Sunday, May 31, 2015


Has anyone got a spare time machine?

I want to go back to this time 3 years ago.


In the early morning of 8th August 2008 Mikhail Saakashvili decided it would be fun to shell South Ossetian civilians as the slept quietly in their beds, which provoked a war with Russia and thus many calls for Georgia to join NATO, as had been proposed in April 2008 at a NATO summit in Bucharest. Saakashvili had come to power in a CIA/NED/Soros-sponsored coup.

So what does the Ukraine government do?

It appoints Saakashvili as Governor of Odessa, where neo-Nazis burned alive about 50 anti-Kiev Nazi protestors!!

This is how the Kiev Nazi junta thinks. they appoint a man who provoked a war with Russia to be governor of a city that gladly burned alive 50 anti-Kiev protestors.


I was expecting an earth-shattering report from Belling Cat today.

These claims, representing the majority of information publicly presented by the Russian government since the downing of Flight MH17, are a clear attempt by the Russian government to deceive the public, global community, and the families of the Flight MH17 victims, only days after Flight MH17 was shot down.

But substitute "Russian" with "Ukrainian" and we could also be talking about the 'truth'.

In I CAN'T WAIT I referred to the following:
I wonder if The Ukraine Security Service will make a guest appearance to discuss how:
1. they cobbled together a phony tape shortly after MH17 came down which they said proved 100% beyond doubt that Cossacks shot down MH17 from Chernukino;
2. they came to the conclusion that the BUK with 3 missiles was back in Russia by 2am on 18th July 2014 at the latest when a video of a BUK with 3 missiles was filmed travelling south east in a south west suburb of Luhansk at 5am;
3. so many eyewitnesses claim to have seen a fighter jet when MH17 came down but the Ukraine Air Force says it did not fly that day even though one of their alleged intercepted phone calls shows they were flying that day, and they had been bombing civilians in Shnizhne the days previous to 17th July 2014;
4. even though The Conservatory in Kiev was under the complete control of the neo Nazi Parubiy, he and his men allegedly could not find the shooters who provoked the blazing riots that led the junta chasing away Yanukovich, yet a photographer took photos of the snipers, one of the shooters says he was escorted away by Parubiy's men, and Parubiy blames Russian special forces.

Both sides are equally guilty of lying. In a case of this seriousness they are bound to point the fingers at each other and lie through their teeth, like in a sordid divorce case in which both husband and wife are equally guilty of adultery. What is at stake is that Nazi NATO wants to plonk first strike missiles aimed at Moscow on Russia's doorstep in Ukraine.

The difference between the above analogy of the divorce case and reality is that NATO just ran a violent neo-Nazi coup to oust a legitimately elected government.

Is that legal?

Would there be a civil war in Ukraine if NATO had not run that coup?

Would MH17 been shot down if NATO had not run that coup?

But the more important question is, would there be a civil war in Ukraine if the NATO media and their gimps had exposed the Nazism of the junta in early 2014 BEFORE junta supporters burned alive 50 anti-Kiev Nazi protestors in Odessa, and the junta killed over 7000 civilians?

Belling Cat are aware that this nation, as disunited and fascist as it is now, went to war against the Nazis in WW2? And that many British soldiers died fighting the Nazis? And that the Chief of Staff for Hitler later became the Chief of Staff of NATO? And that Russia sacrificed 27 million lives to defeat the Nazis? And that Henry Kissinger, Director of Belling Cat's collaborators The Atlantic Council, helped to get senior members of the Nazi hierarchy to the USA? And that the neo-Nazi junta have killed over 7000 civilians, 20 times that of MH17?

Take that video of the BUK with a missing missile. I have no argument about where. It is when that video was filmed. The Ukraine Security Service have stated, and even Belling Cat have referred to this, that that BUK was in Russia by 2am. Yet does that video look like it was filmed before 2am? Er, nope. It looks 5am-ish to me. It depends on the camera's filter. But Belling Cat believe that MH17 was shot down from a field 5Km south of Shnizhne. So how can they trust the Ukraine Security Service who released a sick tape they cobbled together that they said proved 100% beyond doubt that Cossacks shot down MH17 from Chernukino?

Or was that BUK the one that brought down an Antonov An-26 on 14th July which was filmed between 14th and 18th July 2014?

Have Belling Cat no respect for all those who fought against and died fighting against the Nazis? The same Nazis who received so much financial, material, moral and political support from The Anglo-American Establishment (see Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler) because they wanted a second world war?

But when they are in league with the CIA (US AID), George Soros and The Atlantic, i.e. NATO, Council then nothing comes as a surprise anymore. Anything they write now will stink of NATO war propaganda. What they write might be true. It might not. But we have to ask: why don't organisations such as the US military, you know fully trained military personnel, produce such reports? Why does NATO intelligence, with all their superior resources, computers and analysts, have to rely on Belling Cat?

I can't wait until Belling Cat's next report showing how Russia knocked John Kerry off his bike to break his leg. That is how far Belling Cat have crossed the line between journalism and propaganda. Belling Cat are now that far away from that line that it is now a dot to them.

They have betrayed journalism and have sold their souls to NATO and their Nazis.

How about this for a bit of warmongering from Higgins' chum at The Atlantic Council?

Appeasement, eh?

And as for this:

Can you guess who funds Hromadske? The USA, The Netherlands, Soros and the US Embassy in Kiev!!

And MacWilson was Chief Aide to George Robertson when Robertson was Sec Gen of NATO!!

All this is just pure one-sided journalism, which in my book = propaganda.

But who cares when Nazi NATO uses neo-Nazis oust a legitimately elected government who then bomb to death over 7000 civilians opposing that Nazism with barely a whisper of condemnation in the NATO media.

One wonders what will happen to Higgins when the British public find out about the Nazism of the junta and how he protected and sided with it. But then again, the result of the latest election a few weeks ago shows just how Nazi the British public are so maybe they'll all bake Higgins a big cake!!


You remember Adolf Hitler, right?

We went to war against Hitler and the Nazis, right?

So why was a former Chief of Staff for Hitler later made Chief of Staff of NATO?

Absolutely nothing to worry about...but it does explain why NATO would betray all those who fought and died in WW2 fighting the Nazis (including 27 million Russians) and use neo-Nazis to overthrow a legitimately elected government, then allow those neo-Nazis to burn alive 50 anti-Kiev Nazi protestors in Odessa, and then allow those neo-Nazis to bomb to death over 7000 civilians of East Ukraine opposing that Nazism.

And it also explains why Russia is concerned about events in Ukraine.


I wonder if The Ukraine Security Service will make a guest appearance to discuss how:
1. they cobbled together a phony tape shortly after MH17 came down which they said proved 100% beyond doubt that Cossacks shot down MH17 from Chernukino;
2. they came to the conclusion that the BUK with 3 missiles was back in Russia by 2am on 18th July 2014 at the latest when a video of a BUK with 3 missiles was filmed travelling south east in a south west suburb of Luhansk at 5am;
3. so many eyewitnesses claim to have seen a fighter jet when MH17 came down but the Ukraine Air Force says it did not fly that day even though one of their alleged intercepted phone calls shows they were flying that day, and they had been bombing civilians in Shnizhne the days previous to 17th July 2014;
4. even though The Conservatory in Kiev was under the complete control of the neo Nazi Parubiy, he and his men allegedly could not find the shooters who provoked the blazing riots that led the junta chasing away Yanukovich, yet a photographer took photos of the snipers, one of the shooters says he was escorted away by Parubiy's men, and Parubiy blames Russian special forces.


I can see the point of Parker, Mrs Bildt, and a few others. But the rest?

Just slap an entry ban on all Bilderbergers and anyone associated with a NATO NGO.



Not, not steak and kidney pie, but the Paedophile Information Exchange. You know, the organisation that Keith Harding was membership secretary of before he somehow became Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge of GCHQ.

Lord Brittan, who died in January, was urged by campaigning MP Geoffrey Dickens to protect kids from “evil people” in the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). But documents seen by the Daily Star Sunday reveal former Tory MP Lord Brittan dismissed the idea of banning the group.

His comments were made during a meeting with Mr Dickens in November 1983. A separate letter from Mr Dickens to Lord Brittan shines more light on what top government offi cials knew about PIE’s sick activities.

The then Attorney General reportedly admitted some members were interested in murdering children through “sexual torture”. Campaigners expressed shock at the documents, released under Freedom of Information laws.

[source : Lord Brittan REFUSED to ban evil paedo ring, Daily Star,, 30th May 2015]

But what irks me about the Daily Star is that although it expresses apparent shock and horror at Brittan and PIE, it is almost a porn rag.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


It is the eternal question: what is life?

And for answers to such deep and profound questions, I always ask my good and dear friend, Tony Ferrino.

So, Tony. What is life? (and no, I haven't snorted coke off the back of a well-known Jewish singer...well, not yet!)


