Monday, September 30, 2013


The big ship sailed on the ally-ally-oh
The ally-ally-oh, the ally-ally-oh
Oh, the big ship sailed on the ally-ally-oh
On the last day of September.

The captain said it will never, never do
Never, never do, never, never do
The captain said it will never, never do
On the last day of September.

The big ship sank to the bottom of the sea
The bottom of the sea, the bottom of the sea
The big ship sank to the bottom of the sea
On the last day of September.

We all dip our hands in the deep blue sea
The deep blue sea, the deep blue sea
We all dip our hands in the deep blue sea
On the last day of September.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


(This was posted on 28th October 2012.)

Yesterday David Icke tried to show that everything that Doctor Richard Day stated in a speech in 1969 said would happen has happened or is happening. Day was National Medical Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored "Planned Parenthood". The speech was recalled by Dr Lawrence Dunegan and this recollection can be found at

Stuff that Day stated would happen is
1. abortion would become normal
2. so would euthanasia (see latest news about The Liverpool Care Pathway in the UK and death panels in the USA)
3. sex not for reproduction, children produced in labs and only to those deemed worthy, and limited to 2 unless the parents were considered exceptional in which case they would be permitted more than 2 children
4. homosexuality promoted
5. the family unit destroyed
6. owning private property discouraged and in most cases unaffordable
7. education,
a. more time spent in schools but less learned
b. schools more of a community service
c. access to information strictly controlled
d. books would disappear
8. alcohol and drug abuse would be encouraged
9. medical aid restricted

Day mentioned much much more, like accepting the UN, falsified scientific research (and Icke pointed out the global man-made warming bollocks was exactly that), American heavy industry would be exported to destroy the USA but this would be presented as "saving the planet", and could have ranted on for hours more but was limited for time.

But regarding terrorism, apparently terror would occur in Europe, and only in the USA if the USA was not conforming to the plan.

Now this is of great interest to me because I am a strong believer in the plan for three world wars requiring the creation of Israel. It is possible that this plan has been Plan B and only implemented as a last resort due to the risk involved of actually losing a fight. However, Dunegan claimed,

Anyhow, the new system would be brought in, if not by peaceful cooperation -everybody willingly yielding national sovereignty- then by bringing the nation to the brink of nuclear war. And everybody would be so fearful as hysteria is created by the possibility of nuclear war that there would be a strong public outcry to negotiate a public peace and people would willingly give up national sovereignty in order to achieve peace, and thereby this would bring in the New International Political System. This was stated and very impressive thing to hear then:

"If there were too many people in the right places who resisted this, there might be a need to use one or two -possibly more- nuclear weapons. As it was put this would be possibly needed to convince people that 'We mean business'."

That was followed by the statement that:

"By the time one or two of those went off then everybody – even the most reluctant – would yield."

He said something about "this negotiated peace would be very convincing," as kind of in a framework or in a context that the whole thing was rehearsed but nobody would know it. People hearing about it would be convinced that it was a genuine negotiation between hostile enemies who finally had come to the realization that peace was better than war.

So, is this Middle East confrontation scripted and everyone knows their lines?

Was 9/11 done (by Israel) because the USA was not conforming to the plan divulged by Day?

And is the whole sordid story of the war and regime change in seven nations in five years designed to trick and/or persuade us into accepting this plan otherwise the nukes will be lobbed because "they mean business"?

I can find no mention by Day of Israel, but perhaps if he had ranted on for longer then he would have divulged the bloody purpose of Israel.

It would make sense to go softly, softly, but have a back up if the plan falls behind schedule. A lot of what Day stated would happen has happened so the plan has been successful to some degree.

But if it has fallen behind schedule so much that they had to do 9/11 then what does that tell us?

And 9/11 was ELEVEN years ago!!

And Syria is kicking al Qaeda butt, spoiling the war and regime change plan.

And still no world government.

Oh dear.

Deary, deary me.

Tut. Tut. Tut.

(Back to today 28th September 2013)

Now, nearly a year later, Syria has agreed to destroy its stockpile of chemicals and chemical weapons. This was done to avoid World War 3. Threats to ignite WW3 still remain, and the potential triggers are disputed by Russia.

Every day in every way the UN gains more power. Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the UN in his recent article in the NYT.

Yesterday the UN Security Council voted unanimously that Syria should destroy its chemical weapons facilities by November, and have destroyed the rest of its chemicals and chemical weapons by mid 2014. This is legally binding. However, Israel will retain its extensive stockpile of lethal WMDs.

Also yesterday the IPCC, created by the UN, continued its climate scaremongering by warning that temperatures will rise to a dangerous level within 30 years, and claimed to have proved that any temperature rise in the last century is due to man. The UN Sec Gen immediately called for a global deal to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

But every day we orbit a star. Look out of the window on a clear day and you can see it. We call it the sun. It controls our climate. We have hot and cold seasons due to the sun. The sun is not constant. Global warming and global cooling have been occuring for millenia. And emissions of carbon dioxide from man are insignificant compared to natural emissions.

But the threat of a dangerous climate is arguably one of the greatest tools that can be used to empower the UN, because it is one of the truly global threats, along with invasion of Earth by an extraterrestrial race. This was recognised decades ago just before the global warming hype began. The First Global Revolution written by The Club of Rome contains this nugget:
"In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself,".

In other words, man is a cancer, a pest, vermin that must be destroyed. The cult of death headquartered at The United Nations cannot wait to cull the human race. We are waking up faster and faster and faster.

Friday, September 27, 2013


The Ministry of Murder Defence has looked into how war can be made more acceptable to the general public. The vast majority of those who die during a war are from the general public, with a small number belonging to the privileged class.

So how can war be made more acceptable to the general public? Some of the suggestions are:
1. low profile repatriation ceremonies
2. more use of special forces, such as the SAS
3. more use of mercenaries
4. more use of drones

And it is this last option that is most disturbing.

The use of drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan has caused outrage in those nations, but not here. Over there the drones kill many more in addition to their intended target, including women and children at family gatherings. Over here we only read that 'suspected terrorists' were killed, the word 'suspected' implying that there should be some kind of trial with evidence against the accused but the word 'terrorist' automatically convicts the accused in the eyes of public traumatised by 9/11 and 7/7.

A drone is a robot. A primitive robot, but still a robot. Development of land-based autonomous robots for military and law enforcement is developing at a disturbing rate, so much so that the UN is being pressured into stopping this development. But with the UN full to the brim with Ziorobots I have little confidence that anything will happen. This is why most films featuring a robot have been good PR for robots, conditioning us to accepting them, because robots are good (Robocop, Terminator, I Robot) and have emotion and feeling (AI).

So if a robot army is developed and deployed, will we hold a robot requiem?

Will we write poetry for the slaughtered robots?

Will we remember the fallen robots on Remembrance Sunday?

No. War will become an apparently bloodless, painless myth that happens somewhere 'over there' not discussed on iPhone news apps.

But perhaps things will evolve so much that robots will write a requiem for the 'dead' robots.

The best way to make war acceptable to the general public is to engage in war only when it is absolutely necessary for the general public. The war in Afghanistan was necessary, but only for the opium and heroin dealers and the energy-related companies. The wars in Iraq and Libya were necessary, but only for those who had dreamed up the plan for war on seven nations in five years as revealed to General Wesley Clark.

The MoD is the Ministry of Defence, not the Ministry of Zioimperialism, or the Ministry of Offence, or the Ministry of Oil-Grabs or the Ministry of Opium. It is the Ministry of Defence, or to give it its full title, The Ministry of Defence of the General Public.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


For those who think Saudi Arabia could not be behind the horrific events in Ghouta, Damascus on 21st August, here are two news items:

1. The families of those who died on 9/11 are accusing Saudi Arabia of being involved in the attacks. The Saudis recently tried to have their name removed from the court documents, but the judge denied the motion. One particular statement in the court documents is from Senator Bob Graham:
1. An affidavit submitted by Senator Bob Graham, long-time member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and co-chair of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into the September 11th Attacks in which he states: "there was a direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia, and that a Saudi government agent living in the United States, Omar Bayoumi, provided direct assistance to September 11th hijackers Nawaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Midhhar." The affidavit also states that "another issue deserving further attention and investigation concerns the involvement of Saudi-based charities in the provision of financial and other support to al Qaeda, and the precise character of the relationships between those charities and the government of the Kingdom."

2. The Saudis are also threatening to destroy the reporters whose article, published by Mint Press, accused Saudi intelligence chief Bandar bin Sultan of supplying the chemical weapons that exploded on 21st August.

