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No contest (because there was only one):

In the word's of Bruce Forsyth: didn't he do well?


Have you read this letter to Agony Aunt Coleen Nolan?

Dear Coleen

I'm getting rather concerned about my husband.

First he lets some violent extremist Muslims loose in Libya, supporting them with our RAF and SAS, who then kill Colonel Gaddafi even though Gaddafi was giving the names of those violent extremist muslims to our MI6.

He then tries to do the same in Syria, but it's not worked out how he wanted, so he is becoming rather depressed.

But he also uses armed police to seal off a wood just so he can take it all out on and kill pigeons in secret!

And now my friends are telling me that there are photographs of him with his thingy in a pig's mouth, which if true would make him an easy target for blackmail. But I sat down with him last night after putting the kids to bed and asked him about this pig story, and he denies it all, but he is not going to prosecute the gossipmongers because he says he is "too busy".

But if he has nothing hide then he has nothing to fear, doesn't he?

Why doesn't he prosecute them for slander, if it was all lies? Because I would. Just think what all the gossip will do to our children?

I'm losing all respect for my husband. He is becoming a right fascist bastard.

What should I do?

Yours truly

Samantha from the Chipping Snorton set.

Coleen's advice is succinct:
Report the sociopath to the police.

And get out of your marriage ASAP!!


Pat Condell couldn't give a fuck about what you think!!


Didn't you know?

He doesn't give a flying fuck!

But who is Condell?

Condell is a Zionist. Although he was brought up as a Catholic, he is now a bona fide Zionist.

On his website Pat Condell Condell publishes videos by Danny Ayalon, supporting what Ayalon says.

So who is Ayalon?

Ayalon was tasked with the plum job of the Israeli Ambassador to the USA between 2002 and 2006, when the USA was getting ready to implement the Zionist PNAC/A Clean Break plan for war on Israel's enemies.

Here is what Condell writes on his website about the Israel-Palestine Conflict:
I used to be a lot more critical of Israel until I stopped looking at the situation emotionally and looked at the facts.

I’ve made several videos about this subject, so I won’t go over it again here, except to say that I now believe that the only obstacle to a peaceful solution is Arab Muslim intransigence driven by crude religious hatred, and that the western world is collaborating with a monstrous lie.

In short, I support Israel, a civilised pluralist democracy where all citizens, Jewish and Arab, are equal.

Don’t believe the “apartheid” propaganda.

Here are a few videos telling the truth about Israel and “Palestine”.

Condell then publishes several videos from Ayalon!!

So here is what Infowars have published today via the Truth Revolt website (not Condell's):

So what is Truth Revolt?

Truth Revolt is part of a Zionist media network founded by Ben Shapiro (who once proposed the ethnic cleansing of West Bank) and David Horowitz (author of the book entitled Why Israel is the Victim).

Anything that makes Muslims look bad makes Israel look good. Right?

So what did Condell have to say about the war on Gaza last year, in which Israel killed 520 children?

Well, here is Condell saying it was all Hamas' fault for using the children as human shields. Yeah! According to Condell the Baker brothers were being used as human shields as they played football on the beach.

The world according to Condell is that Israel has the right to do anything it wants and grab any land it wants because it is the only 'civilised' nation in the region. And if anyone retaliates then they are uncivilised savages who deserve all they get for using children as human shields.

Unsurprisingly Condell doesn't quite explain how The Gaza Strip and The West Bank came into existence.

Nor does Condell mention A Clean Break, PNAC,or The Redirection and Israel's alliance with Jihadis in their battle in Syria.

Nor does Condell mention that NATO bombing has contributed at least half to the number of refugees.

This is the kind of person that Infowars now rely on?

Well, when they have Pastor Chuck Baldwin on citing false history in order to drum up support for the call for the Confederate Battle Flag to be raised, when Jones openly admits that his ancestors were Colonels and Generals in the Confederate Armies, when Texas cited slavery and white supremacy as its reason for secession, what else should we expect now?


This planet is one big sick fucking joke.

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Kim English - Love Thing (Angel & Marriott Mix)


The guy sat in seat 2 in the first class carriage on the NATO Gravy Train has retweeted this outrageous statement:

So who is Michael Weiss?

His twitter account states:
Daily Beast Senior Editor,
CNN Contributor,
Editor http://interpretermag.com ,
Co-author of NYT Bestseller ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror

The Interpreter is a Rothschild operation, run by Institute of Modern Russia, which was founded and is run by Pavel Khodorkovsky, who is the son of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who co-founded Open Russia Foundation with Lord Jacob Rothschild and Henry Kissinger.

So no bias here then.

Look. Islamic State is the latest assault on Syrian sovereignty. NATO does not like national sovereignty, particularly if you do not want to use your nation for their globalist schemes.

Libya was the most developed nation in Africa. So NATO bombed Libya to smithereens to support some international cutthroat Jihadis they had unleashed onto Libya to kill Gaddafi. Libya is now an unstable cradle of Islamic State, driving many to flee to Europe as refugees. So well done NATO!

Those Jihadis were then unleashed onto Syria with a similar goal of killing Assad. But by August 2013 these Jihadis were on the verge of defeat, so Prince Bandar of head-chopping crucifying Saudi Arabia tried to pull a fast one to provoke a NATO war on Syria as had occured on Libya. But that failed, so a plan proposed by the US DIA in 2012, of facilitating the rise of a Salafist entity to isolate Assad, has been implemented.

And this illegal aggression against sovereign Syria is just one war of several that were revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11 using 9/11 as a casus belli: Iraq in 2003; Lebanon in 2006; Libya in 2011; and the war on Syria is still ongoing, but it looks like Russia and China have finally had enough of the NATO bullshit.

But according to Rothschild agent Weiss, Assad created Islamic State!!


Has Eliot Higgins explained to us what the conflict in Syria is all about?

Don't tell me. He thinks the UK, France, USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are all run by angels who have had nothing but good intentions by unleashing cutthroat Jihadis onto Syrian children?

This tweet succinctly explains the conflict now:

But before this, the conflicts in not just Syria but also Iraq, Lebanon and Libya can be explained by this video of General Wesley Clark revealing the plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years shortly using 9/11 as the casus belli, as Jeremy Corbyn correctly stated:

Between Clark revealing this, and now:
1. NATO used their engineered Arab Spring to support cutthroat Jihadis in Libya;
2. This operation was also repeated in Syria, but by August 2013 the Jihadis had not killed Assad as they had Gaddafi;
3. so Prince Bandar ran a false flag chemical attack to provoke a war on Syria, but that failed;
4. so a plan proposed in 2012 by the US DIA, to facilitate the rise of a Salafist entity to isolate Assad, has been implemented, that entity we know as Islamic State.

And to help Islamic State grow, nations such as the UK and USA have been openly supplying Islamic State through air drops while Turkey has been allowing aid convoys bound for Islamic State through its border into Syria, and NATO intelligence agencies have been encouraging and allowing Jihadis to travel to Syria, with Michael Adebalajo being a prime example: he was openly preaching Jihad against Assad, right under the noses of MI5, in the weeks before he murdered Lee Rigby.

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Russell - Fool For Love


I wasn't going to write about something that happened to me this week until I read this about John Terry:

Now what happened to me was this:
1. driving down a straight road in the countryside, I saw this black Range Rover on the other side of the road overtaking the cars in front of it, dodging in and out of my lane. OK, I thought, he's doing that because there were no cars in front of me in my lane. But as we approached each other I realised this RR was not going to wait until we passed each other before he overtook the cars in front it. So I literally had to brake to a stop to avoid a crash with this RR in my lane!
2. but then just 200m down the road, this road I was on joined a busy A road. I wanted to turn right, and slowed down, indicating my intention. But just as I was about 10m from the junction this BMW 5 series turned into this country road from the left, and drove over my side of the junction, so that again I had to brake to a stop to avoid crashing into this BMW...on my side of the road!!

