Saturday, October 31, 2015


I fucking loved this when it first came out. I still do. It's in my top 10 Hall of Fame.

But why?

Why don't The Lahs sing about or discuss Liverpool's diabolical collaboration in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade?

Or couldn't they give a fuck as long as they went to Cream off their heads on MDMA or Coke, like others did?


It is either laziness or just straight up racism.

But Jackson was a turd.

There was nothing heroic about the turd.

He was just a straight up British, treasonous, back-stabbing, slave-holding. native-American-hating piece of shit.

Ideal for traitors like van Buren.


Who fucking hate Thatcher but who would rather succumb to Tory fuckism?


Whizz doesn't help your sex life. Not one little bit.

Your cock shrinks...hides inside your body.

So why would a Saudi prince be caught in Beirut smuggling 2 tonnes of the stuff?

Two fucking tonnes?

For a Saudi rave?


More whizz means more heads chopped off by Saudi-sponsored cutthroat Jihadis.


There are some scousers/Mickey Mousers who are ashamed of their heritage.

Some run off to London believing that they are much, much better, wishing that they are from a royal gene pool.

Some should be, due to their fortunes being derived from the Transatlantic Slave Trade. There has been a half-hearted attempt by Liverpool to show some kind of sympathy from Liverpool's disgraceful collaboration in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, which I have pointed out here: there are currently numerous and very large museums dedicated to The Beatles; but only one mediocre museum on the Transatlantic Slave Trade, which gave Liverpool its fortune, which transformed Liverpool from a village to one of the most powerful cities in the world.

Perhaps this is just an oversight by Liverpudlians.

Perhaps not.

After all, they actually sent over white people, such as vagabonds and children, to the Americas before they started to rake it in through the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

And perhaps that is why people like Stan Boardman, the 'comedian', became popular: for who could blame Liverpool for collaborating in the Transatlantic Slave Trade and helping to make the British Royal Family rich beyond their wildest dreams when Liverpool could produce 'comedians' like Stan Boardman, or even Jimmy Tarbuck?

Yes. Liverpool has a lot to answer for; The Transatlantic Slave Trade; and Jimmy Tarbuck.

But during all this, the working man toiled and grafted.

George Malone is a metaphor for Liverpool. Thatcher (the bitch) tried to destroy men like George Malone. She did eventually. She then went after the miners. She beat them too.


We now import our energy.

And pay higher prices for it...while Tory bosses make a massive profit and donate to the Tory coffers.

And yet some Mickey Mousers are ashamed of the likes of George Malone.

For fighting.

But who gives a fuck when the unions have been smashed and you can treat the workers like they are a piece of shit, eh? Just like everybody else does, to make a profit? Even though all our grandfathers may have landed on the Normandy beaches together? Eh? To defeat the Nazis.

Are you ashamed of George Malone?

Or just another callous bitch like Thatcher?


Are these the words of Buddha?

Or Paul Weller?

Or even Kanye West?


They are the wise, wise words of The Spice Girls!

Who do you think you are that you can not be arsed to answer to simple questions?

Some kind of superstar?

Or a majestic being to whom we should bow down and curtsey (for which I apologise not doing)?


This was covered in the fantastic documentary on the Rumble in the Jungle, "When we were kings".

Fantastic guitar.

But a little creepy...

I wonder what, like all sex addicts, he could be arsed about WW1?

B.B. King - Sweet Sixteen (Live in Kinshasa)


Ben Chapman - Erotic Animals - Flesh Mix


This is not a dedication to President Andrew Turd Jackson.

I first heard this on a tape by Graeme Park in 1995.

Loosse feat. Yolanda Reynolds - About You (Loosse Vocal Club)


I re-read a few chapters from Griffin's The Creature From Jekyll Island today, those on Andrew Jackson and his battle with the Second Bank of the United States. Griffin does a very good job in painting Jackson as a hero for the common man in slaying the bank. Jackson campaigned to be re-elected as President of the United States in 1832 with the slogan, "Jackson and no bank", and he was re-elected.

But why did people vote for Jackson?

Was it because of his opposition to the bank?

Or were there other reasons.

Well, here is a very, very interesting set of statistics on the 1832 election:

the seven states who voted for Jackson with over 70%, and in some cases 100%, of the vote were

Georgia 100%
Mississippi 100%
Missouri 100%
Alabama 99.97%
Tennessee 95.42%
North Carolina 84.77%
Virginia 74.96%

What do you notice about these seven states?

Yep. They were all Confederate states.

But did these seven states vote for Jackson because of the Second Bank?

The bank may have been one reason, but possibly not the only reason.

You see, at that time Jackson was also working to expel all the native Americans from states like Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee so that white immigrant settlers could seize the ancient hunting grounds from those native Americans in order to build plantations based on slaves (like Jackson had himself), and to look for gold (which Jackson lusted after). So I think there is a strong argument that the voters in these seven states voted for Jackson because he would give them native American land and gold.

Griffin writes about the 1832 election as if it was just about the bank. In the Confederate states there was more going on than just an argument about a bank. And that was building the base for the Confederacy based on slavery and expulsion of the native Americans through the Indian Removal Act 1830 which resulted in the Trail of Tears under British agent Martin van Buren (who Jackson appointed as his Ambassador to Great Britain!).

But what can you expect from Griffin when he praises Jackson for paying off the debt incurred by the 1812 War, when it was Jackson's nemesis Nicholas Biddle who had done all the hard work through his excellent management of the Second Bank of the United States, leaving Jackson with just a few dollars to repay. Jackson then destroyed the bank, and also appointed the Rothschilds as agents of the US in Europe!

What a turd!


On this Halloween, please, please, please do NOT dress yourself or your children up as the Ghoul of all Ghouls:

President Andrew Jackson!!

[cue screams]

Thursday, October 29, 2015


This is what Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel, is reported to have said about us, the Goyim:

It is that mentality that led to Israel blowing to bits 520 kids in Gaza last year, with barely a word of condemnation from our political leaders.

Some of them really do think they are the Chosen Ones.

But some of them, like Neturei Karta, do not.

Zionism is a political, racist death cult.


You know the world is well and truly fucked up when people refuse to answer a few simple questions when doing so could help to stop all this shit.

PS have you destroyed those reports yet, your majesty?

(No, that's not Liz).


There is a review of an updated book on The Arab Spring.

The Arab Spring was made in the USA.

The question is: why?

I am 100% convinced that The Arab Spring is due to The Redirection reported by Seymour Hersh in March 2007, in which Hersh reported, years before it actually happened in 2011, that the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia had agreed to unleash the worst cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran. The Arab Spring provided these cutthroat Jihadis with cover as 'freedom fighters', thus giving NATO and their allies with the excuse to provide these cutthroat Jihadis with military, political and financial support.

And I am 100% convinced that The Redirection was agreed because the original plan after 9/11, that the USA would wage war and implement regime change in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia in five years, by 2007 was moribund.

And I am also 100% convinced that 9/11 was an inside job designed to provoke global calls for global war, to implement the aforementioned plan.

Take Libya, for example. Libya was named as one of seven nations targeted for war and regime change after 9/11. The 'freedom fighters' in Libya were primarily al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. They were assisted on the ground by British Special Forces, and NATO acted as their air force. Thanks to them Libya, once the crown jewel of Africa, is now an Islamic State shit hole.

This method was then tried in Syria, but because no air support has been given (except from Israel), despite a massive false flag chemical attack which was designed to provoke calls for war on Syria, the Jihadis, after over 4 years, have not been able to kill Assad.

But now with Russian air support the Syrian Arab Army are retaking towns and villages that have been occupied by the Jihadis for years. And Russia seems to be doing such a good job of rolling back this proxy Jihadi force of the aggressive NATO/Zionist/Gulf states that Iraq is breaking from the USA and also turning to Russia for help in destroying the Jihadis, because they know that the USA, UK, France etc have no intention of destroying the Jihadis.

The sad truth is that the aggressive NATO/Zionist/Gulf states have been using Jihadis as a proxy force to destroy nations deemed by them as targets of their aggression.

