Monday, April 30, 2012


The Syrian al Qaeda rebs attacked a bank in Damascus with a RPG.

I'll repeat that again.

The Syrian al Qaeda rebs attacked a bank in Damascus with a RPG.

An armed terrorist group attacked the Central Bank of Syria at al-Sabaa Bahrat Square in Damascus with an RPG round, causing only minor material damage.

Another armed terrorist group attacked a rescue patrol with an RPG round near Ibin al-Nafees Hospital in Rikneddin area in Damascus, injuring four policemen. The patrol returned fire and pursued the terrorists.

Workers in the Central Bank organized a sit-in within the bank in condemnation of the terrorist attack, affirming unity in the face of the conspiracy targeting Syria and that such cowardly terrorist acts will not undermine their determination and resilience.

[source : Terrorists Attack Central Bank, Police Patrol with RPG Rounds, SANA,, 30/04/2012]

This is not the first time they have used RPGs.

Where would the Syrian al Qaeda rebs get their RPGs from? Here is a report on the contents of the ship, Lutfallah II, bound for Lebanon from Libya that was recently searched by the Lebanese Navy.
“The ship and the weapons shipments funders are two Syrian business men living in Saudi Arabia, and the ship’s owner is of Syrian nationality, and the Captain is Syrian as well, and all of them are from the Syrian opposition”..

...As for the weapons seized:
- Light arms: Machine guns of war.
- Medium weapons: 12.7 Machine guns and Rocket-Propelled grenades.
- Heavy weapons: 120mm Mortars
- Two types of rockets: Anti-tank missiles, and anti-aircraft missiles carried on shoulders..
All those weapons came with their full ammunition.

[source : Who Funded the Arms Bound for Syria?, Friends of Syria,, 30/04/2012]

At a recent Friends of Syrian Terrorists meeting Saudi Arabia and Qatar gave the Syrian al Qaeda rebs $100 million.

So the Syrian opposition based in Saudi Arabia (where the 9/11 hijackers came from allegedly) financed a ship from al Qaeda controlled-Libya with a load of weapons from Libya to smuggle to the Syrian al Qaeda rebs via Lebanon.

Where is the condemnation from Dodgy Dave?

Where is the condemnation from William Hague?

Where is the condemnation from Hillary Clinton?

Where is the condemnation from Ban Ki Moon?

Where is the condemnation from Kofi Annan?

All that these people want is war.

But they want us to fight the wars.

Just like they want us to kill ourselves to 'save the planet'.



Britain seems to have expanded its role in South Sudan from an initially claimed humanitarian one to military sabotage along northern borders with Sudan amid fears that London is plotting another oil war.

The Foreign Office confirmed on Sunday that a British national has been arrested by Sudan’s security forces along its oil-rich Heglig border area with South Sudan.

Sudan’s army spokesman Colonel Sawarmi Khalid said the Briton was part of a team of four including Norwegian, South African and South Sudanese nationals who were equipped with military hardware and an armored vehicle.

...In that context, the revelation that Britain is operating military elements in the border area of South Sudan can at best suggest London is looking at the disputed Heglig oil fields as a rich opportunity for its oil industry.

But considering the fact that Sudan and South Sudan are on the brink of full-scale war over the oil fields, another scenario seems more likely.

Britain is plotting for long-term military presence in the resource-rich South Sudan under the pretext of helping it in the ‘war’ with the north.

That scenario, of course, will bring the mentioned opportunities for British oil businesses while providing a ripe market for British weapons as London tightens its grip on South Sudan’s huge natural resources.

[source : UK agents leading Sudan oil war plot, Press TV,, 30/04/2012]

This really is taking the limeade.

Seven nations in five years was the plan revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the inside job 9/11; Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Somalia.


They are currently desperately trying to start war on Syria, and getting more desperate by the minute.

They have been trying to start war on Iran for years, and if Syria falls then Iran will definitely be next. Hell, they may even just go for it and allow Nutternyahu to bomb Iran. Or even worse, get the USA to attack Iran.

In the last month or two there was a conference in London on Somalia, after which Britain declared that it now considers Somalia not Afghanistan as the focus of terrorism.

And now this arrest of what sounds like British Special Forces in Sudan, but the international nature of the arrested group implies they could be mercenaries, but if so then who are they working for?

Hague must make a statement on this and also on the presence and purpose of British Special Forces in and around Syria since 1st January 2011.

Are we stirring up trouble in foreign nations in order to declare R2P?


We now know for a fact that, despite denials at the time, British Special Forces were in Libya stirring up trouble to give the pretext for UN SCR 1973, which NATO promptly used as toilet paper and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed the very Libyan civilians they were supposed to be protecting, assassinating an ally in the war on terror Gaddafi, so now al Qaeda flags flutter in the North African breeze as extreme Islamists torture and execute black Libyans.

What was it that Daily Star source said about Syria?
"This is all going like Libya but this will be bigger and bloodier."

[source : SYRIA WILL BE BLOODIEST YET, The Daily Star,
, 01/01/2012]

And it is now highly likely that they are now shipping weapons from Libya into Syria via Lebanon following the seizure of a cargo ship with 150 tons of weapons sailing from Libya to Lebanon.
The US and NATO have some questions to answer about the massive weapons cargo seized by Lebanese intelligence officials, Franklin Lamb tells RT. He says they surely knew the shipment was on its way to Syrian rebels, but still turned a blind eye.

[source : Hide-and-ship: Did the US know Libyan weapons were en route to Syrian rebels?, Russia Today,, 30/04/2012]

Syria has been saying for months that weapons destined for the Syrian al Qaeda rebs are being smuggled into Syria via Lebanon.

PS Please note that the war on Lebanon in 2006 was by Israel and Israel alone, but some weapons were supplied by the USA. Why is this of great importance? Because the seven-nations-in-five-years plan is an extension of the A Clean Break written for the then and current PM of Israel Nutternyahu. A Clean Break was then developed into a global warmongering rampage in PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses. Both of these were written by the same intersecting bunch of Zionist thugs who on and after 9/11 were in very, very, very influential positions in the Bush Administration, media and policy forming organisations.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


The Conservative Middle East Council has very recently published a document which is being reported in the media today. Entitled Voices from Syria the document consists of quotes from interviews of civilians and members of the Free Syria Army who had escaped to Lebanon, with the warning that unless the Free Syria Army is not armed to the teeth and given outside help then Syria may fall to the Jihadis.

This has now become the rallying cry for war in Syria : unless we help the FSA then al Qaeda might get in!

But who is financing this al Qaeda terrorism? Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

One very scary and curious quote is this.
"Someone needs to kill Assad, they just need to kill him."

Well the terrorists are getting closer and closer to Assad. The in-your-face terrorism from the Qatar and Saudi funded Syrian al Qaeda rebs comprising car and suicide bombs is regularly now in Damascus having so far been generally confined to border towns and cities. Assassinations and terrorism were suggested in the leaked Stratfor email of a recent discussion at The Pentagon, with British and French officials present I must add.

I hope you can see what has happened and is happening. The Syrian al Qaeda rebs were first very covertly inserted into Syria and very quietly assisted to encourage a violent uprising so that the Libya model of R2P could be suggested. But Russia and China have seen through this and vetoed any military action. So now, with $100 million in their wallets, the Syrian al Qaeda rebs are creating havoc to break the ceaefire and their bloody adventures are now being reported in the mainstream media (because the alternative media has got it through to the general public that al Qaeda is there) that if we don't help the FSA then al Qaeda (financed by Qatar and Saudi Arabia at The Friends of Syrian Terrorirsts meeting with William Hague present) might get in.

Interestingly the two members of CMEC who went to Lebanon for this report were the CMEC Director Leo Docherty and Vice Chairman Adam Holloway MP. Both are ex-military. Holloway left the Grenadier Guards, then went into journalism and has reported from conflict zones, such as Sarajevo and Iraq, for the likes of CNN (i.e. CIA). While in the military Docherty studied Arabic and was in Iraq (military intelligence?).

And perhaps of even more interest is that Adam Holloway received a donation of £4000 from Qatar in 2010.

First, are you are going to get an unbiased version of events from members of the Free Syria Army? I doubt it.

Second, how do they know that the civilians they interviewed really were civilians?

After brief research on CMEC I came up with this.

From the CMEC website:
No establishment date but first trip to the Middle East was in April 2007.

But it took them well over FOUR years before their first formal publication, despite numerous trips overseas.

Their publications are:
First publication October 2011 (The Arab Spring: Implications for British Policy)
Second publication February 2012 (Egypt 2011: Revolution and Transition)
Third publication April 2012 (Voices from Syria)

You should note that despite the horror and barbarity of Operation Cast Lead CMEC have not produced a formal report on Gaza, like those listed above, even though CMEC (including Holloway) went to Gaza in February 2009 and after.

