Tuesday, March 31, 2015


It's a small village. There's a ceasefire. They can be there tomorrow.

Why don't they get down there and knock on a few doors, ask a few residents themselves?

Do they really want to know?

There were four residents of Chervonyi Zhovten that Reuters allegedly spoke to:
Valentina Kovalenko;
Her daughter Anastasia Kovalenko;
Olga Krasilnikova;
Pyotr Fedotov.

We now understand that there is some doubt about Fedotov's interview, and Reuters don't seem to be in a hurry to show their interview of him.

So that leaves the other three, who we can assume know about what was said in the article, and may well have been talking to each other.

Did RT speak to them?

Monday, March 30, 2015


In its report on the release today of a video by the JIT requesting witnesses to a BUK being transported through East Ukraine, Reuters refers to the report that is disputed by Russia Today. In that initial Reuters report Pytor Fedotov is claimed to have said that he saw the missile wiggling as it flew over his head when he was in his garden in a village south of Shnizhne.

Villagers in eastern Ukraine told Reuters earlier this year they saw a missile flying directly overhead just before flight MH17 was shot out of the sky, providing the most detailed accounts to date that suggest the rocket was launched from territory held by pro-Russian rebels.

[source : Dutch MH17 crash investigation focuses on Russian missile theory, Reuters, http://uk.reuters.com/article/2015/03/30/uk-ukraine-crisis-mh-idUKKBN0MQ1B620150330, 30th March 2015]

But today Russia Today has reported that Fedotov has told them that he did not say this and that Fedotov says the Reuters report is "mere fantasy".

To help to clarify the situation Russia Today has asked Reuters and the reporter to provide the the raw footage of the interview, which Reuters has so far not done.

And on those intercepts in that video released by the JIT: are they having a laugh?

They mention BUK and Russia, as if the people speaking were actually trying to implicate themselves!!

And as for the proposed route as to how the BUK got from Shnizhne to Luhansk, the BUK would have had to travel through territory occupied by the Kiev Nazis!!! That area south and west of Luhansk was either occupied by Kiev Nazis or was a war zone as the Kiev Nazis tried to create a corridor to Luhansk airport.


These are not my words (though I do think they are true).

These are the words of the Dutch team investigating MH17.

The Dutch public prosecution underlines that, despite the release of this information, there is still no irrefutable proof that explains the crash. “It is too early to be drawing any conclusions regarding the cause of the crash.” The investigation team is researching another scenario, in which MH17 was the target of an airborne assault. Two other scenarios, a terrorist attack and technical failure, have been ruled out.

[source : Strong evidence found of separatist involvement in downing of MH17, NRC, http://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2015/03/30/strong-evidence-found-of-separatist-involvement-in-downing-of-mh17/, 30th March 2015]

So they still haven't ruled out "an airborne assault".

I'm not surprised about that with all the eyewitnesses who have stated on camera, some within minutes of MH17 coming down, that they saw fighter jets close to MH17 when it came down.

But note in the RCL report these statements:
The missile’s smoke trail was photographed from Torez and the electronic communication between the missile and its launcher was supposedly registered as well.

Regarding the claim about the smoke trail, it has not been proved that it was THE smoke trail. This is only a belief of some.

And regarding the claim that the electronic communications were registered, I assume that this was made by the 'sensors' that the USA says it has, the data from which has not been released, but they did release an image of an arc and a straight line intercepting over Shnizhne, an image a schoolkid could knock up in 30 seconds. Why not release the raw data?

And regarding Jeroen Akkermans, he violated all criminal and journalistic protocol and claims to have removed a piece of evidence that he allegedly found at a crime scene, he did not notify the investigating authorities until months later when some one who was paid to provide an opinion said that the evidence belonged to a BUK.


Pyotr Fedotov is the MH17 'eyewitness' who is reported to have said that he saw the wiggling rocket fired from a field identified to him by farm workers as the launch site.

But he now says that the Reuters report relating to him is "mere fantasy".

So what does Reuters and the reporter have to say?

RT’s request to Reuters for comments on the controversy and raw footage of Fedotov’s interview was not replied to as of publication of this article.

[source : ‘Reuters lied’: MH17 witness says reporter falsified story, RT, http://rt.com/news/245141-reuters-witness-misreport-mh17/, 30th March 2015]

RT must now interview the other quoted sources in that Reuters report, in particular Valentina Kovalenko, who said she saw smoke coming from the Progress mine. The Progress mine is several Kms north west of the village whereas the proposed launch site is east of the village.

Perhaps Reuters were hoping that nobody in the village could read English?

Or maybe Fedotov is lying and he is making this up to protect himself?

This is why RT needs to urgently contact the other witnesses named in that Reuters report.

But let's review the current allegations about who shot down MH17 and from where:
1. the Ukraine Security Service released tapes within hours of MH17 coming down which they said proved 100% beyond doubt that Cossacks based at Chernukino shot down MH17;
2. Belling Cat and RTL Nieuws believe that, based on a photograph of a plume of smoke, a BUK was launched from a field 5 Km south of Shnizhne;
3. the US State Dept released an image of an arc intercepting a straight line with the arc's origin in the Shnizhne area;
4. Der Spiegel and Correctiv released flashy multi-media reports based on statements from anonymous eyewitnesses suggesting that a BUK was launched from a field 3 Km north of Shnizhne;
5. Russia says that fighter jets were in the area when MH17 was shot down, claims backed up by numerous eyewitnesses who have gone on camera to state their claims;
6. Russia also says that Ukraine's BUK systems were close to the area and were showing signs of increased activity on 17th July;

Now from this we can see that the claims from the pro-Kiev side all contradict each other, and that any 'eyewitness' statements are anonymous. And when one source is named (Fedotov) he refutes the report's claims.

