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After meeting with Kofi Annan, King Abdullah II of Jordan has called for a peaceful solution to Syria.

Just this week Operation Eager Lion, consisting of thousands of troops from the USTSA and 18 other nations, finished.

Why did Annan go to Jordan first?

And does this urging from King Abdullah II have any significance?

AMMAN, Jordan – Jordan's king has urged for a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis in talks with international envoy Kofi Annan.

The royal palace says King Abdullah II and Annan discussed the issue behind closed doors on Thursday.

A palace statement says Abdullah stressed that the solution should ensure the "unity of the Syrian people, restore Syria's security and stability and end violence and bloodshed there." It did not elaborate.

Annan is in Jordan following talks with Syrian President Bashar Assad in Damascus.
[source : Jordan's king calls peaceful solution in Syria, Fox News,, 31/05/2012]


Since last weekend the NATO media has been covering the Houla massacre as if their lives depended on it (and I'll bet in some cases it really did). They found witnesses. They reported their accounts. Luckily for the NATO media all these witnesses gave accounts that fitted perfectly the narrative that the NATO media wanted; local milita did it with the complicity of the Syrian army.

To them it was case closed; Assad did it.

The NATO media demanded more slaughter, more war, more destruction.

Never mind that these witness reports were incoherent.

Never mind that the general narrative they created was not credible.

Never mind that the UN are getting their reports just from the FSA.

WAR! WAR! WAR! shouts the NATO media.

But now witnesses are being found that can provide accounts of the slaughter that agree with the Syrian government's narrative and are more coherent and credible, the NATO media has moved on.

Talk to the knee coz' the elbow don't wanna hear it.

Did my grandfathers fight in WW2 for this?


About 2 months ago I said the fate of the human race will be decided in the next 3 to 6 months.

Since then the USA has said it is now ready to attack Iran.

But with the slaughter of over 100 innocent people at Houla last weekend, and the NATO media rush to judgement, the FSA is now issuing ultimatums to the Syrian government and pleading with Annan to declare that his plan has failed, and the USA and its allies are now threatening to attack Syria without UN backing.

The Syrian government says its report on the massacre will be available today or tomorrow.

The sooner the better.

Before Annan is persuaded by the FSA and every negative commentator in the NATO media today that his plan has failed.

And as for Annan, at the press conference he gave after meeting with Assad this week, he showed just how much he is aware of the consequences. He was asked the following question.
Question: If the six-point plan is not implemented Sir, what do you predict for the future of Syria, especially on a day when five countries have taken action against Syrian diplomats and also in the light of sanctions imposed on the Syrian people?

Joint Special Envoy: If the plan is not implemented, I would worry for the future of Syria, I would worry about stability in the country. As we see around us there is lots of violence and we need to create an avenue to bring people together and lead them to the table. The six-point plan in its essence is a political proposal. It is a plan that will pacify the environment, create the right atmosphere for political negotiations and I hope we will still work hard to get that done. If we do not, may God help us.

May God help us.

Syria has released 500 prisoners today.

Annan said the peace was there at the first attempt at the plan. That peace can live again.

But then the Saudis gave the FSA $100 million to murder children with.

Now look who is threatening war.


Now we can see why they can't get their stories straight over the Houla massacre.

This just about sums it all up, really.

They issued an ultimatum to the Syrian government for midday Friday, but then denied it.
The FSA's Colonel Qassim Saadeddine in Homs said that if there was no government response by Friday lunchtime the FSA would consider itself "no longer bound" by the plan.

But the FSA head, General Riyad Asaad, later denied the deadline existed.

Instead, he urged peace envoy Kofi Annan to issue a statement declaring his peace plan to have failed.
[source : Russia contributing to potential Syria civil war - US, BBC,, 31/05/2012]

NB Clinton and the article blame Russia for the violence, even though we all know it is the NATO/Saudi-backed death squads, now with $100 million in their pockets.

But it now seems the FSA have confirmed the ultimatum again.

Yet more division and confusion from the Free Syrian Army over its ceasefire ultimatum.

Shakeeb al-Jabri, a Syrian activist based in Lebanon, tweets an update from another rebel wing:

FSA Domestic Command confirms that they are sticking to their statement (8) which was issued yesterday, despite Al-Assaad's denials. #Syria

— Shakeeb Al-Jabri (@LeShaque) May 31, 2012

BSyria comments:

The FSA ultimatum to the regime is extremely dumb. If it wants to continue operations it should do so silently. #Syria #FSA

— BSyria (@BSyria) May 31, 2012
[source : Syrian rebels urge Annan to declare end of ceasefire - live updates, The Guardian,, 31/05/2012]

I would laugh, but these idiotic murdering bastards slaughtered 50 innocent children just because their parents supported Assad, and tried to mug us all off, with the complicity of the NATO media.


This is a transcript of a survivor's account of the massacre of Houla. Names are given, something that so far nobody quoted in the NATO media has given. In fact, the alleged survivors and witnesses that NATO media have quoted cannot provide a coherent account of what happened. Some say there was a clash between the Syrian military, while others don't. Some say the slaughter took place over a half day during daylight hours, while others say it took place at night over an hour or two.

So while you read this statement from a survivor of Houla, ask yourself why their accounts are so wild and incoherent, vaguely blaming local militia without naming names, while this witness backs up the Syrian government narrative that terrorists arrived in the town and attacked those who supported Assad, even Sunnis,

Ask yourself that question, then you will understand why the USTSA and other minions of Satan like the FSA are preparing to unleash hell in Syria on midday on Friday 1st June local time. It is because they know they have been sussed. Not just by the Syrian government, but by you, the ordinary muggins British taxpayer.

Materials of our own independent investigation
Marat Musin, ANNA-NEWS
Syria, Houla, Taldao.

Q: What happened on May the 25th and the 26th in your village of Taldao? What did you see?
A: I’m a citizen from Taldao, right now I live in Taldao, on the first day of the events, on Friday, the bandits mortared army checkpoint, the army returned fire an injured many of the bandits that attacked the army. The other armed men moved the injured and the man who fired the mortar to the field hospital and he’s now alive and well and his name is Said Fayez Talha Al-Aksh, his family lives in Taldao. Two days earlier the terrorists’ assistants told us that the Zero Hour is coming soon. We heard this with local terrorists, always talking about how they should create a fuss. I didn’t expect it would be this way. Until this event, they (armed terrorists) used to attack army checkpoints every Friday after the prayers (Friday prayers). They attack for several hours then things go back to normal. Some armed men carried cameras and taped everything, others carried radio telephone (walkie talkie) and we heard their conversations from inside our houses. On Friday, May the 25th, at 2 pm right after Friday prayers, an army checkpoint and the army repelled this attack. The armed group was led by Nidal Bakkour. Shortly after that, another armed group attacked another checkpoint. This second group is from a family called Al-Hallak, also locally called Al-Hassan. They attacked the checkpoint located at the mountain. The plan was that they take over the checkpoint at the mountain and the other one located at the village because they wanted to position themselves at an elevated place that allows them to easily control the checkpoint located at the village. Somebody called Nidal Bakkour and asked him to send an armed group of strangers; he called him right when the attack started. When the armed men attacked the checkpoint, 25 of them were killed.

Q: how could you know the number of dead armed men?

A: When the UN Observers came, the armed men gathered the bodies in front of the observers and claimed that they’re civilians killed by the Syrian Arab Army, I heard that personally from them when they said it to the observers and they claimed that they found the bodies inside the houses.
At around 3:30 pm they secured the elevated checkpoint. They cut off the throat of one soldier and threw him from the 3rd floor. Before he died, he told them that he’s from Kafar Batna, Reef Dimashq and that he’s a Sunni like them, they told him: “now you remember you’re a Sunni?”. Then they kidnapped two soldiers one is called Abdullah he’s a Bedouin (here exact word is Shawy) from Deir Azzour and burned him alive. I didn’t see them burn him but I heard them howling that they burned a soldier, that was around 6:00 pm. As for the other soldier, I have no idea what happened to him but I heard one armed man called Akram Al-Saleh saying we won’t kill him and we will show how he joined us, i.e. defected. Shortly afterwards, they secured the army checkpoint and the police station in the city. Just against this police stations are the families’ houses. The residential buildings against this police stations are the where all those children and families that were killed. They killed all the children of Al-Sayed family, they were 3 families and 20 children. They also killed people from Abdulrazak family, 10 persons, they killed them because they support the authorities. Of Al-Sayed family they killed the family of the brother of Abdullah Al-Mashlab, the 3rd person in the Syrian parliament. He was elected on May 24th, the next day they killed his wife and 3 kids and his brother and his family as well.
At 7:00 pm, Al-Farouq brigade, led by Abdulrazak Tlass, of the so-called “Free Syrian Army” arrived. He had more than 250 armed men with him from the city of Rastan, he also had 2 other groups with him one from Al-Qabo village, led by Yehya Al-Yusef, and another from Falla village.
At the time of the attack, the leaders always instructed the armed men to intensify the fire during their calls to Al-Jazeera. At night, the shooting stopped.
On the second day we heard them talking to each other on walkie talkies that some of the armed men should wear the Syrian Arabi Army’s uniform before the observers arrive so that they claim they’ve defected from the army and joined the armed men, and the others should dress like civilians and come to with us to the mosque, where the bodies and the observers are.
They burned some farms and houses to accuse the army of shelling the area in front of the observers. I only saw the observers from far, they were surrounded by armed men who put on the Syrian Arab Army’s uniforms. A lot of people were there and saw all of that, they were of chosen families and they were calling “we want to bring the regime down” and everybody knows they’re the armed men’s relatives. The armed men got into the houses and told the people that they must leave because this is a military zone now. I didn’t go anywhere, but a lot fled the after that.
When the observers arrived the armed men had occupied the empty houses and the armed men who accompanied the observers started showing the observers into the houses as if the owners were inside and they provided testimonies.
Q: how does your family look at this?

