Saturday, August 31, 2013


During thirteen days in October 1962 the world came close to nuclear war. Such a war was avoided by back channel diplomacy.

Similar back channel diplomacy may well have occured during the last 10 days, as suggested by that Israeli source of terrible 'intelligence', Debkafile, who suggested that Obama was secretly negotiating a response with Putin involving the USA giving Assad a slap on the wrist rather than a kick in the balls.

I don't know.

But today Obama was wise. He went further than I had hoped. There are no doubt Israeli, Saudi and British guns at his head.

The American people are dead against any strike. Many in Congress are too. The UN will never provide a resolution, and with British support clearly lacking, it will be tough for Congress to give the nod, particularly when impeachment is openly discussed (as it should have in this DFQ).

We must redouble our efforts to expose the true culprit, Bandar bin Sultan. Many in Congress will know this anyway.


Obama the Wise would wait until UN inspectors release their report before launching any attack on Syria.

Obama the Wise would at least consult Congress on the legality of any such attack and consider public opinion.

Obama the Wise would meet with Putin at the G20 in St Petersburg.

Obama the Wise would publish all the intelligence the USA has on how they know Syria prepared the attacks over a three day period when UN investigators were in Syria.

Friday, August 30, 2013


What shall we do with Hague and Cameron?



Hague lied in The Daily Telegraph two days ago.

Cameron sent his cutthroats into Syria to years ago to cut the throats of children.



I very strongly believe that someone within the British government apparatus knew what Bandar bin Sultan was planning in Syria. I doubt that he would have planned such mass death and implemented it without the nod from the DFQ. So who gave the nod? And who knew after the nod but before the horrific events and said nothing?

Only a full and open inquiry can find this out.

Or perhaps patriotic intelligence and military officers can find out themselves through private inquiries.

Maybe both.


They live!!

You can see them, hear them, smell them now!!

Their masks have been removed.

They are a different breed from us.


What shall we do with Hague and Cameron?
What shall we do with Hague and Cameron?
What shall we do with Hague and Cameron?
Earl-aye in the mornin'.

According to Webster Tarpley, with Hague

And as for Cameron? Either book him another chillaxin' holiday, or give him a rifle, a uniform, a helmet, a pair of boots and a one-way ticket to Syria.


That madman Bandar bin Sultan has been reported to have threatened Russia that he would unleash Jihadis at the Sochi Olympics next year if Russia does not give up Assad.

He is also reported to have threatened that he would unleash hell on earth in Syria. Two weeks later hundreds die in the suburbs of Damascus allegedly from poison gas.

Now we have evidence from rebels and inhabitants of Damascus that Bandar bin Sultan is the man who provided the poison gas.
However, from numerous interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families, a different picture emerges. Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack.

“My son came to me two weeks ago asking what I thought the weapons were that he had been asked to carry,” said Abu Abdel-Moneim, the father of a rebel fighting to unseat Assad, who lives in Ghouta.

Abdel-Moneim said his son and 12 other rebels were killed inside of a tunnel used to store weapons provided by a Saudi militant, known as Abu Ayesha, who was leading a fighting battalion. The father described the weapons as having a “tube-like structure” while others were like a “huge gas bottle.”

Ghouta townspeople said the rebels were using mosques and private houses to sleep while storing their weapons in tunnels.

Abdel-Moneim said his son and the others died during the chemical weapons attack. That same day, the militant group Jabhat al-Nusra, which is linked to al-Qaida, announced that it would similarly attack civilians in the Assad regime’s heartland of Latakia on Syria’s western coast, in purported retaliation.

“They didn’t tell us what these arms were or how to use them,” complained a female fighter named ‘K.’ “We didn’t know they were chemical weapons. We never imagined they were chemical weapons.”

“When Saudi Prince Bandar gives such weapons to people, he must give them to those who know how to handle and use them,” she warned. She, like other Syrians, do not want to use their full names for fear of retribution.

A well-known rebel leader in Ghouta named ‘J’ agreed. “Jabhat al-Nusra militants do not cooperate with other rebels, except with fighting on the ground. They do not share secret information. They merely used some ordinary rebels to carry and operate this material,” he said.

“We were very curious about these arms. And unfortunately, some of the fighters handled the weapons improperly and set off the explosions,” ‘J’ said.

[source : EXCLUSIVE: Syrians In Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack, Mint Press,, 29th August 2013]

Now, what this article alleges is that the rebels were given the poison gas but mishandled it and the weapons went off by accident. This is one of a few possibilities that I considered much more likely than Assad illogically and/or insanely using chemical weapons. The others are that the rebels did indeed run a false flag, or bombardment from the Syrian Arab Army with conventional weapons either destabilised Bandar's poison gas canisters or hit a tunnel containing Bandar's poison gas, thus causing the poison gas containers to explode.


Bandar supplied the poison gas, with the intent of causing mass death, and the poison gas was made in Saudi Arabia (as reported by the Syrian news a few days after the horrific events).


Think I am talking about Syria?

Yes. I am. Thanks to Cameron's Cutthroats, a once proud and peaceful Syria is now a wreck and in ruins, with rivers of blood trickling down the rubble-strewn streets.

But I am also talking about Cameron.

And with Cameron we can add humiliated, cowardice and moribund.

There is only one way for Cameron (and all the other warmongers) to redeem themselves, and that is get a rifle, a helmet, a uniform and pair of boots and get a one-way ticket to Syria, destination the front line against the Syrian Arab Army.

What? Are they still here? I thought so. Very happy to fire a missile from thousands of miles away, but give 'em a rifle and not even Usain Bolt with a 90 m start could beat them over 100 m as they run for their lives AWAY from the front line.


Sanity prevails.

There will be no attack on Syria by The Disunited Fascist Queendom.

This should make President Obama, left dangling pissing into the wind all alone with his Nobel Peace Prize, think again and again and again about attacking Syria. Even his intelligence agencies say there is no slam dunk case against Assad on this one.

But if Assad didn't do it, then who did?


He is reported to have told Putin that he was going to unleash hell on earth in Syria.

And it was reported that chemicals made in Saudi Arabia were found in rebel tunnels after the horrific events of 21st August.

Bandar bin Sultan, The Prince of Jihad, should be arrested on suspicion of crimes against humanity.

And he must be arrested immediately before he pulls another false flag event designed to drag the USA, UK and others into an overt war on President Bashar al Assad and the brave Syrian people as they battle al Qaeda, aka Bandar's Bastards, aka the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


The reasons for MPs opposing an attack on Syria, in order of popularity, are:
1. Assad used chemical weapons but attacking Syria will lead to unknown consequences
2. No conclusive proof that Assad used chemical weapons


I heard Newmark speak on the radio last week. Unbelievably pro-war. Tonight he was no different.

But he made one very damning statement during his pro-war rant (in which he did NOT ask for a rifle, uniform, boots and a helmet and a one-way ticket to Syria), and that was that he had just come back from Syria where he had met with Idriss.



And the ratio is tending more to 2:1 against military action, for varying reasons.

Bernard Jenkin MP is frequently intervening to push the war argument, which is very curious because he voted for the war on Iraq but then voted for the subsequent investigations. Jenkin got his first power positions through...William Hague.


In the debate in The House of Commons on Syria there are more nays than ayes, possibly 3:2 but maybe 2:1 against war, and there are some ayes who are very reluctantly aye, possibly being partisan rather than moral (but they are politicians after all).

The debate is live on The Guardian at


The following MPs have just spoken in sequence with intelligence, emotion and clarity against attacking Syria:
1. Dr Julian Lewis
2. Gerald Kaufman
3. David Davis
4. George Galloway


Go Gerald Kaufman!


A voice of sanity in The House of Commons.


The poll of 1,009 people by Vision Critical this morning asked "In what circumstances should Britain strike?"

BRITONS are overwhelmingly against an immediate missile strike on Syria, an exclusive Express Online poll reveals, with only eight per cent of the public backing such action.

The poll results, which come as MPs begin their historic Commons debate on military action, show 80 per cent of people are against David Cameron launching an immediate attack, while 12 per cent are undecided.

A significant 41 per cent of people are against action by Britain in any circumstances, while 39 per cent would only agree with a launch if the UN confirms chemical weapons have been used by the Syrian regime and then sanctions a strike.

The results are a blow to David Cameron who has been arguing for intervention amid a growing chorus of MPs urging caution following the lessons of the Iraq war 10 years ago.

[source : Only EIGHT per cent of Britons want urgent strikes on Syria, new poll reveals, Daily Express,, 29th August 2013]


They don't know where any Syrian chemical weapons are.

So does that give Cameron the right to attack any 'suspected' site that 'may' have held, 'may be' holding, or 'could' hold Syrian chemical weapons?

Indeed, what is the definition of a 'target'? A fuel dump?

