Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The UN is saying that it can't save the world's poor from starvation, due to food shortages and higher prices.

For decades, since WW2 in fact, the global economy has been dominated by a handful of banks who through their appointments to the World Bank, IMF, etc were and still are able to dictate to the rest of the world what each nation should grow and manufacture in order to repay debts. There is also the Kissinger memorandum of death NSSM200, which called for food control as a weapon against the human race. There is also the ridiculous use of raw food as biofuel. Then there is also the rise in oil prices, caused by the fear of terrorism and war in the Middle East.

The UN is a production of the same bankers who engineered and financed WW2, and its population control section receives rather alot of finance from them.

As with the shortage of prison cells, this food shortage did not just happen. We are easier to control when there is less food and thus less of us.


From http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2008/feb/26/food.unitednations

The United Nations warned yesterday that it no longer has enough money to keep global malnutrition at bay this year in the face of a dramatic upward surge in world commodity prices, which have created a "new face of hunger".

"We will have a problem in coming months," said Josette Sheeran, the head of the UN's World Food Programme (WFP). "We will have a significant gap if commodity prices remain this high, and we will need an extra half billion dollars just to meet existing assessed needs."

Saturday, February 23, 2008


The media is still replaying and replaying and referring to the comment made by detective superintendent Stuart Cundy yesterday, in which he expressed his desire for a national DNA database. The theory is that a national DNA database would help to solve many more crimes and they would be solved more quickly.

What is a crime?

Is engineering a world war a crime?

Is implementing genocidal economic policies a crime?

Is profiting from and using the proceeds from those profits from such plans a crime?

The biggest criminals in this country are based in The City of London. It is they who created and financed Hitler and engineered the conditions for his rise to power, resulting in the deaths of millions and millions of people. It is they who sent Lenin and Trotsky into Russia, resulting in the rise of Rothchild-employee Stalin and the deaths of millions and millions of people.

In fact, the City of London should be renamed the City of Death.

The World War resulting from Stalin v Hitler led to elements in the City of London, and its friends in Wall Street, reaping astronomical and sickening profits, as the nations at war borrowed and borrowed from the money engineers (when the nations could have been creating the money themselves).

The proceeds from that crime have since been used to fund world government and the police state.

Apparently that is not a crime, for the criminals using the proceeds of that crime at still at large.

We associate eugenics with Hitler. However,
1. Hitler was created and financed by the City of Death and Wall Street
2. eugenics was also created and financed by the City of Death and Wall Street

The purpose of eugenics is to engineer society, to identify and eliminate elements of society deemed undesirable. To Hitler, the Jews, amongst other elements of society, were deemed undesirable.

Hitler's eugenics research was part funded and inspired by the City of Death and Wall Street. The Harrimans and Rockefellers were instrumental in this.

What the New World Order want to do is to identify and attempt to eliminate elements of our DNA that they deem undesirable, characteristics such as compassion, love, caring, understanding, intellligence, etc.

If the DNA of every one of us was stored on a database then with a description of everyone's character obtained by intelligence gathered by a criminal network, or a nationwide psychiatric study, a computer program could very easily identify the elements of our DNA that give a particular human his or her particular characteristics.

With this knowledge, actions can be taken to eliminate those elements of our DNA identified as giving us love, compassion, etc. Those actions could involve
1. diet
2. electromagnetic radiation
3. murder
4. harrassment

Selective breeding could be imposed, so that only humans with particular elements of DNA could have children, and then only with other humans who have another particular set of elements of DNA to produce children with a high probabability of showing characteristics the New World Order want. There are many ecoscientits claiming there are too many people on the planet.

Such a breeding program could be replaced by children created in laboratories, engineered with the DNA the New World Order want. In the last few months we have seen supermice and glowing sheep with particular genes inserted into their DNA.

The problem with our DNA is that it so complex, they don't know what gene does what. But if they had everybody's DNA and a description of everybody's character and physical appearance, then they could identify the purpose of each gene, or have a good idea of its purpose.

But how can a global DNA database be created? Pretend they care about crime and claim crime could be eliminated overnight with a database holding a sample of everyone's DNA!

I fear this is the reason why they want a DNA database; to eventually identify the purpose of each gene for ultimate social engineering.

Meanwhile the real criminals in the City of Death continue to implement genocidal policies and engineer world wars, and profit from the proceeds of such bloody crimes.

Friday, February 22, 2008


This is the title of a comment by Ben Macintyre in The Times today.


Macintyre begins the comment;

"I have a conspiracy theory about the tragic and absurd waste of time, effort and money that is the interminable Diana story: it is all the fault of the French."

I cannot agree more with Macintyre on this comment on the French.

But the rest of the comment is classic establishment drivel, with the inevitable attack on the father of one of the victims of the crash.

There is no attempt made to address why the French did not instigate a fantastic investigation immediately, that very day. The mother of the future King of England dies in Paris in a suspicious crash. There was a fantastic opportunity to show the world what French investigation and justice personnel could do.

And they blew it!

Instead, they dithered, they bungled, they delayed, and eventually produced false and incomplete reports, so that here we are, over 10 years after the fatal crash, Diana finally gets an inquest into her death, but only thanks to the relentless pressure exerted by Mohammed al Fayed.

During those ten years, evidence has been destroyed or has 'disappeared' and in the case of the Mishcon note, evidence was deliberately withheld, James Andanson has been assassinated, and memories of witnesses have been corrupted or can be claimed to have been corrupted.

A lot of new evidence has been presented thus far.

And the thought of ten MI6 agents in the dock next week scares the shit of the establishment more than a government owning its own credit facility!

Hence the calls from the media to close the inquest because, as Macintyre hints, it has been a waste of time and money.

Next week is going to be very interesting.


What are the three most important letters in the title of this post?


