Monday, March 31, 2014


In SEE WHAT I MEAN? I brought attention to the extremely high frequency with which The Daily Mail reports on highly promiscuous female teachers, often but not always in the USA. I asked what their agenda could be.

Last weekend it was reported by the NATO media that Turkey shot down a Syrian fighter jet near the town of Kassab on the border between Turkey and Syria. Turkey claimed that the jet had flown into Turkish air space. However, the reality was that Turkey was allowing what other media call 'rebels' into Syria from Turkey, and was providing cover for them through artillery fired from Turkey into Syria. The Syrian fighter jet that was shot down by Turkey was attacking these rebels invading Syria from Turkey under the protection of Turkey.

That was last weekend.

It is now being reported that Kassab has now been captured by the 'rebels', and that the 'rebels' are actually members of the William Hague Fan Club, aka al Qaeda.

And guess what they are doing?

This has been developing all last week in Kassab, and before.

Yet The Daily Mail wants you to know about promiscuous female teachers.



The following stories have appeared IN JUST THIS LAST WEEK in The Daily Mail about female teachers having sex with younger students.

31st March 2014 Female middle school substitute teacher, 41, 'charged with rape of male student'

29th March 2014
Parents anger as female teacher, 27, is spared jail despite being busted in motel room having sex with 17-year-old student who still called her 'Miss'

28th March 2014 Teacher, 35, faces 10 years in jail after being found guilty of having sex with her 15-year-old student in her home

27th March 2014 North Carolina teacher, 25, arrested at her own high school after being accused of having sex with student

26th March 2014 Married female teacher who had affair with 16-year-old pupil in 'ten days of madness' struck off

25th March 2014 Former student, 18, sues teacher, 34, who had sex with him because he's now so traumatized he can't join the Marines

24th March 2014 Teacher, 43, 'gave her 8th grade student oral sex in her classroom'

Most of them are in the USA, but why would The Daily Mail want us to know about American female teachers seducing younger students?

As I asked a week or so ago, what is their agenda?


Ukraine was created in the German PoW camps of WW1.

Analysis at World Crisis Radio.


Every summer there is a sick ceremony held in the dark woods of Northern California during which a mock human sacrifice occurs to the sound of demonic laughter played over a PA system. The ceremony is called The Cremation of Care, and takes place in front of a 40 foot stone owl called Moloch, an ancient deity to whom children were sacrificed. The sacrifice is cheered on joyfully by the demonically-possessed attendees.

Attendees are male, and usually have some kind of affiliation or connection to power politics and/or Wall Street, i.e. American Psycho types.

You may have noticed that the USA has military bases in nearly every nation on Earth, and those that do not currently host a US military base are being demonised and attacked, either overtly as in the case of Iraq, or covertly as in the case of Syria, to host a US military base.

There is a Bohemian Grove/Skull and Bones/Wall Street/City of London cabal fully intent on global domination of all the world's people and resources.

And Bohemian Grove and Jimmy Savile are just the tip of the iceberg regarding their Satanism.

But there is a resistance to this Bohemian Grove hegemony. Russia, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela are definitely resisting. China I am not sure about.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Last weekend The Independent made an attempt to blame all the world's ills on Saudi Arabia. I covered this in A HALF DECENT EDITORIAL, BUT... This was due to a series of articles by one of their star reporters Patrick Cockburn, who looked at the rise and rise of al Qaeda and our inept ability to conquer them.

Yet Cockburn did not once:
1. question whether 9/11 was an inside job;
2. question why there was a simultaneous Arab Spring and subsequent war and proposals of war to defend Jihadis labeled as 'freedom fighters';
3. mention Israel.

I proposed that Cockburn's marriage into the very wealthy and Jewish Zionist Montefiore family may be having some influence, shall we say, on his one-eyed reporting.

In his latest article for The Independent Cockburn continues to blame Saudi Arabia for all the trouble in the Middle East, not once questioning why it is that the wars in The Middle East all seem to be on countries named in a document entitled A Clean Break which was written by rabid Zionists in 1996 for a demented Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has confessed several times that 9/11 was good for Israel.
The Saudi government is showing signs of nervousness. It has backed a counter-revolutionary wave across the Middle East that, in many places, has succeeded. Democratic protesters in Bahrain were crushed in a Saudi-backed clampdown in 2011. In Egypt, it is financially supporting the military regime that overthrew the democratically elected President Morsi in 2013. In Syria, it has ensured that the political opposition is dominated by Islamists and is funded and largely directed by itself.

[source : Patrick Cockburn, The US is paying the cost of supporting the House of Saud as cracks begin to appear, The Independent,, 29th March 2014]

Let's look at 9/11 and the subsequent wars in a different way.

Suppose there was a convicted violent criminal living in your area, and that he had drawn up a list of people he wanted destroying, but he did not have a large enough gang or an excuse to pull it off. But then there is an arson attack on the house of someone he knows can be persuaded to join him in his little scheme. That someone goes berserk because his family was killed and he launches attacks on all those he thinks might be responsible for the arson attack that killed his family. Curiously, the people he attacks are those the convicted violent criminal wanted destroying, and the evidence used to apportion blame was provided by the convicted violent criminal who stood to benefit.

Essentially, that is 9/11.

In the above:
1. the convicted violent criminal is Israel;
2. the arson attack is 9/11;
3. the list of people the convicted violent criminal wanted destroying was A Clean Break;
4. the someone whose house was firebombed was the USA.

There is a bit more to it, in that Saudi Arabia supplied the terrorists/arsonists, but perhaps the convicted violent criminal wanted to use people who didn't look like him and were not in his gang so that there was no obvious connection between himself and the arsonists.

Since 9/11 there has been a series of wars that was revealed to General Wesley Clark. Iraq, Lebanon, Libya were all named to Clark and all have been attacked.

Another nation is Syria, which is currently under a covert attack by cutthroat Jihadis sponsored by Saudi Arabia, but Israel is giving a helping hand, coordinating attacks on Syrian Arab Army HQs with the Jihadis. The Jihadis are in Syria because of an agreement reached between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia in 2007 which was reported by Seymour Hersh in an article published by New Yorker Magazine entitled The Redirection.

Clark is on Youtube in several different speeches and interviews stating that he was told this war plan, and also stating that after 9/11 the USA suffered a foreign policy coup, accusing Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld of running that coup.

Now, the last time I looked Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld were very influential in Zionist organisations such as PNAC, and had no allegiance or connection to Saudi Arabia.

So why is Cockburn still ignoring this astronomical Zionist elephant in the living room?

And why is The Independent still employing him?

And why am I getting bored of writing about this time after time after time...?

Particularly when all I get is ostracised?


An editorial in The Observer pushes for war on Syria, and actually has the cheek to give a nod to Tony Blair for proposing what has become known as The Blair Doctrine, or Responsibility to Protect (R2P), and then amending Blair's criteria.
...After the cold war, a loose consensus grew in western capitals around the idea of humanitarian intervention. Tony Blair, speaking in Chicago in 1999, revived the concept of the "just war". In a globalised, interconnected world, he argued, nations should abandon the outdated principle of non-interference. Combining self-interest and moral purpose, they had a duty to defend and uphold universal values, including human rights. "We are all internationalists now," he declared.

...One consequence of Iraq has been the refusal by politicians and publics in the US and Britain to back intervention in Syria. In Syria, it might be persuasively argued, the case for forcibly halting President Bashar al-Assad's murderous war on his people, curbing dangerous region-wide destabilisation and preventing further radicalisation by hardline Islamists, is overwhelming. In Syria, each day, unnumbered innocents are killed, tortured, raped or maimed, as it were before our eyes. Yet our eyes are tight shut.

...All cases are different. But forging a new international consensus on the principles governing armed interventionism is an urgent challenge. As a starting point, the likely fulfilment of five criteria, significantly different from Blair's, should be considered. Those contemplating intervention must ask themselves: 1) Does such action have broad domestic and international support? 2) What exactly are its aims and are they realistic? 3) Is it legal? 4) Is it morally justified? And 5) How does it end?

[source : Our view on foreign intervention is in chaos. We need a solution, Editorial, The Observer,, 30th March 2014]

The eyes of The Guardian/Observer are wide shut.

War on Syria was planned decades ago, named in a Zionist warmongering document entitled A Clean Break which also named Iraq, Lebanon and Iran as targets for Israeli aggression.

Shortly after the inside Ziojob 9/11, General Wesley Clark was told of a plan for war on seven nations in five years. Those nations were:
Iraq (invaded in 2003);
Lebanon (Israel engineered a war on Hezbollah in 2006);
Libya (in 2011 NATO perverted UN SCR 1973 into a Get Gaddafi campaign);
Syria (since 2011 has been the focus of a covert invasion of cutthroat Jihadis sponsored by Saudi Arabia at the request of the DFQ);
Sudan (since 9/11 Israel has attacked Sudan several times, and Sudan has fractured but not due to Israel's bombing);
Somalia (is slowly becoming the focus of anti-terrorist operations from the USA and the EU, and the DFQ named Somalia as the greatest threat to national security);
Iran (always the target of Zionist propaganda).