A: my father is dead, but my mother and siblings, we all have the same view of these events.

Q: do many people in your village share the same view?

A: the majority of people do share the same view, but they’re scared to death. Earlier, many of them used to participate in pro-regime rallies and they used to write slogans against Daraa, the FSA and the Armed men. However, the armed men took revenge against all those who wrote by killing them.

Q: how are your relations with the nearby villages and why were these villages attacked by the armed men?
A: Our relations were very good; they never harmed us or started any tension with us. However, the FSA attacked them because they belonged to other sects. One of the terrorists called Haytham Hallak kidnapped several persons from a nearby village and asked for a ransom, millions of Syrian Leras, to set the free. Another armed man called Abu Yaseer, kidnapped workers from the General Power Company because they were from a specific sect.
As for the terrorist Haytham Hallak, he killed one of the kidnapped people and injected fuel in the other’s blood and you can find him at a hospital in the city of Homs.
Before the events started, those armed men used to be smugglers. There are fuel pipes near our village, they put taps at those pipes and powerful pumpers, these are facts known to all the residents of the village. These armed men are originally, thieves, only a few of them have studied till the eighth grade. They kidnapped people of other sects. There was a Lebanese woman in the village who lived with her 3 kids and used to work as a janitor at the police station. The armed men kidnapped, raped, and hanged her. Then they threw her body in the fields, and dogs snapped at her body. It was a horrible and painful sight, she was completely naked. Such people can’t be called Arabs or Muslims, they’re monsters.
Also when they occupied the government buildings in the village; the school, the hospital, the health center and the municipality, they burned them all and prevented the kids from studying. There were four of Al-Abbar family and one of Al-Yosef family who was an AIDS patient and is now dead, they raped a woman from Al-Nayel family and infected her with AIDS. She has a 3 months old baby, after she was raped she nursed him, and he was infected and later died because of that. At the beginning of the crisis, they attacked the hospital and stole blood bags and used them at the demonstrations, they poured blood on the demonstrators to show that they were dead or injured when fabricating videos for Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya.
We are peaceful people all we want is that safety is back at the village and the country. We don’t want foreign intervention, we want peace and security.
[source : HULA,HOMS,, 30/05/2012]

But, you may ask, why are the UN coming to a different conclusion?



What worries Marinella Corregia, an activist from the "No War Network," is the sources the UN Human Rights Council uses to draw their reports, as their opinions do not seem in accord with UN monitors’ prudence. General Robert Mood, who heads the observing mission, has not yet pointed to anyone for the killings.

Marinella Corregia called the Council spokesman, Rupert Colville, to get some answers. This is the conversation they had as reported by the peace activist:

Marinella Corregia: Who spoke with the local people you quote? The UN observers?

Rupert Colville: The UN observers are another body.

MC: So which witness sources do you have and how did you speak with them?

RC: Our local network, whom we spoke on the phone. I cannot say more; I have to protect them.

MC: How could they recognize that the killers were Shabbiya? Weren’t their faces covered?

RC: Our local contacts in Syria say they were Shabbiya. Try to be less cynical.

MC: But no doubt from your side? It seems that many of the children were from Alawite pro-government families…

RC: We are asking for an investigation. I don’t say we are certain. We have also been asking for international investigations for the past months in Syria; but it has never been done and that is why we rely on our sources.

MC: So it is not the UN that says that pro-government groups killed the children, it is your sources saying that.

RC: Yes, many people, our sources point the finger at the Shabbiya [militia group].

More questions than answers as Houla investigation continues

But who are these contacts? Corregia says that so far the UN Council on Human Rights used reports made up by their own commission of three envoys, working independently from UN monitors. The commission has never set foot on Syrian soil; their sources, as listed by the anti-war campaigner, appear to be: “the opposition groups [the UN Human Rights Council] spoke to on the phone; the opposition they met in Turkey; and other ‘activists’ they met in Geneva.”

“So the bottom line: no actual witnesses!” points out Marinella Corregia, who is sure the body treats the Houla incident “just the same way.”

Houla reports filed so far stand no criticism, continues the activist, – instead of giving answers, they just raise more questions:

“Who talked to the residents, since the UN Human Rights Council is in Geneva? Are they true residents or the ones like the face-covered lady interviewed by Al Jazeera? The ‘survivor’ in question says she was hiding as her children were being slaughtered – how is it possible that a mother hides at a moment like this?”

“How was it possible that immediately after “Shabbiya” and the “army’s artillery” accomplished the massacre people were not afraid to collect bodies, film them and then send the video to international media?”

“How could survivors identify Shabbiya militia if they say killers were masked? By ‘green military dress’?”

“Why does a video show that some dead children have their hands tied? Did the killers take time to tie the hands of the children before killing them? Or were the hands tied later by those who filmed the massacre in order to call for more blame if possible?”

“Why does the man in the video, while showing the children and screaming ‘Allah Akbar!’, treat them with no respect, like puppets?”

“Why in one of the videos, showing the ‘government’ shelling, are people escaping carrying Syria’s flag, not the opposition’s one?”

“Is it true, as some sources say, that the majority of the people who were killed came from Alawites pro-government families or neutral Sunnis and some others from the opposition? Is it also true that the people were shouting pro-Assad slogans?”
[source : ‘UN report on Houla massacre? But they only talk to Syrian opposition – by phone’, Russia Today,, 31/05/2012]

I said hasty Hague had pointed his bloodsoaked finger without knowing who did what.

I am now 99% certain that the Syrian government is telling the truth on the massacre in Houla.

It fits.

Supporters of Assad were murdered, even Sunnis.

The methods used indicate the perps were Sunni al Qaeda types.

The area is supposed to be a FSA stronghold, but we are asked to believe accounts that local militia in army fatigues could stroll through the area during daylight for hours upon end slaughtering children without the FSA knowing and intervening.

NATO media and UN sources and witnesses are anti-Assad, incoherent, and very vague with their accusations, using the sweeping generalisation 'local militia', while we are now getting survivor accounts who accuse terrorists, naming names and places and times.

And it all happened just before Annan arrived in Syria, he who has the power of life and death, who could have launched R2PAQ and continued the war-on-seven-nations-in-five-years plan revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after the inside job 9/11, which I believe was a false-flag terror attack designed to provoke a WW3 between the USA (one nation under the TSA) on the one side and Russia and China on t'other.

Hague has to go.

In the name of God, go.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Much of the NATO media is making much of a Human Rights Watch report on the Houla massacre, in which an old woman who survived but heard her family being slaughtered says that 62 of her family were killed.

Just a few weeks ago HRW published a report into the NATO bombing of Libya.


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has failed to acknowledge dozens of civilian casualties from air strikes during its 2011 Libya campaign, and has not investigated possible unlawful attacks. NATO’s military campaign in Libya, from March to October 2011, was mandated by the United Nations Security Council to protect civilians from attacks by security forces of then-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The number of civilian deaths from NATO air strikes in Libya was low given the extent of the bombing and duration of the campaign, however, the absence of a clear military target at seven of the eight sites Human Rights Watch visited raises concerns of possible laws-of-war violations that should be investigated.The eight air strikes that Human Rights Watch investigated resulted in 72 civilian deaths, including 20 women and 24 children.
[source : Libya: NATO Air Strikes and Civilian Deaths, Human Rights Watch,, 14/05/2012]

So of the just 8 sites that HRW visited 7, repeat 7, did not have a military target close by.

Thanks to this kind of precision bombing an ally in the war on terror was assassinated, tens of thousands of civilians were slain, and now the al Qaeda flag flutters in the North African breeze as Islamic terrorists run the shattered husk of a once proud nation state while they torture and execute black Libyans.


This is a video said to be of an attack in Houla. It shows three things of great significance.
1. very soon after an explosion, several people are seen sneaking away from the scene.
2. in the aftermath of that explosion several men are seen helping to collect the vicitims and get the to hospital, and a man carrying a RPG walks by. The RPG is not loaded. The man does not offer to help.
3. another pile of bodies is found. One of the bodies is a child wearing a wristband with the Syrian flag on it.

If this is from Houla then I would say it is yet more evidence to back up the Syrian government's side of the story; that they did not use artillery, the terrorists did, and the local militia would not kill a child wearing a wristband with a Syrian flag on it, but Sunni anti-Assad terrorists would.



Multiple Bilderberg attendee and President of the European Commission Manuel Barroso has today released a massive report on the state of the EU.

He says,
1. there should be a European banking union
2. there should be lots more European inegration
3. there should be Eurobonds and projects bonds.