Royal Air Force.

I am not proud of Diego Garcia. Its inhabitants were shipped off THEIR island to make way for the runway.

But how can the RAF not know or suspect what is coming through their runways?

Similarly for Prestwick and all the other airports involved in the rendition operations.

I do not believe that nobody at Diego Garcia knew, or at least suspected.

People talk. People gossip.

It could have just been a hint about the nature of the 'cargo'.

Is RAF Diego Garcia always constantly busy?


A gang of teenagers spiked a mother's drink, then raped her all night IN FRONT OF HER YOUNG KIDS, filming the attack on their mobile phones. They then put the images on YouTube.

Thanks' again Tony. You enjoy your blood money from J P Morgan Chase real good.


From http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article831344.ece

Teen gang rape on YouTube
Crime Editor

Published: Today

A GANG of teenage savages drugged and raped a mum in front of her children – and then posted a film of the attack on YouTube.

The harrowing three-minute clip shows the unconscious 25-year-old victim being raped while her head lolls from side to side.

Her two-year-old daughter and son, aged four, are heard crying in the background.

The woman was put through a brutal 14-hour ordeal after drinking champagne spiked with a date rape drug.

The sickening images of the rape – taken with a mobile camera phone – were removed by YouTube after the victim came forward to police.

The mum, from South London, told last night how the attack happened after a woman neighbour called to her house with a group of teenagers. She said:

Three boys aged 14 to 16 did it and it was set up by two girls. They came round with a neighbour I trusted and I had no problems with them coming in for a while.


I opened a bottle of champagne I had, to be social. We were drinking and I had one glass, then in seconds I began to feel weird.

They had spiked my drink and then they raped me.

I was totally paralysed. They were really hurting me and I knew something was seriously wrong but couldn’t do anything.

I was raped all night. It was torture. They raped me in front of my daughter who was screaming for me, but I couldn’t move.

They took turns one after another and carried on all the way through the night until the morning. Afterwards they called me a slag and a bitch.

It was dark when they started and light by the time they filmed me.

I was shocked when I saw the YouTube video a couple of weeks ago to see it was light.


I had heard there was a video of what happened but couldn’t bring myself to look at it before then.Close quote

She added: “Putting it on the internet was an abomination. I was raped on the film and you could hear my daughter and four-year-old son crying.

“I cannot understand how any website could show such a thing. How sick can you get?”

The woman did not report the rape – which occurred last November – until last week.

She said: “I felt ashamed and humiliated and didn’t want to have to go through all this.

“What happened was so awful and I didn’t want anybody to know about it. I hoped it would all just go away but because it was on the internet it didn’t.”

The YouTube clip also showed her alleged attackers. One of 600 who viewed it posted a message saying: “Ya aint 2 clever as ya ugly lil faces r exposed on cam 4 the gaffers 2 see.”

Officers from the Met’s Operation Sapphire specialist sex crimes unit anticipate making arrests soon.


How has such violent, destructive behaviour been encouraged to manifest itself?


It was claimed yesterday that James Andanson could not have been in the tunnel when Diana crashed because he was at home that night with his wife. This statement was made by his wife herself, Elizabeth.

Witnesses saw the Mercedes Diana was in was bumped by a white Fiat Uno or a car very similar to a white Fiat Uno.

Adanson owned a white Fiat Uno at the time of the crash.

Adanson was found dead in 2000. His badly burned body was discovered in a car.

'Official' reports state that
1. Adanson's Uno was not the one that bumped Diana's Mercedes
2. Adanson committed suicide

Adanson had his Uno repainted after the crash. When that car was tested it was found to be the car that bumped the Mercedes.

And how can you shoot yourself in the back of the head...TWICE? The fireman, Christophe Pelat, who found Andanson's badly burned body said he saw two bullet holes in the back of Andanson's head.

It may not have been Andanson driving the car, but it was certainly his car that bumped/destabilised the Mercedes.

And his strange death, apparently shooting himself in the back of the head...TWICE, provides support that he was assassinated.

Did he know where his car was on the morning of 31st August 1997? Did he know who was driving it? When did he collect it? When did he drop it off? Was it stolen and not reported?

FACT 1: Andanson's Uno destabilised Diana's Mercedes
FACT 2: Andanson was shot in the back of the head...TWICE.

How much more evidence do you need?

See http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/12839/Diana:-Fiat-driver-'shot-in-the-head'/

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Early this week The Times cried that the nationalised Northern Rock should not exercise its legal right to create 'new money', thereby giving the other banks an 'unfair advantage'.

Today The Times is calling for the inquest into the death of Diana to be scrapped now that ten MI6 officers are to be called as witnesses.

The coroner must have some interest in what these witnesses could say, and yet here is the The Times crying that the inquest be stopped before the coroner hears their evidence.



From http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article3406344.ece

Coroner urged to end Diana ‘circus’
Diana, Princess of Wales

The inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, has been criticised for its cost as well as its worth

The coroner hearing the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, faced demands last night that he bring it to a close after it emerged that ten members of MI6, the Secret Intelligence Service, have been summoned to give evidence.

Senior peers and MPs called on Lord Justice Scott Baker to reconsider his decision. Whitehall officials said that they were astonished that ten MI6 officers had been requested to appear.

Lord Foulkes of Cumnock, a member of the Intelligence and Security Committee, said: “I think it’s a total waste of time and money. The extraordinary performance of [Mohamed Al] Fayed has turned the whole thing into a circus.”

The presence of the officers was requested by lawyers for Mr Al Fayed. Lord Foulkes said that they had no option but to appear. He added: “I think the coroner should now seriously consider stopping the inquest.”

The unprecedented appearance of so many MI6 officers at a legal hearing is due to take place next week. Sir John Adye, the former director of GCHQ, the Government’s signals intelligence centre in Cheltenham, has also been summoned.