If so then this would give Cameron and Hague the cover to attack the Syrian Arab Army in general. The only beneficiary of such an attack would be the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum. Such an attack would not immediately depose Assad, but it would alter the balance of power in favour of the rebels and continue the throat cutting for months. But if left to do the job, the Syrian Arab Army could crush the rebels within a month or two, particularly if support for the rebels is stopped (as it should be).

If Cameron and Hague had indisputable proof that Assad had used chemical weapons last Wednesday then we would have been shown it. Instead we have been provided with a 'judgement' by a committee that has a track record of lying, and whose Chairman is usually a Sir, Dame, or CBE, as the current Chairman is. The report provided by that committee contains this big, big lie:
There is no credible intelligence or other evidence to substantiate the claims or the possession of CW by the opposition. The JIC has therefore concluded that there are no plausible alternative scenarios to regime responsibility.

...There is no credible evidence that any opposition group has used CW.

Both Russia and Carla del Ponte have made the most serious accusation against the rebels using chemical weapons. As a result of one of these accusations the rebels massacred 120 civilians at Khan al Assal. The UN investigators were in Syria to investigate this. Instead the UN investigators have been led into investigating last week's events, which Cameron, Obama, Hollande, Netanyahu etc have already concluded, without any UN report, is due to Assad.

But even the committee cannot find a logical explanation for Assad using chemical weapons:
There is no obvious political or military trigger for regime use of CW on an apparently larger scale now, particularly given the current presence in Syria of the UN investigation team.

The reason the committee believes Assad used chemical weapons last week is because of the scale:
It is not possible for the opposition to have carried out a CW attack on this scale. The regime has used CW on a smaller scale on at least 14 occasions in the past. There is some intelligence to suggest regime culpability in this attack. These factors make it highly likely that the Syrian regime was responsible.

I remain unconvinced of the evidence provided thus far by the government.

I remain convinced that Assad and the Syrian Arab Army are innocent of all charges, and that the most likely culprit or culprits are a faction within the opposition, who are facing imminent defeat and desperately need NATO intervention to degrade the Syrian Arab Army and demoralise the Syrian people.


Mwaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaagh.

Impeachment beckons with its coaxing finger.


King Edward VII was the instigator of World War 1. He planned the series of treaties that encircled Germany. His beloved freemasonry then pulled the trigger by assassinating Arch Duke Ferdinand.

Simon Hughes MP was interviewed this morning by Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Radio 5 Live outside The Houses of Parliament.


Edward VII was a sex-obsessed warmonger.

Hughes is not too dissimilar.

Is Hughes the reincarnation of Edward VII?




I am listening to BBC Radio 5 Live this morning. Victoria Derbyshire is outside the Houses of Parliament with a significant number of people providing comments and questions. Quite a few are commenting that there is no possibility of a diplomatic solution, which implies that a military solution is possibly the only way.

The bloodbath in Syria is due to foreign cutthroat Jihadis supported principally by the utopia of freedom, democracy and human rights, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These Jihadis were possibly inserted into Syria by us, the Disunited Fascist Queendom. The evidence for this is provided by the former French foreign minister who commented to LCP that in 2009 he was asked by British officials to help to plan the insertion of these foreign cutthroat Jihadis into Syria.

The Syrian Arab Army is on the verge of a glorious victory over these foreign cutthroat Jihadis. We should not be attacking Syria over unproven allegations against Assad using chemical weapons. We should instead withdraw any and all support that we are providing to the foreign cutthroat Jihadis and allow the brave and competent Syrian Arab Army to do us all a massive favour and annihilate the foreign cutthroat Jihadis. If this policy is implemented today then I would expect that it would be all over by Christmas. Syria could then be allowed to reconstruct itself.


The Guardian has a poll today. As of 1100 a wise 70% are against attacking Syria.

Should Britain take part in a military strike in Syria?

11% Britain should take part, even without a UN mandate
19% Britain should take part, only with a UN mandate
70% Britain should not take part at all

[source : Do you support limited strikes in Syria?, The Guardian,, 29th August 2013]


Israel, the UK and Saudi Arabia have led President Obama down a path, and he has now been left dangling, pissing into the wind, all alone with his undeserved Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama has proclaimed that he has yet to make a decision on attacking Syria. If this is true then he is wise not to have done so.

That Nobel Peace Prize can be taken back.

An even wiser decision would be to have a word with Putin, who in this world of ubiquitous communication, probably has access to a phone. If so, has Putin used it to reach out to Obama?

Will it be Obama, the bungling warmonger, tricked into kicking off World War 3?

Or will it be Obama the Wise, who used some common sense and stepped back from war, to treasure that Nobel Peace Prize with his children, and earning the respect and thanks of many around the world?


I detect a certain amount of fury with Ed Miliband, referring to his amendments as playing politics.


Ed Miliband may have stopped World War 3.

The amendment to the Government motion is very carefully and skillfully worded, in particular the wording of the six points:
1. The UN weapons inspectors, upon the conclusion of their mission in the eastern Ghutah, being given the necessary opportunity to make a report to the security council on the evidence and their findings, and confirmation by them that chemical weapons have been used in Syria;

2. The production of compelling evidence that the Syrian regime was responsible for the use of these weapons;

3. The UN security council having considered and voted on this matter in the light of the reports of the weapons inspectors and the evidence submitted;

4. There being a clear legal basis in international law for taking collective military action to protect the Syrian people on humanitarian grounds;

5. That such action must have regard to the potential consequences in the region, and must therefore be legal, proportionate, time-limited and have precise and achievable objectives designed to deter the future use of prohibited chemical weapons in Syria; and

6. That the prime minister reports further to the House on the achievement of these conditions so that the House can vote on UK participation in such action.

[source : Syria motion: what the House of Commons will debate, The Guardian,, 29th August 2013]

There has definitely been a rush to war by Jihadis Cameron and Hague, with Hague lying (again) in The Daily Telegraph yesterday.

The amendments will take the momentum out of this insane rush to war, by demanding a second vote, and there is very little probability that compelling evidence will be found to prove that Assad used chemical weapons.

A third cheer will be credited if these amendments can be passed and an attack on Syria stopped. But UK media is still pushing the R2P-no-need-for-UN thesis.


The day after UN SCR 1973 was passed, Malcolm Rifkind wrote in The Guardian
Lastly, those military operations that do take place will focus on protecting the civilian population, as opposed to forcing the regime from power. While nearly everyone will wish to see the end of Gaddafi's reign, it will not be for the US or UK to compel that outcome through force of arms.

[source : The first Libyan battle is won, Malcolm Rifkind, The Guardian,, 18th March 2011]

How wrong he was!!

But less than a week later the same Malcolm Rifkind wrote in The Daily Telegraph
The blunt truth is that the dictator needs to be toppled, not only to liberate the Libyans, but also to allow British and other western powers to withdraw.

Liberation can only be achieved by a transformation of the status and powers of those who have risen against Gaddafi. That will require three important decisions to be taken by Britain and the international community.

First, we must stop referring to the anti-Gaddafi fighters as "rebels". Describing them as such implies that the Gaddafi regime is still some sort of legitimate government. It is not. The regime has, effectively, become an outlaw in the eyes of the Libyan people, of the Arab world and of the international community. As it is no longer legitimate, those fighting against it are no longer rebels. They are best described as insurgents or opposition fighters.

[source : Libya: Now we must arm the insurgents so that Gaddafi can be toppled, Malcolm Rifkind, The Daily Telegraph,, 24th March 2011]

Rifkind thought that we wouldn't notice his warmongering. But we did.

And today?

If, as seems certain, however, the inspectors confirm that hundreds were killed and thousands were injured; that would be damning evidence against Assad because only his regime have that chemical weapons capability and the missiles that are needed to deliver the warheads.

...It will need to be limited, proportionate and targeted on Syrian government military sites. Its overwhelming purpose must be to deter the Assad regime from using chemical weapons again and to demonstrate that if it did, it would be seriously punished.

...The stakes are high. Not to respond at all would be far more dangerous than the limited and proportionate military action being contemplated. Wringing our hands and expressing our concern is simply not enough.

[source : The Syrian regime cannot use chemical weapons without being punished, Malcolm Rifkind, The Guardian,, 29th August 2013]

We cannot trust Rifkind. He is as slippery as an eel (and looks like one too!)

Rifkind is one of those warmongers who thinks and sounds suave and sophisticated, but like all warmongers, give him a rifle, a uniform , boots and a helmet, you won't be able to see him for dust coz' he'll be running as fast as he can away from the front line.


In the early hours of the morning, well before sunrise.

Therefore the film reported by INN alleged to show the missiles being fired last Wednesday is a psyop. This indicates a last desperate attempt by Israel to trick us all into believing that Assad did it.



A very interesting video has been reported on by Israel National News in an article entitled Syria Rebels: Video Shows Chemical Launch at and embedded below.