But the most damning evidence is a news report from BEFORE the event in which it was claimed that Bandar was going to unleash hell on earth in Syria to force Russia into dumping Assad.

The Disunited Fascist Queendom created Saudi Arabia and promoted their vicious Wahhabism now beheading its way through Syria.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I have sent the open letter to David Cameron, with the following introduction.

I am very concerned about the state of the United Kingdom. One month ago there was an alleged horrific event in Ghouta, Damascus in which at least several hundred people died from suspected chemical weapons. I have my doubts about this. David Cameron wanted to immediately bomb Syria without providing any evidence that the Syrian Arab Army was responsible. I instantly suspected that the rebels were responsible, and I shall soon be writing to you again about the extensive evidence I have for this suspicion. I did not write to you at the time because I have only recently moved to XXX from XXX.

The reason I write this time is that I think there is something very evil in this United Kingdom that is being protected, and this protection is being ordered from the very top levels of society. The evil I refer to is paedophilia, particularly in the upper echelons of society.

An open letter to David Cameron on this subject has been brought to my attention, and I would like to know your response to it. The letter calls for an urgent investigation into coverups of particular paedophiles. I fully support this call. The letter has been posted on the Spotlight website at

I now reprint that letter and await your response.

Yours sincerely,

The open letter is then reproduced verbatim.


This letter is not my own work. This was written by an anonymous source of a MP who in October last year asked an incisive question of Der Fuhrer in The Marsten House about paedophile rings, but was fobbed off.

David Icke through his twitter brought this to my attention. Icke also asks that we write to our MPs about demanding an urgent inquiry into paedophile rings in this Disunited Fascist Queendom that has been cursed with Savilery.


Dear Mr. Cameron

On the very day, 24th October 2012, that Tom Watson asked you a PMQ re. the possibility of a link between a very large and highly organised paedophile ring and No 10, you made a number of quotes to the mainstream media.

You were in fact referring to the Savile/BBC/NHS scandal.

I made a note of some of those quotes :-

”The Government will do all it can do, other institutions must do what they can do, to make sure that we learn the lesson of this and it can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN”

“Collusion should NEVER happen again ”

”The measure of how our society is, is how we treat its most vulnerable members”

There are no more vulnerable members of our society than children who have been taken in to care and then re-abused by the very people charged with the responsibility of caring for them and protecting them,and even worse then passing them on to be further abused by the very people who make the laws in this country and are expected to lead the way on the moral compass of that society.

I have no doubt that you have watched or been made aware of Channel 4′s Dispatches on 12th September and the allegations that arose from it regarding the role of senior politicians, the security services and the Crown Prosecution Service in covering up the horrendous abuse carried out by Cyril Smith over 5 decades.The overlap with Savile in terms of who knew about this abuse were laid bare.

I also have no doubt that you are aware that your colleagues in your party, Edwina Currie,Gyles Brandreth and Rod Richards have made very damning statements of how well known in Westminster circles it was that Peter Morrison was a dangerous paedophile, and yet his career was unaffected as he rose to be Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Mrs. Thatcher’s PPS in 1990 and her campaign manager that same year despite this knowledge having been around for many years.

I also have no doubt that you are aware of the statement of Tim Fortescue,Edward Heath’s Chief Whip from 1970-73, made public on Michael Cockerell’s BBC Documentary in 1995 called “Westminster’s Secret Service “.

Talking about the role of the chief whip, Fortescue said ” For anyone with any sense who was in trouble would come to the whips and tell them the truth ………….. it might be erm erm a scandal involving small boys ……….. we would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points ……. and if I mean, that sounds a pretty,pretty nasty reason, but it’s one of the reasons because if we could get a chap out of trouble then,he will do as we ask forever more.”

I don’t need to tell you of the revulsion I feel towards our political masters having worked with sexually abused children for over 30 years when I heard of how the Whips ran the Dirt Book system.

Your colleague, John Whittingdale, in his role as Chair of the Culture Committee,put himself forward as the moral voice of Parliament in the days following the exposure of Savile on national TV. He lost no opportunity to appear on every news channel for many days to demand in effect the head of the Director General of the BBC.To date I have not heard you or Mr. Whittingdale demand such investigations in to your own institution despite the mountain of concern a small proportion of which I have referred to above.

Just on Savile alone without looking any further why was there no investigation along the lines of the many BBC inquiries in to why a British Prime Minister was so close to Savile that he allegedly attended 13 consecutive New Year’s Eve parties at Chequers and why the same Prime Minister allegedly persevered for many years in insisting that such an evil man long identified as having a deviant sexual history should get a knighthood,ignoring the advice of her closest advisers.

Why was the same man so welcome in Prince Charles’s properties despite the security services and similar vetting institutions having enough opportunity to tap in to the ” gossip” about Savile that was around for decades.

I would dearly like to go in to more detail but until the Metropolitan Police’s Operations Fernbridge and Fairbank are completed then for obvious reasons I can not.

In the aftermath of the Lord McAlpine affair I was extremely disappointed by the confusion you attempted to create by making accusations of gay witch-hunts. There is no connection whatsoever between being gay and being a paedophile.

This is about and only about people who abuse young children regardless of whether the abuser is heterosexual or gay.

There is no witch-hunt against gay people and it was most irresponsible for a Prime Minister to make such a statement when the abuse of our most vulnerable was the issue.

Now is the time for you to show the genuine commitment expected of a Prime Minister and do what you preached in those statements last October especially ” COLLUSION SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN ” and the demand that ALL institutions look inwards and examine their role in past collusion/cover up.

A starting point, and to give Parliament and Government any credibility in this heinous historical scandal, is for you to put all party political considerations aside and arrange an urgent meeting with Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband to draw up a blueprint as to how your own institution will be investigated along the lines of the way you and colleagues demanded that people be brought to account in the BBC or NHS for their failure to blow the whistle on Savile.

It would be better if you led such an exercise before it is forced upon you by public demand.
The latter will happen in time.

A starting point would be an immediate statement that there will be urgent cross-party talks to set up an independant body to examine who ordered these cover ups of people like Smith and Morrison, after ordering an immediate Police investigation by the National Crime Agency and ensuring that the latter body has sufficient resources to go wherever the evidence takes them and however long it takes. This must include the investigation of living politicians, police officers,civil servants,security services personnel etc.

Yours sincerely,
The source of Tom Watson’s PMQ


The SAS soldier who told his former wife that the SAS murdered Diana, the People's Princess, has done a runner. He was going to be interviewed this week by Scotland Yard but he somehow managed to leave this Disunited Fascist Queendom.

Make of that what you will.

I don't see a conspiracy in everything, but...

I wonder if he has gone to South Africa, where I believe the real murderers of Diana, the People's Princess hang out?

The SAS soldier who made astonishing claims Princess Diana was murdered by special forces has fled Britain just days before he is set to be questioned by police.

The former sniper, known only as soldier N, is said to have left the country as Scotland Yard launches a new investigation into the Princess' death

He allegedly told his wife that a member of an elite unit shone a light in her chauffeur's face causing him to crash.

The wife claimed her husband had told her the 'hit' had been instructed by someone in the royal inner circle because they did not approve of Diana's relationship with Fayed.

Soldier N was due to meet Scotland Yard's DCI Philip Easton but is understood to have left the country on Monday or Tuesday.

A source close to the investigation told The Sunday People: 'Soldier N is key to this inquiry as he is the person who made the claims about Diana's murder.

[source : Special forces sniper who claimed SAS assassinated Diana by shining light into her driver's face 'has fled Britain', The Daily Mail,, 22nd September 2013]


Ignore Tarpley at your peril.

Listen to Tarpley's economic plan in his latest World Crisis Radio.


It was reported earlier this week that Al Qaeda has a chemical weapons R&D unit in Somalia.

When I blogged on Somalia yesterday I had no knowledge of the mass murder at the shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Al Qaeda in Somalia, aka al Shabaab, has claimed responsibility. At the time of writing 59 have been killed. Victims were non-Muslims.

The seven nations named to General Wesley Clark shortly after the mother of all inside Ziojobs 9/11 were:
Iraq (2003)
Lebanon (2006)
Libya (2011)
Syria (2011 - )

Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon were named in A Clean Break.

Libya was known to be anti-Israel. Roland Dumas, who claimed that he was asked by British officials to plan the insertion of the cutthroat Jihadis into Syria, also claimed that a former PM of Israel said that Israel would destroy those nations who opposed it.

However there is the small matter of Somalia having the world's seventh largest oil reserves off its coast.

But how do you get that oil to market?