And all within the space of 200m!!

But it is usually the usual cars that do this. Not the Rolls Royces or Bentleys, but the middle class cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc. Their behaviour also includes pulling out to block a lane of traffic to turn right out of a junction.

We serve them.

They have this teacher-esque arrogance about them.

They are our masters.

They can do anything they want.


So it wasn't just because he is a fascist traitor for Wall Street who couldn't run a piss up in a brewery.

Yats, hand-picked by Victoria Kagan-Nuland, the man sponsored by NATO among others, to become the PM of Ukraine after violent neo-Nazis chased out Yanukovich is being prosecuted for accepting bribes for positions in government!!


Just a few days ago a female teacher in Manchester was spared prison, even though she had abused her position and seduced a male student.

Now there is this sordid tale of a man who set up a secret camera in his bedroom to catch his teacher wife at it...and found that her lover was...yep...a much younger male student.

Jesus H!

When will they curtail their lusts, see that there is much more to life than screwing, grow up and help to change the world?!

A TEACHING assistant has been locked up for engaging in sexual activity with a teenage pupil – after her husband secretly filmed the pair.

Sarah Candy, 36, was caught on a hidden camera “kissing and cuddling” the boy on the bed she shared with her husband James, 41.

Northampton Crown Court heard that Sara had told James – who set up the camera that snared his wife – she wanted to leave him just one week before he caught her in the act.

It’s claimed James – who had been married to his wife for 19 years – became increasingly suspicious about her relationship with the pupil at the school where she worked.

As a result, he turned detective and left his phone on record in the bedroom of their marital home in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Devastated at what was captured on the device, James handed his phone over to police – and his wife was charged with sexual assault with a boy under 16.

Sarah pleaded guilty in court and has been jailed for one year.

[source : Female teacher jailed for sex with pupil after hubby filmed them, The Sun, http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/6661462/Female-teacher-jailed-for-sex-with-pupil-after-hubby-filmed-them.html, 26th September 2015]

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At last...


At the very least it was allowed to happen.

But it is a 100% certainty, and even pro-war NATO agent Eliot Higgins must admit and agree with Comrade Corbyn, that 9/11 was used to unleash a series of wars in North Africa and the Middle East, a plan which is still ongoing even as we speak.

Here is General Wesley Clark revealing that plan:

If you cannot see that this plan is still being implemented, 14 years after 9/11, then you are a 100% bona fide...


Why do so many support war but not sign up to join the military to fight those wars that they support?

There are those in the corridors of power who engineer the wars.

Then there are those in Parliament who support and vote for those engineered wars.

And then there are those members of the public who support those engineered wars. They don't march for those wars. They don't shout on the street corners for those wars. But they might write to their MP urging their already war-hungry MP to vote those wars.

But they'll argue and argue and argue that such and such a war is necessary because of this, that and t'other reason.

But have they tried to join the military?

Or even the reserves?

Nah. No chance.

Armchair cowards, the lot of 'em. Happy to send their fellow man into war to be kill or be killed but can't be arsed to join them or find out what the war is really about in the first place!

But who is worse: the Member of Parliament for voting for the war, or the Member of Public for supporting the war?


Eventually the sun came out today. So I took the doggo for a good walk in the superb English countryside, looking for some wild pheasants to spring, but every 5 minutes or so I kept shaking my head in disbelief at how someone who has 3 children and could help has not offered to help.

I'm still shaking my head in disbelief now as I write.

That anger and hatred is still there, but under control, and dominated by pity, but not forgiveness.

Twenty years of research I gave her...and not one expression of thanks, or offer of help.

It ruins a good walk, it does...more than the doggo rolling around in fox shit.




United are the team for me...


King Edward VII was a bisexual nymphomaniac degenerate...but it was he who, while he was Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, began to diplomatically isolate Germany in preparation for World War One.

And now we have this Piers Gaveston Society debauchery reported in the Daily Mail today, which contains this:
In keeping with this theme, guests were escorted on arrival into a large marquee containing a bar, red suede sofas and glass-topped coffee tables — designed, they were told, to aid drug-taking.

They were greeted by one of the Society’s 12 members — an old boy of Marlborough College, the £34,000-a-year boarding school once attended by the Duchess of Cambridge.

‘He was standing on a table, welcoming everyone to the party,’ recalls the English student.

‘Then all of a sudden, two men got on their knees in front of him, lifted up his toga and began performing a sex act while he was still speaking.

...But vast quantities of drugs certainly help loosen inhibitions — indeed, within a few hours, the party had degenerated into what one guest describes as ‘essentially, a mass orgy’.

He recalls: ‘People began having sex with complete strangers. It got progressively wilder, thanks to the social lubricant of alcohol and all the drugs in the world.

‘In the tents there were whole piles of people, writhing around on top of each other.

‘The next day, a male friend of mine admitted to having sex with 27 different people.’

Outside, things were barely different. ‘By the early hours of the morning, the sex tent was full and you could hardly move without tripping over groups of boys and girls fumbling, hallucinating and just drifting around,’ recalls another guest.

...All of which was, if nothing else, squarely in keeping with the Piers Gaveston’s upper-class tradition.

One of the Society’s original founders was Valentine Guinness, a brewing heir whose father was Lord Moyne and whose mother was Blackshirts political leader Oswald Mosley’s former wife Diana Mitford.

...he following year, the Evening Standard reported that ‘Lord Rothschild’s boy Nat led the way’ at the bash, ‘giving an exemplary performance as the High Priest of Pain, in so doing delighting Emily Mortimer [daughter of Rumpole author John and now a Hollywood actress]’.

Today, Rothschild is a billionaire famed for being thrashed with birch twigs while sharing a sauna with the then EU commissioner Lord Mandelson during a 2005 trip to Russia. Perhaps he got the idea from one of the Piers Gaveston bashes.

Other guests during the mid-Nineties included the future Tory MP Rory Stewart.

[source : Mass orgies, official drug dealers and the 'Lord High Spanker': Why THAT story about Cameron is nothing compared to the jaw-dropping debauchery of today's Oxford toffs, Daily Mail, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3249633/Mass-orgies-official-drug-dealers-Lord-High-Speaker.html, 25th September 2015]

We are ruled by these people. They engineer wars and then send us to fight those wars for them, using our tax to pay for it!!

And we bail out their banks, dumping the debts on the poor and vulnerable.



NATO cannot wait for the death of the first Russian soldier or pilot in Syria. NATO may even be arming Islamic State and al Qaeda and al Nusra and every other Jihadi death cult in Syria with SAMs this very minute for that very purpose.


After weeks of heart-wrenching reference to the drowned little boy washed up on a Turkish beach, and suggestions that "something must be done", it looks like Britain is ready for war on Syria.

And just in time for a vote on that very subject!!

Well played, sir. Well played.

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Saltaire Brewery in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

Every beer I've tried brewed by them has been outstanding.

Their Triple Chocolate Stout is a demon of a drink!


I am not endorsing any statements in this video below.

But my grudge is that at the end of the video the guy admits that he is an immigrant himself.

And the USA is, despite what Americans say, a nation of immigrants, the native Americans having been defrauded of their lands, annihilated by settlers and the United States Army, and driven/tricked into occupying reservations of ever decreasing size to live out a life based on gambling or selling out their heritage as a freak show.

Welcome to Sweden


He was given power in Georgia via a CIA/NED/Soros coup.

He tried to provoke a war with Russia in 2008 in order to drag Georgia into NATO.

He fled to safety in the USA.

He somehow became Governor of Odessa.

And now The Tie-Muncher of Tblisi, Mikhail Saakashvili, could soon become Prime Minister of Ukraine as soon as December!!


Is NATO looking for a war with Russia, or what?


