the units they mentored, says someone familiar with the operation.

There had been concerns that they would be spotted by the press, but this did not happen. "We have become a lot better at blending in," says someone familiar with the D Squadron operation. "Our people were able to stay close to the NTC commanders without being compromised."

Instead, as the revolutionaries fought their way into Gaddafi's home town of Sirte, they were assisted by a handful of British and other special forces. Members of the Jordanian and United Arab Emirates armies had fallen in behind the Qataris too.

When, on 20 October, Gaddafi was finally captured and then killed by NTC men, it followed Nato air strikes on a convoy of vehicles carrying leading members of the former regime as they tried to escape from Sirte early in the morning. Had British soldiers on the ground had a hand in this? Nobody will say yet.

In keeping with its long standing policies on special forces and MI6 operations, Whitehall has refrained from public statements about the nature of assistance on the ground. The Ministry of Defence reiterated that policy when asked to comment on this story.

[source : Inside story of the UK's secret mission to beat Gaddafi,BBC, 18/1/2012]

It appears that the British government is quite happy to allow these kind of alleged details of the war in Libya to filter through, but when it comes to the very public assassination of Gaddafi we are given the standard comment, "we can neither confirm nor deny that we are greedy imperialist fascists who will betray our own grandchildren into the hands of our lord satan for his kiddie fiddling pleasure".

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It couldn't happen here. Could it?

Not here on planet earth.

We couldn't fall for a plan for three world wars, the third to be triggered by and/over Israel, with the first two world wars following that plan for nazism, communism and zionism?

Are we that dumb?

Are we that stupid?

Are we such mugs?

Possibly. We are run by warmongering kiddie-fiddling genocidal fraudulent megalomaniac satanist scum (and that's just for starters). And we are full of chemicals and toxins designed to dumb us down from loving intelligent humans to lustful savage beasts.

So let's give it our best shot, eh?

Fluorideheads of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but everything you hold dear to your weak shallow hearts!


The manufacturer of Tamiflu is being accused of not releasing all the trial data for the drug alleged to fight flu[1]. Readers may remember that during the recent flu scares that never materialised, millions and millions and millions were spent by governments all over the world building stockpiles of Tamiflu. Since then the effectiveness of Tamiflu has been questioned. By not releasing all the trial data Roche adds yet more doubt about its effectiveness.

But who cares anymore? A handful of globalist insiders literally made a financial killing through Tamiflu and the flu scares. Donald Rumsfeld, Etienne Davignon, George Schultz and other Bilderberg scumbags all profited from the flu scares, and like the rats that they are have now abandoned ship taking with them their salaries and bonuses, except for de Vink.

F is for flu, and also for fascism.

[1] Tamiflu maker accused of secrecy over trial data, The Independent, 17/1/2012


The Special Boat Service is now in The Persian Gulf, reports The Daily Star, allegedly to protect minesweepers and to prevent other teams from being captured as occured in 2007 when Marines were arrested in disputed waters off the Iran/Iraq coast[1].

The Daily Star report makes several disputed statements and implications, as shown in the following extract. Can you spot those disputed statements and implications?
A senior British security source has revealed that a host of communications experts are in the region, monitoring Iranian military intelligence messages.

Electronic experts from GCHQ, who specialise in Iranian codes and the Farsi language, are also eavesdropping in the Gulf.

The insider added that already some highly dangerous al-Qaida hit squads have been “taken out” by American drones.

“Things are hotting up. It’s all about petrol prices,” said the security aide.

“The CIA and our people, MI6 and GCHQ, are out there in force. They have also recruited locally.

“Intelligence is key. We may need to act on information received, or warn the Iranians we know what they are up to.”

Iran is developing nuclear weapons and has threatened to close the 34-mile wide Strait through which more than 15million barrels of oil pass each day.

The move is in retaliation over a planned EU embargo on Iranian oil.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond warned the regime in Tehran of “significant consequences” if they close the Strait.

Respected City analyst David Buik warned petrol prices could goto£1.65alitre–a32p hike.

“We should brace our- selves for rises,” he said.

“If a barrel goes to 123 or 130 dollars at the pump we will be paying 150 to 165 pence a litre of petrol.

“It is a terrible worry. Global leadership has to come shining through.”

Is Iran really developing a nuclear weapon?

Is Iran really linked to al Qaeda?

And is it really all about protecting oil prices?

You may know Buik, the "respected City analyst". He always appears on the BBC supporting the naked Banksta fascism of The City of London. Here he is proposing world government.



There has been a post on David Icke's news section about the moon suddenly and very briefly glowing brighter than usual and piercing holes in clouds. I would be very cautious about reports like this. I have seen the moon used before. The moon is under constant observation from local amateur astronomy groups all around the world, with telescopes, binoculars etc. If such phenomena were occuring it would be reported on their websites, in their newsletters and would by now be big news in the astronomy world.

Although the moon is a mystery and does hold secrets we have yet to disocover and verify, for it to suddenly glow so that only a few people around the world see it is very suspicious.

Saturday, January 07, 2012


I have read the article in The Daily Mail about David Icke and his ex wife Pamela, who appears to be trying to take David to the cleaners. She makes allegation after allegation; he thinks I'm a lizard, he's milking conspiracy theories for every penny, etc, etc, etc.

Everything but "he used to beat me". And even if she had made that allegation I would not have believed it.

David Icke's book The Biggest Secret changed my life. And I thank him very much for it. It blew my mind wide open to what is and what could be going on in this world. I am not 100% convinced of the reptilian idea, but would not be surprised if it was true, because it would certainly explain why our leaders are so greedy, cold blooded and heartless, as well as certain properties of our DNA and body. Perhaps I am not 100% convinced because it is just too fantastic (at the moment).