And which market?

I would say that the nearest market is Europe and a pipeline from Somalia through Sudan and Libya to Europe would transport Somali oil from Somalia to Europe.

This would explain the seven nations named to Clark: the four nations named in A Clean Break were Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon; and Somalia, Sudan and Libya need to be under control to build the pipeline required to transport Somali oil to Europe.


I had trusted commenters to be responsible so I allowed unmoderated comments but with a google ID.

However, one commenter took liberties overnight while I was asleep and decided to use this blog as his/her own to unleash a wave of verbal abuse and very serious accusations against someone. The target of this was possibly named and a location provided. If the commenter has a google ID then they can create their own blog and release their information on their own blog, not here.

So from now on comments are being moderated.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I am James P. Warburg, of Greenwich, Conn., and am appearing as an individual.

I am aware, Mr. Chairman, of the exigencies of your crowded schedule and of the need to be brief, so as not to transgress upon your courtesy in granting me a hearing.

The past 15 years of my life have been devoted almost exclusively to studying the problem of world peace and, especially, the relation of the United States to these problems. These studies led me, 10 years ago, to the conclusion that the great question of our time is not whether or not one world can be achieved, but whether or not one world can be achieved by peaceful means.

We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.

...Mr. Chairman, I am here to testify in favor of Senate Resolution 56, which, if concurrently enacted with the House, would make the peaceful transformation of the United Nations into a world federation the avowed aim of United States policy.

...First: Senate Resolution 56 goes to the root of the evil in the present state of international anarchy. It recognizes that there is no cure for this evil short of making the United Nations into a universal organization capable of enacting, interpreting, and enforcing world law to the degree necessary to outlaw force, or the threat of force, as an instrument of foreign policy. It states the objective in unequivocal terms.

[source : STATEMENT OF JAMES P. WARBURG OF GREENWICH, CONN.,, accessed 21st September 2013]

James Paul Warburg was the son of Paul Warburg, the architect of that greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon mankind, The Federal Reserve.

Warburg gave this statement in 1950. He said that he had devoted 'almost exclusively' the previous 15 years of his life to studying the problem of world peace and its relation to the USA. So from 1935 onwards JP Warburg was, or was claiming to be, a devotee of world peace.

In 1935 his uncle, Max, sat on the board of IG Farben and was its largest stockholder. IG Farben was 'a state within a state', the Nazi state, guiding and financing the growth of Nazi Germany. His father was on the board of American IG, the American subsidiary of IG Farben. So not a good start for JP, eh? Father and Uncle on the board of the most powerful corporation in Nazi Germany.

World War 1 was supposed to create a world government, but it didn't. The USA voted not to join The League of Nations. This is why we had World War 2. This is why corporations like IG Farben were created. This is why empires like the Nazis and the Communists were empowered and built up with Wall Street finance and technology.

So for JP to be supporting a resolution demanding that the USA join a world federation/government says it all.


The whole universe sings to you.

But then for an unknown, unexplained reason you get a kick in the jaffas from boots, with toe caps made from the hardest steel known to man, worn by the same universe that just a minute before was singing to you.

But that song from the universe is too good to miss...and the only way to hear it again is to...

Elvis Costello - I'll never fall in love again


No sooner had Lavrov and Kerry slapped each other on the back for reaching some kind of agreement and the crosshairs focused on Iran.

You could not read a news outlet without reading about Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran, Iran,...

Iran is alleged to have a nuclear weapons program but no convincing proof has ever been produced. Meanwhile, Israel has approximately 100 deliverable functional nuclear warheads (possibly more).

Shortly after the mother of all inside Ziojobs 9/11, General Wesley Clark was told that the USA would engage 7 nations in war over a period of 5 years. The 7 nations named were:
Iraq (2003)
Syria(2011- )

Iran has always been the focus of Israeli intrigue, being named explicitly in A Clean Break with Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, so there is no need for any speculation on why Iran was named to Clark. But the two curious nations are Sudan and Somalia. Israel has attacked Sudan over the last decade but not in any major assault. Just a few fighter jets bombed a factory/warehouse. Nothing you could call a war. So why were Sudan and Somalia named?

In the early 1990s the then government of Somalia reached an agreement with several Western oil companies that they could have Somalia's oil. This provoked a revolution in Somalia which the USA tried to put down (see Black Hawk Down) but failed. Since then the very large oil reserves known to lie off the coast of Somalia have remained untapped.

Until now.

The DFQ was one of the nations to invade Afghanistan in the futile search for Osama bin Laden (who was already dead or close to death from Marfan Syndrome). Afghanistan was the alleged Head Quarters of all evil (after the CIA financed the ISI). But last year the DFQ named Somalia as more of a terrorist threat to the DFQ than Afghanistan. There have been two very recent conferences held in London on Somalia. I am unaware of any series of conferences on any nation other than Somalia held in London. If this is the case then this is an indication of how important Somalia is becoming.

So with the war on Syria leading to an Assad victory, and a detente between Iran and the USA, attention can switch to Sudan and Somalia.

And it is much more on Somalia.

One month ago today there was a reported horrific chemical attack in a suburb of Damascus called Ghouta. Israeli, Saudi, British, French and American fingers all pointed at Assad, first claiming that the rebels did not have Sarin, but then quietly changing this to the rebels not having Sarin in the quantity that was used or the means of delivery for such a quantity.

But a document recently filed in a court case in New York suggests that al Qaeda now has a R&D unit based in Somalia which is researching chemical weapons.

(CBS News) A new document filed in a still-developing terrorism case in New York seems to confirm the long-held fear that al Qaeda is working to develop chemical weapons.

On Wednesday, CBS News obtained a document filed by the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York indicating that three men charged with being members of the al-Shabab terrorist group in Somalia had "substantial knowledge regarding an al-Shabaab research and development department that was developing chemical weapons."

[source : Court document references al Qaeda-linked chemical weapons program in Somalia, CBS News,, 19th September 2013]

NB the defendants in the case were arrested in 2012.

Al Qaeda...with a R&D unit...looking into chemical weapons!


Of all the nations on this FUBAR planet, al Qaeda just happens to place its R&D unit researching chemical weapons in the one nation named to General Wesley Clark that just happens to have the world's seventh largest oil reserves?!

It is entirely possible that al Qaeda has other as yet unknown R&D units across this FUBAR planet, but is this more than coincidence?

Who founded al Qaeda? We did.

Who ran al Qaeda? We did.

Who runs al Qaeda? We do. Al Zawahiri has been calling for all Muslims to join the Jihad in Syria against Assad, calling those who do "Lions of Syria".

So has al Zawahiri deliberately placed this chemical weapons R&D unit in Somalia so that the DFQ and its oil-thirsty allies can bomb and/or invade and then occupy Somalia, and then build a pipeline from Somalia through Sudan onto Libya to the European market?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


For the last five years every day has been Bankers in Need Day, as this Disunited Fascist Queendom bailed out the fascist gambling banks with muggins British taxpayer money to the outrageous tune of £1 TRILLION!.

But now a new needy group has come to our attention...and they are in urgent need, otherwise they face total annihilation. That group is the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum currently beheading their way through Syria.

The cutthroat Jihadis will be holding a telephone Jihadithon to accept your pledges and donations. Any amount of money will do: a fiver; a tenner; and for fifty quid you will even receive a photograph of a freshly decapitated head signed by the executioner.

But the cutthroats more urgently require the following items: breadknives (to behead civilians and priests); AK47s (to execute unarmed prisoners en masse); cameras (to film their horrific crimes against humanity); Sarin (for more false flag attacks to blame on Assad); and political support from our politicians.

So don't delay, phone today, and save a cutthroat Jihadi from total annihilation.

Go on. You know you want to.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Ban Ki Moon was busy over the weekend spinning the UN report on he use of chemical weapons in Damascus on 21st August 2013. And the NATO media has also spun the report, highlighting that the investigators found widespread use of chemical weapons, thus implying that the culprit was the Syrian Arab Army because only they would have the large stockpile necessary.

But get this:
UN inspectors who investigated the August 21 chemical weapons attack in Syria say that suspicious individuals have traveled to the attack sites before the UN team.

On Monday, the inspectors reported that chemical weapons had been deployed “on a relatively large scale” in the Syria conflict.

The report, which was presented to the UN Security Council by chief UN chemical weapons investigator Ake Sellstrom, said there was "clear and convincing evidence that surface-to-surface rockets containing the nerve agent sarin were used in Ein Tarma, Moadamiyah and Amalaka in the Ghouta area of Damascus."