Whereas there are many interviews of eyewitnesses who say on camera, some within minutes of MH17 coming down, that they saw fighter jets close to MH17 when it was shot down.

And you can also add to this that:
1. the Ukraine Air Force is being very coy about what they were doing on 17th July 2014;
2. a claim has been made that Germany knows the ID numbers of the planes in the air and in the area of MH17 when it was shot down, the allegation being that they were waiting for Putin to fly by on his way to Rostov in a plane with livery very similar to MH17;
3. there has been virtually no mention in the NATO media that Ukraine has an air force and has BUKs;
4. that the investigation is being 'guided' by the Dutch intelligence services who are interfering with and obstructing the investigation;
5. that there was a secret agreement that allowed the conspirators to veto any evidence or information from being released.


NATO wants Ukraine and will lie through its teeth to get it.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Spring is here!!

And soon summer, with fields and meadows, lush with green grass and bright flowers waltzing in the breeze illuminated and warmed by a glowing sun!!

This is the best video I could find of Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers: it has the correct pace and finale (some pause right at the end which spoils it); fantastic photos of brilliant, beautiful flowers.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


In 1996 Israel wrote A Clean Break proposing warmongering on Iraq, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

In 1998 The Project for a New American Century formed by uber-Zionists Robert Kagan and Bill Kristol, and their first action was to write to the POTUS Bill Clinton demanding war on Iraq.

In 2000 PNAC published Rebuilding America's Defenses which named Iraq and Iran as the biggest threats to US national security, but also proposing multiple simultaneous wars across the globe but recognising the need for "a new Pearl Harbor" to provoke the required support from the American public.

On 11th September 2001 founding and senior members of PNAC were in powerful positions in the American power structure while alleged hijacked passenger planes were flying unimpeded across the USA : Vice-President; Secretary of Defense; Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Shortly after 9/11 General Wesley Clark was told of a plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years.

Iraq. Iran. Syria. Lebanon. Libya. Sudan. Somalia.

All of whom had nothing whatsoever to do with 9/11.

We invaded Afghanistan for opium.

But since then we have attempted war and regime change in the following countries:
Iraq (2003)
Lebanon (2006)
Libya (2011)
Syria (2011- )

Anyone who cannot see that this plan revealed to Clark has been and is being implemented is an...

And anyone who knows about this and is not exposing it any opportunity they have is crayzee.

Or worse...

And the propaganda required to first trick the NATO public into supporting, and then keep from the NATO public the actual bona fide truth is astronomical, involving lies, more lies, even more lies, shit loads of lies, and lots and lots of pathetic, irrelevant, boring crap on TV and radio, in sport, in education, in films, and in the NATO media in general.

Anyone not exposing this plan is indulging in some propaganda of their own.

A million civilians have died, and millions are now refugees.

And to add to that we now the medieval Islamic State sawing the heads off of British aid workers and sawing the heads off of Syrian military officers trying to defend their country from Saudi-sponsored Jihadi butchers.

It is also not unrelated that NATO unleashed neo-Nazis in Ukraine after Yanukovich decided to sign a deal with Russia instead of with the NATO/IMF/EU cabal: Putin had stopped a planned war on Syria after Prince Bandar pulled a false flag at Ghouta.

We are still feeling the shockwaves of 9/11: Islamic State in Syria, in Libya, in Iraq; and now in Ukraine the threat of a nuclear war, because Russia under Putin has become a threat to the NATO/IMF/EU power structure, particularly with the rise of the BRICS and their development bank.

All thanks to that plan revealed to and by General Wesley Clark.

Expose this plan. Help to stop it. Jail the men and women behind it.

And then the world will be a safer, happier place for the children of this world.


Cameron is much, much worse.

Dave Cameron.

Dave Cameron.

Dave Cameron (Fuck Yeah!)
Comin' again to save the muthafuckin' day, yeah.
Dave Cameron (Fuck Yeah!)
Fascism is the only way, yeah.

Socialists your game is through
Coz now you have to answer to

Dave Cameron (Fuck Yeah!)
So lick his butt and suck on his balls.

Dave Cameron (Fuck Yeah!)
Watcha' gonna do when he comes for you now?

He's the dream we all share.
He's our hope for tomorrow.

Zionism (Fuck Yeah!)
Islamic State (Fuck Yeah!)
The Saudis (Fuck Yeah!)
The Establishment (Fuck Yeah!)
Polo (Fuck Yeah!)
Bullingdon (Fuck Yeah!)
Bilderberg (Fuck Yeah!)
Debt slavery (Fuck Yeah!)

Fuck Yeah!