In a controversial report, PJW demands that we "Fuck the Pope".

Apparently the Vatican is now a hot bed of Communism, having been infiltrated over the decades by agents of Bella Dodd who sought to destroy The Catholic Church from within.

But if this is the case then we need to look at the origin of Communism, don't we?

Marx, Lenin and Trotsky all had Jewish ancestry. Most of the Communist leaders in revolutionary Russia were Jewish.

So perhaps we should fuck the Jews instead?

But aren't the Jews controlled by the British Monarchy?

So perhaps we should fuck the British Monarchy?

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Just keep doin' what you do best: treating me like shit.


It is being reported that Jeremy Corbyn has still not decided on whether or not to kneel before the Queen to become a Privy Counsellor.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he has not yet made up his mind whether he will kneel in front of the Queen when he takes part in the ceremony that will make him a privy counsellor. Giving what he described as an “honest answer” to ITV News, Corbyn said he had yet to receive a formal invitation to the ceremony.

[source : Jeremy Corbyn 'has not decided' whether to kneel in front of the Queen, The Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/sep/24/jeremy-corbyn-kneel-queen-privy-council-labour-conference, 24th September 2015]

But to become an MP, Corbyn has already swore allegiance to the Queen. Here is the oath that Members of Parliament must (it says but not why) swear before they become an MP:

I (name of Member) swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.

[source : Swearing in and the parliamentary oath, The Houses of Parliament, http://www.parliament.uk/about/how/elections-and-voting/swearingin]/

If he has already swore an oath then there is nothing more in kneeling before her to become a Privy Counsellor.

Richard Burgon MP protested at swearing this oath to the Queen in order to represent his constituents as their elected representative, and was demonised in the newspapers because of it. Corbyn was not in the news over this so we can assume that Corbyn swore the oath without any protest.

Because Corbyn has already swore that oath to become MP I think Corbyn should become a Privy Counsellor because:
1. his opinions can then be heard first hand by the Queen and the rest of the sycophants;
2. he can get to see first hand how policies are formed, and then act accordingly.


Should the anti-war movement support Russia joining with Syria to destroy Islamic State?

Islamic State have existed for far too long. They were allowed to rise by NATO/Zionist/Gulf forces after their Plan A of unleashing international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria a la Libya had failed, and their Plan B of a false flag to provoke a war on Syria also failed.

And throughout its existence those same forces have been encouraging and allowing their citizens to join Islamic State, assisting Islamic State with supplies, and after a year of those forces allegedly bombing Islamic State positions in Syria they now control more of Syria.

It is bleedin' obvious what is happening in Syria: Islamic State was created to destroy Syria and isolate Assad by giving the NATO/Zionist/Gulf forces the excuse to openly interfere in Syria. For how can Assad complain? If he refused he could be labelled a terrorist supporter.

Syria has done very well to have resisted the invasion of these international cutthroat Jihadis so far, but needs large scale and rapid assistance before Islamic State takes control of Damascus.

But should the anti-war movement support Russia's military intervention in Syria?

We can assume that Russia will be dropping bombs on Islamic State positions in Syria more accurately and frequently than the NATO/Zionist/Gulf forces did. But will those bombs be 100% accurate?

Most of us want Islamic State destroyed...and quickly.

But can't their bank accounts be traced and stopped?

How long could they survive without their cash? Or their supplies?

And who precisely are their financial supporters?

Who pays them for services and goods?

Where do they get their supplies from?

If they are supplied through the Turkey-Syria border then can Turkey be forced to close the border crossings into Syria?

And why has it taken Russia so long to become involved on this scale?


Annoyed that Russia vetoed a tribunal into MH17 at the UN SC, when the USA has consistently vetoed action against Israel, there are now rumours of a special tribunal to investigate/prosecute MH17.

The model being proposed is similar to that used to prosecute Libya after Pan Am 103. In that case a Libyan intel officer Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi was initially found guilty. But years later was released. Some of the evidence used against him had been falsified.

As in the case of foreknowledge of Pan Am 103 (several passengers were warned off not boarding), Ukraine had videos of separatists in control of BUKs but still allowed civilian passenger flights over the war zone of East Ukraine even though several carriers, including BA, had decided that it was not safe to do so and flew around the war zone.

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If you didn't know what she looked like because she was wearing a Burka or a Niqab, would you still consider her safe enough to let into your house?


They can't, but more importantly don't want to, see that they are ruled by racist, fascist, warmongering, kiddie-fiddling scum, and those who do want to know are bewitched by charlatans flogging half-truths in support of that scum.

Gap Band - Big Fun




Does anyone know anyone who is or was a member of the John Birch Society who could explain this sympathy towards the fucking Confederate battle flag?


Never forgive. Never forget.

You lot don't understand. Not yet anyway...


Yet another female teacher couldn't keep her hands off a much younger male student.

Have they always been like this?

Or has that King Edward VII nymphomaniac degeneracy finally infiltrated all classrooms, not just in supporting British monarchy-engineered wars but the degenerate anything-goes agenda leading to the degenerate #ShoutYourAbortion?

A glamorous teaching assistant has been spared jail despite admitting having sex with a teenage student.

Caroline Berriman came clean about the affair with the teenage boy - who is almost half her age -last year.

[source : Glamorous teaching assistant, 30, spared jail after admitting having sex with teenage pupil, Daily Mirror, http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/glamorous-teaching-assistant-30-spared-6501013, 23rd September 2015]


The NATO media reaction to the election of Jeremy Corbyn proves that there is not a Communist conspiracy.

Sure, they want world government, with an apparatus to support that world government. But they do not want Communism. Not even Socialism.

They want a fascist world government, with them at the top, us down at the bottom and in between a layer of soulless killer robots and paramilitary police.


Here is John Birch Society CEO Art Thompson giving his reason why the Confederate Battle Flag should not be lowered:

Apparently it is because the flag is part of American 'heritage'.

But here is the story of how the Confederacy redeemed itself, and led to the JBS aligning itself with the Confederate Battle Flag and all it stands for.

During the American-Spanish war the Confederate states captured Cuba and other islands from Spain, and so to Americans they became respected heroes. The Stars and Bars was accepted in public, and all the original Stars and Bars flags captured by the Union Army during the US Civil War were returned to their Confederate states. Then came WW1, and then WW2, when America unified against engineered enemies.

And then came the Vietnam War, by which time the JBS had been founded.

Dixie in Danang

“We are fighting and dying in a war that is not very popular in the first place,” Lieutenant Eddie Kitchen, a 33-year-old African-American stationed in Vietnam, wrote his mother in Chicago in late February 1968, “and we still have some people who are still fighting the Civil War.” Kitchen, who had been in the military since 1955, reported a rapid proliferation of Confederate flags, mounted on jeeps and flying over some bases. “The Negroes here are afraid and cannot do anything,” Kitchen added. Two weeks later he was dead, officially listed as “killed in action.” His mother believed that he had been murdered by white soldiers in retaliation for objecting to the flag.

Kitchen’s was one of many such complaints, as the polarization tearing through domestic politics in the United States, along with the symbols of White Supremacy—not just the Confederate flag but the burning cross, the Klan robe and hood, and racist slurs—spilled into Vietnam. As early as Christmas Day 1965, a number of white soldiers paraded in front of the audience of conservative comedian Bob Hope’s USO show at Bien Hoa Air Base. “After they were seated,” wrote an African-American soldier protesting the display, “several officers and NCOs [non-commissioned officers] were seen posing and taking pictures under the flag. I felt like an outsider.” An African-American newspaper, the Chicago Defender, reported that southern Whites were “infecting” Vietnamese with their racism. “The Confederate flags seem more popular in Vietnam than the flags of several countries,” the paper wrote, judging by the “display of flags for sale on a Saigon street corner.”