David gave up a lot 20 or so years ago. He risked everything; reputation, livelihood, savings.

And what was he saying then? That a small cabal would try to engineer a third world war between the USA versus Russia and China over the Middle East. And not only that, but we would also be microchipped.

Oopsadaisy! That is exactly what is going on today!

So as David Icke states on his website, regarding the allegations
Why is this being claimed for the first time now, nearly five years after she left, when she was posting 'thank you, David Icke' and 'it was wonderful' for years on her website before she ran out of money because she refuses to work and began court proceedings to get more from me?

Thursday, January 05, 2012


Several major news papers online today are covering assisted suicide as their headline or close to it. The following papers have these as their headlines:

The Guardian - Assisted suicide should be legal, says major report to parliament

The Daily Telegraph - Allow assisted suicide for those with less than a year to live

The Daily Mail - Terminally ill given less than a year to live 'should have right to ask their doctor for lethal drugs'

The Independent - Assisted dying review selects those who could end their life

The Daily Express - Terminally ill ‘should have the right to die’

All portray the commission who produced a report recommending that the suicide of the terminally ill should be made easier and legal as independent.

This blog stated that this would happen.

This blog also exposes the Liverpool Care Pathway, in which hospital patients classed as 'terminally ill' are 'allowed' to die, as murder. Practices in hospitals other than the LCP are also killing patients thought to be close to death. But with the LCP and these other practices, due to pure luck and family intervention, some patients that were being 'helped' to die survived to live perfectly normal lives.

This begs the question, just how reliable are our medical practitioners at diagnosing terminal illness?

Lord Falconer chaired the Commission on Assisted Dying who produced the report. Falconer was the one who argued that the invasion of Iraq in 2003 was legal.

There is something fundamentally wrong with a society that can instigate a commission into assisted dying, when after being devastated by a financial crisis caused by The City of London does not instigate a commission into which bankers should be prosecuted and whether the derivatives that caused the crisis should be made illegal, i.e. the assisted suicide of derivatives.

We are fast approaching Nazism. We are already at fascism, and have been for a while.

Monday, January 02, 2012


The Daily Star has a very very important interview with what they describe as "a security official" and a "well placed source". The source states that special forces are talking to dissident Syrian soldiers to assess what weapons and communications kit the rebel forces need.

Quotes from the source indicate that plans for war on Syria are advanced, and that the source is concerned, perhaps expaining why he or she spoke to The Daily Star anonymously.

According to the report,
“MI6 and the CIA are in Syria to infiltrate and get at the truth,” said the well-placed source.

“We have SAS and SBS not far away who want to know what is happening and are finding out what kit dissident soldiers need.

“Syria supports Hezbollah. That threatens Israel and the whole of the Middle East.

“This has been given the highest priority as the whole thing could implode.

“This is all going like Libya but this will be bigger and bloodier.

“Syria is killing civilians. It’s looking bad all round.”

[source : SYRIA WILL BE BLOODIEST YET, The Daily Star, 1/1/2012]


This is David Icke explaining how he thinks European and American society evolved, and I would tend to agree with him.

Icke looks into the sun worship of our leaders. I go into this on my website on the page on the United States of America Aggression. The street plan of Washington DC not only follows very demonic satanic symbols, such as the inverted, incomplete and irregular pentagram pointing down into The White House, but some major streets also follow the path that the sun takes at particular special times of the year. All this cannot be there by accident, particularly when you also find out about the Freemasonic ceremonies, such as that which took place for the laying of cornerstones of special buildings etc.


In his New Year message numbnuts Prime Minister David Cameron described Great Britain thus.
Resilient. Realistic. Intelligent. Curious. Enterprising. Inventive. Unswerving.

[source : 2012 New Year message from David Cameron, Number 10,]

I could very very easily add that Great Britain is fraudulent, warmongering and genocidal, and that's just for starters.

Fraudulent and geoncidal due to the propagation of the man made global warming theory, and infinite rehypothecation together with the dumping of trillions of private derivatives onto taxpayers all across the globe leading to brutal austerity everywhere.

Warmongering and genocidal due to the ongoing wars in Africa and Middle East/Caspian regions due to the false flag terror attack on 11th September 2001, wars which could escalate very easily and quickly into something very very ugly indeed.

This is the Great Britain I know.

Cameron suggests that "we will find success by being honest with ourselves".



We are kidding ourselves every second of every day.

Face reality, Britons. We are ruled by a cabal of fraudulent genocidal warmongering kiddie-fiddling eugenicist megalomaniac satanist scum.

And that's just for starters.

Sunday, January 01, 2012


NATO stands for naked aggression. Not just through Operation Gladio, in which it killed many European citizens that were blamed on Communists, but from the current wars it is fighting.

So NATO stands for Naked Aggression Treaty Organisation.

But it also stands for

1. NArco Terrorist Organisation, from its drug smuggling activities.

2. North Africa Takeover Organisation, after the recent war on Libya.

And now, following its alliance with al Qaeda in Libya and now Syria, NATO stands for New Al-qaeda Terrorist Organisation.


We are the many.

They are the few.


I send my best wishes to everyone for the New Year.

Everyone except the New World Order.

I hate them. They must surely fail.


I am definitely engaged in an infowar!

Someone entered the search term "litvinenko" into This blog came out number 2 in that search with the recent blog about the RT interviewing Lugovoy. Two minutes later it is number 4.

But this morning that blog is number 308! (I had to scroll through many pages from the search results)

And behind such pages as this page on Oleg Litvinenko (who?) at

In the top 10 now are links to Litvinenko Justice Foundation, and articles on the death of Litvinenko from such unbiased presstitutes as BBC, CBS, MSNBC etc.

This is not the first time this has happened and not just for this particular search term.