By 2007 the general public were weary and dubious of war, following the debacle of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, so a Plan B was implemented; the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia agreed that the latter would unleash cutthroat Jihadis onto those nations named to Clark. The Arab Spring was engineered to give these Jihadis cover as 'freedom fighters'. It was these Jihadis that UN SCR 1973 was supposed to defend, but within days the initial campaign of defence of civilians was perverted into one of get Gaddafi at whatever cost. And The Guardian played its imperialist part through editorials encouraging NATO to abandon UN SCR 1973 and become the Jihadi Air Force, which NATO did, with British Special Forces assisting the Jihadis on the ground, turning a blind eye as the Jihadis lynched black Libyans.

And now those Jihadis, and others encouraged by preachers like Michael Adebalajo, the convicted murderer of Lee Rigby, are in Syria decapitating, or slitting the throat of, anything that moves, including defenceless Syrian children, thus causing the crisis in Syria that The Observer wants stopping.

And of course it should be stopped. But we should look at the source of the problem. And the source lies in the Saudi/Zionist Anglophile network of British agents under orders from The City of London.

So The Observer should actually be demanding that:
1. Saudi Arabia stop financing the Jihadis;
2. our politicians stop giving the Jihadis moral and political support in the fake CIA-engineered Arab Spring;
3. MI5 smash all Jihadi networks encouraging Jihadis to go to Syria and smuggling them in, and abandon the Covenant of Security it has with Islamic extremists which allows them to operate out of London;
4. offer all possible assistance to President Bashar al-Assad in his quest to quickly annihilate the Jihadis, which would stop them returning to their home nations and continuing their delusional Jihad at home.

Sadly, MI5 need those Jihadis to return to this DFQ to provide an excuse for more intrusive surveillance by the state and more power for the state.

But The Observer editorial does not discuss anything of the above, and instead slyly proposes war on Syria because such a war would be "moral" and "just".

ps if you bought The Observer today, next Sunday donate that money to your favourite charity and instead read The Truth Serum for free.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Let's play a game.

In how many ways can mathematics be mentioned in geopolitical speeches?

Obama kicked off with his statement that Assad using chemical weapons would change his calculus.

Putin replied recently by stating that Crimea was an integral part of Russia.

How many players can play? Unlimited.

Do the players have to say something in sequence (That's my contribution) or rota? No. Anyone can say anything at any time.

Game on!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Russia had agreed a deal with Ukraine for Russia to fund a $15 billion debt.

But after some very suspicious sniping, a subsequent violent coup and some fascist backstabbing and betrayal, Ukraine has just agreed a deal with the life-sucking vampire IMF to the joyful tune of...$27 billion.

So $15 billion to Russia at a better deal to the Ukraine people, or $27 billion deal with eye-watering austerity conditions.

No wonder the NATO-sponsored violent fascists want this kept quiet.
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has agreed to a $27 billion bailout of the Ukraine over the next two years, including $14-$18 billion of “standby credit” for the interim government there.

The IMF had conditioned the bailout on Ukraine agreeing to myriad reforms and austerity measures, which were initially rejected by Ukraine’s parliament but later approved.

The reforms include major cuts to energy subsidies, meaning a 50% increase in the price of natural gas is coming in May and a 40% increase in electricity prices will be coming later in the summer.

Ukraine’s government is deeply in debt, with large amounts of it owed to Russian energy companies. Ukraine’s interim PM Arseniy Yaysenyuk has promised a major overhaul of the Ukrainian economy with IMF assistance.

[source : IMF Agrees to $27 Billion Ukraine Bailout, AntiWar,, 27th March 2014]


The NATO media portrayed the events in Ukraine during the last month or 2 as a romantic uprising of a downtrodden people under the tyranny of a Russophile cabal.

Let's now look at the events in the cold light of day:
1. The government that has been replaced was a legitimately elected government that had decided that Ukraine's best interest lay in developing business with Russia;
2. The protest was hijacked by overt fascists who worshipped Hitler and Ukrainian Nazi collaborators;
3. The protesters had reached an agreement with the Ukrainian government and the tense situation was beginning to calm down and stabilise;
4. But still unidentified snipers began to shoot protesters and police, which destabilised the situation, provoking more, and more violent, riots;
5. This violence poured into government buildings, causing the government to flee;
6. The protesters then declared themselves as the new government;
7. Several of the most powerful positions in the new cabinet are occupied by members of the violent fascist organisations, including national security and justice;
8. The cabinet was virtually hand-picked by Victoria Nuland, wife of Robert Kagan who co-founded PNAC, during an intercepted phone call to the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt;
9. Nuland is also on video stating that the USA has spent over $5 billion on regime change in Ukraine to bring it under the control of the IMF;
10. In yet another intercepted phone call Catherine Ashton was told the snipers were under the control of the violent protesters, and ballistics shows that the shots were fired from buildings under the control of the protesters;
11. The new, and as yet unelected, Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseni Yatseniuk, or "Yats", runs a foundation called Open Ukraine which is very closely linked to Wall Street through George Soros, with Yats proudly boasting that his partners in Open Ukraine are, among others, NATO and The National Endowment for Fascism Democracy (for an excellent expose of the NED see John Pilger's The War on Democracy);
12. Yats was definitely handpicked by Victoria Nuland;
13. Yats is a member of the Fatherland party, which was set up by Yulia Tymoshenko;
14. Tymoshenko, like other another NATO favourite Mikhail Khordokovsky, was imprisoned for fraud and embezzlement;
15. Shortly after the coup Tymoshenko was released early, and has since, during yet another intercepted phone call, demanded that Russia be nuked;
16. Deals are now being done that hand Ukraine over to the IMF, resulting in eye-watering austerity and probable bail-ins at some stage;
17. Video after video after video show the protestors in the Maidan as the aggressors, throwing Molotov cocktails and bashing policemen senseless, and after the coup these violent fascists have been beating up officials.

I put it to you that Ukraine just suffered a NATO-sponsored violent fascist coup.


I just found out about this website.

Letter to an unknown soldier

Apparently Stephen Fry has submitted a letter, and when he read it out to the website manager he was in tears. As yet the letter is not available to read on the above website.
A letter written by Stephen Fry to a soldier who died in the Great War reduced the theatre director Neil Bartlett to tears on Thursday as he read it aloud at the launch of the cultural programme that will mark the centenary of the conflict.

Fry's letter – written as if from the soldier's brother, a conscientious objector, and inspired by the statue of a soldier reading a letter that stands on Paddington station in London – is part of Letter to an Unknown Soldier, one of hundreds of arts events in 14-18 Now, a programme of work by visual artists, theatre companies, dancers, photographers, poets and composers, across Britain and in collaboration with other countries.

The events take place this summer between 28 June, the date the shot was fired in Sarajevo that toppled Europe into war, and 4 August, the date Britain officially declared war on Germany.

The programme will end with Lights Out, an attempt to persuade everyone in the UK to turn out all lights between 10pm and 11pm, the hour of the declaration, except for single candles.

It is intended to recall the grim statement by Sir Edward Grey, then foreign secretary, in August 1914: "The lamps are going out all over Europe; we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime."

[source : Artists come together to commemorate centenary of outbreak of first world war, The Guardian,, 28th March 2014]

World War 1?

Sir Edward Grey?

Some of the letters sent to the above website are available to read, and they are emotional, as you would expect from an art site.

But is this the time for art?

Or the time for cold-blooded facts.

Guess who'll be sending a letter to an unknown soldier...

Thursday, March 27, 2014


It looks like the coroner was being forced down the suicide route until the Berezovsky family managed to get an expert witness to testify that he believes that Berezovsky was strangled.

There is something very sinister going on in Great Britain regarding Russians in exile.

In late 2006 Alexander Litvinenko was headline news morning, noon and night pointing his radioactive finger at Vladimir Putin. The alleged murderers were Andrei Luguvoi and Dmitri Kovtun. The British government has consistently said that it has the evidence to prove this, but at every opportunity it hides behind national security or protecting international trade agreements or some other bullshit. Last year was a perfect opportunity to reveal to the world the evidence it has in order to persuade/blackmail Putin into dumping Assad, but Prince Bandar bin Sultan was sent to Russia to meet Putin and issue a threat: dump Assad or there will be hell in Syria. Putin rejected the offer. On 21st August there was the false flag attack in Ghouta. This same logic applies to Crimea. The evidence could be revealed to persuade/blackmail Putin to pull out of Crimea. But no. The evidence stays hidden away.

We were told that Litvinenko didn't work for MI6. It turns out he did.

We were told that Luguvoi administered the Polonium 210. But as far as we know he is not an assassin, and definitely not trained in the deadly use of radioactive poison. And if he was guilty he was risking the lives of his family who were in London with him to watch a football match.

Berezovsky had apparently written to Putin requesting a return to Russia. If Litvinenko worked for MI6 then so did Berezovsky. And he had some tales to tell...

And when the forensic team arrived at Berezovsky's house their radiation meters went off!!

When it comes to Berezovsky everything is very, very murky.