Because the Anglo-American Establishment hates him!!

It is the Anglo-American Establishment who:
1. engineered WW1;
2. engineered WW2 and then secreted Nazi war criminals out of Nazi Germany to 'work' in the USA;
3. ran 9/11 and then used the outrage to start a series of wars on nations who had fuck all to do with 9/11;
4. have unleashed the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria;
5. facilitated the rise of Islamic State;
6. support Israel as it murders 520 Palestinian children;
7. have just used neo-Nazis to oust a legitimately elected government and allowed those neo-Nazis to kill over 7000 civilians in East Ukraine opposing that Nazism.

So one can safely assume that if the Anglo-American Establishment who brought us all this death and destruction hate Sepp Blatter then he must be doing something right!


In April 2008 at a NATO summit in Bucharest, NATO issued a statement that Georgia and Ukraine would at some time later join NATO. Putin also attended that conference and stated that Georgia and Ukraine was a red line, and having allowed NATO transit across Russia to and from Afghanistan (in their bogus 'hunt' for an already dead Osama bin Laden) expected some kind of respect.

So what did NATO do?

In the early morning of 8th August 2008, as the world anticipated the opening of the Olympic Games, Saakashvili decided to have some fun and shelled the civilians of South Ossetia as they slept quietly in their beds. This provoked Russia into a mini-war with Georgia, which led to some NATO politicians calling for Georgia to join NATO. But Saakashvili, who came to power during a Wall Street/CIA coup, failed in his trick to get Georgia into NATO, and he was ousted and indicted, but not before he was filmed anxiously munching his tie.

Six years later NATO unleashed neo-Nazis in a violent coup in Ukraine against a legitimately elected government after Yanukovich had decided to sign a deal with Russia not the EU/IMF. NATO installed their man Yats as PM and a suspected CIA agent as Minister of Finance. Since that coup the neo-Nazis burned 50 or so anti-Kiev protestors alive in Odessa, and killed over 7000 civilians in East Ukraine who oppose the Nazism and NATO links of the junta. The Rada is now making moves for a referendum on Ukraine joining NATO.

So forgive Putin for being pissed off, shall we say, after NATO betrayed his cooperation over Afghanistan and ran a neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine on Russia's doorstep.

But now to really take the piss and risk a war, Saakashvili, who has been hiding from justice in the USA, has been made governor of Odessa (where the neo-Nazis burned 50 anti-Kiev protestors alive).

Odessa is close to Crimea.


The Daily Mirror has covered the story of nurse Edith Cavell who was executed by Germany for assisting Allied soldiers get back to England. The Mirror runs with the claim that the British government allowed her execution for propaganda purposes. I can believe that. After all, it was the British monarchy and government who engineered the war in the first place!!

Nurse Edith Cavell was shot by a German firing squad 100 years ago after helping almost 200 allied soldiers escape the killing fields of the Western Front through her Red Cross hospital in occupied Belgium.

When she was arrested the British government did nothing to stop the execution – but mercilessly used her shocking death to stir up propaganda.

"The authorities had said, ‘Well, there’s not much we can do old chaps, sorry’ and let her rot," says Emma. "They said she’d got herself into that mess, they couldn’t do anything and turned their backs on her.

"When you investigate her story more closely it’s more and more uncomfortable."

[source : Emma Cavell: How the British Government betrayed heroic nurse who was executed by Germans for treason, The Daily Mirror,, 29th May 2015]

Yes. It does get more and more uncomfortable.

For it is reported that shortly before her arrest Cavell had written in The Nursing Mirror that British supplies bound for the relief of Belgium were actually being diverted to Germany!!

The allegation is that the Warburgs and British Intelligence, although allegedly on opposing sides fighting each other, were interconnected at the top of the power structure and were supplying Germany to keep them in the war. The point of the war was to lead to so much death and destruction that a world government (run by the British, of course) would be accepted and all nations would be subservient to that world, i.e. British, government. Max Warburg was chief of German Intelligence and either found out about this letter from his spies in London (but what would a German spy be doing reading The Nursing Mirror?), or he was told someone from the British who wanted him to know. The second allegation is that Warburg was ordered to arrest Cavell not because she had assisted Allied soldiers to escape but because she was exposing the farce of the war.

Whether Germany could have continued to fight in the war without those Belgian supplies is up for debate, but the fact remains: having engineered the war in the first place the British government allowed nurse Edith Cavell to be executed, and her execution was cynically exploited for propaganda purposes.

This idea that people were executed to keep the war going can be backed up by the death of Rasputin. The tale we are told is that Rasputin was murdered by a group of men jealous of his womanising including rumours of affairs with female Romanovs. The truth is that Rasputin was anti-war and had a strong influence over Czar Nicholas. So to remove this strong anti-war influence, which could have dragged Russia out of the war before an Anglo-American establishment could run a coup against the Romanovs using the war as a source of hatred towards the Romanovs, British agents Oswald Rayner and John Scales assassinated Rasputin. A previous attempt on Rasputin's life had been made in July 1914 when Europe was mobilising for war. Coincidence?

Friday, May 29, 2015


Massive Attack - Protection (with Tracey Thorn) Live


They just tried to destabilise FIFA through some extremely well timed arrests, then tried to associate Sepp Blatter to those arrests, even even today Prince William (direct descendent of the engineers and architects of WW1) tried to be a geezer and talked about his kids, footie and his missus, making out to be one the people and football should come to Ingerland in 2018.

They wanted Russia stripped of World Cup 2018.

They wanted Blatter out and replaced with the son of a king who is assisting them in their illegal and abhorrent use of the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis against Syria.


Cue laughter...


Alan Rusbridger has today left the position of Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian. If the editorials of The Guardian are anything to go by then Rusbridger was a NATO/Zionist warmonger.

Last year as Israel blew 520 impoverished, malnourished Palestinian children to bits, what did The Guardian say? FUCK ALL!!

When Nafeez Ahmed exposed the reason for that war, what did The Guardian do? He was banned from writing for The Guardian.

In 2013, after the horrific event of 21st August, what did The Guardian say? That Assad and only Assad was to blame, not questioning the possibility that rebels could have done it, not offering any reports on the rebels and chemical weapons. And when the proposal was made that Syria would give up its chemical weapons The Guardian was ecstatic, while not mentioning Israel's much more powerful and destructive arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

And when it comes to Russia, The Guardian has been at the front of queue to bash Russia, even going so far as to publish an editorial under the name of Mikhail Khordokovsky, who with Henry Kissinger and Lord Jacob Rothschild formed Open Russia Foundation (which is eerily similar to Yat's Open Ukraine Foundation, which has basically the same kind of backers). Khordokovsky was one of the wealthy Jewish oligarchs who financially and economically raped Russia under Yeltsin.

And why would The Guardian publish The Snowden Revelations for weeks on end while keeping shtum over Israel's barbarism and the related plan for war on seven nations in five years, the subsequent agreement to unleash the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran, and the subsequent decision to facilitate (great word, that) the rise of Islamic State in order to isolate Assad?

That great hero of mine, Alan Partridge, once called The Guardian one of "the clever clogs papers".

Under Rusbridger The Guardian has become a cesspit of biased journalism.

Good riddance. He has shamed the original ethos on which the newspaper was founded.


Belling Cat have issued an article on "that" BUK with three missiles that was filmed in Luhansk allegedly on the morning of 18th July 2014. From the sunlight I estimated that the video was filmed at around 0500.

I believe that the video was filmed where Belling Cat state it is. My questions are:
1. when was it was filmed?
2. why was the truck travelling south east in a south west suburb of 5am on 18th July...when the Ukraine Security Service say it was in Russia by 4am at the latest?

In Belling Cat's report Routes, Destinations, and Involvement of the 2nd and 147th Automobile Battalions in the June and July 2014 Buk Convoys we can find this on "that" BUK:
According to a video published to YouTube64 by the Joint Investigation Team,65 a Buk missile launcher was seen around midnight on 17 July (the night between 16 and 17 July) in “Сєверний“(Syeverniy) in Ukraine as well as in the early morning (around 5:00 AM) of 18 July driving through Lugansk in the direction of the border. An article published 19 July66 on a Ukrainian news site (mainly consisting of an interview with the head of Ukraine’s security service, Vitaly Naida), indicated that the missile launcher was seen on 18 July around 2:00 AM in Lugansk oblast traveling in the direction of “Северный - Верхняя Ореховка Российской Федерации“(Severniy – Verkhnyaya Orekhovka Rossiyskoy Federatsii), where, according to the article, two trucks hauling Buk missile launchers crossed the border, one of which had four missiles and the other three.

The article went on to say that around 4:00 AM the same day, three more trucks crossed the border at that location, one hauling an empty trailer, one hauling a missile launcher with four missiles, and one hauling a military vehicle, which might have been a control unit (note: the vehicle was likely covered, so it could not be identified).