Reported donations to CMEC (from the Electoral Commission) are:
Ardeshir Naghshineh, £100,000, February 2008
Targetfollow Estates Limited (owned by Naghshineh), £7500, February 2008
Rouzbeth Pirouz, £9000, May 2008
Pierre Rolin, £18750, April 2009
Pierre Rolin, £18750, May 2009 (same one as above?)
Targetfellow Estates Ltd, £6500, July 2009
Pierre Rolin, £18,750, August 2009
Pierre Rolin, £3,250, August 2009
Bell Pottinger Communications, £17,900, August 2009
Mohammed Amin, £10,000, October 2009
David Rowland, £75,000, March 2010
David Rowland, £51,920, July2010
David Rowland, £25,000, October 2010
David Rowland, £25,000, March 2011
Hani Farsi, £25,000, June2011
CC Property Company Ltd, £17,076.51, November 2011
Rosette Merchant Bank LLP, £8,947, December 2011
Khaled Said, £12,500, March 2012

I think it is of great interest that David Rowland pumps over £175,000 into CMEC in the year March 2010 to March 2011. This was as the Arab Spring was being prepared in Langley and elsewhere, and instigated. Then as the Arab Spring is underway CMEC start to publish professional looking documents, with written contributions from academic and professional authors, but with some dodgy conclusions. For example, take this statement by Docherty in the Introduction from the first publication on The Arab Spring.
The NATO intervention in Libya looks set to be judged a remarkable success

And take this from the author on the chapter on Libya.
NATO’s aversion to ’shock and awe’ tactics, and the extreme accuracy of its urban bombing, means that Libyan infrastructure is in comparably good shape.

Hmm. Not sure about those.

The report on the Egypt Revolution recommends that the British government establish relations with The Muslim Brotherhood. But the MB is MI6!

And now we have this Voices From Syria, which is totally biased. It would appear that neither Docherty or Holloway interviewed the terrorists who openly admit to slitting the throats of and chopping the heads off civilians who support Assad. Nor has it addressed the smuggling of weapons from Lebanon into Syria for the Syrian al Qaeda rebs.

Voices From Syria appears designed to play with your heart to support the idea of R2P without addressing THE fundamental questions : who are the Syrian al Qaeda rebs, where are they getting their money from, and how long have they been receiving support from NATO and Arab League Special Forces (and coming from military backgrounds I would have thought that particular question would be of great interest to Docherty and Holloway)?

With these questions absent and unaddressed I am very sceptical of the alleged neutrality of CMEC.

Friday, April 27, 2012


I love Chopin.

I love Shostakovich (but I'll admit that a few of his string quartets are a bit grim).

But this beats anything and everything for its powerful simple soulful groove and message.






Mechanix Enterprise - Let's Get Down


Do you know all those warmongers, and that includes not just the politicians but also the journalists, trying to start wars in the Middle East, why not give 'em a gun and a helmet, fly 'em over there and tell 'em to get on with it?

Why not?

Why not do that?

Why not just round 'em all up, give 'em all a uniform, a pair of boots, a gun and a helmet, and ship 'em all over there?

And when they land there shove 'em off the plane (coz they'll need it) and say to 'em, "There you go. Now you can have your bloody war!!"


Is Israel getting very very concerned about its meddling in Syria?

What a silly question.

Israel started it all!

Last week the Israeli defence minister Ehud Barak was interiewed by Christian Amanpour of CNN while he was in the USA warmongering. In the interview Barak said the fall of Bashar al Assad would be a "very positive event", and also suggested that the international community should supply the Syrian al Qaeda rebs with weapons.

But this is precisely what Saudi Arabia and Qatar are doing!

Here is the segment of the interview dealing with Syria and Iran. Note Barak's desperation as he talks about weakening Iran by taking out Syria.

Barak also suggested that safe zones should be established on the border with Turkey (safe for the Syrian al Qaeda rebs?), and that a Kosovo-style military intervention should occur without UN Security Council authorisation.

I think these are very strong words indeed from Israel, and indicate a desperation that after well over a year of financing, training and arming the Syrian al Qaeda rebs and all sorts of dirty media tricks and lies Assad is still standing with strong support from the Syrian people but more crucially from Russia and China, who are well aware of the foreign-backed terrorists propagating the violence inside Syria. I fully expect India to join with Russia and China after their own private observation team reports back from Syria.

Interestingly Haaretz of Israel has now joined in the demonisation of Assad, something it has not done, so far as I am aware. In a report from Daraa the Haaretz team play the emotional blackmail card, ending their report thus.
"In fact we are trapped between all sides, fighting for the power in this country," said Malik. "What is this talk about a peaceful transition? Who asks us? We will never, ever accept Bashar Assad as president. The opposition works abroad. The Free Syrian Army hides someplace and only shows up for brief attacks. The international community has betrayed us. When we started our protests, we saw the images from Benghazi, how NATO sided with the Libyan uprising. We thought: Those who stand up for their rights, their freedom, they are protected. But it was a lie. We are on our own, stranded on a dead-end street."

[source : Haaretz exclusive: A visit to the war-torn heart of Syria's struggle for independence, Haaretz,, 27/04/2012]

The message is loud and clear : WHERE IS NATO?

In the last five years or so there have been attempts and suggestions to make Israel a member of NATO.

But can we trust the interviewees and the reporters? Take this statement from the report.
More than 11,000 people have been killed in Syria since March 2011, according to the Syrian opposition.

But the official (and seriously inflated) figure according to the UN (who get their numbers from a London-based and therefore biased agency) is 9000.

And is this the same Syrian opposition who said that babies in incubators had been killed but could not supply any evidence?

And where is Danny Dayem these days?

It is all lies, lies, lies to start a serious war, while Europe tries to save itself from a financial blackhole of $9 TRILLION with a handful of Euros.

Yesterday there were reports that the Syrian military had used a Scud missile to blow up an appartment building killing 70, including women and children.

A Scud?


Get real. It was a weapons and bomb warehouse for the Syrian al Qaeda rebs.

Syria is just one nation of seven targeted for war. It was named in A Clean Break. A Clean Break was implemented through PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses, which morphed into the seven-nations-in-five-years plan mentioned to General Wesley Clark shortly after the inside job of 9/11 that enabled all the warmongering.

It is a damned dirty business, and Israel has some very very dirty and sweaty hands.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


They say it takes 18 months for new economic policies to take real effect.

A quarter is 3 months.

Osborne has been Chancellor since May 2010.

It is now late April 2012

Osborne can no longer lay the blame for the state of the economy on Labour.

18 months followed by two quarters of negative growth is not a good record.

Add to that an allegiance to Bilderberg.

He has brought nothing but misery to millions, and lower taxes to his friends.

Captain Oik must walk the plank.

And he should be followed by his Bilderberg warmongering partners-in-fascism.

Britain has sunk back into recession, its first double-dip downturn since the 1970s, piling pressure on the government to soften its austerity drive.

GDP unexpectedly shrank by 0.2% between January and March, following a 0.3% contraction in the fourth quarter of last year, according to the Office for National Statistics. A technical recession is defined as two or more consecutive quarters of economic decline. The figures wrongfooted City economists, who had expected a return to growth, albeit of a meagre 0.1%.

The shock downturn piles further pressure on the government to step up its efforts to boost the economy, and highlights the challenges it faces in reducing Britain's debt from record levels. The fall back into recession will also heighten calls for the chancellor to ease up on his deficit-cutting plans. However, George Osborne stuck to his guns on Wednesday morning.

[source : UK sinks into double-dip recession, The Guardian,, 25/04/2012]

Monday, April 23, 2012


The Bilderberg Post is admitting the presence of al Qaeda amongst the Syrian opposition but tries to say that they have only recently arrived, that the Syrian government may even be facilitating their arrival in Syria, but even if the Syrian government is bringing them in that because of their presence the Free Syria Army must be assisted otherwise al Qaeda might take over the whole of the Middle East!

This is the Mockingbird Media at its most desperate, illogical and insane.

As Syria’s revolution drags into its second year amid few signs that a U.N.-mandated cease-fire plan will end the violence, evidence is mounting that Islamist extremists are seeking to commandeer what began as a non-ideological uprising aimed at securing greater political freedom.

Activists and rebel soldiers based inside Syria say a small but growing number of Islamist radicals affiliated with global jihadi movements have been arriving in opposition strongholds in recent weeks and attempting to rally support among disaffected residents.

...But if the United Nations’ peace plan fails to end the government’s bloody crackdown and promises of Western and Arab help for the rebel Free Syrian Army do not materialize, activists and analysts say, there is a real risk that frustrated members of the opposition will be driven toward extremism, adding a dangerous dimension to a revolt that is threatening to destabilize a wide arc of territory across the Middle East.

...The diplomats say dozens of jihadis have been detected crossing the border from Iraq into Syria, some of them Syrians who had previously volunteered to fight in Iraq and others Iraqi. There may also be other foreign nationals among them, reversing the journey they took into Iraq years ago when jihadis flowed across the border to fight the now-departed Americans.

The Syrian government facilitated the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq for many years, and there are widespread suspicions that it may be covertly reactivating some of those networks to discredit the revolutionaries, deter international support for the opposition and create conditions under which the harsh crackdown by authorities will appear justified.

The regime portrayed the uprising as the work of radical Islamists in its earliest days, and the reports that extremists are surfacing in Syria only play into the official narrative, said Salman Shaikh, director of the Brookings Doha Center in Qatar.

“This drip, drip, drip of extremists across the border . . . there are signs the regime is aiding and abetting it,” Shaikh said. “And it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

...“The good thing is that Syrians are against giving our country to radicals,” Abu Mustafa added. “But these groups have supporters who are very rich, and if our revolution continues like this, without hope and without result, they will gain influence on the ground.”