The film appears to show several military men with red berets, possibly a few civilians, and one man in the classic western special op uniform of beige pants, white T shirt and black body warmer/flak jacket. A red lorry delivers the missile, which is transported in a cage. There is writing on the side of the lorry but it is difficult to read. Can the lorry be identified? The background sound implies the film was shot in a busy residential area, with lots of traffic and horns. The area being filmed looks like a dump or recycling plant. Around 4 minutes into the film in the bottom right hand corner there appears to be a flag fluttering, red, white and black, and possibly some green stars but it is difficult to see clearly. The long shadows indicate that the missile is facing either east or west, but due to the busy noise I would guess that it was evening, in which case the missile is fired towards the east. The sound of the missile being fired takes approximately 2 seconds to travel before the camera picks it up indicating the film was shot with a high res camera from approx 1/2 mile away. The men do not appear to wear any kind of protective gear, which is very strange considering they are handling a large chemical weapon. In fact the rough ride the missile has at the site is very dangerous.

And why has it taken 9 days for this to surface, if it is of a missile being fired last Wednesday?

This video needs a thorough analysis, much deeper than this brief amateurish attempt.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


The T-war-y Party.

The Lab-war Party.

The Liber-war-l Democrats, or Liberal Dem-war-crats. (I prefer the latter)

Whatever party is in power, it's war, war, war, preceded by lies, lies, lies.


13:45 GMT: Damascus has handed over proof to UN inspectors that Assad’s regime did not deploy chemical weapons, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Al-Mikdad told reporters Wednesday.

“Syrian government forces have never used chemical weapons – such claims are just a pretext. We have proof of this, which we passed to the inspectors of the UN commission,” Al-Mikdad said.

[source : Syria 'chemical weapons' crisis: LIVE UPDATES, RT,, 28th August 2013]


MPs can only read letters from their constituents. I have already written to my MP about Syria. I encouraged others to write BEFORE last weeks' horrific events. I cannot write to every other MP. I do not have the readership of David Icke either to encourage others to write to their MPs. I would write to Icke myself but each time I have not received a reply. I would expect Icke to have a reader in each constituency.

I therefore plead with David Icke to urgently (and I mean urgently) write a template statement setting out the case against the rebels so that his widespread readership can quickly copy and paste it to email their MP.



This is very encouraging.

A Daily Telegraph poll shows that out of 4100 voters only 13% currently support military action against Syria.

Should the UK pursue military action against Syria?
Yes - And we should be aiming for regime change too. 5.74% (239 votes)

Yes - If the aim is solely to deter further use of chemical weapons. 7.56% (315 votes)

Not yet - We must see the results of the UN chemical weapons investigation first. 11.96% (498 votes)

No - It will prompt an escalation of violence and risk civilian casualties. 26.01% (1,083 votes)

Never - We should stop meddling in other countries' affairs. 48.73% (2,029 votes)

Total Votes: 4,164

[source : Should the UK pursue military action against Syria?, The Daily Telegraph,, 28th August 2013]

I saw this poll earlier this morning, but only about 400 had voted by that time. So I've waited before reporting on this.

The ratios are approximately the same now as then.


The Daily Telegraph is solid Tory, so this indicates a very strong opposition to military action against Syria.

Three quarters of voters say there should be no military action against Syria, regardless of any UN investigation!

Roughly 10% say wait until the UN investigators report.

A paltry 7% agree, but only if the action is to deter further use of chemical weapons.

And just 6% agree and that regime change should occur too (but this has allegedly been ruled out by Jihadis Cameron and Hague).

And even if those who voted to wait for the outcome of the UN investigation decide to support military action the ratio will still be 3:1 AGAINST! i.e. three quarters definitely oppose the folly.

So, advice to Cameron and Hague:
1. your party does not want military action.
2. you will be impeached for lying to Parliament.
3. you will be continuing the slaughter of children by cutthroat Jihadis out of and financed by Saudi Arabia.



There is none.

Assad is defending Syria against an invasion of foreign cutthroat Jihadis backed by that utopia of freedom, democracy and human rights, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the full backing of this Disunited Fascist Queendom, the USA and Israel.

Last year President Obama declared that the use of chemical weapons would cross a red line and change his calculus. The Syrian Arab Army is on the verge of a glorious victory against the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum.


To suggest that Assad would use chemical weapons, and at this time with the rebels being annihilated and UN weapons investigators just down the road, is as Assad recently said, "an insult to common sense".

And as Paddy Pantsdown recently said, repeated by many others, only the rebels have gained from the use of chemical weapons. Any attack on Syria will degrade the Syrian military in general and decrease their resistance to the cutthroat Jihadis.

Cui bono? THE REBELS!

1. rebels filming experiments with chemicals on rabbits and issuing threats
2. rebels arrested with sarin
3. Carla del Ponte states rebels are most likely to have used sarin
4. Russia finds rebels used chemicals at Khan al Assal
5. Civilians and Syrian Arab Army massacred in cold blood at Khan al Assal to cover up rebel use of chemical weapons confirmed by Russia
6. Bandar bin Sultam states he will unleash hell on earth in Syria
7. rebel tunnels and dens found containing shells filled with chemicals, protective gear, etc














William Jihadi Hague has lied to the British people.

He has lied to all Members of Parliament.

He has lied to his family.

He has today lied to every British man, woman and child, disrespecting the lives sacrificed by their ancestors who fought and died in World War 1 and World War 2 for freedom, democracy, truth and justice and all that is good in this world. Hague represents the antithesis of those ideals.

In a desperate plea for Jihad (and I shall explain why Hague is doing this below), Hague has written in The Daily Telegraph lies that would make even Tony Blair shake his head, take a deep intake of breath in shock, and blush with shame and embarrassment.

Here is what Jihadi Hague has written today:

...But it is now infamous for another, equally chilling reason: this is the first time that chemical warfare has been used anywhere in the world in the 21st century.

...The attack took place in an area already controlled by the opposition; regime forces were carrying out a military operation to clear that area; and there is no evidence that the opposition possess any chemical weapons stocks, let alone the capability required to deliver them on the scale needed to cause mass casualties.

[source : William Hague: this is a moment for democratic nations to live up to their values, William Jihadi Hague, The Daily Telegraph,, 27th August 2013 2100hours]

LIE NUMBER 1 : In Operation Cast Lead, a shameful one-sided engineered war by Israel on Gaza in late 2008/early 2009, Israel used phosphorous.

LIE NUMBER 2 : 'the opposition' have filmed their experiments with chemicals, have filmed themselves issuing threats of using chemical weapons, have filmed themselves firing shells containing chemical weapons, have been arrested with chemical weapons, and their tunnels and dens have very often to have been found hiding barrels and barrels of chemicals. But most notably, after the horrific events of last week in Damascus the Syrian Arab Army found in tunnels previously occupied by 'the opposition' shells loaded with chemical weapons, along with pills and protective gear!

The man is an embarrassment, a buffoon, a bloody disgrace, an insult to everything that my grandfathers fought against the Nazis for in World War 2.

This is in effect a declaration of Jihad by William Hague against the British people.

Why is this so?

Because in 2007 an agreement was reached between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia that the latter would unleash the nastiest cutthroat Jihadis onto a list of specific nations. Those nations had been named to General Wesley Clark in 2001 shortly after 9/11. The nations named to Clark were Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. These seven nations were to be attacked over a period of five years. The first four nations were named in a 1996 Zionist warmongering document called A Clean Break. Zionists then took control of the USA through The Project for a New American Century who in 2000 proposed in their warmongering document called Rebuilding America's Defenses a series of multiple simultaneous wars, but specifically targeting Iraq and Iran. This document has been supported by later other warmongering documents which discuss how to target Syria and Hezbollah in an effort to get to Iran. But by 2007 only two of those nations had been attacked; Iraq and Lebanon. So The Redirection was agreed in 2007 to unleash the Jihadis. They needed political cover so The Arab Spring was prepared. Under cover of The Arab Spring the Jihadis were first unleashed onto Libya, and were supported by NATO and British Special Forces. After murdering Gaddafi (who was giving names of al Qaeda to MI6 and CIA), the Jihadis were transported to Syria via Lebanon and Turkey,where ever since they have been cutting the throats of children, beheading unarmed prisoners and priests (even forcing children to do this), indulging in cannibalism, and executing mass murders which our satanically corrupt media gladly blames on Assad, though it usually turns out that such massacres have been committed by 'the opposition' and any massacres that the Syrian Arab Army have committed have been of the cutthroat Jihadis during armed combat (during which 'the opposition' have used chemical weapons, as they did at Khan al Assal).

And British complicity in the current bloodshed in Syria can be found from the statements of the former French foreign minister Roland Dumas who told LCP that in 2009 he was asked by British officials to plan the injection of the cutthroat Jihadis into Syria!

It may be true that the proposed attacks on Syria are not designed to destroy the Assad regime this weekend, or next month, or the month after that, or not even before Christmas. But what these attacks will do is degrade the Syrian military, and demoralise the Syrian people. The former so that there will be defections and losses of numbers so there is a decreased resistance against the cutthroat Jihadis. The latter so that the Syrian people do not replace the losses incurred by the Syrian military, either during the strikes or at the hands of the cutthroats.