And people like Bellingcat know this but keep their mouths shut and are showered with mediocre awards as partial payoff.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


What a fukker!

What a git!

What a farce!

Andrew Lloyd Webber was ordered to fly back from New York to London to vote for dumping austerity on the poor.


No contest.

It's Oik!!

Monday, October 26, 2015


You know the world is really fucked up when people can't be arsed to destroy reports when they can't be arsed to help.


We have a new candidate (or candy-date) for TTS Modern Woman of the Day.

A female PE teacher (surprise!) faces jail for grooming two girls at her school...and on one occasion all three were actually in bed together!

I ask again : have women like this always existed, or has the sexual revolution, this anything-goes, just simply gone waaaaaaay too far?

A female PE teacher faces jail today after she admitted having a sexual relationship with two pupils and was caught in bed with them at the same time.

Sandrine Brown, 31, has pleaded guilty to inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and five counts of sexual activity with a child.

The charges relate to two teenage girls, one who was as young as 13 at the time, and the other who was 16-years-old.

She groomed the teenagers while teaching them at Finham Park School, in Coventry.

A court heard there was an occasion where the PE teacher and the two youngsters were all in bed together.

[source : Female PE teacher, 31, is facing jail after admitting sex acts with two teenage girl pupils from her school who she was caught in bed with at same time, Daily Mail,, 26th October 2015]

But add this to the many, many teachers, both male and female, who just can't seem to get it into their thick skulls that they are there to teach, not to seduce younger students for their sexual gratification.


This is a classic conundrum for the modern woman: whether to have an abortion after a threesome with her fiance and his pal, or have and keep the kid because she has already had an abortion but wants a child.

Dear Coleen

A few weeks ago, my fiance and I decided to experiment a little bit in the bedroom. We’re both very open-minded and not shy when it comes to sex. We ended up having a threesome with a close friend of his and now I’m pregnant. I don’t know if the child belongs to my fiance or his friend. I’m only six weeks at this moment.

I’ve wanted a child for many years and had been growing disheartened as, while we weren’t counting down the days and minutes until ovulation, we hadn’t been using contraception for well over a year and nothing had happened.

...I had an abortion when I was 20 and it always kept me wondering, “what if that was my only chance?” I’m now nearly 34 so this may actually be my final chance. I love my fiance and want things to work out but everyone seems to keep forgetting I didn’t have the threesome on my own and this is my baby.

[source : Dear Coleen: I had a threesome and got pregnant but both men want me to get a termination, Daily Mirror,, 25th October 2015]

Problems. Problems.

Do these people actually give a fuck about anything?

Sunday, October 25, 2015


It was not President Andrew Turd Jackson who instigated the removal of native Americans from their ancient ancestral lands they had lived on for thousands of years to make way for the white man and his war machine of today. It was in fact Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson first instructed his agents to persuade Indians to adopt agriculture. That new way of life, the agents explained, would require less land than hunting. With no need for their vast forests, the Indians were encouraged to sell their uncultivated territories for 25 cents per acre, the profits of which Indian farmers could use to purchase agricultural tools and manufactured goods. To stimulate Indian consumerism, Jefferson increased the number of government trading houses located near Native villages, arguing publicly that the establishments enabled Indians to share in the fruits of white "civilization." But it was a ploy. His real motive, he confided in 1803, was to lure Indians into spending themselves into debt, obligations that would be paid off through the sale of tribal lands.

...Jefferson began raising the specter of Indian removal in private letters written in 1803. Native resistance to European-style farming and to land sales, as well as white settlers' disrespect for Indian property rights, appears to have disposed Jefferson to doubt the feasibility of assimilating Native people into American life. Would it not be better to move Indians out of harm's way, he wondered, to exchange tribal lands in the east for lands west of the Mississippi? He reasoned that Native people, safely ensconced in the west, could live peacefully, moving from "savagery" to "civilization" at their own pace, while at the same time enabling frontier whites to take over the Indians' old homelands back east. The "best use we can make of" the Louisiana Territory, he declared, "will be to give establishments in it to the Indians on the East side of the Mississippi, in exchange for their present country."

The idea of emigrating to the West was suggested to the Cherokees during the twilight of Jefferson's presidency, in 1808-1809, but treaty provisions for removal did not emerge until the War of 1812, after Jefferson returned to Monticello. Yet the Pandora's Box of removal was now open, and it would not be easily closed. Clamor for removing Indians from the east grew quickly in the years that followed, particularly among white settlers in Georgia and the newly created states of Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. Ultimately, no fewer than 76 Indian treaties prescribed emigration, and more than 100,000 Native people from 28 tribes would be removed west of the Mississippi between 1816 and 1850. Ironically, the notorious Indian removals of the 1830s targeted the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws and Creeks–tribes that had heeded Jefferson's call to assimilate into American life.

Jefferson was not responsible for the Trail of Tears. But by raising the specter of Indian removal, America's greatest champion of liberty made it possible for President Andrew Jackson to turn an odious idea into a formal national policy.

Mark Hirsch is an historian in the Research Unit of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. He has a Ph.D. in American history from Harvard University.

[source : Thomas Jefferson, Founding Father of Indian Removal, Mark Hirsch,, Accessed 25th October 2015]

NB : the 5 states named are Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee, all Confederate states. What is it that is in their blood that drives native Americans off their lands to replace it with brutal bloody slavery and then bloody rebellion to defend that slavery?

And you can find similar sentiments everywhere else: Jefferson began ideas of removal, British agents Turd Jackson and van Buren implemented it big stylee, but sadly the heroes of the US Civil War, Lincoln and Grant, finished the removal off.

PS all of the above Presidents were white.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Not content with herding native Americans into reservations of ever decreasing size, and in some cases simply dumping them in deserts to starve, the white immigrant American governments proceeded to exterminate what was left through forced sterilisation.

On November 6, 1976, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) released the results of its investigation into similar events at four of twelve IHS areas (Albuquerque, Aberdeen, Oklahoma City, and Phoenix). Records verified that the IHS performed 3,406 sterilizations between 1973 and 1976.[iv] “Tip of the iceberg” is indeed an appropriate metaphor. Per capita, this figure would be equivalent to sterilizing 452,000 non-Native American women.[v]Albuquerque contracted out their sterilizations to local, non-IHS physicians; therefore their region inaccurately added zero procedures to the government count. Independent research estimated that as many as 25-50% of Native American women were sterilized between 1970 and 1976.[vi]Independent verifications were critical. The GAO did not interview a single women subjected to sterilization. The GAO also admitted that “contract” physicians were not required to comply with any federal regulations (including informed consent) in the context of these surgical procedures. Study of consent forms utilized revealed that three different forms were in use. It also appeared the “consent,” in many instances, was obtained through coercion.

What may be the most disturbing aspect of the investigations followed: it was physicians and healthcare professionals in the IHS who coerced these women. It was they who abandoned their professional responsibility to protect the vulnerable through appropriate, non-eugenic indications for surgery and informed consent prior to the procedures. On a Navaho reservation alone, from 1972-1978, there was a 130% increase in abortions (a ratio of abortions per 1000 deliveries increasing from 34 to 77).[vii] The same study demonstrated that between 1972 and 1978, sterilization procedures went from 15.1% to 30.7% of total female surgeries on that one reservation. Healthcare professionals’ coercive tactics included the threat of withdrawing future healthcare provisions or custody of Native American children already born—if consent for sterilization was withheld.[viii] The scandal of this replay of earlier twentieth century eugenic programs and genocidal tactics led to a congressional hearing (Senator James Abourzek, Democrat, South Dakota), but little else in terms of publicity, justice, or public outcry. It has also not been scrutinized from a careful bioethical perspective.

[source : Forced Sterilization of Native Americans: Late Twentieth Century Physician Cooperation with National Eugenic Policies, The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity,, Accessed 24th October 2015]


Utah is named after the Utes.

The Utes lived in what is now Colorado, and as usual, they, over a period of decades were herded by the American government into reservations of ever decreasing size, until there was not enough of them to resist a forced removal to what is now called Utah.

