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What is the fucking point?

After all the blood, what was the point?

Eddie Redmayne plays a part. His character comes from a rich family, yet he joins the red flag-waving protestors. Eventually he marries the daughter of...

Well, you'd better watch it. The story is quite complex.

But basically, a protest is brutally put down but one of the protestors (Redmayne) finds love, marries in a lavish ceremony and he and his bride protest no more, but do mourn the death of their 'father'.

It is a tricky tale.

But this could be part of the anything-goes agenda of Dr Richard Day.

In the film a protest against poverty is brutally put down. After the protest Redmayne and his love are united...and that's it. Yes, a cruel obsessed soldier (Russell Crowe) throws himself into the Seine. But regarding the power structure, that's about it.

I think the film is trying to say that love will win the day, but it fails.

The only people who see any love are Redmayne and his muse, they marry in luxury, and Redmayne's character was loaded to start with!!

Basically: BOLLOCKS!!

They only let you see what they want you to see.

Les Miserables (film) to me says: go after a bit of skirt because protesting is suicidal and worthless.

Sorry for being cynical but I've seen this kind of film before.

Who actually thinks that Les Miserables is good?

Any let downs?

Life is not a musical.



London has been known as Londonistan for decades due to the relationship MI5 and MI6 have had with Islamic extremists, from creating al Qaeda with Osama bin Laden and allowing him to own a mansion in Wembley and train in Scotland, to the Covenant of Security in which the terrorists could operate of the UK free from prosecution and extradition but only if they attacked targets that coincided with British foreign policy, to allowing butchers like Michael Adebalajo to openly preach Jihad against President Bashar al Assad of Syria in order to persuade Muslims to go to Syria and oust Assad (because Assad, supported by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, is resisting the NATO/Zionist/Gulf states who unleashed the international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria as part of a long term plan hatched in the 1990s for hegemony in North Africa and the Middle East).

Now The Daily Mail is reporting that Seifeddine Rezgui, who is the main patsy for the atrocity at Sousse, was inspired by Saifallah Ben Hassine, who had run the Tunisian Fighting Group out of London but fled to Tunisia to form Ansar al Sharia in Tunisia.

Links between the Tunisia beach massacre and Islamist extremism in Britain can be revealed today.

The fanatic who inspired gunman Seifeddine Rezgui ran a global terror network from London, a Daily Mail investigation has found.

Security officials are investigating whether there are direct links between Rezgui and terrorists based in Britain.

But the Mail has discovered that the group said to have indoctrinated Rezgui in Tunisia over the past six months is led by Ben Hassine.

And these extremists can be traced straight back to the so-called ‘Londonistan’ years leading up to 9/11.

...Rezgui’s family say he was brainwashed while studying for a master’s degree in Kairouan, 35 miles inland from Sousse, the resort where he killed 38.

The town is the hub for Ben Hassine’s Ansar al-Sharia group. The leader of Kairouan’s great mosque named Ansar al-Sharia as among the most likely groups to have groomed Rezgui.

The terror organisation, which was behind a suicide attack at another beach resort in Sousse two years ago, is seen as the Tunisian wing of Islamic State.

[source : EXCLUSIVE - Sunbed killer's link to Britain: Tunisia massacre gunman was inspired by fanatic who ran global terror cell in London, The Daily Mail, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3143795/Sunbed-killer-s-link-Britain-Tunisia-massacre-gunman-Seifeddine-Rezgui-inspired-fanatic-ran-global-terror-cell-London.html, 30th June 2015]


So let's review some facts shall we:
1. London has been the hub of many Islamic terrorist organisations, hence the name Londonistan;
2. Islamic State was allowed to rise as a Plan C to oust Assad, because the cutthroat Jihadis of Plan A had failed to oust and/or kill Assad as they had in Libya, and Plan B (Bandar's false flag) had failed to provoke a NATO/Zionist/Gulf state war on Syria;
3. Islamic State has given the USA and UK the opportunity to openly interfere in and spy on Syria;
4. in March this year a meeting took place at which the sponsors of the bloodshed in Syria agreed that enough was enough and the 'rebels', i.e. cutthroats, would receive all the help they needed, except SAMs;
5. in a recent report from Brookings it was proposed to establish buffer zones in Syria, and British troops in Syria were explicitly proposed;
6. so right on cue at least one man (reports suggest three) go on a shooting spree in a town in Tunisia frequented by Brits for holidays, and it looks like the main patsy was radicalised by a man who had previously run an Islamic terrorist organisation out of London!!
7. the resulting carnage has been jumped on by Cameron and others demanding that a military solution to Islamic State is required.

Note that we have been 'bombing' Islamic State for months yet it has somehow grown and grown. This is because we haven't been trying to destroy Islamic State just use it as an excuse to interfere in Syria. The goal is to oust Assad. That is why Cameron will not cooperate with Assad. Cameron would rather have Islamic State grow to oust Assad than Islamic State destroyed and Assad left in power.

But isn't it interesting that just as a proposal for British boots in Syria is made there is an Islamic terrorist atrocity against British holidaymakers which looks like it was engineered by a terrorist who had previously run an Islamic terrorist organisation out of Londonistan during the time the Covenant of Security was in force and is thus possibly a British agent?

Monday, June 29, 2015


Read the following by Tony Cartalucci:

You will find this:
After arming and funding a literal region-wide army of Al Qaeda terrorists, the United States now plans to use the resulting chaos to justify what it has sought since the beginning of the conflict when it became clear the Syrian government was not to capitulate or collapse – the establishment of buffer zones now called “safe zones” by Brookings.

These zones once created, will include US armed forces on the ground, literally occupying seized Syrian territory cleared by proxies including Kurdish groups and bands of Al Qaeda fighters in the north, and foreign terrorist militias operating along the Jordanian-Syrian border in the south. Brookings even admits that many of these zones would be created by extremists, but that “ideological purity” wound “no longer be quite as high of a bar.

The US assumes that once this territory is seized and US troops stationed there, the Syrian Arab Army will not dare attack in fear of provoking a direct US military response against Damascus. The Brookings paper states (emphasis added):

The idea would be to help moderate elements establish reliable safe zones within Syria once they were able. American, as well as Saudi and Turkish and British and Jordanian and other Arab forces would actin support, not only from the air but eventually on the ground via the presence of special forces as well. The approach would benefit from Syria’s open desert terrain which could allow creation of buffer zones that could be monitored for possible signs of enemy attack through a combination of technologies, patrols, and other methods that outside special forces could help Syrian local fighters set up.

Were Assad foolish enough to challenge these zones, even if he somehow forced the withdrawal of the outside special forces, he would be likely to lose his air power in ensuing retaliatory strikes by outside forces, depriving his military of one of its few advantages over ISIL.Thus, he would be unlikely to do this.

Note the reference to us, the British.

Since last Friday the British media has been focusing on the atrocity at Sousse. Today Cameron wrote in The Daily Telegraph that we must fight Islamic State at its source (I think by this he means we should march on the HQs of MI5 and MI6).

But we are actually having a minute silence this Friday!!!

They really are pushing Sousse as an attack on the British people as a nation.


Was it designed that way?

Reports are now stating that there was more than one gunman who...would you Adam and Steve it...managed to get away, while the 'patsy' was killed.

Sounds familiar.

About a month ago reports surfaced in The Guardian that in March this year a meeting had taken place in Turkey at which those behind the illegal attack on Syria had decided that enough was enough, and the 'rebels' were going to be given all they wanted (except SAMs) to finish off Assad. Shortly after this meeting the rebels had some quick and spectacular victories. There were more allegations/complaints that Assad had used chemical weapons.

I wasn't surprised at this. The Syrian Arab Army and people have done a fantastic job so far, for over 4 years, in repelling the not-so-covert invasion of Syria by Saudi-sponsored cutthroat Jihadis. They did Gaddafi in 6 months, but that was with air support from NATO. NATO was unable to provoke the war it so desperately wanted after Prince Bandar's false flag of 21st August 2013, so the Syrian rebels have been 'on their own' so far (and by that I mean still receiving supplies from NATO but not the overt air support but were allowed to morph in to Islamic State).

This is why Cameron didn't pay the ransoms of David Haines and Alan Henning. He used their brutal murders by Islamic State so that we could intervene in Syria, not defeat Islamic State. Cameron boasts that only the USA bombs IS more than we do. But the number of bombs dropped on and sorties against IS are nothing compared to previous wars in Iraq. In other words, the USA isn't really trying. It is just watching and waiting and guiding the violence for the benefit of the warmongers: Wall Street, City of London, Atlantic Council, etc.