[source : Fears of extremism taking hold in Syria as violence continues, The Washington Post,, 23/04/2012]

Readers, please note that last paragraph.

"But these groups have supporters who are very rich,".

Oh, yeah? Who has just given these Syrian opposition fighters $100 million? It was Qatar and Saudi Arabia, at the penultimate Friends of Syria meeting.

Now you can see why I call them the Friends of Syrian Terrorists, not The Friends of Syria.

I think we can safely assume that these al Qaeda terrorists that the Bilderberg Post is revealing here are getting their money from Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Yet what does the article suggest? Does the Bilderberg Post suggest that Qatar and Saudi Arabia immediately cease and desist from their financial support of al Qaeda? NO! It suggets that the Free Syria Army be assisted otherwise al Qaeda might take over the Middle East!

What a load of baloney!

This is like being asked to believe that the unaccurate Lee Harvey Oswald shot the moving JFK with a rifle made in the stone age from a long way through trees with bullets that zigged zagged all over the place passing through other occupants of the car to be found later in pristine condition on a stretcher in a hospital!


Some governments ship the drugs in.

Some governments commit state sponsored terrorist attacks.

Some governments created and work with al Qaeda.

It is those governments who are on a bloody warmongering rampage to start WW3 as the financial system collapses in order to cause so much chaos that we beg for a global fascist dictatorship to stop all the madness.

It really is that simple!


At the IMF meeting last week George Osborne, aka Captain Oik, gave the IMF £10 billion.

That money is going to save the Euro, we are told, and we need to save the Euro because a stable Euro is good for British business.

Oh really, George?

How much has Europe had so far? All the 1% interest rate 'loans' from the ECB that zombie banks are supposed to use to buy up European bonds with 5%, 6%, 20% return? A half trillion? More? The nations selling the bonds are supposed to implement savage austerity to pay the 5%, 6%, 20% return.

Well it is much much worse than we are being told.

Only last week the IMF said that Europe would need nearly $4 trillion, repeat trillion, by the end of next year.

But a LPAC source has told them that Europe will now need $9 trillion, and this year.




And Captain Oik and the rest of the Bilderberg globalist ministers and crew at the IMF think that donating another few billion here and a few billion there will save Europe?

A senior finance ministry official attending the ongoing IMF-World Bank annual spring meeting in Washington has reported that the IMF's annual survey, which warned of a 3.8 trillion dollar hole in the European banking system, was rewritten to vastly understate the actual magnitude of the blowout. An earlier draft report, seen by the source, painted a much worse picture of the non-performing debt on the books of the big European banks. The actual IMF estimate is that at least 7 trillion euro (over $9 trillion) will be needed to bail out the private European banks this year.

[source : Even In Bleak Annual Survey, IMF Doctored the Data, LPAC,, 22/04/2012]

If this source knows the real situation then does Osborne know?

And if so then why is he giving the IMF £10 billion, when it is now being reported that government departments are being asked to slash a further 5% from their budgets?

Ministers have been ordered to prepare up to £16billion of further spending cuts amid warnings that it could take years to get the economy back on track.

The plans emerged as former Chancellor Ken Clarke yesterday warned it would take ‘long hard work’ before the economy returns to normal.

...In a speech today, Mr Alexander will reveal he is ordering his colleagues to set aside 5 per cent of their budgets as a mini-reserve.

[source : Find another £16billion in cuts, ministers are ordered amid warning it could take years to get economy back on track, The Daily Mail,, 23/04/2012]

This just means more austerity, more misery, more joblessness, more homelessness in this DFK.

But does the IMF want the Euro to fail?

Well, since the crisis began the IMF has been given a bit more power to monitor the fiscal policies of sovereign nation states, but cannot tell them exactly what to do, only advise them. But I am reminded of that report in The Bilderberg Post a few years ago when the IMF said it was preparing for the time in the not too distant future when it would manage the global economy. At the time it was more of an observer.

Surrounded by blond wood paneling and a digital screen the size of a cinema's, central bankers and finance ministers would meet to convene a financial security council of sorts. Serving almost as ambassadors to the IMF, they would debate ways to put out the world's economic fires and stifle reckless policies before they ignite new ones.

Bowing to a new economic world order, the IMF would grant fresh powers to the likes of China, India and Brazil. It would have vastly expanded authority to act as a global banker to governments rich and poor. And with more flexibility to effectively print its own money, it would have the ability to inject liquidity into global markets in a way once limited to major central banks, including the U.S. Federal Reserve.

...But the IMF is all but certain to take a central role in managing the world economy. As a result, Washington is poised to become the power center for global financial policy, much as the United Nations has long made New York the world center for diplomacy.

The IMF's mission is expanding so broadly that its managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, said in an interview that the organization -- which underwent deep cuts last year before the financial crisis swept the globe -- may boost staffing in coming months, potentially creating dozens of high-paying jobs in the District.

[source : A Bigger, Bolder Role Is Imagined For the IMF, The Washington Post,, 20/04/2012]

The word to look at very closely there is "managing". Managing is not the same as merely observing.

With the recent panic the IMF has been given more power to observe, but not manage.

If the Euro is allowed to blow up even further to cause even more of a panic then guess who the likes of Osborne and all the other Bilderberg traitors will demand be given the power to "manage" the global economy to stop such panics manifesting in the future? Yep! The IMF.

The International Mafia Federation.

The International Mutha Fuc*az.

But add this panic to the panic caused by a nuclear war between Russia/China and the USA over Syria and/or Iran then a lot of people will be demanding a world government dictatorship to stop all the chaos.

Osborne must go now.

He must surely know this real situation regarding Europe needing $9 TRILLION, and this year.

And if he knows this real situation regarding Europe and is giving the IMF £10 billion, who will undoubtedly use it for Europe, then it is simply pouring money down the drain and plunging this DFK into even more needless fascist austerity.

And if he doesn't know then he soon will, and when he does will he withhold that £10 billion, and demand the return of all other donations from this DFK?

We have been put into an awful and dangerous situation by the Bilderberg traitors, but we can get out of it.

We can stop the warmongering in the Middle East and thoroughly investigate 9/11 which enabled all the warmongering.

We can ban all financial deriviatives immediately.

We can prosecute the bankers and lock them up for a very, very long time.

We can create money out of thin air ourselves, just like the bankers have been doing for centuries, but instead of using that God-like power for selfish purposes, like the bankers have done, we can use that power and money to rebuild broken Britain into a sovereign nation we can be proud of passing on to future generations, not beholden to globalist think tanks or a bullying world government imposing fascism on us to enrich a cabal of fraudulent genocidal warmongering kiddie-fiddling eugenicist megalomaniac satanist scum.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Now The Bilderberg Post is calling for Plan B for Syria, and that Plan B calls for establishing a "humanitarian corridor" inside Syria and an "assistance hub" inside Turkey that would be used to "assist" the Syrian al Qaeda rebs.

The measures most likely to be effective in Syria remain near the bottom of the administration’s list. Ms. Clinton mentioned the possibility that Turkey, a NATO member, would invoke the alliance’s Article 4, which requires consultation when the territory or security of a member is threatened. Syrian forces have fired across the Turkish border, where thousands of refugees have gathered. Any resulting consultations should focus on proposals, floated by both Turkey and France, for the creation of a safe zone or humanitarian corridor on Syrian territory — a step that could be accomplished with a modest military force and could cause the regime to collapse.

Ms. Clinton also mentioned greater support for the opposition, including the creation with Turkey of an “assistance hub.” This would be useful, as promised supplies so far have mostly failed to reach opposition groups. Mr. Assad will fall only when his attacks are blocked and countered; it follows that U.S. policy should aim at that.

[source : Needed: Plan B for Syria, The Bilderberg Post,, 22/04/2012]

But what is perhaps more revealing is the phrase used in the title; Plan B.

For if a Plan B is now being proposed openly in such NWO publications as The Bilderberg Post then by implication there was a Plan A.

And if there was a Plan A then what exactly was it?

And who planned it?

And when?

And why?

And how will Plan B achieve the aims of the apparently failed Plan A?

If we look at the Plan B as proposed by the Bilderberg Post it is just the same as that proposed by Sarkozy and others, which would involve an invasion of a sovereign nation citing the Responsibility to Protect (al Qaeda, or R2PAQ).

I would argue that the task of implementing Plan A was given to a bunch of Zionutters in the 1990's. They wrote A Clean Break in 1996 for the then and current Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. The US Presidential election in 2000 was close but George W Bush won when Florida was first awarded to Al Gore but then mysteriously given to Bush. At the time Bush' brother Jeb was Governor of Florida. Jeb was also a founder of The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) and was a signatory of the PNAC Statement of Principles, along with Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz.

In September 2000 PNAC published a document entitled Rebuilding America's Defenses which called for the USA to go on a global warmongering rampage to assert its authority and impose US hegemony, but recognised the need for "a new Pearl Harbor" to persuade the general American public to support such bloody warmongering, morally, politically and financially. Iraq and Iran were named as targets. But both Iraq and Iran were also named in A Clean Break along with Lebanon and Syria.