Utah is desert. The land the Utes lived on was called the Shining Mountains, which had an Alpine meadow climate, rich in wildlife and plants to live off.

But the white man came seeking gold.

So the Utes were removed from the Alpine meadows of Colorado to the deserts of Utah. Hundreds died of starvation.

But at least they got a state named after them!


Stone Roses = Mersey Paradise



Frothingham Best.

Available from Asda.

Perfect for when you are trying to point out that the evil people who run the world are white, and any non-whites in any position of power are stooges, e.g. Obama and Mao Tse Tung (who was installed by George C Marshall).



You know the world is even more fucked up when a mother of three, who knows the score and could help, can't be arsed.


You know the world is fucked up when a tin of Heinz Organic Beans costs £ 1 at Asda.

Friday, October 23, 2015


The NATO media tried to conceal this as long as possible, by not naming the butcher but always stating that he used a sword, thus suggesting that the perp was a Muslim.

But now Swedish police have confirmed that, in their opinion, the attack in Trollhattan yesterday was racially motivated.

“We can confirm that this was a racially motivated hate crime partially because the man chose his victims based on the colour of their skin,” Police Chief Niclas Hallgren told Swedish public service radio. “We have reached this conclusion based on what we found when we searched his apartment and his behaviour during the act, and also on the basis of how he selected his victims.”

[source : Sweden school attack: police treat killing of pupil and teacher as racist hate crime, The Guardian,, 23rd October 2015]

There will be those who will say, as apologists, that if there had not been so many immigrants into Sweden then perhaps this nice young man might not have turned into, or been provoked into becoming, a neo Nazi white supremacist butcher.

That may be the case.

But some of the language that some people come out with, their racist rhetoric, also encourages unhinged young men like this, gives them confidence that they are not alone in their racist hatred of everything non-white.

And so far:
1. no mindbending drugs;
2. no second swordsman.

Just a straight up racist.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


When I first heard of this slaughter in Trollhattan I recall a tweet that PJW made that he'd give it 2 months before one of the immigrants killed someone. That was nearly 2 months ago.

But no.

The Trollhattan butcher was white and a neo-Nazi white supremacist!!

Come to think of it the last mass murder in Scandinavia was also by a neo-Nazi white supremacist, called Anders Breivik, who killed one bloody day!!


When the establishment newspapers The Guardian and The Washington Post slap the same story on their front pages for weeks then you know for a fact that the establishment wants you to know something.

In 2013 that something was The Snowden Revelations.

During the British summer of 2013 the revelations of Ed Snowden, that we were all being spied on, were front page news for The Guardian and The Washington Post for weeks. But if such newspapers were so concerned about reporting the 'truth' then why haven't they slapped the Clark Revelations on their front pages for weeks? The Clark Revelations are that the wars in North Africa and the Middle East since 9/11 were all planned years before 9/11, some as early as 1991.

By ignoring The Clark Revelations but not The Snowden Revelations the establishment wanted us to know that we were being spied on. And as one of the reporters Glenn Greenwald has stated; surveillance breeds conformity. In other words, if you know that you are being spied on then you will adjust your behaviour to conform to the desires of the spies.

But at the same time, or shortly after, as these revelations were made, we were kindly informed by the spies that cutthroat Jihadis in Syria were on their merry way to slit our throats, and that Snowden had revealed their spying methods and thus endangered national security. But what the spies forgot to tell us is that they have had a Covenant of Security with the Jihadis for decades which allowed the Jihadis to safely operate out of London as long as their terrorism coincided with British foreign policy. And not only that, they also allowed preachers such as Micheal Adebalajo to preach Jihad against President Bashar al Assad of Syria, because it is current British foreign policy to oust Assad through the use of a proxy force of international cutthroat Jihadis. The former French foreign minister stated that in 2009 the British told him that they were planning something for Syria and asked him to organise the smuggling of Jihadis into Syria.

So we got both barrels: we were told that we were all being spied on but Snowden had compromised those spying methods; and that British Jihadis were returning from Syria to slit our throats.

And the solution to all this?

To keep us safe the spies need yet more surveillance powers.

They want to hack into everything, because...well, because they want to.

The spies run the terrorists, the terrorist scare the shit of us, we demand protection from the terrorists, and give the spies more powers.

It is so, so simples.


This is all makes perfect sense when you read The Redirection by Seymour Hersh.

And then once you realise that The Redirection is Plan B to the Plan A revealed by General Wesley Clark...


Michael Meacher was one of the better MPs. He wasn't perfect. Nobody is. But I would have been happy to have had him as my MP.

(Not sure about the peak oil thing though...)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Abraham Lincoln may have freed the slaves, but he continued the policy of herding the native Americans into reservations of ever decreasing size in his quest to colonise the wild west and complete the railroad expansion from the Atlantic to the Pacific to facilitate this colonisation.

Lincoln had 38 Sioux hung all at the same time in what was, and still is, the largest mass execution in modern American history. But the Sioux had been cheated and defrauded, and forced to live in a tiny strip of land, much like the inhabitants of The Gaza Strip. As a consequence the Sioux rebelled and waged a war against the mainly German and Swedish settlers. The Sioux warriors were eventually rounded up, all found guilty of murder on the flimsiest of evidence in show trials, and all sentenced to death. However, after some pressure Lincoln pardoned all but 39 of them due to the nature of the trials and the circumstances, but deciding that he had to teach the Sioux a lesson that rebellion was not good so they wouldn't do it again he let 38 of the Sioux, who he thought could be found guilty of murder and rape, be hung on Boxing Day 1862.

A few more massacres occured under Lincoln, though whether he was personally responsible for them in one way or another is another question.

But as sad as these mass killings of native Americans under Lincoln are, they are small compared to the butchery of that turd President Andrew Jackson and his successor and co-conspirator and British agent Martin van Buren, under whom The Trail of Tears occured.

For more on Lincoln and his policy on native Americans see The Indian Policy of Abraham Lincoln by W. Dale Mason.




This is my new name for Libertarianism due to its love and worhsip of the turd President Andrew Jackson.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Here is how the CIA created Google: How the CIA made Google


Quelle fucking surprise.

It was one of the biggest and most controversial claims that Russia shot the Maidan protestors, an act that provoked the final push to oust Yanukovich and set Kiev ablaze, and therefore one of the most ridiculous, considering the evidence available.

Now common sense has prevailed and The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine has found that this was indeed a ridiculous claim, and that the Russian FSB was not, repeat not, involved.

The evidence consisting of photographs and witness statements, some of whom claim to have fired the shots, overwhelmingly implicates NATO's Kiev Nazis, who went on to prosecute a war against the civilians of East Ukraine and killing 7000 of them through indiscriminate bombing and shelling.

The decision has irked Gollum.


Bloody typical.

They, and by that I mean the government, spend a trillion to bail out gambling banks, but can't find a single penny for the steel works?

This is what happens with "free trade", which Libertarianism is based on.

If we can bail out the banks then we can bail out the steel works, and then slap a tariff on imports.

British jobs for British workers (and by that I mean anyone living in Great Britain as opposed to of white British descent) can be saved and created through tariffs on cheap imports.

This is ironically a major component of what is called The American System of Economics!


What's got Captain Confederacy in a hissy fit?

Why, it's Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens.

And here's what's got some so riled!

I wonder if they all complained because Darth Vader, the most prominent evil character in the series, wore all black and his voice was spoken by an African-American? I doubt it.

But you can understand why some are so scared of Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens can't you?

Yep. The lead characters are a man of African descent and a woman.

Scary, huh?

I am reminded of a scene in I'm Alan Partridge in which Partridge is talking to Michael the Geordie hotel porter/handyman. Michael suggests that there are still Japanese who think WW2 hasn't finished and they are still hiding out in caves. Here's how Partridge replies:

Anyway, The Force Awakens looks like it could be quite spectacular.


It's not even 0800 but here is the TTS Head-Shakingly Sad Conclusion of the Day.

Most don't want to know.

And those that do know don't want to do anything about it.