Black soldiers who pushed back against such Dixie-ism were subject to insult and abuse. Some were thrown in the stockade. When Private First Class Danny Frazier complained of the “damn flag” flown by Alabama soldiers in his barracks to his superior officers, he was ordered to do demeaning work and then demoted.

Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated in early April 1968 and American military bases throughout South Vietnam lowered their flags to half-mast. In some places, such as the Cam Ranh Naval Base, however, white soldiers celebrated by raising the Confederate flag and burning crosses. Following King’s murder, the Department of Defense tried to ban the Confederate flag. “Race is our most serious international problem,” a Pentagon representative said. But Dixiecrat politicians, who controlled the votes President Lyndon Johnson needed to fund the war, objected and the Pentagon backpedaled. Instead of enforcing the ban, it turned to sensitivity training. The Confederate flag, a black military instructor told a class of black and white soldiers at Fort Dix, does not necessarily “mean a man belongs to the Ku Klux Klan.”

The Sum of All Lost Causes

Back home, a backlash against the antiwar movement helped nationalize the Confederate flag. The banner was increasingly seen not just at gatherings of the fringe KKK and the John Birch Society, but at “patriotic” rallies in areas of the country outside the old South: in Detroit, Chicago, California, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. For instance, on June 14, 1970—Flag Day—pro-war demonstrators marched up Pittsburg’s Liberty Avenue with a large Confederate flag demanding that “Washington … get in there and win.”

For many, the Confederate flag remained an emblem of racist reaction to federal efforts to advance equal rights and integration. Yet as issues of race, militarism, and class resentment merged into a broader “cultural war,” some in the rising New Right rallied around the Stars and Bars to avenge not the South, but South Vietnam.

In 1973, shortly after the U.S. officially ended combat operations in South Vietnam, for instance, Bart Bonner, a conservative activist and Vietnam veteran from Waterbury, New York, met with South Vietnam’s military attaché in Washington and offered to raise “a private, volunteer force of 75,000 American veterans to fight in South Vietnam under the Confederate flag.” For Bonner, and many like him, that flag now stood not for the “lost cause” but all lost causes conservatives cared about, an icon of resistance to the liberal Establishment.

Bonner told Soldier of Fortune magazine that he had the financial support of Texas millionaire Ross Perot and 100 men, including former Green Berets, Air Force commandos, and Navy Seals, ready to “show the people of South Vietnam … that not all Americans are cowards.” He added: “The Stars and Bars—the Confederate flag—is a beautiful flag.”

[source : Before It Was a Symbol of Racist Backlash, the Confederate Flag Was a Symbol of Endless War, In These Times, http://inthesetimes.com/article/18153/the-confederate-flag-at-war, 7th July 2015]

But this virulent anti-Communism of the JBS went further than that.

On 31st October 1965 the JBS took out an ad in the Palm Beach post in which the JBS claimed that the civil rights movement was a Communist plot to establish a "Negro Soviet Republic".

The first example of the JBS campaign to oppose the Civil Rights Movement is an advertisement in the October 31, 1965 issue of the Palm Beach Post titled, “The John Birch Society Asks: What’s Wrong With Civil Rights?”

The half-page advertisement begins with the statement that nothing is wrong with civil rights, just with the Civil Rights Movement. According to the JBS, it constituted a communist plot to build a “Negro Soviet Republic” in the United States. The “average American Negro,” according to the JBS in 1965, “has complete freedom of religion, freedom of movement, and freedom to run his own life as he pleases.” Moreover, “The pursuit of happiness enjoyed by the average American Negro has been far superior to that of any race or any people among at least ninety percent of the earth’s population.”

The ad continues, “So what is all the complaining about?” The problem, according to the JBS, is that communist agitators are beginning to see the results from “patiently building up to this present stage for more than forty years.” The reader is informed that this Soviet strategy in the U.S. is a continuation of anti-colonialism fermented by communists in Africa and Asia and conducted by those who have no interest in civil rights. According to the John Birch Society, both the push for civil rights in the U.S. and anti-colonialist activism in Africa and Asia are a communist plot to destroy all that is good and holy—namely, capitalism.

The advertisement then seeks to expose the “big-lie” of anti-colonialism: “Its specific core of falsehood has been that the colonial peoples of Asia and Africa wanted and deserved their ‘independence’ from the nations of Europe which were oppressing and exploiting them. Actually, by 1926, the French in Indochina or Algeria, the Dutch in Indonesia, the Belgian in the Congo, and other ‘imperialistic’ powers, were giving their colonial subjects a very enlightened and benevolent rule.”

The next step in this communist plot, as stated in the ad, is the formation of a “Negro Soviet Republic” in the U.S. that would include the major cities of the South. JBS claimed this to be the real intent of American civil rights leaders. The ad continues, “A careful study quickly reveals that every part of the civil rights program has been designed, and in is being carried forward, as a step in the Communist strategy for these purposes. And the current leaders of the nationwide civil rights campaign have such extensive records of affiliating with Communists of Communists, of being guided, trained, and supported by Communists, and of themselves supporting Communists agents and causes, as to make their real purposes as obvious a sunrise to anybody who will simply use honestly the intelligence that God gave him.”

The JBS authors close by stating that “American Negroes as a whole” did not plan this or want this and and “are no bigger dupes in yielding to the propaganda and coercion of the comaymps among them, than are the white people in the United States in swallowing the portions of that propaganda which are labeled idealism. “Comaymps” was JBS shorthand for communist sympathizers.

Across the bottom of the half-page ad is marketing of other JBS pamplets and books through American Opinion publishing, including It’s Very Simple and New York: Communist Terror in the Streets, both by Alan Stang. Stang published many works through the John Birch Society’s American Media, and also wrote widely on Christian Reconstructionism. Stang was a contributor to the Gary North-edited The Theology of Christian Resistance, one of many examples of the overlap between the JBS and theocratic Christian Reconstructionism.

Stang passed away in 2009 and was eulogized in the pages of the JBS’ New American magazine. Yet other 1960s-era JBS leaders are again leading the charge in a contemporary state’s rights projects: nullification. Leaders who were involved with the organization in the 1960s include its current president, John McManus. McManus was the surprise guest speaker at the Ron Paul Rally for the Republic, the counter-rally to the Republican National Convention in 200. In his remarks, he told the audience, “If you like Ron Paul, you’re going to love the John Birch Society.”

[source : The John Birch Society’s Anti-Civil Rights Campaign of the 1960s, and Its Relevance Today, Political Research, www.politicalresearch.org/2014/01/21/the-john-birch-societys-anti-civil-rights-campaign-of-the-1960s-and-its-relevance-today, 21st January 2014]

The penultimate paragraph in that JBS ad reads:
"Civil rights" is a perfect example of Communist strategy and Communist tactics at work - so far successfully - in making an anti-Communist people help to fasten the tiny but almost infinite chains of a central Communist tyranny around their bodies and their lives. And we think it is time for our fellow citizens, white and black, throughout the whole United States, to wake up to the real meaning of what is happening all around us.

There is also a reference to a pamphlet entitled American Negro Problems, which according to the JBS was full of "agitation and propaganda". But you can find that pamphlet on t'interweb, and thus read it. There is no such "agitation and propaganda". But there are suggestions and proposals on how to help the negores in the South protect themselves from the Ku Klux Klan and other violent white supremacist organisations, and how to organise and stop the exploitation of Negroes not just in the plantations of the South but in the factories of the North.

The JBS paint the pamphlet as one demanding violent revolution. But no such calls are made. Only calls for a safer and fairer America for Negroes.

But it gets worse.

Much worse.

President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on 22nd November 1963. That's Dallas, Texas. Oh, the yellow rose of Texas, and all that.