[Pages 43-44]

But here is a Google translation of the article referenced 66 in the above extract:
The terrorists, after the collapse of the Malaysian airliner Boeing-777 was taken from the territory of Ukraine to Russia at least three anti-aircraft missile systems "Buk M1", one of which did not have missile. On this day the briefing said the head of counterintelligence SBU Vitaly found.

As the correspondent LigaBusinessInform, the SBU provided the journalists photo taken in the path of the launcher from Snowy (Donetsk region) in the direction of the Russian border.

"After the aircraft was shot down, after the terrorist attack, the Russian side gave the command to withdraw as quickly as possible launcher from Ukraine. One of the photos can be seen that one rocket is missing on the launcher. Moreover, we have clearly stated and evidence will be provided to all international bodies in order corollary that Russia has given instructions to terrorists to withdraw from all Ukrainian launchers "Buck." And she was not here.

SBU established that on July 18 about two o'clock in the Luhansk region of Ukraine state border towards the settlement of the North - Upper Orekhovka Russian tractor crossed the two, each of which was launcher "Beech". "At first there were four missiles, meaning it is not used, the second - three missiles," - he said.

On the same day, about 4 o'clock in the morning crossed the border three tractor. "One empty platform on one was the installation of four missiles, and the third - a fighting machine. We do not exclude that it was a management module," - said Naida.

According to him, Russia is now trying to hide evidence of the direct involvement in the terrorist act in the sky over Ukraine. "Now the question for the international community should be exclusively to the Russian authorities, to President Putin - how Russia will facilitate the investigation of the terrorist act," - he said.

Naida added that the terrorists knew that the plane should be at a height of 10,000 meters. Launch missiles allegedly found. Representatives of the SBU are looking to get in there to gather evidence.

Recall, July 17, at 16:20 in the sky over the Donetsk region was hit by the Malaysian airliner flying from Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur. According to the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations, on board the plane were 298 people, including 15 crew members. SBU has published a call recording militants, from which it follows that they shot down the plane.

European Commission experts believe that a full investigation into the circumstances of the crash may take more than a year and it is the "standard time".

Earlier, the National Security Council reported that the terrorists seize all evidence from the terrorist attack Boeing 777, and the "black boxes" are going to send to Moscow.

Today the Cabinet press service reported that on Friday night the terrorists have taken 38 dead bodies of passengers of the aircraft Boeing-777 was shot down by militants over the Donetsk region, Donetsk in the morgue.

In the Donetsk Regional State Administration reported that on Saturday the terrorists Donetsk People's Republic started to remove the wreckage of a downed aircraft Boeing-777 in an unknown direction.

To me this sounds like Naida is saying that "that" BUK crossed into Russia at 2am with another BUK that had 4 missiles. And at 4am three other vehicles crossed into Russia: an empty platform, another BUK with 4 missiles and possibly the control module.

So that would make 3 BUKs, two with 4 missiles and one with 3, and a control module.

If this is the case then how could "that" BUK be filmed in Luhansk at 5am if it was in Russia by 2am?

And not only that, why was it travelling south east in a south west suburb of Luhansk if that BUK had shot down MH17 from Shnizhne?

But something happened on 14th July 2014. A Ukraine Antonov An-26 was shot down as it approached Luhansk Airport as the Kiev Nazis tried to create a corridor south of Luhansk to break the separatist blockade of Luhansk Airport. What brought it down? A BUK missile? Wikipedia thinks so. See Antonov An-26 . The separatists themselves claimed to have shot it down with a BUK too.

But what I find interesting is that the Ukraine Security Service released a tape shortly after MH17 crashed that they said proved 100% beyond doubt that Cossacks at Chernukino had shot down MH17.

What is of interest is this:
1. Chernukino is south west of Luhansk, and any BUK travelling from Chernukino to Luhansk would probably approach Luhansk on the E40/M04, and the junction at which that video of "that" BUK was filmed is just a mile south off the M04;
2. if Belling Cat are so sure that MH17 was shot down from south of Shnizhne then how can they trust the video of "that" BUK which was provided by the Ukraine Security Service, who cobbled together a tape to hoax the whole world into thinking that Cossacks shot down MH17 from Chernukino?

So we have these contradictions:
1. Naida says that a system of 3 BUKs and possibly a control module were in Russia by 4am but the video looks like it was filmed at around 5am;
2. Belling Cat believe MH17 was shot down from south of Shnizhne but the Ukraine Security Service tried to hoax the whole world by cobbling together a tape which they said proved 100% beyond doubt that Cossacks at Chernukino shot down MH17;
3. yet the video of "that" BUK was provided by...THE UKRAINE SECURITY SERVICE!

And there is a possible explanation as to why a BUK with 3 missiles would be travelling south east in a south west suburb of Luhansk: on 14th July the separatists claim to have shot down a Ukraine Antononv An-26 with a BUK from the Chernukino area which is south west of Luhansk.

Why should Belling Cat trust the Ukraine Security Service when the Ukraine Security Service released a phony tape suggesting Chernukino was the launch point when Belling Cat say it was south of Shnizhne, and when the video of "that" BUK was filmed at 5am but the Ukraine Security Service say that 3 BUKs and a possible control module were back in Russia by 4am at the latest?

So good question: who's lying?

Oh, and guess who was a source for that Hiding in Plain Sight report released yesterday? Yep. Naida!

Sleep tight...


Russia and its President Vladimir Putin have been demonised by NATO, calling him, among other things, a paedo, a letch, and a wife-beater. The people of NATO land have been given the impression, like the Nazis did, that Russians are untermenschen who must be overrun and trampled into the ground like rats.

But what would happen if Russia pulls off a spectacularly successful World Cup 2018 with the world's media focused on Russia for a month?

The people of the world might also understand why there was a rebellion against Nazis in Ukraine, and why Russia supported it.


Here is a reported quote from a CBB insider:
"This summer will be a sex fest."

Not just one.

Not just two.

But now THREE bona fide porn stars, all female I must add, have been signed up to star in this summer's Celebrity Big Brother.

Tila Tequila, Farrah Abraham and Jenna Jameson have been signed up, admittedly because:
TV bosses have hatched a plot to ensure TV viewers get some x-rated action.

They want a sex-fuelled house like last year when Blue hunk Lee Ryan, 31, was involved in a threesome with Casey Batchelor, 30, and Jasmine Waltz, 31.

So producers have signed three women who can deliver when it comes to saucy footage.

...A show insider said: "This summer will be a sex fest. The producers think by having three porn stars in the house they are guaranteed some action to send ratings sky- high."

[source : Porn to be wild: CBB sign up world famous adult movie star for new series, Daily Star,, 29th May 2015]

CBB is turning us into a nation of perverts and voyeurs conditioned to accept total surveillance while we unleash the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria and unleash neo-Nazis onto Ukraine.

Is this what my grandfathers fought for in WW2?

Thursday, May 28, 2015


It has been confirmed to me by confidential sources that Sepp Blatter is Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge within FIFA, and so Blatter is therefore as corrupt as the Devil himself. Blatter must therefore go, and go now...because it would embarrass Putin asap in parallel with the pro-Nazi report by The Atlantic Council/Belling Cat, and bring World Cup 2018 to Ingerland.

(this is a mock of the truth of Keith Harding, a convicted paedophile and membership secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange, but who was somehow elected as Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge in Cheltenham, which is the lodge for spies at GCHQ).


You won't find any porn or swinging here, so I suggest you seek your sordid entertainment elsewhere.


But what you will find here is impartial but truthful analysis of current affairs.


Oh, and please don't treat your students the way you have treated me.



I've been watching this presentation by The Atlantic Council on their pro-Nazi report published in collaboration with Belling Cat:

1. at no point is the word "Nazi" used, despite the blatant Nazi coup in Ukraine;
2. there is plenty of mention of and sympathy towards Boris Nemtsov - the same Nemtsov who is arguably the biggest traitor of Russia through his collaboration with the USA and Wall Street. Nemtsov even shook hands with Obama during a trip to the USA!!
3. there was also plenty of mention of the Atlantic Council and others working towards "a Europe, whole and free" in which Russia would assist Europe and NATO, suggesting that Putin was being uncooperative, yet there was no mention of Russia under Putin allowing NATO transit across Russia to and from Afghanistan;
4. the host of the Q&A session was Susan Glasser, a former Editor-in-Chief of Foreign Policy, a Carnegie/Graham publication, i.e. Wall Street/Bilderberg.