He was one dodgy, murky dude.

And it says a lot that the British wanted his death swept quickly under the carpet as a suicide, while his family were sceptical enough to provide an expert witness to say that Bez had been strangled.

A coroner has recorded an open verdict on the death of Boris Berezovsky after hearing conflicting expert evidence about the way the Russian oligarch was found hanged.

Police had said they found no evidence of foul play and the pathologist who conducted a postmortem examination said he could rule out murder.

However, Professor Bern Brinkmann, a German forensic scientist retained by members of the businessman's family, said an examination of autopsy photographs had led him to conclude that Berezovsky had not killed himself.

The Berkshire coroner said on Thursday that after hearing that evidence he was unable to reach a conclusion on how Berezovsky had died.

[source : Boris Berezovsky inquest returns open verdict on death, The Guardian,, 27th March 2014]


The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, aka NICE, is actually very nasty, and is need of a serious check of its moral health.

NICE supports the euthanasia policy called The Liverpool Care Pathway. There are many reports of patients who were placed on the LCP but recovered through the assistance of their family and friends to live long and happy lives.

It was reported yesterday that NICE would be proposing a policy that would encourage schoolgirls to stock up on the pill and be promiscuous (while they are told a pack of lies about the true origins of war).

And today it is being reported that NICE is changing the criteria for access to life-prolonging drugs for sufferers of cancer.
Campaigners are warning that proposals from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) will end the priority given to terminally ill patients.

They estimate almost 13,000 cancer patients a year who are given life-prolonging drugs might be denied them under the new plans – with the elderly particularly vulnerable.

...Leading prostate cancer specialist Professor Jonathan Waxman said: ‘Nice is a monstrous and Kafkaesque bureaucracy that is unanswerable to the public and their doctors.

‘It grows from strength to strength and costs millions and millions of pounds more to run, money that could be usefully spent on the treatment of patients.’

[source : Thousands of elderly cancer victims could be denied drugs: New NICE rules set to downgrade treatment for terminally ill, The Daily Mail,, 27th March 2014]

And it is not only NICE that needs a moral health check.

Why are we cutting and slashing to save money?

Because the fascist Labour government bailed out the fascist banks with taxpayer money, when the banks, like in any other walk of life, should have gone into bankruptcy. And the fascist LibCon coalition is not only continuing the fascism but adding to it with cuts here, there and everywhere and not one banker goes to jail! A prime example of this government's fascism is the workfare scheme, in which the unemployed were told to work for companies, the idea being that the work experience would help them to find a job, and their 'wages' would be their benefits. In other words the companies got the benefit from the work but the muggins British taxpayer paid the 'wages'. THAT IS THE DEFINITION OF FASCISM! OUR FATHERS AND GRANDFATHERS FOUGHT AGAINST THAT IN WW2. It was later found that the scheme was a complete waste of time and money, with only a very small percentage on this scheme finding work afterwards.

These life-destroying policies of NICE have a very strong foul stench of the Nazi T4 program.

But taken as a whole, these policies, the euthanasia of the LCP, the pill for schoolgirls while they are not told the truth about wars, and now the denial of life-prolonging drugs for cancer patients in order to bail out fascist bankers, have the definite stench of Satanism.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


What is the first thing you think of when you see or meet somebody?

I wonder how he/she likes 'it'?

I wonder what he/she knows about World War 1?

I think the latter. Sadly 99.9% of people I know think the former. And of those, when they are told about the true origins of world wars seem to care very little, and in some cases don't want to know you and ostracise you.

Take this latest recommendation about contraception from NICE, the same quango that recommends the euthanasia policy called The Liverpool Care Pathway masquerading as palliative care.

Teenage girls will be able to stock up on the morning-after pill under new NHS guidance which will allow young women to pre-order the drugs, despite Government fears the move will increase promiscuity.

[source : Teenage girls will be able to stock up on morning-after pill under new NHS guidance, The Daily Telegraph,, 26th March 2014]

Why is it that we are being encouraged to indulge in sex all the time, but not be told how a British/Freemasonic cabal engineered World War 1? And let's get more specific: why are schoolgirls being encouraged to stock up on the pill yet be told a pack of lies about the origin of World War 1?

The answer is obvious when you can be bothered to look instead of enjoying Satan's playground.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Before NATO bombed Libya to smithereens in 2011, perverting UN SCR 1973 beyond recognition, Libya was not a utopia (where is?), but it was much more stable than it is now, with the highest UN human development index of any nation in Africa.

But now?

Let's listen to Owen Jones.
Today's Libya is overrun by militias and faces a deteriorating human rights situation, mounting chaos that is infecting other countries, growing internal splits, and even the threat of civil war. Only occasionally does this growing crisis creep into the headlines: like when an oil tanker is seized by rebellious militia; or when a British oil worker is shot dead while having a picnic; or when the country's prime minister is kidnapped.

According to Amnesty International, the "mounting curbs on freedom of expression are threatening the rights Libyans sought to gain". A repressive Gaddafi-era law has been amended to criminalise any insults to officials or the general national congress (the interim parliament). One journalist, Amara al-Khattabi, was put on trial for alleging corruption among judges. Satellite television stations deemed critical of the authorities have been banned, one station has been attacked with rocket-propelled grenades, and journalists have been assassinated.

Some human rights abuses began in the tumultuous days that followed Gaddafi's removal, and were ignored by the west. Ever since the fall of his dictatorship, there have been stories of black Libyans being treated en masse as Gaddafi loyalists and attacked. In a savage act of collective punishment, 35,000 people were driven out of Tawergha in retaliation for the brutal siege of the anti-Gaddafi stronghold of Misrata. The town was trashed and its inhabitants have been left in what human rights organisations are calling "deplorable conditions" in a Tripoli refugee camp. Such forced removals continue elsewhere. Thousands have been arbitrarily detained without any pretence of due process; and judges, prosecutors, lawyers and witnesses have been attacked or even killed. Libya's first post-Gaddafi prosecutor general, Abdulaziz Al-Hassadi, was assassinated in the town of Derna last month.

[source : Owen Jones, Libya is a disaster we helped create. The west must take responsibility, The Guardian,, 24th March 2014]

But how does Jones introduce this total disaster?
But with a murderous thug ejected from power, who could object?

In other words, Owen Jones is a NATO apologist.

I note that Stop The War has not tweeted this abomination by Jones.

And lest we forget:
1. it was Jones who supported the vain Jeremy Scahill in his bizarre attempt to oust Mother Agnes Mariam from speaking at the Stop The War conference last November;
2. it was The Guardian that supported breaking UN SCR 1973 and NATO becoming the Jihadi Air Force.

And I have yet to see either Jones or The Guardian refer to the plan for war plan revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the inside job 9/11 which involves war on the following nations:
Iraq (2003);
Lebanon (2006);
Libya (2011);
Syria (2011- );
Iran (continual covert war involving sabotage of nuclear facilities and assassinations of scientists etc, and multiple Zionist attempts to drag the USA into war on Iran);
Sudan (Israel attacked Sudan several times, and Sudan has splintered);
Somalia (slowly becoming the focus of anti-terrorist operations, named in 2012 by the DFQ as a greater terrorist than Afghanistan, but as yet no large scale military operation).

So you don't need a PhD from The University of the Bleedin' Obvious to see that that plan revealed to Clark is being implemented. But because of great anti-war sentiment in NATO countries a Plan B has been implemented involving unleashing cutthroat Jihadis onto first Libya, then Syria, and now Lebanon and soon Iran. The Arab Spring was engineered to provide these cutthroat Jihadis with cover as 'freedom fighters' when the only liberation they want is the liberation of the heads from the torsos of their religious enemies.

Monday, March 24, 2014


I know some who would disagree with this analysis, but I agree with it, and have done years before it was written.

But I would add that Syria is also successfully resisting.


Putin inspires terror in New World Order: Dr. Barrett

Russian President Vladimir Putin is standing up against West’s aggression aimed at completely destroying traditional nations and values and creating a New World Order global dictatorship, an analyst says.

Ongoing Western attempts to destabilize Ukraine, Syria and Iran as well as other countries are the “most recent examples of a decade-old pattern of aggression” which the Russian president is countering, Kevin Barrett, a professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, wrote in an article for Press TV website.

“In short, the New World Order – a shadowy group of global banking oligarchs bent on establishing a one-world dictatorship – is trying to overthrow every leader on earth who resists. Russian President Putin is resisting. That is why the Western propaganda machine is calling him names,” Barrett said.

He noted that Russia and Iran are both successfully resisting a New World Order dictatorship. [TTS : so is Syria!]

The commentator noted that the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran was a landmark event signaling an end to the “20th-century wave of militant secularism and atheism – and a revival of traditional religion.”

He said the Russian president enjoys overwhelming popularity in his country for his defense of traditional religious values.

“Putin is stopping New World Order ‘creative destruction’ in Syria and Ukraine. He is part of a growing coalition opposing the NWO – not just religious traditionalists, but also progressive anti-globalization forces, including [late Venezuelan President] Hugo Chavez inspired anti-imperialists in Latin America,” Barrett pointed out.