I've been doing my bit since 2006. Not just writing here, informing family and friends (or those I thought were friends), but also not just researching but actually implementing my legal project to help bring this shit to a stop. It's a very risky project. An all-or-nothing project. Which is why others have taken the make-a-living-out-of-it route. But it's so easy I don't know why nobody else hasn't thought of it.

And the one time I try to do something meaningful in public, on 28th June 2014, I experienced this:


Yep. 28th June 2014 was the day I realised, "Son. You're on your own."

Monday, October 19, 2015


Most don't want to know.

And those that do know don't want to do anything about it.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


This song is about The Trail of Tears, courtesy of that turd President Andrew Jackson, whose life was actually saved by a Cherokee! Can you believe that? Jackson promised respect and friendship in return, But a few years later was campaigning to kick not just the Cherokee but 4 other tribes off their lands too and use the Yoonited States Army to herd the native Americans into 'Indian Territory' (now called Oklahoma) and hand their lands over to slaveholders and prospectors. Those slaveholders would later secede from the Yoonion in order to retain their freedom to keep (and brutally abuse) slaves, and cause a war in which well over 300,000 died.

Can you believe that?!

That can't be right.

Can it?

Cherokee - Europe

They lived in peace, not long ago
A mighty Indian tribe
But the winds of change,
Made them realize, that the promises were lies.

The white man's greed, in search of gold
Made the nation bleed
They lost their faith
And now they had to learn
There was no place to return
Nowhere they could turn.

Cherokee - marching on the trail of tears.

They were driven hard, across the plains
And walked for many moons
Cause the winds of change,
Had made them realize, that the promises were lies.

So much to bear, all that pain
Left them in despair
They lost their faith
And now they had to learn
There was no place to return
Nowhere they could turn.


A white cowboy on a white horse sings about being given land, lots of land.

And, of course, he gets it.

And what happened to the people who had lived on that land for thousands of years previously? They were herded by the Yoonited States Army into reservations of ever decreasing size, to be effectively 'fenced in'.

Yee haw, (immigrant) cowboy!!

Roy Rogers sings "DON'T FENCE ME IN" in "Hollywood Canteen" with TRIGGER


Most don't want to know.

And those that do don't want to do anything about it.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


And where is NATO based? BELGIUM!!

What an amazing coincidence.

Just when the NATO/Zionist/Gulf states want loads of Jihadis to go to Syria and saw the heads off Syrians, where do Jihadis come from? The home of NATO: Belgium.

Just like on 9/11, after PNAC had called for a "new Pearl Harbor" so they could go on a warmongering rampage, Osama bin Laden allegedly fulfills their wishes and, while senior members of PNAC were in control of the US military, he somehow manages to fly a hijacked plane into the Pentagon.

It is definitely just a coincidence.



On 30th June 2014 the U.S. European Command Commander, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Supreme Allied Commander General Philip M. Breedlove gave a press conference at which he discussed Russia and the separatists in East Ukraine:

Breedlove also detailed Moscow’s efforts to assist pro-Russian separatists who are battling the Ukrainian government.

He said there are “seven-plus” Russian battalion task groups on the Russian side of the border, plus “numerous small special operations forces.”

The Russians are providing advanced training and heavy weapons to the rebels, Breedlove said.

“What we see in training on the east side of the border is big equipment: tanks, APCs, anti-aircraft capability, and now we see those capabilities being used on the west side of the border,” he said.

Breedlove was asked whether Russian-supplied anti-aircraft weapons had been used by the rebels to shoot down a Ukrainian military transport plane and helicopter in recent weeks. Dozens of Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the attacks.

“It’s a very good likelihood, but we haven’t tied the strings directly together yet,” Breedlove said.

Breedlove could not confirm reports that the rebels have man-portable air defense systems, which are essentially shoulder-fired missiles. He said he has not seen evidence of Russian forces training Ukrainian separatists on the use of MANPADS. But the Russians have taught the rebels to use anti-aircraft weapons mounted on vehicles, according to Breedlove.

[source : Expect cuts to F-15 fleet in Europe, Breedlove says, Stars and Stripes,, 30th June 2014]

So here Breedlove on 30th June said he had not seen evidence of Russia giving training in MANPADs but they had taught them how to use "anti-aircraft weapons mounted on vehicles".

Which "anti-aircraft weapons mounted on vehicles" was Breedlove referencing?

And how did he know this?

If we assume that NATO had satellite imagery of this training then what images did NATO have at the time of East Ukraine?

The DSB report references this conference on pages 186/7. However, the link that the report gives as a reference is dead. And a search on the US Defence Dept lists the earliest mention of Breedlove as 18th July 2014, the day after MH17 came down. Why is that?

But that press conference held by Press Secretary Rear Admiral John Kirby is very interesting, and was perhaps overlooked. There were many refernces to this 30th June conference given by Breedlove. Here is one very interesting question that was asked of Perry:
Q: Going back to General Breedlove's comments. Were there any warnings given to commercial airline companies or any civilian airline authorities about the existence or this level of training for -- that was taking place...

REAR ADM. KIRBY: There was a notice to air at -- to airmen put out. I think you guys know that, that -- that warned civilian aircraft to fly -- to take care over the skies of Ukraine and to fly at higher altitudes. I'm not an expert on that process but there was a -- there was an intentional notice to civilian air carries about that.

Q: Was that prompted by what General Breedlove said was the training of vehicle-borne...

REAR ADM. KIRBY: You'd have to talk to the FAA and other agencies that handle that.

I don't know what prompted it but I think it was obviously -- if you're going to issue a warning like that, it's -- it's based on concerns that you have about surface-to-air missile activity and capabilities.

[source : Department of Defense Press Briefing by Rear Adm. Kirby in the Pentagon Briefing Room, US Dept of Defense,, 18th July 2014, Accessed 17th October 2015]

But if you read all the transcript then you will understand that the concern was that MH17 had been shot down by a BUK missile. And the concern was that, due to the capability of the BUK system, civilian traffic was in danger, because a BUK missile can easily reach 33000 feet, and well above that too!

So I ask again: why did Ukraine not shut down the airspace over East Ukraine?

Friday, October 16, 2015


It wasn't even a ringfence to begin with, more a rotting piece of string.

The City on Thursday won the second clear signal in 24 hours of a political shift in its favour when financial regulators granted a key concession on the ringfencing rule for the UK’s largest banks.

In rules set out by the Bank of England, “ringfenced” banks will be allowed to transfer capital from their retail arms to other parts of their businesses in the form of dividends.

The concession is a boon to the UK’s largest lenders, which have complained that ringfencing, due to be in place by 2019, puts them at a competitive disadvantage to their overseas rivals. The problem is particularly acute for those with large investment banking divisions.

[source : Banks win fresh concession on ringfencing rules, FT,, 15th October 2015]

This idea of a ringfence was supposed to stop the gambling banks from using our heard-earned deposits as theirs to gamble with, by stopping them from transferring our deposits to their gambling accounts. But the City of London regulator has decided that this is bad for the banks.

All this is to accelerate towards the next big financial crash, after which the banks will be bailed out not by national governments, as occured a few years ago which has led to all this Oiksterity, but by you and your own private accounts: your current account; your savings accounts; little Johnny's kiddie account.

The banks will dip their greedy, filthy hands and take the lot.

Didn't you know that your hard-earned money isn't your money? That, like everything else on planet Earth, it belongs to the banks?

Recall this quotation attributed to Josiah Stamp:
Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of a pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for this world would be a happier and better world to live in. But if you wish to remain slaves of the Bankers and pay for the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Ouch, baby. Very ouch!

But which T?

Having been savagely mauled by a rampant Higgins via this:

I shall put some T into TTS via this:

which stems from this:

If you can't see it then you are a 100% top drawer bona fide...

It's the NATO/Atlantic Council who are the aggressors. Everybody else is defending themselves.



Wednesday, October 14, 2015


It doesn't matter what brought MH17 down over East Ukraine: a BUK missile launched by separatists; a BUK missile launched by Ukraine; a UFO; any other reason you can think of.

It doesn't matter.

The key question is: why did Ukraine not shut down the airspace over East Ukraine when they knew that BUK missile systems were in the area?