Assad and the Syrian Arab Army are annihilating the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum, and are on the verge of a glorious victory. There was no need for Assad to use chemical weapons. But, as previously stated, 'the opposition' have filmed their experiments with chemicals, have filmed themselves issuing threats of using chemical weapons, have filmed themselves firing shells containing chemical weapons, have been arrested with chemical weapons, and their tunnels and dens have very often to have been found hiding barrels and barrels of chemicals. But most notably, after the horrific events of last week in Damascus the Syrian Arab Army found in tunnels previously occupied by 'the opposition' shells loaded with chemical weapons, along with pills and protective gear. Only 'the opposition' stands to gain from using chemical weapons to kill innocent children. They have the demonic psyche, the resources, the means and the motive.

And as yet no conclusive and indisputable evidence has been provided that Assad has used chemical weapons.

William Jihadi Hague wishes to continue this Jihad against the brave Syrian people not by quickly destroying the Syrian military in some kind of Jihadi blitzkrieg but instead by degrading the Syrian military's capability to resist the current, and proposed increase, in numbers of cutthroat Jihadis, and to demoralise the Syrian people.

The Labour Party can bring Hague down, and possibly even Cameron. There is significant opposition in The Conservative Party against strikes on Syria. There is jockeying inside The Conservative Party for the leadership, for the Tory sharks have smelled Cameron's blood. They know Cameron is weak. And I can tell you now, both Cameron and Hague are impeachment bait on this proposed strike on Syria.

This is the opportunity to bring down Hague and Cameron. There is no evidence to show that Assad used chemical weapons, or that he even had the motive to use chemical weapons, for all that has happened is that the UK and USA have given themselves the opportunity to attack Syria. On the other hand there is ample evidence, despite Hague's lies, that 'the opposition' has the psyche, the resources, the means and the motive to use chemical weapons to kill children and blame Assad so that the UK and USA can degrade and demoralise the Syrian resistance to the cutthroat Jihadis so the Jihadis can continue their cutthroat Jihad instead of being wiped out by the Syrian Arab Army.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


File this under "Beelzebub's Bullshit".

Israel has consistently claimed that it is not involved in the events in Syria in any way whatsoever. Ignore A Clean Break. Ignore PNAC. Ignore Rebuilding America's Defenses. Ignore General Wesley Clark.

But if Israel is not involved in the events in Syria then why is Israel playing a key role in providing intelligence on the use of chemical weapons in Syria?
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to hold a second meeting in two days of his security cabinet to discuss the Syria crisis on Tuesday afternoon, amid indications that Israeli intelligence is playing a central role in cementing the US case against Syrian use of chemical weapons ahead of a likely US-led military strike.

Prior to the session, called to discuss the implications for Israel of a possible strike, a top Israeli minister said it would be inconceivable for the international community to allow President Bashar Assad’s regime to continue killing children with chemical weapons.

Naftali Bennett, the minister of economics who sits on the security cabinet, issued what amounted to a demand for military intervention against Assad. “It cannot be that less than 100 kilometers from Israel, children are being gassed to death and we let the world remain silent and ignore it,” Bennett said.

While Israel would almost certainly take no direct part in a military strike, Israeli intelligence information is widely believed to have played a central role in enabling the US’s adamant conviction that Assad’s regime fired chemical weapons at civilians outside Damascus last Wednesday, killing at least hundreds of people and wounding over a thousand, according to Syrian rebel groups.

[source : Israeli intelligence seen as central to US case against Syria, Times of Israel,, 27t August 2013]

Like in a cartoon, Israel is the little devil on Obama's shoulder, whispering into his ear to Attack! Attack! Attack!, but without an angel on the other shoulder.


And how can Israel complain about the alleged use of chemical weapons by Assad, allegedly gassing and killing children (which is a bona fide lie), when in Operation Cast Lead, which can be compared to Israel shooting fish in a barrel, Israel used phosphorous and then unknown substances and weapons on the children of Gaza. The total death toll from Cast Lead is confirmed to be well over 1000 from several sources, including hundreds of children. Cast Lead was planned months in advance by Israel.


What ever happened to sweet innocent Hannah Montana?

Hannah Montana was a secret pop star at night. Miley Cyrus, who played her, is trying to be a pop star, but she is instead rapidly becoming more of a porn star. A week or two ago I blogged that she and a few other 'pop stars' are just puppets designed to drag children and teens into 'the dark side'. There is endless evidence that such 'musicians' push the occult, particularly Lady Gaga and Rihanna (Princess of The Illuminati).

Cyrus apparently gave a performance at the recent MTV awards that was a lot more than just raunchy. Wearing a flesh-coloured very, very, very skimpy outfit, she simulated sex with a male singer live on stage while God knows how many youngsters were watching in the audience and on TV around the world. She is now getting slammed for that degrading and degenerate performance. It was not music. It was an advert for the dark side.

Who is her management team? They need checking out.

Or is she the one pushing herself into the abyss?

Perhaps the tell-tale sign was her hair, pulled tightly into two short horns.

Celebrities, comedians and TV morning show hosts have lined up to compare Miley Cyrus' 'really disturbing' VMAs performance to Japanese porn and now The Parents' Television Council has labeled the former child star's raunchy routine 'sexual exploitation.'

The Hannah Montana star, 20, stripped down to a flesh-colored latex bikini, simulated sex with a foam finger and grinded her behind in the crotch of 36-year-old Robin Thicke during his hit 'Blurred Lines.' Her outfit and crude moves mirrored the naked ladies who gyrate against the older, married singer in his video clip for the track.

But her signature tongue out-twerking appalled everyone, including the non-profit parents' association, which slammed the performance, and blamed MTV for allowing such an 'unacceptable' and exploitative routine to air.

[source : 'It was really, really disturbing': Parents' fury at Miley Cyrus' VMA performance as she desperately tried (and succeeded) to shed her wholesome Disney image by simulating sex acts with a foam finger, Daily Mail,, 27th August 2013]


Right on cue, the warmonger extraordinaire Tony Blair has demanded that we take sides in the Syrian violence and attack Syria. Ignore the debacles and scandals and countless civilian deaths that he caused by sending us into Afghanistan to hunt down an already dead bin Laden and restore opium production, ignore the lies and lies and lies and lies that he told us to invade Iraq in the first war of seven planned wars in five years as revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the mother of all inside Ziojobs 9/11.

Blair as Middle East Peace Envoy is the finest example of how this is one FUBAR planet.

Blair even refers to the "dark days of Saddam". Is that the same Saddam we armed and supported during the 1980s, even 'taking sides' on his side and giving him locations of Iranian troops so that Saddam could use his chemical weapons on those troops, only to then turn on him and trick hm into invading Kuwait and begin the slow grinding down of Iraq so that it could barely defend itself in 2003?

Tony Blair today demanded that Britain and the United States launch military action in Syria.

The former Prime Minister compared the violent Ashar al-Assad regime and its murdering of its own citizens with chemical weapons to the 'dark days of Saddam'.

Mr Blair, who took Britain to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, said this morning that it is 'time we took sides'.

[source : 'It is time we took sides': Tony Blair demands military intervention in Syria comparing al-Assad's regime to the 'dark days of Saddam', Daily Mail,, 27th August 2013]


You can accuse this blog of some things, but you cannot accuse it of inconsistency.

This blog has consistently proposed, since 2005 when I first began, almost every singe day the three world war plan attributed to Albert Pike.

Israel was deliberately created for the third world war.

And 9/11 was the trigger for that third world war.

And Zioimperialists, with criminal elements within the USA, UK and Saudi Arabia did 9/11, but due to A Clean Break, PNAC and their Zionist loyalties, warmongering and power on 9/11, I describe 9/11 as an inside Ziojob. PNAC is the public face of the conspiracy. Behind it are the "dark forces" that Liz mentioned to Paul Burrell who lurk in the shadows (or should that be sewers) of The City of London and in the secret rooms, tunnels and caves where they hold their satanic ceremonies.

Monday, August 26, 2013


We need boots, helmets, uniforms and rifles immediately for the following politicians:
John McCain
William Hague
David Cameron
John Kerry

Once kitted out, load them onto the first plane flying out to Jordan or Turkey, and once there transport them directly to the front line in Aleppo or Damascus as fast as you can. They want war that bad!!


1. rebels filming experiments with chemicals on rabbits and issuing threats
2. rebels arrested with sarin
3. Carla del Ponte states rebels are most likely to have used sarin
4. Russia finds rebels used chemicals at Khan al Assal
5. Civilians and Syrian Arab Army massacred in cold blood at Khan al Assal to cover up rebel use of chemical weapons confirmed by Russia
6. Bandar bin Sultam states he will unleash hell on earth in Syria
7. rebel tunnels and dens found containing shells filled with chemicals, protective gear, etc

The horrific events of Wednesday 21st August 2013 in several suburbs of Damascus can be attributed to the Syrian rebels. They need urgent assistance from NATO because the Syrian Arab Army is annihilating them. There is no logical explanation as to why Assad would use chemical weapons, and at this time, when UN investigators are in Syria to investigate the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian rebels at Khan al Assal, an allegation that has been confirmed by Russia. The evidence was sent to the UN by Russia, the UN reached an agreement with Syria to investigate the allegation themselves, so the Syrian rebels very quickly went back into Khan al Assal and slaughtered every living thing there so that no witnesses could testify against the rebels to the UN investigators.