Before JFK arrived in Dallas there was a flyer handed out accusing JFK of being a Communist traitor. This was traced to a General Edwin A. Walker, who had previously handed out JBS literature to his troops. Walker's aide Robert Surrey was the man tasked with distributing these flyers, and he and supporters of Walker handed the flyers out and stuck on car windscreens.

But after the assassination the JBS with assistance from Fred Koch, cofounder of the JBS, founder of Koch Industries and father of the Koch brothers, then accuse the Communists of killing JFK!!

But the thing is the JBS pushed the idea that the civil rights movement was a Communist plot. There's the aforementioned ad, and they also pushed a pamphlet by Alan Stang entitled It’s Very Simple

There is a joint strong whiff of racism in the JBS/Confederacy/KKK movement: to the JBS everything is and was a communist conspiracy, including the civil rights movement, which made them allies of the KKK.

Hence their support for the Confederate battle flag, the fucking Stars and Bars!!


Pranksters try to deliver a pig to D Cameron at 10 Downing Street.

A delivery from the 'Bollington Club', who also want their thong and gimp mask back by the end of the week.

And Cameron is OUT of the club!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Originally posted on 22nd July 2015.

Here are the reasons why Texas seceded (and tariffs isn't one of 'em):

A Declaration of the Causes which Impel the State of Texas to Secede from the Federal Union.

The government of the United States, by certain joint resolutions, bearing date the 1st day of March, in the year A.D. 1845, proposed to the Republic of Texas, then *a free, sovereign and independent nation* [emphasis in the original], the annexation of the latter to the former, as one of the co-equal states thereof,

The people of Texas, by deputies in convention assembled, on the fourth day of July of the same year, assented to and accepted said proposals and formed a constitution for the proposed State, upon which on the 29th day of December in the same year, said State was formally admitted into the Confederated Union.

Texas abandoned her separate national existence and consented to become one of the Confederated Union to promote her welfare, insure domestic tranquility and secure more substantially the blessings of peace and liberty to her people. She was received into the confederacy with her own constitution, under the guarantee of the federal constitution and the compact of annexation, that she should enjoy these blessings. She was received as a commonwealth holding, maintaining and protecting the institution known as negro slavery-- the servitude of the African to the white race within her limits-- a relation that had existed from the first settlement of her wilderness by the white race, and which her people intended should exist in all future time. Her institutions and geographical position established the strongest ties between her and other slave-holding States of the confederacy. Those ties have been strengthened by association. But what has been the course of the government of the United States, and of the people and authorities of the non-slave-holding States, since our connection with them?

The controlling majority of the Federal Government, under various pretences and disguises, has so administered the same as to exclude the citizens of the Southern States, unless under odious and unconstitutional restrictions, from all the immense territory owned in common by all the States on the Pacific Ocean, for the avowed purpose of acquiring sufficient power in the common government to use it as a means of destroying the institutions of Texas and her sister slaveholding States.

By the disloyalty of the Northern States and their citizens and the imbecility of the Federal Government, infamous combinations of incendiaries and outlaws have been permitted in those States and the common territory of Kansas to trample upon the federal laws, to war upon the lives and property of Southern citizens in that territory, and finally, by violence and mob law, to usurp the possession of the same as exclusively the property of the Northern States.

The Federal Government, while but partially under the control of these our unnatural and sectional enemies, has for years almost entirely failed to protect the lives and property of the people of Texas against the Indian savages on our border, and more recently against the murderous forays of banditti from the neighboring territory of Mexico; and when our State government has expended large amounts for such purpose, the Federal Government has refuse reimbursement therefor, thus rendering our condition more insecure and harassing than it was during the existence of the Republic of Texas.

These and other wrongs we have patiently borne in the vain hope that a returning sense of justice and humanity would induce a different course of administration.

When we advert to the course of individual non-slave-holding States, and that a majority of their citizens, our grievances assume far greater magnitude.

The States of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa, by solemn legislative enactments, have deliberately, directly or indirectly violated the 3rd clause of the 2nd section of the 4th article [the fugitive slave clause] of the federal constitution, and laws passed in pursuance thereof; thereby annulling a material provision of the compact, designed by its framers to perpetuate the amity between the members of the confederacy and to secure the rights of the slave-holding States in their domestic institutions-- a provision founded in justice and wisdom, and without the enforcement of which the compact fails to accomplish the object of its creation. Some of those States have imposed high fines and degrading penalties upon any of their citizens or officers who may carry out in good faith that provision of the compact, or the federal laws enacted in accordance therewith.

In all the non-slave-holding States, in violation of that good faith and comity which should exist between entirely distinct nations, the people have formed themselves into a great sectional party, now strong enough in numbers to control the affairs of each of those States, based upon an unnatural feeling of hostility to these Southern States and their beneficent and patriarchal system of African slavery, proclaiming the debasing doctrine of equality of all men, irrespective of race or color-- a doctrine at war with nature, in opposition to the experience of mankind, and in violation of the plainest revelations of Divine Law. They demand the abolition of negro slavery throughout the confederacy, the recognition of political equality between the white and negro races, and avow their determination to press on their crusade against us, so long as a negro slave remains in these States.

For years past this abolition organization has been actively sowing the seeds of discord through the Union, and has rendered the federal congress the arena for spreading firebrands and hatred between the slave-holding and non-slave-holding States.

By consolidating their strength, they have placed the slave-holding States in a hopeless minority in the federal congress, and rendered representation of no avail in protecting Southern rights against their exactions and encroachments. They have proclaimed, and at the ballot box sustained, the revolutionary doctrine that there is a 'higher law' than the constitution and laws of our Federal Union, and virtually that they will disregard their oaths and trample upon our rights.

They have for years past encouraged and sustained lawless organizations to steal our slaves and prevent their recapture, and have repeatedly murdered Southern citizens while lawfully seeking their rendition.

They have invaded Southern soil and murdered unoffending citizens, and through the press their leading men and a fanatical pulpit have bestowed praise upon the actors and assassins in these crimes, while the governors of several of their States have refused to deliver parties implicated and indicted for participation in such offenses, upon the legal demands of the States aggrieved.

They have, through the mails and hired emissaries, sent seditious pamphlets and papers among us to stir up servile insurrection and bring blood and carnage to our firesides.

They have sent hired emissaries among us to burn our towns and distribute arms and poison to our slaves for the same purpose.

They have impoverished the slave-holding States by unequal and partial legislation, thereby enriching themselves by draining our substance.

They have refused to vote appropriations for protecting Texas against ruthless savages, for the sole reason that she is a slave-holding State.

And, finally, by the combined sectional vote of the seventeen non-slave-holding States, they have elected as president and vice-president of the whole confederacy two men whose chief claims to such high positions are their approval of these long continued wrongs, and their pledges to continue them to the final consummation of these schemes for the ruin of the slave-holding States.

In view of these and many other facts, it is meet that our own views should be distinctly proclaimed.

We hold as undeniable truths that the governments of the various States, and of the confederacy itself, were established exclusively by the white race, for themselves and their posterity; that the African race had no agency in their establishment; that they were rightfully held and regarded as an inferior and dependent race, and in that condition only could their existence in this country be rendered beneficial or tolerable.

That in this free government *all white men are and of right ought to be entitled to equal civil and political rights* [emphasis in the original]; that the servitude of the African race, as existing in these States, is mutually beneficial to both bond and free, and is abundantly authorized and justified by the experience of mankind, and the revealed will of the Almighty Creator, as recognized by all Christian nations; while the destruction of the existing relations between the two races, as advocated by our sectional enemies, would bring inevitable calamities upon both and desolation upon the fifteen slave-holding states.

By the secession of six of the slave-holding States, and the certainty that others will speedily do likewise, Texas has no alternative but to remain in an isolated connection with the North, or unite her destinies with the South.