On September 11th 2001 PNAC got its "new Pearl Harbor" when the USAF was mysteriously AWOL as allegedly some men hijacked some passenger planes and flew them around the most protected airspace in the world for nearly two hours before flying them into the WTC and even The Pentagon! At the time the Secretary of Defense was Donald Rumsfeld (PNAC) and his Deputy was Paul Wolfowitz (PNAC). Also on 9/11 Richard Perle(A Clean Break) was Chairman of the Defence Policy Board and advised Rumsfeld(PNAC) and Wolfowitz(PNAC) how to respond to 9/11 (as if they needed it). Other members of PNAC or members of AIPAC or JINSA or similar groups were in similar or very influential positions and able to influence public and government reaction to 9/11.

Immediately al Qaeda was blamed, but so was Iraq.

At the time the leader of al Qaeda was Osama bin Laden, who was suffering from Marfan's Syndrome and also required regular kidney dialysis. Several times before 9/11 governments such as Sudan had offered bin Laden to the USA but the offer was refused. At the time of 9/11 bin Laden was allegedly living in Afghanistan so a coalition of the willing invaded Afghanistan to get bin Laden. Somehow bin Laden and his kidney dialysis machine escaped along with hundreds of al Qaeda and Taliban, but opium production was quickly restored back to record levels.

But then the fun really began.

Iraq was accused of colluding with al Qaeda in the 9/11 attacks. Iraq was also accused of having WMDs. So Iraq was invaded in 2003. No WMDs of any significance have ever been found. The fact that Rumsfeld had helped sell WMD to Saddam in the 1980's which Saddam was encouraged and to use and was helped in doing so by the USA was barely reported.

Next was Lebanon. In February 2005 the then Prime Minister of Lebanon was assassinated when his car blew up. A Special Tribunal for Lebanon was established. Syria was blamed for the assassination, and a Cedar Revolution forced Syria to withdraw from Lebanon. A year later in 2006 Israel bombed Lebanon in a war with Hezbollah.

After that there were several attempts to either overthrow the government of Iran or start war on Iran. Israel has for years accused Iran of being just days away from manufacturing a nuclear weapon. Iran was given civil nuclear power technology by the USA in the Atoms for Peace Program, but the level of enrichment required for military purposes is very much greater and much harder to achieve than that required for civil nuclear power. A Green Revolution was started in 2009, but failed to overthrow the Iranian government, but that didn't stop the threats to overtly support the revolution. Since then the likes of Henry Kissinger and George Soros have maintained that Iran will suffer a bloody revolution during these Arab Uprisings. But how much longer can this Arab Spring of 2011 go on for?

But are you beginning to see a pattern?

Iraq. Iran. Lebanon.

All three named in A Clean Break. Iraq and Iran also named in Rebuilding America's Defenses.

But it gets worse.

General Wesley Clark has revealed in his books, and in speeches and interviews that are available on You Tube, that shortly after 9/11 he was told by a Joint Staff officer that The Pentagon was planning for war on Iraq. This was when no evidence could be found or manufactured to implicate Iraq. But to assist in the frame up of Iraq the Office of Special Plans was created by Paul Wolfowitz(PNAC) and Douglas Feith(A Clean Break) to cherry pick evidence and present totally biased "proof" to Dick Cheney(PNAC) that Iraq was complicit in 9/11 and in terror in general.

But six weeks after being told of this plan to attack Iraq Clark was told that the plan had been expanded to include seven nations in five years. Those seven nations were;

Iran has always been in the crosshairs, constantly accused of developing a nuclear weapon.

But last year there was a war on Libya. British Special Forces and the special forces of other nations, members of NATO and the Arab League, had encouraged and trained a gang of al Qaeda thugs in the east of Libya to start an uprising. UN SCR 1973 authorised NATO to protect civilians during the civil war that the BSF-trained al Qaeda thugs had started, but within days the assassination of Gaddafi was openly discussed as the only solution. What was proposed would only take days to achieve took six months or so, and required lots of media lies, such as Gaddafi troops were high on Viagra and raping civilians, to maintain public support for the failing war. But it all ended after NATO bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed a clear and unobstructed path for the Libyan al Qaeda rebs all the way into central Tripoli, killing tens of thousands of the very civilians they were supposed to protect, so that "someone" could assassinate Gaddafi. And now al Qaeda flags flutter in the North African breeze as al Qaeda thugs torture and summarily execute Black Libyans. Have you ever wondered what has happened to Libya since we "liberated" it? If post-Gaddafi Libya is such a success surely it would be headline news day after day after day?

But Clark also recalled a brief conversation in 1991 with Paul Wolfowitz(PNAC), when Wolfowitz was Number 3 in The Pentagon, in which Wolfowitz lamented the fact that Saddam had been left in power after Desert Storm, and stated that the USA had "5 to 10 years to clean up those old soviet regimes, Syria, Iran, Iraq, before the next great super power comes on to challenge us".

This was in 1991. A Clean Break was written in 1996. PNAC was created in 1998. PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses was written in 2000 crying out for "a new Pearl Harbor" to go on a global warmongering rampage.

Then BOOM! 11th September 2001!

And so began the bloody warmongering rampage.

Currently Syria.
Somalia is increasingly being mentioned.
Iran has been for ever and a day.

And all the while our freedoms are being reduced and taken away.

To help cover up the inside job of 9/11 none other than Henry Kissinger was proposed to investigate. But to America's credit Kissinger was booed off the stage as the evil character in a pantomime. The committee that was eventually created to investigate 9/11 had a very limited budget and was denied massive amounts of requests for documentation. Several members of that committee has since stated publicly that 9/11 is being covered up.

But this warmongering started under Bush and the so-called Right Wing of Amercian politics. Yet the warmongering is continuing under Obama and the so-called Left Wing of American politics. This would imply to me that this series of wars is not partisan, but has something more to it, possibly passed down from upon high to the likes of Bush and Obama to implement.

Perhaps this series of wars is part of a much longer range plan, for three world wars, to eventually create a global fascist dictatorship?

The first world war established a world government and stole Palestine for the Zionists, but the world government failed because the USA voted to stay out of it.

The second world war lasted for longer and was more bloody and violent than the first and did manage to persuade the USA to not only join but house the world government, the UN. The engineered Holocaust also persuaded a sceptical world Jewry to occupy and colonise Palestine.

Now, with the UN assuming more and more power, and after decades of Israeli brutality driving many Muslims to join the Jihad, particularly after hearing the likes of Abu Qatada at Finsbury Park Mosque in Londonistan, the USA is on a bloody warmongering rampage in the Middle East after some of those Jihadi muslims allegedly hijacked some passenger planes and flew them into the WTC and Pentagon while the USAF was mysteriously AWOL which gave a bunch of Zionutters the "new Pearl Harbor" they had dreamed of.

All this satisfies the alleged Plan A of a Freemasonic Sicko Albert Pike for a third world war between Zionism and Islam which would drag in the rest of the world and leave the survivors so weak and terrified that they would be unable to resist the imposition of a world tyranny. Add to that the chaos caused by a global financial crisis and the survivors will not only be unable to resist they will be demanding a world tyranny.

Ordo ab chao.

Order from chaos.

It is good news that Plan A for Syria, what ever it was, has failed, and they are openly declaring that there is to be a Plan B ,which is more obvious to the general public.

But Plan B also has its dangers.

And that is the point.

More should question the sanity of establishing a "humanitarian corridor" on Syrian soil. I mean, why not on Turkish soil? Why not simply increase the size and facilities of the refugee camps in Turkey? Because the point of the "humanitarian corridor" is to start war, to provoke Syria into attacking it, particularly if Syrian al Qaeda rebs continue their attacks (which they can now afford with $100 million from Qatar and Saudi Arabia in their wallets) and find sanctuary in the "humanitarian corridor".

One nation (Iraq) could be anything.
A second (Lebanon) could just be coincidence.
A third (Libya) is conspiracy.
A fourth (Syria) is mugging us off and taking the limeade.

And it all needed the highly suspicious and uninvestigated crime of 9/11 to enable it all.

9/11 was an inside job.

And you know it.

You are just to scared to admit it for fear of the implication it has.

That the world is run by a cabal of fraudulent genocidal warmongering kiddie-fiddling eugenicist megalomaniac satanist scum.

And that's just for starters.

Friday, April 20, 2012


This is a fascinating but depressing interview of Jane Graham, a survivor of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Fascinating because Graham reveals absolutely crucial and corroborated evidence that the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, which contained a child day care centre, was staged by rogue elements within the US government. Depressing because the attack was so obviously staged that after nearly 20 years this deep deep conspiracy has not been brought to justice.

Survivors of the attack who spoke out about the conspiracy received death threats and were eventually "suicided" or just plain murdered. Other survivors have only received the death threats.

And you think they couldn't do 9/11 to go on a warmongering rampage threatening nuclear war to create a global fascist tyranny and get away with it?

These people are capable of anything, including deliberately targetting a children's day care centre.

Alex Jones ends this Infowars Nightly News interview with this.

"Shame on the men of America, for being a bunch of mindless sports fans".

We could equally replace America with England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, France, indeed anywhere.