The 'uprising' in Syria is not an uprising. Nor is it a civil war. The violence in Syria is due to a foreign invasion of really, really nasty cutthroat Jihadis backed principally by Saudi Arabia but also receiving assistance from UK, France, Turkey, Qatar and the USA.

But in the shadows is Israel.

The wars in North Africa and Middle East since 11th September 2001 are due to Zionist imperialists who first proposed a series of wars in their warmongering plan called A Clean Break, which morphed into PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses, which after the mother of all inside Ziojobs 9/11 expanded into a series of wars on seven nations in five years, as revealed to General Wesley Clark. But by 2007 that plan was moribund so the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia agreed that the latter would unleash Jihadis onto those nations named to Clark. The Jihadis first invaded Libya. They are now in Syria, cutting the throats of children, raping, beheading unarmed prisoners and priests, and now using chemical weapons. But they are losing, and face imminent defeat. Hence Bandar's threat to Putin that Bandar would unleash hell on earth in Syria, and the horrific false flag use of chemical agents in Damascus last week in a last desperate bid to drag the USA into bathing naked in the bloodbath.

Anyone who has supported, implemented, or wishes to continue, this mass genocide against the Syrian people by attacking Syria with Cruise missiles or a No Fly Zone is a traitor to the human race and will face the consequences in a court of law charged with crimes against humanity.

We know what has happened.

We know what is going to happen.

You will fail.


Lord Paddy Pantsdown was just on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning 0815 being interviewed about Syria and the possibility of a military strike due to the horrific events of last Wednesday. Pantsdown asked several times "cui bono?", who benefits from those events, and each time he answered his own question that the rebels benefit. But he then went on to state that Assad was guilty and that should be an attack on Syria, on a missile site, or a HQ.

So there you have it, mugged off Ladies and Gentlemen of this Disunited Fascist Queendom.

Lord Pantsdown, member of The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, admits the rebels benefit from the deaths but he still accuses Assad!

Jihadi Hague is a bona fide buffoon.

Paddy Pantsdown is bona fide moron.


Shortly after 9/11, General Wesley Clark was told of a plan for a series of wars on seven nations in five years. The nations named to Clark were:
Iraq (invaded in 2003)
Lebanon (Israel lost a war against Hezbollah in 2006)
Libya (invaded by NATO cutthroat Jihadis in 2011)
Syria (invaded by NATO cutthroat Jihadis in 2011)

You can watch Clark talk about this on YouTube.

9/11 was initially blamed on Osama bin Laden. Then Secretary of State Colin Powell said he was going to produce a dossier of evidence implicating bin Laden. He never did. The British Government proclaimed that it had produced a 21 page dossier on bin Laden's culpability, but admitted that the evidence would never stand up in a court of law. Several years before 9/11 there were opportunities to either kill bin Laden or to have him handed over, most notably by the Taliban themselves. All these opportunities were refused.


Because Osama bin Laden was a patsy.

He was also either dying or dead from Marfan Syndrome by the time of the actual invasion of Afghanistan. On 9/11 he was on his death bed requiring regular kidney dialysis.

We went into Afghanistan not for bin Laden. We went into Afghanistan for opium. The Taliban had almost eradicated opium farming, but within a few years of NATO presence opium harvests were at record levels. Afghanistan is also important for fossil fuel transit pipelines.

And as for Iraq? They said they knew Iraq WMDs. They said the WMDs could be launched and hit our backyard barbecues within 45 minutes. They said they knew where the WMDs were. Colin Powell stretched comedy to its limits at the UN. And there was all that talk about Yellow Cake, and suggestions that Iraq also did 9/11. So in March 2003 we invaded Iraq. And guess what? NOTHING! Ten years later and nothing. NO WMDs. No mobile chemical weapons labs. No evidence that Iraq was involved in 9/11.


Israel engineered a war on Hezbollah in 2006, but somehow managed to lose.

So by 2007 the plan for war on seven nations in five years was moribund. A Plan B was then agreed between criminal elements of the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia that the latter would unleash the worst cutthroat Jihadis onto those nations named to Clark.

The first to suffer was Libya. The cutthroat Jihadis were assisted by British Special Forces.

After killing Gaddafi, the cutthroat Jihadis were transported to Syria via Turkey and Lebanon, and they have been slaughtering anyone who is pro-Assad; Sunni, Shia, Christian, ever since.

But after 2 1/2 years, the Syrian people are still supporting their President. And that support is growing. Members of the Free Syria Army are taking up the amnesty offered by Assad because they now realise that the 'uprising' in Syria was in reality an invasion by foreign Jihadis backed by foreign governments and interests. This is reinforced by the claim of former French foreign minister Roland Dumas that in 2009 he was asked by British officials to help plan how to get the Jihadis into Syria.

The Syrian Arab Army is on the verge of a glorious victory against this foreign-backed terrorist scum. We should be cheering the Syrian Arab Army on, saluting their bravery as they destroy the cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum.

There is no need for the Syrian Arab Army to use chemical weapons. They are clearly competent enough to crush the rebels without using such weapons.

But just two weeks ago Bandar bin Sultan was in Russia and met with Putin. Bandar, the Prince of Jihad, warned Putin that he, Bandar, was going to unleash hell on earth in Syria in a last desperate bid to defeat Assad. Last week we saw hell on earth in several suburbs of Damascus. Hundreds dead. Many of them children. Chemical weapons are alleged to have been used. As yet nobody, Cameron, Hague, Fabius, Netanyahu, nobody has given a credible reason as to why Assad, or even his brother Maher, would use chemical weapons against Syrian civilians when all it would do is alienate Assad from the Syrian population who give him their overwhelming support, and also, as we see now, provoke cries demanding immediate war and/or humanitarian intervention.

But the Syrian Arab Army found chemicals in the tunnels used by the cutthroats. Guess where the chemicals came from? Yep. That utopia of freedom, democracy and human rights, Saudi fucking Arabia.

The rebels have filmed their experiments with chemicals.

The rebels have filmed themselves issuing threats of using chemical weapons.

The rebels have been caught with kilograms of sarin, and their dens are frequently found to contain barrels and barrels of chemicals.

Only the rebels, on the verge of total annihilation, benefit from using chemical weapons against Syrian civilians. Only the rebels benefit from direct military intervention against Assad by the Zioimperialists. But in order to drum up support for this the rebels must mug us all off and kill hundreds of Syrian civilians and have our media blame Assad.

Our leaders know this.

Our leaders are lying through their teeth.

They always have. They always will.

They lied in 2001.

They lied in 2002.

They lied in 2003.

They lied then.

They are lying now.












Sunday, August 25, 2013


Assad is allowing the UN investigators to inspect the sites involved in Wednesday's horrific attack.

The current claim is that Syria will be attacked if it is found that Assad used chemical weapons.

But a word is missing, and that word is "conclusively".

What if the UN inspectors find that, yes, chemical weapons were used (though that is beyond doubt), but they are unsure of who used them, i.e. that both sides may have used them, so that in effect Assad could have used chemical weapons.

What then?

I think that the credibility of some powerful and influential people and organisations has been put on the line over this week's diabolical events, so much so that they cannot afford to be seen to be wrong. The fix is in. Cameron, Hague and Debkafile could lose all credibility if it is found that Bandar's Bastard Bandits, and only Bandar's Bastard Bandits, used chemical weapons on Wednesday. The Israeli leadership stands to lose also. I therefore think that no matter what the investigators conclude, Syria will be attacked and it will escalate quickly. Putin must have given Assad some reassurances about responses to Syria being attacked.

Perfidious Albion.

La perfide Albion.

La perfida Albione.

Das perfide Albion.


Patrick Cockburn writes for The Independent. He is accusing Assad of the horrific events of Wednesday. But at least he provides a possible reason. Besides using the "only Assad could have killed on such a massive scale" argument, Cockburn proposes:
If the Syrian leadership knew that chemical weapons were going to be used, what could be their motive? They may be so convinced of American weakness and so confident of the backing of Russia and Iran that they feel they can ignore international condemnation. They may have seen Egypt's security forces shoot down hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood supporters on 14 August and thought, "If they can get away with it, so can we." Even so, the benefits of such an operation were always going to be outweighed by political costs abroad.

Other factors, too, may have been at work. The Middle East has been bubbling, this past year, with exaggerated talk of US political and military decline, pumped up by visits from US politicians such as Senator John McCain denouncing White House "cowardice". No doubt the US has a weaker position in the Middle East because of the Iraq and Afghan wars, when its army failed to defeat limited guerrilla forces. But US and Nato intervention in Kosovo in 1999 was cited last week as an example of interventions that succeeded.