All my cores are at 100% this morning...again!


The NATO media has forgotten the thousands killed by their Kiev Nazis.

Yesterday the Dutch Safety Board released their report into the cause of the crash of MH17, and they concluded that a BUK missile was the cause. The origin of the missile was not in their remit, but the DSB chief has made it clear who he thinks launched the missile.

The NATO media has pounced on this conclusion to convict Russia, focusing on this part of the report while mainly ignoring the other key finding that Ukraine should have shut down the airspace over East Ukraine (which they didn't even though they knew that BUKs were in East Ukraine).

But if the NATO media are so concerned about the deaths of 298 people over East Ukraine then why are they not concerned about the deaths of thousands of civilians in East Ukraine?

I'll tell you why.

It is because the forgotten thousands were murdered by neo-Nazis who NATO brought to power, and who were protected by the NATO media who portrayed the neo-Nazis as downtrodden romantic revolutionaries rebelling against their tyrannical masters. The truth is that Yanukovich had decided to align economically with Russia instead with the EU/IMF.

Tens of billions of dollars was at stake.

And of course the opportunity for The Atlantic Council to plonk first strike nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow right on Russia's doorstep.

So NATO unleashed their neo-Nazis.

Victoria Kagan-Nuland handpicked the new leader of Ukraine, Arseny Yatsenyuk, whose foundation is sponsored by a multitude of Anglo-American organisations, including NATO!! Yats packed his junta with neo-Nazis, and they laid siege to East Ukraine.

So remember the forgotten thousands too, murdered at the hands of NATO's Kiev Nazis.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Here Ukraine specifically mentions "weapons systems capable of reaching the cruising altitude of civilian aeroplanes".

Shoulder-fired SAMs cannot reach these cruising altitudes.

BUT BUKS CAN...VERY the passengers on MH17 found out!!

Ukraine knew...but did nothing except rake in the transit fees.


The Dutch Safety Board today stated that in their opinion Ukraine should have shut down the airspace over East Ukraine because of the conflict in that part of the country.

But why was there a conflict in East Ukraine in the first place?

It is because of Eliot Higgins' mates in the NATO/Atlantic Council axis-of-evil!!

A brief timeline is as follows:
1. Yanukovich had decided to sign a multi-billion dollar deal with Russia instead of with the EU/IMF;
2. this enraged the NATO powers, who had spent $5 billion trying to drag Ukraine into their sphere of influence and had reached an agreement at the NATO summit in April 2008 that Ukraine would eventually join NATO;
3. so contrary to their founding principles, they used violent nationalist extremists, Right Sector and Svoboda, in a violent coup to oust Yanukovich;
4. these neo-Nazis shot protestors and police to provoke riots and enrage the unwitting protestors;
5. Victoria Kagan-Nuland handpicked Arseny Yatsenyuk as the next leader, Yats being sponsored by NATO, National Endowment for Democracy, Chatham House and the US Embassy in Kiev, among others;
6. powerful positions in the resulting junta were then given to the violent neo-Nazis;
7. the east of Ukraine recognised this Nazism and rebelled against the junta;
8. the neo-Nazis in the junta then laid siege to East Ukraine, killing thousands of civilians with indiscriminate bombing and shelling;
9. and along the way, just to confirm that this was a US/NATO coup, somehow a former senior official at the US Embassy in Kiev, Natalie Jaresko, who had handled funds for US AID (CIA), became Finance Minister of Ukraine, and she immediately started to flog Ukraine to the likes of Monsanto.

So without this US/NATO coup there would have been no conflict in East Ukraine, and thus no MH17.



DSB says Ukraine should have shut down the airspace over East Ukraine.

So why didn't they?

Was the video that Lysenko referred to in his press conference on 17th July the same video that was released on 18th July?

If the DSB says the airspace should have been shut down and Ukraine had video of BUKs in East Ukraine, why did Ukraine not shut down the airspace?

Clue: kerching!!


Just as MH17 was falling out of the sky, the spokesman for the Ukraine National Security Council, Andrei Lysenko, told a press conference that Ukraine had video of the separatists in control of BUK missile systems.

So the question of the day is : why did Ukraine not shut down the airspace over East Ukraine?

Major airlines such as British Airways had been avoiding and flew around the war zone of East Ukraine because they considered it too dangerous.

A BUK missile can easily reach altitudes of 33000 feet.

In my opinion Ukraine:
1. wanted and/or needed the transit fees;
2. allowed civilian passenger traffic hoping that an MH17-type disaster might occur, perhaps using their military jets as bait, to blame on Russia;
3. both of the above.

It is very, very intriguing that the plane that was shot down originated in The Netheralnds, when The Netherlands is at the very heart of NATO, and NATO and Ukraine want Ukraine to become a member of NATO. Indeed, this was agreed at the NATO summit in April 2008.

At the time of the MH17 disaster the government of Ukraine was run by a NATO/NED-sponsored stooge, Arseny Yatsenyuk, who was handpicked by Victoria Kagan-Nuland to become the new PM. He in turn had handpicked the violent neo-Nazis (or they picked themselves), who had killed policemen and set Kiev ablaze, to occupy the powerful positions in his cabinet. As a result in July 2014 bona-fide neo-Nazis were laying siege to East Ukraine, which had rebelled against their Nazism.

Without the NATO coup in February 2014 it is highly likely that MH17, or any other passenger plane, would have been shot down, for there would not have been a civil war (if that is what it is) in Ukraine.

Monday, October 12, 2015


After reporting bizarre CPU activity late last week my computer has been fine over the weekend.

But since about 1300 BST today I again see CPU activity at between 90% and 100%, even though I am not doing or downloading anything. As a consequence everything is taking 4 to 5 times, sometimes more, longer than usual.


Only time and location.

Americans have herded native Americans into reservations.

Zionists have herded Palestinians into refugee camps.

Both Americans and Zionists killed their prey.


In 1993 Donald Trump spoke before the Congressional Subcommittee for Native American Affairs. He complained that native American gambling businesses were about to grow into an organised crime outfit on the scale of Al Capone and that a massive crime scandal involving these native Americans was about to explode, and that they had an unfair advantage with tax breaks.

Trump did not mention why the native Americans were running gambling business and not still hunting buffalo.

And that massive crime scandal did not happen.

Trump was whining because the native Americans offered competition to his gambling businesses.

Just like his ancestors may have whined that the native Americans were competition.

And just like the ancestors of most Americans of today whined that the native Americans were competition.


Today hundreds of millions of Americans, and thousands of tourists, will enjoy America.

Citizens in New England, South Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Oregon, and of the other 45 states of the United States of America will live and love, learn and laugh, be born or be aborted. For America is a utopia. Innit?

When English immigrants began to colonise what is now Massachusetts they were surrounded by native Americans. Not only did these immigrants bring their ideas they also brought their slaves. Over the decades more and more immigrants came, killing them with disease and/or driving the native Americans away from their ancestral lands where they had lived and hunted for centuries to make room for more immigrants.

This happened all along the east coast of America. Colonies became towns, which in turn became cities, some very influential like New York. The immigrants began to colonise inland, driving west where they encountered yet more native Americans.

Gold and land. That was what the white man wanted. Gold and land. And he got it.

And not by fair means either.

Before the US Civil War one man did more than most to herd the native Americans into reservations to make room for these white immigrants. He was the white man, Libertarian hero and slaveholder, President Andrew Jackson. He began and organised the herding of 5 tribes of native Americans into what is now Oklahoma. The lands that these native Americans had lived on and looked after for centuries was then given to slaveholders, and the states that these lands were contained in were among those that seceded from the Union to start the US Civil War (all seceding states cited the preservation of Jackson's beloved slavery as their casus belli) .

But after the US Civil War the victorious United States Army was used to herd yet more native Americans into reservations. And once in those reservations the native Americans were easy prey. Treaties were ripped up or ignored. Land reserved for the native Americans in their reservations was given to yet more white immigrants. The native Americans were used as lab rats. They could not be allowed to offer an alternative way of life in America, so they were forced to live like the immigrants, with their reservations partitioned into lots, and each native American and his family expected to live off that lot, even if the land on the lot was useless. This led a divide-and-conquer situation, weakening the native Americans further.