No matter how much The Atlantic Council and their co-conspirators try to dress their war on Putin up as trying to save Russia from Putin, these facts remain:
1. what occured in Ukraine was a violent neo-Nazi coup, supported by NATO, which is why the NATO media and their gimps rarely refer to the truth because most NATO nations fought the Nazis in WW2 and support for the Kiev Nazis would have been withdrawn had the people of NATO understood the true nature of the Kiev Nazis;
2. the civilians of East Ukraine, backed by Putin, whose father fought the Nazis in WW2, rebelled against the Kiev Nazis;
3. Putin is a target of such organisations as The Atlantic Council, which is infested by Bilderbergers and warmongers and the likes of war criminal Henry Kissinger who got Nazi war criminals out of Nazi Germany and found them jobs in the USA, because Putin is the figure head of a movement called BRICS which is offering an alternative to the Federal Reserve system which has kept mankind underdeveloped for decades;
4. remove Putin and the momentum in the BRICS movement is dead, and NATO can then take out Syria and Iran with ease.

Watching Kempe and MacWilson and the rest rant against Putin, whose father fought Nazis and is helping a fight against Nazis, while the USA went to war against Nazis in WW2, made me sick.

But do you know who I felt most sorry for? The teachers...because there was no porn or swinging!

Can you believe that?

I'm sorry about that, and I apologise on behalf of The Atlantic Council.

But life isn't all fun!!

Especially when you've got kids of your own...


YOU CAN'T!!!!!!!!!


Oh what a friend you have in Belling Cat.

You may have thought that after WW2 your dearly beloved Nazism was wiped out. But fear not!! For in Operation Paperclip particular Nazis were shipped to the USA. Nazi scientists and propagandists were shipped out before the Soviets could get their hands on them and probably do nasty things to them. One man who was deeply involved in Operation Paperclip was Henry Kissinger, protege of General Alexander Bollings, the "godfather" of Operation Paperclip. Kissinger's job was to find Nazi war criminals and ship them to the USA and find jobs for the boys.

A report published today by The Atlantic Council in partnership with Belling Cat attempts to show that Russia has been physically interfering in Donbass when perhaps it shouldn't have been. A director of The Atlantic Council is...HENRY KISSINGER!!

So Kiev Nazis, do not cry! Do not shed any tears that your dearly beloved Nazism is under threat from the USA.

For Belling Cat are on your side!


The 8pm news on Sky News tonight focused on Sepp Blatter. The arrests for alleged corruption were just a sideshow. It was all about linking Blatter to the alleged corruption and thus getting Blatter out (and sorry you teachers of the world, there was no sex in the report). They even tried to affect the vote by placing photos of the two candidates, Prince Ali from cutthroat-Jihadi-friendly Jordan (aged 39) and Sepp Blatter (aged 79) next to each other, highlighting that a majority of members of UEFA supported Ali.

But I haven't seen one single mention on Sky 'News', no matter how brief, of the 2012 US DIA report report proposing Islamic State!!

So make of that what you will.


The FIFA Congress was expected to re-elect Blatter as Prez, but also vote on whether to expel Israel from FIFA.

But, now...


Founder of Belling Cat, Eliot Higgins, has tweeted this:

As I pointed out this morning, the Atlantic Council report glossed over the revolution and its causes, which was in fact a blatant violent NATO-supported neo-Nazi coup to install a hand-picked PM with massive links to the Anglo-American establishment and a Finance minister who worked for the US Embassy in Kiev and 'lost' CIA funds but was never prosecuted.

And as stated this morning, the crucial moment in the revolution in Ukraine was the shooting of protestors and police from The Conservatory. So who did this? Who would want to provoke riots against the Ukraine government by shooting dead protestors and police while the NATO media accused Yanukovich?

See The untold story of the Maidan massacre. The Conservatory was under the control of the protestors, and in particular one Andriy Parubiy. Who is he? A neo-Nazi and ally of Tymoshenko, who wants to nuke East Ukraine. Parubiy said that nobody saw any shooters, but a local photographer took photos of the shooters. So how could shooters get into The Conservatory and Parubiy not know even though the building was under his control? It was after those shootings that all hell broke loose.

The neo-Nazi Parubiy who was in charge of The Conservatory when the shootings took place says that no snipers were found but also he knows that is was Russian special forces who did it!!

Guess who is a source for The Atlantic Council report? Andriy Parubiy.

But that's just one element of the coup that Belling Cat are hiding.

The BIG kahuna that Belling Cat are covering up is the series of wars since 9/11.

Step 1 : declaring your targets
Here's General Wesley Clark revealing the plan for those wars (Clark is actually a Director of The Atlantic Council!!)

Step 2 : Amending your plan (because plans often don't work out as expected)
Here's Seymour Hersh in 2007 revealing the plan to unleash the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran because by 2007 the plan revealed by Clark was moribund.
The Redirection

Step 3 : Amending your plan again (because the initial amendment didn't work out)
And here's how the US DIA proposed supporting the rise of Islamic State to isolate President Assad because the international cutthroat Jihadis unleashed in The Redirection had not killed Assad as they had Gaddafi in Libya.
2012 Defense Intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State “in order to isolate the Syrian regime”

During WW2 this nation went to war to destroy the Nazis. My grandfathers were there on the beaches on 6th June 1944. Both came back psychologically broken men.

Also during WW2 Russia sacrificed around 27 million lives to defeat the Nazis.

So what does NATO do? NATO dishonoured those who fought the Nazis and supports and protects a violent neo-Nazi coup to oust a legitimately elected government to spite Russia, who had allowed NATO transit through Russia to and from Afghanistan!

What riches have Belling Cat been promised to betray those nations, the UK included, who sacrificed men and women to defeat the Nazis, while they hide all the warmongering and cutthroat slaughter given above which has been driven by the very people they have allied with and for whom they have sold their souls?


The Chairman of The Atlantic Council is the Mormon Jon M. Huntsman Jr.

So what did Huntsman do to be awarded the position of The Atlantic Council?

Did he know about the aborted Jasmine Revolution in China while he was US Ambassador to China but not tell the Chinese government? Huntsman was filmed right outside the Mcdonalds in Beijing where mass protests against the Chinese government were to take place. Huntsman said he was just 'passing by'.

Yeah, right!

Huntsman is the dude wearing shades wearing the leather jacket with the stars and stripes.

I've gone through the creators of The Atlantic Council: an assortment of Freemasons, wife-beaters, and created NATO.

I've gone through the list of Directors of The Atlantic Council before: they are the military-industrial-banking complex that has been driving the wars in North Africa and the Middle East since 9/11. They are all there at the end of their report Hiding in Plain Sight: NATO Aggression released today in association with Faustus Eliot Higgins, who has been seduced by the bright lights of Washington DC.

Honorary Directors of The Atlantic Council are:
David C. Acheson
Madeleine K. Albright
James A. Baker, III
Harold Brown
Frank C. Carlucci, III
Robert M. Gates
Michael G. Mullen
Leon E. Panetta
William J. Perry
Colin L. Powell
Condoleezza Rice
Edward L. Rowny
George P. Shultz
John W. Warner
William H. Webster

A list of more megalomaniac spies you could not compile.

What does this title mean? According to Wikipedia:
An honorary title or title of honor is a title bestowed upon individuals or organizations as an award in recognition of their merits.

What merits has any of these?

It's a sick joke!!

Some of the sources for that report are good. But others can be seriously questioned, such as using a report in NYT which cites Poroshenko stating that 4000 Russian soldiers were at the time in Ukraine. But how many times has he made such claims which were subsequently ridiculed and found to be false?

The report also accuses Russia of shooting down MH17, but by accident.
Moscow responded to the Ukrainian counteroffensive by sending in ever more sophisticated artillery, tanks, and anti-aircraft missiles, including the Buk surface-to-air missile system that was used from Russian- controlled territory in Ukraine to shoot down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) by mistake on July 17, 2014. Numerous independent investigations corroborate Russia’s role in this tragedy.8


Has the MH17 JIT concluded this yet? Er, nope.

So what is this reference 8?

Would you Adam and Steve it! It's Belling Cat's own investigation, not the MH17 JIT, which still has not published its final conclusions 10 months after the tragedy.

And here is where the report calls for revolution against Putin:
Putin’s hold on power in Russia is dependent on continued high levels of popular support. The way to end Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine and further intervention in Europe’s East is not through economic sanctions alone; Putin can blame economic pain on the West and avoid the real issue. The West needs to reveal the lies that Putin is telling his own people. Putin’s popular support is the base of his house of cards: once that card falls, the whole house will crumble.

Is the US government, indeed any NATO government telling its people that in 2012 the US DIA proposed the facilitation of the rise of a Salafist entity in Syria to isolate President Assad, that entity we know as Islamic State? ANd the reason for this is that Syria was named in a list of seven countries that were targeted for war and regime change by the USA, even though Syria had sweet FA to do with 9/11? And that after several years of resisting Saudi-funded international cutthroat Jihadis, Assad was still in power and showed no sign of leaving any time soon?