If I were a cynical bastard I would say that the financial status of both Greece and Ukraine, and with, it looks like, an escalation of intervention in Syria through implementing buffer zones, do not look providing a peaceful August this year.


When I was growing up I used to be a quiet lad, with friends, top of the class without really trying, athletic, active, positive, happy, enjoyed a few pints with mates, and a bit cheeky.

But over the decades, as I have come to discover just how shit this world is, and just how apathetic people are, I am not that lad that I used to be.

Whatever happened to me?

Highly Likely - Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads (Theme)


In yet another attempt to drag the UK into war in Syria, PM David Cameron has called for war on MI5 and MI6.

Across the world, we must do more to work together and build our capacity to deal with terrorism. ISIL may use ancient barbarism in its methods of killing, but it is modern in its propaganda techniques, using social media as its primary weapon.

That is why we must give our police and security services the tools they need to root out this poison. And we must look at how we can work with countries like Tunisia to counter this online propaganda.

We must also deal with it at its source, in places like Syria, Iraq and Libya, from where ISIL is peddling and plotting its death cult. That means supporting governments to strengthen weak political institutions and tackle political instability. These ungoverned spaces are the areas in which the terrorist groups thrive.

[source : David Cameron: We must be intolerant of Isil intolerance, Daily Telegraph, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/david-cameron/11704576/David-Cameron-We-must-be-intolerant-of-Isil-intolerance.html, 28th June 2015]

ISIL is the result of nearly 14 years of war and regime change in North Africa and the Middle East since 9/11.

General Wesley Clark has revealed that 9/11 was to be used as the reason for war and regime change in seven countries in five years. Those countries were Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. Only Iraq was accused of any involvement in 9/11, as well having WMDs, both of which were false accusations.

Nevertheless, after taking out Iraq in 2003 the war machine rumbled on: Lebanon in 2006; Libya in 2011; Syria from 2011 to date.

The plan was moribund by 2007 so the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia, under the US State Dept-engineered Arab Spring, unleashed cutthroat Jihadis onto Libya, who assassinated Gaddafi and gave NATO the excuse to bomb Libya, once the jewel of Africa, back to the stone age.

After Libya the Jihadis were smuggled into Syria where they were expected to take out Assad. But by July 2013 Assad was still in power, so Prince Bandar issued an ultimatum to Putin, who has been backing Assad: dump Assad or Bandar would unleash hell on earth in Syria. Putin declined. On 21st August 2013 Bandar unleashed hell on earth in Syria. But that false flag failed to provoke the war on Syria the warmongers wanted to oust Assad. So Plan C was implemented, as per a 2012 proposal from the US DIA: a Salafist entity, which we call Islamic State, was allowed to rise, which has given the warmongering NATO/Zionist/Gulf powers the excuse to openly interfere in Syria.

Plan A: unleash cutthroat Jihadis - Fail.
Plan B: false flag blaming Assad - Fail.
Plan C: create Islamic State and use to interfere in Syria - so far so good.

Islamic State would not have been created if the Jihadis had not been unleashed onto Syria. Guess who in 2009 asked former French foreign minister Roland Dumas to smuggle those Jihadis into Syria? Great Britain.

We have been in this bloodbath right from the start.

MI5 have been allowing preachers like Michael Adebalajo to openly preach Jihad against Assad on the streets and in the mosques of the UK, and somehow new recruits find a way to get to Islamic State through Turkey, the most recent case being the three sisters and their children who, despite being under surveillance because their brother had joined IS, were given a letter from the cops saying they could travel there!! London is known as Londonistan because of its status as the HQ for Islamic terrorists. There was a Covenant of Security between MI5 and Islamic terrorists that they could freely operate out of London as long as their terrorist attacks coincided with British foreign policy.

And MI6 and MI5 cooperate. They have been interfering everywhere since and before they were created. It was they who shot Rasputin to keep Russia in the war, not to keep German troops from their Western Front but so that Lenin and Trotsky could be sent in by Wall Street globalists to use the war to oust the Romanovs who were showing signs of independence (e.g. they helped to defeat the British-supported Confederacy in the US Civil War). They with the CIA ousted Mossadegh in Operation Ajax. They used Islamic extremists in an attempt to assassinate Gaddafi in 1996.

So if Cameron wants to defeat Islamic extremism at source he should march towards the HQs of MI5 and MI6.

And then after that, offer all possible assistance to Assad to destroy Islamic State, not operate independently from the Syrian and Iraqi militaries.

And then after that, offer all possible financial assistance to quickly rebuild Syria and Iraq.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Further to the blog on What Happened to Flight MH17 on the press conference by Lysenko on 17th July 2014 (which was held before he knew MH17 had been shot down) in which Lysenko admits:
1. Ukraine knew the separatists had BUKs which could bring down aircraft at high altitude;
2. the Ukraine Air Force was trying to destroy those BUKs.

we can now ask and should expect answers to the following questions:
(a) why did Ukraine not close the airspace over East Ukraine?
(b) were the Ukraine Air Force flying missions on the afternoon of 17th July 2014?
(c) if so, was one mission to destroy the BUKs they believed the separatists had?
(d) if so, then were fighter jets armed with air-to-air missiles for this purpose?


I see that the What Happened to Flight MH17 website has looked at the Luhansk video again.

See Re-examining the Luhansk Video

At last someone else is raising serious questions about this video.

I have been questioning its authenticity for months, since well before last Christmas.

Upon the release of Belling Cat's report on Routes, Destinations, and Involvement of the 2nd and 147th Automobile Battalions in the June and July 2014 Buk Convoys, and a supporting article on the location of the video, I posted GOOD QUESTION : WHO'S LYING? asking these questions, which have yet to be answered:
1. when was it was filmed?
2. why was the truck travelling south east in a south west suburb of Luhansk...at 5am on 18th July...when the Ukraine Security Service say it was in Russia by 4am at the latest?

The latest blog on What Happened to Flight MH17 asks a few more questions, such as when did the Ukraine Security Service know that the separatists has BUKs, but it does not provide any answers. I have been suggesting that the BUK filmed in Luhansk could be the one that brought down the Antonov An-26 on 14th July and that it was filmed before 18th July.

But in the What Happened to Flight MH17 blog we also find that Lysenko admits that the Ukraine Air Force was active that day (see section Another Luhansk Video - the Lysenko press conference on July 17th at 1700 hours) when they have been saying that they were not active, while the Ukraine Air Force mechanic Evgeny Agapov says that fighter jets were active and one returned without its air-to-air missiles.

BTW, has Ukraine denied what Agapov says?

And then in the next section (Contradicting Statements by Anton Gerashchenko and Vitaly Naida) the route of the BUK is challenged, but does not ask why that BUK would be travelling south east in a south west suburb of Luhansk at 5am (even though it was supposed to have been in Russia by 4am at the latest).

So, this part of the MH17 story is developing.


Remember this?

So who is Carl Bildt?

Well, apart from all the PM and FM of Sweden, and all the Bilderberg stuff, the most damning is this: he was hired by asset management company Legg Mason (with huge investments in Lockheed Martin), and then a few months after joining Legg Mason he was brought into The Committee to Liberate Iraq to lobby for war on Iraq and as a consequence of the war on Iraq, Lockheed Martin's and thus Legg Mason's stock prices went up and up and up.

Read about this bloodsoaked, sordid episode of Bildt's life here: Carl Bildt's Millions

Bildt is currently a Trustee of Rand Corporation.


This blog is not about teachers, male or female, fulfilling their animal lusts through sexual relationships with younger students.

This is about bringing war into the classroom. War that leads to death and destruction.

A few weeks ago I asked, what is the point in teaching someone else's children the elegance of algebra, the beauty of (some) art and music, emotional communication through languages, discovering how and why world wars really occur, if at the end of the day those children join the military and get killed, maimed, disabled, or kill, maim or disable someone else's children?

I call it : breeding kids to bleed in wars.

This series of short videos exposes how the military is moving into the classroom, and in one case a weapons manufacturer with close ties to Saudi Arabia is taking over the management of a school.

How many of you teachers have seen the military creep into your school and influence lessons?


More paedo files go 'missing'!!

And look at the school...

Official files on police investigations of child abuse at Gordonstoun, the school in the Scottish Highlands that educated the Queen’s sons and Prince Philip, appear to have gone missing or been destroyed.

In a case investigated by the Observer, a teacher named Derek Jones seriously sexually assaulted a number of children attending the junior school around 1990. He was twice questioned by police in the following years after the children told their parents what had happened. Files were forwarded to the Procurator Fiscal, Scotland’s prosecution service, but it was decided not to prosecute. The files would normally be retained, but Scotland’s Crown Office says they now cannot be found.