Oklahoma was initially called Indian Territory, and the native Americans who were herded there were expected to live off it. But after the Civil War the percentage of that reservation the native Americans were allowed to live on shrank and shrank to virtually nil.

When I hear Americans and their ilk today whine about immigrants, I think, "You ungrateful bastards! Your ancestors were immigrants who were complicit in this ethnic cleansing of native Americans, and may well have also used forced immigration, i.e. slavery, to make a living on top of that ethnic cleansing!".


The DSB are set to release their report into MH17 tomorrow. They should only provide their view on what happened to MH17, not the culprits (though they have possibly illegally been dropping hints on their view in the media). Perhaps surprisingly for a case this huge, although journalists will be present at the press conference when the DSB will reveal their results, the journalists present will not be allowed to ask any questions whatsoever!

But the DSB is based in The Netherlands. The Netherlands was one of the founding members of NATO. At the NATO summit in April 2008 NATO stated that Ukraine would at some point become a member of NATO. Thus the Netherlands has a motive in implicating Russia for downing MH17.

But it gets much worse.

The intelligence services of NATO are suspiciously quiet about MH17, and all seem to rely for all their evidence on one tiny organisation which was originally founded by an unemployed office clerk who, for whatever reason, had an interest in weapons in Syria. This organisation is Belling Cat created by Eliot Higgins. You would think that if someone was interested in weapons in Syria then that someone would be interested in why there was a conflict in Syria in the first place. We know that Higgins links to this blog occasionally, but not to tell his readers the source of the conflict in Syria. The conflict in Syria is just one seven that was planned by the USA and others. There is evidence that its seeds were planted in 1991, when Paul Woltowitz told General Wesley Clark that the USA had 5 to 10 years to take out "those old Soviet client regimes: Syria, Iraq, Iran". Shortly after the attacks of 9/11 General Wesley Clark was told that the 9/11 attacks were to be used for war and regime change in seven countries in five years: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. Since 9/11 we have seen wars in Iraq (2003), Lebanon (2006), Libya (2011) and Syria (2011 - to present). This plan was kapput by 2007 so since then the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia agreed that the latter would unleash the nastiest cutthroat Jihadis on the planet onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

Isn't this a remarkable coincidence?

So remarkable in fact that not one NATO media outlet has referred to it!!

Now why wouldn't the NATO media want you to know that? They want you to know all sorts of useless, boring shit, but not that our foreign policy for the last 14 years has been to implement this plan revealed to Clark in October 2001, which is an extension of a plan formulated in 1996 and revealed in a document called A Clean Break, which is an extension of the aforementioned statement that Wolfowitz made to Clark in 1991.

So with MH17 we have:
1. the Netherlands has a motive - NATO is effectively controlling the investigation in to the downing of a plane, which is expected to be claimed to be due to a BUK missile, yet Ukraine, the nation that wants to join NATO and NATO wants as a member, has BUKs and they were operating in East Ukraine when MH17 came down;
2. NATO intelligence services have been unable to deliver evidence for their claim that Russia shot down MH17 and for all their intelligence rely on a former office clerk in Leicester, who has been seduced by NATO warmongers like Carl Bildt on junkets on the NATO gravy train while keeping his mouth shut on the true reason for all the wars in North Africa and the Middle East.

So I ask you: would you trust these people?

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Who is funding Higgins' PhD?

Who is funding Belling Cat?


On 26th August this year Paul Watson posted an image of some bog roll printed with, what I understood to be, the Islamic State flag, citing the freedom to insult religion and the freedom to make fun of terrorists.

I asked in WHY NOT CHANGE THE ISLAMIC STATE FLAG TO THE ISRAELI FLAG ON THIS BOG ROLL? why not post something similar with the flag of Israel on it as well. At the time I did not have such an image, but now I do.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Ukraine claims that all its BUKs were in base when MH17 came down. But here we have a Ukraine report that some were not.

And look which missiles they are carrying!

1. Ukraine is lying about their BUKs, some of which were out of base, but I can't see why because the separatists had no air force;
2. Lysenko, unaware that as he spoke MH17 was falling out of the sky, said Ukraine had a video of separatists with BUKs, then on 18th July Ukraine released a videoof a BUK saying it was filmed at 0500 that day and that that was the BUK that shot down MH17, but this was later contradicted when Naida said that the BUK that shot down MH17 was back in Russia by 0200 on 18th;
3. Ukraine said that it was not flying any air missions on 17th July, but many witnesses have gone on camera to say they saw Ukraine jets when MH17 came down, and an early report from the BBC was pulled because it contained statements from witnesses that they saw fighter jets when MH17 came down.


That's it!

I'm off.

I've had enough.

I can't take it anymore.

Why the f...

Oh, for f...

Who gives a f...


The guy sat in seat 2 (seat 1 is occupied by Carl Bidlt) in the first class carriage on the NATO Gravy Train (choo choo) has retweeted this:

"biggest truth festival on earth"?


I wah wah wah wah wonder if the plan revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11, that explains all our foreign policies for the last 14 years, will be mentioned?

In case you haven't seen it on Higgin's twitter (and I can't think why he hasn't mentioned it), here is Clark explaining everything:

And if you cannot see that this plan has been and still is being implemented, currently through the use of proxy cutthroat Jihadis unleashed onto Syria, then you are a 100% top drawer bona fide...


The current High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, has admitted that the EU exports terrorism.

Well, of course we do, love.

After all, we are the home of NATO's Operation Gladio.

And the EU is exporting terror as part of the plan for war and regime change in seven countries five years as revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11.

You see, the USA and its allies thought that it would be a cake walk to use 9/11 as a pretext for war and regime change in countries that had nothing to do with 9/11.

But they got bogged down in Iraq. And Israel's engineered war on Hezbollah didn't go so well either.

So in 2007 the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia agreed that the latter would unleash the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran. The US State Dept engineered The Arab Spring in order to provide these Jihadis with cover as 'freedom fighters' so that their NATO/Zionist/Gulf state paymasters could provide them with political, logistical and military support.

But where would these Jihadis come from?

And how could they be encouraged to join this Jihad?

In the UK there has been a Covenant of Security between the Jihadis and MI5. But in 2013 a Jihadi preacher called Michael Adebalajo tried to saw the head off a British soldier, Lee Rigby. But it was revealed by members of the public shortly after that during the weeks before this horrific attack Adebalajo had been preaching Jihad against Assad in Woolwich. But not only that, he was allowed to do this while MI5 were trying to recruit him as a double agent!!

You can bet that there are corrupt cells in NATO intelligence services doing the the same or similar in their respective nations too to provide fresh Jihadi meat for the terrorist factory.

How can it be possible for so many foreigners to go to Syria via NATO member Turkey to join the Jihad against Assad?

Friday, October 09, 2015


On the 14th July 2014 two significant events occured:

1. The Ukraine Security Service stated that a BUK had entered separatist controlled territory.

2. Later that day a Ukraine Air Force Antonov AN-26 was shot down as it approached Luhansk airport, and the separatists claimed they had shot it down with a BUK missile;

But for some reason, and despite several major air passenger carriers such as British Airways avoiding East Ukraine, the Ukraine authorities allowed passenger aircraft to fly over East Ukraine.

Then on 17th July 2014, just as MH17 was falling out of the sky, the spokesman for the then neo-Nazi Ukraine National Security Council, Andrei Lysenko, stated, and apparently unaware that MH17 had been hit, that Ukraine had a video of the separatists with a BUK.

Shortly after MH17 crashed to the ground, the Ukraine Security Service released a rather amateurish attempt to frame the separatists and Russia by releasing a tape cobbled together from earlier alleged intercepted phone calls, which the Ukraine Security Service claimed proved 100% that Cossacks at Chernukino had shot down MH17 with a BUK (I believe that these tapes refer to the aforementioned Antonov An-26).