There is nothing special about this report. It glosses over the true cause of the war in Ukraine with a single short sentence. The true cause of this war in Ukraine is that:
1. Yanukovich had decided to not sign a deal with the EU and IMF in favour of a deal with Russia;
2. neo-Nazis who favoured the EU then provoked riots by shooting protestors and police from The Conservatory;
3. during the provoked riots the neo-Nazis then stormed government buildings and Yanukovich fled for his life;
4. the neo-Nazis were painted whiter than white by NATO media and their gimps, even as they burned people alive in Odessa;
5. recognising the Nazism of the junta, East Ukraine rebelled, which has led to a war in which over 7000 civilians of East Ukraine have been killed by the Kiev Nazis.

The crucial act that destabilised Ukraine was the shootings from The Conservatory by the neo-Nazis that provoked the riots that the neo-Nazis then used to overthrow the legitimately elected government. To their shame, the NATO media whitewashed, and has continued to whitewash, this Nazism and the neo-Nazi destabilisation. For if this Nazism was exposed the people of NATO-land would understand why the people of East Ukraine declared independence.

During WW2 the Nazis invaded Russia seeking 'lebensraum'. Russia drove the Nazis back all the way to Berlin but paid a huge price: about 27 million Russians died. Now, what are the Russian-allied civilians of East Ukraine going to do if a cabal of murdering Nazis overthrow their legitimately elected government?

But didn't we fight against the Nazis too?

Didn't our fathers and grandfathers fight in Europe to destroy Nazism?

And yet here is NATO in alliance with neo-Nazis as they burn people alive and murder 7000 civilians?


The first sentence shows how much of a whitewash the Hiding in Plain Sight is:
In the winter of 2014, the Maidan revolution in Kyiv led then-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to flee Ukraine.

A bit of a whitewash that statement, innit?

The truth is that:
1. Yanukovich had decided against a deal with the EU and IMF in favour of a deal with Russia;
2. so NATO unleashed its neo-Nazis, who shot both protestors and police from The Conservatory in order to provoke riots;
3. the NATO media and their gimps beatified the Nazis, either pretending to not see them or describing them as romantic revolutionaries;
4. rather than inflame the situation further, the Ukraine police stood down, but this allowed the neo-Nazis to invade government buildings, and led to Yanukovich fleeing for his life.

As a result we now have the following situation:
1. the PM is Yatsenyuk, who was hand-picked by Victoria Kagan-Nuland in a phone call in which the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt all but admitted the coup was being run by the US State dept when he said, "I think we're in play." Yatsenyuk runs a foundation called Open Ukraine in partnership with NATO, NED, US State Dept, Chatham House and George Soros;
2. the Minister for Finance is American-born, only given Ukraine citizenship just hours before her appointment, who was a senior officer at the US Embassy in Kiev, and who was a manager of funds for the CIA front USAID (who Belling Cat work with) but who 'lost' those funds but didn't get into any trouble. She is indeed opening up Monsanto and the IMF;
3. moves are now being made for Ukraine to join NATO.

This was a blatant coup by the USA/NATO.

And this was after Putin had said that Ukraine joining NATO was a red line, expecting some kind of respect because Russia had been cooperating with NATO by allowing NATO transit across Russia to and from Afghanistan.

Is this how NATO repays its partners?


Not surprisingly, one of the editorials in The Guardian is on FIFA. Well, actually. That's not quite true. The editorial focuses more on attacking Sepp Blatter and blaming Blatter for the alleged corruption which led to those arrests yesterday.

After discussing the charges, the editorial concludes:
Mr Blatter sits atop this steaming mound of graft. He may indeed be calm. But he is finished. Either he goes or Fifa collapses – or perhaps both. As the US authorities put it on Wednesday: “Organised international soccer needs a new start.” That will not happen through another worthless promise of internal Fifa reform. Sponsors and national football associations may need to threaten a boycott, and to mean it. Yet without this, the survival of international football and even the World Cup must surely be open to doubt.

[source : The Guardian view on the Fifa arrests: football’s game-changer, The Guardian,, 27th May 2015]

In other words, The Guardian is suggesting that Blatter has to go.

If you throw enough mud then some of it will stick. But it also depends on when you throw that mud. And there is an election tomorrow which Blatter was exeected to win.

But is FIFA the only organisation that suffers corruption?

This United Kingdom is not united, and it is a kingdom of corruption. And Freemasonry is one of the cogs in that corruption. The case of Keith Harding, who was made Worshipful Master of the Mercurius Lodge in Cheltenham in 2011, but years before had been convicted of kiddie-fiddling 4 children and was membership secretary of the Paedophile Information Exchange, stinks of corruption. Why? Because the Mercurius Lodge is the lodge for GCHQ!! With all those oaths that freemasons take, about helping other freemasons and all that, how much information has been secreted out of the databases of GCHQ via Harding, perhaps on your children? You just don't know. The potential is there, though, innit?

This nation is a cesspit of corruption.

But who is head of state?

Not Sepp Blatter.

It's bleedin' obvious the arrests are politically motivated:
1. against Blatter;
2. to possibly stop the 2018 World Cup going ahead in Russia, and maybe even bring it to England.

I have heard point 2 above suggested several times.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I just remembered something that Joe Biden said today at Brookings. Biden referred to Russia's state-sponsored media Russia that, according to Biden, spread Russian propaganda, and rather well, again according to Biden.

In that case, why is it that very few in NATO-land are aware of the plan revealed to General Wesley Clark for war and regime change in seven countries in five years...a plan that Clark actually reveals on Youtube!!

It is because of NATO propaganda!!

The likes of Eliot Higgins and Belling Cat could help to stop that series of wars by bringing that video to the attention of their readership. But do they?


So here we go. For all disciples of Belling Cat, why aren't the Soros/CIA/Atlantic Council boys of Belling Cat trying to stop the slaughter in North Africa and Middle East by using their position in the NATO media to bring attention to this massive, massive revelation?


Next time a student disobeys you, just remember.

Next time you ask a student to stop chewing gum, but they don't.

Next time you ask a student to be quiet, but they don't.

Next time you ask a student to take out their earrings, but they don't.

Next time you ask a student to write and/or draw pro-war propaganda, but they don't.

Next time you ask a student to be behave in the corridor, but they don't.

Next time you ask a student to sit up straight, but they don't.

Next time you ask a student to respect school rules, but they don't.

Next time you ask a student to do their homework, but they don't.

Just remember: I asked that you destroy those reports...but you didn't.

You didn't...but you still ostracise me.

So I am going to say what a lot of students think when you tell them to do something: FUCK YOU!!


That famous phrase from Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd is taking on a rather different and sordid nature.

The number of this kind of tale is mounting (pardon the pun).

A teaching assistant had sex with 13-year-old boy then urged him not to tell anyone because she ‘could get in trouble’, a court was told.

Mum-of-two Louise Aspinall is accused of having sex with a 13-year-old boy on three separate occasions while she was working as a teaching assistant at Swinton High School.

..."She was telling me she always argues with her husband and things like that. She didn’t care about him anymore.

"She was telling me she cared about me. She doesn’t like her husband anymore but she likes me.”

[source : Louise Aspinall: Teaching assistant 'had sex with 13-year-old boy after confiding in him over her marriage problems', The Daily Mirror,, 27th May 2015]

Have you all destroyed those reports yet?

No. Thought not. Expect children to respect you and obey your every command, but...


I listened.

What a prat!!

Biden talked about Russian 'aggression' in Ukraine, suggesting that nations should be allowed to determine their own destiny and all that.

Oh yeah?

What about Syria?

And it's OK to use Nazis to oust a legitimately elected government?

Biden also had time to plug the TTP saying that it would be good for trade and jobs, the usual bollocks. All the TTP does is guarantee profits!

Well, what can you say?



It's bleedin' obvious. A few days before FIFA elects its President the FBI asks the Swiss to raid some hotel rooms under corruption charges. The two candidates in the FIFA election are: incumbent Sepp Blatter; Prince Ali bin al-Hussein.

Blatter is disliked by the British monarchy, and the British media are not afraid to let their feelings be known.

But who is Ali?

A Brigadier, trained at Sandhurst, member of the royal family of Jordan (who are assisting the USA and Saudis in their illegal war on Syria).

It's a sick joke.

The FBI have been behind virtually every alleged terrorist plot in the USA!!

These arrests are politically motivated. And even if there is some guilt then the timing could not be more fortuitous for Ali.


Yesterday Eliot Higgins mocked the Dutch journalist Joost Niemoller, who revealed the clandestine agreements between the governments of The Netherlands and Ukraine over MH17.

Here is Higgins' tweet:

So let's get this right: Niemoller uncovered one of the most outrageous conspiracies between The Netherlands and Ukraine to pervert the course of justice, and Higgins calls Niemoller a "full on conspiracy nut"?