...But the action is also a sign of weakness, suggesting the Syrian army cannot capture with conventional arms districts such as Jobar close to the centre of Damascus.

[source : Did Syria gas its own people? The evidence is mounting..., The Independent,, 25th August 2013]

So according to Cockburn, because he is "so convinced of American weakness" and that "the Syrian army cannot capture with conventional arms districts such as Jobar close to the centre of Damascus", Assad just decided to kill approximately 1000 of his own people, including lots of children, thus giving Cameron and Hague and Netanyahu and Kerry and Fabius and Hollande the casus belli to attack Syria.

Cockburn concludes:
The Syrian government denies it had anything to do with the gas attack, but it has not given a credible account of what did happen. Initially, there was disbelief that it would do something so patently against its own interests, but all the evidence so far is that it has done just that.

But the main point I take from Cockburn's drivel is that even though he recognises that the rebels may have tried to fake evidence of chemical weapons use before, this time they are the pinnacle of righteousness and virtue. Cockburn writes:
...By the same token, the opposition has tried by every means to secure armed intervention by the US and its allies sufficient to win the war.

The action by the Syrian government most likely to push an unwilling White House into military involvement has been the open use of chemical weapons against civilians. Damascus has furiously denied in the past that it had done so and proof has been lacking. Rebel accusations might have been fabricated and claims by Western governments were tainted by propaganda.

But as stated, Cockburn accuses Assad simply because of the reported large numbers of dead, not because of any proof, and he also refuses to address the possibility that this time the rebels are once again fabricating evidence. But as we are beginning to hear, the numbers of dead are being significantly revised down, from initial estimates of approaching 2000 down to less than 400. And 400 dead over three areas is possible from a small quantity of deadly chemicals if the concentrations of the chemicals and target human populations are high enough.

Cockburn married into the extremely wealthy Jewish Montefiore family. His wife is a direct descendent of the same Moses Montefiore who devoted his life and fortune to establishing a Jewish colony in Palestine.

So that is one 'respected' 'journalist' dealt with.

Now, onto The Guardian/Observer.

The Guardian is the controlled left. It pushed mass genocide at Copenhagen, and supports Mikhail Khordokovsky. It ran the Iraq War Logs of Wikileaks and is currently running the Snowden revelations. The result of the latter is that Russia and the USA are not now talking to each other at this crucial stage of troubled international diplomatic relations. Snowden is a wrecker. So well done to The Guardian and Snowden.

The Editorial of The Observer today is as blatant a leftist call for war that you will ever read, citing R2P. The editorial does not accuse Assad of using weapons, it merely addresses the use of chemical weapons by persons as yet unknown, and that such use must be stopped by attacking missile sites. But whose missile sites?
Yet the case for military intervention has still to be made. Obama seems intent, rightly, on getting international agreement for an even more limited form of action – securing chemical weapons or neutralising missile sites. And, looking back at Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, who can say with any certainty that the lives of Syrians would improve in the long term if such a course of action was taken?

But as the situation deteriorates, there is a responsibility on all our parts to engage meaningfully with this debate and consider the choices we might face. If, after due consideration, the decision is made to leave well alone, we will at least be clearer as to why we have made that choice.

[source : Choosing between bad options in Syria becomes ever more complex, The Observer,, 25th August 2013]

Again, the presumption is that Assad is guilty. There is no mention of destroying the rebels and their weapons. Or that the rebels are guilty. The editorial is classic R2P.

The classic R2P editorial concludes:
We can avert our eyes when "suspected" chemical attacks take place. Can we still avert our eyes if they are proved to have taken place? The answer may still be yes, but let's explain to those caught in the Syrian nightmare why that is so.

Yes, let's explain why there is a Syrian nightmare, shall we?

Let's explain that in 1996 Zionists wrote A Clean Break demanding war on Iraq, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

Let's explain that Zionists formed The Project for a New American Century calling for a global warmongering rampage but recognising the need for a "new Pearl Harbor".

Let's explain that on 9/11 the PNAC Zionists were in charge of the US military as four alleged hijacked passenger planes flew unimpeded around US airspace for nearly two hours before flying into The Pentagon, thus providing that "new Pearl Harbor".

Let's explain that shortly after 9/11 General Wesley Clark was told of the PNAC Zionist plan for war on seven nations in five years; Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah), Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

Let's explain that by 2007 this plan was moribund so a Plan B was agreed between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia that the latter would unleash the nastiest cutthroat Jihadis onto those nations named to Clark.

Let's explain that the Jihadis were first sent into Libya where they received assistance from British Special Forces.

Let's explain that after killing our former ally in the Global War on Terror, Colonel Gaddafi (who was giving names of al Qaeda to MI6 and CIA), the Jihadis and weapons looted from the arsenal of the Libyan military were transported to Syria via Turkey and Lebanon.

Let's explain that in 2009 former French foreign minister Roland Dumas was asked by British officials to help plan the invasion of Syria by these Jihdadis.

Let's explain that Russia proved that the rebels used chemical weapons at Khan al Assal, prompting the rebels to massacre every living thing there so that no survivors could testify to UN investigators.

And let's explain that the rebels have filmed their experiments with chemicals, have filmed themselves issuing threats of using chemical weapons, their dens have been found to have contained barrels of chemicals, and the rebels have been arrested with kilograms of chemical weapons.

Yes, let's explain that despite all this evidence, our glorious leaders still accuse Assad of killing 1000 of his own people for no apparent reason, to give them the perfect casus belli to bomb Syria to smithereens.

This, oh mugged off people of Great Britain, is your media, your leadership, your country.



We now see the true purpose of Edward Snowden. Obama and Putin were due to meet next month but, due to Russia curiously protecting Ed Snowden, that meeting will not take place. Relations between the USA and Russia have deteriorated since Snowden.

At this crucial hour, Presidents Obama and Putin must put aside their egos and talk.

This is a very, very serious situation that could easily escalate into a planned World War 3.


The NATO media has been relentless in its recalling of President Obama stating last year that the use of chemical weapons by Assad would cross a red line and change his calculus.

So let's look at what has happened since then.

In September last year there was a tragic event in Benghazi, Libya in which Ambassador Stevens was murdered. Obama was immediately blamed. However, a few months earlier it was decided at the Bilderberg meeting that Romney would be the next President of the United States of America. The event in Benghazi was designed to Carterize Obama, to make him look weak and ineffectual. A few weeks later there was a drastic culling of high ranking military personnel. It looked Obama had destroyed a potential coup. Romney was a good personal friend of Israeli PM Netanyahu. As President, Romney would have implemented fascism and also attacked Syria and Iran.

After Christmas a series of scandals began to emerge, all implicating Obama personally. At the same time there was tremendous pressure put on Obama to intervene in Syria. There were allegations that Assad had used chemical weapons, and that he ordered an attack in Turkey. The accusers were the usual suspects: Cameron, Netanyahu, Erdogan. There were also calls for Obama to resign, or to impeach Obama. These would have resulted in self-confessed Zionist Biden becoming President. All this occured as the Syrian Arab Army assisted by Hezbollah began to destroy the cutthroat Jihadis, with stunning victory after stunning victory, culminating in the glorious victory of the liberation of al Qusair. In response the cutthroats massacred whole Christian villages such as al Duvair.

A few months ago the USA finally said that it believed that Assad had used chemical weapons and promised more aid to the rebels. But as yet there is little sign that that aid has been provided. One of the alleged massacres by chemical weapons occured at Khan al Assal, but Russia has shown that the cutthroats did that. The cutthroats then returned to the scene of their crime and massacred every living thing so that there were no survivors to testify to the UN investigators who are now in Syria.

And in an act of desperation, under the guidance of William Jihadi Hague, Bonesman John Kerry attempted a soft coup at a Principals Committee Meeting and tried to persuade CJCS Dempsey to attack Syria.

So it is blatantly obvious that
1. there is an international effort to drag the USA into attacking Syria
2. President Obama has been reluctant to acquiesce.

The current situation in Syria is that
1. the Syrian Arab Army is on the verge of a glorious victory
2. President Assad has the very high and still rising support of the Syrian people
3. many members of the Free Syria Army are accepting the amnesty offered by Assad because they now realise that the 'uprising' in Syria was in reality an invasion by foreign terrorists financed from abroad

With this evidence before you, why would President Assad suddenly decide to use chemical weapons to kill approximately 1000 Syrian civilians, and thus risk losing the support he has from the Syrian people and provide the casus belli for the warmongers to persuade President Obama to attack Syria?

Nobody has provided any credible reason as to why Assad would do this, and why now? Nobody. Cameron. Hague. Hollande. Fabius. Netanyahu. Kerry.


Why? Because there is no reason for him to do so.

President Obama has so far been very, very wise to have refused to attack Syria.

He would be very, very wise to refuse now.