Asuterity (Fuck Yeah!)
Student loans (Fuck Yeah!)
Bedroom tax (Fuck Yeah!)
Fascism (Fuck Yeah!)
Tax the poor (Fuck Yeah!)
Screw the poor (Fuck Yeah!)
Fuck the poor (Fuck Yeah!)
Police state (Fuck Yeah!)
NHS (Fuck that!)
More wars for banks (Fuck yeah..Fuck Yeah)

Freedom (Fuck that!)
Democracy (Fuck that too!)
The Falklands (Fuck Yeah!)
Russia (Fuck them!)
Kiev Nazis (Fuck Yeah!)
Syria (Fuck them!)
Libya (Fuck them!)
Israel (Fuck Yeah!)
Palestine (Fuck them!)
NATO (..Fuck Yeah..Fuck Yeah)
Books (....)

Friday, March 27, 2015


We all know he meant to say it, but he cooled it JIT.

Ed Miliband.

Ed Miliband.

Ed Miliband (Fuck Yeah!)
Comin' again to save the muthafuckin' day, yeah.
Ed Miliband (Fuck Yeah!)
Coz' Labour is the only way, yeah.

Conservatives your game is through
Coz now you have to answer to

Ed Miliband (Fuck Yeah!)
So lick his butt and suck on his balls.

Ed Miliband (Fuck Yeah!)
Watcha' gonna do when he comes for you now?

He's the dream we all share.
He's our hope for tomorrow.

Zionism (Fuck Yeah!)
Staged wars (Fuck Yeah!)
KFC (Fuck Yeah!)
Football (Fuck Yeah!)
Wars for banks (Fuck Yeah!)
Rock N' Roll (Fuck Yeah!)
The Internet (Fuck Yeah!)
Slavery (Fuck Yeah!)

Fuck Yeah!

Bilderberg (Fuck Yeah!)
Student loans (Fuck Yeah!)
Porno (Fuck Yeah!)
Fascism (Fuck Yeah!)
Reeboks (Fuck Yeah!)
Fake Tits (Fuck Yeah!)
NATO (Fuck Yeah!)
Armed police (Fuck Yeah!)
NHS (Fuck Yeah!)
More wars for banks (Fuck yeah..Fuck Yeah)

Liberty (Fuck that!)
Freedom (Fuck that too!)
The Falklands (Fuck Yeah!)
Russia (Fuck them!)
Kiev Nazis (Fuck Yeah!)
Christmas (Fuck Yeah!)
Immigrants (Fuck Yeah!)
Israel (Fuck Yeah!)
The Lib Dems (Fuck Yeah!)
The SNP (..Fuck Yeah..Fuck Yeah)
Books (....)

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Well, there's no need for scouring social media and using geolocation and only have your allegations confirmed by a convicted spy working for an organisation whose major source of finance is the UK Ministry of Defence and is run the Monarchy's Mafia to 'prove' this!

That utopia of freedom, democracy and human rights, the head-chopping, terrorist-financing Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has actually overtly bombed the sovereign state of Yemen, killing tens of people and wounding more.

Saudi Arabia says that it is doing this to restore a legitimately elected government.

Contrast that with Russia and Ukraine. The former President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovich, had decided to sign a deal with Russia instead of with the NATO/EU/IMF cabal. So NATO unleashed neo-Nazis onto Kiev, who shot protestors and police to provoke an outrage so that the protestors led by the neo-Nazis would set Kiev on fire and chase Yanukovich away. Victoria Kagan-Nuland handpicked NATO-sponsored Yats to be the new PM, neo-Nazis burned 50 anti-Kiev protestors alive in Odessa, a former senior member of the US Embassy in Kiev becomes Ukraine Finance Minister, she then sells Ukraine to Monsanto and the IMF, and Ukraine votes to take one step closer to joining NATO. If Ukraine joins NATO then NATO can plonk first strike nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow on Russia's doorstep. So you can see why Russia is very concerned at what has happened in Ukraine and has understandably reacted.

But who are the Houthis? They are Shia, allegedly backed by Iran, and have allied with President Bashar al Assad against the international cutthroat Jihadis that have been unleashed onto Syria by Saudi Arabia!!

So the situation is this: that utopia of freedom, democracy and human rights, the head-chopping, terrorist-financing diabolical Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is virtually a British colony due to Great Britain helping to create it and giving the Saudi head-choppers their unwavering support, is overtly bombing a sovereign nation, without any UN authorisation, to allegedly restore democracy while simultaneously financing international cutthroat Jihadis in an illegal war on Syria allegedly for freedom and democracy (but we all know they are actually doing it for a pipeline from the Pars gas field)!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


About a month ago I posted POWERFUL DOCUMENTARY ON MH17 SUPPORTS THE "GET PUTIN" THESIS in which the documentary claims that German (and thus presumably NATO) intelligence knows that Ukraine Air Force fighter jets were in the area where and when MH17 was shot down, and that they even know which planes they were: numbers 06, 07, 08 and 38 from the 299 Squadron.

The Ukraine Air Force could help us all out here by opening up their records for 17th July 2014.


I just watched Liz Wahl and Eliot Higgins at that SKUP conference talking about propaganda, in particular Russian propaganda.

The naivete of these two clowns is breathtaking!!

Neither have addressed neither the existence or the contents of the videos of General Wesley Clark revealing the plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years, all of whom had zilch to do with 9/11.

Here is Clark on one of those videos that has been posted on social media for years:

Wahl spoke about Russian foreign policy. But what about all that from Clark?