[source : Police files on child sex abuse at Gordonstoun school have vanished, The Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/jun/28/gordonstoun-child-sex-abuse-search-for-victims, 28th June 2015]


Enjoy the fun, the ups and downs, of an American in Paris as he listens into the phone calls of Le Président de la République Française, and then when Le Président de la République Française expresses his outrage An American in Paris unleashes his Islamic terrorists to tell Le Président de la République Française to shut the fuck up and get used to it, dump those thoughts of independence by expressing sympathies with Russia, and get back into the American war camp asap or else.

George Gershwin - "An American in Paris"


This is brilliant!!

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If you thought transgender was in then you are wrong. It is sooooo yesterday.

The next new celebrity trend is for celebrities to have their pet dogs undergo sex change ops and make them gay, and then have them marry each other in elaborate ceremonies live on TV, and then every week we can watch how these gay transgender dogs live their opulent, privileged lives.



A few months ago Dr Paul Craig Roberts wrote an article based on two books written by Thomas DiLorenzo which looked at Abraham Lincoln. I have not read these books by DiLorenzo but if I find time I will. The article by Roberts is called The Power of Lies and provides this basic reason for the US Civil War:
The War of Northern Aggression was about tariffs and northern economic imperialism. The North was protectionist. The South was free trade. The North wanted to finance its economic development by forcing the South to pay higher prices for manufactured goods. The North passed the Morrill Tariff which more than doubled the tariff rate to 32.6% and provided for a further hike to 47%. The tariff diverted the South’s profits on its agricultural exports to the coffers of Northern industrialists and manufacturers. The tariff was designed to redirect the South’s expenditures on manufactured goods from England to the higher cost goods produced in the North.

This is why the South left the union, a right of self-determination under the Constitution.

[source : The Power of Lies, Paul Craig Roberts, http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2015/04/13/power-lies/, 13th April 2014]

This is the same basic kind of explanation for the war, and the same attack on Lincoln, that we find in Griffin's The Creature from Jekyll Island.

But there is much more to the civil war than this.

The book Treason in America by Anton Chaitkin describes in great detail how the US Civil War was engineered by the British using slavery for the purposes of breaking up the United States. The planning for the war began in the decades before it kicked off and involved the Anglophile Boston families and British agent Giuseppe Mazzini and his Young America. Slavery was the cause of the war, not tariffs. If you want proof read the reasons for secession at The Declaration of Causes of Seceding States which were written by the seceding states themselves!! In other words, no interpretation is required. It is right there in front of you: SLAVERY!

DiLorenzo hates Lincoln. DiLorenzo is in the Libertarian camp, writing for the websites of Lew Rockwell, etc. Griffin is also involved in Libertarian politics. In one article on Rockwell's website DiLorenzo praised The League of the South, an organisation established in 1994 by among others, Jack Kershaw.
So what is it, exactly, about the League's statement that causes such a violent reaction among our modern-day Jacobins? First of all, it is the Statement of Purpose: "We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honourable means." Good God, these people must be stopped! They want to improve the lives of all their friends and neighbors!

There's more. The League also makes the "outrageous" claim that "Southern culture is distinct from, and in opposition to, the corrupt mainstream American culture. Therefore, we stand for our own sublime cultural inheritance and seek to separate ourselves from the cultural rot that is American culture." This is especially outrageous to neocons — and also to certain "libertarian" imposters — because it suggests that there are still people in America do not abide by the notion that the role of government in America is to force a uniform culture on the entire population.

[source : The Dreaded 'S' Word, LewRockwell, http://archive.lewrockwell.com/dilorenzo/dilorenzo91.html, Accessed: 27th June 2015]

DiLorenzo's article on The League of the South is a whitewash of that organisation, basically repeating what the league says about itself on its website: religious, God-fearing, all equal before God, charitable, etc, etc, etc.

But do you know what Kershaw did? He had a 25 foot statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest erected next to 13 poles each flying one of the flags of the Confederate states!! Forrest was a brilliant but ruthless butcher, possibly the reb' most dedicated to the causes of the Confederacy. Forrest had made a fortune selling slaves. He later ran the Ku Klux Klan.

So what were the causes of the Confederacy?

Well, as pointed out above, the Confederacy consisted of states whose prime reason for seceding was slavery, as stated in their causes.

But if you read the Constitution of the Confederate States adopted on 11th March 1861 you will find that slavery was to be protected, and that the Confederacy had plans for the expansion of itself and of slavery into any new territory it captured.

Article 1 Section 9 (4) states:
No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves shall be passed.

Article 4 Section 2 (1) states:
The citizens of each State shall be entitled to all the privileges and immunities of citizens in the several States; and shall have the right of transit and sojourn in any State of this Confederacy, with their slaves and other property; and the right of property in said slaves shall not be thereby impaired.

Article 4 Section 2 (3) states:
No slave or other person held to service or labor in any State or Territory of the Confederate States, under the laws thereof, escaping or lawfully carried into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from such service or labor; but shall be delivered up on claim of the party to whom such slave belongs,. or to whom such service or labor may be due.

Article 4 Section 3 (3) states:
The Confederate States may acquire new territory; and Congress shall have power to legislate and provide governments for the inhabitants of all territory belonging to the Confederate States, lying without the limits of the several Sates; and may permit them, at such times, and in such manner as it may by law provide, to form States to be admitted into the Confederacy. In all such territory the institution of negro slavery, as it now exists in the Confederate States, shall be recognized and protected be Congress and by the Territorial government; and the inhabitants of the several Confederate States and Territories shall have the right to take to such Territory any slaves lawfully held by them in any of the States or Territories of the Confederate States.

So there you have it. The US Civil War was over slavery not tariffs. The (League of the) South believed that their right to own slaves was under threat so they seceded, and they now cover that up by trying to claim it was all about tariffs and that they are actually a nice God-fearing people.

Slavery was and is brutal.

The Confederacy never really died. Its ghost still haunts the planet. Dylann Roof is proof of that.

Friday, June 26, 2015



Once you start to attend junkets and share platforms with Bilderbergers such as Guy Verhofstadt and Carl Bildt, who meet in such secrecy and then moan like a NATO whore, being ravished again and again and again, about Russian propaganda while Bilderberg meetings follow Chatham House/Whore rules and are unreported in NATO media, then you have zero credibility.

Sorry I couldn't find anything lizard (except yourself) in your Faustian glass of delicious white wine.

My grandfathers landed on the beaches of Normandy on 6th June 1944 with the ultimate purpose of destroying Nazism.

NATO was formed after WW2. Its prime reason was to protect us from the Soviet Empire. But that collapsed in 1989. The other reasons for the existence of NATO were to destroy extreme nationalism and promote stability.

But what NATO has done in Ukraine is piss on the graves of all those who died fighting Nazism in WW2. NATO just used nationalist extremist neo-Nazis to oust a legitimately elected government in order to install their puppet Yats, and then support his/their junta as it murders nearly 7000 civilians resisting the NATO Nazi junta. This has led to instability in the east of Europe which The Atlantic Council, and their whores like Belling Cat, have exploited to the max, including their travel expenses, by promoting this #PutinAtWar campaign, as if the USA has never been at war ever, ever, ever.

Need I say more?

Taking the white wine piss, or what?


I wonder if it could be possible to start a fundraiser to buy CIA images of these convoys?

Or rather, who has the motivation or otherwise to pursue this?

Should we start to apply BellingCat 'methods' to expose NATO's supply to Islamic State through Turkey?


Yesterday a female head teacher Anne Lakey was jailed for 8 years for grooming two male pupils 25 years ago and having sex with them.
The teacher, who was once celebrated for her "visionary leadership", had sex with the schoolchildren, aged 13 and 15, over a three-year-period, a jury found on Tuesday.

One of her victims described her in court as a "disgusting sexual monster".

...Now a father himself, he said he was "sickened" by Lakey's claims that she always put the interests of young people first.

[source : Top Headteacher Jailed For Having Sex With Boys, Sky News, http://news.sky.com/story/1507621/top-headteacher-jailed-for-having-sex-with-boys, 25th June 2015]

And now another female teacher Hayley Dimmock has been banned from teaching because on a school trip to Cuba she flirted with some of the pupils and then had sex with a diving instructor, thereby risking the safety of the pupils, i.e. other people's children, she was taking care of while they were away in Cuba from their parents.
Hayley Dimmock, 28, who taught at £9,000-a-term Bedford School, also allowed a male pupil to run his hands up her ankle and inner thigh, touch her bottom and put her iPod in the front pocket of her shorts.

The "young and inexperienced teacher" then drank at a party and went to a diving instructor's room for sex instead of making sure pupils were safely back in their rooms.