Kofi Annan today told the Jordan Foreign Minister that
"The Syrian issue is complex, and the world is closely following developments there,

..."intensified international efforts are needed to face the situation in Syria and find ways to end the killings there"
[source : Annan says Syria 'complex,' urges end to bloodshed, AFP,, 30/05/2012]

Expelling diplomats will not help, particularly when it is still unknown who killed who in Houla.

And is the situation complex?

It is not complex in the slightest.

In fact, it is dead simple.

A cabal of warmongering kiddie-fiddling eugenicist satanists executed a false flag terror attack on 9/11. They had a plan to drag Russia and China into a war with the USA over a conflict involving Israel. After 9/11 they wrote up a hit list of seven nations to be attacked in five years. However only three of those lucky, lucky nations have been attacked so far; Iraq, Lebanon and Libya. You could argue that a fourth member of that list Somalia has been attacked, by the EU of all organisations, but it has not suffered a large scale war or invasion, such as occured with the other three.

However, the plan was stalling badly. So in 2007 an axis-of-evil consisting of the USA, Israel and the freedom-loving absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia agreed to unleash hell by releasing Sunni terrorists onto Syria, a fifth member of that list. If Assad falls then these Sunni terrorists will move onto Iran, the sixth nation of the seven. The seventh is Sudan.

The divisions between the USA on the one side and Russia and China on the other are obvious, particularly when you add the missile defence shield, which NATO says is to protect against Iranian ICBMs when Iran does not have ICBMs.

Zionists wrote up the two original documents that inspired this sick seven-nations-in-five-years plan, and on 9/11 were in very, very, very (if you know what I mean) influential positions to decide and advise on the response to the attacks.

It really is that simple.


Kofi Annan was in Damscus yesterday meeting with Assad. Annan held a press conference after the meeting. From accounts in the NATO media you would think that it was a very, very brief conference indeed and that Annan accused Assad and Assad alone.

The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph report on it, and use the same quotation from Annan, the one you should all by now be running through your fluoride-and-nanotech-riddled brains about Syria being at a "tipping point".
The UN and Arab League's special envoy, Kofi Annan, who was in Damascus for talks with president Bashar al-Assad, described the situation as a "tipping point".

"The Syrian people do not want the future to be one of bloodshed and division. Yet the killings continue and the abuses are still with us today." Annan said. "As I reminded the president, the international community will soon be reviewing the situation."
[source : Syrian diplomats expelled across world as outrage over Houla massacre grows, The Guardian,, 30/05/2012]

"We are at a tipping point," Annan said after his talks with the Syrian leader in the capital, aimed at rescuing his troubled peace blueprint that was supposed to begin with a ceasefire from April 12 that has never taken hold.

"The Syrian people do not want the future to be one of bloodshed and division. Yet the killings continue and the abuses are still with us today," the former UN chief said.

"I appealed to him for bold steps now – not tomorrow, now – to create momentum for the implementation of the plan.

"This means that the government, and all government-backed militias, could stop all military operations and show maximum restraint."
[source : Syria: Kofi Annan urges Bashar al-Assad to 'act now' , The Daily Telegraph,, 30/05/2012]

However, a transcript of that press conference is available on the United Nations website, and far from pointing his finger at just Assad, Annan shows that he is fully aware that the situation in Syria is not as simple as the NATO media make it out to be. Annan frequently referred to the armed opposition, their sponsors, terrorist acts, and he appeals to ALL governments to use their influence to stop the violence.

Here is what I think are the most significant quotes from Annan.

I also appeal to the armed opposition to cease acts of violence.

And I also ask all States with influence to impress upon the Government and all parties the need for a cessation of violence in all its forms – including the continuing human rights abuses.

...Let me stress once again: the violence must stop and the six point plan must be implemented. I need the President to act now. I need other parties to do their part.

Question: I am asking about the expelling of the Ambassadors today, does it help your mission? Also some countries expressed support for the terrorist groups. Are you done anything to prevent these countries from doing that?

Joint Special Envoy: Obviously, as someone who believes we should talk to resolve conflicts, I would prefer a situation where everybody is talking to each other to find a solution. But these governments have decided that events have taken place in this country and they have to register their protest and their disapproval, and they chose asking for the withdrawal of the Syrian diplomats as a way of doing it. As I said [in response] to the earlier question, it is their sovereign decision to do so. On the question of the violence in the country and terrorist attacks and all that, we are in touch with everybody. We have contacts with the armed opposition and the opposition, and I have contacts with governments around the world who have influence on both sides to use their influence to pull back the groups from the violent acts.

Question: Ahmad Fawzi said that you asked President Assad to take bold steps to implement the six-point plan and that you were also concerned about the situation in Syria. On the other hand, President Assad has said that the crux of the problem in Syria is the terrorist acts and the smuggling of arms across borders to the armed opposition or to the militants. Is there a difference of opinion between the two of you?

Joint Special Envoy: The President indeed did say that to me. When you look at the situation on the ground, in reality you have several actors and people on the ground. We have the Government forces, we have the opposition armed groups and there are terrorist activities which we all see. But I think, we believe, that to bring peace to Syria the Government and the opposition armed forces and whoever is fighting on the other side – yesterday I used a phrase that when we talk of peace, we are not giving a message of peace only to the Government side or to the armed opposition; it is to everyone with a gun. Everyone with a gun must understand that the people of Syria want peace and eventually we will need to find a political way out without our guns. But the way the six-point plan is elaborated, indicates that we see two sides. And we have asked the Government, as a bigger partner, as a more responsible party, to take certain bold steps to be able to encourage confidence and momentum for the others. That was the basis of the six-point plan and we are encouraging its implementation.

Question: I am Russian living in Syria and reporting for various Russian online sites. What is happening in Syria reminds me of what happened in Yugoslavia that led to its division. We have sources that tell us that the Pentagon is preparing for war. If that happens, what do we do? What do Syrians do and what does the Government do?

Joint Special Envoy: First of all, I have no information that the Pentagon is preparing for war. And by implication you think we will repeat what happened in Yugoslavia, I have no indications of that. What I would insist on is that we all take steps to help end this violence. Yes the Government and the other parties with guns have a responsibility. But let me say that we as citizens and as individuals are not entirely helpless either. I know it is stressful, there are lots of fears and threats, but people can find ways and means of making their feelings known. Of getting the message around that we do not accept this; this is enough, no more violence, no more. You can play a role in a way that perhaps you cannot imagine, but people and the population do have lots of power and working together can do a lot.

Question: You were in contact with all sides to stop terrorist acts in Syria. But we still see these terrorist acts and the Syrian people are paying a heavy price. What are you doing to stop these countries and limit their ability to supply weapons?

Joint Special Envoy: First of all, as the joint envoy for the UN and the Arab League, my mandate is clear. My mandate is for us to work with the Syrians and all concerned to find a peaceful solution. And therefore I am not one who will encourage or promote militarization of the conflict and the UN is not in favour of further militarization of the conflict.
[source : Transcript of the press conference by the Joint Special Envoy on the Syrian crisis - Damascus, UN,, 29/05/2012]

But perhaps the most damning statement from Annan was this.
Those who can end the conflict are the protagonists. We have indicated the actions the Government can take and the six-point plan makes it very clear. We have also indicated the actions we expect the opposition and the armed groups to take. We have also appealed to Governments around the world not to further militarize this process.

So you can see why NATO media like The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph were very, very selective in their quotes from Annan. He was not too happy about the coordinated expulsions of Syrian Ambassadors, and he is fully aware of a terrorist element that is being financed by other nations. But is he meeting with them directly as he is with Assad, rather than just using an intermediary?

And Annan also said that to say the UN observer mission has failed was "hasty".



Both the New York Times AND The Bilderberg Post in their editorials today are hinting at military intervention in Syria, The Bilderberg Post going further and demanding intervention, and soon.

The NYT editorial is also aimed at Mitt Romney.
We can see no easy solutions to Syria, despite Mitt Romney’s facile criticism of President Obama. In a campaign statement issued on Tuesday, Mr. Romney called for “more assertive measures to end the Assad regime.”

But he fails to say how he could be more successful at getting Russia to “cease selling arms to the Syrian government” or how arming a fractious opposition could be effective. And there’s not a hint of what it means to “end the regime” and whether that would require American troops. Could he possibly be eager for another war? If Mr. Romney has good ideas, everyone would like to hear them.
[source : The Massacre at Houla, NYT, 30/05/2012]

I wonder if this question aimed at Romney will help decide if Bilderberg supports him or Obama later this year? If so then Romney had better answer quick.

And how can the NYT say, "We can see no easy solutions to Syria"? There is one.


The Bilderberg Post is alot more vocal in its demand for intervention, and soon.
The reality is that the killing in Syria will continue, and the threat to vital U.S. interests across the Middle East will grow, until Mr. Obama stops counting on the likes of Kofi Annan and Vladi­mir Putin to spare him from the responsibility that should be shouldered by a U.S. president. The longer he waits, the greater the cost — in children’s lives, among other things.
[source : Time for U.S. leadership on Syria, The Washington Post,, 30/05/2012]

This Bilderberg Post editorial is definitely aimed at Obama, to sort Syria while he is still in The White House.


Alastair Crooke, a respected former MI6 officer, analyses the methods used in the slaughter in Houla, and if what he says is true then the methods implicate the Sunni al Qaeda NATO death squads financed by the Absolute Monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and cheered on by Hague and Clinton.