For these and other reasons, solemnly asserting that the federal constitution has been violated and virtually abrogated by the several States named, seeing that the federal government is now passing under the control of our enemies to be diverted from the exalted objects of its creation to those of oppression and wrong, and realizing that our own State can no longer look for protection, but to God and her own sons-- We the delegates of the people of Texas, in Convention assembled, have passed an ordinance dissolving all political connection with the government of the United States of America and the people thereof and confidently appeal to the intelligence and patriotism of the freemen of Texas to ratify the same at the ballot box, on the 23rd day of the present month.

Adopted in Convention on the 2nd day of Feby, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one and of the independence of Texas the twenty-fifth.

[source : The Declaration of Causes of Seceding States - Primary Sources, Civil War Trust, http://www.civilwar.org/education/history/primarysources/declarationofcauses.html, Accessed: 22nd July 2015]

Not bad, eh?

Slavery. slavery. slavery. Indian savages (i.e. Native Americans). Banditti. And finishing off with a paragraph on slavery and white supremacy.

Sam Houston was ousted in a coup by racist Texans for his dedication to the Union. And for what? So the racist Texans could fight for their freedom to keep slaves?

Monday, September 21, 2015


I just watched a DVD of Testament of Youth.

Very good. Score : 8/10.

The imperfect score is due to the focus on the effect of WW1 on just the upper middle class of British society alone. The author wrote from experience. I haven't read the book, but will now. But the film does focus on the privileged officer class.


Why would tax-dodger Lord Ashcroft, one of the biggest donors to the Tories, destroy Cameron's credibility?

Would he have done so without the nod from Oik and Johnson?

Why would The Daily Mail reprint his allegations?


I am getting very concerned at the racism being shown by Infowars.

They have just quoted statistics that show that half the first time asylum seekers in the EU are from countries destroyed by NATO/Zionist/Gulf states: Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan with contributions from Libya, North Africa in general and Ukraine. Yet their focus appears to be to demonise the refugees/migrants as all dirty, scrounging members of Islamic State.

This is why 2 months ago I removed all reference to them in the Links section in the right hand column.

This is some of the latest evidence:

Why welcome her?

Is she a refugee? She doesn't look like one.

What does this woman think about Sweden joining NATO?

What does she think about money being created out of thin air by privately-owned banks?

What does she think of Adolf Hitler? Israel? Abortion?

We don't know. All we know is that she let someone take a raunchy photo of her in a Sweden-themed bikini.

Oh, I see. Is that why she isn't a potential threat and it is therefore why she is instantly considered safe to let into your house?

But then today I got a bulk email from Infowars telling me that we are on the brink of WW3 and need to stock up on some food they are flogging. And along with that marketing there was this quote from Pat Buchanan:
If Europe does not seal its borders, what is to stop the Islamic world and third world coming and repopulating the continent with their own kind, as the shrinking native populations of Europe die out?

But who is Buchanan?

Buchanan is proud to be a Son of a Confederate Veteran!! As I have pointed out, there is a movement within the Confederacy to rewrite history and now claim that they left the Union because of tariffs, not slavery. Yet when you read all the Ordinances of Secession of the Confederate states that were officially provided in 1861 they all give slavery as the prime reason for secession, while tariffs are barely mentioned. Buchanan has posted in full on his blog an article pushing this tariff-theory, which, along with the usual pro-Confederate literature, also tries to drive you into hating Lincoln for freeing the slaves by calling Lincoln a hypocrite for doing so.

PJW recently asked on his twitter; has anyone who supports Communism actually lived under Communism?

Let me rephrase that: has anyone who supports slavery actually lived under slavery?

Why is slavery OK but Communism not OK? Is it coz your grandaddy owned a plantation which provided him a comfortable living?

I support neither slavery nor Communism.

Buchanan is, like many, a soft Confederate, with a soft white supremacist heritage he is proud to share and push, with a dreamy view of a South in which slaves only worked a few hours a day and took dumps on toilets made from gold.

But this is in addition to Infowars recently having Pastor Chuck Baldwin on to proclaim that the Confederate flag should be raised. Baldwin wrote and spoke lie after lie after lie about 'heroes' such as Robert E Lee, who Buchanan also lauds.

So all this begs the question: what did Alex Jones' ancestors do during the US Civil War? Well, he admits that they were in the Confederate Army, some even as high a rank as Colonels and Generals.

But in the above video what does Jones also state was, he claims, the real reason for the US Civil War? Tariffs. But if it was tariffs then why did the seceding states write in 1861 that it was all about slavery while barely mentioning tariffs?

The ghost of the Confederacy is rising, and it now says that it died over tariffs not slavery.


Have you got that now?


When they wrote in 1861 that it was all about slavery they actually meant tariffs.

Have you got that?




Not slavery.


When they said slavery they actually meant tariffs.

And now that the refugees have done their job in driving the NATO public into demanding that we must bomb Syria, they can all now be demonised as subhuman scum by Sons of Confederate Veterans (unless they wear bikinis)?


Since Russia started moving stuff into Syria there has been a significant change in American propaganda regarding Syria and Islamic State. The new lines are:
1. we must have peace talks right now and Assad doesn't have to go this second;
2. Islamic State is on the verge of defeat (even though after over a year of American bombing IS is arguably more powerful).


After all, he does use armed police at taxpayers' expense to seal off a wood in order to shoot pigeons dead in secret!!

And the British people voted this plonker a majority?!

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Haven't you.

They've got it all now.

Thanks a fucking lot.


Here is Carl Bildt's problem:

You mean to tell me that his new drinking buddy Eliot Higgins hasn't told him about that plan revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11 to initiate war and regime change in seven countries in five year, one of whom was Syria, and all of whom had nothing to do with 9/11?

You're also telling me that Bildt's buddies at the Pentagon haven't told him about The Redirection reported by Seymour Hersh in 2007, 4 years before it occured, in which the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia would unleash cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran?

And can you repeat that again: Bildt doesn't know about the plan proposed by the US DIA in 2012 to facilitate the rise of a Salafist entity in Syria to isolate Assad?

The bleedin' obvious solution is to:
1. place military hardware and personnel in Syria, and act in full coordination with the Syrian military;
2. stop all bank accounts associated with Islamic State.


Someone, who shall remain nameless, has been moving directories around on my computer.

Yesterday the Twitter directory had been moved. Today it was the UK News directory that had been moved.

You know, you go out for a walk with your doggo in the beautiful English countryside, and you come back to find that someone has hacked into your computer and moved some directories around.


But what Rees fails to state is that it was the British Monarchy who unleashed The Guns of August in 1914!!


Jeremy Corbyn has resigned as Chair of The Stop The War Coalition. His reason, not unexpected, is that he wants to focus on his new and more important role as Leader of the Labour Party.

But not so according to The Daily Telegraph. According to this bona fide establishment media, Corbyn resigned because he was ashamed of a poem printed by The Stop The War Coalition by Heathcote Williams.

Jeremy Corbyn was under intense pressure last night after his peace movement published a “disgraceful” diatribe against the Queen.

A poem on the front page of the Stop the War Coalition website alleges that the Queen has a “criminal record” and is “lubricating Britain’s wars”, while the Royal family are arms dealers and “friends to despots and dictators”.

[source : Jeremy Corbyn's 'shame' over Queen slur, Daily Telegraph, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/Jeremy_Corbyn/11877539/Jeremy-Corbyns-shame-over-Queen-slur.html, 19th September 2015]

But what the Daily Telegraph doesn't seem to be able to grasp is that the Royal Family are “lubricating Britain’s wars”, they are “friends to despots and dictators”.

Here is Prince Charles raving with the despots and dictators of Saudi Arabia, who by the end of this year will have chopped the heads off 200 'criminals', and are about to actually crucify a teenage 'criminal'.

Lo and behold, The Daily Telegraph article does not mention Saudi Arabia once.