Qatada was a protected terrorism monger. He was protected by the Covenant of Security between Islamic terrorists and MI5. His purpose was to encourage disillusioned Muslims to join the Jihad. Why? Because gangster outfits like MI5 need a reason to take our freedoms away, and terror is one of their most trusted and therefore beloved reasons to achieve that.

Qatada was to be extradited to Jordan a few days but there was a last minute (deliberate?) hiccup over deadlines. Somehow the Home Office lawyers got it wrong!

Now al-Shabaab have warned of terror in Great Britain if Qatada is extradited.

But perhaps of more significance is that al-Shabaab is al Qaeda in...SOMALIA!

Yes. Somalia. Named on that list of seven countries given to General Wesley Clark.

Of all the places al Qaeda is based in, it has to be from Somalia, the nation also recently named as the new focus of terror by Great Britain. Not al Qaeda in Nigeria. Not al Qaeda in the Caucasus. Not al Qaeda in Yemen. But al Qaeda in Somalia.

And Somalia, with all its recently discovered oil reserves that if exploited would make Somalia the seventh largest producer of oil.


Al Qaeda militants warn of terror attack in Britain if Abu Qatada is deported

Militant group al Shabaab has warned that Britain will face a terror attack if it deports Islamic cleric Abu Qatada.

Tom Whitehead and James Kirkup

11:05AM BST 20 Apr 2012

The Al Qaeda militants warned of a “disaster” for Britain if the Government attempts to send Qatada back to Jordan.

SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online activity from terrorist groups, said al-Shabaab had issued a warning on militant forums.

"The British public is also forewarned that it will be the British government, as a result of its imprudence, that shall be liable for any disaster that befalls them, or their national interests," the statement said, according to SITE.

It comes a week after Al-Qaeda threatened to attack Britain if it decides to extradite Qatada.

In a statement signed by Al-Qaeda’s general command and published on jihadist forums, the terror network said Abu Qatada's extradition would “open the gates of evil” on “Britain and its citizens everywhere.”

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Simon Tisdall at The Guardian is at it again.

Just a few days ago he was proposing R2PAQ in Syria, citing an OpEd in The Bilderberg Post.

Today he proposed R2P, but in Sudan!

The last Sudan war cost an estimated 2 million lives. The next one, if it is allowed to happen, may make Syria look modest by comparison. Unless the international community wakes up to the danger, the dream of two Sudans living harmoniously side by side could be lost for another generation.

[source : The international community must wake up to looming Sudan disaster, The Guardian,, 19/04/2012]

And to explain the title of this blog, Tisdall writes of North and South Sudan,
Both countries say they remain committed to peace. Neither can afford another conflict. But in Mbeki's words, they are trapped in the "logic of war".

But there is some logic to the wars we have seen since 9/11.

Because both Syria and Sudan are on that list of seven nations to be targeted for war in five years that was given to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11. The other six nations on that list have either seen war (Iraq, Lebanon, Libya), or attempts are currently being made to start war (Syria, Iran, Somalia).

Is Tisdall just a useful idiot? Or something more?

I don't know. But we shall have to keep a very watchful eye on his writings.

NB Tisdall's comments have not been deleted. Mine were.


What is "swift fiscal integration?"

When talking about Europe it means more European government, and fast!

We have a European superstate in its infancy; a parliament (in the loosest possible terms), a foreign minister in all but name (Cath Ashton). It took longer than expected (as most New World Order plans do), but it is there or thereabouts.

When the current financial crisis began many of us proposed it was an engineered crisis which would provoke more and louder calls for a European superstate, and for the IMF to take more control. Such calls have been heard, and more frequently.

An article in The Daily Telegraph today reports on the latest IMF Global Financial Stability Report. According to the article the IMF is calling for
swift fiscal integration, ... close regulation of banks,

[source : IMF fears $3.8 trillion forced asset sale by eurozone banks, The Daily Telegraph,, 19/04/2012]

And just to reinforce the suspicion that the current financial crisis was indeed engineered to provoke calls for more European integration, the DT article quotes the director of Monetary and Capital Markets at the IMF,José Viñals
"We need a vision of 'more and better' Europe," said Mr Viñals. Even though it may be politically difficult to achieve, "a consensus needs to be agreed now," he said.

NB the sense of urgency in this quote

The title of the article is also of great interest. Earlier this year LPAC reported a source saying that European banks would need $5 trillion, but this year. The IMF suggests nearly $4 trillion, but by the end of next year.
A senior U.S. intelligence official has warned that the Inter Alpha Group-centered European private banking system is going to need an estimated 5 trillion euro in zero-interest loans this year, to avert a total crash.

...Commenting on this report on Friday evening, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that this is why the British Monarchy cannot delay any longer the plans for a thermonuclear war, involving the United States, Russia and China. Already, he noted, their timetable has been thrown way off, due to war-avoidance efforts led by the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Russia, China and others. Now, the European and trans-Atlantic financial system is at a break point, and the British Monarchy has so far been unable to yet trigger the global thermonuclear conflagration that they desperately seek, to save their dying Fourth Roman Empire system.

[source : Why the British Monarchy Must Have World War Now, LPAC,, 04/02/2012]


Just to bail out fascist gambling banks.

Just think, what could we be doing with all that money instead of bailing out fascist gambling banks? Building a better and fairer world, that's what.

And where will it all come from? Created out of thin air, that's where.

And why have we not created all that money before? Because only the privately owned banks have so far had the God-like power to create money out of thin air and have so far selfishly used that power for their own diabolical purposes, but now need the public to exercise that power to bail them out so we get saddled with their debts while they bask in the sunshine on one of their many yachts in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, and we build a one world fascist global tyranny for them ourselves!

You've got to hand it them. They've got some balls!

But it has failed.

We know.

This is why we are seeing desperate, desperate attempts to start war in Syria and Iran, because such a war would inevitably drag in Russia and China.

I can't tell whether Obama is dragging his feet on this, or is playing it cool. He has so far only provided "nonlethal" equipment to the Syrian al Qaeda rebs. And the disagreement with Iran is also being slowly ironed out.

However, I still stand by what I said last month; that the next 3 to 6 months will decide the fate of the human race.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Spain is apparently outraged by reports of their Bilderberg King Juan Carlos going on a hunting trip in Botswana to kill elephants while they suffer fascist austerity to pay for the gambling of the king's Bilderberg buddies.

...King Juan Carlos came under media fire after going on an expensive elephant-hunting trip in Botswana while ordinary Spaniards are challenged by soaring unemployment and harsh austerity measures.

...The cost to arrange a hunting trip in Botswana to kill an elephant usually comes in at USD 57,850, about twice the country's average annual salary, Spain's leading newspaper, El Pais said.

Most Spanish dailies and TV channels on Sunday showed a picture of the king in front of a dead elephant, taken on a similar trip to Botswana in 2006.

The news of the hunting scandal broke after the 74-year-old monarch, who had earlier claimed that he could not sleep due to concerns over the country’s unemployment, tripped on a step during the latest hunting experience, fractured his hip and was flown back urgently to Madrid to undergo hip replacement surgery on Saturday morning.

[source : Spain's King Carlos under fire over costly hunting trip to Botswana, PressTV,, 16/04/2012]

This is just the tip of the iceberg of Bilderberg. If they get their world government it won't be elephants they'll be killing. It will be you! In fact, they are doing it already but silently and on a small scale. Their ultimate goal is human population levels to somewhere around a half to one billion, herded into megacities, leaving the rest of the planet as their playground to, well, wantonly kill elephants, etc,...and you!

Friday, April 13, 2012


The Syrian Foreign Minister very recently accused Turkey of protecting the Free Syria Army on its soil.
Turkey has a strategy to shelter “terrorist groups that enter Syrian territories, attack civilians and destroy the infrastructure,” Muallem said in a letter addressed to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

He said Turkey was harboring terrorist and turning a blind eye to the attacks they launch across the border to “terrorize civilians at the borders and force them to flee into Turkey so as to create a refugees’ crisis and then request human corridors and a buffer zone be implemented.”

The accusations came in response to Turkey accusing Syria of violating its sovereignty by opening fire across the border at a refugee camp. The Monday shootout left two Syrian nationals dead and some two dozen people wounded, including a Turkish aid worker.

[source : Truce under threat: Clashes near Syrian border with Turkey, Russia Today,, 13/04/2012]

This comes after terrorists attacked a checkpoint on the Syria side of the Turkey-Syria border, killed six Syrian military personnel and fled to Turkey to find sanctuary. This follows another report from RT about the FSA operating from Turkey using the refugee camps.
The Syrian army’s pursuit of rebels across the Turkish border has shed light on claims of rebel groups using refugee camps as safe havens. Reports suggest the Free Syrian Army could be treating them as springboards to launch incursions into Syria.

RT correspondent Sara Firth interviewed an anonymous source on the Syrian-Turkish border following the incident, who said that members of the Free Syrian Army were operating in the border region.

“They [Syrian rebels] cross the border, then they walk back again. Maybe the Turkish army finds some and takes them back to the camp, others just come by themselves. A lot of these people work with the Free Syrian Army,” he said.

He added that the Turkish government turns a blind eye to their movements and “lets them go back to fight.”