This would also reinforce those witnesses and survivors interviewed by ANNA who say that terrorists came to their houses and gave them an ultimatum; kill Syrian military or your families die.

The families were murdered.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012



In Sunni-dominated and FSA-controlled Houla?

And pro-Assad too?

To any Sunni terrorists in the area such a person would be total scum.

We don't know if the families who were murdered were pro-Assad. But here we have some evidence that they were Shia.
What deserves due attention in the carnage that happened in Houla is that many were shot dead at close range, many were Shia Muslims and many were women and children. In other words, these atrocities are conjectured to have been carried out at the hands of the extremist Wahhabis and al-Qaeda elements who are notorious for targeting women and children in their terrorist operations.

Another element which reinforces this speculation is that many among those who were killed were Shia Muslims for whom the Wahhabis nurse inveterate loathing.
[source : Unholy Alliance Forming Against Syria, GlobalResearch,, 29/05/2012]

Now imagine there is a fight between the FSA and the Syrian military in Houla, as some say did occur. The terrorists arrive and demand of certain families that they join the fight against the Syrian military or the families die. The families refuse. The families are Shia in a Sunni village controlled by the FSA. The Sunni terrorists, losing the fight, slaughter the Shia families. In the aftermath the local militia are blamed knowing that Annan is due in Damascus in a few days time and public opinion could be moved so much and no serious investigation could take place in that short time period that Annan would accuse Assad and recommend R2PAQ.


And as for those dead who were Sunni, I have provided ample evidence that Sunni rebels will gladly kill Sunnis loyal to Assad and brag about it.

At the moment, if that was the plan then it appears to have failed. There has been no recommendation of R2PAQ from Annan. Perhaps the slaughter had the opposite effect? The Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman tweeted
Positive & constructive meeting between Annan & President Assad this morning. Details discussed to push forward the plan & end violence #UN
[source : @Makdiss, Jihad Makdissi twitter,!/makdissi]

And four days after the slaughter and many statements from alleged witnesses, the UN has still not stated that Syrian military or the local militia did it.

The Syrian government should be releasing the results of their investigation tomorrow?


According to statements given to Human Rights Watch, shelling of Houla started at 230pm. This contradicts statements given to Alex Thomson that the shelling lasted between 1230pm and 230pm. At around 630pm when this shelling intensified gunmen in military uniforms killed 62 members of the Abdel Razzak family on the edge of Houla, who shared a small cluster of houses. Survivors from this family saw or heard many members of the family shot. Then the FSA arrived.
At around 2:30 p.m., the army located on the outskirts of town started shelling the neighborhood.

...At around 6:30 p.m., just as the shelling intensified on parts of Houla, armed gunmen wearing military uniforms attacked homes situated on the outskirts of town on the road leading to the Houla dam, three survivors of the attacks told Human Rights Watch. Most of those killed belonged to the Abdel Razzak family. Local activists provided Human Rights Watch with a list of 62 dead members from the Abdel Razzak family.
[source : Syria: UN Inquiry Should Investigate Houla Killings, HRW,, 28/05/2012]

This also contradicts what Thomson reports that the killers were able to walk through Houla slaughtering for nearly 11 hours unimpeded.

No mention of clashes between FSA and Syrian military.

And what was the reaction of the FSA to finding this family slaughtered in this way?

An old woman of the family survived and told HRW this.
He was shouting and yelling at my family. I hid behind the door. I saw another man standing outside by the entrance door and another one inside the house. They were wearing military clothes. I couldn’t see their faces.

This is not precise about who did it.

If this story of the Abdel Razzak family can be confirmed, and it is surprising that Colville did not mention this today, it would be very damning indeed. Unless the gunmen were the terrorists who the witnesses that ANNA spoke to say arrived in the area and gave the ultimatum to kill Syrian military or die. Remember, statements from members of the Syrian government and civilians say there were clashes between the FSA and the Syrian military during the daytime. Were the Abdel Razzak family pro Assad?

But according to this statement to HRW, there were 62 members killed in this attack. Colville said today that those most of those murdered from close range were killed in just two incidents. So that leaves just one incident in which most could have been killed. When and where was that?


The Abkhazian Network News Agency (ANNA) is reporting that they have interviewed witnesses of the Houla massacre and say that terrorists arrived and gave the families an ultimatum; kill members of the Syrian military, or be killed.

The families were killed.

Anna News has spoken with residents of Talda and Alhula in the region of the Syrian city of Homs. These Syrian residents had witnessed the so-called “Hula massacre”. They say that the people had a good relationship with the Syrian soldiers; they even divide food and water with the Syrian soldiers.

The terrorists came from Ar-Rastan or Hama and asked the residents that they have to either kill Syrian soldiers with them or they will be killed.

(Such an action is not unique, this is also internationally known, for example, the Mexican drug cartel “Zetas”, which is led by ex-elite soldier, is known for similar actions)

The pharmacy in the village (it seems they mean the health station of the region, because it is later described as a hospital) was set on fire by the terrorists and was also devastated by the armed group. Just because Syrian soldiers were also treated there.

The residents of this Syrian region call the armed rebels “murder gangs”. These Syrian residents which were interviews by “Anna News” complained further, that these “murder gangs” have also written the cause of Islam on their flags.

These Syrian people are especially angry on the Arab news channel Al Jazeera, because al Jazeera lies – “from the beginning to the end”. A Syrian witness said the whole world would already know that Al Jazeera lies and now, they were able to witness these lies of Al Jazeera with their own eyes.

The Syrian residents, which were interviewed by “Anna News”, demand that the Syrian army uses more forces against the armed terrorists that everything will soon be so peaceful and secure like before.
[source : Syria: Anna News spoke with Syrian residents about the "Houla massacre", SyriaNews,,28/05/2012]

This is a line I have been pursuing; that the Sunni terrorists murdered the families because they were Sunni but pro-Assad.

It would also explain why statements from alleged eyewitnesses in NATO media are very inconsistent, and in some cases ludicrous.


Yesterday there were allegations in the New York Times that because the families who were murdered were Sunni that showed that it must have been the Syrian government or their supporters who slaughtered them. I showed that this is not necessarily true giving an example of the Sunni opposition bragging of how they executed Sunnis for supporting Assad.

I also questioned how it could be that, according to witnesses and the FSA, the local militia could openly walk the streets of Houla for at least 7 hours and possibly for upto 11 hours, in army fatigues, cutting the throats of children, when Houla is supposed to be controlled by the FSA, and this after the FSA had attacked two roadblocks in Houla just hours before the FSA alleges the militia began their slaughter of the innocents.

I asked, where were the FSA? Where did they go? Why did they attack roadblocks but allowed the local militia to allegedly slaughter children for at least 7 hours?

The Guardian Editorial today has this to say.
For months, the adjoining Allawite villagers heard the chants of defiance from Houla, which had become a stronghold of the opposition militia and home of many of the families of the Free Syrian Army (FSA).
[source : Syria: horror of Houla, The Guardian,, 29/05/2012]

So Houla was "a stronghold" of the FSA.

So was Houla a Sunni community?

Yes. Type in "Houla Sunni" into your favourite government spying tool search engine and you will find many articles and commentators telling you that Houla was Sunni. Here is one from Der Spiegel.
That development is a departure from recent decades, during which Houla residents have largely been silent. The town is actually a collection of four Sunni villages, surrounded by three Alawite villages and a Shiite settlement. Assad and most of his government and security units are Alawite, whereas his closest regime allies, Iran and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah, are Shiite. Sunni Houla seemed surrounded by pro-regime towns.

But last winter a unit of the Free Syrian Army took up residence in the town and it has been considered liberated since then. While the Syrian military still controlled roads into the town, residents felt safe in openly protesting the Damascus regime -- as they did on Friday.
[source : The Houla Massacre Marks a New Level of Violence, Der Speigel,, 28/05/2012]

So Houla was Sunni and controlled by the FSA.

But were the families who were murdered Sunni AND supporters of Assad?

It now appears so.

A few more details have emerged from the Syrian government side.
The ministry clarified that the crime was premeditated , indicating that the residents of this area were supporters of the Syrian Arab army which has cost them their lives.
[source : Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: Armed Terrorist Groups Committed Taldao, al-Shoumarieh Massacres, SANA,, 29/05/2012]

So it looks like the families who were murdered were Sunni but supporters of Assad. This would have made them a target of the Sunni al Qaeda NATO death squads eager to create a serious humanitarian crisis just before Kofi Annan arrived in Damascus, the aim being to persuade Annan to accuse Assad of violating the peace and to recommend military intervention and R2PAQ.

But we now have a completely contradictory account of the incident from an eyewitness, which backs up the Syrian government. According to this eyewitness, interviewed for the Der Spiegel article above, a battle did occur between FSA and Syrian military, but that only started in the evening, but then the FSA withdrew late at night suffering casualties, leaving Houla at the mercy of the local militia.
During the demonstrations, as had often happened in recent months, army snipers opened fire on the protesters, an eyewitness told SPIEGEL ONLINE. Several people were killed in the salvos and demonstrators dispersed.