But hang on a mo'. Didn't NATO just support neo-Nazis in their violent coup in Ukraine, because Yanukovich decided to align with Russia, which has led to Ukraine becoming a war zone and a total economic shit hole, a nation that millions are fleeing from, and not just to escape the economic horror that NATO has imposed on Ukraine but to also dodge the draft?


Sky News, i.e. Rupert Murdoch, has been on about a Comres poll showing that Corbyn has not led to an upsurge in support of Labour, with the Cons on 42% (+2%) and Labour on 30% (+1%).

But you could also argue that Corbyn has done remarkably well. In just one week, despite the massive anti-Corbyn propaganda machine, led by the likes of Sky News, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph and even The Guardian, Corbyn has increased support Labour.

Sky is focusing on just that one statistic.

But what about the rest of the poll's questions? in the following the first number is agree, the second disagree and the third is don't know.

Jeremy Corbyn is making more people interested in politics




Jeremy Corbyn should have sung the national anthem at the Battle of Britain memorial




Jeremy Corbyn offers a positive difference from other politicians




At 70 years old, Jeremy Corbyn would be too old to be Prime Minister at the next General Election




Jeremy Corbyn is being treated unfairly by the media




Jeremy Corbyn should smarten up his appearance by shaving off his beard




[source : No poll bounce for Jeremy Corbyn, The Independent, http://blogs.independent.co.uk/2015/09/19/no-poll-bounce-for-jeremy-corbyn/, 19th September 2015]

Corbyn has had the media against him all week. Just one newspaper, The Daily Mirror, has argued his cause.

Perhaps this success in surviving this media storm is shown by that statistic: 41% agreed that Jeremy Corbyn offers a positive difference from other politicians.


She wrote trashy smut, crowned the Queen of the Bonkbuster (for which she was awarded an OBE!) and lived in Hollywood.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Proposed by Andrew Haldane.

A more radical proposal still would be to remove the ZLB constraint entirely by abolishing paper currency. This, too, has recently had its supporters (for example, Rogoff (2014)). As well as solving the ZLB problem, it has the added advantage of taxing illicit activities undertaken using paper currency, such as drug-dealing, at source.

...One interesting solution, then, would be to maintain the principle of a government-backed currency, but have it issued in an electronic rather than paper form.

...Would such a monetary technology be feasible? In one sense, there is nothing new about digital, state-issued money. Bank deposits at the central bank are precisely that. The technology underpinning digital or crypto-currencies has, however, changed rapidly over the past few years. And it has done so for one very simple reason: Bitcoin.

...These questions do not have easy answers. That is why work on central bank–issued digital currencies forms a core part of the Bank’s current research agenda (Bank of England (2015)). Although the hurdles to implementation are high, so too is the potential prize if the ZLB constraint could be slackened. Perhaps central bank money is ripe for its own great technological leap forward, prompted by the pressing demands of the ZLB.

[source : How low can you go?, Andrew Haldane, Bank of England, http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/Pages/speeches/2015/840.aspx, 18th September 2015]

NB: the reference to drugs. This is why Soros etc are trying to legalise drugs. They know a digital currency is coming and want to corner the market in drugs before this is introduced. I've been warning about this.


The USA has been bombing (allegedly) Islamic State positions in Syria for over a year, yet somehow Islamic State now controls more of Syria. And during that time there have been many reports of NATO planes, including British, that have been either seen to have dropped supplies to Islamic State, or have crashed or been stopped with supplies bound for Islamic State.

But of course, it was all a pantomime.

And all that time, the USA has always, always, always demanded that no peace talks could be held without Assad first agreeing to step down immediately.

But now that Russia has, finally, sent in the troops, guess what? Yep. Kerry drops the Assad-must-go-now precondition, and is demanding peace talks asap.

It's almost like the USA knows that Russia will show up the fake war against Islamic State, so is now desperate to keep Russia out of Syria by sorting out the bloody mess that they created.

The question is: why did it take so long for Russia to do this?



We've recently had Putin's Way, and Putin's War.

But curiously during the same period of time we have not had Bilderberg's Way or Bilderberg's War.

And today we have another Putinism: Putin's Game.

Last weekend The ZioGuardian blamed Russia, Iran and Syria for all the deaths in Syria since 2011.

Yet here is General Wesley Clark revealing:
1. that the wars in the Middle East since 9/11 were planned in 1991;
2. that 9/11 was going to be used to initiate war and regime change in seven countries in five years, all of whom had nothing to do with 9/11: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia and Libya.

I expect it will soon be Putin's Win.


What's wrong with this tweet?

1. Jeremy is not standing, he is sitting down.

2. but more importantly he is sat with this trademark beard and tie untied.


It's only been a week but with all the anti-Corbyn propaganda (didn't you know he provoked all the wars in the Middle East by not singing the national anthem?), it feels like a decade.

But considering he is National Chair of the Stop The War Coalition, I expect him to make Cameron sweat on Libya and Syria very, very soon.



Interesting statistics, if true, on first time asylum seekers in the EU.

40% are clearly from nations destroyed by NATO: Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

And there is a A N Other portion of the refugee pie, the largest, which has not been assigned. But also notable is that there are apparently no refugees from Libya and North Africa, which I do not believe. So I think we can assume that at least half of this A N Other portion are from Libya and North Africa, which would take the total number of refugees from nations recently destroyed by NATO to over 50%.

And note: just 4% are from Pakistan, the same as from Eritrea, and just 1% more than from Ukraine, which could also be partially blamed on NATO.

That's how I would interpret these stats.

Over 50% of the number of first time asylum seekers in the EU are due to NATO 'stability generation'.

How would you?

Lies. Damned lies and statistics.

Friday, September 18, 2015


After finding out last weekend that the PCAAF financed John Mann MP with nearly £ 10K in under 4 months last summer to go on international trips, last Sunday I asked the PCAAF for the full list of their financiers. Today I got this reply:
According to the rules on All-Party Groups (http://www.parliament.uk/documents/pcfs/all-party-groups/guide-to-the-rules-on-apgs.pdf) section 32(b), page 13: The information which must be made available on receiving a request such as yours is as follows:

"If a charity or other not-for-profit organisation provides a secretariat or support services whose value exceeds the threshold for registration: a list of any commercial organisation(s) from which the organisation has received donation(s) of more than £5,000 in total during the preceding twelve months; or, if providing the information on request, during the twelve months immediately before the month in which the request was made"

I can inform you that no commercial organisations have made donations of this kind to the PCAA Foundation in the past 12 months. The APPG itself does not hold any funds.

In other words, "Fuck you!! We are not going to tell you."


You've gone over to the Andrew-Jackson-loving, immigrant-hating, white-supremacist, Zionist dark side, haven't you?

They've got it all now, haven't they?

They're stalling because there is no money in it for them. Too much risk. No money.


So Poroshenko bans hundreds of journalists, who he considered to be a 'threat to national security', but then unbans those that might help him, such as those from the good ol' we-always-tell-the-whole-truth BBC?

So left wing parties banned from elections. Now hundreds of journalists banned from reporting (except those from the BBC).

Ukraine: a paragon and utopia of freedom of speech and democracy...much like the crucifying, head-chopping Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


They call it 'Stability Generation'.

But what they really mean is 'war on the world'.

You see, it's all about 'stabilising' the destabilisations in the world, to make it safe and prosperous for the NATO public.

But what they don't tell you is that NATO creates those destabilisations in the first place.

Afghanistan? Blame NATO.

Iraq? Blame NATO.

Libya? Blame NATO.

Syria? Blame NATO, Israel and Gulf states.

Islamic State? Blame NATO (and John Mann MP and all the other goons who voted for war on those nations)

Ukraine? Blame NATO.

Offer thyself, thy mother and thy father, thy children and all thy worldly goods to the War Gods of NATO!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015


37 Days is the docudrama shown on the BBC in March last year based on the international debacle of the 37 days between the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and Britain declaring war on Germany.