The team reported that while it was at the Ghouta attack site, "individuals arrived carrying other suspected munitions, indicating that such potential evidence is being moved and possibly manipulated."

The report did not elaborate on who the individuals were; however, the areas were under the control of foreign-backed militants.

[source : Syria CW attack scene may have been manipulated, UN report says, Press TV,, 16th September 2013]

And a significant number of the casualties from that horrific event have been identified as inhabitants of Lattakia who were kidnapped and then obviously murdered by the Jihadi cutthroats.

Add this to the hacked emails of a US military intelligence officer which imply the whole event was staged, that videos of the 'aftermath' of the 'attacks' were uploaded BEFORE the 'attack' occured, and the identification of terrorists, who are actually alive and well, among the 'dead', and we can conclude that the whole event was staged to trick Obama and us into bombing Syria.


Monday, September 16, 2013


I am very surprised, and disappointed, that neither Putin or Assad linked disarming Israel of its chemical weapons to the agreement between the USA and Russia to disarm Syria of its chemical weapons.

Israel is a signatory to The Chemical Weapons Convention but has not ratified it. The reason for not ratifying the agreement?
Israel refused to ratify the treaty on the claim that “there is no significance to being part of an agreement like this while a neighboring country like Syria possesses a vast stockpile of chemical weapons,” Channel 10 reported Sunday night.

[source : Israel worried it may be forced to join chemical weapons ban, Times of Israel,, 16th September 2013]

So with Syria now relinquishing its chemical weapons there is now no excuse for Israel to possess them.

Obama the Wise would complete a master stroke of peace-seeking diplomacy by quickly pushing for Israel to at long last ratify The Chemical Weapons Convention, particularly as Israel has already expressed a desire to relinquish their stockpile of indiscriminate death by actually signing The Chemical Weapons Convention years ago!


What is wrong with peace?

Sunday, September 15, 2013


If Putin had indeed ordered the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko, and this Disunited Fascist Queendom (DFQ) had the evidence to prove it, then this week would have been the perfect opportunity to reveal that evidence, to destroy the credibility of Putin and Russia, block the chemical weapons deal and pressure Obama to attack Syria.

But it was not revealed.

It was not revealed because it does not exist. Much like the evidence to prove that Assad, or indeed a rogue officer in the Syrian Arab Army, or even Assad's brother (who was accused by that devilish Israeli 'news' agency Debkafile), ordered the horrific crime of unleashing chemical weapons on suburbs of Damascus on 21st August 2013.

Time after time, there have been ample opportunities to present the 'evidence' but each time the 'evidence' is not presented.


In his latest World Crisis Radio show, Dr Webster Tarpley covers an interview of Vladimir Putin in which Putin reveals until now little known factoids about how Edward Snowden approached Russia seeking sanctuary and then ignored the conditions agreed with Russia for his sanctuary, thus wrecking relations between Russia and the USA at arguably the most critical time in history.

Tarpley was perhaps the first to nail Snowden as a wrecker. A few others later subtly expressed their doubts but with nowhere near the immediacy, confidence and total disdain as Tarpley. But some still persist in believing in Snowden as some kind of God, sent from heaven above to tell us what we already know. They do, as Tarpley states, demand to be duped.

Tarpley also identified that Obama was reluctant to go to war on Syria, linking Snowden as a psyop to pressure Obama into war, after a series of smaller scandals had failed to push Obama into war.

On these Tarpley was 100% right. And I clearly supported his allegations.

Tarpley also stated that Romney was supposed to win last year's Presidential election and has accused Petraeus of running an operation at Benghazi to Carterize Obama ahead of that election. If Netanyahu's buddy Romney had won the election then we would be at war with Syria and/or Iran and probably even Russia. The scandals embroiling Obama were designed to pressure a reluctant Obama into war because the plan for war on seven nations in five years, as revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the mother of all inside Ziojobs 9/11, is years behind and is now in serious danger of blowing up in their faces as more and more realise that 9/11 was an inside Ziojob.

It all makes perfect sense, and is in fact just plain common sense.

So my advice is, ignore Tarpley at your peril.


Obama heeded advice. He went to Congress and waited for the UN report before attacking Syria. If Romney was in The White House (as Bilderberg wanted) then a lot of us may well have been radioactive ashes by now.

But now, after Obama snatched peace from the jaws of world war in opposition to the powerful pro-Israeli, pro-war lobby, Webster Tarpley now suggests this:

But Obama already knows this. And Tarpley has already commented on this.

In June it was reported that Obama lashed out at supporters questioning his policies.
He’s afraid of what happened to Martin Luther King Jr. And I know from a good friend who was there when it happened, that at a small dinner with progressive supporters – after these progressive supporters were banging on Obama before the election, Why don’t you do the things we thought you stood for? Obama turned sharply and said, “Don’t you remember what happened to Martin Luther King Jr.?” That’s a quote, and that’s a very revealing quote.

...I’m pretty convinced the President of the United States is afraid of the CIA. That’s why he got John Brennan in place. He thinks John Brennan owes more personal loyalty to him than all those other thugs out there who did the torture and so forth. That’s a questionable thing. But Obama thinks that. And that’s why he fought so hard so that Brennan would be in place.

[source : Obama told friends he reneged on progressive promises out of fear of assassination — former CIA analyst, Mondoweiss,, 3rd June 2013]

Obama has been implementing some truly awful policies, including arming, financing and training the cutthroat Jihadis in Syria.

But give him credit on this one.

Perhaps there really is some truth in that Truth Serum Report of the Year 2012 published in Press TV in which it was claimed that Obama, CJCS Dempsey and other powerful Americans are considering going public on 9/11.
Some of the same high-level sources who point to Richard Clarke as the US boss of the Israeli-instigated 9/11 false flag operation also claim that President Obama, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Dempsey, and other powerful Americans are considering exposing the truth about 9/11 during a second Obama term. In other words, Obama's re-election could put Israel out of business, and get Netanyahu hanged from the nearest lamp-post.

[source : Israel seeks war on Iran to keep lid on 9/11, PressTV,, 21st September 2012]

There have been no doubt plenty of British, Israeli and Saudi guns to Obama's head on this.

But peace prevails...for now...

We now need a new investigation into 9/11 before any more false flags on the USA, Israel, Syria, Lebanon or Iran, or anywhere else.


We are definitely getting warmer on the murder of Diana, the People's Princess!!

While we have been busy trying to avert World War 3, The Daily Express has been covering the explosive revelations of the former wife of Soldier N who claims she was told by him that the SAS murdered Diana. The Express has been reporting that she is very confident of the claims and that investigators find her claims credible and believable.

An SAS soldier claimed Princess Diana was killed after a member of the elite unit shone a light in her driver's face causing him to crash, it has been claimed.

...When the woman quizzed her husband about his theory he reportedly told her the SAS had been following Diana and Dodi Al Fayed, who also died in the accident, and that a light was shone into the Paris tunnel before their car crashed.

Soldier N told his former wife, who revealed the conversation to her own mother years later, 'an order is an order' when asked who would possibly have carried out the murder.

The unidentified woman is said to have told members of Scotland Yard the 'hit' had been instructed by individuals within royal circles who did not approve of Diana's relationship with al Fayed.

She alleged a white car and motorbike were involved in the plot which enlisted the services of one of Soldier N's former SAS colleagues.

[source : 'SAS assassinated Diana by shining light into her driver's face': Extraordinary claim by special forces soldier who gave William advanced driving lessons said to be reason why Scotland Yard has reopened case, Mail on Sunday,, 15th September 2013]

Many believe Diana was murdered, but there are a thousand reasons suggested as to why. I have always believed that she was murdered because of her relationship with Dodi, a Muslim. This report supports that.

Imagine if Diana had married a Muslim and had children with her Islamic husband. What kind of world would be living in now?

Would we have invaded Afghanistan? Iraq?
Would we have allowed Israel to bomb Lebanon in 2006?
Would we have allowed Israel to blow Gaza to smithereens in Operation Cast Lead?
Would we have bombed Libya?
Would we have sent cutthroat Jihadis into Syria?

I believe that if Diana was alive today then the answer to all these questions is "probably not".

In other words, the whole 9/11 debacle and the subsequent warmongering and rush to World War 3 would probably not have occured.

She was a lit candle in the darkness of our Royal family. But she had only just been lit and was just starting to warm up. She had power, influence, charm, but above all, the courage to stand up to the royal family. I believe that Diana would have strongly opposed all the violence and death and destruction and have worked to stop it.