As the afternoon progressed, the FSA unit, under the leadership of a commander named Mahmud, decided to take revenge for the deaths. As night fell, the rebel fighters attacked all regime checkpoints in and around the village. Up to this point, the official government version of events is in accordance with these reports, with Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad al-Maqdisi saying that on Friday afternoon "from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m." there were attacks from "terrorists" against regime troops stationed there.

So according to this eyewitness, there were attacks on the Syrian government positions by the FSA late in the day. This would agree with the Syrian government narrative. But then this eyewitness says that late at night the FSA withdrew and the militia then entered under cover of darkness and murdered the families during breaks in the shelling.
An eyewitness reported that the FSA unit suffered significant casualties during their offensive before committing a decisive tactical error. Instead of holding their position in the village, Mahmud elected to withdraw his unit, leaving the villagers unprotected.

At roughtly 11:30 p.m., the Syrian military then began its bombardment of the village, firing tank shells and mortars into town. One witness claimed that rockets were used as well.

Most of the casualties occurred during the bombardment, the eyewitness says. But the eyewitness, whose account could not be independently verified, says that 26 victims were killed by regime supporters who entered Houla during breaks in the bombardment. Many of the perpetrators, the witness claims, came from the surrounding villages.

This, of course, completely contradicts everything that eyewitnesses have been telling the likes of Alex Thomson. To them the slaughter took place over at least 7 hours during daylight while the FSA did nothing. Here is another eyewitness saying the FSA did fight the Syrian government late in the day, which would agree with the Syrian government narrative, but then the FSA withdrew late at night leaving Houla at the mercy of the local militia, who according to this eyewitness, showed no mercy and slaughtered the families late at night over a much shorter time period, of say an hour or two.

But can this be verified? The Guardian is reporting the tale of an alleged child survivor who says that the slaughter started at 3am on Saturday.
Speaking to the Guardian, the young survivor said government troops arrived in his district at around 3am on Saturday, several hours after shells started falling on Houla.
[source : Houla massacre survivor tells how his family were slaughtered, The Guardian,, 29/05/2012]

But here is what I quoted from a report by Alex Thomson yesterday.
Mr Griffiths said both the Free Syrian Army (FSA) command in Rastan and civilian eyewitnesses in Houla itself had said the same thing.

Shelling of the town began at about 12.30pm after prayers and lasted about two hours.

Then, from around 3pm, groups of armed civilian militias — known as the Shabiha — began moving house to house and the killings, using knives and firearms, began.

According to both sources speaking independently, it went on for hours, family by family. Both groups say the killings continued until about 2am on Saturday.
[source : Syria Houla massacre: they moved from family to family, killing them one by one, The Daily Telegraph,, 27/05/2012]

So according to these eyewitnesses the local militia entered Houla at 3pm and slaughtered for 11 hours during the daytime and nighttime, and the killings stopped at 2am. Yet now this anonymous child says, no, that's wrong, the local militia entered at 3am after the shelling stopped a few hours earlier. And the Der Spiegel eyewitness says there was a battle late in the day, and the slaughter was late at night.

But to add the confusion, Rupert Colville of the UN said most of the dead were summarily executed in two incidents.
Syria: The UN human rights office says investigators have concluded that children were among almost 90 people summarily executed in the Syrian area of Houla on Friday, AP reports.

A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights says UN monitors found that fewer than 20 of the 108 people killed died from artillery fire.

Rupert Colville told reporters in Geneva that most of the other victims were summarily executed in two separate incidents.

Colville says the conclusions of the UN monitors are corroborated by other sources. He says witnesses blamed pro-government militias for the attacks.
[source : Syria: Annan meets Assad – live updates, The Guardian,, 29/05/2012]

Who were these witnesses?

But if most of the dead were shot, what were they shot with? How easy is it for a NATO death squad to get hold of and use the same ammo the Syrian military and the militia use?

And still no mention in the NATO media of the attacks at Taldao and al-Shoumarieh.

Are we just being told one side of the story, the Assad-did-it side, while attacks by FSA at Taldao and al-Shoumarieh are being ignored?

Is it possible that this sad episode is one of escalating revenge, with as Lavrov suggested yesterday, both sides complicit, but not in the way I first thought?

Houla was a Sunni stronghold of the FSA. How could militia enter, wearing army fatigues and kill children without the FSA knowing and protecting them? If there were two incidents, when did they occur?

Perhaps there has been something lost in translation of the statements of eyewitnesses. Or perhaps there has been some embellishment or slight exaggeration of the stories. If there were, as Colville said earlier today, two incidents in which the slaughter took place, then why has nobody said so until now? And what did the FSA do after the first incident? Did they attack Taldao and al-Shoumarieh in revenge? But how could they if they were fighting the Syrian government forces all day?

The fog of war (engineered by NATO and absolute monarchies who just gave the FSA $100 million when the peace plan was being implemented, slowly but surely).

If only the UN observers, after they were told what was going down, could have got there to do their job and observe. When were the UN observers told? Did they know about the first slaughter?

Monday, May 28, 2012


The BBC have been caught out illegally using a photograph of rows of dead children taken in Iraq in 2003 and said the photo showed the dead of Houla.

Now in an article similar to one I wrote earlier today the BBC has tried to write a timeline of the events in Houla, but missed one crucial element; the attack on al-Shoumarieh (or al-Shumariyeh).
Reports suggest that at about 13:00 local time (11:00 GMT) on Friday, just after midday prayers, soldiers fired on a protest in Taldou in the Houla area to disperse the crowds.

Some accounts say that opposition fighters then attacked the Syrian army position where the firing was coming from.

According to Syria's foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi, "hundreds of gunmen" armed with machine guns, mortars and anti-tank missiles attacked soldiers, killing three.

Activists and eyewitnesses say the Syrian army shelled the town, reportedly at first with tank fire then with mortars, in a sustained bombardment that lasted at least two hours.

...But according to activists and eyewitnesses interviewed by Human Rights Watch, British broadcaster Channel 4 and others, army shelling paved the way for a concerted ground attack by the Alawite-dominated pro-government militia, the shabiha.

Their reports suggest that men from the shabiha entered peoples houses in army fatigues and either cut their throats or shot them in the head from approximately 16:00 to 01:00 on Saturday morning.
[source : Houla: How a massacre unfolded, BBC,, 28/05/2012]

The BBC quotes Syrian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Makdissi who referenced al-Shoumarieh but the BBC omit any reference.


Why is the BBC omitting the attack on al-Shoumarieh (or al-Shumariyeh)?

Why are all NATO media not referencing this attack, even if it is to ridicule the allegation or disprove it?

Take a look at this report from Reuters. It explicitly says that Free Syria Army members attacked Syrian government forces at two roadblocks after a protest had been fired on killing five people, and these attacks by the FSA provoked the shelling.
Opposition activists in Homs said the violence began after Syrian troops and militiamen, stationed at roadblocks that surround Houla, fired heavy machineguns at a demonstration, killing five people.

Free Syrian Army rebels responded by ransacking two army roadblocks, the activists said.

Houla then came under an intense artillery barrage that killed around 15 villagers. Residents say members of Assad's "shabbiha" militia then entered Houla from nearby villages, hacking men, women and children with knives and shooting them at close range.
[source : Syria opposition criticizes U.N. on Houla massacre, Reuters,, 27/05/2012]

OK. Sounds a reasonable explanation of how it all started. Protest, shooting, retaliation, which prompts shelling.

But as I asked this earlier; If the FSA were there, attacking roadblocks, then where were the FSA as, the FSA alleges, the local militia were moving from house to house for at least 7 hours, possibly 11 hours, stabbing and shooting families?

This Reuters report shows that the FSA were in Houla around the time the shelling began. What happened to them? Where did they go? Why did they attack two roadblocks but put up no resistance to the local militia? According to eyewitnesses the shelling lasted for two hours, after which the local militia began their slaughter of the innocents.

But what were the militia allegedly wearing? THEIR ARMY FATIGUES!

Apparently Houla is Sunni and controlled by the FSA, but surrounded by a few Syrian government positions.
Hadi al-Abdallah, speaking from Homs, said Houla was under the control of the FSA, which meant government troops could not enter the town. Instead, they were launching shells from a distance in a bid to defeat the rebels.
[source : UN confirms 'massacre' of children in Houla, Al Jazeera,, 27/05/2012]

So you tell me, how could local militia wearing army fatigues enter FSA-controlled Houla, with presumably FSA present, and for at least 7 hours slaughter just a few families in cold blood?

It does not make sense.

It does not make sense that the Syrian government or their supporters would slaughter a few families so that the rebels could demand intervention from the likes of NATO.

But war rarely does make sense.

And it is usually the children who suffer.

The report on the investigation by the Syrian government into this will be very interesting reading.


The Syrian Government is putting out the following narrative on the massacre in Houla. The Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Makdissi had this to say.
'It has been confirmed that hundreds of gunmen gathered at 2:00 o'clock on Friday afternoon , using Pick-up cars loaded with up-to-date and heavy weapons, like mortars, machineguns and anti-tank missiles, which are newly used in the confrontation with the state forces.''

''The gunmen headed to al-Houla area which is guarded by the government forces at five points where law-enforcement members and security are positioned, which lie outside the places where the massacres happened. The attack lasted from 2:00 pm o'clock until 11:00 pm. 3 law-enforcement members were martyred and 16 injured, some critically, and there were charred bodies.''