Richard Tomlinson was ridiculed and ignored by most, but thanked by a few when he stepped forward and told us all that a plan to assassinate a Balkan leader had been drawn up by MI6 involving a bright flash into the eyes of the driver of a car and a simultaneous destabilising bump from a nearby car to cause a fatal car crash.

That such a plan was drawn up by MI6 has now been confirmed by none other than the ex-head of MI6, Sir (mustn't forget that) Richard Dearlove.

Dearlove also admitted that MI6 agents do a have a licence to kill.

However, Dearlove also denied that MI6 spied on Diana or were involved in her death.

The spying is got round by an agreement between the CIA and MI6; CIA spies on British citizens and MI6 spies on American citizens, and the two exchange information on their targets. That way the law is not technically broken, but we are all spied on. This allows Diana's phone calls etc to be intercepted by NSA, and their contents passed onto MI6.

This does not mean that MI6 were explicitly involved in Diana's fatal car crash.

But read this;

Christopher Bollyn was informed that during the 1970's a section of the US Army was asked by the CIA to draw up the perfect terrorist plan. The perfect terrorist plan that came out of that study was an attack on the WTC by hijacked planes!!!

The Director of the CIA at the time was...George H W Bush, father of the current President of the USA.

Very few people would know about that plan.

The fact that father Bush knew about it, and such a plan occured during the Presidency of his son is...very disturbing.

Again, this does not mean that father Bush planned 9/11.

But it is an example of how the details of a state-sanctioned study can find their way into the hands of people of dubious character.

So with the Balkan assassination plan, which has now been confirmed did originate with MI6, the details of that plan were passed through several pairs of hands and were executed in the early hours of the morning on 31st August 1997 in Paris.

Similarly for 9/11.

This is how the state works.

It pays people to dream up ways killing. If the plans don't go operational nobody knows. But somehow the details of an imaginative plan find their way from the vaults of our intelligence agencies into the private hands of mass murderers and assassins.

That is how your tax is used. The state pays your fellow citizens to think of imaginative methods to kill and scare people, and the 'good' ones are outsourced for denial of involvement by the state.

In the following, note Dearlove's statements.


From http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2008/02/21/ndiana121.xml

Ex-MI6 chief details Balkan assassination plan

By Nick Allen and Gordon Rayner
Last Updated: 12:51am GMT 21/02/2008

The former head of MI6 has admitted in court that a secret plan was drawn up to assassinate a Balkan leader suspected of genocide.

Sir Richard Dearlove, the most senior spy to give evidence before a British jury, confirmed that MI6 was authorised to use "lethal force" against specific targets if it had ministerial approval.

But, as he gave evidence at the inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, he said assassination had never been used during his 38 years in the service, and denied "absolutely" that MI6 agents had murdered the Princess.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Lilia Shevtsova has an article in The Daily Telegraph today, having a dig at Russia, in particular the relationship between Putin and his chosen one, Medvedev, and the government of Russia that Medvedev is likely to implement when elected next month.

See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2008/02/20/do2003.xml

Shevtsova is an employee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Moscow. Her page is at http://www.carnegieendowment.org/experts/index.cfm?fa=expert_view&expert_id=5

Carnegie was one of the crowd financed by the New World Order to partly take control of America. That's why he was able to finance a private, non-profit think tank to influence governments into doing what the NWO wants. Putin is ignoring them.

However, her page fails to mention that she is the Russian who has attended Bilderberg the most, five times since 1999! Does this make her the biggest Russian traitor to the human race? Is this why she is able to write anti-Russian articles in The Daily Telegraph?



Here’s what should happen;

The new management at Northern Rock should use the current laws allowing private banks to create credit.

That credit should be used for new mortgages and loans, and replacement mortgages to stop repossessions and defaults.

Because the bank is backed by us, the general public, it should, if necessary, be able to obtain more credit and obtain it at lower rates, as the private banks have cried and cried like little babies in the last few days, crying “It’s not fair. It’s not fair” as they charge over 100% for overdrafts and let 6000 kids a day die from lack of clean water. NR should issue new loans and mortgages at below market rate, and offer savings accounts at above market rate. This will drive customers towards NR, so that the taxpayers, i.e. us, the general public, will get our money back at great speed (which the banks want don’t they?)

With customers moving to NR, other banks will either have to fail or reduce their operations. The same process can be repeated for them if they wish.

Eventually the government will have a monopoly on credit.

Banks can still exist accepting deposits, but their ability to create credit will be zero.

If the EU sticks its nose in, the government should tell the EU to FO and FY.

The private banks will cry foul. But for centuries they have had the monopoly on credit and abused that power to engineer and finance world wars and revolutions for their benefit so that today we face being governed by their fascist world government via the UN and being microchipped for 24/7/365 surveillance and control.

It’s time we took that monopoly on credit back and used it for the general good of society and not for control of the many by the few and endless world wars.

And there lies the rub.

The banks have worked hard sending our fathers and grandfathers into fighting their engineered world wars. If the government via NR were to achieve a monopoly on credit their plan of ages would be destroyed almost immediately.

The EU would stick its nose in and try to impose EU law above British law, because it is run by appointed Bilderbergers, who as we have seen with Brown, are beholden to the warmongering bankers. Brown recently signed the Treaty of Lisbon without the referendum which he promised us.

It was imperative to the warmongering bankers that NR did not use its power to create credit, which it is allowed to by law, for we would then see a government creating its own credit.



For then we would all be standing around scratching our heads asking each other, “why has the government allowed private banks to create credit that we then borrow at interest and repay with higher taxes, when we could have been creating it ourselves all along and not owe any private banks any interest or anything!”.