The European powers had 37 days to stop the war but somehow were unable to do so. Until recently, because to the victors the spoils, history has been written to accuse the madmen of Austro-Hungary and Germany. But it is now becoming clear that Great Britain shares a significant amount, if not all, of the responsibility for the war.

37 days shows Grey generally as the mediator, seeking peace and proposing peace talks. But there are also indications of Grey's duplicity.

In the last of the 3 episodes Grey is forced to reveal the extent to which he had conspired with France to defend French ports in the English Channel. Not even the Cabinet was aware of the extent. They all believed that he was referring to a 1904 treaty, but Grey had updated this in 1912 but had not revealed the details. In the second episode Lord Morley challenges Grey to reveal the details of any treaty between France and Great Britain, but Grey just smiles without reply. Morley also remarks that Grey had stated in Parliament several times that there were no treaties that could drag Great Britain into any war subsequent to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

But the killer is in the first episode. Just a few days into July 1914, Max Lichnowsky, the German Ambassador to Great Britain, explicitly asks Grey if there were any treaties between Russia and Great Britain that could drag Great Britain into a wider war. Again Grey dodges the question.

But it is this precise point that leads to Lord Morley and John Burns to resign upon Grey revealing the details of the treaty with France because they understood that Grey had misled everyone and that Russia at war would mean France at war would mean Great Britain at war.

There is one scene in which King George V appears, but he is portrayed as a peacemaker. His statement of neutrality to Prince Henry is not shown, nor is George's statement to Grey to get Great Britain into the war. And in 37 Days Grey only finds out about Germany's plan to invade Belgium on 3rd August when in reality Grey was actually told about this plan in late July by the British military attache in Berlin.



Those head-chopping Saudis are not content with chopping 200 heads off this year.

Now they want to actually crucify a juvenile who was arrested when he was 17!!

Here's Prince Charles raving with the Saudi crucifiers:









I'll pose these thoughts again.

How difficult is it to answer a question, particularly if answering could lead to a safer world?

And what are we to think of someone who doesn't want to answer some questions when answering could lead to a safer world?

And particularly if that someone wasn't asking any questions either?

Does he or she think that they are royalty or what?

Or is it that they have connections to Freemasonry?

Or, perhaps less unlikely, they have royal reptilian DNA?

How else can this thick-skinned, cold-blooded apathetic reluctance be explained?

Scared? I doubt it.

Believe me. It is apathy.

The question is why.


The boss of MI5, like ex-MI6 boss John Sawers, has tried to terrify us, just as MPs start to draw up the bill to take away our privacy.

Advances in technology are allowing terrorists to communicate "out of the reach of authorities", the head of MI5, Andrew Parker has told the BBC.

The serving boss of the UK's home security agency told Today it was becoming more difficult to obtain online information.

He said internet companies had an "ethical responsibility" to alert agencies to potential threats.

But MI5 was not about "browsing the lives" of the public, he added.

Ministers are preparing legislation on the powers for carrying out electronic surveillance.

...Mr Parker also told the BBC:

The terrorism threat is the "most serious threat Britain faces in security terms"

Six alleged terror plots have been foiled in the past six months, which Mr Parker said was the highest number he could recall in his 32 year career "certainly the highest number since 9/11"

MI5 had to "make choices" about where to put resources, and make sure they were "focused where the sharpest threat is"

On the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby: "There cannot be a guarantee that we will find and stop everything. That's not possible. We can't monitor them all the time."

He rejected the suggestion that security service tactics can lead to radicalisation saying it was "completely untrue"

He paid tribute to the people who work at MI5 and their work "which so often goes unrecognised"

[source : MI5 boss warns of technology terror risk, BBC, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-34276525, 17th September 2015]


Jeremy Corbyn's new approach to PMQs, in which he asks questions proposed by the public, has been described by RT as 'unleashing' a new style of PMQs.

It is not quite unleashing, more carefully letting off the lead.

Members of the public have always been able to write to their MP about a particular problem, who can then raise a point about the problem at PMQs. Or that member of the public can even write to the PM him or herself.

But Corbyn does need to add his point of view too, be a bit more pressing but without the theatrics that drive the backbenches into degenerating into a flange of mentally retarded baboons.

But rather than ask 6 questions from the public, just ask 2 or 3 but use the remaining questions to really grill the warmongering fascist pigeon-murderer Cameron, make him sweat.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


How difficult is it to answer a question, particularly if answering could lead to a safer world?

And what are we to think of someone who doesn't want to answer some questions when answering could lead to a safer world?

And particularly if that someone wasn't asking any questions either?

It is, to me, both incomprehensible and diabolical.


You know who Henry Kissinger is? His true history? His warmongering? His assassinations? His genocide?

Well, guess who is about to honour Kissinger with a "Distinguished Service Award for his extraordinary lifetime of accomplishment as strategist, diplomat, author, and the Council's longest serving board member."?

Yep. That fucking Atlantic Council shower of shite.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Jeremy Corbyn was absolutely right to not sing the national anthem at the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

He was right to attend and show his respect for the brave airmen who risked their lives.

But he was also right to not sing the national anthem because:
1. as far I am aware, the Queen didn't fly a fighter plane during the Battle of Britain;
2. it was her family, the British monarchy, who engineered WW2 in the first place because after WW1 (which they also engineered) the USA had voted to stay out of the League of Nations as a form of world government in which the USA would act as policeman/enforcers.

So Anglophile Wall Street built up Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia. With these two ideological opposites in such close proximity, and with madman Hitler on the rampage, there was bound to be a war. Hitler complied by invading Europe then the USSR. I believe Churchill dragged the USA into the war by not telling FDR the location and target of the Japanese fleet in December 1941.

So we had another world war, just 20 years after the last world war.

My god. We love world wars, don't we?

Shagging, football and war.

That's us, innit?

That's the human race: shagging, football and war.


Here is a brief summary of the membership of the Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism Foundation.

MPs who are members of the PCAAF but who are also members of Labour Friends of Israel are:

From the officers of LFI:
Michael Dugher
Louise Ellman
Rachel Reeves
Jonathan Reynolds
John Woodcock

From the bog standard membership of LFI:
Luciana Berger
Margaret Hodge
Ivan Lewis
John Spellar

Berger is a Vice-Chair of PCAAF.

So there is a bit to be concerned about there.

But just look at the Conservatives!!

From the Officers of The Conservative Friends of Israel we get this shower:

Eric Pickles Mp (Chairman CFI)
Guto Bebb MP (Vice-Chairman)
Andrew Percy MP (Vice-Chairman)
Bob Blackman MP
David Burrowes MP
Oliver Dowden MP
Mike Freer MP
Matthew Offord MP

And of these Bebb, Blackman, Burrowes and Offord are also Vice-Chairs of PCAAF.

So Guto Bebb is a VC of both CFI and PCAAF!!

So who are Berger and Bebb to be so pro-Israel? Dunno.

And just to confirm that the PCAAF is not, repeat not, a bona fide committee of Parliament, the list of bona fide committees of Parliament can be found here: Committess A - Z

And if you want to see Michael Dugher speak of his passion for Israel, followed by Michael Gove, then visit the We Believe in Israel Conference 2015

Some politicians who possibly deserve some comment are:
Liam Byrne
Jim Fitzpatrick
Mary Glindon

These three are members of both LFI and Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East.

Corbyn is a member of LFPME.

But Chuka Umuna is a member of LFI and PCAAF, so we know where this proposed leader of Labour sits on Israel: to him Israel can blow 520 kids in Gaza to bits after trying to starve them to death, and if anyone complains Umuna will play the anti-semite card. And if anyone criticises Umuna they will play the race card.


And for the record, there doesn't appear to be a Conservative Friends of Palestine.

Says it all really, dunnit?