Makdissi said that there has been a massacre in al-Shoumarieh village where crops, houses and the national hospital were burnt down., indicating that Al-Houla is only part of a larger terrorist attack.
[source : Makdissi: Syria Categorically Denies Responsibility of the Syrian Forces for al-Houla Massacre, SANA, 28/05/2012]

The Syrian Ambassdor to the UN Al-Jaafari basically repeated the same narrative.
Al-Jaafari stressed the importance of understanding the background and the comprehensive scene of what happened to understand these crimes, adding that "after Friday prayers, 200 to 300 gunmen driving pick-up trucks equipped with anti-tank missiles, mortar projectiles and machineguns headed from different places to meet in al-Houla area where they attacked law-enforcement forces in the region from 14:00 pm till 23:00 pm… We are not talking about a half hour military attack but an intended and planned operation."

"After attacking military and law-enforcement forces, the gunmen started to kill civilians then they moved to another village where they burned the national hospital, houses and the farmers' harvests after which they murdered dozens of innocent civilians in another village near al-Houla which is al-Shumariyeh. So, we are not talking about one accident but we are talking about a series of operations took place in small villages in the region," he added.
[source : Al-Jaafari: States Interested in the Success of Annan Plan Should Stop Arming and Embracing Terrorists, SANA, 28/05/2012]

But Alex Thomson of Channel 4, claiming to be the first journalist in Houla, is being told a different story. According to Thomson's sources,
Mr Griffiths said both the Free Syrian Army (FSA) command in Rastan and civilian eyewitnesses in Houla itself had said the same thing.

Shelling of the town began at about 12.30pm after prayers and lasted about two hours.

Then, from around 3pm, groups of armed civilian militias — known as the Shabiha — began moving house to house and the killings, using knives and firearms, began.

According to both sources speaking independently, it went on for hours, family by family. Both groups say the killings continued until about 2am on Saturday.
[source : Syria Houla massacre: they moved from family to family, killing them one by one, The Daily Telegraph,, 27/05/2012]

So according to the FSA and these eyewitnesses, the massacre by knife and gun by the local militia, who they accuse of the murders, took place over a period of 11 hours!

But for the same time period, the Syrian government says that a group of hundreds of armed men with heavy weapons lay siege to Syrian military positions (and they have the corpses and survivors to prove it) and that another attack took place in al-Shoumarieh which is not being reported in any NATO media that I can find (which implies to me they want that kept out of the public arena).

After the UN Security Council meeting yesterday, Russia's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Igor Pankin said there was no evidence given by General Mood to show that this local militia had been in Houla committing this massacre.
He [Pankin] added " We have no evidence, but according to the observers, the inhabitants of the village alleged that the gunmen may be the Shabiha militant who support the government, but there weren't any visual proofs on the alleged existence of the Shabiha in the village,"
[source : Al-Jaafari: States Interested in the Success of Annan Plan Should Stop Arming and Embracing Terrorists, SANA, 28/05/2012]

So the accounts differ over approximately the same time period, from 3pm to 11pm. Can they be reconciled? Perhaps. The Washington Post repeats the blame-the-local-militia narrative.
Houla is the name given to a cluster of four small Sunni communities on the northwestern edge of the central city of Homs. It is surrounded by five villages inhabited by members of Assad’s minority Alawite sect. The killers were armed civilians from those villages, residents say, underscoring the danger that Syria’s conflict could descend into sectarian war.

Houla residents have acknowledged that at least two Syrian army officers were killed in clashes that erupted between local rebels and Syrian forces Friday afternoon. But they assert that the government then embarked on a spree of punitive shelling against the village, after which the shabiha stormed homes in the area and randomly butchered men, women and children.
[source : U.N. Security Council blames Syrian government for civilian massacre, The Washington Post,, 28/05/2012]

But what about before then? Thomson's sources say that Houla was shelled from 1230pm to 1430pm. And the Syrian government says that the armed men began their attack at 3pm. So was this attack in retaliation for any shelling that may have taken place after Friday prayers?

General Mood told the UN Security Council yesterday that there was evidence of shelling, and it is this statement by Mood that persuaded Russia and China to condemn the Syrian government for the use of heavy weapons.

It is being pointed out that the families who were killed by knife and execution were Sunni, which implicates the Syrian government and/or their non-Sunni supporters, such as the local militia.
The Russians seemed to be swayed by the arguments that it made little sense that the opposition, which is heavily Sunni Muslim, or even extremist jihadist elements, would kill so many of their own faith in cold blood, said one Security Council diplomat, speaking anonymously about a closed-door session.
[source : U.N. Security Council Issues Condemnation of Syria Attack, New York Times,, 28/05/2012]

But there is an assumption there that being Sunni automatically makes you anti-Assad. Is it possible to be Sunni and pro-Assad? And if so, would this make you a target for vicious throat-cutting Sunni al Qaeda NATO death squad mercenaries? The answer is yes, and will be shown shortly.

Questions that need answering are
1. did the Syrian military shell Houla after Friday prayers?
2. did this prompt the gang of hundreds of armed men with heavy weapons to attack Syrian government positions?
3. if not, then how did several Syrian personnel die and more come to be injured, when according to Thomson's sources the local militia spent 11 hours moving from house to house killing families?
4. was there an attack on al-Shoumarieh (or al-Shumariyeh)? If so then by whom and why?
5. were the families murdered because they were Sunni but supported Assad?
6. where were the UN observers while this was going on?
7. if there was an attack on al-Shoumarieh (or al-Shumariyeh) by the rebels, then did the local militia retaliate, as is alleged, and invade Houla, exacting revenge?

Regarding question 5, there are plenty of reports of the Syrian opposition cutting the throats of and chopping the heads off pro-Assad supporters, even though those executed were Sunnis. The following is a devastating review of the butchery of the Syrian opposition. After referencing several interviews of the Syrian opposition who brag about their butchery, this account is referenced. It is of significance because it shows that the Syrian opposition are prepared to kill Sunnis, even though the opposition is itself mainly Sunni, because to them a pro-Assad Sunni is a traitor.
Never conducted executions? In February, BBC correspondent Paul Wood writes from Homs ( “Afterwards, one of the FSA fighters showed me a video he had filmed in December. They had ambushed a convoy of armoured vehicles. Eight of the security forces were killed, 11 captured. The video showed the prisoners, in camouflage uniform, lined up facing a wall. Some were still bleeding after the battle. Their arms were raised. One turned to the camera, looking petrified. The man who’d taken the pictures said that despite their army uniforms, their ID cards showed they were Shabiha (or ghosts) – the hated government paramilitary force. “We killed them,” he told me. “You killed your prisoners?” “Yes, of course. They were executed later. That is the policy for Shabiha.” These were Sunni Shabiha, he added; the only Alawite had escaped. I checked with an officer. While soldiers were released, he said, members of the Shabiha were “executed” after a hearing before a panel of FSA military judges. To explain, they showed me a film taken from the mobile phone of a captured Shabiha. Prisoners lay face down on the ground, hands tied behind their backs. One-by-one, their heads were cut off. The man wielding the knife said, tauntingly, to the first: “This is for freedom.” As his victim’s neck opened, he went on: “This is for our martyrs. And this is for collaborating with Israel”.
[source : So, is the Free Syrian Army beheading people?, SibiaLiria,, 19/04/2012]

Regarding question 6, the UN claim that the observers have no mandate to intervene and stop any violence. This is true. But that does not stop them getting out of their beds or the hotel bar to observe events in real time to see what is going on.

The Washington Post article recognises that a clash took place between "local rebels and Syrian forces Friday afternoon". If so, then where were these rebels as the local militia were allegedly massacring the families by knife point and gun for 11 hours? This does not make sense. Unless they were, as the Syrian government reports, in al-Shumariyeh massacring families in cold blood there?

And also the two accounts about the local militia do not agree. According to Thomson, the shelling began after Friday prayers, then the local militia moved in. There is no mention of a clash. But according to the Washington Post, there was a clash then shelling, then the local militia moved in.

However, if, as proposed by the Syrian government, an attack by the rebels took place over 7 hours, did the Syrian military join in, to defend their positions and colleagues?

There are inconsistencies of varying significance from both sides.

But I go back to my question from a few days ago.

Things were calming down. The Annan Peace Plan was being implemented, slowly but surely. But now with $100 million from the Absolute Monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and logistical support and advice from the USA, the rebels can now turn up in places like Houla with anti-tank weapons and trucks and apparently lay waste to places like al-Shumariyeh.

Would this violence have occured without this kind of financial and political support?


Quelle surprise!

They cheered on the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 (which was the first of the seven-nations-in-five-years).

Last year they used images from a demonstration in India and claimed it showed the happy, happy people of Libya (now under the al Qaeda flag).

And now this.


BBC illegally uses image of Iraqi victims as propaganda against the Syrian government

Italian photographer, Marco Di Lauro, has exposed the BBC which illegally used one of his photographs taken in Iraq as anti-Syrian Propaganda on their website's front page.

Di Lauro said: "Somebody is using illegaly one of my images for anti syrian propaganda on the BBC web site front page.