If you listen to the interview Niemoller refers to George Soros several times. Soros is a real nasty piece of work, big in Bilderberg. But to show how big Soros is, he attacked the Pound Sterling, the currency of the Queen of England, in September 1992...AND HAS LIVED TO TELL THE TALE!! And not only that, he went on to become big in Bilderberg and has been pushing the agenda ever since, using his ill-gotten gains to finance colour revolutions in former Soviet states since the fall of the Berlin Wall, thus implying that that attack on the Pound Sterling and earlier attacks on other currencies were all given the nod by the powers that be. Those former soviet states have then either signalled they want to join or have joined NATO after their colour revolution, indicating that Soros works for the powers behind NATO.

Anyway, Belling Cat are currently involved in a project with the OCCRP, which is supposed to be about exposing corruption around the globe. But when you go to their website OCCRP has just one target: Vladimir Putin.

So who funds OCCRP? USAID and Open Society.

USAID is a CIA front.

Open Society is George Soros' attempt at global domination. In fact, the PM of Ukraine, Yatsenyuk, who was hand-picked by Victoria Kagan-Nuland, runs a foundation called Open Ukraine (which I believe is part of Soros' Open network). Partners of Open Ukraine are: NATO; National Endowment for Fascism Democracy; US State Dept; Chatham House; and one International Renaissance Foundation, which is financed by...George Soros.

Coup, anyone?

Soros has his many fingers in many pies. One such pie is Runet Echo (also funded by the Ford Foundation), who employ one of Higgins' colleagues, Aric Toler.

Niemoller has referred to one of my posts on Higgins' 'independence':

There is nothing independent about Belling Cat. The fact that they are boasting that they have been involved in a big project with The Atlantic Council, which is infested with Bilderbergers, former Directors of the CIA, and warmongers, and was created by the men who created NATO, says a lot. The Atlantic Council is the military-industrial-banking complex that has been driving all the wars since 9/11.

Just remember what happened when the Soviet Union tried to plonk first strike missiles in Cuba. The USA tried to invade Cuba, and the failed invasion contributed to the decision by members of the extreme right wing in the USA to assassinate JFK.

In other words, if your perceived enemy is conspiring to place first strike nuclear missiles on your doorstep aimed at you then you are going to do something about it.

And this is after Putin warned NATO in 2008 that Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO would be a red line, expecting some kind of respect after allowing NATO to transit Russia to and from Afghanistan. NATO thanked Putin by ordering their goon Saakashvili to bomb South Ossetian civilians in their beds, provoking Russia, and thus provoking calls for Georgia to join NATO. And then NATO runs a coup in Ukraine and installs a former senior member of the US Embassy in Kiev as Finance Minister, who is a suspected CIA agent after 'losing' USAID (CIA) funds but not getting into any trouble, and who then flogs Ukraine to Monsanto and the IMF!

And now Poroshenko is rushing towards a referendum for Ukraine to join NATO, which is something that NATO has wanted for a long, long time. Oh, and The Netherlands founded NATO. So you know what that means, don't you? Yep. The investigation into MH17 is a complete farce, run by a nation who has a motive to implicate Russia, and getting its information from another nation, Ukraine, who want to join NATO and thus have a motive to blame Russia.

It would be laughable if it wasn't actually happening. But this tragic comedy is actually happening.

But the thing I don't find funny about this whole Ukraine/MH17 saga is that it was THE most blatant neo-Nazis...supported by NATO...who have then gone on to kill over 7000 civilians in East Ukraine.

OVER 7000!!!

Three more were just killed this morning, one a child.

Russia sacrificed about 27 million people to defeat the Nazis in WW2. It would be naive to not expect a neo-Nazi coup in Ukraine to provoke some kind of reaction in Russia.

But all that the Soros/CIA/Atlantic Council boys at Belling Cat can focus on is trying to pin the blame for MH17 on Russia, ignoring so many witnesses who state on camera that they saw fighter jets when MH17 was shot down, and one even states on camera that whatever attacked MH17 came from behind MH17 thus implicating Ukraine!!

And one last thing: NATO just used Nazis to oust a legitimately elected government, who have then gone on to murder over 7000 civilians. Just remember that.

Russia didn't bomb Iraq, killing approaching one million Iraqis over two decades.

Russia didn't bomb Libya, turning the jewel of Africa into a Jihadi hell hole.

Russia didn't unleash the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria leading to a war in which an estimated 200,000 people have died and millions more made refugees.

The Atlantic Council did all that.



Why does Russia Today use the reports of Ami Horowitz? This morning RT used a short piece by Horowitz on most Muslims he spoke to preferred Sharia Law to American law. This piece is obviously going to get many Americans very concerned about Muslims and Arabs.

Horowitz was behind the documentary UN Me. I just watched the trailer. Can you guess what the trailer addressed? Iran's alleged nuclear weapons. Did it address Israel's nuclear weapons? Er, nope.

And here is Horowitz writing in The Weekly Standard in 2004:
ALL INDICATIONS point to a close presidential election in 2004, and in such a tight battle every vote and dollar will matter. While the Democrats won 80 percent of the Jewish vote in 2000, 2004 may prove to be a far different story and the Jewish vote may determine the fate of the presidency and congress. While Jews make up only 3 percent of the United States population, Jewish political influence is far greater than that due to their outsized campaign donations, media involvement and electoral presence.

Historically, Jewish voters' primary political concern has been social justice, which has been the key driver of their political affiliations. From the 1850's to the early 20th century, Republicans garnered the majority of the Jewish vote due in no small part to the GOP's role in abolition. Franklin Roosevelt sharply reversed that trend for the Democrats, who ever since have been perceived by Jewish voters as the champions of social justice.

But while social justice is important, today policy towards Israel looms large in the minds of Jewish voters. Ever since the generous Camp David II offer was made--and responded to by the Palestinians with a campaign of unique savagery--Israel has become to many American Jews the most prominent issue in their electoral decisions.

...A STUNNING REMINDER of Jewish political power came in the 2002 midterm elections, with the ousting of two vehemently anti-Israel legislators, Cynthia McKinney and Earl Hilliard. Both were Democrats and both were career antagonists towards Israel. The Jewish community targeted their reelection efforts. Both lost. (Interestingly, much of McKinney and Hilliard's money came from the Arab-American community.)

[source: Could the Jewish vote help George W. Bush recapture the White House in 2004?, The Weekly Standard,, 16th March 2004]

This article by Horowitz is basically a warning to Bush that the Jews are powerful. And remember, that was written as the Neocon wars were just getting going: Iraq; then Lebanon; then Libya; now Syria. Now why would someone want to write in in The Weekly Standard...created by co-founder of PNAC William Kristol...that the Jews are powerful? Eh?

And here is Horowitz on Iran:
I recently spent a few days in Vienna. I didn't go for the schnitzel or the strudel or the fact that it seems like it is the last place in the civilized world where you can smoke in a bar. No, I went to cover the recent farcical nuclear negotiations between the west and Iran that just wrapped up this week. (See the latest "Ami on the Street" below, as the chief western spokesperson gets annoyed with me for repeatedly pointing out Iran's propensity to obfuscate and the Iranian negotiators just trying to run away from me.)

The West is involved in a charade that is creating a clear lane for the Iranians to reach nuclear weapon nirvana. The foolish western negotiators seem to have an unceasing worship of paper, particularly any paper signed by Iran proclaiming their willingness to work with the west on issues of nuclear weapons. This ill-conceived gamble by the west presupposes good faith on the other side of the negotiating table, as demonstrated by the spokesperson below.

Unfortunately, a simple cursory examination of Iran's prior negotiations and agreements exposes Iran's liberal relationship with the truth and recidivist behavior when it comes to breaking such agreements.

So good luck with that!

[source : Ami Horowitz: Iran got game, Fox News,, 9th April 2014]

NB that's on Fox News.

Horowitz is fearmongering over Iran's nuclear weapons while, like The Guardian, completely ignoring the fact that Iran is a signatory to the NPT and does not have nuclear weapons, while Israel is not a signatory to the NPT and DOES have nuclear weapons...and has actually threatened to use them!!

So what can we deduce about Horowitz?

But this adds to the suspicions about why self-proclaimed 'Maverick' (who voted for war on Syria in 2013) Zac Goldsmith MP was on RT so frequently. Goldsmith had just married into THE Rothschild family.

And that US DIA report has been left to an Op-Edge rather than a report such as that by Horowitz shown on TV. Why?

There is something not right about this.


I was just finishing my breakfast, reading the results of a Startpage search, not touching my computer or the mouse, when my computer suddenly decided to go to my home page!!

I hadn't requested that by clicking the home icon, or by doing anything else that would end with a similar result. I wasn't touching my computer.

But my computer went to my home page.

Has that happened to anyone else?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Before starting a genocide of the Jews, the Nazis exterminated the disabled through the T4 program.

The T4 Tories are resurrecting that program, but are implementing it differently.

For instead of injecting the disabled with chemicals, the T4 Tories are going to make life so miserable for the disabled, the elderly and the sick that they will be pressured to kill themselves, and they will soon be able to do so because their 'quality of life' will be so shit that they will want to take their own lives.