[source : Syrian rebels ‘using Turkish refugee camps as base’, Russia Today,, 10/04/2012]

The Guardian confirms that the FSA is operating from Turkey, interviewing several members in a refugee camp in Turkey, one of whom is a child soldier of 13! The report implies that the operation on the day of the interview was to smuggle "medical supplies". But no mention of what happened the days before or was planned for the days after. One interviewee wants NATO assistance. A second interviewee states that neither he or his friends want paying to fight.
On the Turkish-Syria border, in a "safe house", news of a ceasefire spreads desultorily among the small throng of Free Syria Army fighters. Some smoke or drink tea. Others fiddle with laptops and phones, sharing video clips of FSA men roaring their fealty to the cause.

Several of the men are preparing for a night-time mission: to spirit medical supplies across the border into northern Syria. The truce doesn't mean that everything stops. These are soldiers who are convinced they will fight again.

...And young fighters at that. Several are in their teens. Asked if there are any minors in their ranks, they indicate a small figure sitting on a mattress toying with his mobile phone. They call him the "little chicken". He is 13.

...Through the defiance, a weariness shows through. Some have been living on wits and weapons for four or five months. Ahmed for one wants to see Nato intervene to take the pressure off the rebels.

..."Neither me nor any of my friends in the Free Syrian Army want to be paid."

[source : Syrian rebels at Turkish border: 'The revolution is not over', The Guardian,, 13/04/2012]

So these FSA fighters don't want paying to fight, just weapons. So we now know that the $100 million donated by Saudi Arabia and Qatar will probably be spent on weapons not "salaries" as implied. But these fighters also want NATO to join in on their side.

These people do not sound like they are giving up their armed fight. And they are on Turkish soil.


The New World Order have failed.

In fact, they failed five years ago.

The plan, as given to General Wesley Clark was for war on seven nations in five years, but only after 9/11. Clark was given this list around Christmas 2001, by which time Afghanistan had been invaded, but only as a token.

Focus on Iraq, the first of the seven, started in 2002, say March 2002. Five years later would be March 2007. It was about then that the financial crisis really started to rock and roll.

Assuming that war on Iran was going to be the last war of the seven, which even then would have dragged Russia and China in, then by late 2007 to early 2008 the big crash should have occured at the same time as the big war on Iran.

This would have caused chaos all over the world.

But it didn't happen.

There were attempts and suggestions to get the war on Iran going; dangling British Marines in disputed waters, stealing a nuke or two from Barksdale AF Base, dressing up a US Navy boat as Iranian and have it go on a suicide mission in the Persian Gulf, etc. I'm wondering if the incident regarding South Ossetia and Georgia in 2008 was a desperate attempt to get a large war going. It would explain the apparent randomness and shear lunacy of The Tie Muncher of Tblisi bombing villagers in their beds as they slept.

Everything since then has been floundering from one catastrophe to another, as if they were making it all up on the hoof, which would also explain the apparent insanity of the NWO.

And now Syria still stands proud and sovereign despite the NWO trying every dirty trick in the book.

Add to this a load of infiltrators into the NWO, people betraying the NWO, and an ever increasing rising awareness of the horrors that have been, and were intended to be, committed against the sovereign people of this potentially peaceful beautiful planet, then I think we can give the NWO a big red F!

Time to put on those tiger feet...


One should wonder exactly who controls the editorial policy of The Guardian.

I stated a few days ago that a few years ago my comments on their CiF forums were deleted without explanation. The comments were not violent, aggressive, racist, sexist, or had any other property that they could claim for deletion other than they were informing an uninformed readership that they were being mugged off in lots of ways. Result? Comments deleted.

OK. Back to today's shameful embarrassing editorial that shows up precisely what being "British" and "Britishness" is all about. The Guardian is supposed to be the flagship of British journalism; unbiased, accurate, caring.

The editorial is entitled Syria: the only plan in town, and can be found at

The first point to note is that the editorial lays all the responsibility to implement the Annan peace plan on the Syrian government.
But a start is only what Thursday's events represent. The other five points calls on Assad to pull the troops out of population centres, make sure aid gets in, release prisoners, allow journalists in and demonstrations to go ahead.

But I thought the plan was a six point plan, with all six points applying to both the Syrian government AND the opposition, as splintered as it is.

But, you may ask, how can the opposition stop protests? Well, do not assume that any snipers reported to be shooting at protestors are members of the Syrian military firing on an anti-Assad protest. Equally, the snipers could be FSA firing on an anti-Assad protest to blame the Syrian government, or the FSA might snipe at a pro-Assad protest.

No matter. All "six" points should equally apply to the Syrian government AND the opposition, as splintered as it is.

Second, the editorial reports only violence reported to have been committed by the Syrian government.
The Local Co-ordination Committees activist group claimed yesterday that 11 were killed by the Syrian security forces yesterday, six in Homs, four in Idlib and one in Damascus.

But the Syrian government is reporting three terrorist incidents in which three people were killed.
A First Lieutenant officer was martyred while 24 officers, non-commissioned officers and a number of civilians were wounded in an explosive device blast in Aleppo.

...In Daraa, an armed terrorist group assassinated Naser Bhkeit Naser, Secretary of al-Baath Party Department in al-Mazareeb town while he was heading to buy bread.

...An armed terrorist group assassinated Brigadier General Walid Jouni in Jaramana, Damascus Countryside.

[source : An Officer Assasinated in Damascus Countryside, Another Martyred, 24 Wounded in Explosive Device Blast in Aleppo... Law-enforcement Members Wounded in Blast in Idleb, SANA,, 13/04/2012]

And we all know who the armed terrorists are. Or we would, if the "British" media reported the contents of the Arab League report on the observer mission earlier this year, in which the observers stated that armed terrorist gangs are operating inside Syria, and that NATO and some Arab League media, e.g. Al Jazeera, either exaggerate or simply make stuff up about violence involving the Syrian military. None other than the leader of al Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has called for the "lions of Syria" to rise up and chop the heads off the Syrian infidels. This resulted in a rise of car bombings in Syria, most notably in Aleppo. And several employees of Al Jazeera have resigned citing the biased unprofessional journalism against the Syria government. This supports the Arab League observer mission report, and is why certain Arab League members (guess who?) withdrew their observers and cancelled the mission.

Let's get things absolutely crystal clear.

Syria is just one of seven nations targetted for war on a list given to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11. Clark has since stated that there was a foreign policy coup after 9/11. On that list were Iraq(2003), Libya(2010), Lebanon(2005/6), Sudan, Somalia(just coming into the crosshairs), Iran(very soon) and Syria(ongoing). Iraq and Iran were both named in PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses as well as in A Clean Break along with Lebanon, written by the same bunch of warmongering nutters, who are thousands of miles away from the wars they monger. This group were in very, very powerful positions on and shortly after 9/11.

9/11 was exactly what they were looking for, "a new Pearl Harbor" to persuade the American public to go on a global warmongering rampage to attack the likes of Iraq and Iran.

What we have seen since 9/11 is that seven-nations-in-five-years plan given to General Wesley Clark.

And we would not have seen it had it not been for the highly suspicious 9/11. I mean, how could hijackers fly planes around the most protected airspace in the world for nearly 2 hours without being intercepted, even when many fighter planes had been taken away (deliberately?) from that area on "exercises"? And to fly into The Pentagon?! PNAC founder Donald Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defense and had quietly been given the sole power to stand down the military shortly before 9/11.

C'mon people!!

9/11 was an inside job to enable this warmongering, and threaten a nuclear WW3 with Russia and/or China while the global economy implodes due to derivatives, the point being to trick and/or terrify us into calling for or accepting a world government to stop all the engineered chaos.

But then the true horrors will have only just begun...

It looks like The Guardian (or whoever wrote that editorial) wants the horrors to begin!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Dodgy Dave, he who promised to bash the banks but bashed the unions instead, he who kills the aged and sick via The Liverpool Care Pathway after promising to save the NHS, he who implemented R2PAQ (Responsibility to Protect Al Qaeda) in Libya last year in order to eventually assassinate a fighter against terrorism and leader of the crown jewel of Africa, and he who has just given the Syrian al Qaeda rebs a half million pounds (at least) in "nonlethal" equipment, has threatened Assad with a "day of reckoning".
"Together we must ensure that there is a day of reckoning for Assad's crimes."

[source : Assad must face day of reckoning, says Cameron, The Guardian,, 11/04/2012]

Meanwhile, despite the Syrian government promising to observe a ceasefire tomorrow the Free Syria Army will not stop the fighting.
"I don't believe our forces will stop shooting because the other side won't stop," Captain Ayham al-Kurdi said in a BBC interview on the Turkey-Syria border.

"If the other side stopped, the Syrian people would march on the president's palace on the same day. This means the regime won't stop."

[source : Syria to end military operations on Thursday - state TV, BBC,, 11/04/2012]

So if the fighting does not stop tomorrow we all know who to blame.


NATO media is summoning the demons of darkness.

I see no reason for this other than to engineer a terrible war on Russia and/or China.

And they need such a war to reinforce their calls for world government so that they can eventually kill us all in social engineering and eugenics programs so we never ever ever find out about all the crimes they have committed, and they can have the planet all to themselves as their playground.

Their crimes are huge; world wars, terror, fraud, genocide, murder.