Hence The Times published the statement by Anatole Koletsky that NR should not issue any ‘new money’.

During the banker-engineered-and-financed World War 1, the phrase “Lions led by lambs” was used to describe the incompetence of the upper class idiot officers ordering their brave working class soldiers to slaughter against well defended German machine guns.

The decision to nationalise NR was the correct one.

But the subsequent decisions on its operation and eventual sell-off lead me to state that without doubt we are lions led by dickheads and traitors to the human race.


Well guess who is to be appointed to sell off Northern Rock? Someone called Rothschild!

This move is being made to get NR back into private hands asap and at a bargain basement price if required, before too many of the general public realise that we don't need privately owned credit creating facilities (unless we want world wars, which the Rothschilds are experts at engineering).

And as The Times demanded two days ago, NR is to become more of a savings bank rather than a credit facility, and current mortgages are being closed so there will be no 'new money', i.e. our government will not use the same laws it gives to private bankers to create money out of nothing.


I now fear that public money has been used for a private motive, possibly to stabilise The City of London. I should have expected such a move from Bilderberg Brown.

We've been stabbed in the back...AGAIN!

We'll just keep on borrowing and borrowing from the warmongering bankers when we can easily create the money ourselves and have no debt to anyone.

My epitaph will contain the phrase; ...this world is fucking insane!


From http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtml?xml=/money/2008/02/20/cnrock120.xml

Northern Rock bring in McKinsey for rescue plan

By Katherine Griffiths, Financial Services Editor
Last Updated: 1:02am GMT 20/02/2008

Ron Sandler, picked by the Government to run Northern Rock in nationalisation, has asked management consultancy McKinsey to work on a business plan for the bank.
# The latest news and analysis from the banking and financial services sector
# Rock tells borrowers to 'go away'

Mr Sandler is also considering hiring the investment bank NM Rothschild to advise him on Northern Rock's future after it is formally nationalised. The legislation is due to go through the Commons and the Lords by tomorrow night.

Ron Sandler, picked by the Government to run Northern Rock in nationalisation
Mr Sandler, who is to be paid £90,000 a month as executive chairman, intends to step into a non-executive role

Neither Rothschild nor McKinsey will formally be hired until after that. However, a delegation of five McKinsey consultants accompanied Mr Sandler to Northern Rock's Newcastle office on Monday.

McKinsey is expected to help with strategy, while Rothschild may try to drum up new bidders for Northern Rock.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


There have today already been two meek attempts to scandalise the man at the top of Northern Rock.

1. he does not have any banking qualifications, only an honorary qualification
2. he could be tax-dodging because of his domicile status

This when MPs have not even voted to nationalise yet!

If nationalised expect alot more of this sniping and scandalmongering to slowly destroy and bankrupt the bank.

A successful government-owned bank on the high street will show alot of people we don't need most of the banks we have now, and show people how much power the current system gives the banks, their owners and shareholders now.

And the banks know it!


A few weeks ago the OFT took several banks to court over their charges for overdrafts, which in some cases ran ridiculously into the hundreds of percent for a small overdraft. The banks argument and defence against this? We don't have to be fair!

We give them the power to create billions and billions of pounds every day (that does not and never will exist) and what do they do with that power? Use it for their selfish benefit. The evidence? Look around you. Look at India. Look at Africa. Look at South America. Look at South Asia. The banks have had this power to create money for centuries. This world is a shithole for the majority of people, and absolutely fantastic for a tiny percentage of people.

Now that we the people have a chance to own a our own bank the banks cry foul. "It's not fair", they weep and sob like a three year old girl, "you have to be fair to us, the banks, who have run the world for the benefit of a few families."

Er, I don't fink so!

Bankers have an unfair advantage over the rest of us taxpayers because they can create billions and billions and billions of pounds. Read this extract and see how they react to the 'unfairness' of a national bank.

"It's not fair! I want my mummy. Bitty. Bitty!"


From http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/rival-lenders-vow-to-fight-any-unfair-competition-from-rock-784068.html

Competitors of Northern Rock warned yesterday that they would not tolerate a revival of the stricken bank at the expense of their businesses.

Rival lenders want to see a clear plan for the mortgage lender as soon as possible. The Government has said the bank will be run as a commercial operation "at arm's length" to get it into shape to be sold back to the private sector.

Ron Sandler, the former Lloyd's of London chief who took over as executive chairman yesterday, said he intended to write mortgages and take deposits in the normal way to rebuild the bank. But other lenders questioned how this could be done without Northern Rock having an unfair advantage and distorting the market.

Adrian Coles, the director-general of the Building Societies Association, said: "We can't have Northern Rock plundering through the markets getting every scrap of deposits available to repay the Bank of England. That would be wrong. It must act, as much as it can, as if it does not have taxpayer support."


Repeat, the banks have an unfair advantage over us because they can create billions and billions and billions of pounds out of nothing for world wars and bloody revolutions for the benefit of a few families.

But still there will be some dickhead Labour MPs voting against this, a chance to get our own back by having our own credit-creating facility using the same laws the warmongering banks have used and abused for centuries.


The BBC started the scaremongering yesterday with a suggestion that mortgage rates might go up because NR might raise theirs to drive current NR customers into repaying their mortgages quicker.

This morning there is more scaremongering, with each paper taking a different angle;
1.it will cost each taxpayer £3500 (telegraph)
2.job losses (guardian)
3.it will take years (independent)
4.massive consulting fees (times)

In reply;
1. how much has the Iraq war cost? how much have all the wars (all engineered by the NWO) put together cost? It has cost trillions, and many millions of unnecessary deaths.
2. while making record profits the banks all cut jobs and/or shipped several operations to India and elsewhere
3. it will take years, years of having a government owned bank on the high street
4. the £100 million fees is extortionate. Who is the bill made out to? The same banks crying foul!