We here in the DFQ were told that Iraq was involved in 9/11 and had WMDs aimed at our backyard barbecues. We went to war in 2003 in Iraq, killing at least a half million civilians, having already killed that many in the previous decade through sanctions and air strikes. The propaganda involved in selling that 2003 war was incredible. Did Wahl or Higgins even mention that never mind address it? Er, nope. And Iraq is just one of the seven wars planned. We've had wars on Iraq (2003), Lebanon (2006), Libya (2011) and a long proxy war on Syria since 2011 involving the sadistic unleashing of the nastiest, most barbaric international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria and her children, who because they couldn't do the job were allowed to morph into that medieval murder cult Islamic State!!

And because Putin had (a) stopped the planned war on Syria in 2013 after Bandar's failed false flag at Ghouta, and (b) persuaded Yanukovich to sign a deal with Russia, the USA/NATO unleashed neo-Nazis in Ukraine to overthrow Yanukovich and put their man "Yats" in to power. In response, after a referendum in Crimea the citizens there voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia. Civilians in East Ukraine have also recognised this Nazism and rebelled.

In other words, the USA/NATO is on the march: in Iraq; in Libya; in Syria; in Ukraine.

Yet Putin is labelled the aggressor, the imperialist, the tyrant.

But didn't we go to war against the Nazis in World War 2?

Wasn't Russia our ally against Nazism then?

The propaganda required to keep all this from a dumbed-down NATO public is absolutely massive.

Wahl and Higgins should urgently address the statements of General Wesley Clark above. His statements reveal a plan that has dominated the foreign policies of the USA, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya and many others. And without that plan and the diabolical decision to execute it there might not have been wars in Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and Ukraine: no barrel bombs on Aleppo; no MH17 being shot down; no cannibals eating the hearts of their prisoners; and no mass executions of Syrian military officers trying to protect the children of Syria from Saudi-sponsored cutthroats!!

And more importantly to Wahl, no propaganda.


Eliot Higgins has called me a "nutty blogger" who is "obsessed" with him

NB Higgins did not question the history in that blog.

All I did in that blog yesterday was point out that, contrary to Higgins' belief, The Bavarian Illuminati really did exist, they really did ally with Freemasonry and had plans for world government. Whether they still exist now I am not sure, but there is some evidence to suggest that they, or at least their ideas, live on in the British monarchy.

Anyway, in that blog yesterday I mentioned Freemasonry and World War 1. I have posted on this many times. Perhaps the most concise post on this is SLAM DUNK EVIDENCE THAT WORLD WAR ONE WAS A BLOODY BRITISH FREEMASONIC CONSPIRACY. But since posting that a further piece of evidence supporting this conspiracy has come to light. Last year a letter was found written by King George V to Sir Edward Grey. In that letter King George V, having told Kaiser Wilhelm II that Great Britain would stay out of any war on the continent, thus encouraging Germany and thus Russia to mobilisation, told Sir Edward Grey to get Great Britain into any subsequent war. The general thesis is that the British monarchy through Freemasonry engineered The Triple Entente, the British Foreign Office deployed agents to cause unrest and tension in the Balkans, Freemasons assassinated Ferdinand having been given the materials by Freemasons, the British then acted neutral which encouraged Germany and the rest to mobilisation, but as soon as Germany invaded Belgium Sir Edward Grey cited the inappropriate 1839 Treaty of London which Great Britain was not obliged to honour unilaterally. It was all a trap!!

Now, is it nutty to expose this? That it was our very own monarchy and government that engineered and executed WW1? In the same corridors of power that are now infested with paedophiles and murderers who are being protected by the intelligence services?

But with the British monarchy and government exposed as the instigators of World War 1 then today's geopolitical machinations can and must be seen in a completely different light.

Take Syria.

I have blogged numerous times on Syria. Shortly after 9/11 General Wesley Clark was told of a plan for war on seven nations in five years: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. By 2007 this plan was moribund so the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia agreed that the latter would unleash the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Iran and Lebanon. Roland Dumas was asked by the British in 2009 to plan smuggling of those Jihadis into Syria. The Arab Spring was run by the US State Department to provide cover those nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis as 'freedom fighters'. In 2011 that fake Arab Spring erupted in Libya and Syria. After NATO had been AQIM's air force and UN SCR 1973 had been abused to become a Get-Gaddafi campaign (see the plan revealed to General Wesley Clark) those nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis were smuggled into Syria via Turkey and Lebanon. But even that plan has failed. So in 2013 Prince Bandar threatened Putin that if Putin didn't dump Assad then Bandar would unleash hell in Syria. Putin didn't dump Assad. On 21st August Bandar unleashed hell in Ghouta. But Bandar's Ghouta false flag failed to provoke the war on Syria so that the plan could move onto Iran. So Islamic State was allowed to come to power (see NATO INTELLIGENCE WERE TOLD OF ISIS PLAN TO INVADE IRAQ MONTHS AGO). Islamic State will be used to oust Assad in any way that will work. The warmongers are really desperate now. And the reason for wanting Assad is out is to get a pipeline built from the Pars field starting in Qatar through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey with a line to Israel, while Assad wants a pipeline from the Pars field starting in Iran through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The final destination is Europe but Assad has said that his chosen pipeline will not threaten Russia's business in Europe, while NATO wants the Qatar pipeline to destroy Russia's business with Europe.