The Sunday Express has also covered the real tine spying on Diana, and the highly suspicious lack of film evidence from traffic cameras and the even more suspicious theft of the very Mercedes that transported Diana to her 'sacrifice' in the Pont de L'Alma.

And yesterday it was revealed that Der Fuhrer David Cameron, the man who sent the cutthroat Jihadis into Syria to cut the throats of Syrian children, also knew of these claims.

Getting warmer, warmer, warmer. Hot! HOT!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

IRAQ 2.0

We've been here before, haven't we?

A Middle East nation (not Israel) asked to disarm itself.

A Middle East nation named in A Clean Break.

A Middle East nation named to General Wesley Clark.

Iraq gave up theirs. Result? War, invasion and now hundreds being blown up by terrorists every week.

Libya gave up theirs. Result? War, invasion and now bombed back to the stone age, a sectarian war and al Qaeda flags fluttering high in North African breeze.

And now Syria. Already reduced to a pile of rubble, with fresh allegations that Syria's chemical weapons have already been transferred to...Hezbollah! The source for this is a rebel leader.
A Syrian rebel leader claims that the Assad regime has transferred chemical weapons to the Lebanese Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah amid talks to ensure the transfer of Syria’s WMDs to international authorities for destruction.

According to a report Friday in Saudi Arabia’s al-Watan newspaper, Syrian National Coalition member Kamal al-Labwani said the rebels obtained documents and testimony from a defector from one of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons research centers that indicate Syrian President Bashar Assad transferred roughly one metric ton of VX nerve gas to its ally, Hezbollah.

[source : Syrian rebel chief claims Assad gave Hezbollah nerve gas, Times of Israel,, 13th September 2013]

This sets Hezbollah up nicely.

A Clean Break targeted Iraq, Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Iraq is down. Syria is going down. Iran stands accused of pursuing a nuclear weapons program. Now Hezbollah stands accused of possessing chemical weapons.

Anyone see a pattern?

And all the while Israel has nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons...AND NOBODY DARE WHISPER ANYTHING ABOUT THEM!!

In 2005 the former Prime Minister of Lebanon was assassinated to destabilise Lebanon. Syria was immediately accused and was forced to withdraw from Lebanese soil in The Cedar Revolution. This left Hezbollah isolated, so true to A Clean Break, in 2006 Israel engineered a war on Hezbollah...but lost!

I hereby predict a very similar scenario for Syria as happened to Iraq. The Washington Post has today again revealed what it wants; Assad out.
THE OBAMA administration faces two distinct challenges in attempting to conclude a diplomatic deal to eliminate Syria’s massive arsenal of chemical weapons. The first is to agree with Russia on a workable plan for declaring, securing and then destroying munitions, chemical precursors and production facilities, with a clear timetable and close international monitoring, and to formalize that plan in a U.N. Security Council resolution. The second is to preserve the U.S. goal of ending the war in Syria through a political settlement that removes the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

[source : Work on Syria’s chemical weapons should not preclude removing Assad, WP,, 14th September 2013]

They didn't do 9/11 for nothing. There was a long term agenda, and they are years behind. That is why they inserted cutthroat Jihadis into Libya and now Syria. They want not only the seven nations named to General Wesley Clark reduced to rubble and undefended, they want the leaders replaced too.

There will also be yet another war on Hezbollah, all in the name of disarming them of phantom chemical weapons. Perhaps a false flag on Israel using chems blamed on Hezbollah will be the trigger for that.


The war machine will roll on, crushing humanity to dust underneath its bloodsoaked wheels.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Before we demand that Vladimir Putin be annointed King of the World for snatching peace from the jaws of World War 3, there is one statement in that NYT Op Ed by Putin that needs scrutinising.

But first, we need more world leaders like Putin. The one and true Axis of Evil, consisting of the USA, DFQ, France, Israel and Saudi Arabia, would by now have dragged us into world war had it not been for Ed Miliband, who has suffered ad hominem attacks against himself and his leadership from a war-hungry NATO media ever since that welcome vote for caution and restraint in The Marsten House, ooh, two weeks ago now, though it seems more like at least two months because so much has happened since.

Putin is absolutely right: only the rebels stood to gain more from that horrific episode on 21st August; the rebels have form, Russia having proved that the rebels used chemicals at Khan al Assal and then returned to the scene of their crime to murder in cold blood all the civilians and military there so nobody was left alive to testify to the UN; the cutthroats have been arrested with kilograms of Sarin, their tunnels and dens are frequently found to contain barrels and barrels of chemicals (though some may be to produce medical supplies), and they have frequently filmed their experiments with chemicals and their threats to use them.

Putin is also wise to raise the possibility that the rebels may be planning another false flag attack, this time on Israel, to be blamed on Assad.

But the statement I question is this:
No one wants the United Nations to suffer the fate of the League of Nations, which collapsed because it lacked real leverage. This is possible if influential countries bypass the United Nations and take military action without Security Council authorization.

[source : A Plea for Caution From Russia, NYT,, 11th September 2013]

The United Nations is a world government in waiting. And now it doesn't have that long to wait.

As I understand it, and correct me if I am wrong, The League of Nations was the first attempt at world government, and was executed by the Round Table group of that thoroughly quintessential English gentleman, Rothschild agent Cecil Rhodes, who developed The Round Table, which was left in the hands of Lord Alfred Milner and the Rothschilds to create a world federation under British control. The League of Nations failed because the USA voted not to join and thus deprived the LON of the necessary finance available from that greatest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind, The Federal Reserve. After Versailles The Council on Foreign Relations was created to influence American politicians into joining a world government. The League of Nations was financed by the Rockefellers.

Because The League of Nations failed a second world war was engineered. Wall Street, that British island of finance, created both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, in the hope that these two empires with opposing extreme philosophies would end up fighting each other, which they did. The USA joined the slaughter under highly suspicious circumstances at Pearl Harbour, and after nearly 4 years of fighting and suffering many, many more casualties than during World War 1, the USA was not only ready to join a world government, it also housed it, on the banks of The Hudson River in New York City.

And perhaps not so surprisingly, the resulting world government, the United Nations, was again financed by the Rockefellers.

So, two world wars, both followed by two attempts at world government, and both of those financed by the Rockefellers. See a pattern anyone?

The Rockefellers have since essentially controlled UN policies, particularly environmental and population control policies through Agenda 21.

Putin seems to have a lot of faith in the UN.

But the UN has been unable to control Israel, which instigated the terrorism and the series of wars we have experienced since that mother of all inside Ziojobs, 9/11.

The UN also allowed the barbaric bombing of Libya (after Russia curiously abstained on UN SCR 1973).

The UN is barely involved in the latest discussions between Russia and the USA over Syria's chemical weapons, and its peace envoys and representatives have been unable to stop the 'civil war' in Syria.

The UN was also unable to stop the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Putin has this to say about global stability:
The United Nations’ founders understood that decisions affecting war and peace should happen only by consensus, and with America’s consent the veto by Security Council permanent members was enshrined in the United Nations Charter. The profound wisdom of this has underpinned the stability of international relations for decades.

The UN has been a tool of population control and is imposing other kinds of global control, while doing very little to protect the persecuted people of Gaza and merely registering its concern at wars like the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yesterday Benjamin Netanyahu had the audacity to demand that Syria be disarmed and Assad prosecuted for allegedly using chemical weapons.

But what weapons of mass destruction does Israel have?

Assad the Wise would and should raise and link Syria's disarmament with that of Israel.

Israel is widely believed to possess weapons of mass destruction, and to be one of four nuclear-armed countries not recognized as a Nuclear Weapons State by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).[1] The US Congress Office of Technology Assessment has recorded Israel as a country generally reported as having undeclared chemical warfare capabilities, and an offensive biological warfare program.[2] Officially Israel neither confirms nor denies possessing nuclear weapons.


1 Nuclear weapons
2 Chemical weapons
3 Biological weapons

1. Nuclear weapons

It is believed that Israel had possessed an operational nuclear weapons capability by 1967, with the mass production of nuclear warheads occurring immediately after the Six-Day War.[2] Although no official statistics exist, it has been estimated that Israel possesses from 75 to as many as 400 nuclear weapons, which are reported to include thermonuclear weapons in the megaton range.[3][4][5] Israel is also reported to possess a wide range of different systems, including neutron bombs, tactical nuclear weapons, and suitcase nukes.[6] Israel is believed to manufacture its nuclear weapons at the Negev Nuclear Research Center.