There is also talk the EU is to control the bank to some degree. Where did the EU come from? It came out of Rockefeller and CIA organizations such as ACUE and Bilderberg. Its managers are Bilderbergers and are thus traitors to the human race and beholden to the money gods who engineered the world wars your parents and grandparents fought each other in.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the government to show that we don't need privately-owned banks creating credit, for such God-like power can be used sensibly by the government of the people, for the people and by the people to create its own money for the general good of society.

Instead, we get members of the press, whose children will soon be injected with the microchip implant for total slavery, attacking the idea and not giving it a chance!

C'mon people!


Mohammed al Fayed lost his son ten years ago. He has been trying to get an inquest in to the death of his son for ten years, repeat, TEN YEARS!

This morning's papers are full of al Fayed's comments from yesterday. There is a mixture of fact and allegation.

The Daily Mail reports al Fayed as referencing the following;
1. The Mishcon Note
al Fayed calls the withholding of the Mishcon Note, in which Diana predicted she would die in a car crash, as criminal and unprofessional. To me, if a senior police officer does not present evidence which indicates the deceased predicted her own death, that is undoubtedly unprofessional and possibly criminal (as I do not know the law that well).

2. Paul Burrell
al Fayed referenced an article in The Sun in which Burrell boasted he had withheld evidence and had come to an agreement with the Queen. Burrell also noted the Queen referencing dark forces at work in this country.

3. Paul's blood samples
how can Henri Paul's blood samples be so wrong? He should have been visibly drunk according to his samples, but CCTV shows he wasn't.

4. that phone call
only the NSA etc will have the tape of the phone call in which Diana allegedly told al Fayed she was pregnant, however phone records should indicate if such a call was made.

5. Prince Phillip
his Nazi connections are well-known, he is a major, major Bilderberger, and wants to come back as a virus to wipe out the human population.

6. James Andandson
his white fiat uno destabilised Diana's car in the entrance to the Pont D'Alma. He was later found shot dead in a burning car after boasting that he was there.

7. Tony Blair
Blair's lust for unnecessary death is unbounded, just look at Afghanistan, Iraq, and his employment at JP Morgan Chase

Al Fayed used his time in court to let loose some names which are amusing.

But when you look at what has happened, and what we are supposed to believe, I think al Fayed has some serious questions that still, after ten years, remain unanswered.

There is a question about the speed at which the crash could have been implemented, but we are talking about professional assassins. This can be proven by the NSA submitting all phone calls between certain concerned parties at certain times that it recorded.

Do you think that will happen?

Well, that is what al Fayed is saying! The NSA, MI6, etc will have records of these phone calls, as well as other very important documents, but they will refuse to release them. Why?

So do I believe al Fayed?

Let's just say, his family didn't engineer and start World War 1!

Monday, February 18, 2008


Mohammed al Fayed had his day in court today. It has taken him over 10 years, and he made the most of it. So much so I hope he has not made too many wild allegations.

I believe he is basically correct; that Diana was murdered by elements within MI6, CIA and French Intelligence. The reason for this is that, as al-Fayed claims, Diana spoke to him one hour before the crash to inform him that she was pregnant and an announcement was to be made the next day about that and her engagement to Dodi.

Can you imagine how different the world would be today if Diana and Dodi had married and had children? How much more understanding there would be between Islam and the West?

Today's troubles stem from a plan set in motion before Diana was born and from an incident that occured after she died. Palestine was stolen during and after WW1, and 9/11 occured in 2001.

I strongly believe that Diana, if she was alive, could have stopped, or at least stalled, the wars of today. 9/11 would still have occured, as would 7/7, because they were state-sponsored false-flag terrorism, designed for war. But the rush to war would not have occured. This may well have led to professional investigations of those two incidents, and who knows, maybe the real truth may have come out!

There are several organizations who could prove al Fayed's claim about Diana's phone call to him one hour before the crash. They are MI6, NSA and CIA. There will be a few others, but these are the 'household' names. Can we check the phone records to see if such a call was made (though the contents of that call may never be known)? Diana's phone calls were monitored. Whether the plot to kill her was executed immediately upon her making this alleged phone call, or the call merely confirmed the execution, I don't know.

But al Fayed has had his day. Crocodiles, Draculas, and Nazis. It is all good stuff.

But as many reporters are saying, it is all allegation and no substance. al Fayed can stand in court and make all the claims he wants.

The only people who can prove his allegations true are the murderers.

He knows it.

And they know it.

[Has he requested the heads of NSA, MI6 to testify?]


The Times, one of, if not, the main warmongers and bankers' tools, is livid about the nationalisation of Northern Rock.

Anatole Koletsky has written a comment on this scandal, at

Koletsky writes;
The purpose of nationalisation should not have been to continue “business as usual”, with Northern Rock continuing to lend more money and attract retail deposits, with the backing of Treasury guarantees. The purpose should have been to secure £100 billion of taxpayers' money and to prevent any further damage to the British financial system.

...He [Darling] should have announced that Northern Rock would be nationalised not to keep it in business, but to close it down; that the bank would stop lending new money or accepting new deposits as of tomorrow; that all the company's retail deposits would be shifted immediately to the National Savings system, while all the wholesale bonds would be replaced with Government gilts. The company would then be put into run-off, with the Treasury recouping its money gradually as existing borrowers repaid their mortgages over the years.

Note how Koletsky is totally against the idea of the government lending money to private individuals! Also note the use of the phrase 'new money'. What does Koletsky mean by this? I believe it is a reference to the practice of fractional reserve banking.

Perhaps with this new bank the government could begin to lend money to itself, and eventually not have any debt to the bankers! Is this why they are so terrified and scared at Darling's decision?

Oh, yes!