Today Sunday May 27 at 0700 am London time the attached image which I took in Al Mussayyib in Iraq on March 27, 2003 (see caption below) was front page on BBC web site illustrating the massacre that happen in Houla the Syrian town and the caption and the web site was stating that the images was showing the bodies of all the people that have been killed in the massacre and that the image was received by the BBC by an unknown activist. Somebody is using my images as a propaganda against the Syrian government to prove the massacre."

Al Musayyib, Iraq - May 27, 2003

An Iraqi child jumps over a line of hundreds of bodies, in a school where they have been transported from a mass grave, to be identified. They were discovered in the desert in the outskirts of Al Musayyib, 40 km south of Baghdad. It has been estimated that between 10,000 and 15,000 Iraqis had been reported missing in the region south of Baghdad. People have been searching for days for identity cards or other clues among the skeletons to try to find the remains of brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters and even children who disappeared when Saddam's government crushed a Shi'ite uprising following the 1991 Gulf War.
[source : BBC illegally uses image of Iraqi victims as propaganda against the Syrian government,, 27/05/2012]

Sunday, May 27, 2012


The Friends of Syrian Terrorists have already made their minds up. The fix is in. To them it was the Syrian government what dunnit.

Hasty Hague has summoned not only the demons of darkness in his relentless blooodthirsty pursuit of ousting Assad. He has also summoned the Syrian chargé d'affaires to the FCO tomorrow.

But who did Houla?

At the moment we do not know for sure.

I am 100% sure that vicious Sunni al Qaeda NATO death squads killed everyone who was found dead with knife wounds or was shot at close range. I am not ruling out the possibility that some died by shelling, but then some sick Sunni al Qaeda NATO-backed bastards could be making the situation look much worse than it was by killing a few families either by slitting their throats or execution by bullet.

But the main man on the ground has yet to accuse anybody!

Major General Robert Mood, head of the UN team in Syria, described the attack, which began at midday on Friday, as "indiscriminate and unforgivable" but did not say who had been to blame.
[source : Syria faces condemnation after dozens of children killed, The Guardian,, 27/05/2012]

Mood fell short of blaming either side, but warned of civil war.

Maj. General Robert Mood, Head of UN Monitoring Mission in Syria, said, "I urge the government to cease all use of violence in all its forms. I urge the armed opposition to refrain from all violence in all its forms. This is exactly what we need to stop to bring the situation forward on a political solution, on a political track."
[source : UN strongly condemns Houla massacre in Syria, CNTV,, 27/05/2012]

But perhaps the UN itself is complicit in this massacre?

Recall that very recent photograph of al Qaeda and the UN in Syria?

As you read the following extract from a BBC report, look at that photograph.
Activists have complained that they called for help as the massacre was taking place.

Abu Emad, speaking from Houla, said their appeals to UN monitors failed to produce action.

"We told them at night, we called seven of them. We told them the massacre is being committed right now at Houla by the mercenaries of this regime and they just refused to come and stop the massacre," he said.
[source : Syria massacre in Houla condemned as outrage grows, BBC,, 27/05/2012]

So perhaps the Syrian military did Houla, but the UN allowed it?

I doubt it.

Instead I see a very, very dark development manifesting.

Is it possible that some shelling did occur, that some civilians did die, but then al Qaeda death squads went in to massacre a few families, by cutting their throats and execution by bullet, to blame it on the Syrian government and make it look very much worse, and the UN allowed the massacre?

We have to start thinking outside the box, and not take stuff at face value.


For whatever reason, The Independent is the media organisation that has been chosen to milk the alleged massacre in Houla, and one journalist in particular Patrick Cockburn is milking it for all it is worth, with two articles in The Independent on Sunday.

Cockburn wrote a hit piece on the 9/11 truth movement a few years ago. He married into the Montefiore family.

In his hit piece on the 9/11 truth movement, Cockburn claims to be the only person on the planet who still thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only person to shoot JFK.
Anyone who ever looked at the JFK assassination will know that there are endless anomalies and loose ends. Eyewitness testimony is conflicting, forensic evidence possibly misconstrued, mishandled or just missing. But in my view, the Warren Commission, as confirmed in almost all essentials by the House Committee on Assassinations in the late 1970s, had it right and Oswald fired the fatal shots from the Schoolbook Depository. The evidentiary chain for his guilt is persuasive, and the cumulative scenarios of the conspiracists entirely unconvincing. But of course–as the years roll by, and even though no death bed confession has ever buttressed those vast, CIA-related scenarios — the conspiracists keep on toiling away, their obsessions as unflagging as ever.
[source : The Age of Irrationality : The 9/11 Conspiracists and the Decline of the Anmerican Left, CounterPunch,, 28/11/2006]

But the aim of the hit piece was 9/11 truth. He mocks conspiracy theorists of 9/11 by asking, could Bush really plan and execute 9/11?, as if that is the only argument for a conspiracy on that murdered September day.

But Cockburn goes one step further, as we all should.
What is the goal of the 9/11 conspiracists? They ask questions, yes, but they never answer them. They never put forward an overall scenario of the alleged conspiracy. They say that’s not up to them. So who is it up to? Who do they expect to answer their questions? When answers are put forward, they are dismissed as fabrications or they simply rebound with another question.

And here is where Cockburn has a lotta eggy weggy on his face.

I have an answer.

Bush did not plan 9/11. Cheney may have known something was going down. Rumsfeld too. But the main purpose of 9/11 was to start a WW3 between the USA on one side and Russia and China on the other, with the cause of the war an engineered conflict between Islam and Zionism, and this WW3 being the third in a three-world-war plan attributed to a Freemasonic sicko Albert Pike.

Cockburn does not address the A Clean Break and Rebuilding America's Defenses documents, that they were written by the same bunch of Zionists, who on 9/11 were in very, very powerful positions and able to influence if not direct any response to the attacks. But Cockburn's hit piece was published in 2006. The following year General Wesley Clark began to expose how a plan for war on seven nations in five years was revealed to him by a source in The Pentagon. It is now painfully obvious that that plan is being implemented, and that that plan is an extension of the plans laid out in A Clean Break and Rebuilding America's Defenses, and that those two bloodsoaked documents were written by the same bunch of Zionists around Benjamin Netanyahu.

And in The Redirection, Seymour Hersh revealed in 2007 that that plan was stalling, so a pact was made between the USA, Israel and the Sunni Absolute Monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar that they would unleash hell by setting their vicious Sunni terrorists onto Shia governments. Nasrallah of Hezbollah saw this coming.

And it is becoming more obvious that a war on Russia is the goal, with the NATO missile defence shield system, said to be against Iran which has no ICBMs, gradually surrounding Russia by stealth.

I have found both Cockburn and Fisk at The Independent to be very disappointing, to say the least, in their journalism on this warmongering in the Middle East.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


The death toll from the alleged assault on Houla by Syrian military is rising and rising. Estimates were 20, then 30, now nearly 100.

What is totally bizzare is that this alleged assault took place while UN observers were in the same town, as I understand it.

And what is perhaps a clue as to what has happened is that some of the dead appeared to have been killed by a knife, yet the town is supposed to have been under bombardment.
Videos uploaded to the internet and purported to be from Houla show many dead and mangled infants. Residents say some victims were killed with knives, while many more died from relentless shelling at that left buildings splintered and homes destroyed in a large residential area near the centre of town.
[source : Syria: children slaughtered as regime unleashes 18-hour attack on town, The Guardian,, 26/05/2012]

But the timing of this reported massacre is very, very interesting, just a few days after the NATO meeting in Chicago. The war-on-seven-nations-in-five-years plan had stalled in Syria, and NATO was struggling for an excuse to invade. First they injected the Sunni al Qaeda types to overthrow Assad. Then when that didn't work they started to claim that al Qaeda might take over (even though that is what happened in Libya) so we must invade to stop them.

But we also have to ask, if such a massacre has indeed taken place then would it have taken place if the terrorist financiers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar had not injected $100 million dollars into the pockets of the Sunni al Qaeda types when the Annan peace plan was first being implemented, things were calming down and Assad had gained control, and the likes of NATO had not decided to assist in providing logistics and advice to the Sunni al Qaeda types.

I have deep, deep scepticism of this. It does not make sense at all that the Syrian government would shell a civilian area, and for so long, and with UN observers so close.

But we know the track record of how NATO media has been manipulated before. The classic is Danny Abdul Dayem, the guy caught out testing sound effects before an interview with CNN, which brings into question every single report he made, some of which look very similar to those posted on the internet showing bloodied bandaged children, etc alleged to show the result of the alleged assault on Houla. But the sickest propaganda came when it was alleged that 18 babies had died in their incubators after it was alleged that the Syrian military had turned off the power, either deliberately or through shelling. But despite the outcry no evidence has been shown to prove the allegation.

On the other hand, there have been reports and interviews of criminals and terrorists who chop the heads off and slit throats of Syrian military and civilians thought to be sympathetic to Assad.

If this event has occured as reported then I will be the first to condemn it.

But I have a deep suspicion that this is a manufactured media event demanded by the NATO hierarchy to get the R2PAQ moving again, and that something happened that we are not being told, such as a provocation, or the whole thing is complete bollocks.

Only a few days ago Assad stated that Syria had seen the worst of the violence and had a future to look forward to, praising and thanking the Syrian people for their support.

And now this?

This only serves one side; NATO and their Sunni al Qaeda friends (back together again).