I heard an interview on BBC Radio 5 Live about an hour ago. A woman whose mother took her own life was on saying how great it would be if Lord Faulkner's proposed bill was available to everyone. The interview lasted approaching 10 minutes. But did the BBC interview another guest with a counter argument? Er, nope.

And nor did the BBC say anything about the following:
1. the plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years;
2. the redirection, in which the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia would unleash the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Iran and Lebanon;
3. the proposal by the US DIA in 2012 that a Salafist entity could be facilitated to isolate President Assad, that entity we now know as Islamic State.

They only let you to hear what they want you to hear.

That's why the BBC pulled that report in which multiple witnesses said they saw a fighter jet when MH17 was hit, and why other such witnesses are completely ignored in the NATO media. And why Higgins only refers to a small section of a video of a witness telling Paris Match that he saw something as a point climb to MH17, but that same witness also says that that point came at MH17 from behind, thus implicating Ukraine.

The point of this blog though is that we have been suffering austerity because of the bastard bankers. But that austerity is going to get much, much worse, and the disabled, sick and elderly are going to suffer. They will be put under pressure to kill themselves because of their poor 'quality of life', which is due to the muggins British taxpayer bailing out the bastard Nazi bankers.

Monday, May 25, 2015


Did Oh! What a Lovely War expose the reason (note that I don't say origin) for world war one?

The first 15 to 20 minutes does give some truth about how the war occured: at several points Kaiser Wilhelm II (played by Kenneth Moore) orders that his troops pull back from advancing after noticing that Great Britain, represented by Sir Edward Grey, had not made its position clear. Indeed, in the film Grey says that there was no need for Great Britain to become involved, and that his advice was that they should all stay calm. The film does not focus on Great Britain declaring war, but does focus on Count Berchtold extracting a declaration of war from the Emperor of Austro-Hungary, thus laying the blame on Berchtold.

But behind all this lies the dirty machinations of Freemasonry:
1. Freemasonry sentenced Arch Duke Ferdinand to death in 1912;
2. Freemasonry was looking for willing assassins to execute this death sentence;
3. Freemasonry found their willing assassins in the group containing Princip and gave that group the encouragement and material for the assassination;
4. at their trial many of that group were found to be Freemasons.

And before this the British Government had created The Balkan Committee to manipulate tensions in the Balkans.

But where does the British monarchy come into all this?>

It was King Edward VII, Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, who engineered the Triple Entente to bring Great Britain out of 'splendid isolation' and encircle Germany in a devastating war, should the conditions arise. But it was Edward's son George V who is the real villain of the plot. It was King George V, Queen Elizabeth's grandfather, who tricked Europe into mobilising for war by telling Kaiser Wilhelm II that Great Britain would not become involved in any war. But at the same time he was ordering Sir Edward Grey to get Great Britain into any war!!

Grey showed no concern about Belgium before Germany invaded. But at the behest of King George V, when Germany invaded Belgium Grey declared war citing the 1839 Treaty of London which Great Britain did not need to enforce unilaterally.

Sneaky, eh?

As a result our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers were slaughtered in the trenches and drowned in the Atlantic Ocean while George and his family and friends ate the finest food and drank the finest wine in their many palaces after shooting dead a few pheasants and grouse.

But George is also implicated in the sinking of The Lusitania, which dragged the USA into the war.

So why did the British Monarchy and Freemasonry engineer all this slaughter?

Kaiser Wilhelm I writes in his memoirs that a distinguished Freemason told him that Freemasonry had engineered the war to reshape Europe.

But there is another reason: Germany, Russia and the USA were cooperating to implement the American System of Economics, and were jointly developing land-based trade routes through the railways that were beyond the control of the powerful British Navy. As a result of this collaboration, at the outbreak of the war the dominant economies of the world were Germany and the USA, and Russia was not far behind. The brutish British Empire, reliant on slavery and colonies, had been overtaken through modernisation and a fairer economic system. So what did the British monarchy do? They threw a wobbler and kicked over the chessboard, sending us all to fight each other.

Now, the official 'history' of WW1 from Stop the War ignores all this and regurgitates the standard Marxist it-was-going-to-happen-anyway thesis. I would encourage you to read that Stop the War history. It recognises this economic argument but cannot see, or refuses to see all the evidence above, that the British monarchy through Freemasonry (or is it t'other way round?) engineered WW1. And in this Stop the War are gatekeepers protecting the real culprits of WW1 and WW2.

So what happened after WW1?

The first attempt at world government through The League of Nations, which was first proposed by Grey in 1915 as a development of the idea of a British World Federation from Cecil Rhodes, developed by Lord Cecil, and eventually made a reality by insider Eric Drummond. Grey was made Ambassador to the USA to convince American politicians to join the British-controlled world government, but failed.

The League of Nations thus failed so the British engineered WW2. But they couldn't fight their creation Nazi Germany alone. They needed the USA...AGAIN! So like during WW1, when I believe King George V ordered Churchill to allow The Lusitania to be sunk, Churchill allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbour, which is why his intelligence briefings on that attack have been sealed for 75 years while every other WW2 file has been declassified.

So, after reading all this, are you downhearted?

Are we downhearted? No!
So let your voices ring
And altogether sing.
Are we downhearted ? No!
Not while Britannia rules the waves. Not likely!
While we have Jack upon the sea,
And Tommy on the land we need not fret.
It's a long, long way to Tipperary
But we're not downhearted yet.


We did it in 2013. We can do it again.

I notice that even Stop The War hasn't yet reported on the US DIA proposal to create Islamic State. Here is the author of Stop The War's official 'history' of WW1 on Islamic State, and it was only written today.

And it has taken nearly a week for others in the so-called 'alternative' media to 'break' this devastating news.

The pieces are being moved into place:
1. as reported yesterday, Turkey and her friends have decided their 4-year long war proxy war using international cutthroat Jihadis against Assad is not working and they are giving the Syrian rebels all they need, except anti-aircraft missiles, in order to take out Assad asap;
2. increasing calls for British and American boots on the ground to take out Islamic State (while the fact that the USA, and probably the UK too, facilitated the rise of Islamic State is kept hidden from a drugged-up, nymphomaniac, knackered public who care more about legalising sodomy than the true causes of wars).
3. troops trained by USA/Saudi Arabia to be soon unleashed in Syria to fight against Assad;
4. a no fly zone is going to be enforced by Turkey and the USA to protect the non-Islamic State rebels fighting Assad.

Things to do to stop this:
1. draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity;
2. draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity;
3. draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity;
4. draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity;
5. draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity;
6. draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity;
7. draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity;
8. draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity;
9. draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity;
10. draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity.

And just in case we forget to do that, we could always draw up a case for prosecution of David Cameron and Phil Hammond for crimes against humanity.

It is all coming together for August.

Those guns of August. We can keep them quiet.

We did it in 2013.

We can do it in 2015.

I demand that every single nation on planet earth get behind President Assad and place troops and military hardware under his command to destroy Islamic State asap. Assad and the Syrian military have been fighting the international cutthroat Jihadis for 4 years. They know how the rebels operate (well, actually the intelligence services of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the USA, UK and France know that too because they've been working with the rebels but won't admit it).

And then when Islamic State has been destroyed, stop the backing of the other rebels, and pay for the reconstruction of Syria.


It took 20 minutes for me to logout of Blogger after posting THOUGHT FOR T'DAY ON CHURCHILL'S INTELLIGENCE BRIEFINGS ON PEARL HARBOUR. And while I was writing it I experienced a lot of 'interference', e.g. words and letters taking what seems ages to appear after typing them. However, when I was able to eventually shut down my computer no updates had been downloaded, which can slow my computer down a bit when there is a lot of them and they are being downloaded.

1. when I write an open letter to Prince William about having the blood of the engineers of WW1 running through his veins, the following day it takes 25 minutes for a working browser window to appear, and there were no updates downloading;
2. when I write about Churchill's intelligence briefings on Pearl Harbour being sealed for 75 years I experience interference when writing and it takes 20 minutes to log out of Blogger, and there were no updates downloading.


Why would the British government seal Churchill's intelligence briefings on Pearl Harbour for 75 years?

One possible reason, and one I think is a huge possibility, is that Churchill knew where the Japanese fleet was, and also knew its destination and purpose, but did not tell FDR.

If this is the case then will those briefings ever see the light of day?

Will they be, like JFK's brain, 'lost'?

Will they be 'lost' in an 'accidental' fire?

Or will the British government seal them for a further 75 years?

A lot of reputations rest on those briefings. Many have accused FDR of engineering Pearl Harbour.

I'm not so sure. The film Tora! Tora! Tora! actually includes a brief scene during which it clearly shows that, even though he was President of the USA and Commander in Chief, FDR was NOT, repeat NOT, on a list of personnel allowed to see crucial intelligence.

We need to know what Churchill knew now.