However two members of staff passing the room were able to see what was happening through a gap in the curtains and had to stop pupils walking past.

Despite being given four formal warnings about her behaviour on the trip in July 2014, on returning to the Bedford School Ms Dimmock spent half an hour alone with the pupil at his home.

[source : Chemistry teacher on a private school trip to Cuba 'caught having drunken sex with a diving instructor', Daily Telegraph, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/11700543/Chemistry-teacher-on-a-private-school-trip-to-Cuba-caught-having-drunken-sex-with-a-diving-instructor.html, 26th June 2015]

Sex before safety. This is the attitude I experienced during my teacher training. I tried to tell 'em but they showed interest in only one thing...and it wasn't Scrabble (if you know what I mean...).

Parents. Seriously. Get into the schools your children attend and get involved. Help out. But also get to know the teachers. Let them know that the children they teach are your children.


I understood that the British monarchy were supposed to not interfere with politics.

But last year she commented on the Scottish independence referendum, and slyly the news was released, months before it was known for certain that she was pregnant, that Wills and Kate were expecting.

And now commenting on Europe.


Meanwhile, Syria continues to defend itself from an invasion of NATO/Zionist/Gulf state-sponsored-and-supported international cutthroat Jihadis AND Islamic State, unleashed onto Syria because Syria is, after over 4 years, still able to defend itself through the support of...surprise!...RUSSIA...in a war that was planned in the 1990's.

And is that...no it can't be...Bilderberg supremo Carl Bildt?

And James Kirchick, member of the CFR, former writer for the CIA's Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and supporter of 'intervention', i.e. war, on Libya in 2011 through such classics as The Free Shores of Tripoli?

And what delicious white wine do we think they were quaffing: Pinot Grigio? Chardonnay? Sauvignon Blanc?

Answers on a postcard to:
Warmongers Table
1st Class Carriage
NATO White Wine Train
Platform 1


And yes, that's the same Runet Echo which is funded by George Soros, who is also involved in BellingCat through their work with the biased CIA-sponsored OCCRP.

Yet here is a video that the BBC Russian pulled because it contains several eyewitnesses stating that they saw fighter jets present in the area when MH17 was shot down, something the Ukraine Air Force denies, yet a mechanic from the Ukraine Air Force says that four fighter jets were airborne and one came back without its air-to-air missiles and the pilot of that plane said something like, "the wrong plane was in the wrong place at the wrong time".

Deleted BBC Russia MH17 News Report High Quality Eng Subs

Funnily enough, BellingCat also never, ever, ever address the many eyewitnesses who saw fighter jets. Perhaps they were all off their heads on LSD at the time, or something like that, eh?

I hear that train coming...choo chooooo...choo chooooo...


Here is what Carl Bildt said yesterday at the NATO conference attended by Eliot Higgins (Bildt introduced the session in which Higgins presented).

Nice one, Carl.

Tell us the one about the NATO/Zionist/Gulf State media not informing their citizens that the wars in North Africa and the Middle East since 9/11 were planned in the 1990's and needed 9/11 to start them, and that the Jihadis were unleashed onto Syria because the initial plan was way behind schedule and the NATO public were sick of wars, and that the incident of 21st August 2013 was executed by Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia to provoke a war on Syria, and that because that false flag didn't work Islamic State was allowed to rise so that the NATO/Zionist/Gulf powers have an excuse to openly interfere in Syria which has been resisting the NATO/Zionist/Gulf state plan for hegemony in the region.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Looks like Dylann Roof did his job.

After shooting up the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston and murdering 9 African Americans just because of their ethnicity, he has somehow revived the Confederacy and evoked sympathies for the Confederacy from some very surprising circles.

I thought the Confederacy was dead. Looks like some want it reincarnated, with promotions of secession, and Confederate flags all over the show...


Last week Higgins clocked up a few more miles on the NATO gravy train (choo chooooo) when he was sat on the same platform as the Bilderberg globalist madman Guy Verhofstadt as Verhofstadt opened up a conference on #PutinAtWar (as if the USA hasn't been at war somewhere in the world every day of the last half century).

This week we find Higgins on yet another adventure, clocking up even more miles on the NATO gravy train (choo chooooo), this time being introduced by professional Russia-basher and Bilderberg supremo Carl Bildt.

These people seem to think it is as sound as a pound for NATO to piss on the graves of everyone who died fighting the Nazis during WW2 and piss on its original raison d'etre (destroy nationalist extremists and promote stability) and use neo-Nazis to overthrow a legitimately elected government to install their puppet, and then support the junta as it murders nearly 7000 civilians resisting the coup.

They make me sick.

Coz all they want to do is plonk first strike nuclear missiles on Russia's doorstep aimed at Moscow, and thus risk a nuclear war.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015



We know what you're up to.


Regarding my work today:
1. I was able to connect to the University computers without any troubles and executed a program that was supposed to run for 250,000 iterations, and it was running fine. But I was dog-sitting today. I decided to take the dog for a walk just before 3pm. Up until I decided to take the dog for a walk the program was running fine and writing output as expected. But after I returned taking the doggo for a walk I found that the program had continued writing the output except for the files that I use for visualisation of the data.
2. So I then began another execution of the same program, and shut down to come home, expecting that the program would execute and write its output. But upon arriving home and logging in I found that although the program had executed 250,000 iterations, there was only output upto 5000 iterations, i.e. it stopped writing output after I left.

This was obviously to tell me that I was being watched: when I took the doggo for a walk they deleted all visualisation files after I left to take the doggo walkies; and when I restarted the same program and left for home they deleted all files written after I left for home.

This is the same kidddie-fiddling mentality that created and supported the British Empah wearing the Butcher's Apron as it destroyed culture after culture to impose British values like brutality and imperialism.

So ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the national anthem, as we honour our allies Islamic State as they provide an excuse to interfere in Syria and lead to the ousting of Assad.

God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
Allah U Akbar.
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign o'er us
Allah U Akbar.


Just been reading this little chat between Tony Gosling and Stuart Hooper:

The one massive, massive clue that Snowden, wittingly or unwittingly, is part of some kind of intelligence operation is that it was two of the biggest establishment papers, The Washington Post and The Guardian, who slapped his 'revelations' on their front pages for weeks!!

Hello? Ever heard of a D-Notice?

If the Snowden Revelations were such a threat to national security then why not slap a D-Notice on them?

Why have The Washington Post and The Guardian not slapped the Clark Revelations, that the wars since 9/11 were planned in the 1990s, on their front pages for weeks?

And what has changed since June 2013?

The general public are now aware that they are being spied on. Surveillance breeds conformity. And due to al Qaeda and Islamic State (which we know were created by our spies) the general public accept this spying. But those same spies now point their finger at Snowden and claim that he has exposed their methods so they must have more powers to spy on us to protect us from their terrorists!

And this is from an institution that appointed a convicted paedo to be the Worshipful Master of their lodge at GCHQ?!

And not only that, what was once illegal is now legal. The USA Freedom Act forces telecoms companies to store the data instead of the NSA, and the NSA can request/demand that data.

It has to be some kin of op.

The question is whether Snowden is a witting or unwitting pawn.

Snowden could have unwittingly been used. He did admit that he left clues for the NSA etc to work out what he was doing.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I managed to remotely connect to one of the University computers and start a program, but as soon I started it the connection was severed. So I connected to a different University computer to run the same program and that has taken ages to connect but was then severed.

This is by far the worst attack of this kind I have experienced.


George Galloway has teamed up with Max Keiser to run for Mayor of London.

But look who else is running? Zac Rothschild Goldsmith!

Goldmsith and Keiser go back a long way. Goldmsith has appeared several times on Keiser's RT show, most recently to promote Goldsmith's recall campaign.

So if Rothschild Goldsmith wins will he, like Galloway, appoint Keiser as his Economic Advisor?


I can't even remotely connect to the University computers today. And when I have been able to connect the connection is severed.

But don't let this scare you into not joining the good fight.

I don't think my grandfathers landed on the Normandy beaches on 6/6/44 just so that a bunch of paedos, who appoint a convicted paedo as Worshipful Master of their lodge for spies, could think they were smart arses and interfere with people's lives like they interfere with children and allow others to do so.


I just read some of the operations used by GCHQs JTRIG against their targets. I recognise some of their tactics as being used against me personally as an individual.

I have posted some of these attacks here on this blog: emails and texts I have sent have not been received by the intended recipient; I have not received emails and texts sent to me by someone else; the backslash (\) required to write Latex files was disabled on my laptop; taking up to 25 minutes to have a working internet browser; files stored on the University computers have been interfered with, replaced with old files or deleted.