He added that the world today is facing an epic struggle between those who espouse sacred values such as justice and decency and those who desire to destroy all values.

Barrett expressed hope that God would bless Putin, “who is putting the fear of God into the New World Order.”



Does the recent and rapid push to allow so much fracking in this Disunited Fascist Queendom show that the government knew months ago that a disgreement with Russia was on the cards?

Sunday, March 23, 2014


NATO media is reporting that dastardly Syria has been ignoring Turkey's demands to stop flying its plane close to the border between them, and that Turkey lost patience and shot down a Syrian fighter jet after it violated Turkish airspace. In some reports there is a brief mention that a rebel operation is underway to control an important border crossing at Kassab.

But what NATO media is not reporting is that the rebels:
1. are based in Turkey:
2. are trying to secure the crossing to allow them into Syria:
3. are receiving military support from Turkey who are firing artillery into Syria from Turkey to support the rebels.

And this has been going on since since The (fake CIA) Arab Spring began in Syria.
Damascus, (SANA) Syria dismissed military aggression which the Turkish government has waged against Syria’s sovereignty and the sanctity of its land in Kassab area over past two days as reflecting Turkey’s actual involvement in the events in Syria from the beginning of the crisis up to now.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry labeled in a statement on Sunday Turkish aggression as “unprecedented and unjustifiable” that also reflects bankruptcy of Erdogan.

The aggression, the source noted, included firing tank and artillery shells on the Syrian territories to secure coverage for the armed terrorist groups to enter into Syria from the Turkish land.

It reiterated that these “serious” Turkish military attacks reflect Erdogan’s failure to handle the needs of the Turkish people who have rejected the Turkish government’s hostile policies against Syria as they also rejected the corruption which Erdogan is involved and uncovering the involvement which led to the Turkish people to take part in massive protests against Erdogan demanding the departure of his regime.

“This escalation came in the framework of the aggressive policies of Erdogan’s government and its openly-provided support to the armed terrorist groups,” said the source, adding that the terrorist groups have taken up the Turkish lands as a shelter, springboard and arming center for them to kill innocent Syrians and destroy the infrastructure of the Syrian people.

Syria demands Erdogan government halt its aggression, support terrorism and show respect to the Security Council’s relevant resolutions, the Foreign Ministry source said.

It also voiced Syria’s demand the Turkish government “refrain from involving Turkish army in unavailing and unjustifiable adventures against a neighboring country that have only the feelings of fraternity and good-neighborliness towards the Turkish people and the desire to continue good bilateral relations that serve the two neighboring countries and their peoples”.

[source : Damascus: Turkish aggression in Kassab reflects actual involvement in events since beginning, SANA,, 23rd March 2014]

This could be a response to the pressure being applied to Erdogan by the NATO Satanists, who now face total humiliation and defeat in Syria, having fought a covert war against Syria for over 3 years.


It was lovely in Roundhay Park in Leeds yesterday morning. Lots of spring sunshine, a bit chilly because of a raw wind, but there were kids flying kites, dogs chasing balls, men chasing a football around, couples pushing buggies carrying babies, kids on their scooters on the ramps, military fitness classes.

It was all going on at Roundhay Park.

All going on...except for protests against intrusive surveillance by the state, or warmongering against Syria and Russia.

I wonder how many there had bothered to even ask one simple question and sought an answer to why this world, despite the fantastic views and flowers in bloom at Roundhay Park, is actually a horrible, nasty, dangerous, loveless shit hole.


I have just sent the following letter to William Hague in response to his rant in The Sunday Telegraph today.


William Hague
Foreign Secretary
Foreign and Commonwealth Office,
King Charles Street

Dear Mr Hague

I read with great amusement your rant regarding Russia which was published in The Sunday Telegraph on 23rd March 2014. So I write to you to tell you to stop your pathetic ranting before you start another war in which many people, other than yourself and the many warmongering politicians in The House of Commons, needlessly die due to cowards such as yourself.

Last year was a very good example of your warmongering. On 21st August there was a horrific tragedy at Ghouta near Damascus in Syria. Immediately the NATO media went into overdrive and accused the Assad government of launching chemical weapons. Initial estimates of dead approached 2000, but as the days passed this was revised down to a few hundred. However, this did not stop cowardly warmongers such as yourself pushing for war on Syria which would no doubt have involved missiles being launched from hundreds of miles from Syria and bombs being dropped onto Syria from tens of thousands of feet. Perhaps a land invasion would also have occurred. Who knows. Thankfully enough MPs saw sense and voted against military action against Syria.

The evidence against Assad is flimsy at best. There was no need for the Assad government to use chemical weapons in a residential area to kill some rebels. The Syrian Arab Army was, and still is, easily defeating the rebels with conventional weapons. And UN inspectors were just down the road too.

But why were UN inspectors just down the road? Because they were in Syria to investigate the use of chemical weapons at Khan al Assal. As with Ghouta, the NATO media blamed the use of chemical weapons at Khan al Assal on the Assad government, no doubt to convince President Obama that Assad had crossed his red line. But what was barely reported was that after this there was a slaughter of the inhabitants of Khan al Assal together with soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army. Russia was invited into Syria to investigate this event and concluded, under international standards, that the rebels had used chemical weapons at Khan al Assal. Russia submitted this evidence to the United Nations, which led to the weapons investigators being in Damascus on 21st August last year. But this also led to the slaughter. Within days of Syria agreeing to allow the UN in to investigate the use of chemical weapons at Khan al Assal, the slaughter took place. The rebels went back into Khan al Assal and murdered everyone at Khan al Assal, including soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army, so that nobody was left alive to give evidence to the UN investigators.

So regarding Ghouta, the rebels had form. They are on video testing their chemical weapons on rabbits. They were arrested with kilograms of chemical weapons. They are on video issuing threats of using chemical weapons.

But more importantly, a threat of such an atrocity as occurred at Ghouta was made to President Putin by Prince Bandar bin Sultan last summer.

The Saudi-backed rebels needed an event such as Ghouta to provoke an overt large scale military intervention on their behalf. Following the fall of al Qusair in early June last year, the Syrian rebels began to suffer frequent serious defeats. Saudi Arabia is arguably the main supporter of the Syrian rebels. This is due to an agreement reached between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia around 2007 in which the latter would unleash the nastiest cutthroat Jihadis onto particular nations, which I will address later. This series of defeats prompted Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia to meet with President Putin. Bandar issued a threat: if Russia would dump Assad then Saudi Arabia would purchase billions of dollars of Russian weapons, and allow Russia to operate in the Middle East; or else he, Bandar, would unleash hell on earth in Syria and Lebanon to embarrass Putin into dumping Assad.

Putin rejected this lovely offer.

On21st August, the horrific tragedy occurred.

Assad had no need to use chemical weapons at Ghouta. The Syrian Arab Army was easily defeating the rebels with conventional weapons, using chemical weapons would have turned the Syrian people against him, and provided the perfect casus belli for NATO to bomb Syria to smithereens.

On the other hand, the rebels had form from using chemical weapons from Khan al Assal, had been arrested with kilograms of chemical weapons, had videoed their experiments with chemical weapons, had issued threats of using chemical weapons, needed large scale military intervention on their behalf, and a threat of creating such an atrocity had been made by Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

And there is a conflict in Syria because of a plan for a series of wars that was revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the attacks of 11th September 2001. Clark was told that there would be war on seven nations in five years. The seven nations named to Clark were, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon, with Libya, Sudan and Somalia. A video of Clark stating this is available on Youtube at .

We invaded Iraq in 2003 on a pack of lies. Israel engineered a war on Hezbollah in 2006. But by 2007 this plan was seriously behind schedule. So the aforementioned agreement between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia was reached that Saudi Arabia would unleash Jihadis onto some of the nations named to Clark. We went to war against Libya in 2011, during which British Special Forces assisted these Jihadis on the ground while the RAF became their air force, and UN SCR 1973 was perverted to kill Gaddafi. After Libya, these Jihadis were smuggled into Syria. Former French foreign minister Roland Dumas says that he was asked by Great Britain to help smuggle the Jihadis into Syria.

And we have seen the nature of these Jihadis; cutthroats of the worst kind. Cannibals, decapitating anything that moves, slitting the throats of defenceless Syrian children.

All thanks to you!

But back to Russia and Ukraine.

You write:
All nations, including Russia, depend on a rules-based international system.

Surely all that I have described above is illegal?

Surely smuggling cutthroat Jihadis into Syria, to kill defenceless Syrian children and oust a leader of a foreign government, is illegal? Particularly when it was all planned in 2001, and probably before 9/11. The list of nations named to Clark contains a number of nations considered to be anti-Zionist. Iraq, Iran, Syrian and Lebanon had been named in A Clean Break. Iraq and Iran had been named in Rebuilding America’s Defenses.

Regarding interference in Ukraine, before the recent events in Ukraine, in 2004 a colour revolution sponsored by George Soros, the National Endowment for Democracy and Boris Berezovsky occurred.