The evidence is mounting that the rebels, Bandar's Bandits, the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum, planned and then executed the horrific events of Wednesday 21st August 2013 in a desperate attempt to trick President Obama into attacking Syria. This would concur with reports that Bandar bin Sultan of the utopia of freedom, democracy and human rights, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was soon going to unleash hell on earth in Syria, and also in Lebanon.

Only the rebels and their backers have benefited from the horrific events of Wednesday.

An attack on Syria would probably fulfill the plan for three world wars that this blog has been consistently suggesting has been the blueprint for modern history.


It is Israel not Assad who is in panic mode.

It is Israel who is cornered and desperate.

You would not believe it from reading the media, but that is the case.

For it is Israel behind 9/11 and the subsequent wars in The Middle East.

I missed this article in The Daily Mail but it possibly has high importance to it, because it suggests that Assad may be preparing a surprise chemical weapons attack on Israel.
Desperate men will resort to desperate measures. And President Bashar al-Assad, the ruthless dictator of Syria, is a desperate man.

...For experienced observers believe that President Assad may be plotting a surprise attack against Israel in a desperate attempt to distract attention away from his internal troubles and transform himself into a hero across the Arab world.

News has emerged this week that Syria has armed the Lebanese Islamist group Hezbollah, which is fiercely hostile to Israel, with several ballistic missiles and a number of smaller rockets, each with a range of 150 miles — far enough to strike Tel Aviv.

The Syrian government has even warned that it could deploy its stockpile of chemical weapons if ‘exposed to external aggression’. Given the tense state of its relations with Israel, a border clash or other diplomatic incident would be easy to fabricate.

[source : Cornered and desperate, will Assad unleash a catastrophic chemical weapon attack against Israel?, The Daily Mail,, 24th August 2013]

But Assad is not the man in trouble. There are several men in trouble, and they are Benjamin Netanyahu and Bandar bin Sultan, with William Jihadi Hague catching up fast.

Is Netanyahu prepared to unleash a false flag attack on Israeli soil killing Israelis? It is possible. I believe that Israel either allowed or executed the attack in Burgas last year, because within hours Netanyahu said he knew who was behind it, and even said that the bombers were going to London to bomb the Olympics so we must therefore attack Iran!

So why is Israel in big trouble?

Zionists wrote A Clean Break which called for Israel to wage war on Iraq, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. On 9/11 Zionists, in the demonic form of The Project for a New American Century, was in control of the US military as four alleged hijacked passenger planes flew unimpeded around the most protected airspace in the world for nearly two hours to finally fly into the WTC and even The Pentagon! PNAC had earlier written in Rebuilding America's Defenses that the USA should go on a global warmongering rampage but recognised that a "new Pearl Harbor" would be needed to persuade a sceptical American public to support such a bloodbath. 9/11 was that "new Pearl Harbor". Shortly after 9/11 PNAC members planned a series of wars on seven nations in five years. The target list consisted of those named in A Clean Break, plus anti-Israel Libya and Sudan, and Somalia. This was revealed to General Wesley Clark.

But by 2007 there had been only two wars, the first on Iraq, and the second on Hezbollah. So a Plan B to unleash vicious cutthroat Jihadis onto those nations named to Clark has been implemented, agreed between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The Jihadis were first sent into Libya. They are now in Syria.

But the Syrian Arab Army is a totally different beast to the Libyan military, and the cutthroat Jihadis are facing imminent defeat.

There is no other option left for Israel and its allies than to attack Syria in an act of naked aggression. The false flag of 9/11 failed. The cutthroat Jihadis have failed. Hence there is now open talk of the Kosovo Option, i.e. humanitarian intervention. Lord Malloch Brown was on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning pushing this option, acknowledging that there will be casualties but the use of chemical weapons by Assad must be stopped. However, Malloch Brown failed to mention that there is no credible evidence that Assad used chemical weapons, mocked the possibility that the rebels used chemical weapons as a stunt, and failed to provide any reason as to why Assad would use chemical weapons at this time, when the Syrian Arab Army is on the verge of a glorious victory and the use of such weapons has provided the warmongers with the casus belli to be now openly discussing bypassing the UN Security Council and bombing Syria.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


My case against Bandar bin Sultan just got stronger.
Syrian rebels have used chemical weapons against regime forces in the Damascus suburb of Jobar, where soldiers discovered stockpiles of toxic poisoning antidotes, state media reports.

According to SANA citing “an official source” suffocation cases among army soldiers have been reported.

The source told the agency that army unit pushed into the area, where soldiers were attacked, and seized a warehouse containing material labeled 'Made in KSA' as well as a large number of protective masks.

In addition, the army discovered a stockpile of chemical poisoning antidotes with 'The Qatari-German Company for Pharmaceutical Industries' label on them.

[source : Syrian rebels use toxic chemicals against govt troops near Damascus - state media, RT,, 24th August 2013]

1. Bandar bin Sultan
2. David Cameron
3. William Jihadi Hague
4. Abdullah, The King of Saudi Arabia

Look. Bandar's Bastards have been:
1. caught with kilograms of Sarin
2. chased out of their dens which were then found to have been hiding barrels of chemicals for weapons
3. filmed themselves experimenting with chemical weapons on rabbits
4. filmed themselves issuing threats of using chemical weapons

On the other hand, there is no logical explanation, and none has yet been provided, as to why President Bashar al Assad would decide, when UN investigators are just down the road, to use chemical weapons against his own people when it is exactly what the instigator of all the wars subsequent to 9/11, Israel, wants so that it and its allies can pressure Obama into attacking Syria.

For 2 1/2 years the brave Syrian people and their brave and competent military have stood up to the Zioimperialists. Syria is on the verge of a glorious victory, as den after den after den of Bandar's Bastards is destroyed and their occupants either killed or chased away. There is no need for Assad to use such weapons now and in this manner. For the events of Wednesday have brought intervention by the USA much closer.

There is only one beneficiary from over 1000 Syrians dying and several thousand seeking treatment.

And that is Bandar's Bastards, the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum, inserted into Syria with the shameful assistance of my very own Disunited Fascist Queendom, as exposed by Roland Dumas to LCP, as part of The Redirection reported by Seymour Hersh in 2007 after the plan for war on seven nations in five years as revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11 became moribund.


The Israeli intelligence asset Debkafile is reporting that they have the facts about the alleged chemical weapons attack on Wednesday. They say:
1. shells loaded with poison gas were fired by the 155th Brigade of the Syrian Arab Army’s 4th Division which is headed by President Bashar Asad’s younger brother General Maher Assad.
2. the shells were fired from the Mount Kalmun army base south of Damascus
3. these shells can only be loaded and fired with the permission of Maher and his brother President Bashar.
4. the attack was coordinated with Hezbollah and Iran, with four rockets fired into Israel (even though the two events were nearly 48 hours apart!)

Debkafile does not say how it came across this detailed information. Israeli Channel 2 has reported this also. I don't know who knew first, but I assume Debkafile.

I detest Debkafile. It is so blatantly an Israeli intelligence asset. Anyone who believes Debkafile is a fucking grade A moron. I remember one report from a few years ago when it said that Osama bin Laden was alive and well and living it up in Tehran!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this. On the one hand it ramps up the pressure on President Obama to intervene, particularly when the Debkafile report says,
The facts are known and the evidence is present. And the price for refusing to come down to earth and putting an immediate stop to this horrifying precedent may be unimaginably grim – not just for Israel and Jordan – but for the rest of the Middle East and beyond.

[source : The sarin shells fired on Damascus - by Syrian 4th Division’s 155th Brigade - were followed by rockets on Israel and car bombings in Lebanon, Debkafile,, 24th August 2013]

On the other hand, it shows some desperation, doesn't it? To blame Assad's brother? Without evidence? Throws some doubt into Bashar's mind about the loyalty and competence of his brother, Maher?

It's such a load of bollocks anyway.

I have yet to read or hear or see anyone provide a credible reason as to why Bashar or Maher would kill over 1000 Syrians, when the Syrian Arab Army is on the verge of a glorious victory over Bandar's Bastards, when Bashar enjoys the very high and still growing loyalty of Syrians, and unleashing such hell would give the USA the casus belli to attack Syria.

I mean, what is happening now? USA, France and UK all demanding immediate intervention. And now Israel has somehow found out who called the shot and from where. Isn't that a very convenient load of bollocks!?!?!?!?!?!?

9/11 can be attributed to Israel.

All the wars since 9/11 can be attributed to Israel and their A Clean Break plan and the plan revealed to General Wesley Clark.

Now all the panic can be attributed to Israel.

Their plan is falling apart.

They know it.

We know it.

President Obama must stay strong and be very, very wise, as he so far been regarding Syria, and refuse to intervene directly in Syria. He was wise a few months ago despite all the pressure from Cameron, Netanyahu and Erdogan. It turned out those allegations were false. The current allegations are also false.