And as for Ukraine, Yanukovich wanted to do a deal with Russia, so the NATO/EU/IMF cabal unleashed neo-Nazis, they provoked a violent revolution by shooting protestors and police from the Conservatory (this is admitted on film and backed up by photographic evidence), Victoria Kagan-Nuland (wife of the bona fide nutty Robert Kagan, the 'mastermind' behind the wars after 9/11) hand-picked NATO-sponsored "Yats" to be PM, a former senior member of the US Embassy in Kiev is now Ukraine Finance Minister, she sold out Ukraine to Monsanto and the IMF, and Ukraine is closer to joining NATO.

Once you know and understand that there is a cabal prepared to plan and execute such atrocities such as WW1 and wars and regime change in seven nations in five years involving unleashing the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syrian children then you do not automatically believe but instead question everything that the NATO media tells you...particularly when their current actions are provoking a nation with a massive nuclear arsenal into threatening to use that arsenal, possibly against us.

And Putin is the target of a massive NATO black propaganda campaign not because he is Satan incarnate but because he has become the public face of a resistance to the financial powers (you know, the Federal Reserve system which just screwed the world economy) known as the BRICS and their new development bank: damage Putin and the momentum behind that resistance might crumble.

Nutty is blowing 520 Palestinian children to bits, some for no other reason than for playing football on a beach.

Nutty is unleashing the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis onto children.

Nutty is allowing the rise of Islamic State.

And yes, I am obsessed. But not with Higgins.

I am obsessed with stopping world war by putting today's current geopolitical events in a historical context.

There is no kiddie-fiddling-and-murdering scandal in Russia, but there is in London where World War One (and two for that matter) was planned. Coincidence?

Monday, March 23, 2015


I got this today from Tom Watson MP's Change.Org campaign for inquiries into Whitehall paedo and murder rings.

23 Mar 2015 — Thanks so much for making this one of the most popular petitions on Change.org. In less than a week we have received over 16,000 signatures. OK, it's not as many as Jeremy Clarkson is currently getting but it's a start.

I've written an article that shows just how many potential cover-ups have been exposed by investigative journalists in the last two years. I hope you find it of interest:


Thanks so much for sticking with the campaign. If you could keep plugging the petition to your networks, I'd really appreciate it.

Tom W

Seems the nation is more concerned about getting Jeremy Clarkson back on Top Gear than finding out the level of kiddie-fiddling and kiddie-murdering in the corridors of power.

'Nuff sed.

C'est magnifique 'ere, innit?

Truly head-shakingly diabolical.


Tradition was that a man and a woman fell in love, married and had children. There'd be the odd child born out of wedlock, but that was the tradition. Now a man and a man meet, stick their cocks up each others arses then go to a clinic and produce a baby in a laboratory.

Is that progress?

But what are we breeding kids for?

We are breeding kids to bleed in wars.

I still cannot get over seeing those pro-war drawings and paintings posted on the walls of a corridor in a school I recently spent time in. The students there were genuinely nice. But the school had actually encouraged them to produce pro-war propaganda to encourage men and women to fight and die in world wars!!

I was both horrified but also not surprised.

Some schools release their students to the military one day per week.

Some treat their old boys who went to Iraq and Afghanistan as heroes and invite them to tell the students how great it is in the military.

But all schools do not tell their students the true origin of world wars.

Some blame wars on this organisation, The Illuminati. Here is Eliot Higgins mocking those who believe in their existence.

The facts are that The Bavarian Illuminati really did exist. They really were busted by the Bavarian government, who subsequently found troves of Illuminati documents revealing their plans for a world government. The Bavarian Government warned European governments of their existence and plans. In 1782 The Illuminati and Freemasonry became allies at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad. On being busted the founder of The Illuminati Adam Weishaupt found sanctuary in the House of Saxe-Gotha. The legend is that after that The Illuminati just disappeared, faded away, never to be heard of again. Maybe they did just fade away. Maybe they didn't. I don't know. But isn't it interesting that the British Royal family is actually the House of Saxe-Gotha-Coburg, and that it is they through Freemasonry who engineered World War One which led to the first true attempt at world government in The League of Nations?

Most people can't be arsed to find this out. They just blindly accept what the NATO imperialist media tells them, shag anyone of any gender, then produce kids (either naturally or in a lab) who grow up to be told to at least support NATO wars, but preferably fight in NATO wars.

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

Or as I rephrased it: dulce et decorum est pro freemasonry mori.

They engineer the wars, but your kids are tricked to fight and die in the wars.

But I was and still am deeply, deeply concerned that:
1. a 'nice' English school would encourage their genuinely nice students to produce pro-war propaganda;
2. when I tell a mother, who is also a teacher, what has been and is really going, I am ostracised without a single question being asked.

It is truly head-shakingly diabolical.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Freemasonry : the monarchy's mafia.


You remember Liz Wahl? She quit Russia Today live on air because of RT's coverage of Ukraine.

But she forgot to mention that neo-Nazis were used to oust a legitimately elected government, those neo-Nazis have now admitted that it was they who shot protestors and police to provoke the violence that eventually led to Yanukovich fleeing for his life, that those neo-Nazis then burned 50 people alive in a Trade Union building in Odessa, that Victoria Kagan-Nuland handpicked NATO's man "Yats" to be PM, that a former senior member of the US Embassy in Kiev is now Ukraine's Finance Minister, that consequently Yats and his mates have sold out Ukraine to Monsanto and the IMF, and that Ukraine is now one step closer to joining NATO.