Victoria Nuland is on video stating that the USA has spent over $5 billion on regime change in Ukraine. A video of this speech is available on Youtube at .

Victoria Nuland has also been recorded discussing potential members of any new government of Ukraine with the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. This is also available on Youtube at . Is it just a coincidence that the new cabinet is approximately what she suggests?

Yanukovich had reached a deal with the Maidan protestors. The situation in Ukraine was stabilising. But then some snipers began shooting protesters and police. This provoked outrage, which the violent fascists capitalised on, and violently ousted a legitimately elected government. Members of far right political parties such as Svoboda and Right Sector now control the Ukraine security, defence and justice apparatus.

But who were these still unidentified snipers, who provided a fantastic opportunity for the violent fascists to oust Yanukovich? Well, according to another intercepted phone call, this time involving the unelected Baroness Catherine Ashton, the snipers were controlled by the protesters! This call is available on Youtube at .

And as for “Yats”, the unelected new Prime Minister of Ukraine? His Open Ukraine Foundation is linked to George Soros, and he lists his partners as NATO and The National Endowment for Democracy.

I believe that the recent events in Ukraine are part of a long term plan to bring every single nation on this planet under the domination of the powers that created NATO and the EU. Both the EU and NATO have expanded well past their initial membership and purpose of existence. NATO has expanded from Checkpoint Charlie to the borders of Russia. And the EU was created by a handful of members for job creation, but now has a Foreign Minister, a military and is looting Greek bank accounts.

I also believe that this plan for global domination was accelerated in Ukraine because of Russia’s refusal to acquiesce to removing President Bashar al Assad of Syria as part of the aforementioned war plan revealed to General Wesley Clark. This is why there is so much anger at Crimea rejoining Russia, because Russia still has naval access to the Black Sea and thus to the Mediterranean Sea and thus to Syria.

In Ukraine, NATO has exposed itself and not got everything it wanted. Yes, NATO/EU now have control of Kiev, but not Sevastopol. And at what cost? With all this Youtube evidence of speeches and intercepted phone calls?

I also believe that this expansion is risking yet another global war, this time involving nuclear weapons.

This aggression by the powers behind NATO and the EU against Russia and Syria, indeed against all sovereign nations, must stop immediately.

This world needs global cooperation for the global development of sovereign nations, not cowardly warmongering for the benefit of a true oligarchy which included Jimmy Savile as a close friend.

Yours Truly

[name removed]

ps Have you ever considered grabbing a uniform, a helmet, a pair of boots and a rifle and joining the rebels in Syria yourself?

Saturday, March 22, 2014


People In Search of a Life - Marc Dorsey

People in Search of a Life Lyrics
Marc Dorsey

There is a place that is so hard to find
Behind the walls we build inside our minds
Some break the walls, some break the rules, some even get things changed
And when they do, that leads to truth
Yet questions still remain
But all that it's sayin'

Somewhere in life there's a joy to be
Between the hope and reality
There in a mirror and then the street
That's where you'll find
People in search of a life

And what of love, is that a point of view?
And when you're alone, it can seem so confused
That's when a friend can pull you in, bring you a helping hand
But what happens when your only friend sells you out in the end
How do you face it?

Chorus x 1

Beyond the sheets of skin, beyond the rules of hate
Within the project walls
There is a cry that will not die
A cry for life

Chorus x 2

In search of a life
Oh, tell me about people
In search of a life
Oh people, people
Looking for a life
Searching, looking in a bottle
Lookin' in a needle
Lookin' in the street
Searchin' everywhere


Public Enemy - Fight the Power

1989 the number another summer (get down)
Sound of the funky drummer
Music hittin' your heart cause I know you got soul
(Brothers and sisters, hey)
Listen if you're missin' y'all
Swingin' while I'm singin'
Givin' whatcha gettin'
Knowin' what I know
While the Black bands sweatin'
And the rhythm rhymes rollin'
Got to give us what we want
Gotta give us what we need
Our freedom of speech is freedom of death
We got to fight the powers that be
Lemme hear you say
Fight the power


As the rhythm designed to bounce
What counts is that the rhymes
Designed to fill your mind
Now that you've realized the prides arrived
We got to pump the stuff to make us tough
from the heart
It's a start, a work of art
To revolutionize make a change nothin's strange
People, people we are the same
No we're not the same
Cause we don't know the game
What we need is awareness, we can't get careless
You say what is this?
My beloved lets get down to business
Mental self defensive fitness
(Yo) bum rush the show
You gotta go for what you know
Make everybody see, in order to fight the powers that be
Lemme hear you say...
Fight the Power


Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant shit to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain
Mother fuck him and John Wayne
Cause I'm Black and I'm proud
I'm ready and hyped plus I'm amped
Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps
Sample a look back you look and find
Nothing but rednecks for 400 years if you check
Don't worry be happy
Was a number one jam
Damn if I say it you can slap me right here
(Get it) lets get this party started right
Right on, c'mon
What we got to say
Power to the people no delay
To make everybody see
In order to fight the powers that be

(Fight the Power)




The tit-for-tat sanctions being implemented by Russia and the USA are petty and just for show.

The real big important stuff is being avoided.

Like Russian oil and gas being exploited by Exxon Mobil.

Read this article on how Russian oil and gas is being exploited by Exxon Mobil. It goes into some detail about what has gone on, is going on and is planned to go on between Exxon Mobil and Russia. The article does explicitly state:
So why has Exxon excelled there? I think it’s because Exxon has proven itself to be as hard-nosed as Putin is. Back in 2007, amid Putin’s moves to reassert state control over Russia’s energy industry, Exxon’s Sakhalin-1 JV with Gazprom was thought to be a target.

But it also looks into what happened in 2006 when Putin started to kick out British oil companies and demand better deals for the Russian state.

What happened in late 2006? Putin was accused of murdering Alexander Litvinenko. We have yet to see the evidence. Each time the British government has the opportunity to reveal the evidence it refuses to do so. Syria last year, and currently Crimea, are good opportunities to reveal the evidence and force Putin to back off. But the evidence, if it exists, is instead locked away in a deep, dark vault somewhere in Whitehall.

So when Putin tries to control the Jewish oligarchs who economically and financially raped Russia in the 1990s under Yeltsin, they flee to London or Tel Aviv to conspire and conspire and conspire to bring Putin down, but some stay to try to kick Putin out through domestic Russian politics.

And when Putin kicks Great Britain out of Russia's huge oil and gas energy market he is accused of the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, and we have yet to see the evidence, over 7 years after that radioactive photogenic death.



Reese Project - Direct Me

Friday, March 21, 2014


McFadden & Whitehead Ain't No Stopping Us Now

Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We're on the move!
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We've got the groove!

There's been so many things that’s held us down.
But now it looks like things are finally comin' around.
I know we've got, a long long way to go,
and where we'll end up, I don't know.
But we won't let nothin' hold us back,
we're putting ourselves together,
we're polishing up our act!
If you felt we've been held down before,
I know you'll refuse to be held down anymore!

Don't you let nothing, nothing,
Stand in your way!
I want ya'll to listen, listen,
to every word I say, every word I say!

Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We're on the move!
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We've got the groove!

Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We're on the move!
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We've got the groove!

I know you know someone that has a negative vibe,
and if you're trying to make it they only push you aside.
They really don't have, no where to go.
Ask them where they're going, they don't know.
But we won't let nothin' hold us back,
we're gonna put our selves together,
we're gonna polish up our act!
And if you've ever been held down before,
I know you'll refuse to be held down anymore!

Don't you let nothing, nothing,
Stand in your way!
I want ya'll to listen, listen,
to every word I say, every word I say!

Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We're on the move!
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We've got the groove!

Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We're on the move!
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now!
We've got the groove!


Following the recent admission by The Bank of England of how money is created, and my reflective walk last weekend on Warton Crag on which I decided it was time, I have decided to open The Citizens Pecora Commission and get to the bottom of the legal minefield of our fraudulent financial system.

The purpose of this is to provoke a court case. I have waited and waited for years, yet not one bank has had the guts to do something.

So let's make things happen!

The Citizens Pecora Commission

I shall continue to provide an alternative report on current affairs, but be more economical and efficient.


The Independent has published a half decent editorial. The focus of that editorial is the Global War on Terror, and its obvious failure.
Twelve and a half years after 9/11, al-Qa’ida-type organisations control an area the size of Britain in western Iraq and eastern Syria. Include Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia and the territory they rule is larger in size than the UK. What is so extraordinary – and blameworthy – is that this vast expansion of jihadi groups comes even as the US, Britain and others are waging a “war on terror”. In the name of such a struggle, great sums have been spent; wars have been fought in Iraq and Afghanistan; civil rights have been curtailed; and torture, rendition, detention without trial and domestic espionage have been justified. But attempts to eliminate the supposed enemy have wholly failed.

[source : The ‘war on terror’ has failed. Al-Qa’ida-type jihadis are proliferating, and the West bears partial responsibility, Editorial, The Independent,, 20th March 2014]

The editorial then goes on to question our relationship with Saudi Arabia, surprisingly mentioning the still classified 28 pages that refer to Saudi involvement in 9/11.