I suspect the dark hands of the NATO sociopaths and the Sunni al Qaeda types at work in this somewhere.

If you have not done so already, read this report from SANA (original article contains photos)
New Massacres by al-Qaeda-linked Terrorist Groups against Families in al-Shumariyeh and Taldo in Homs Countryside

PROVINCES, (SANA)- Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups committed two horrible massacres against a number of families in the towns of al-Shumariyeh and Taldo in the countryside of Homs province, in escalation of their crimes that comes usually before Security Council sessions on Syria and this time in coincidence with the announced visit of the UN envoy to Syria Kofi Annan.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that terrorist groups from al-Qaeda perpetrated two appalling massacres against families in al-Shumariyeh village in Homs countryside in addition to committing sabotage acts on a large scale.

The source mentioned that the terrorists brutally killed Mohammad Abdul-Nabi Abdullah, his wife and six sons in addition to the citizen Rateb al-Oulo along with his son.

Massacre in Taldo in Homs

The source added that other al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups in Taldo town in the province's countryside committed a massacre against al-Sayyid family killing with cold-blood Aref Mohammad al-Sayyid, his two brothers Imad and Ouqba, his wife Izdihar Ali al-Daher and three children.

The groups also committed acts of burning the citizens' houses and crops to accuse the army of bombarding the area in Taldo, in addition to sabotaging the National Hospital in the area and attacking a headquarters of law enforcement forces.

Terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda committed last March 15th a massacre in Karm Allouz neighborhood in Homs that claimed the lives of 15 citizens, including a woman and her four children, before a Security Council session on Syria was to be held next day.

Authorities Seize Explosive Device Factory and Repository in Homs

Authorities seized and an explosive device factory and repository operated by the armed terrorist groups in al-Qseir town in Homs countryside.

SANA reporter said the store includes a large quantity of raw materials for explosive devices, acid, large-sized gas cylinders and detonators.

Armed Terrorist Group in Deir Ezzor Abducts Workers in al-Omar Oil Field

On Saturday, an armed terrorist group intercepted a bus belonging to al-Furat Oil Company and took the bus and the passengers to an unknown place.

SANA reporter said that the armed terrorist group intercepted the bus in Mo Hassan town in Deir Ezzor Province, adding that the bus was heading to al-Omar Oil Field.

Armed Terrorist Group Burglarizes SYP 12 Million in Albu Kamal

An armed terrorist group burglarized SYP 12 million from Hajin Town Office which is affiliated to the Agricultural Bank in Albu Kamal city in Deir Ezzor province.

SANA reporter said the armed terrorist group stormed in the office and threatened the cashier to steal the money and seals.

A Number of Terrorists Killed or Injured in Blast while Making Explosive Devices in Aleppo

In the province of Aleppo, a number of members of an al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group were killed or injured in a blast of an explosive device which they were making in a place in Tal Raf'at town in the countryside of Aleppo.

A source in the province told SANA reporter that a number of the group's members were in the process of making explosive devices in a poultry farm in the mentioned town when one of the explosive devices went off killing and injuring a number of the terrorists and causing damages to the poultry farm.

[source : New Massacres by al-Qaeda-linked Terrorist Groups against Families in al-Shumariyeh and Taldo in Homs Countryside, SANA,, 26/05/2012]

I would not put it past NATO and their sick Sunni al Qaeda friends to have killed a few familes, by knife as alleged in The Guardian report above, to blame it on Assad.

I'll tell you what I find really, really sick about NATO media. They always hide behind their propaganda by saying stuff like, "these videos cannot be independently verified", but not one has covered the war-on-seven-nations-in-five-years plan, even in a vain attempt to ridicule the hypothesis that 9/11 was an inside job to start that series of wars, a series of wars that is faltering and is on life support .


In interviews with Alex Jones recently Dr Jerome Corsi has stated that Obama is now viewed as "damaged goods" due to the recent revelations around Obama's birth and parentage, and is being dumped because of this, and Corsi suggested that the Bilderberg meeting next weekend will agree on this.

But LPAC are stating that Tony "Satan's little helper" Blair is currently living in the USA, and is suggesting that the reason for this is for Blair to assist Obama to get re-elected later this year.

How can these two be reconciled? At the moment I can't see how they can be. So at least one of them is wrong.

They may both be wrong.

Blair maybe engineering a first strike on Iran and/or Russia, or intervention in Syria, and the election is merely a cover for the warmongering. Any subsequent retaliation could be used to (permanently?) postpone the election and implement martial law, etc.


Zero Hedge recently addressed the situation in Europe, and it was not good. Here is what their article had to say about Germany.
4. Germany is politically fed up and monetarily tapped out:
a. Merkel’s political party is getting destroyed in state elections due to her support of the EU. And Merkel is running for re-election in 2013.
b. Merkel is committing political suicide by continuing to put Germany on the hook for Europe’s problems. Speaking of which...
c. Germany is already on the hook for over €1 trillion in EU losses… and the ECB has made it so that it can roll the losses from its PIIGS portfolio back onto National Central Banks (AKA the Bundesbank).
d. Inflation is showing up in Germany and becoming a political issue: see recent union demands (and success) for pay raises.
e. The German constitution does not permit the creation of Eurobonds.
f. If Germany permits additional bailouts or funding it will lose its AAA rating, leaving Europe without an AAA rated large economy to fall back on.
[source : Here’s the REAL DEAL NO BS Situation with Europe (Warning What Follows is EXTREMELY BAD)., ZeroHedge,, 24/05/2012]

But a report from a IMF meeting a month ago suggested that the IMF was hiding the true extent of the bail outs that European banks required.
A senior finance ministry official attending the ongoing IMF-World Bank annual spring meeting in Washington has reported that the IMF's annual survey, which warned of a 3.8 trillion dollar hole in the European banking system, was rewritten to vastly understate the actual magnitude of the blowout. An earlier draft report, seen by the source, painted a much worse picture of the non-performing debt on the books of the big European banks. The actual IMF estimate is that at least 7 trillion euro (over $9 trillion) will be needed to bail out the private European banks this year.
[source : Even In Bleak Annual Survey, IMF Doctored the Data, LPAC,, 22/04/2012]

Yesterday the German government announced a plan for growth for Europe modelled on the same mechanism that enabled East and West Germany to fuse after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The plan includes privatisation with the creation of a European Privatisation Board, and special economic zones that would have tax incentives and relaxed regulation to attract business.

But The New York Times appears to be sceptical about this idea. The union of East and West Germany apparently cost more than $2 trillion over 20 years, and what is the result?
“We performed a real-life experiment,” said Hans-Werner Sinn, president of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research here.

While unemployment in the former West Germany is 6 percent, it remains stubbornly higher, at 11.2 percent, in the east. In 2010 gross domestic product per capita was more than $40,000 in the former West and just under $30,000 in the former East, compared with 1991 figures of $27,500 in the West and about $12,000 in the East. But much of the narrowing in the gaps between east and west, experts say, is attributed to the migration of job seekers westward as much as to any significant improvement in the east.

There have been success stories in the revival of cities like Dresden and Leipzig, and some regions, especially on the southern edge of the former East Germany, are doing better. But the eastern part of the country today is known for perfectly rebuilt town squares that sit empty for much of the day and new stretches of autobahn with few drivers on them.

“Germany made huge investments in infrastructure in East Germany,” said Klaus Adam, a professor of economics at the University of Mannheim. “The hope that the rest would follow has not been fulfilled. You need to get the productivity figures up.”
[source : Germany Looks to Its Own Costly Reunification in Resisting Stimulus for Greece, NYT,, 26/05/2012]

So to create a united Germany cost $2 trillion over 20 years and has not had the perfect effect (but Germany is still the dominant economic force on the European mainland), and the IMF may be hiding the fact that Europe will need $9 trillion this year alone just to bail out banks and not explicitly for growth!

I am wondering if all this talk about Eurobonds is to lay blame for a possible engineered collapse of Europe on Merkel, knowing that it would take an awful lot to persuade Germany to agree to Eurobonds.

Friday, May 25, 2012


Further to the report in The Independent covered on this blog earlier today, Bloomberg is quoting Mario Monti in supremely confident mood on Eurobonds.
“Europe can have euro bonds soon,” Monti said in an interview on Italian television station La7 yesterday. Germany has an interest in ensuring no country leaves the euro, while Greece will probably remain in the currency region even as “anything can happen,” he said.

“A united Europe is in Germany’s interest,” Monti said. “We’ll have euro bonds if the euro area, and therefore Germany, will want them.”
[source : Merkel May Be Persuaded on Euro Debt-Sharing Compromise, Bloomberg,, 25/05/2012]

But watch out for more European integration. Merkel will demand something in return.

But we all know it's what they all want anyway.

Let's pretend that they aren't pretending, eh?

Something happened and was agreed in that meeting behind closed doors in Brussels on Wednesday that is not being reported. Merkel has buckled a bit. Draghi is calling for "a leap of political imagination" to save Europe. And pro-Eurobond Monti is even more confident. And this coincides with more and more reports of how the Greek people are suffering, which I would suggest is playing on the guilt of Germany and the German people as a whole for WW2 and their propagation of eugenics and mass genocide, and further comments and reports of the-end-of-the-world and in particular Germany should the Euro collapse.