The latest I reported just 2 days ago when a program I was running on the University computers suddenly stopped writing any output after 200,000 iterations yet it ran for several hours and 800,000 iterations more (as I had expected).


Kiddie-fiddling bastards!!

Using public funds to manipulate the private lives of individuals exposing the truth!!

I think I remember Tony Gosling writing a month or so ago that his files were being interfered with too.

Read > JTRIG < for details on how GCHQ abuses its powers like they abuse children.

Monday, June 22, 2015


I thought I'd seen it all when Belling Cat finally succumbed to temptation and joined the Murdoch Empire.

But this...

This is just...


The YouTube star, called Teresa The Tit, has an unusual method of determining which team will triumph.

It follows on from the stripping presenter from Venezuela who shed her clothes when her country beat Colombia 1-0.

It's certainly more interesting than Paul The Octopus, who rose to fame with his searing divinations during the 2010 World Cup in Germany.

Teresa attaches mini flags to her nipples (decorated like black-and-white footballs) and then makes her breasts dance.

Her mini videos are given extra authenticity by the presence of the South American football competition's logo and mascot although we're sure these spots are less than official.

The nation whose flag remains on the longest will win the tie.

Helpfully, a split-screen close-up gives viewers a clear sight of the winner.

If both survive a few minutes vigorous wriggling it means the tie will finish a draw.

She has correctly guessed the results of five of the eight matches so far in the South American football competition.

Chile v Ecuador - Chile win (correct: 2-0)

Argentina v Paraguay - Argentina win (wrong: 2-2)

Uruguay v Jamaica - Uruguay win (correct: 1-0)

Mexico v Bolivia - draw (correct: 0-0)

Brazil v Peru - Brazil win (correct: 2-1)

Chile v Mexico - Chile win (wrong: 3-3)

Mexico v Ecuador - Mexico win (wrong: 1-2)

Chile v Bolivia - Chile win (correct: 5-0)

[source : Are this beauty's boobs psychic?, Daily Star, http://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/449571/boob-breast-psychic-predict-divine-game-copa-america-football-thereas-the-tit, 22nd June 2015]


In The Guardian today one woman openly admits that she murdered 21 babies in one day.

She calls it abortion.

I call it murder.

I can’t say this is exactly what I had in mind when I was 17 and writing my Ucas application, full of idealism and pride to be applying for such a noble profession. Probably not what my parents were thinking of either – it doesn’t make for great dinner party conversation having an abortion doctor for a daughter.

But somehow here I am. I made a decision not to conscientiously object and I am now nearing the end of my abortion-care training. If I’m honest, I haven’t found it emotionally easy (and I suspect neither have those closest to me!) but I’d never go back and change that decision. Not only have I received excellent tuition, but, perhaps more importantly, I have learnt much about life from the women I have cared for. They have taught me that pregnancy at the wrong time, with the wrong person, or in the wrong situation, can be a very lonely and unsympathetic place to be.

I have performed 21 abortions today, ending pregnancies in women ageing from 16 to 44, who have travelled from as far as Northern Ireland to regain control over their own bodies.

...I’ve seen as many professional women in their 40s as chaotic girls in their teens; and the majority have been using some form of contraception, albeit unsuccessfully. Many of the women are already mums. Some are devoutly religious.

...As I leave clinic, I actually feel slightly elated from the work – I have learnt skills far beyond my expectations and I feel gratified to have been involved in helping women out in a vulnerable and sometimes desperate time.

...As long as unplanned pregnancy exists, we need to help women in this unfortunate situation, not harass them. Abortion can improve life and prevent harm; pro-choice, to me, does not mean anti-life.

I breathe my customary sigh of relief as I close my front door behind me and kick off my shoes. My boyfriend hears the latch and calls from the kitchen to ask me about my day. I mutter something nondescript, skimping on detail, then get straight to the point: “How about a glass of wine?”.

[source : Being an abortion doctor has taught me a lot about life, The Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/healthcare-network/views-from-the-nhs-frontline/2015/jun/22/abortion-doctor-learn-life-women, 22nd June 2015]

So we now think that it is OK for one woman to murder 21 babies in one day and then have a glass of wine at the end of that day?

How much does this 'doctor' know about the true origins of WW1 and WW2? How much does she care to know?

And the same goes for those women who got pregnant?

Too busy shagging to care. Instead of spending years trying to break through the bullshit and find out how the world really works they get pregnant and then kill the baby.

Fair enough if it was through rape, otherwise they're not on killing a baby. There are alternatives. It is that kind of baby-murdering mentality that drives us into war.

Perhaps this is why Stop The War doesn't stop wars? Because they believe in the Marxist explanation for WW1, that it was going to happen anyway because of competing empires, when in fact those empires were collaborating and surpassing the British Empire so the British monarchy through Freemasonry engineered the war to destroy the developed world and install a world government that they would control: The League of Nations.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


They had plenty of time to ask just one question of any substance, but they didn't. They were more concerned about my penis and calling me names behind my back than ask me questions about what was going on in the world, and that was after I gave them some clues about how the world works.

So forgive and forget?


I would consider forgiving and forgetting if:
1. they told me every single name they have called me behind my back instead of trying to talk to me and showed any concern by asking me questions about how the world works, even when I told one of their most social animals!;
2. they apologised for passing those reports onto God knows who WITHOUT MY FUCKING PERMISSION while they treat me like I am a piece of shit and ignore me while I walk around with a massive target on my back as I try to help and protect them and their children from a cabal of megalomaniac paedophile warmongering scum.

Until then I reserve the right to refer to them as I please.

Because what I say is the truth, Ruth.

And if I am not then start a blog or twitter of your own and put your collective side of the story...


I have just watched again the film The Lives of Others on DVD.


I kid you not: what is the difference between the UK now and East Germany then?

Most of us cheered when the Berlin Wall came down believing we would all be free.

What is going down in the UK is that...er...d'ya know what? I can't be arsed.

I'll hand over to a bunch of apathetic teachers to tell you what's going down...because d'ya know what? Teacher knows best. Teacher actually doesn't care but knows best. That's why they never ask any questions about global events but instead bask in their and in each others vanity, demanding that the children do this and do that and obey their every whim while ignoring repeated requests to delete reports from their author (who they ostracise) on how the world works. Teacher only acts when teacher is embarrassed and needs to save their arse after pretending to care about other people's children but are found out that in reality they don't.

Parents really should ask to sit in on discussions in the staff rooms during break and dinner times. Believe me: parents evening? Fake!! Chats in the staffroom consist of boring irrelevant crap such as nice recipes and nice locations for holidays; some but not many questions on how to teach a subject; and quite a lot of ridicule of the children. This is partially why I did not join the teaching profession. My impression is that they care about teaching only as a job, something to provide an income while making themselves feel good and satisfying the liars of the state.

Can you believe that GCHQ has its own lodge and that just a few years ago that lodge appointed as its Worshipful Master a convicted paedophile who was membership secretary of the Peadophile Information Exchange?!


I am currently running two programs on the University computers. They have each been running for several hours and still have several hours to run. As I write they are still running. They have been writing output and should still be writing output to analyse afterwards. But although they are still running they are no longer writing output.

Why do you think that is?

This is not the first time this has happened.

But there has been no output since my last post on Liz not suffering austerity while British children rely on food banks and charities.

According to the University computer the last output file written was at 17:05:12 and there are nearly 3 minutes between each file so the next one should have been written at about 17:08. But nothing has been written since.

That last blog on Liz was posted at 17:05

You do the maths.

They are just trying to interfere with my research as they interfere with children and appoint convicted paedos who interfere with children to be Worshipful Master of their lodge.

Don't worry, smart arse bastards. I can get round this several ways. And compile evidence of what you're doing at the same time.


Phew! I am so glad about this. I was hoping she'd get to keep all the money we give her to keep her many palaces neat and tidy while more and more children are relying on food banks and charities.

The Queen will not face any cuts to royal finances for at least another two years despite an 11 per cent increase in her income, The Telegraph has learnt.

In the two years since the Civil List was replaced by the Sovereign Grant, the Queen’s taxpayer-funded income has shot up from £36.1 million to more than £40 million.

Campaigners have demanded that David Cameron and George Osborne, who set up the current funding formula, should carry out an immediate review so that the Royal family can make their own contribution to the Government’s austerity measures.

But royal sources have insisted the money is needed to continue with a backlog of repairs to the royal palaces, and gave a strong indication that any proposed cuts would be resisted.