The editorial then ends:
The reason why Washington, London and other states have been so gentle with the Saudis and their allies, responsible though they are for sustaining the jihadi movement, is the kingdom’s financial might, the West’s hunger for arms deals and the lure of consultancy contracts and other personal benefits for powerful individuals. The “war on terror” has failed and failed unnecessarily. Were there to be a repeat of 9/11, then those responsible for that defeat should be held accountable.

But as someone who has been following and investigating current affairs, though this editorial is encouraging in its attempt to blame Saudi Arabia for all the worlds terrorist ills, it is disappointing in that it overlooks one thing: ISRAEL!

The whole Clean Break/PNAC/Rebuilding America's Defenses agenda is not mentioned once.


The editorial proudly names Patrick Cockburn as the author of a series of reports exposing "the extent to which jihadi organisations identical in ideology and methods to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qa’ida have survived, flourished and are now stronger than ever".

But at a time when Ed Snowden's revelations are telling us that we are all being spied on, when such an investigation into the rise and rise of al Qaeda and its affiliates is published, this investigation will make a lot of the general public very thankful for all the intrusive surveillance of their lives by the state. And it may even push the general public into supporting wars to eliminate these Islamic terrorists.

But what do you notice about the editorial?

No mention of the Covenant of Security between MI5 and the Islamic terrorists.

No mention of the Zionist Clean Break/PNAC/Rebuilding America's Defenses agenda.

No mention of the plan for war on seven nations in five years revealed to General Wesley Clark.

No mention of The Redirection agreed between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia in which the latter would unleash the most medieval cutthroat Jihadis onto several nations named to Clark not yet attacked.

Could this be because Cockburn married into the Montefiore family? The same Montefiore family who with the Rothschilds began to push for Palestine to become a Jewish state in the early 19th Century?

It is good that Saudi Arabia is being discussed in editorials of such papers as The Independent with a wide circulation, but we do have to ask why it is so one-sided when an even bigger suspect, Israel, is not mentioned once.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I am beginning to wonder if Craig Murray writes the Russophobic rants masquerading as editorials in The Guardian.

Murray blasts Putin with both barrels in a critique of one of Putin's speeches after Crimea voted to join Russia. Full of little factoids of international law and history, there is one thing that Murray, perhaps deliberately, overlooks: NATO expansion.

This image shows NATO expansion, and is lifted from that very easily accessible website Wikipedia.

What do you notice about NATO expansion?

As time goes by, what has happened to NATO?

Has it shrunk, stayed the same, or expanded?

And in which direction is NATO expanding?

From Checkpoint Charlie to the Ukraine border with Russia.

That is how dangerous NATO expansion has become.

Talks on installing a first strike system in Poland are now being resurrected since Ukraine suffered a violent neo-Nazi coup a few weeks ago. And those neo-Nazis are seriously suggesting that Ukraine join NATO and install nuclear missiles aimed at Russia.

A few weeks ago a leaked phone conversation indicated that the snipers who destabilised a calming situation in Ukraine, after Yanukovich had reached a deal with the Maidan protestors, were run by the fascists. In the resulting furore the fascists took advantage, stormed government buildings and ousted the legitimately elected government. The new Prime Minister Yatsenyuk lists NATO as one of his partners on his Open Ukraine website, which is linked to George Soros.

In addition, another leaked phone call reveals that Victoria Nuland, wife of PNAC founder Robert Kagan, handpicked "Yats" as the new leader of Ukraine. The new cabinet of Ukraine is approximately what she suggests in that phone call.

But how could she get to decide the new cabinet?


There is a Bohemian Grove/Wall Street/City of London/IMF/NATO cabal intent on global domination.

The evidence is there in NATO expansion.

NATO has effectively annexed all those nations shaded above. And not as the result of any referendum.

Yet when a blindingly obvious violent neo-Nazi coup occurs in Ukraine, provoking the autonomous republic of Crimea to hold a referendum to join Russia, which results in a landslide YES!, and Russia not surprisingly agrees because its Black Sea fleet is stationed in Crimea, Murray joins the Western politicians he alleges to oppose and accuses Putin of neo-Imperialism!!!!!

Russia is not expanding.

NATO is.

Which is the imperial entity?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


In a highly explosive quarterly report, The Bank of England has let the monetary cat out of the bag and admitted that privately owned banks create money out of thin air.

One common misconception is that banks act simply as intermediaries, lending out the deposits that savers place with them.

...Commercial banks create money, in the form of bank deposits, by making new loans. When a bank makes a loan, for example to someone taking out a mortgage to buy a house, it does not typically do so by giving them thousands of pounds worth of banknotes. Instead, it credits their bank account with a bank deposit of the size of the mortgage. At that moment, new money is created.

...This description of money creation contrasts with the notion that banks can only lend out pre-existing money, outlined in the previous section.

[source : Money creation in the modern economy, Bank of England, Quarterly Bulletin Q1 2014,, Accessed 19th March 2014]

There appears to be a similar but slightly different bulletin being reported on by Positive Money.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Last week an alleged series of hacked emails was published suggesting that a false flag attack was being organised for last weekend to interfere with the referendum on Crimea joining Russia.

Today NATO media went wild with 'unconfirmed' reports that Russian troops 'stormed' a base occupied by Ukrainian troops and killed a Ukrainian soldier. Kiev jumped on this and has ordered that its troops may use their weapons, thus increasing the tension.

But why would Russia do this?

The NATO media do not ask this simple question: what would Russia have to gain from 'storming' a military base and killing a Ukrainian soldier?

As with Assad being accused of the horrific events at Ghouta on 21st August last year, Putin has nothing to gain and everything to lose.

And what was very suspicious about this alleged attack was that the attackers were 'unidentified' and allegedy wore masks.

Hmm. Sounds like a mystery that even Scooby Doo could solve on his own!!

But thankfully there is no need for Scooby and the team.

A few weeks ago an intercepted phone call was published in which the unelected Catherine Ashton was told that the snipers who destabilised a stabilising situation worked for the neo-Nazis. This sniping occured just as a deal and truce had been reached and calm was being restored. But the anger and outrage from the sniping was capitalised on by the neo-Nazis, and a violent fascist coup followed shortly after when they ousted a legitimately elected government. The neo-Nazis now occupy significant positions in their new unelected government. Evidence is now being collected that the sniping occured from buildings controlled by the neo-Nazis, supporting the claims made in that now infamous intercepted phone call involving Ashton.

Now news is filtering through that there was no armed group of masked men storming a military base. All the shooting was dome by...A SNIPER!!


So watch out and listen very, very carefully for what exactly happened today in Simferopol.

It makes much more sense that a Right Sector sniper tried to provoke a military intervention by NATO by killing a Ukrainian soldier...just like the motive behind what happened at Ghouta last August.


This was William Jihadi Hague speaking in The Marsten House today, condemning Russia for its interference in Crimea.

But for over 3 years this Disunited Fascist Queendom has been supporting cutthroat Jihadis in an attempt to illegally overthrow President Bashar al Assad of Syria. Due to this covert war on Syria an estimated 140000 people have been killed. In addition, this war on Syria is one in a series of wars that was instigated after the most suspicious terror attack which occured on 11th September 2001.

There should be blood dripping from Hague's hands, the blood of defenceless Syrian children, slaughtered by demonically-possessed cutthroat Jihadis sponsored at the request of this Disunited Fascist Queendom by Saudi Arabia.


Besides "Cleavage Column", in which female celebrities are photographed in their bikinis, one kind of story that The Daily Mail seems to be repeating and repeating, but with different characters, are cases in which a female teacher has a sexual relationship with a younger student.

Every week seems to bring a new case.

And the story runs for a few days before the next one comes along.

Is The Daily Mail on a quest to portray teachers, females in particular, as untrustworthy sexual predators?


An editorial in The Guardian today looks at the shithole that is now Libya, but also buries The Guardian's role in making that once jewel in the crown of Africa such a shithole.

The country now faces a real risk of breaking apart. The rebellious regions argue that as Congress's mandate ran out in February it is no longer legitimate and they can do what they wish until the next election, currently scheduled for July. The best hope to avoid all-out conflict between the competing factions is for the rebels to allow Congress – which is at least elected – to govern until the summer, when elections may produce a new, more representative assembly, and to urge all sides to guarantee the electoral process.

Western governments, which intervened decisively in the revolution on the grounds of preventing civilian death in Benghazi, bear a continued responsibility to assist the country in finding a way through its predicament. Libya's rebels won the war with the help of Nato jets. It is incumbent on the US, Britain and France to do their utmost to help the country win the peace.

[source : Libya: a country on the brink, Editorial, The Guardian,, 18th March 2014]

That last paragraph is the most significant.


Everywhere NATO goes chaos follows.

This cannot be by accident.

Ordo ab chao.

And The Guardian pushes the agenda over a trendy middle class breakfast.

Sunday, March 16, 2014


He just doesn’t get it.

Craig Murray just doesn’t get it.