I remind President Obama of the Truth Serum Report of the Year 2012 published in Press TV:
Some of the same high-level sources who point to Richard Clarke as the US boss of the Israeli-instigated 9/11 false flag operation also claim that President Obama, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Dempsey, and other powerful Americans are considering exposing the truth about 9/11 during a second Obama term. In other words, Obama's re-election could put Israel out of business, and get Netanyahu hanged from the nearest lamp-post.

[source : Israel seeks war on Iran to keep lid on 9/11, PressTV,, 21st September 2012]

President Obama can hammer the final stake into the heart of the Israeli vampire by refusing to intervene in Syria. A lot of people all over the world would be very, very grateful if he did so.


Ten years ago they said Iraq was involved in 9/11.

Ten years ago they said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Ten years ago they said these weapons of mass destruction could be launched within 45 minutes and they were aimed at all our backyard barbecues.

Ten years ago they said they knew where these weapons of mass destruction were.

Ten years ago they said these weapons of mass destruction were North, South, East and West of Baghdad and around Tikrit.

Ten years ago they said Iraq had mobile chemical weapons factories.

Ten years ago they said the invasion of Iraq would be a doddle.

Ten years ago they said casualties would be minimal.

Ten years ago they lied.

Ten years ago they mugged us all off, and lied and lied and lied.

We now know
1. Iraq was not involved in 9/11.
2. Iraq did not have WMDs.
3. We killed approaching one million Iraqi civilians, including many during the 1990s when a No Fly Zone was imposed over Iraq and sanctions imposed on Iraq after Saddam was tricked into invading Kuwait.
4. We used depleted uranium weapons leading to a terrible and drastic rise in birth defects in Iraqi children.



Ten years ago they lied.

They are lying again.


Jobar is one of those suburbs where chemical weapons are suspected of being used on Wednesday. The Syrian Arab Army has entered tunnels held by Bandar's Bastards and found chemicals. Some soldiers were overcome by the fumes.
Syrian army soldiers have found chemical agents when they entered rebel tunnels in Damascus suburb of Jobar, Syrian TV reports, adding that some of them started suffocating.

Soldiers "entered the terrorists’ tunnels and saw chemical agents," state television quoted a "news source" as saying. "In some cases, soldiers started suffocating while entering Jobar," it said.

"Ambulances came to rescue the people who were suffocating," it added.

[source : Syrian soldiers find chemical agents in rebel tunnels near Damascus- state TV, RT,, 24th August 2013]

Obama would be very, very wise, as he has so far been, to not attack Syria.


Bandar's Bastards are smuggling out samples from blood, body parts and hair hoping to get them to the UN investigators.

Syrian activists said on Friday they are smuggling out body tissue samples from victims of an alleged chemical weapons attack outside Damascus, according to the Reuters news agency.

The activists said they were trying to get the samples to a team of United Nations inspectors staying in a hotel a few miles away.

[source : Syrian Rebels Smuggling Evidence of Chemical Attack, Israel National News,, 23rd August 2013]

A few days have now passed and a clearer picture is emerging of what occured on Wednesday 21st August.

Some images said to be of the aftermath of the attack were uploaded onto YouTube with a date stamp of the day before the events occured. And there is some doubt about the authenticity of some of the images. There is no doubt that something was used and did kill many people, but it also appears that there is a pre-planned psyop to artificially inflate the numbers of dead. This would imply foreknowledge of the events, because such a psyop takes time to prepare, to find the film crew, actors, resources, location, etc. And the only group to benefit from inflating the numbers of dead are the rebels, or Bandar's Bastards.

So neither Assad, or the Syrian Arab Army, or a rogue officer delivered any kind of chemical weapon.

I very strongly suspect Bandar bin Sultan, the Prince of Jihad. He said he was going to unleash hell on earth in Syria to embarrass Putin into dumping Assad.


And please, please, please kick William Jihadi Hague out of the FCO before he starts World War 3. The man is a buffoon, an insult to all that my grandfathers fought for in World War 2. He has to go immediately.

Friday, August 23, 2013


Bandar bin Sultan is The Prince of Jihad.
Bandar recently visited Moscow to negotiate in his capacity as the “Prince of the Mujahideen” in Syria, including those who hail from Chechnya, Dagestan, and the Caucasus in Russia’s backyard. From Dagestan alone, more than a hundred fighters are enlisted in the al-Qaeda-affiliated Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, which is active in northern Syria.

Many of these Russian fighters and their Syrian comrades are (theoretically) under the command of a single man: Bandar bin Sultan. For one thing, the top Saudi security man is their main financier, arms source, and their virtual political spokesperson, whether directly or through his deputy, the head of the Syrian National Coalition Ahmad al-Jarba.

...Bandar is optimistic about Syria, and has told those who met with him recently that he has been given up to eight months to arm and consolidate the rebel ranks to tip the balance of power on the Syrian battlefield.

...Bandar has purported that the coming two months will see the efforts to train and arm the opposition start to bear fruit. But the Saudi intelligence chief also spoke to his visitors about the difficulties he is facing, including the fragmentation of the fighters and the inability to train more than 300 rebels each month. Concerning arms, Bandar complained about how the weapons he sends often ends up in the hands of al-Qaeda fighters and their ilk.

[source : Bandar, the Prince of Jihad: Expect a Syrian Shift in Power, Al Akhbar,, 6th August 2013]

The Syrian rebels shall henceforth be known as Bandar's Bastards.


Because we let them.

For f.......


Last year, William Jihadi Hague fell for the bullshit that was initially put out by the Syrian rebels about the massacre at al Houla in which well over 100 Syrian civilians were slaughtered. The rebels blamed Shabiha from surrounding villages. But after a few days a much clearer picture emerged of what really happened. It turned out that most of the dead were members of just two families, who were Sunni (like most of the rebels) but pro Assad/anti-rebel. For that they paid with their lives, children included.

Hague is falling for the bullshit again.

In a news interview today, Hague has again accused Assad of another massacre using chemical weapons. Hague "believes" Assad did it, and wants the UN inspectors to go in to investigate asap because "the evidence will deteriorate over a matter of days."

He also has a go at conspiracy theorists.
Now I know that some people in the world would like to say this is some kind of conspiracy brought about by the opposition in Syria. I think the chances of that are vanishingly small and so we do believe that this is a chemical attack by the Assad regime on a large scale. But we would like the United Nations to be able to assess that, so that for those who don’t believe that, for those who doubt, the evidence can be gathered. But that is certainly our opinion.

[source : Foreign Secretary: UN must get access to chemical attack site, FCO,, 23rd August 2013]

Hague uses the "if they have nothing to hide then they have nothing to fear" argument, the same argument he and his ilk use to implement intrusive police state policies.

And Hague, despite telling us of his belief, does not provide a reason why Assad would do this, and at this time.

But Hague also had this to say:
This is not something that a humane or civilised world can ignore. Our priority is to make sure the world knows the facts of what has happened and that means the UN team that is in Damascus, only 20 minutes travel away, being able to get there and to investigate.

A humane or civilised world would not send cutthroat Jihadis into Syria, but someone did, and Cameron must have given some kind of green light because the former French foreign minister Roland Dumas told LCP that in 2009 he was asked by British officials to help plan how to get such rebels into Syria.

The UN team that is "only 20 minutes travel away" is in Syria to investigate three previous allegations of chemical weapons used, one of which has been shown by Russia to have been committed by the rebels, who then returned to the scene of their crime to eliminate all eyewitnesses in a massacre of 120 civilians at Khan al Assal.

Last week when I heard that the King of Saudi Arabia was calling for Egypt to oppress the Muslim Brotherhood, accusing them of terrorism and destabilisation, I knew something was going down. I then learned that the Saudi Foreign Minister had visited France to meet with Hollande, who after the meeting swiftly changed his initial opposition to the oppression of the MB to support.

There is some kind of trap being set here. If Assad doesn't let the UN investigators to inspect this latest allegation then there may be a move by the DFQ, France, etc to withdraw the UN investigation team altogether and the three attacks that they were supposed to investigate do not get investigated and the rebels' complicity cannot be proven by the UN. But if Assad does let them in then we know what the DFQ is like. They will refuse to acknowledge any other conclusion than Assad did it, and launch some kind of attack, even if film is found of the rebels handling the bomb, firing it and shouting Allah U Akbar as hundreds die in agony.

Assad has stood up to the Zioimperialists for well over two years. The Syrian Arab Army is on the verge of a glorious victory. Killing over 1000 of his own people now would be suicidal for Assad. It would give the Zioimperialists the casus belli to attack Syria directly. Assad also has 70% of the Syrian people supporting him, 20% are neutral and just 10%, for whatever perverted reason, support the rebels. Hague refuses to see this in The Twisted Little World of Hague. To Hague the rebels are killer angels.

Bandar bin Sultan is the prime suspect. He said he was going to unleash hell on earth in Syria. If the result of whatever occured on Wednesday, shown in many pictures as Hague himself recognises, is not hell, then I don't know what is.

Arrest Bandar bin Sultan. If not for Wednesday's events then for 9/11.