Delivery mechanisms include Jericho intercontinental ballistic missiles, with a range of 11,500 km, and which are believed to provide a second-strike option. Israel's nuclear-capable ballistic missiles are believed to be buried so far underground that they would survive a nuclear attack.[7][8] Additionally, Israel is believed to have an offshore nuclear second-strike capability, using submarine-launched nuclear-capable cruise missiles, which can be launched from the Israeli Navy's Dolphin-class submarines.[9] The Israeli Air Force has F-15I and F-16I Sufa fighter aircraft are capable of delivering nuclear weapons at long distances using conformal fuel tanks and their Aerial refueling fleet of modified Boeing 707's.[10]

The Israeli government maintains a policy of deliberate ambiguity on whether it has nuclear weapons, saying only that it would "not be the first to introduce nuclear weapons in the Middle East."[11] Former International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Mohamed ElBaradei regarded Israel as a state possessing nuclear weapons.[12] Much of what is known about Israel's nuclear program comes from revelations in 1986 by Mordechai Vanunu, a technician at the Negev Nuclear Research Center who served an 18-year prison sentence as a result. Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but supports establishment of a Middle East Zone free of weapons of mass destruction.[13]

2. Chemical weapons

Israel has signed but not ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC).[14] In 1983 a report by the CIA stated that Israel, after "finding itself surrounded by frontline Arab states with budding CW capabilities, became increasingly conscious of its vulnerability to chemical attack... undertook a program of chemical warfare preparations in both offensive and protective areas... In late 1982 a probable CW nerve agent production facility and a storage facility were identified at the Dimona Sensitive Storage Area in the Negev Desert. Other CW agent production is believe to exist within a well-developed Israeli chemical industry."[15]

There are also speculations that a chemical weapons program might be located at the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR[16]) in Ness Ziona.[17]

190 liters of dimethyl methylphosphonate, a CWC schedule 2 chemical used in the synthesis of sarin nerve gas, was discovered in the cargo of El Al Flight 1862 after it crashed in 1992 en route to Tel Aviv. Israel insisted the material was non-toxic, was to have been used to test filters that protect against chemical weapons, and that it had been clearly listed on the cargo manifest in accordance with international regulations. The shipment was from a U.S. chemical plant to the IIBR under a U.S. Department of Commerce license.[18]

In 1993, the U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment WMD proliferation assessment recorded Israel as a country generally reported as having undeclared offensive chemical warfare capabilities.[2] Former US deputy assistant secretary of defense responsible for chemical and biological defense, Bill Richardson, said in 1998 "I have no doubt that Israel has worked on both chemical and biological offensive things for a long time... There's no doubt they've had stuff for years."[19]

Israel is not well prepared to defend against a chemical weapons attack, as could occur with the transfer of Syria's chemical weapons to Hezbollah.[20] However IDF CoS Benny Gantz has warned that an Israeli strike to prevent this could result in a "wider conflict".[21]

3. Biological weapons

Israel is believed to have developed an offensive biological warfare capability.[2] The US Congress Office of Technology Assessment records Israel as a country possessing a long-term, undeclared biological warfare program.[2] Israel is not a signatory to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC).[22] It is assumed that the Israel Institute for Biological Research in Ness Ziona develops vaccines and antidotes for chemical and biological warfare.[23] It has not been possible to conclude whether Israel currently maintains an offensive biological weapons program; it is speculated that Israel retains an active ability to produce and disseminate biological weapons.[24]

[source : Israel and weapons of mass destruction, Wikipedia,, accessed 12th September 2013]

In other words, Israel is by far the biggest threat to the region, and I believe the world.


William Jihadi Hague announced in The House of Commons today that the muggins British taxpayer, who has just bailed out the Nazi fascist gambling banks with a trillion pounds, will now provide the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum with another £20 million!
Last Thursday I held talks in London with the President and senior leadership of the Syrian National Coalition. We are providing more than £20 million in non-lethal support to the opposition, including 4x4 vehicles, body armour, generators, communications equipment, water purification kits and equipment to protect against chemical weapons attacks. This includes 5,000 escape hoods, detector paper, and a stock of nerve agent pre-treatment tablets which have already been delivered.

[source : Foreign Secretary has updated Parliament on the UK response to the humanitarian crisis, the political process and use of chemical weapons, FCO,, 12th September 2013]

The chemical weapon stuff is now, and always has been, not for protection against Assad using chems against them but for their own protection when they are handling their own chems when peparing false flag attacks to be blamed on Assad and/or the Syrian Arab Army.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The EU is a product of the financiers and engineers of World War and World War 2, Bilderberg. It has been foisted on us by fraud and deception. Very few nations have been given the vote on whether to join or not, and those that have overwhelmingly rejected joining, but their leaders rejected the rejection and came back and came back and came back, sometimes with sweeteners, until those nations voted to join. And any sweetener was either withdrawn or watered down.

The EU is failing. It is a drain on public finances, there is rampant corruption, control over national sovereignty is far too centralised, and it is slowly revealing itself to be the entity that David Icke predicted; a stepping stone to total world government.

The EU is becoming a state, with a currency, a central bank, a flag, a parliament, a foreign minister, an army and a police force. The vast majority of our laws are decided in Brussels, and enforced in Strasbourg.

But there is a very sinister heritage to the EU. Its roots are Nazi, as shown by the research of Rodney Atkinson, and The Red House Report. And with Bilderberg claiming responsibility for this monstrosity, and Bilderberg run by the Rockefellers who financed the Nazis in their own unique ways, we can say with confidence that the EU is Nazi through and through.

So it is no wonder it has been and is being rejected to the point that its existence is being threatened, prompting its Bilderberg leader Manuel Barroso to whinge that if the persecution and slow death of the EU is not arrested then we will all be fighting in the trenches again!

BUT THE BLOODY FOOL DOESN'T KNOW OR UNDERSTAND THAT WORLD WAR 1 WAS ENGINEERED FOR THE PURPOSE OF CREATING A POWER VACUUM IN EUROPE! See the memoirs of Kaiser Wilhelm II who writes that he was told by a distinguished German Freemason that Freemasonry (ultimately controlled by the English monarchy) engineered World War 1.

Why are we governed by morons?


The European Commission president has used his annual "state of the Union" speech to MEPs to warn Eurosceptics that their hostility to the EU could again plunge Europe into war.

In a thinly veiled reference to those like David Cameron, the Prime Minister, who want to roll back the EU's powers, Mr Barroso said that next year's centenary of the First World War should be a reminder of the "Union's" role of keeping the peace in Europe.

"Let me say to all those who rejoice in Europe's difficulties and who want to roll back our integration and go back to isolation: the pre-integrated Europe of the divisions, the war, the trenches, is not what people desire and deserve," he said.

"The European continent has never in its history known such a long period of peace as since the creation of the European Community. It is our duty to preserve and deepen it."

[source : Rolling back the EU threatens return to 'war and trenches' says José Manuel Barroso, Daily Telegraph,, 11th September 2013]

What we need is the following:
1. national sovereignty
2. a sovereign national bank in each sovereign nation under national not private control creating the sovereign national currency to rebuild a broken Europe after it has been ravaged by those traitors to the human race, the bankers
3. the bankers arrested, tried, placed in stocks and sent on a tour of all the major population centres to have rotten tomatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers etc thrown at them, and then given the choice of hard labour or sharing a cell with Josef Fritzl.


Twelve years ago today four alleged hijacked passenger planes flew into the World Trade Centre and The Pentagon. Nearly three thousand died that day. This horrific mass murder was blamed on Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. In revenge the USA and a few others went to war, invading Afghanistan, then Iraq. A few attempts were made at starting a war on Iran, but they failed. There was also a war on Libya, but that was attributed to Gaddafi killing his own people. There is currently a similar attempt to start a war, this time on Syria, because Assad is allegedly killing his own people.

But what very few people realise is that the perps of 9/11 in 2001 are now the allies of the USA, first in Libya and now Syria.

Only Fox and ABC have any kind of significant remembrance of 9/11 2001. CBS is remembering last year's 9/11 in Benghazi, Libya. But apart from them, the other American media are more concerned about criticising Obama's attempt to avoid World War 3 by hastily agreeing to Syria handing over its chemical weapons, not mentioning that by attacking Syria the USA would indeed be al Qaeda's air force, navy and possibly marines. The USA is already al Qaeda's special forces, as well as al Qaeda's logistics corps.

America went to war after 9/11 2001 and has been at war ever since.

But looking at the American media you wouldn't know it.


To be fair, it's not all politicians who are War Pigs, happy to fire inaccurate missiles from thousands of miles away but give 'em a rifle and a uniform and you won't see 'em for dust. But there is still an obvious hardcore of War Pig Politicians in The Marsten House, and elsewhere, and usually with some affiliation to that curse upon mankind, Israel.