The list is endless already.

But it has only just begun...


Simon Tisdall.

Tut. Tut. Tut.

Does he not read anything by his colleague Charlie Skelton? And his expose of Bilderberg?

Surely he must by now be aware that The Washington Post is owned and therefore run by Bilderberg. It is THE premier media in the USA.

Bilderberg wants a world government that it will control.

If they get that then Bilderberg wants most of us dead through social engineering and eugenics.

Bilderberg caused the current financial crisis.

But above all, Bilderberg wants war. The bloodier the better.

A few years ago The Guardian deleted all my posts in their CiF forums. I was not calling for violence. I was not racist. All I was doing was exposing the horrors of the NWO. And The Guardian deleted my posts. I asked why and received no reply. I have since, as you may have gathered, developed a very dim and suspicious view of The Guardian.

So when I read Simon Tisdall's comment today I was nearly sick. He basically calls for war on Syria because of R2P (R2PAQ more like), citing the same Op Ed at The Bilderberg Post I covered earlier today.

Tisdall's comment is entitled "Obama and Nato should act before the Syria crisis spreads further" and can sadly but not surprisingly be found at The Guardian at


I have recently posted statements from the Syrian Ambassador to the UN and the Russian Foreign Minister in which they say they have informed Kofi Annan in writing of the actions they have taken to implement the peace plan, and that Annan has praised them for their work in implementing Annan's peace plan. So far Kofi Annan has not contradicted these statements, so for now we can assume that they are true.

What the world needs to know now is EXACTLY what communications Annan has had with the Syrian al Qaeda rebs and their NATO and Arab League sponsors and supporters, as well as with Turkey.


The Bilderberg Post has said that Kofi Annan has been double crossed and has been made to look foolish by Bashar al Assad, and the only solution is for Obama to intervene militarily and start war.
Mr. Annan is merely the latest of a series of envoys made to look foolish by the Syrian dictator, including not a few Americans.

The question now facing the administration and the Security Council is also familiar: how to respond to Mr. Assad’s double-cross.

...That is why the shortest way to the end of the Syrian crisis is the one Mr. Obama is resisting: military support for the opposition and, if necessary, intervention by NATO.

...The best immediate step would be the creation of a protected zone on Syrian territory where civilian refugees could gather, and the Free Syrian Army could be organized and trained.

[source : The U.N.’s failed plan for Syrian peace, The Washington Post,, 09/04/2012]
Double cross?

Yes. Annan has been double crossed. By the Friends of Syrian Terrorists, not Assad.

The Syrian government agreed to the peace plan in the final week of March, and has been in constant written contact with Annan since then, explaining to him what Syria is doing to implement the plan.

But on the first weekend in April the Friends of Syrian Terrorists decided to support the Syrian al Qaeda rebs with $100 million, with the British government even giving them £500,000 of nonlethal equipment (and when I see nonlethal I read lethal-but-not-directly).

Annan has not given up on the peace plan. The only quotes we get from him are that he is "disappointed". Russia and China have not deserted Syria, because they know the situation in Syria is not being fully reported, as revealed by the Al Jazeera employess who have resigned in disgust at the biased and unprofessional journalism there.

A press conference held by the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Syria was held yesterday. Sky News showed some of it. The Sky News Foreign Affairs editor commented on the statements, and was in some ways reporting the true situation, commenting that when the Syrian government withdrew their troops from cities for the Arab League monitors earlier this year the Syrian al Qaeda rebs took those areas again, so the Syrian government does not want something similar to happen again. But very little if anything has been reported of this press conference in the NATO media.

Walid al-Moallem the Syrian Foreign Minister suggested that Turkey also agree to the Annan peace plan. Al-Moallem had some strong words to say about Turkey.
He [al-Moallem] pointed out that Turkey doesn't just host those who were forced to flee their homes by terrorists, but it also hosts armed groups and establishes camps for them and allows these groups to smuggle weapons into Syria and to infiltrate the Syrian borders in violation of Annan's mission which calls for halting the use of violence by all sides.

"Annan told me in our last phone call that the halting of violence will be followed directly by disarming the armed groups… If this is the case, how could this happen while the operations of smuggling weapons and gunmen from Turkey are underway?"

[source : Al-Moallem: Terrorism Escalated Despite Withdrawal of Army Units from Some Provinces, SANA,, 11/04/2012]

At the same conference the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that he had asked Annan to work towards getting the Syrian al Qaeda rebs and their supporters, i.e. NATO, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. , to give a guarantee of a ceasefire, and that Annan had praised Russia's efforts in finding a peaceful resolution.
Later, Lavrov stressed to Annan the need for the Syrian opposition and the sides supporting them to make urgent arrangement to guarantee a firm cessation of violence, calling on Annan to work actively with them in this regard.

In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Lavrov briefed Annan during a phone call on the results of the talks he held with Minister al-Moallem on means for solving the crisis in Syria, underlining the Syrian leadership's readiness to continue implementing the plan approved by the Security Council and cooperate actively with Annan's mission.

Lavrov also reiterated his country's support for Annan's efforts and the need for unconditional implementation of his plan's articles by all sides , adding that the deployment of UN observers effectively will be an important step in guaranteeing the accurate implementation of Annan's plan.

The statement noted that Annan also valued highly the Russian side's efforts to ensure the success of his mission.

I think no such guarantee, written or spoken, will come from the Syrian al Qaeda rebs. The plan, as revealed by General Wesley Clark, is for seven nations in five years. They are well behind in their plans. But nothing will stop these devils. Not even nuclear war. Nobody must be allowed to stand up to them and survive. Why? Because they have committed so much crime, the financial fraud causing the current crisis and the mass murder of 9/11 for starters, that if they fail then the ordinary people who have been mugged off for centuries will see them for what they truly are.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Yesterday there was a reported incident at a refugee camp near Kilis on the Syria-Turkey border. Most NATO media I read simply reported that Syrian soldiers had shot at protestors in the camp, thus implying that the Syrian soldiers were possessed by evil demons on a bloodlust so Syria must be invaded.

But The Independent revealed some more details of the incident. Members of the Syrian opposition attacked a checkpoint on the Syrian side of the border, killed 6 Syrian personnel and then fled to Turkey, finding refuge in the camp. According to the report the killers were wounded.

Russia Today backs up the suggestion that Turkey, wittingly or unwittingly, is being used as a base from which the terrorists can operate, by sneaking into Syria, committing terrorist acts and then sneaking back into Turkey.

[source : Syrian rebels ‘using Turkish refugee camps as base’, Russia Today,, 10/04/2012]

The danger regarding this is that Turkey is a member of NATO, and if Syria can be trapped or enticed into an attack on Turkey then military action on Syria by NATO could be launched under Article Five of The Washington Treaty.

Monday, April 09, 2012


The NATO media is baying for bloody revenge because Syria is reported to have attacked a camp in Turkey for Syrian refugees. Details are scarce in most reports.

But The Independent has provided much more clarification, and it actually implicates Turkey into possibly trying to provoke an international incident. According to this report Syrian al Qaeda rebs attacked a checkpoint inside Syria, killing six Syrian Army personnel, before escaping to seek protection inside Turkey at the refugee camp.
The incident began at about before dawn on Monday when rebel fighters attacked Syrian soldiers manning a checkpoint near the Turkish border, said Rami Abdul-Rahman, a spokesman for the [Syrian Observatory for Human Rights].

Six soldiers were killed in the ambush, Abdul-Rahman said. The troops then kept firing as eight wounded rebels escaped to the camp that is just over the border in Turkey, sending bullets whizzing across the frontier into the camp, he said.

According to the Observatory, the shooting wounded five people in the camp, which is near the town of Kilis in the southern province of Gaziantep. The Observatory reported that two people later died of their injuries, but that could not be immediately confirmed.

[source : The Independent, Gunfire from Syria hits refugee camp in Turkey,, 09/04/2012]

With these details the news reports with headlines that Syria attacked a refugee camp inside Turkey and killed protestors are blown out of all proportion, and back up what the Arab League monitors concluded earlier this year in their report, that was buried in the NATO media, that news items regarding the Syrian military in the NATO media are exaggerated or simply made up. Perhaps it was a little clumsy of the Syrian military to shoot towards the refugee camp, but what are they supposed to do when Syrian al Qaeda rebs kill six of their colleagues and then find sanctuary in Turkey?

A war on Syria via Turkey is perhaps more likely too. Russia and China appear to be resolute in their support of Syria against the NATO and Arab League sponsored Syrian al Qaeda rebs. Perhaps if Syria could be enticed and/or trapped into attacking and/or killing Turkish troops on Turkish soil, and today's incident could have been such a trap, then NATO could invoke Article Five of The Washington Treaty and declare war on Syria without UN authorisation.

So let's get things straight before we all end up as radioactive dust, eh?


OK. Hands up. Who has got their hands on Ban Ki Moon's bollocks?

If you want a much clearer and unbiased assessment of the situation in Syria then you must watch the press conference held by the Syrian Rep to the UN shortly after the disgraceful abuse of the United Nations by the MI6 outpost Qatar.