Not next year.


Sunday, May 24, 2015


What did I just write about this afternoon: Turkey and her allies agreeing in March to give the rebels all they wanted, except anti-aircraft missiles, to get Assad; and I suggested that a no fly zone over Syria would soon be enforced. This is because the NATO/Zionist/Gulf powers are now really fucking pissed off that after 4 years of resisting their international cutthroat Jihadis, Assad is still in power. Covert invasions by proxy forces have not been enough. So they're just going to go in and take him out! Blast the Syrian Air Force out of the sky. Then bomb Syrian Arab Army positions when the rebels call in the air strikes on those radios they were given specifically for that purpose.

But they'll find some way to blame Assad for it all! It'll be all his fault for not going when NATO/Zionist/Gulf powers decided they wanted him out to make way for their pipeline.

Well, get this:
Foreign Minister Mevlut Çavuşoğlu, speaking to Daily Sabah in an exclusive interview while attending the fifth MIKTA Foreign Ministers Meeting in Seoul, said the moderate Syrian opposition forces that will be part of the train and equip program in Kırşehir won't be abandoned once they are back in Syria. He said ignoring their plight once in Syria was against what the program wanted to achieve, adding that the U.S. and Turkey had agreed in principle to provide the trained and equipped moderate forces with air protection in Syria. He said that the air cover for trained Syrian forces was not part of the comprehensive plan put forward by Turkey that included setting up no-fly zones and safe zones in Syria.

[source: Turkey, US to provide air protection for moderate Syrian opposition forces, Daily Sabah,, 23rd May 2015]


Russia has been complaining that NATO broke an agreement that NATO would not expand east after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Cambridge University Professor of History, Chris Clark, has commented in The Guardian that no such agreement was made.

Yet the claim that the negotiations towards this treaty included guarantees barring Nato from expansion into Eastern Europe is entirely unfounded. In the discussions leading to the treaty, the Russians never raised the question of Nato enlargement, other than in respect of the former East Germany. Regarding this territory, it was agreed that after Soviet troop withdrawals German forces assigned to Nato could be deployed there but foreign Nato forces and nuclear weapons systems could not. There was no commitment to abstain in future from eastern Nato enlargement.

[source : Moscow’s account of Nato expansion is a case of false memory syndrome, The Guardian,, 24th May 2015]

That may or may not be the case.

What irks Russia is that NATO is expanding...and expanding...and expanding, approaching Russia's borders like the Nazis during Operation Barbarossa. One should listen to Movement No. 1 of Symphony No. 7 by Dmitri Shostakovich, which describes the approach of the Nazis as the Nazis sought lebensraum. Lest we forget, Russia sacrificed around 27 million lives, give or take a million, to defeat the Nazis. Watching NATO creep up to their borders like the Nazis, agreement or not, would concern any nation.

And in April 2008 at a NATO summit in Bucharest, NATO stated that Ukraine and Georgia would join NATO at some point. This would put NATO on Russia's doorstep, actually touching it. Putin told that summit that Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO would be a red line and would be considered a threat. But when this was stated Russia was giving NATO free transit to Afghanistan through Russia, i.e. Russia was being friendly and wanted to cooperate with NATO.

So what did NATO do in return? How did NATO repay this cooperation?

In the early hours of 8th August 2008 that mad bastard and Wall Street goon Mikhail Saakashvili decided that it would be fun to bomb the civilians of South Ossetia as they slept in their beds. This was a blatant provocation, designed to entice Russia into military confrontation and thus provoke Georgia into joining NATO, as had been agreed a few months earlier. But that failed.

Fast forward to February 2014. Ukraine had decided to sign a deal with Russia instead of with the EU/IMF. Neo-Nazis were then unleashed by NATO, who began to shoot protestors and police from The Conservatory, provoking a wave of violence and Yanukovich fleeing for his life. The neo-Nazis were beatified by NATO media. Powerful positions in the junta were occupied by the neo-Nazis, who were led by a man who was hand-picked by that gollum Victoria Kagan-Nuland and who receivs funds from NATO.

Clark is being very economical with the truth with his comment and exhibits false memory syndrome himself, making Russia out to be a bunch of whining little girls. But Russia was being friends with NATO, allowing NATO transit across Russia to Afghanistan, expecting that this cooperation would be recognised and reciprocated by NATO when Putin said that Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO would be a red line. NATO has repaid that friendliness with blatant warmongering provocations from their agents such as Saakashvili, and neo-Nazi coups that lead to the installations of politicians and ministers who have been hand-picked by the US State Dept and receive funds from NATO.

Lets face facts. NATO is expanding. Russia is not. Yet Russia is demonised as the imperialist.

Get your Cambridge head around that.

And how is that cover up of the British monarchy and Freemasonry engineering WW1 going? Is Emma Rothschild keeping you busy on that one?


Other information that is still currently classified includes key reports in Churchill's records, including the PREM 3 file in the UK's Public Records Office, which contains Churchill's most secret wartime intelligence briefs. In it, the 252 group dealing with the Japanese situation in 1941 is open, save for the omission of Section 5, dealing with events from November 1941 through March 1942, and is marked with official finality as "closed for 75 years."[131] Unlike the Magic intelligence files released by the United States, none of the Ultra intelligence files pertaining to Japan have been released by the British government.[132]

[source : Pearl Harbor advance-knowledge conspiracy theory, Wikipedia,

Now, why would Churchill's intelligence briefings relating to Pearl Harbour be sealed for 75 years? What did he know that the British government wants to remain secret?

We should be able to find out next year.


Today Martin Chulov reports in the warmongering The Guardian that in March a meeting took place in Turkey at which the attendants agreed that they would give the Syrian rebels everything they needed, except anti-aircraft missiles, to take out Assad.
One evening at the end of March, a Syrian rebel leader returned from a meeting across the border in Turkey and called an urgent gathering of his commanders. The five men turned up at their boss’s house in Idlib province expecting to receive the same pleas for patience that they had always heard and more grim news about cash and weapons being hard to find. This time, though, they were in for a shock.

“He arrived looking eager,” said one of the commanders. “That caught our attention straight away. But when he started to speak, we were all stunned.”

The leader, who asked that his unit not be identified, said he told his men that the grinding war of attrition they had fought against the Syrian government since early 2012 was about to turn in their favour.

“And the reason for that was that I could now get nearly all the weapons I wanted,” he told the Observer. “For the first time they were not holding anything from us – except anti-aircraft missiles. The Turks and their friends wanted this over with.”

[source : Amid the ruins of Syria, is Bashar al-Assad now finally facing the end?, The Guardian,, 24th May 2015]

The likes of Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been driving the war against the Syrian people since early 2011. The war in and on Syria is one of seven planned after 9/11 even though Syria had sweet FA to do with 9/11 and at one point, like Gaddafi, was assisting the USA in the (fake) War on Terror.

But today there is another report in The Guardian accusing Assad of 35 attacks using chlorine since mid-March.
Syrian civil defence workers and doctors have documented 35 barrel bomb attacks where chlorine was allegedly used since 16 March – the latest of which was on Tuesday near the former regime stronghold of Jisr al-Shughour – with more than 1,000 injuries and nine deaths. More than 20 civil defence workers have been wounded in rescue operations.

[source : Assad regime accused of 35 chlorine attacks since mid-March, The Guardian,, 24th May 2015]

Coincidence? A meeting in Turkey in March and a reported increase in chlorine attacks since March?

So in March the Syrian rebels were told that they would be given everything they wanted because "The Turks and their friends wanted this [war on Syria] over with." And since then the rebels, DIA-proposed head-chopping Islamic State included, have been making significant rapid gains in Syria and Iraq, resulting in a reported increase in the use of chlorine by the Syrian government.

The question to ask is: before Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel etc all decided that they knew what was best for Syria and illegally unleashed the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria to oust President Assad, was Assad using chemicals against his own people? And if so, how frequently?

I suggest that a no fly zone is coming to Syria. The rebels have been given the green light now. It is there in that statement: "The Turks and their friends wanted this over with."

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Jordan, USA, UK and France have all ganged up on Syria, and have illegally unleashed a proxy force of the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria to achieve their geopolitical goal of ousting Assad. It took 6 months to get Gaddafi. It is now over 4 years in Syria, and Assad is still there, with the support of Iran, Hezbollah and Russia.

And all this red blood spilled over a pipeline from the Pars gas field.

And all the British people care about is blokes being able to stick their cocks up each others arses...

So, which should we be more outraged at:
1. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Jordan, USA, UK and France all ganging up on Syria and illegally unleashing a proxy force of the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria to get Assad, resulting in a war in which over 200,000 have allegedly been killed and millions of refugees;
2. Assad allegedly using chlorine to protect the Syrian people from those international cutthroat Jihadis;
3. the British people being more concerned about blokes being able to stick their cocks up each others arses.


24th May 2015 and I am asking that question.