Even the pigeons in Maidan know more than Wahl about what really happened in Ukraine: coup! coup! coup!

Anyway, Wahl is at this SKUP conference with her new best mate, that Higgins geezer.

Here she is tweeting on propaganda and how to fight it.

Oh yeah? Well fight this, Liz!!

Here is General Wesley Clark telling us about the plan for all the wars that have occured since 9/11.

Get this video shown on mainstream media and then I'll believe you.

And how about this for propaganda. Wahl said she would work for CNN. What did CNN do just the other week? CNN suggested that Putin was Jihadi John!!!!!

All news is propaganda of one form or another. In the 'west' we have Operation Mockingbird. No doubt Russia has something similar. But it's nice for us little people to be shown different perspectives on life and other things...like wars and terrorism, most of which have been planned in London and Washington with assistance from Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Assuming that barrel bombs have been used in the war on Syria (a war which started much, much earlier than 2011), were barrel bombs being used in Syria before:
1. 2011 when the US State Department's fake Arab Spring erupted in Syria in parallel with that in Libya?
2. 2009 when Roland Dumas was asked by the British to smuggle international cutthroat Jihadis into Syria?
3. 2007 when the redirection was agreed between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia in which the latter would unleash international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran?
4. 9/11 shortly after which General Wesley Clark was told a plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years, those countries being Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia?
5. 1996 when Israel wrote A Clean Break, a plan for war on Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon?
6. 1991 when Paul Wolfowitz told General Wesley Clark that the USA had "5 to 10 years to take out those old Soviet client regimes: Iraq, Iran, Syria."?

When a bunch of nations illegally gang up on you and illegally unleash the nastiest international cutthroat Jihadis as a proxy force onto you, what do you do?

Why are so many Syrian people supportive of Assad?

Why have so many Syrians, who initially joined The Arab Spring against Assad, seen the light and turned their back on the 'revolution'?

The Syrian people have a right to select who leads them. It is not Israel's right. It is not Washington's right. It is not London's right. It is not Paris' right. And it is definitely not the right of head-chopping, terrorist-financing, kiddie-fiddling Saudi Arabia!

These barrel bombs were not being used in Syria, assuming they are being used, before the US State Department unleashed its fake Arab Spring onto Libya and Syria in order to provide cover for international cutthroat Jihadis, like al Qaeda, as 'freedom fighters'. This fake cover was required because the initial plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years that was revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11 was by 2007 moribund.

If barrel bombs are being used in Syria it is because NATO, Israel and their head-chopping Gulf state allies unleashed international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria.

And the result of that is...?


And not just Islamic State in Syria, but Islamic State in Iraq, Islamic State in Libya, Islamic State in Tunisia, and Islamic State in Yemen. Where next?

Note: no Islamic State in Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Israel, or Jordan for that matter.

Human rights?

The people who organised all this and fail to expose it are not human, and think it is their right to just do whatever they want, killing hundreds of thousands in the process, safe in the knowledge that their aims and actions will not be questioned by a lapdog media, mainstream, alternative and social.


It was proclaimed yesterday with great fanfare that there was conclusive proof that MH17 had been shot down by a BUK missile. This was proclaimed by Jeroen Akkermans of RTL and repeated by the usual suspects. But the statement from the Dutch Safety Board reveals their scepticism of the integrity of this evidence.
"Additional investigation material is welcome, but it is imperative that it can be indisputably shown that there is a relationship between the material and the downed aircraft," the agency emphasized Thursday in a statement.

[source : Dutch dismiss reports alleging MH17 downed by Buk missile, RT, http://rt.com/news/242449-netherlands-downed-buk-missile/, 20th March 2015]

Remember when JFK was assassinated? There was lots of evidence without any chain of custody. For example the bullet that was submitted as one that was shot at Officer J D Tippit. The police officer who found that bullet marked his initials in the bullet...yet the bullet submitted to the Warren Commission did NOT have any initials!! The list is long.

And I do hope that one of the many sources of the Dutch Safety Board is the Ukraine Air Force.
“The investigation into the cause of the accident is in full progress and focuses on many more sources than only the shrapnel,” the DSB stated.

We do have to ask questions:
1. why did Akkermans not report the existence of the shrapnel to the OSCE instead of removing it from a crime scene and running his own private investigation?
2. did Akkermans find the only alleged piece of BUK shrapnel? I mean that scene was scoured by many, many people, well before the wreckage was removed? Some pieces could even have been planted and Akkermans prodded to go there!

Thursday, March 19, 2015


The editorial of The Guardian two days ago appeared to be anti-Netanyahu, suggesting that it was time for a change for Israel. I say that it appeared so. But that is all it was.

Today, the editorial in The Guardian appears to lament the re-election of Nutter Netanyahu, referring to his devilish very late statement that there will be no Palestinian state that is thought to have swung voters to Likud. I would also suggest vote fraud is another possibility. Plenty of such accusations were made against Obama in 2012, but are not being made against Netanyahu. The same claim of vote fraud was made over the referendum in Scotland last year. But for some reason similar allegations are not being made as to how Likud could win such a positive victory when in some polls they were trailing and many were expecting Zionist Union to win.

But Nutter Netanyahu would never do that, Would he?

Anyway, back to The Guardian.