War Pigs by Black Sabbath

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death's construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds
Oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait 'til their judgement day comes

Now in darkness world stops turning
Ashes where the bodies burning
No more war pigs have the power
Hand of God has struck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees the war pig's crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan laughing spreads his wings
Oh lord yeah!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Picture this one day in some as yet unknown time in the future in Syria.

Syria's chemical weapons have been placed under strict international control. The war in Syria is nearly won, but there are still large stubborn pockets of resistance by the rebels. One unit of rebels is still fighting very hard in Damascus, showing signs of victory, and encouraging others to continue the struggle. Jihadis from all over the globe are still being smuggled in, and their numbers are increasing.

But news breaks!

Another massacre of civilians.



But it couldn't be Assad, could it? Because his weapons are under strict international control?

Ah, they say.

Perhaps he didn't hand them all in.

Perhaps he kept a bit for himself, for a rainy day, for a spot of trouble, like today?

The warmongers crawl out from under their rocks.

The NATO media gets back into warmongering mode again.

BOMB SYRIA! they all cry.







9/11 was not done as an inside Ziojob for nothing, for Assad to remain in power.

They did 9/11 to attack seven nations in five years.

They murdered 3000 of their own people to wage war on Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and now Syria. After Syria it will be Sudan, Somalia and Iran.

They will not stop.

They will not quietly accept the surrender of chemical weapons and then scuttle back under their rocks in defeat.

They are devils. Sociopathic, diabolical, ruthless devils, who lie, cheat, steal and kill for fun.

They engineered World War 1, World War 2, the Holocaust!!

It may not be next week. Or next month. Or even next year.

But another false flag is coming.

And when it does there may be someone different in the Kremlin.

Monday, September 09, 2013


For millenia the human race has been tricked and bullied into fighting wars. But wars for whom?

Who benefits from all the wars, all the blood, all the guts, all the maimings, all the dismemberments?

First, there are those who make the weapons used in the wars.

Second, there are those who finance the wars.

Third, there are the politicians.

The first and third are beholden to the second.





On 25th August 2013 I posted IS ASSAD BEING SET UP FOR A FALSE FLAG ATTACK ON ISRAEL? This was in response to a report in The Daily Mail suggesting that Assad had armed Hezbollah who may attack Israel in a 'surprise' attack.
...For experienced observers believe that President Assad may be plotting a surprise attack against Israel in a desperate attempt to distract attention away from his internal troubles and transform himself into a hero across the Arab world.

News has emerged this week that Syria has armed the Lebanese Islamist group Hezbollah, which is fiercely hostile to Israel, with several ballistic missiles and a number of smaller rockets, each with a range of 150 miles — far enough to strike Tel Aviv.

[source : Cornered and desperate, will Assad unleash a catastrophic chemical weapon attack against Israel?, The Daily Mail,, 24th August 2013]

And now it is being reported by RT that sources have told them that a false flag attack on Israel by Syrian rebels from Syrian soil may be in the pipeline.
A chemical attack may be launched on Israel by Syrian rebels from government-controlled territories as a "major provocation", a number of sources have told RT.

[source : RT sources: Syrian rebels plan chem attack on Israel from Assad-controlled territories, RT,, 9th September 2013]

The Daily Mail report suggested that Hezbollah could be preparing a 'surprise' attack. Any attack on Israel could easily be blamed on Hezbollah.


Any attack on Israel before the USA attacks would be false flag number 2.

Sunday, September 08, 2013


Royal Marine Commandos are training in Albania, with a flotilla of back up landing, logistics and war ships.

Hmm. A bit of a coincidence that Albania is in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the USA sent marines into the area pretty early on too, don't you think?


Cougar 13 Royal Marines commando training in Albania

Hundreds of Plymouth-based Royal Marines have landed in Albania for a series of major exercises.

The commandos are part of the Royal Navy's Response Force Task Group operation, Cougar 13.

The marines have carried out river crossings, abseils and mock assaults while they wait for the task force to arrive in the Adriatic.

HMS Bulwark, HMS Illustrious and RFAs Mounts Bay and Lyme Bay will take part in the first exercise, Albanian Lion.

The marines will work with Albania's armed forces to put a group of commandos ashore in what the Royal Navy described as a "high-tempo scenario".

Sgt Chris Davies, 30, from 30 Commando Royal Marines, Plymouth, said: "This is the second time I have trained in Albania and the mixture of heat, altitude and mountainous terrain make it the ideal training environment for the Royal Marines.

"We are all raring to go."


The warmongers are all scuttling back into the dark, back under their rocks.

Until the next false flag...


Just when you thought it couldn't get much lower, the propaganda for war on Syria just hit a new low. And look who is pushing it!

The latest drivel is a claim that the Syrian Arab Army did indeed use chemical weapons but may have done so without the nod from Assad. German Intelligence claims to have recorded several requests over the last few months of field commanders requesting permission from Assad to use chemical weapons, but on each occasion the requests were denied. The allegations are printed in Bild am Sontag, and are also being reported by Times of Israel, Israel National News and Haaretz. Now, I view these three particular papers every day, and I cannot remember seeing the same report on the same item of news in ALL THREE on the same day. So this would add support to the claim that AIPAC are going for it on this war.

But who, or rather what, is Bild am Sontag?

Bild am Sontag is owned by Axel Springer. Axel Springer owns Die Welt which in 2006 was one of just a few European newspapers to republish the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed which caused Muslims to riot across Europe. The CEO of Axel Springer is Mattias Dopfner, a Bilderberger.

Bild am Sontag is also considered to be a bit of a joke, and is the equivalent of The Sun/The Daily Mirror, possibly worse.

So if this devastating piece of 'evidence' against the Syrian Arab Army was that powerful and convincing then it would have been published in a much more respected German newspaper. But as it is, this 'evidence' has been published in the gutter press and then republished by the three Israeli newspapers that I keep my eye on (something I cannot recall ever occuring before).

Saturday, September 07, 2013


Let Down by Radiohead

"Let Down" as written by Thomas Yorke, Edward John O'brien, Colin Charles Greenwood, Jonathan Richard Guy Greenwood, Philip Selway

Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Transport, motorways and tramlines,
Starting and then stopping,
Taking off and landing,
The emptiest of feelings,
Disappointed people, clinging on to bottles,
And when it comes it's so, so, disappointing.

Let down and hanging around,
Crushed like a bug in the ground.
Let down and hanging around.

Shell smashed, juices flowing
Wings twitch, legs are going,
Don't get sentimental, it always ends up drivel.
One day, I am gonna grow wings,
A chemical reaction,
Hysterical and useless
Hysterical and

Let down and hanging around,
Crushed like a bug in the ground.
Let down and hanging around.

Let down,
Let down,
Let down.

You know, you know where you are with,
You know where you are with,
Floor collapsing, falling, bouncing back
And one day, I am gonna grow wings,
A chemical reaction, (You know where you are)
Hysterical and useless (You know where you are)
Hysterical and (You know where you are)

Let down and hanging around,
Crushed like a bug in the ground.
Let down and hanging around.


Who cares?

So who do you think will win World War 3?

Thursday, September 05, 2013


I am not religious but I recognise the significance of Maaloula.

Pray for the Syrian Arab Army as it disinfects Maaloula of the NATO proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum.


Rand Paul shot to fame with his filibuster of John Brennan.

But, as Webster Tarpley questioned in the latest Jeff Rense show, why has Paul decided not to filibuster the Obama war bill, which is far more important, and is in fact a matter of many, many lives and deaths?

Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Somaliland is the semi-autonomous region north of Somalia. Genel Energy has interests in Somaliland.
Genel Energy was created in 2011 as a result of the reverse acquisition of Turkish Genel Enerji by Tony Hayward led investment company Vallares.[1] Vallares was set up by Tony Hayward, financier Nat Rothschild and banker Julian Metherell.[1] Genel Enerji was controlled by Mehmet Emin Karamehmet through Çukurova Group (56%) and Mehmet Sepil's family (44%). In 2009, Genel Enerji planned merger with Heritage Oil; however, the deal subsequently collapsed.[3]

[source : Genel Energy, Wikipedia,, 4th September 2013]

Nat Rothschild is Non Executive Director.

Their interests in Somalia are at


The Prince of Darkness, Michael Howard, wrote over the weekend demanding war.

Howard is Chairman of Soma Oil & Gas Limited, which according to the company website:
Soma Oil & Gas was founded in early 2013 expressly with a view to exploring in Somalia. This revives exploration in a territory where, prior to 1991, a number of International Oil Companies were granted licences before declaring Force Majeure.