[source : Queen's finances are safe from cuts for two years, Daily Telegraph, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/queen-elizabeth-II/11689154/Queens-finances-are-safe-from-cuts-for-two-years.html, 21st June 2015]


From NATO Exercises Ongoing Near Russia Since 2014

Most of the exercises have been from the USA as a nation as opposed to NATO. The longest exercise is in...oh, what a surprise,...Ukraine!! As the USA with Canada and the UK train the neo-Nazis in the UAF.

Is this what Victoria Kagan-Nuland meant when she said, "Fuck the EU" to Geoffrey Pyatt when they were discussing which puppet to install in Ukraine?


Wikileaks became famous for publishing the videos of Apache helicopters in Iraq shooting up civilians. Since then it has become a source of NATO propaganda. For example, the Afghan and Iraq war files didn't really tell us why those wars happened (Aghanistan was for opium, Iraq for energy) but did accuse NATO's enemies and also kept the myth that bin Laden was alive going by suggesting he was in...surprise!...IRAN!, when in fact bin Laden had died in late 2001.

But isn't it a bit of a coincidence that when Saudi Arabia sends its Defence Minister to Russia to discuss a nuclear/weapons deal with Russia that a tranche of 'leaks' from Saudi Arabia is released through Wikileaks?

Wikileaks was becoming a fading, blurred memory, a myth. Assange has been holed up in that embassy for years and few protest now. Things have moved on. Snowden's 'revelations' that we were all being spied, for example (as if we didn't know already).

But isn't it weird that in 2013 Prince Bandar went to Moscow and issued the following ultimatum: if Putin dumped Assad then Saudi Arabia would by billions of dollars worth of weapons from Russia; otherwise Bandar would unleash hell in Syria.

Putin declined this lovely heart-warming offer from Bandar.

On 21st August 2013 Bandar made good on his threat.

And now the Saudis are flirting with a weapons deal with Russia, this time there is apparently no ultimatum. None that we know of anyway...


The TTS Sick Joke of the Day is awarded to Prime Minister David "Dave" Cameron for this wonderful display of breathtaking hypocrisy.

The war on Syria was planned in the 1990's, and was just one of several wars planned. An event such as 9/11 was required to convince a sceptical American public to support those wars. The plan was for war and regime change in seven countries in five years. The seven countries were Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. But by 2007 this plan was moribund, with only Iraq ticked off the list, so the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia agreed that the latter would unleash the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran. However, they were first unleashed onto Libya (one of the seven), with the full support of Cameron, and eventually killed Gaddafi. After Libya the Jihadis were smuggled into Syria and were expected to quickly either oust or kill Assad. Former French foreign minister Roland Dumas claims that in 2009 he was asked by Great Britain to help them plan the smuggling of Jihadis into Syria.

But things haven't quite gone to plan.

The people of Syria have generally backed Assad. One survey that NATO was aware of in 2013 suggested that 80% of Syrians backed Assad, 10% backed the Jihadis and the rest were neutral. This is why the so called 'civil' war in Syria is not civil: Syria is being covertly invaded by international cutthroat Jihadis with the full backing of the UK, USA, Israel (who frequently provide air support to the Jihadis), France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan. The UK is only supposed to be giving 'non lethal' aid to the Jihadis but 2 weeks ago a trial of a suspected terrorist collapsed after it was found that the UK had been arming the very terrorist organisation that the suspected terrorist was a member of!

And regarding ISIL, after the incident of 21st August 2013, the Syrian Arab Army began to drive the terrorists out of Syria into Iraq, where the terrorists began creating Islamic State. The Kurds told NATO what was happening but NATO let it happen. Why? In 2012 the US DIA proposed that a Salafist entity could be created on the border with Iraq to isolate Assad. By 2014 this had not happened. But the event of 21st August 2013 was a false flag designed to provoke a war on Syria because the Jihadis had failed to accomplish what they were expected to do in Libya and either oust or kill Assad. But that false flag didn't work either. So by 2014 Plan A (unleash the Jihadis onto Syria) hadn't worked. Plan B (false flag to provoke a war on Syria) hadn't worked. So Plan C (the DIA-proposed Salafist entity) has been implemented. The Iraqi Army was told to stand down and leave their bases and weapons as the escaping terrorists entered Iraq. This allowed the terrorists to regroup and loot several towns and cities. That Salafist entity we know as Islamic State.

And this is why so many Muslims somehow easily find their way to travel to Syria and to join Islamic State. The NATO/Zionist/Gulf states need Islamic State to thrive so that they have a reason to openly interfere in Syria.

And the reason why Syria is important is because the NATO/Zionist/Gulf states want a pipeline form the Pars gas field from Qatar running through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey and then onto Europe to threaten Russia's influence over Europe, but Assad wants a pipeline from the Pars gas field from Iran through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and onto Europe without threatening Russia's influence over Europe.

And NATO media plays their part too. For example, Vice News recently won an award for a documentary on Islamic State. A reporter of theirs was allowed to live in Islamic State and talk to some members. That documentary was more of an advert for Islamic State rather than a critique.

One wonders why Vice News, or indeed any NATO media, hasn't exposed the plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years that has eventually led to the rise of Islamic State.

So there you have it. Cameron is complicit in the war on Syria and the rise of Islamic State but now cites Islamic State as the reason why GCHQ should know every teeny weeny thing that we do and think (if they don't already).

Cameron and his ilk are a dangerous breed of political extremists.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


The source of resentment is that you've been handing out copies of those reports to anyone and everyone, without my permission, and acting like we were mates, when it was you who ostracised and continues to ostracise me while I risk my life for you ungrateful lot! God knows who's got a copy of them and doing whatever they want with them. But when I ask that you return those reports and destroy what copies you have you just ignore me, maybe even laugh at me.


Friday, June 19, 2015


Here is another award for another investigation into MH17:

This was retweeted by Eliot Higgins.

The irony as that, although based on Belling Cat's work, the Correctiv proposal is, based on yet more witnesses (who do not give their names or show their faces), that MH17 was shot down from a field 3Km north of Shnizhne.

So just to recap:
1. the Ukraine Security Service says MH17 was shot down by Cossacks at Chernukino;
2. Belling Cat say MH17 was shot down from a field 5Km south of Shnizhne;
3. Correctiv say MH17 was shot down form a field 3Km north of Shnizhne;
4. the US State dept says MH17 was shot down from a field south of Shnizhne, but it is a different field to that proposed by Belling Cat.

So in effect, form the Russia-did-it side, there are 4, yes, repeat FOUR, different proposed launch sites for a BUK.

And each different proposal seems to win an award!!!

You've gotta laff!


This sounds really suspicious. A white man wearing a Burka with Niqab was stopped in Watford. He was carrying 2 rucksacks, one branded with Peppa Pig, the other a Ladybird. The bomb squad were called out and blew up something but not sure if it was those bags! The Daily Mai says the rucksacks were filled with books. Bt if so why was the man arrested? And what did the bomb squad blow up?
A 'burka-clad white man' has been arrested after police detonated a suspect package in Watford town centre.

Officers were called to a street close to the Hertfordshire town's main shopping area just after 11am today following reports a suspicious item had been found outside a Travelodge hotel.

The man is believed to have been carrying two rucksacks - one branded with children's TV character Peppa Pig - although it is not known whether these were the ones destroyed.

Army bomb disposal experts and a bomb disposal robot were called to the scene as the area was evacuated.

Hertfordshire Constabulary said the device had been 'safely destroyed' by bomb disposal experts this afternoon and confirmed a man had been arrested in connection with the incident.

The suspect was carrying Peppa Pig and Ladybird children's rucksacks filled with books when he was handcuffed by officers.

...Officers had earlier appealed for a dog walker - who was walking through Watford town centre at the time - to come forward. She has since been identified.

...'As part of the ongoing investigation, a man has been arrested in connection with the incident and is being taken into police custody.'

[source : 'Burka-clad white man' is arrested after police detonate suspect package in Watford town centre, Daily Mail, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3130087/Burka-clad-white-man-arrested-police-detonate-suspect-package-Watford-town-centre.html, 18th June 2015]


Yesterday I erred and slipped into teacher mode when I posted DA YA THINK I'M SEXY?. I apologise deeply and sincerely. My experience is that some teachers can think of nothing else.

Never forgive.

Never forget.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Contrary to the overwhelming evidence that the NATO/Zionist/Gulf powers created Islamic State to get Assad out in one way or another (because he has been holding up their plans for global hegemony by destroying the Saudi-sponsored cutthroat Jihadis), it is now being claimed that Putin created Islamic State.

Belling Cat, collaborators with NATO, CIA, George Soros and Rupert Murdoch, have begun a crowd funding project to purchase satellite images of the evidence. If such evidence can be found it will no doubt need to be presented at various conferences around the Middle East, which I hear is very nice around this time of the year...