That is the purpose of the system...so far. To have us, the general public in some form of debt slavery to a small cabal of bankers, when we could very easily be creating the money ourselves via a new national bank. Darling has taken us a step closer to financial freedom from the warmongering bankers.

Presidents of the USA have been assassinated for less. I don't expect Darling to be assassinated, but Brown and he will be under tremendous pressure to change the business practice and charter of the bank so that it does not
1. create new money
2. create too much competition for the other banks.

Things are going to get very, very interesting.

Who will be appointed to the board, and why? What will be their charter?


The favoured trick of the New World Order is to create banks that appear to be a national bank, i.e. 100% owned and controlled by the nation, but which are in reality privately-owned banks. The prime examples of such banks are The Bank of England (1694-1946) and The Federal Reserve (1913-). The appearance that such banks are national gives them so much power because a national bank is backed by us, the general public. By creating such institutions the New World Odour usurps our own power to create our own money.

The power to create our own money has terrifed the New World Odour. Colonial Scrip brought economic prosperity to the American colonies and forced the British to ban it, leading to severe economic depression. During the US Civil War, Lincoln issued Greenbacks, which led to the defeat of the British plan to split North America, as shown now in your local cinema in the film National Treasure : Book of Secrets.

Since yesterday we now have a national bank disguised as a privately-owned bank.

The symmetry is intriguing.


During the 1990's the UK and USA began to create civil war in Kosovo via the heroin-funded KLA to break up the former Soviet state of Yugoslavia. I believe that oil and a pipeline was a major reason for this decision to break up Yugoslavia. Slobodan Milosevic tried to stand up against this blatant imperialism, surviving Clinton's NATO bombing, and was successfully defending himself in The Hague until he suddenly died of a heart attack in his cell.

Yesterday Kosovo declared independence.

It is a fake independence.

The EU will swallow it whole for breakfast.

Russia is crying foul, claiming the independence is illegal. I am not that well up on the legal details, but I don't think Russia would be making such a protest if the legal argument did not have grounds.

Yesterday the BBC showed several comments from jubilant Kosovans after the vote for independence. The first was from a young man painted in black and red so his face was unidentifiable. He was very aggressive towards Russia and praising of Great Britain and America. I'll tell you what though, his English was very, very good.


A quick scan of the newspapers today shows that Alistair Darling is already under a lot of pressure for the decision to nationalise Northern Rock.

Merchants of Death in the City of London are crying that the decision to nationalise has discredited the City.

And their fear that a government-controlled credit issuing body could prove troublesome to their monopoly on the God-like power to create money out of nothing is shown in The Guardian. From

The banking industry expressed concern about a possible destabilising impact on the market, saying Northern Rock could have an unfair advantage in the battle for savings and mortgages.

...Banking industry insiders said government guarantees that back the Newcastle bank could make it easier to attract deposits at a time when the industry is having to work hard to attract savers' money to lend to mortgage customers. Northern Rock may also come under pressure from the government to pass on cuts in the official base interest rate to their customers in full - putting pressure on other mortgage lenders to do the same. One industry source said: "There will be a real concern if we end up with two state bodies competing for retail deposits: that of Northern Rock and National Savings. It is one thing to run Northern Rock down in an orderly way. It is another if Northern Rock will be going in and competing with the industry with a state guarantee.

Isn't it funny how the banks say they don't have to be fair to us when they are taken to court over unfair bank charges, and then cry when we have an advantage over them by owning our own bank!!

It is imperative that the nationalisation of Northern Rock succeed, and succeed quickly. Calls will then follow into who should be granted the power to issue credit; warmongering megalomaniac individuals, or our own government who we can replace at election time if they are found to be corrupt, incompetent, or both.

And before you shout that the government is a bunch of warmongering megalomaniacs, the government is run by people who have come under the influence of families of bankers who have had the power to create money out nothing for centuries, and used that power to engineer world wars and bloody revolutions for their benefit. Taking that power away from them is the human race's number one job. The successful nationalisation of Northern Rock will go some way in destroying the myth those warmongering bankers have perpetuated that only they know the secret of money.

One way in which Northern Rock could be sabotaged is indicated by HSBC, from the same article in the Guardian;

"We are all mindful of shareholders and the public interest, not least taxpayers, and the government has made it very clear that this is an interim arrangement. In the interests of Northern Rock customers, the banking industry will work with the company for payment and other purposes".

Northern Rock will have an advantage; it is backed by us, the public. If it works we should be able to start a new national bank and put the warmongering bankers out of business.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


The power to create money should be in the hands of elected officials or officials appointed by elected officials, and always subject to parliamentary scrutiny.

The power to create money has been shown to have been abused over the last three centuries or so, so that money was created for war and revolution for the benefit of a few self-appointed megalomaniacs who think nothing of engineering a major world war and a holocaust.

The decision by the government to nationalise Northern Rock was already sending shock waves through The Merchants of Death in The City of London before the decision was announced. Reports today indicate that by last Friday evening the government had basically decided to nationalise. The warmongering Times published a survey calling for the sacking of Alistair Darling. I have also already seen, just in the last hour, numerous mentions of Labour and nationalisations and the 1970's.

So, what is so shocking about a bank being nationalised?

We, the general public, will see something we are not suposed to see; that the power to create money can lie in the hands of the government and its agents, who can use that power in sensible ways for the general benefit of society, so we will realise that such power does not have to be in the hands of warmongering megalomaniacs as we have been told for centuries.

The Bank of England was a private bank until 1946. Since then the banks have been able to create money, while we the people with our now government-owned Bank of England cannot! That is about to drastically change.

I expect;
1. further calls for the sacking of Alistair Darling
2. sabotage of the nationalisation of Northern Rock, via financial attacks, or double agents appointed to the board, or members of the board corrupted or involved in scandals.