The Board and Management of Soma Oil & Gas are working with the Federal Government of Somalia and the Ministry of National Resources to open up the Somalia oil & gas industry.

[source : Company Overview, Unlocking Somalia's Potential, Soma Oil & Gas,, accessed 4th September 2013]

So you can see why Howard is in an agitated state. He wants Assad removed as soon as possible so that we can move swiftly on to Somalia.


Off the coast of Somalia lie some of the world's greatest untapped oil fields, which belong to the same set as those from which Saudi Arabia has generated such enormous wealth. The seven nations named to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11 were Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Sudan, Libya and Somalia. Somalia has recently been named by the DFQ as presenting more of a terrorist threat to the DFQ than Afghanistan, and several conferences have been held in London regarding the future of Somalia.

So how do you get Somali oil to market?

Well, depending on exactly where the fields are and the most economical drilling locations are, I can see two possibilities:
1. through Yemen into Saudi Arabia,
2. through Sudan and Libya.

And you will note that Sudan and Libya along with Somalia are on the list of seven nations named to Clark that were not named in A Clean Break. There is no pipeline from Somalia into Sudan, and no pipeline from Sudan to Libya. This Somalia-Sudan-Libya route is the most direct route to Europe and is over land.

The Suez Canal could also be an important transport route, hence concern over Egypt's trouble.

This is assuming that the destination of the oil is Europe.

Hands Off Somalia

Somali Oil: Black Gold and Imperial Conquest


A hacker claims to have hacked into the email accounts of a Colonel Anthony Jamie MacDonald and his wife. Emails in the accounts imply that some of the scenes of 'dead' children due to the alleged chemical weapons attack in Damascus suburbs on 21st August were staged. This, along with a report that one week before the horrific events in Damascus preparations began for a large and irregular military surge involving the US distributing a large amount of weapons to Syrian rebels in anticipation of a game-changing event, rebel claims that they had been supplied with chemicals weapons by Bandar bin Sultan, and videos of the 'dead' children being uploaded onto Youtube the day before the events occured, all indicate a false flag attack on the scale of Pearl Harbour and 9/11.

I've hacked colonel Anthony Jamie MacDonald mail he is intelligence US Army Staff boss. First I hacked his Link3dIn account and got access to his mail through it then.

Among mail Mayhem like Amazon mails I've found his correspondence with his colleague Eugene Furst. He congratulates Col. with success and gives a link to the Washington Post publication about chemical attack in Syria on August 21. Furst also mentions it was “well staged”. Holy shit. I was shocked my eyes refused to believe it. Bloody bastards they “staged” a chemical attack.

Then a friend of Anthony MacDonald's wife Jennifer writes she was shocked seeing on TV the children died after chemical attack in Syria. Jennifer answers she saw the story but Tony calm her down saying children were alive and the scene was staged.

Two best mails I uploaded here

Here you can download MacDonald's mail

Here is his wife's correspondence

[source : Pentagon staged chemical attack in Syria, PasteBin,, 30th August 2013]

Monday, September 02, 2013


Adapted from Pinocchio

Hi diddle dee dee
It’s time for World War Three
Obama’s undeserved Peace Prize
He can’t look into his children’s eyes

Hi diddle dee day
I have something to say
There’s no need for this stupidity
Let’s not fight World War Three

Hi diddle dee dum
World war is really dumb

Hi diddle dee dee
It’s time for World War Three
Bandar tried to trick us all
Blames Assad as children fall

Hi diddle dee dum
World war is really dumb
The Neocons and Israeli lies
Mushroom clouds in orange skies
Shout No! to this would be really wise
It’s time for world war three!


I'll be returning to university soon. To save me some work, 'someone' has cancelled a daily set of job alerts I used to receive from one particular job website. It looks like it was cancelled the day I moved in preparation for my return because I have not received that set of alerts since Friday.

So whoever it was, thanks!


If Romney had won we would have bombed Syria by now.

If Romney had won we would be bombing Syria by now.

If Romney had won we would be bombing Syria very soon.

They did 9/11 to instigate a series of wars, first Afghanistan for the opium, then the Ziowars on Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon as per A Clean Break, which later expanded into the plan for war on seven nations in five years.

They did 9/11 killing 3000 on the day, and God only knows how many afterwards.

They did 9/11 and were caught dancing, arrested in their vans, held and questioned but oh so quietly released to scuttle back to their homeland where live on TV they admitted being in New York to record the event.

They did 9/11 expecting to have conquered The Middle East years ago.

But it has all gone wrong. Syria has resisted, Obama was re-elected and has stalled.

They are panicking. It is not just Obama. There is a strong anti-war movement all over the world, strong in emotion and strong in numbers.

Romney was supposed to win last year.

If only Romney was in The White House...

Sunday, September 01, 2013


Attack Syria to save Israel is the call to war.

Oh, how true this is considering the Zionists are behind 9/11 and the subsequent wars.

But they don't seem to realise that by attacking Syria the USA will be provoking an attack on Israel, not just by Syria but by Hezbollah and Iran, and maybe a few others who are currently either neutral or anti Assad.

The administration of Barack Obama is convincing congressmen to support a strike against Syria by saying that it will help protect Israel, reports Politico.

“Israel’s enemies, including Iran and the terrorist group Hezbollah, could be emboldened if Congress fails to approve action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, senior administration officials said Saturday,” it reported.

[source : White House to Congress: Help Israel, Bomb Syria, INN,, 1st September 2013]

This is supported with this report that the Zionists are "horrified" that Obama has decided to consult Congress.
The Israeli political and security leadership is privately horrified by President Barack Obama’s 11th-hour turnaround on striking Syria — a decision he took alone, after he had sent his Secretary of State John Kerry to speak out passionately and urgently in favor of military action. It is now fearful that, in the end, domestic politics or global diplomacy will ultimately lead the US to hold its fire altogether.

It is worried, furthermore, at the ever-deeper perception of Obama’s America in the Middle East as weak, hesitant and confused — most especially in the view of the region’s most radical forces, notably including Bashar Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran

[source : Obama unleashes horror in Jerusalem, Times of Israel,, 1st September 2013]


In an astonishing jaw-dropping, breathtaking statement, the Saudi Foreign Minister has called upon the world to use all its power to stop the aggression against the Syrian people!

This almost tops the King of Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago decrying terrorism and destabilisation in support of General al Sisi putting down The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

And get this! Saudi Arabia is apparently willing to "stand by the will of the Syrian people". Yet 70% of Syrians support Assad but Bandar bin Sultan wants to chem them!

I wonder if this is in response to the BBC early this morning interviewing a Professor of International Relations (I think that was his title) from Salford University who referenced the Gale Davlak article in which residents of Ghouta and rebels stated that the deaths of hundreds were due to the rebels mishandling chemical weapons they had been supplied with by Bandar bin Sultan?

CAIRO: Saudi Arabia said on Sunday it was time for the world to do everything it could to prevent aggression against the Syrian people, and that it would back a U.S. strike on Syria if the Syrian people did.

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal made his comments as the United States prepares strikes against the Syrian government, blaming it for a chemical gas attack that killed hundreds of civilians.

"We call upon the international community with all its power to stop this aggression against the Syrian people," Faisal said in Cairo, where he was attending a meeting of Arab League foreign ministers to discuss Syria.

On the prospect of a U.S. strike, he said: "We stand by the will of the Syrian people. They know best their interests, so whatever they accept, we accept, and whatever they refuse, we refuse." The meeting was expected formally to blame Assad for the gas attack.

[source : Saudi Arabia says it backs U.S. strikes if Syrian people do, The Daily Star,, 1st September 2013]


Assad the Wise would shut his ministers and/or representatives up and stop them from gloating over Obama deciding to consult Congress.

Congress could still declare an American attack on Syria legal, and Obama decide to go ahead with an attack.


BBC Breakfast this morning at around 0620 interviewed in studio a Professor from Salford University about Syria (I didn't catch his name but he looked like the late great Richard Griffiths). The Professor referenced the article by Dale Gavlak suggesting that the rebels had scored an "an own goal" (in the Professor's words) in mishandling chemical weapons that they had control over. He then suggested that this would explain why there were panicked phone calls within the Syrian military demanding a stop to missile launches etc. But not surprisingly, the BBC interviewers quickly moved onto another subject before the Professor could elaborate further, showing no interest in the Professor's incendiary claim.

So that is where your TV licence goes, on the salaries of blinkered morons.