During that press conference more details were given about the precise circumstances surrounding the UN GA meeting on 5th April, which was organised by the President of the UN General Assembly, Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser. Which MI6 outpost does he represent? QATAR (of course)! Before the meeting Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser provided an invitation to the media to attend an open meeting about the situation in Syria. Mr. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser did not inform the Syrian rep of the meeting beforehand. However, the Syrian rep found out about the meeting and attended. The Saudi Arabian rep spoke. Ban Ki Moon spoke. But just as the Syrian rep was about to speak and requested a minutes silence for ALL the victims of the fake NATO-Arab League sponsored uprising, the live feed showing the meeting was cut. Even the attendee from Russia was denied the right to speak! The meeting was later declared as closed, even though formal invitations had been given to the media beforehand.

But all this was done with Ban Ki Moon's agreement!

Besides these details, the request from Syria for a written agreement from the Syrian al Qaeda rebs to stop the violence has been made for a while now, and not just from yesterday as our beloved media would have you believe. Why do Syria request this? First, Syria has communicated everything in writing to Kofi Annan. Second, when the Arab League monitors were in Syria earlier this year the Syrian Army withdrew from certain areas, but the Syrian al Qaeda rebs regrouped and retook the territory that the Syrian Army had vacated, so Syria wants written confirmation that this will not happen again. With a $100 million war chest the Syrian al Qaeda rebs see no reason to stop, particularly as they are now effectively paid mercenaries of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, taking home salaries.

There are plenty of other small details revealed in the press conference, but the main ones are
1. the President of the UN GA, who is from QATAR, the home of the ridiculously biased Al Jazeera and sponsor of the Syrian al Qaedas rebs, abused his position while Ban Ki Moon was standing right next to him in the same room and has so far not been reprimanded, not publicly anyway.
2. the Syrian government has been open with Kofi Annan, providing communications in writing to minimize any possible confusion and has provided Annan with daily reports on the actions taken by the Syrian government to comply with the "six" point peace plan, and Annan has even praised the Syrian government on this.
3. Syria has been requesting FOR A WHILE NOW written confirmation from the Syrian al Qaeda rebs that they will stop the fighting, and has not suddenly made this request to scupper the peace deal, as suggested by our beloved NATO media.

Now try finding all that in our media.

The press conference can be seen at

Saturday, April 07, 2012


Syria is again under media attack for defending itself from the al Qaeda terrorists sponsored by NATO and The Arab League. The Syrian government has agreed to a ceasefire and withdrawal of troops and heavy weapons by 10th April. But reports in NATO media would suggest that evil dastardly Bashar al-Assad is on one last final bloodlust blowing up innocent men, women and children before the ceasefire comes into effect.

For example, the US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford has posted images of Idlib on the US Embassy Facebook website, complete with little red tanks on it suggesting the presence of tanks on the streets. This comes at the same time that a large rise in Syrian refugees are reported to be arriving in Turkey, prompting Turkey to tell the UN that it cannot take this situation for much longer. In response to all this the UN Sec Gen Ban Ki Moon has condemned the Syrian government for not honouring the peace plan that Syria agreed to.

But hang on a sec. Didn't the Syrian al Qaeda rebs just get $100 million from Arab League members, such as Qatar and Suadi Arabia, both with obvious links to the Anglo-American Empire? And without any condemnation from this very same UN Sec Gen, even though al Qaeda themselves have admitted to committing the atrocities in Syria after al Zawahiri called on the "lions of Syria" to chop the heads off the Syrian infidels?

To show the bias that the UN is showing against Syria here is a brief report of what occured at the UN yesterday. Before speaking at a UN GA meeting, Dr. Bashar Al Jaafari, the Syrian Representative to the UN, requested a minutes silence in respect for ALL the victims of the Syrian rebellion. Qatar objected and demanded that the media present should leave the room, which they promptly did. The meeting was called to listen to a video report from Kofi Annan on the progress that has been made regardng his "six" point peace plan. The meeting was being aired on UN TV. Ban Ki Moon spoke. So too did the Qatari representative. But just as Jaafari was about to speak the live feed was cut.

Asked to explain this media bias later Ban Ki Moon's representative said that it was a closed meeting. So why were the speeches of the Qatari rep and Ban Ki Moon shown and not that of the Syrian rep? No answer to this perfectly legitimate question was given.

And asked if Ban Ki Moon observed the minute's silence, his representative replied that Ban Ki Moon has spoken about the dead of Syria already.

I take that as a "no".

This report comes from the TRUE Friends of Syria, at, and not the Friends of Syrian Terrorists headed by William Hague and Clintonella deVil.

So why is there an apparent escalation of violence in Syria as the ceasefire approaches?

Well, there are two sides to this violence.

From the NATO media you could be very easily fooled into believing that there is only one perpetrator of the violence, the Syrian government, and only one victim, the Syrian people.

But this is not true, and has never been true.

The Syrian government has written to both the UN Sec Gen Ban Ki Moon and the President of the UN Security Council to explain this latest clampdown.

Fresh with the commitment of $100 million from the likes of MI6 outposts Qatar and Saudi Arabia, and with assistance from NATO and Arab League Special Forces, the Syrian al Qaeda rebs are escalating the violence, basically causing trouble because they know that if Assad can be seen to be violating the Annan "six" point peace plan then NATO and The Arab League will openly side with them as they did with the Libyan al Qaeda rebs.

I shall now post verbatim a report from the Syrian Arab News Agency on these letters sent by Syria to the United Nations, not only explaining the clampdown but also calling for ALL nations to stop the finance and support of all kinds to the self-admitted Syrian al Qaeda terrorists.

Syria: International Community and UNSC Should Take Necessary Measures to Prevent Funding Terrorist Acts against Syria

Apr 07, 2012

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – Syria on Friday addressed two identical letters to the President of the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary General on the terrorist acts perpetrated by armed groups which are backed by Arab and Western countries.

"The terrorist acts committed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria have increased during the last few days, particularly after reaching an understanding on Kofi Annan's plan," the letters stated.

The letters added "In addition to the bombings whose preliminary evidence revealed the involvement of al-Qaeda members and the crimes committed by the other armed terrorist groups, instigation was escalated by some sides who claim care for Syria and making the UN Special Envoy's mission a success, while at the same time acting contrary to Annan's plan and the return of security and stability to Syria.

"The outcome of some meetings recently held indicated that the main goal of their participants was to shed more Syrian blood to the extent that some of them announced establishing funds to finance and arm these groups which we have already provided you with proofs in previous letters of their acts of killing, violence and terrorism, the letters said.

The letters added that those who follow up the developments of the crisis in Syria note that the sides which stroked the crisis through unprecedented media instigation and providing arms and support to the terrorist groups did not admit the presence of gunmen until after the Arab monitors' mission proved their presence and their killing and sabotage acts.

"Therefore, the sides which denied this idea withdrew the Arab monitors, ended the work of the mission and rejected its report as it doesn’t serve Syria's enemies inside and outside the Arab League," they added.

The two letters said that Syria provided the Arab monitors' mission and the UN with documents that prove the crimes perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups against civilians and law-enforcement forces in Syria and their countless attacks on private and public properties and infrastructures which have left negative impact on the life of the Syrian citizens.

The letters documented the number of civilian martyrs who fell in the terrorist attacks, in addition to the number of Army and law-enforcement martyrs which reached 2088 and more than 478 martyrs from the police.

The two letters documented the number of women and children martyred, in addition to those who were abducted or threatened with death for ransom from civilians and army and police members, in addition to the number of stolen vehicles.

The letters expressed surprise over the feigned concern of media and officials in certain countries for the Syrian people while they said no word regarding these crimes, not to mention decisions issued by international and regional institutions with the aim of distorting Syria's image, threatening its stability, independence and sovereignty and undermining its regional and international role.

The letters indicated that representatives of some UN member states rushed to mobilize international institutions against Syria to undermine Annan's efforts to which Syria stressed support and cooperation to make his mission a success.

The letters added that Syria called upon all states to work together with it to prevent terrorist acts, including the implementation of the international conventions related to terrorism.

"Syria calls upon the international community and the US Security Council in particular to take necessary measures to prevent funding or preparing any terrorist acts against it using the territories of other countries," it added.

In its two letters, Syria warned the countries which announced that supporting and arming the terrorists against Syria is a duty of the consequences of their statement as the world won't forget their role in funding terrorist groups in other countries which had catastrophic consequences on regional and international levels.

Syria called upon the countries concerned not to provide haven for those who plan, support or commit terrorist attacks as the international community is no longer able to tolerate these terrorists and their supporters.

The letters indicated to the close connection between the international terrorism and the organized crime, illicit drugs trafficking, money laundering and illegal arms trade and what is taking place in Syria, calling upon concerned parties to stop and condemn them in order to coordinate efforts on national, regional and international levels in the face of serious challenges and threats to the international security.

"Syria, as a founding member of the UN, look forwards to the cooperation of the countries of the world to end terrorism and protect independent and sovereign states from its catastrophes, the two letters added.

R. Raslan/ M. Ismael

I repeat my call to the Friend of Syrian Terrorists William Hague to explain the presence and purpose of British Special Forces in and around Syria since 1st January 2011.

What was it that source of The Daily Star said, while admitting the presence of BSF in and around Syria?
"This is all going like Libya but this will be bigger and bloodier."