The next day, 18th July, in another attempt to frame the separatists, the Ukraine Security Service released yet another tape showing a BUK with a missing missile. The location of the video was traced to Luhansk. But which part of Luhansk? The BUK was filmed travelling on a suburban road in the South West of Luhansk in a South East direction. And the time was stated as 0500 on the 18th July 2014. Was this the video that Lysenko had referred to the previous day? I asked the MH17 JIT to investigate this months ago, so far without reply other than they are looking into it.

On 19th July, Ukraine published a photo of a BUK on a low carrier, stating that that was the BUK that shot down MH17 and that the photo showed it on its way back to Russia. This was quickly laughed off as yet another Ukraine hoax when it was pointed out that the BUK shown was actually Ukrainian and the photo was taken in March!!

Also on the 19th July Ukraine stated that the BUK that shot down MH17 had entered Russia at 0200 on the morning of 18th July. But how can that be if it was allegedly filmed in Luhansk at 0500 on 18th July?

So what we have here are:
1. an attempt to hide the fact that Ukraine knew the separatists had BUKs by 14th July but Ukraine did not shut down its airspace in East Ukraine, despite major carriers like British Airways deciding that the space was too dangerous and flew around the war zone;
2. an attempt to implicate Cossacks at Chernukino through an amateurishly cobbled together tape of alleged intercepted phone calls recorded days earlier (which I believe refer to the Antonov An-26 of 14th July);
3. an admission, before Lysenko knew that MH17 had been shot down, that Ukraine had a video of the separatists with a BUK;
4. a video released the day after MH17 showing a BUK with a missing missile, but this video could be the video that Lysenko had referred and was thus filmed before MH17 (and I believe was the BUK that brought down the Antonov An-26);
5. an attempt to again hoodwink the general public by claiming that a photo of a Ukraine BUK in March was actually a Russian BUK that shot down MH17 in July;
6. a complete contradiction from Ukraine in that Naida claims that the BUK that shot down MH17 was back in Russia by 0200 on 18th July, yet Ukraine had earlier claimed, with video, that the BUK that shot down MH17 was in Luhansk at 0500.

And then we have the multiple launch sites (all based on statements from anonymous 'eyewitnesses'), mysterious photographers (some unnamed and some connected to the Ukraine Security Service) providing photographs but not the underlying raw data.

And then to top it all off, the US State Dept providing an image, possibly produced by a school child, of two coloured lines intercepting somewhere over East Ukraine, but again not the underlying raw data allegedly collected from 'sensors'.

But the video of the BUK with missing missile was hammered by Belling Cat as their prime evidence that Russia shot down MH17. But if Lysenko was telling the truth (that on 17th July 2014 Ukraine did have a video of the separatists with a BUK), then was the video of a BUK with missing missile released on 18th July the same video that Lysenko referred to on 17th July?

And if not, then why have Ukraine not released the video that Lysenko was actually referring to?


Please stop bombing the NATO/Zionist/Gulf state proxy terrorists trying to kill or oust Assad as per the plan revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11.


It happened again. And this time it was worse. All cores were at 100% activity even though I was not doing anything, and only had the task manager running to show me what was going on. I couldn't use the internet, using the control centre was painfully slow. So I rebooted, and it continued like that for another 15 minutes, and then all of a sudden, it stopped and the cores went back to normal behaviour, below 10% active.

Very, very strange.


So let's get this straight: unnamed sources reportedly tell CNN (remember it was CNN who a few months ago tried to suggest that Vladimir Putin was Jihadi John by flashing an image of Putin during a report on Jihadi John) that 4 Russian cruise missiles missed their targets and landed in Iran, but they cannot provide any evidence whatsoever, not even the locations of the alleged crashes?

And both Russia and Iran deny the crashes?

Yet who tweeted this evidence, again without any prior investigation into the possibility that it just might be propaganda, just blindly taking the report from CIA CNN as fact?


This is just the tip of the ISIS iceberg. In addition to the many defections from 'moderate rebels' with their NATO/Zionist/Gulf state weapons to more extreme factions, there have also been air drops from US and UK planes to Daesh, and convoys of trucks of supplies passing through Turkey. The Press TV reporter Serena Shim was murdered in Turkey because she was starting to report on NATO supplies to extreme Islamic factions in Syria.

The US Treasury has recently opened an inquiry about the so-called “Islamic State’s” (ISIS/ISIL) use of large numbers of brand-new Toyota trucks. The issue has arisen in the wake of Russia’s air operations over Syria and growing global suspicion that the US itself has played a key role in arming, funding, and intentionally perpetuating the terrorist army across Syria and Iraq.

...Just last year it was reported that the US State Department had been sending in fleets of specifically Toyota-brand trucks into Syria to whom they claimed was the “Free Syrian Army.”
First appeared:

Source :


All the cores on my computer were operating at or near 100% for nearly 1 hour this morning, even though I was not doing anything out of the ordinary (reading news on t'internet) or downloading anything. Normal CPU activity is 1 or 2 cores at below 10%.

And the firewall was switched off twice, but not by me.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


The white man knows how to make everything, but he does not know how to distribute it.

- Chief Sitting Bull

Chief Sitting Bull was obviously a Communist/Socialist?


The winner of The Great British Bake Off 2015 is...Nadiya Hussain!!

Be careful Britain. Her subsequent cook book may contain recipes for cake bombs.

Liz has reacted by deciding to give her annual Christmas message from...Finsbury Park mosque. After we will be required to sing the new national anthem:
God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
Allah u Akbar
Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign o'er us
Allah u Akbar

But in the meantime, before you go to sleep, look under your bed, because either a Muslim or Comrade Corbyn may be lurking with intent under your bed.

So sleep tight everybody.

And remember: be absolutely fucking terrified!!

Because the real terrorists are MI5...who allowed Michael Adebalajo to preach Jihad against Assad before he tried to saw the head off Lee Rigby (who according to Chris Spivey never existed).


Oik and Oink.

Osborne and Cameron.

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

Lying. Lying. Lying.

Didn't you know that the Tories are now the party of the worker (who can't afford to buy his or her own home, who will soon have no employment rights and is increasingly being dumped onto zero hours contracts)?

And didn't you know that Jeremy Corbyn said that the death of Osama bin Laden was "a tragedy", but what Oink forgot to add was that Corbyn said that ObL's death was a tragedy because ObL could have been captured, interrogated to discover other aspects of al Qaeda and how 9/11 was planned and implemented so that it couldn't happen again,and then tried on the evidence.

Instead ObL was allegedly killed on the spot, and his body quickly buried at sea, with no photos published that clearly show ObL dead.

And who organised this charade? Leon Panetta, who became DCIA with very little intelligence experience.

And who did Panetta hire? Monica Lewinsky.

And what did Lewinsky do? She had an affair with President Bill Clinton.

And who broke the story of Clinton and Lewinsky? Matt Drudge.

People! It is all a load of hairy wotsits!!


Last year Israel laid siege to Gaza again, this time killing 520 children.

A recent star on Infowars was Pat Condell, a blatant Zionist who quotes one of Israel's prime Zionists, Danny Ayalon, for his views, and also blames Hamas for using children as human shields.

But how did The Drudge Report cover this barbarity?

You mean, besides a report quoting Joan Rivers, a video showing the children of Gaza cheering for rockets to strike the USA, a report that several 'brave' Israeli soldiers wounded, and numerous reports blaming the war on Hamas?

I would urge readers not to be frightened by anyone and look closely at how people report events to make up your own mind.

See for yourselves.

Use the search box on The Drudge Report front page to search the archives. In my opinion, during Israel's barbaric war on Gaza last year the reports that Drudge linked to were overwhelmingly pro-Zionist and from pro-Zionist sources.

I notice that on the front page of The Drudge Report there are explicit links to The Jerusalem Post, The Weekly Standard and World Net Daily, all blatant Zionist fronts, but there are no links to any Palestinian media.

Now, why is that?

Drudge shot to fame by 'breaking' the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Drudge claimed to have heard that Newsweek had held back publishing the story and so, as a good citizen journalist, he broke the story instead. But if you do some research on the Lewinsky scandal, it was all about Israel using the scandal to get Clinton to back off Israel. Lewinsky was of Jewish descent, and somehow got a job at the office of Clinton's Chief of Staff, Leon Panetta, later DCIA, through a family connection.