The Guardian has been the warmonger since 9/11, particularly for the war on Syria. Note that I say "on" Syria, not "in" Syria. Syria has suffered a covert invasion of international cutthroat Jihadis since early 2011. That invasion was planned by Great Britain and agreed in 2007 between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia. That agreement was reached because the initial plan for war and regime change in seven nations in five years revealed to General Wesley Clark was by 2007 moribund. The seven nations named to Clark were Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia. The first four were named by Israel as targets for war in A Clean Break written in 1996. Iraq and Iran were named in Rebuilding America's Defenses written in 2000 by a Zionist organisation The Project for a New American Century.

Israel played a major part in 9/11. They knew about it. Five dancing Israelis were seen celebrating as the planes flew in the WTC. They were caught with explosives in a van, telling police that they were not the problem, Palestinians were. The removal company they worked for was a Mossad front. They were somehow released without charge and later appeared on Israeli TV saying they were in the USA to document the event. On the day, the US military was under the control of members of the Zionist PNAC, who had written of their dream for "a new Pearl Harbor" to go on a warmongering rampage against Iraq and Iran.

And even now, Israel attacks Syria in coordination with the international cutthroat Jihadis, and even gives them medical assistance.

And last year, Israel killed over 2000 Palestinians, 520 of them children, in yet another contrived war.

Netanyahu is behind all this.

The Guardian could crucify Netanyahu by accurately and emotionally reporting all this.

Instead we get the pro-Israel, pro-war editorials I analysed in THE GUARDIAN AND ITS ROLE IN ACCUSING ASSAD AND PUSHING FOR WAR ON SYRIA, and very little if any condemnation while Israel blows Palestinian children to bits.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


For some strange reason, over the last few weeks I've had the urge to watch, several times each, the two films Michael Collins and The Wind That Shakes The Barley which have opposing views on Collins.

But unknown to many is one of the most horrific crimes against humanity that pushed many Irish into rebellion against the British occupiers; the Irish slave trade, which was pushed by that 'Godfather' of modern democracy and 'civilisation', Oliver Cromwell, who was honoured with a statue outside The Marsten House.

They came as slaves; vast human cargo transported on tall British ships bound for the Americas. They were shipped by the hundreds of thousands and included men, women, and even the youngest of children.

Whenever they rebelled or even disobeyed an order, they were punished in the harshest ways. Slave owners would hang their human property by their hands and set their hands or feet on fire as one form of punishment. They were burned alive and had their heads placed on pikes in the marketplace as a warning to other captives.

We don’t really need to go through all of the gory details, do we? We know all too well the atrocities of the African slave trade.

But, are we talking about African slavery?King James II and Charles I also led a continued effort to enslave the Irish. Britain’s famed Oliver Cromwell furthered this practice of dehumanizing one’s next door neighbor.

The Irish slave trade began when James II sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies. By the mid 1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.

Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white.

From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade. Families were ripped apart as the British did not allow Irish dads to take their wives and children with them across the Atlantic. This led to a helpless population of homeless women and children. Britain’s solution was to auction them off as well.

[source : The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves, Global Research, http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-irish-slave-trade-the-forgotten-white-slaves/31076, 14th April 2008]


Nutter Netanyahu won the election.

After murdering 520 Palestinian children last year, he still won...with lies and threats.

This bodes ill for the world, but in particular for the Occupied Territories.

There is no God.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


An undercover police operation that gathered evidence of child abuse by Cyril Smith and other public figures was scrapped shortly after the MP was arrested, BBC Newsnight has been told.

...The order to scrap the inquiry, made after Smith and others had been arrested, came from a senior officer whom the undercover team had never met before, according to the source.

Officers were then ordered to hand over all their evidence - including notebooks and video footage - and were warned to keep quiet about the investigation or face prosecution under the Official Secrets Act, it is claimed.

[source : Cyril Smith child abuse inquiry 'scrapped after his arrest', BBC, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31908431, 16th March 2015]

Did you notice that last week, on the same day that Grand Master David Dukenfield admitted that he admitted guilt for and had covered up what really happened at Hillsborough, two reports came out on the massive failure of British police to investigate paedophile rings, one aimed at the Greater Manchester Police over Rochdale, and the second was aimed at...South Yorkshire Police?

So they spy on postmen, teachers and firemen, and infiltrate groups of protestors, and even have children with them, while at the same time organising rings to smuggle cutthroat Jihadis into Syria and fail to investigate paedophile rings.

C'est magnifique 'ere, innit?

Saturday, March 14, 2015


A former under cover police officer has blown the whistle on who the police were spying on:
Peter Francis, who spent four years undercover infiltrating political activists, has named five trade unions whose members he spied on. He said they were Unison, the Fire Brigades Union, Communication Workers Union, National Union of Teachers, and the National Union of Students.

[source : Covert police unit spied on trade union members, whistleblower reveals, The Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/undercover-with-paul-lewis-and-rob-evans/2015/mar/13/covert-police-unit-spied-on-trade-union-members-whistleblower-reveals, 13th March 2015]

Meanwhile, at the same time preparations were being made to smuggle international cutthroat Jihadis into Syria, a policy that has eventually led to the rise of Islamic State and the threat to national security that they pose, a threat that MI5 and MI6 welcome because they get to benefit from more surveillance powers.

But as this report shows, postmen, teachers and firemen was spied on!!!!

And the ISC only a few days ago said that mass surveillance is good for us?!