This decision to nationalise Northern Rock, although very late, is a very good decision for the taxpayer, in ways we have yet to see, but the recovery of the multi-billions of loans into the treasury is the main one for the moment. In the future I hope we all see that a government institution creating government money can be achieved, that such an institution can provide society with a service that at the moment is in private warmongering hands, and that after the succes of such an institution the government should begin immediately taking back the power to create money from the globalist warmongers and their cash cow banks so that the direction our society is steered in is governed by us, the people, and not by a small self-appointed coven of warmongering megalomaniacs.




I remember The FA Cup during the 1970's when I was gowing up, in particular the finals of '76, 77, '78 and '79. I loved FA Cup day, and all the crap that was shown on TV, in particular Jimmy Tarbuck and other persons of that ilk. I sat in front of the TV anxiously waiting for kick-off, kicking a rolled-up pair of socks in the hall to expend some nervous energy. And when the cup was passed to the winning captain, I ran outside and dreamt of scoring the winning goal in the FA Cup Final by kicking a ball against the wall in the back yard.

It now appears that our leading clubs see The European Champions League as more important than the FA Cup, and all its history.

On Radio 5 Live this morning I heard talk of a global club football league.

I hope this shows how far the game of football has come, and how it is slowly being used to erode passion and interest in national and international competitions to be replaced by a global club league, in which a nation's population do not support their national squads, but instead support a handful of 'local' clubs in international competitions, i.e. England supports either MUFC or Chelsea as they travel the globe to play in a global league because they are 'English' clubs.

As a supporter of Manchester United since I was three years old, I was highly suspicious of the Glazer take-over when I heard that JP Morgan Chase were involved in their bid. The debt incurred during that take-over explains why MUFC fielded an inferior team, concentrating on the game in the European Champions League instead. To pay off that debt the club needs to win big competitions, and the richest is the European Champions League.

Hence JP Morgan Chase, with all their globalist connections and who now employ Tony Blair, are driving our top clubs to ignore the history and prestige of the English FA and instead chase money, money which JP Morgan Chase can create in abundance through The Federal Reserve to save humanity, but don't.

Friday, February 15, 2008


At the inquest into the deaths of Dodi al Fayed and Princess Diana, the chief of security for al Fayed was grilled about certain allegations, such as Henri Paul had not been drinking.

These are points being raised and placed in the public arena to distract and discredit.

The case against Henri Paul is that his (alleged) blood samples indicated he would have been absolutely legless and out of control, yet CCTV footage shows Paul NOT absolutely legless and out of control. I seriously doubt that Diana and Dodi would have allowed themselves to be chauffuered by Paul if he was even apparently slightly drunk. So why are Paul's blood samples so 'wrong'? Were they tampered with?

There is the case of James Adanson. He was found burned and shot in a car that had been locked from the outside. Adanson had a white Fiat Uno registered under his name on the night of the crash, which when tested was found to be the very same Uno that destabilised Diana's Mercedes that fateful night. Adanson privately boasted that he was in the tunnel when Diana crashed.

There is the testimony of former MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson who said that he saw plans for an assassination that were very similar to the events surrounding the death of Diana; a high-speed chase into a tunnel, a bright flash and a destabilising bump from a nearby car to force the target to crash.

And then there is the testimony of Francois Levistre, who testified that he saw a bright flash in the tunnel in his rear view mirror, a high-speed motorcycle with two people stop next to the crashed car, the passenger get off the motorcycle, check the condition of the occupants and then signal to the driver of the motorcycle that the job was done, and then the motorcycle driven off into the Paris night never to be found.

Instead of focusing on these aspects of the testimony which clearly indicate Diana was assassinated, the press concentrate on dead ends and red herrings.

There was an article in The Independent a few days ago about how military intelligence controls the press. Remember that.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Just before Christmas last year there was a conference held in Annapolis, USA. Although instant peace in the Middle East was not agreed, most of the major concerned parties did attend and came away with some informal agreements to work towards peace in the region. I noted a positive change in public Israeli/Syrian relations, and co-operation between the two was increasing.

But then Imad Mughniyah was blown in up Damascus, Syria yesterday.

I confess I do not know who Imad Mughniyah was, or his alleged involvement in certain crimes, such as the kidnapping of Terry Waite.

But many fingers are pointing at Israel as the assassin in this case.

Haaretz has today published a gloating article on this assassination, entitled "ANALYSIS: Mughniyah killing happened under noses of Iran and Syria", available at

It contains this;

"This, therefore, is a strategic assassination, because of its potential repercussions beyond the removal of Hezbollah's supreme planner and operative. Because the important question now is how the Tehran-Damascus-Hezbollah axis will respond in unison, and how each component will respond singly."

I can just imagine a gang of West Ham ICF members from the 1980's jumping up and down in front of a gang of Millwall hooligans, shouting "Come on then! Let's have it!" after a gang of ICF members deliberately stabbed a lone Millwall hooligan to death one quiet night after a few beers.

This assassination was designed to start big trouble.

Haaretz's reference to the 'Tehran-Damascus-Hezbollah axis' shows who the assassination is really aimed at, and its bloody purpose.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I am pleased to announce that the third installment of the National Treasure series, "National Treasure : City of Evil", will begin filming this year. The plot will focus on Benjamin Franklin Gates's ancestor being chared with placing the inverted, irregular and incomplete pentagram, and all the other symbolism in the street plan of Washington DC. Gates sets out to prove the allegation false, and along the way discovers who put that evil pentagram there as well as other so-far-hidden evil symbols in DC.

Now THAT would make a great film, and would act as a tremendous education.

How's about it Disney?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This film is not as accomplished as the original, but addresses an important and deliberately overlooked aspect of modern history; that during the 1861 Civil War, the British and the Confederacy were conspiring to break North America into two parts.