Do you honestly think that the CIA or NSA didn't think: Hmm. I wonder what images our mates at Digital Globe have got to help us pin MH17 on Russia.

It's the same with the US State Dept saying they have the data to prove that a missile was fired from south of Shnizhne but the only 'proof' they provide is an amateurish image of an arc and straight line intersecting east of Donetsk.

Look. Both sides are covering something up. The Kiev Nazis and their sponsors the USA are lying, e.g. that tape cobbled together by the Ukraine Security Service of different conversations which they said proved 100% beyond doubt that Cossacks at Chernukino shot down MH17. Russia is lying, e.g. that video of the BUK with 3 missiles was filmed in Luhansk (the question is WHEN it was filmed and why the transporter was travelling south east in a south west suburb of Luhansk at 5am when the Ukraine Security Service said it was in Russia by 2am).

Some people wear blinkers.

Others don't.

Perhaps that Paris Match photo really is fake. There are still serious questions surrounding its authenticity...


You thought they couldn't go any lower: collaborations with George Soros and the CIA through OCCRP and Runet Echo; collaborations with the warmongers of NATO through the Atlantic Council's #PutinAtWar campaign; clocking up the miles on the NATO gravy train to share platforms with the likes of John Herbst and Guy Verhofstadt.

Well, perhaps it doesn't get any lower than this:

Storyful is owned by News Corp.

And guess who runs Storyful? Yep. Rebekah Brooks.

As Jim Royle would say: Independent, my arse!

I look forward to more pure pro-Nazi videos from Storyful such as this:

This video relies heavily on the neo-Nazi Svoboda. But do you see a single swastika? No. You also don't see the neo-Nazis burning people alive in Odessa, Victoria Kagan-Nuland's "Fuck the EU" or anything about Yatsenyuk's blatant connections to the Anglo-American Establishment. I cover this video in SPOT THE SWASTIKA


Tee hee hee...

Rod Stewart

Kenny Everett


I just read this on the NATO website:
It is often said that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded in response to the threat posed by the Soviet Union. This is only partially true. In fact, the Alliance’s creation was part of a broader effort to serve three purposes: deterring Soviet expansionism, forbidding the revival of nationalist militarism in Europe through a strong North American presence on the continent, and encouraging European political integration.

...The fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989 seemed to proclaim a new era of open markets, democracy and peace, and Allies reacted with incredulous joy as emboldened demonstrators overthrew Eastern European Communist governments. But there were also frightening uncertainties. Would a united Germany be neutral? What would become of nuclear weapons in former Soviet republics? Would nationalism once again curse European politics? For NATO, the question was existential: was there any further need for the Atlantic Alliance?

NATO endured because while the Soviet Union was no more, the Alliance’s two other original if unspoken mandates still held: to deter the rise of militant nationalism and to provide the foundation of collective security that would encourage democratization and political integration in Europe.

[source : A short history of NATO, NATO, http://www.nato.int/history/nato-history.html, Accessed: 18th June 2015]

Deter the rise of militant nationalism, eh?

Provide the foundation of collective security?

Please correct me if I am wrong but didn't NATO just use "militant nationalist" neo-Nazis in Ukraine in a violent coup to overthrow a legitimately elected government and install one of their puppets Arseny Yatsenyuk, and thereby piss on the graves of all those who died fighting to destroy Nazism during WW2?

And hasn't that coup destabilised not just Ukraine but the whole of East Europe, thanks to the #PutinAtWar fearmongering campaign driven by the rotten Atlantic Council, with NATO now looking to entice more and more nations to join and bring NATO closer and closer and closer to Russia's border, thereby betraying the Gentlemen's Agreement that NATO made with Russia when the Berlin Wall came down that NATO would not expand one inch east?


Clocking up the miles on the NATO gravy train.

Last week sat next to former US Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst (who must have known about the CIA/Soros Orange Revolution).

This week sharing the same platform as Bilderberger Guy Verhofstadt, the globalist madman who wants an all-powerful EU tyranny/state, and NATO to bomb the shit out of anyone he doesn't like.

Soon packing cardboard boxes with his crockery for when he moves to Langley.


Mikhail Khordokovsky spoke at The Atlantic Council yesterday. Coincidentally, at the same time, Belgium decided to seize all Russian assets in Belgium...but nobody seems to know why. Initial rumours were that a ruling had been made in the Yukos case, which Khordokovsky owned but handed to Lord Jacob Rothschild, but this is being denied.

Anyway, Khordokovsky made this sick joke yesterday:

NATO just used neo-Nazis to provoke a violent revolution by shooting protestors and police from The Conservatory, and then launch a war against the Donbass, which has led to the deaths of nearly 7000 civilians, as it rebels against the NATO putsch.

How do we know it was NATO?

Victoria Kagan-Nuland hand-picked Arseny Yatsenyuk to be the new PM in a phone call with Geoffrey Pyatt in which Kagan-Nuland stated, "Fuck the EU!". Yats runs a foundation called Open Ukraine which has the following partners:
National Endowment for Democracy;
US Embassy in Kiev;
Chatham House (London);
Renaissance Foundation (Soros);

and...(drum roll)...NATO!!!!

Yats would then pack the junta with neo-Nazis. This gave the neo-Nazis in Odessa the confidence to burn 50 people alive in a Trade Union building, and then the junta started a war on Donbass, to put down a counter-revolution against their initial destabilising violent revolution, a war which continues to this day.

Damon Wilson's catchphrase is "Advancing a Europe Whole & Free". He must amend that to reflect Kagan-Nuland's feeling: Advancing a Europe Whole & Free & Fucked.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


When the BBC uses him as a major source!

I just watched BBC Panorama on the death of Osama bin Laden.

You remember bin Laden, don't you? Amongst all the anti-Assad hype you may have forgotten that it was allegedly bin Laden who flew planes into the WTC and even the Pentagon which annoyed the USA a little bit, provoking America to support a bloody warmongering rampage across the globe. NATO subsequently invaded Iraq, Israel engineered a war on Hezbollah, NATO bombed the shit out of Libya, and there has been a 'civil' war in Syria for over 4 years, which has led to the USA allowing the rise of Islamic State to isolate Assad.

Hersh recently published an article that Osama bin Laden was alive and well at the end of April 2011, shacked up in a compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan, and that America steamed into the compound and took out bin Laden, then took his corpse away and quickly buried it at sea.

All with me so far?


But there is one huge problem with all this: BIN LADEN WAS ALREADY DEAD!!

He died around Crimbo time 2001. He suffered from Marfan Syndrome, a crippling degenerative disease that affects long limbed people, e.g. bin Laden, and requires frequent strong treatment, such as kidney dialysis, otherwise the sufferer dies a slow ugly death. That is what happened to bin Laden. On 9/11 bin Laden was on his death bed. He denied responsibility for 9/11 and suggested that the American people look a little closer to home for the culprits of 9/11. As evidence to support this, Colin Powell stated that the USA would publish a comprehensive dossier on bin Laden's guilt. Nearly 14 years later, we have yet to see that dossier.

You tell me how bin Laden, global public enemy number one, was able to roam the Afghan mountains for years dragging a kidney dialysis machine behind him for years while he somehow managed to avoid capture by the most powerful nation on earth for the crime of the century?

And why dump his corpse so quickly at sea...without any photos released? Not one selfie?

He was dead. Worm food. Had been for years. Get over it. Carry on shaggin'. Have another line.

The truth is that Obama was in big, big trouble due to a dispute over his birth certificates.

But they also needed bin Laden's myth to be alive so that NATO could invade and the opium harvests could be restored to record levels after the Taliban had all but eradicated opium farming. Our ruling families have been running the opium trade for centuries. HSBC was founded on the opium trade and Cameron's grandfather (or was it great grand father?) was deeply involved, which is why I think he was picked as PM years ago. We are talking billions every year. Enough to use NATO as the muscle.

Anyway back to Hersh.

Why are the BBC not revealing Hersh's classic published in 2007 called The Redirection in which Hersh foretold the terrible events in Syria that would be due to a diabolical agreement between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia that the latter would unleash the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran? This was done because the plan for war and regime change in seven nations in five years revealed to General Wesley Clark was by 2007 moribund.

Is the BBC not covering The Redirection because doing so would lead the UK to discover that Great Britain has been not only involved in this cutthroat murder in Syria, but the actual driving force, as revealed by Roland Dumas?

Er, do ya fink?

Er, yeah! I fucking do!!

And the big difference is that Hersh was told what would happen in Syria years BEFORE it happened, but what he has been told about bin Laden's fake death is years AFTER it happened.