Not everybody wants to become an ambassador for Great Britain, which for one very long period of time was the greatest slave trading nation on Earth.

And not just anybody gets to become an ambassador for Great Britain.

There is serious thought, study, vetting and intelligence-gathering on who becomes an ambassador for Great Britain. For as British ambassador you represent The City of London...and all that money.

There had to be something that the ruling British Establishment saw in Murray in order to appoint him.

And in Murray it has to be his Russophobia that led to his appointment as ambassador to Uzbekistan. Not the sexiest of places to be an ambassador, but Murray made up for that after accepting the position, having worked in HM Diplomatic Service for 18 years.

I have never been a member of HM Diplomatic Service. Never. I have never wanted to become a member, nor do I want to become a member either, not with the current ruling establishment in power. As a student I was interested in and dabbled in politics, but was not as active as Murray, who was elected President of Dundee University Students Association. You would expect that the last job that a President of a Student Association would want is British ambassador to godforsaken Uzbekistan. But for whatever reason Murray took the job.

Uzbekistan was a member of the former Soviet Union, and is nestled in a corner of the stans close to both Russia and China. So a Russophobe to help keep Uzbekistan out of Russian control would please the British ruling class enormously.

But why would anyone want to represent Great Britain in such a godforsaken place?

1. want to work for HM Diplomatic Service in the first place;
2. then work for HM Diplomatic Service for 18 years;
3. and then accept an appointment as British Ambassador to godforsaken Uzbekistan.
is, I think, evidence that there is a little British Imperialist somewhere deep inside of Murray.

But we must also ask, why would Great Britain want Murray to represent them?

And while Murray was helping to collect evidence against Iraq in 1991, apparently reporting to both Thatcher and Major, I was protesting against the war on Iraq. Over twenty years later and I am glad that I protested against that war. Iraq was tricked into invading Kuwait by April Glaspie, the USA having supplied Saddam with WMDs and intelligence throughout the 1980’s. I knew that then. I was handing out leaflets and booklets with it on. However, I did not protest against that war because I supported Saddam but because I tried to stop the many, many deaths of ordinary Iraqi civilians that would occur from a Vietnam War Operation Rolling Thunder-style bombardment.

Now in 2014 I am convinced that this planet is run by hard core Satanists for whom sacrificing a child after sexually abusing it is to us like saying hello to your friend.

I am convinced that this cabal engineered both world wars one and two.

I am convinced that this cabal wants to control the world: all its resources; all its people.

I am convinced that they engineered and executed 9/11 to start a series of wars that was revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after that murdered September day.

Yes, Putin is no saint. But who is? Can you be a saint when devils like the British establishment backed up by American military muscle and Saudi –sponsored terrorism are pulling every dirty trick, starting every dirty war, running every dirty false flag in the book to gain total domination of the world and all its resources and people?


As a glimpse into this suspected Satanism of our leaders, each summer they attend a meeting in the dark woods north of San Francisco called Bohemian Grove. At this gathering occurs the most bizarre ceremony called The Cremation of Care. During this ceremony there is a mock human sacrifice which is cheered on by the attendees. This mock human sacrifice takes place at the dead of night, to the sound of demonic laughter played over a PA, with men dressed in robes, with flame torches providing the lighting, in front of a large stone owl called Moloch. Moloch was an ancient deity to whom children were sacrificed.

Weirdos, or what?

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. This Disunited Fascist Queendom is cursed and riddled with Savilery...particularly right at the top of society.

Now, shortly after 9/11 the aforementioned plan revealed to General Wesley Clark consisted of war on seven nations in five years. The seven nations were Iraq, Iran, Lebanon and Syria, together with Libya, Sudan and Somalia. We invaded Iraq in 2003. Israel engineered a war on Lebanon in 2006. But by 2007 this plan was moribund. So a Plan B has been implemented in which Saudi Arabia would unleash the nastiest Jihadis onto some of the nations named to Clark that had not yet been attacked. To give them cover The Arab Spring was engineered so that NATO could provide these Jihadis with support.

In 2011 British Special Forces assisted these Jihadis on the ground in Libya while NATO became the Jihadi air force (with moral support from The Guardian).

After Libya these Jihadis were transported to Syria. But in Syria things have not gone to plan.

For years now these cutthroat Jihadis have been slitting the throats of and decapitating Syrian civilians and military, as well as children, as well as using chemical weapons to frame Assad and kill Syrian military.

And it is precisely that Bohemian Grove mentality, that Satanist mindset, that would unleash cutthroat Jihadis onto defenceless Syrian children.

Nearly everyone at the United Nations supports this covert invasion of Syria by these Saudi-sponsored cutthroat Jihadis. Some of those nations no doubt supported the motion at the UN yesterday condemning the vote in Crimea today.
But the largest, most active and most vociferous nation overtly opposing this cutthroat invasion of Syria is Russia, through Vladimir Putin. There is an axis of resistance consisting of Hezbollah and Iran, with a very quiet China in the background, abstaining here and there.

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall there has been an expansion of NATO, from Checkpoint Charlie to Ukraine. In case Murray has not noticed, Ukraine has a substantial border with Russia. NATO has had plans for a first-strike missile system aimed at Russia for decades. A few years ago the argument about this system focused on Poland. Now that argument will focus on Ukraine…on Russia’s border!

In 2006 a former Russian agent called Alexander Litvinenko was allegedly poisoned with Polonium 210. The British Government has consistently accused Putin of the murder of Litvinenko. But so far no evidence has been released to prove this. And whenever the opportunity arises to release that evidence the British Government decides to keep it hidden, if it exists at all. Last year was a very good opportunity to blackmail Putin into dumping Assad. Instead Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia was sent to threaten Putin: dump Assad or Syria gets it. Bandar also offered a sweetener that Saudi Arabia would purchase multi-billion dollars worth of weapons from Russia.

Now, according to Murray, Putin is as corrupt as the devil him (or her) self.

So did Putin acquiesce to this bribe? Did Putin take a big brown envelope stuffed with dodgy dollars?


Sadly, as a consequence, Bandar made good on his threat, at Ghouta on 21st August, which was designed to provoke a large scale military intervention on behalf of Bandar’s cutthroats because they faced total annihilation. But the news coming out of Syria gets better every day, with daily reports that the Syrian Arab Army has killed tens, and if we’re lucky hundreds, of Bandar’s cutthroats. Today the great news is that Yabroud has been liberated!!

But do we hear any criticism from Murray of Bandar?


It’s all Putin and Russia are demons.

Bandar sent the cutthroats into Syria. They are getting slaughtered. So Bandar threatens Putin, but because Putin is not as corrupt as Murray believes and rejects a multi-billion dollar weapons deal while Bandar’s cutthroats murder hundreds of Syrian children and their parents at Ghouta, it is Putin who is the demon!

And this crisis over Crimea could be avoided if the British Government would release the evidence it allegedly has that proves that the Russian state under orders from Putin murdered Litvinenko. But still the evidence, if it exists, is locked away in a vault somewhere going damp and moldy.

With the current ruling British Establishment you cannot be a saint. The devils are always at your throat, always on your back, always killing your children, always stealing your food, your house, your clothes, your shoes, your car. Stealing everything and killing everything.

Now I would rather Crimea and ordinary Crimeans be under the protection of someone who fights cutthroat Jihadi terrorism than be under the threat of being harassed and discriminated against by violent neo-Nazi thugs who were obviously illegally supported by NATO and the Satanic Bohemian Grove/IMF/PNAC/Wall Street/City of London scum who ordered Prince Bandar to send cutthroat Jihadis into Syria to slit the throats of defenceless Syrian children.

And not forgetting that it is that crowd who first provoked Islamic terrorism through creating Israel, and then nurtured Islamic terrorism in London through a Covenant of Security with MI5, which sadly led to the death of Lee Rigby as MI5 stood idly by as their target Adebalajo butchered Rigby in broad daylight on the streets of London.

You can bet that a lot of the multi-billionaire Russian oligarchs, who contribute to the wealth gap that Murray cites as evidence that Putin is not a saviour, made their money under Yeltsin, not under Putin. And when Putin tried to put those cocky oligarchs on a leash, some of them made a dash for it to London or Tel Aviv, while some stayed to bring Putin down. One such oligarch who stayed was Mikhail Khordokovsky, now a convicted criminal and exposed as a Rothschild gimp (but that doesn’t stop The Guardian supporting him). While some of those who fled like Berezovsky continually threatened a violent revolution against Putin. Indeed Berezovsky was given one full BBC Question Time, at British taxpayers expense, to rant and rave against Putin, and The Guardian (of course) allowed Berezovsky to foment violent revolution against Putin.

And when Putin suggested he was going to run for the Presidency in 2011 the City of London went berserk, ordering him through editorials in the Financial Times throughout 2011 not to run and allow their chosen one Medvedev to become President instead. But Putin ran, so Wall street/NATO ran The White Revolution through Navalny. But Putin won.

1. Putin is no saint;
2. But can you be when devils like the current ruling British establishment and their minions like The Prince of Cutthroats, Bandar bin Sultan, are after your house, your garden, your wife, your children, your car, the air you breathe, literally everything?