But at the time the Drudge Report was a relatively minor news outlet. So how did the story hit the mainstream media?

"On the basis of what we knew Saturday, I am comfortable that we didn't go ahead with the story," Newsweek president Richard Smith said later. He added, "When the clock ran out, I wasn't prepared to air an allegation that a young White House intern had an affair with the president without more independent reporting on her."

The story of the Newsweek story soon found an outlet, however. By the next day, Internet gossipmeister Matt Drudge, who earlier had scooped Newsweek on its own story about Kathleen Willey, had posted an item on his Web site, and on ABC's "This Week with Sam and Cokie," William Kristol, editor and publisher of the conservative journal Weekly Standard, made reference to it before being dismissed by former White House official George Stephanopoulos. "We've all seen how discredited that's been," Stephanopoulos said of the Drudge Report site, whose tone would turn more serious later in the week once the allegations surfaced fully.

[source : Friends Sharing Secrets, Washington Post,]

Yep. It was Bill Kristol!!

You know who Bill Kristol is, don't you? Kristol is the man behind The Weekly Standard and The Project for a New American Century...AND EXPLICITLY LINKED TO BY DRUDGE!!

There is a lot more to the Lewinsky scandal.

But not only that, Drudge would later run a hoax story that Clinton was the father of a love child with alleged prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams.

Drudge is also of Jewish descent.

Drudge does not appear to have reported on The Redirection, or General Wesley Clark's revelations despite reporting on other comments and activities by Clark.

What you have to ask is: how did particular people get to be where they are?

Some people like to use the phrase 'controlled opposition'.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


For millenia, the continent we know as North America was occupied by native Americans.

But after 1604, things started to go really downhill for the native Americans, as white settlers came from Europe, to settle, to farm the land, to trade, and to eventually ethnically cleanse the native Americans in order to take their lands.

Sweden was one of many nations that supplied immigrants into the United States, well over a million :
Immigration to the United States in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was a part of the economic and social transformation that affected both Europe and North America, when between 1850 and 1950 some fifty million Europeans settled in non-European areas. The mass exodus of some 1.3 million Swedes to the United States, often young and healthy men and women, during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was due to the economic and social circumstances in Sweden.

...Minnesota became the most Swedish of all states, with Swedish-Americans constituting more than 12 percent of Minnesota's population in 1910. In some areas, such as Chisago or Isanti counties on the Minnesota countryside north and northwest of Minneapolis, Swedish-Americans made up close to 70 percent of the population. If Minnesota became the most Swedish state in the union, the city of Chicago, was the Swedish-American capital. In 1910, more than 100,000 Swedish-Americans resided in Chicago, which meant that about 10 percent of all Swedish-Americans lived there. At the turn of the century, Chicago was also the second largest Swedish city in the world; only Stockholm had more Swedish inhabitants than Chicago.

[source : Swedish Immigration to North America, Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Augustana College,, Accessed 6t October 2015]

So the challenge for all those anti-immigrant persons out there is: what ever happened to the native Americans of Minnesota? (Clue: they were slaughtered.)


After reading the post below, WHO WAS PRESIDENT ANDREW JACKSON, we can now sincerely ask the following questions:

Can the worship of President Andrew Jackson be classified as a mental illness?

Or is just straight up lazy, racist white supremacy?


According to Libertarians, President Andrew Jackson was a dreamy dream of a hero. Jackson fought the British at New Orleans and won a decisive battle for the United States. Jackson then destroyed the Second Bank of the United States because it was a privately owned central bank which could not be trusted because of the amount of foreign investors in the bank.

All this, Libertarians claim, makes Jackson a hero.

Libertarians got all this from two authors, Eustace Mullins and G Edward Griffin, both considered untouchable sacred cows in Conspiracyland.

But who was Jackson, really?

Well what I am about to tell you will make your toes curl at the naivete and laziness of Libertarians for falling for what I believe is a British intelligence propaganda operation.

First I will tell you straight up what Jackson was: a slaveholding, racist, treasonous scumbag.

You want proof?

Well, here goes.

Jackson was a planter and slaveholder

Jackson's plantation, The Hermitage, was 1000 acres, and when he died he owned 150 slaves, having started out with just 9. Though considered one of the more reasonable slaveholders, Jackson would have his slaves beaten for running away or impudence.

Negro Fort

Fugitive slaves from the Southern states found sanctuary in what was called Negro Fort, an old fort from the War of 1812 built on the banks of the Apalachicola River. These fugitive slaves and the Seminoles formed a colony from persecution and return to slavery. But then along comes Andrew Jackson, who ran a campaign against the fort to return fugitive slaves back to their 'rightful owners'. Jackson offered $50 for each returned slave. During an attack on the fort a loose cannonball hit the fort's arsenal and killed 300 occupants of the fort.

Burr and Treason

Jackson was involved in treason against the United States. After assassinating Alexander Hamilton, who Libertarians hate, Aaron Burr found sanctuary at Jackson's plantation. There they and others conspired to grab Louisiana for the British. Burr was tried for this attempt at treason, but got off because one of the jury leaders was one of Burr's pals. Burr then fled to Great Britain and stayed with head of British Intelligence Jeremy Bentham. Upon his return to the United States, Burr hooked up with another British operative, Martin van Buren, and they began to use Jackson's role at New Orleans in a campaign to make him President.

The aim of the British was to destroy the Second Bank of the United State because it had helped the USA to grow and become a threat to Great Britain.

Presidency and The Second Bank of the United States

One of the favourite claims that Libertarians make to praise Jackson, to raise his stature, is that Jackson paid off the debt to create a surplus. Yes, Jackson did pay off the debt, but only the last few dollars. All the hard work had been done by Nicholas Biddle, who Jackson battled and tried to oust.

During his second term as President, Jackson tried to destroy the Second Bank of The United States by withdrawing the Federal deposits.

Jackson's first choice as Secretary to the Treasury, Samuel Ingham, would not withdraw the Federal funds in the bank. So Jackson fired him.

Jackson then appointed Louis McLane as Secretary to the Treasury. McLane would also not withdraw the Federal funds in the bank. So Jackson fired him too.

Jackson's third choice was Roger B Taney. Taney was the lowest of the low, a fellow slaveholder of Jackson. Taney withdrew the Federal funds, as Jackson requested. But where did these funds go? Taney deposited those funds in the banks that his friends owned or managed!! And what did they do with all that loot? They used that burst of fresh cash as a base to create more and more cash, using fractional reserve banking, for a speculation bubble. This along with Jackson's sale of government land (though how the government obtained it in the first place is up for debate) created a parallel speculation bubble. Both of these bubbles inevitably burst causing the Panic of 1837.

In return for withdrawing Federal funds, Jackson appointed Taney as the Chief Justice of The United States, a position Taney held for 28 years. Taney argued against Dred Scott and wrote the dreadful decision.

The Trail of Tears

During a battle against the Red Sticks a Cherokee named Junaluska saved Jackson from an attacker, prompting Jackson to declare, “As long as the sun shines and the grass grows, there shall be friendship between us.” But Jackson shortly after confiscated 23 million acres of land in Alabama and Georgia, some of which belonged to the Cherokees, and a few years later Jackson banished the Cherokees from their lands to give it to Georgia and Alabama prospectors, settlers and slaveholders. This was the Trail of Tears, a consequence of Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830 in which Jackson forced several tribes of American Indians to a shitty reservation hundreds of miles away. Along the way thousands died. And all for what? The Libertarian's and white man's precious element: GOLD!!!

Jackson and the Rothschilds

Another amazing, jaw-dropping claim that Libertarians make is that Jackson was anti-banker. But what did Jackson do? He appointed the Rothschilds as agents for the United States in Europe!!! This was a dream appointment for the Rothschilds and catapulted them into the big league, i.e. Jackson helped to make the Rothschilds what they are!!

So I ask again : is there anyone out there who still worships President Andrew Jackson?