1. you befriend someone, pretend to be friends, perhaps to use them;
2. when you are told several times (with references) about world wars just ignore it, maybe even have a laugh about it with your other friends over a coffee and a slice of cake;
3. ostracise that someone when the information gets very dark indeed;
4. ignore communications from that someone;
5. when asked if you do not want to receive detailed reports about how the world works, do not reply;
6. when sent those detailed reports continue to ostracise that someone;
7. continue to ignore communications;
8. when asked by that someone if you wanted to join the good fight and help, refuse to join and do not offer to help;
9. continue to ignore communications and refuse requests for help;
10. when asked to destroy those reports, because no offer of help was forthcoming, those reports are not destroyed and are instead in the hands of God only knows (without that someone's permission!!!) and being used for God knows whatever purpose;
11. continue to ignore communications and refuse requests for help;
12. continue to allow that someone to walk around with a massive target on their back while you, your family and friends merrily get on with your ultimately empty and insignificant lives.

Now, I put it to you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that this is treating someone like they are a piece of shit.

And if so, how do YOU react when YOU are being treated like YOU are a piece of shit?

But what makes it even worse is that this person really might be able to help. It might be in a large way. It might be in just a small way. I'm working on a legal project to free us. I was on about it a few years ago. I am sure that this person, who I think is treating me like I am a worthless piece of shit, could help. Until late last year I was Mr Nice Guy, friendly, encouraging. But they can't even be arsed to offer to see if they could help.

And I'm taking a huge financial risk in this project too. If it works then we will be free. If it doesn't then I'm fucked. I might even get 'suicided' before it gets to court.

It's that simple.

So don't start with all that love-and-light bollocks!


This kind of report is now becoming as frequent as those on teacher-younger student relationships.

The family containing the three sisters and their children who are thought to have joined Islamic State were being investigated because the brother of the sisters is believed to have joined.

One Bradford councillor, who asked not to be named, told the Guardian that they believed that the North East Counter Terrorism Unit (NECTU) had been closely monitoring the family, British Pakistanis who follow an ultra-conservative form of Islam.

[source : Police 'knew of risk Bradford women would follow brother to Syria', The Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2015/jun/16/bradford-missing-women-children-syria-police-risk-brother-islamic-state, 16th June 2015]

A possible motive could be their marriages.
Khan spoke after two of the missing women’s husbands issued a tearful appeal for their families to return home, amid conflicting reports of whether or not one or both were estranged from their wives.

Two local councillors suggested some or all of the Bradford-born sisters were in unhappy arranged marriages with men from Pakistan.

And that could explain this:
He then explains why sex is one of the main reasons Muslims turn to Islamic State, also known as ISIS/ISIL. According to Karmani, they just want girls and joining ISIS gives them the promise of a release for their sexual frustration.

“I’m there with my gun, which is more or less just a penis extension, out there. Look at me, I’m a mujahid now… I’m powerful now, I’m sexy now, girls are going to look at me, and there’re girls who would wanna become my bride now.” he says.

Likewise, Muslim girls often do not have the freedom to choose their future husbands. Khan believes that ISIS promotes an image of very good-looking men and that might be on purpose. Girls are in awe with this idealistic image of Muslim men trying to sacrifice their own lives for the suffering people of Syria.

She believes that the heroic part associated with jihadism combined with handsome images makes joining a kind of independent step for Muslim girls. They feel like they can make their own choice as they decide to leave and marry the ideal guy.

[source : Young UK Muslims join ISIS to ‘escape sexual frustration’ - documentary, RT, http://rt.com/uk/267577-uk-muslim-sexual-frustration/, 16th June 2015]

What did I just ask yesterday?

Can erotic animals sense head-chopping evil?

But how do you stop a family travelling to Saudi Arabia, who then decide to go to NATO Turkey and then slip into Syria? Stop all flights from the UK to Saudi Arabia? Then all flights from Saudi Arabia to Turkey?


What you do is really, really simple...and moral.

You place all your resources at the disposal of President Bashar al Assad and the Syrian Arab Army. They've been fighting all the Jihadis that we've sent over there to slit the throats of their children. In the last few weeks the NATO media has been writing Assad off, but it looks like the Jihadis could soon be cut off from their supply lines from Turkey. Also isolate Saudi Arabia.

And then when the Jihadis are gone offer aid for the rapid reconstruction of Syria.

Do the same for Iraq and Libya too.


Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Joy : in 2012 looking forward to working with teachers who really cared about their students.

Pain : watching a grown man bully a really nice and friendly but not academically gifted year 11 female student just because she couldn't recite what 7 x 8 was equal to, which made her cry...and when I complained, the teacher training institution I was attending shrugged its shoulders...so I left! And when I told a fellow trainee what was going in the world I was ostracised! And when I sent detailed reports to that same trainee about what was going on in the world I am still ostracised...without even a thanks! And then I teach at a 'nice' school in a 'nice' English town that forces its genuinely nice students to write and draw pro-war propaganda and show racist imperialist videos to their students! And then I read about so many teachers, male and female, who can't control their carnal lusts and satisfy those lusts through affairs with younger students, some resulting in children!

And then, to top it all off, after no doubt calling me all sorts of names under the sun while I didn't call them any names at all, when I ask that those reports I sent to the aforementioned trainee be destroyed, she and her teacher mates, friends and family did NOT destroy those reports yet continue to treat me like a piece of shit!

So I repeat: FUCK YOU!!

I will never forgive and I will never forget.

Please send me a piece of work of yours that you have been working on for decades and then ask me to destroy it, because I would. That's the kind of person I am. That's why I spent decades finding out what is really going on.

It is crystal clear what you lot are: ungrateful, apathetic and untrustworthy!!!!!!

I wasn't like this, bitter, angry, until last year when I finally realised what I am really up against, being treated like I am a piece of shit by the very people, specifically teachers, I am trying to help and save from a diabolical tyranny.

I was hopeful, optimistic.

But not any more.

Teachers, for christ sake? Showing no interest whatsoever in just how shit this world is and why?

So I repeat: FUCK YOU!!

I will never forgive and I will never forget.

I repeat: FUCK YOU!!

And here I speak for all those students you ask or order to do something, but they don't: FUCK YOU!!


Destroyed those reports yet?

No. Thought not.

Typical bloody teacher: expect everyone to obey your every whim...


Remember these wars?


Iraq (1991)?



Iraq (2003)?


It appears that NATO has.

For it is running this campaign that Putin is on the march and a Russian tank is about to plough through your living room walls at any moment.

#PutinAtWar the twitter campaign is called, otherwise it is called Hiding in Plain Sight.

The aim of the campaign is to embarrass Putin by exposing his alleged lies about Russian troops in Ukraine. NATO and its bastard The Atlantic Council think, or desperately hope, that Russia will see through Putin's lies and rebel, chase him out and then NATO can install a puppet of their choice, like, er, Stephen Fry perhaps?

But NATO doesn't seem to grasp that Russia knows it is under attack from NATO. And they are also aware of what has just happened in Ukraine. Many of the alleged Russian troops in Ukraine will be volunteers. But why have they volunteered? Because of a historic bond between the land we know as Ukraine and Russia. Most people in East Ukraine have just said they wanted to join with Russia, like Crimea.

NATO are calling Putin liar for allegedly sending regular Russian troops into Ukraine. If he has and they have killed then the sum total of the number of people they have killed is in the hundreds, and the vast majority will have been regular UAF or neo-Nazis. The response that Putin is stating, that there are no Russian troops in Ukraine, NATO is calling Russian propaganda.

No, don't laugh.

Meanwhile, why is no mainstream media outlet in the NATOsphere showing the following video of General Wesley Clark revealing the plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years, a campaign that has led to 1 million deaths in total and the rise of Islamic State in the Middle East and North Africa?

Yes, folks.

While mercenaries like Belling Cat flog the propaganda that Putin is at war in Ukraine (defending Russians from neo-Nazis), the USA has been on a bloody rampage in North Africa and the Middle East for nearly 14 years, using the attacks of 9/11 as excuse for war and regime change in seven nations, maybe more, all of whom had fuck all to do with 9/11, which has led to the diabolical use of the most barbaric, medieval international cutthroat Jihadis and the rise of Islamic State!!

One of the real culprits of 9/11 is Saudi Arabia, the erstwhile father of Islamic State, who with Israel and a faction within US politics and intelligence, engineered 9/11 to provide the excuse for the USA to go on that bloody rampage and reshape the world as they wanted.

NATO and their gimps don't seem to see that the Russian people see and understand this.

And this is why the #PutinAtWar campaign is such a useless folly.

The whole point of this campaign is to damage Putin as a liar and thus hopefully disrupt the BRICS campaign to offer an alternative to the Federal Reserve system.