And as imperfect as it is, I think it is better that Russians not allied with the Satanic Bohemian Grove/NATO/IMF/PNAC/Wall Street/City of London scum control Russian resources.

NATO destabilised Ukraine. Victoria Nuland, wife of PNAC founder Robert Kagan, is on video stating that the USA has spent over $5 billion dollars on regime change in Ukraine to bring Ukraine under IMF control (and place first strike missiles on Russia's border). She selected Yatseniuk as the new Prime Minister. His foundation Open Ukraine states that one of his partners is NATO!!!!!


My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

The choice, at the moment, is between Bohemian Grove and Putin.

That is the the moment. That is what is front of us. Bohemian Grove Satanist IMF fascism, or Putin.

And if the weirdo Bohemian Grove Satanist fascists are attacking Putin left, right and centre then he must be doing something right.

ps Does Murray, like the vain Jeremy Scahill who bullied Sister Agnes Mariam off the Stop The War conference last year, still believe that 19 muslims armed only with boxcutters and managed by a dying man hiding out in a cave in Afghanistan, who required frequent kidney dialysis, managed to outwit the all-seeing all-knowing mighty US military and fly 4 hijacked aircraft unimpeded around the most protected airspace in the world for nearly 2 hours before eventually flying one of them into The Pentagon, when that was precisely what a bunch of Zionist warmongers, who were in charge of the US government, had written they wanted a year earlier in order to go on a warmongering rampage to eliminate all resistance to US/Israelil hegemony?

pps and why did Murray not go public and blow the whistle on the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie bombing when he said last week that he was shown evidence around 1991 that Iran via Syria did it? Was he keeping his mouth shut to get that plum job in Uzbekistan?

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Tomorrow Crimea votes to join Russia or not.

I pray that the vote is Yes!

The fewer people under the control of the Satanic Fascist Bohemian Grove/NATO/IMF/Wall Street/City of London scum, the better.

Ukraine has just suffered a NATO-sponsored violent fascist coup.

Russia has not invaded Crimea.

There is no pressure being placed on Crimea to vote either way, and preparations are in good order.
Members of the European Parliament and international observers have praised the high level of preparation for a referendum that is due to take place in Crimea on March 16.

...The coordinator of the mission of international observers, Mateusz Piskorski from Greece, says that everything is well organized at the polling stations which they have visited. The stations are well secured, and the observers have not noticed any provocations, Mr. Piskorski added.

...In his turn, a representative of Serbia Nenad Popovic, who is Deputy Chairman of the Serbian Parliament, says that in total, 135 observers from 23 countries will monitor the referendum, not only in the city of Simferopol, which is the capital of the Crimean Autonomous Republic, but in other regions of Crimea as well.

“At the polling stations that we have visited, preparations for the referendum are being held in full accordance with the international standards,” Mr. Popovic says. “Nobody is putting any pressure on the people, they are fully free to express their opinion.”

[source : International observers find no wrongs in preparations for referendum in Crimea, Voice of Russia,, 15th March 2014]

Let us pray.

Dear Lord.
Heavenly Father.
Deliver Crimea into safety.
Ensure that they suffer no savage IMF austerity
or outrageous bail-ins,
or fascist violence and provocations.
Dear Lord.
Hear our prayer.


I never understood how Ray Davies could write a song about Waterloo station at dusk.

I spent this afternoon all over North England, driving here and there, retracing my favourite walks and thinking about stuff, like what has happened recently, but more importantly what to do next.

I ended up in the Morecambe Bay area, having lived for several years in the area a decade or so ago, and again quite recently, and went for a walk up Warton Crag for the gerzillionth time, and before driving home I drove down Morecambe promenade just in time for sunset.

As long as I gaze on
Morecambe Bay sunset
I am in paradise


As the pipelines carry gas from Russia to Europe across Ukraine, the ordinary Ukrainian is suffering...badly.

More than one quarter of its population—11 million people—live below the official poverty line, which is set at a meagre 1,176 UAH ($127) per month. The situation is far worse than official figures indicate, however. With an average monthly wage of only 1,218 UAH ($131), or 79 US cents per hour, millions more survive barely above subsistence level.

The official unemployment rate of 7.5 percent masks large numbers of unregistered and underemployed workers. It is, moreover, held down by high emigration, with tens of thousands fleeing the country in search of jobs. The equivalent of 15 percent of Ukraine’s population has left the country, giving it one of the largest diasporas in the world. Between 1991, when the Soviet Union was dissolved, and 2010, Ukraine’s population shrank from 51.7 million to 45.9 million.

Besides migration, the population decline is a consequence of Ukraine’s contracting birth rate, which is among the lowest in the world. Tragically, the country also has the highest maternal mortality rate in Europe, part of a health crisis that has seen incidences of HIV/AIDS grow to epidemic proportions, with 57 new cases a day identified in 2012.

Poverty has played a major role in the spread of HIV/AIDS—especially in parts of the formerly heavily industrialised regions of the east and south, where conditions are already depression-like.

In poverty’s wake has come an explosion of all manner of social diseases—from drug abuse and alcoholism to prostitution, with every sixth prostitute reckoned to be a minor. This is an underestimation, as Ukraine is a major hub of human trafficking, for the purposes of both sexual exploitation and forced labour.

[source : Julie Hyland, What the Western-backed regime is planning for Ukrainian workers, WSWS,, 15th March 2014]

Ukraine is in a right financial mess.

Between 2008 and 2009, for example, Ukraine’s GDP fell by 15.1 percent while unemployment tripled to 9.4 percent. The former Stalinist bureaucrats and mafia-oligarchs who enriched themselves by stealing former state property have continued all the while to plunder state assets and pile up even greater personal fortunes.

Much worse is to come. Ukraine’s total debt is now estimated to be around $80 billion. With its currency having depreciated by 20 percent on the dollar since the start of the year, depleting currency reserves and increasing capital flight, Ukraine’s debt will rapidly grow even larger.

Yanukovich was about to sign an agreement with the EU and IMF to give Ukraine some help, but changed his mind and turned to Russia instead who were offering a less demanding agreement.

But then all hell broke loose in the Maidan.

Yanukovich had reached a deal and a truce with the Maidan protestors, but then unidentified snipers shot both protestors and police, which destabilised the whole situation, the violent fascists went berserk, caused general mayhem and eventually ousted the legitimately elected Yanukovich.

Now, the man suspected of running the snipers, Andriy Parubiy, is in charge of defence and national security. Parubiy will also be in charge of a new 60000 man paramilitary force National Guard. Parubiy founded Svoboda, the generally recognised extreme fascist Nazi-worshippers (but not recognised by Luke Harding who thinks they are cute and cuddly).

And with the new illegitimate Prime Minister now exposed as in bed with all the forces and think tanks that propagate Western fascism, Ukraine, and in particular the ordinary Ukrainian, faces a bleak fascist future. As the above quoted article states:
The Western powers now intend to seize the moment they did so much to engineer. Writing in the Financial Times in February, Anders Aslund, a former adviser to the Ukrainian government, welcomed the Western-backed coup as an opportunity to impose austerity. The crisis in Ukraine meant that a “radical reform programme should be easier to undertake… than in many countries that have faced similar crises in the past,” he wrote.

The new National Guard under the thug Parubiy will enforce the fascism that will sell Ukraine to the Western globalists.

And don't think the Western fascist globalists will be content with just grabbing Ukraine's national assets and resources. An eye-watering Greece-style bail-in could also occur...but not immediately.

The IMF may be preparing to force a "bail-in" of bondholders by Ukraine banks — one which could escalate to depositors — and strong country- and bank-bond sell-offs and depositors' runs are already reported underway at Ukraine local banks and branches of Russian banks in Ukraine.

According to International Business Finance: "Last Tuesday, an IMF mission started a 10-day visit to the country to thrash out the details of a possible plan. The following day Ukraine's acting finance minister, Oleksander Shlapak, said a debt restructuring was a possibility, sparking a sell-off in the country's bonds."

This has to do with Ukrainian government bonds; the IMF's new policy is to insist on bail-in "haircuts" of bondholders if it gives "assistance" in return for austerity. Britain and Germany may be demanding that, for political reasons, it not do so here AND NOW (i.e., that IMF allow a full bailout of government debt held by banks).

BUT "the country may be persuaded to attempt such a bail-in since the most recently issued Eurobond offering, a US$3bn instrument entirely bought by Russia last December, gives holders the right to accelerate should Ukraine's debt-to-GDP breach 60%, as would happen under a softer bailout." In other words, a full IMF bailout of Ukraine government debt would allow Russia to collect on that debt; a "bail-in" would not.

This bail-in prospect, since local and Russian banks hold Ukraine debt, is causing those banks' bonds to skyrocket in interest-rate yield, and threatening that insolvencies will break out. The banks will bail-in bondholders but perhaps depositors as well, and there are plenty of photographs of long lines — runs — outside these banks now.

[source : IMF-Conditioned Bank Bail-in in Ukraine May Be Imminent,, LPAC,, 14th March 2014]