The details of this British plan are not given, but reference to this plot is made, at least twice. The plot of the film is part based on a (fictitious?) letter from Queen Victoria to General Albert Pike providing a clue to a lost city of gold built by American Indians before European settlers arrived and placed the inverted, irregular and incomplete pentagram in the street plan of Washington DC. I believe Pike and Booth are shown together at the start of the film. In real life, Pike was wanted for treason for his role in Lincoln's assassination, and fled to Canada, and was later pardoned by a low ranking Freemason President who a year later was given all the degrees from 2 to 32 in one session! Pike was the top Freemason in the USA at the time.

The three main characters from the original film join up again, and travel to Europe and back to America, chasing clues, kidnapping Presidents, and there is some fun along the way. But not much.

This film is ridiculous at times, particularly at the end when someone dies when they don't have to.

But I would still recommend viewing it, simply for the number of times it makes reference to the British/Confederate plot to break the United States...something I never expected, or would expect from a film shown in many, many cinemas across the UK, which will undoubtedly be viewed by many in the next few weeks during half-term holidays. I hope they are interested enough to follow it up.

Everyone associated with this film should be congratulated for getting this very important story of modern history onto the silver screen, albeit in an indirect way.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


During last week the Premier League suggested that their clubs play one extra game, but overseas to advertise the league. This is something I have been expecting, because as I have already suggested, football is being used to destroy any feeling of patriotism by making club football much more important than international football. This was done by Murdoch's money during the 1990's which turned some fans, managers and players themselves against international football because there was too much money at stake for the players and clubs if a top player was injured during an international match. We saw several players withdraw from international friendlies and managers question the need for their top players to play in international friendlies.

The plan is to make club football more lucrative, attractive, emotional and important than international football. As football is our national game this will make our nation less patriotic. If it occurs overseas, by for example fans supporting Premier League clubs more than their international teams, then the international aspect of the game will be transformed from one of nation versus nation to one of a nation supporting a club in the Premier League or Serie A or La Liga who fields a player from their nation. This is happening now.

Over the last decade we have seen
1. the promotion of women in football, playing, presenting and commentating and directing.
2. the injection of large sums of money from wealthy foreigners with banks like J P Morgan Chase behind them.


In answer to point 1, by dragging women into playing football it makes them more aggressive, more man-like, which is one overall aim of the NWO to destroy love. And if sense of patriotism in women playing football can be destroyed at the same time as the men's via the destruction of international football, then a large portion of our population will have lost their patriotism.

In answer to point 2, why would J P Morgan Chase be involved in the Premier League? With this latest suggestion of playing Premier League games overseas we now see the promotion of the Premier League as an international brand. A foreign fan could become more interested in a Premier League club than his or her international team. J P Morgan Chase is the ultimate bank of the internationalists, the one-worlders. It is they who want to destroy patriotism.

The money is in the club game. Why?

Why is the money not in the international game?

Who has the power to create money to pump into club football and not international football?

When the money is in club football then club football becomes much more important and attractive to players and fans than international football. We have to be very careful when club football goes international. Already a European League has been suggested, and is slowly developing via The Champions League, which initially replaced the European Cup for champions only but is now a league consisting of clubs who finish third and fourth in the domestic league. This will not continue for much longer, and its replacement by a permament European League will be proposed. The wealthy are getting into the Premier League now in readiness for when this permament European league comes in which will supercede international football.

You can't buy international football teams, but you can buy clubs.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Robert Gates, the US Defense Secretary, has expressed his concern at some member states of NATO not sending their troops to fight and die for the USA and UK in Afghanistan.

If he is scratching his head for a reason for this, all he need do is get a map of Washington DC and trace out the inverted, irregular and incomplete pentagram that someone put there in 1791, someone who knew over 200 years ago what the USA would become; a lying, cheating, stealing, untrustworthy, warmongering state, bombing millions of innocent civilians to death from 30,000 ft for the benefit of a few megalomaniac oligarchs.

And in case he doesn't know what I'm on about, here's a clue.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


In researching the Rothschilds for my book I have been reading Niall Ferguson's work on them. Ferguson was given unrestricted access to Rothschild family archives (or those they have allowed him to see), and portrays Mayer Amschel Rothschild as a charitable, religious, hard-working man who apparently wanted religious freedom and equality . Ferguson quotes a number of letters written by his famous five sons in which they praise their father and his hard-work-and-charity ethic, and frequently refer back to Mayer Amschel's charitable work for Jews in Frankfurt (he opened a school for poor Jewsh children), actually believing that his good luck in creating the basis for Nathan to build the family fortune was due to Mayer's good works for Jews and the less priviliged.

[According to Ferguson, some of the stories on how Nathan made money in London are not as we have been led to believe. There is the 'gold to Wellington' story, but that's about it. It was in the early 1820's when a series of large loans to The Holy Alliance was made that things took off.]

Since then, something seems to have gone wrong.

During the 19th Century, Rothschilds and Montefiores amongst some tried to arrange for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, buying land and negotiating with the Ottomans. But they didn't finance any mass murderers or world wars then.

During the 20th Century, Zionist organizations were led by the Rothschilds and their centuries-old family friends, the Schiffs and Warburgs. They created Hitler and Nazi Germany through THEIR Federal Reserve. They armed the bullying Israel through THEIR Federal Reserve.

If Ferguson is painting a true picture of the Rothschilds from his access to the Rothschild family archives, then something somewhere has gone wrong.

I can see Mayer Amschel Rothschild rolling in his grave, shaking his head, tut, tut.

Were they corrupted by our Royal family, in particular Prince, later King Edward VII? Or vice versa?

Oh dear. What has gone wrong with the Rothschilds?