Friday, March 13, 2015


The war on Syria was planned decades ago. General Wesley Clark has revealed that he was told by Paul Wolfowitz in 1991 that the USA had 5 to 10 years to take out those old Soviet client regimes: Iraq, Syria, Iran.

Five years later Israel published A Clean Break naming Iraq, Syria, Iran and Lebanon as targets for war.

In 2000 the rabid Zionist organisation The Project for a New American Century, founded by Zionists Robert Kagan (whose wife is Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland) and Bill Kristol (who later founded The Emergency Committee for Israel) published Rebuilding America's Defenses which named Iraq and Iran as the biggest threats to US national security, but recognising the need for "a new Pearl Harbor" to provoke calls for global war from a fluoride-riddled American public.

On 9/11 that "new Pearl Harbor" happened when the US military, run by members of PNAC, somehow could not intercept a few hijacked passenger planes over a period of nearly 2 hours, which eventually flew into the WTC and even The Pentagon. Oh, how embarrassing. But never mind. LET'S GO TO WAR!!


In 2001 shortly after 9/11 General Wesley Clark was told of a plan for war and regime change in seven nations in five years. The targets named to Clark were Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

Note that 6 of these had no possible link whatsoever to 9/11. The one that did, Iraq, was accused of running 9/11 and of a WMD program. These claims were made by members of PNAC.

So we invaded Iraq in 2003. Still no evidence that Iraq did 9/11. Still no evidence that Iraq had WMDs (and if they did then they got them from us).

In 2006 Israel attacked Lebanon.

In 2011 we attacked Libya.

And in 2011 The US State Department's fake Arab Spring erupted in Syria.

The Arab Spring was engineered by the US State Department to provide cover for international cutthroat Jihadis as 'freedom fighters'. These international cutthroat Jihadis were to be unleashed as part of a plan agreed in 2007 between the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia. In 2009 Great Britain asked Roland Dumas to plan the smuggling of Jihadis into Syria. The Arab Spring kicked off in Syria in 2011. After Gaddafi was assassinated, Jihadis turned their cutthroat attention to Syria, smuggled into Syria through Turkey with Turkey's aquiescence. Turkey is a member of NATO.

But 4 years later Assad is still there, with the support of the vast majority of the Syrian people.

Somehow, despite all this mass surveillance British Jihadis were able to enter Syria. Jihadi John somehow managed it despite being on MI5's radar. Michael Adebalajo encouraged others to do it, right under the noses of MI5. Hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of young British Muslims have been allowed to do it, right under the noses of MI5.

And now three British schoolgirls have done it, to join Islamic State, despite one of them being in open contact with the wife of a known IS fighter.

The war in Syria is designed to oust Assad because he wants one pipeline while NATO wants a different one. Assad wants a pipeline from Iran through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, which Russia supports because that pipeline will not threaten Russia's business in Europe. NATO wants a pipeline from Qatar through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey, which will threaten Russia's business in Europe.

So you can see why Saudi Arabia and Qatar have become our best chums, despite their appalling human rights abuses: they finance the international cutthroat Jihadis, while we give the international cutthroat Jihadis political, moral, military and logistical support.

International cutthroat Jihadis, particular;y ones who saw the heads off British aid workers, need a bit of international cutthroat Jihadi luurv, and a few British schoolgirls can provide that. The more the merrier! It keeps up their morale.

Hence why a spy for an unnamed nation involved in the coalition in the alleged fight against Islamic State has been arrested for facilitating the smuggling of British schoolgirls into Syria to join Islamic State.
(Reuters) - A spy who worked for a country in the U.S.-led coalition that is fighting Islamic State had helped three British girls to cross into Syria to join the militants and has been caught, the Turkish foreign minister said on Thursday.

The minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, told broadcaster A Haber in an interview: "He was caught. It turned out to be someone who works for the intelligence of a country from the coalition."

[source : British girls were helped into Syria by spy from U.S.-led coalition, Reuters, http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/03/12/us-mideast-crisis-britain-schoolgirls-idUSKBN0M81O120150312, 12th March 2015]

What do Turkish citizens, wherever they may be, think of all this? That their nation is being used by NATO in this way? For Israel?

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Reuters has reported that several residents of a village south of Shnizhne saw a rocket fly over their heads just before MH17 came down.

But there are some questions that need to be asked:
1. why has the report on the interviews been published now?
2. does the photo of the plume of smoke so analysed by RTL Nieuws show the zigzag that Pytor Fedotov saw?
3. did these witnesses give their permission to be identified by name?
4. did anyone from Pervomaiskyi, which is just 500m from the alleged launch site, see or indeed hear the rocket and/or launch?
5. why did V Kovalenko say she saw smoke coming from the Progress mine 9 Km north west of the village when the rocket was allegedly fired from 1.5 Km east of the village?

But the following are perhaps even more revealing. This guy Igor states that a BUK was fired at Ukraine fighter jets just 30 minutes before MH17 came down, but it missed and the jets went away. So:
1. what happened to that BUK, and did anyone see or hear that launch? If not then why not?
2. what happened to those jets, and what were they doing?
3. are those jets the four identified by German Intelligence in that documentary I posted a few weeks ago?
4. did those jets return to the area? If so then why, considering they had just been shot at?
5. did the pilots inform civil and military air traffic control of that BUK to warn them that a BUK was in the area?
6. were those jets waiting for Putin's plane that was supposed to be on its way to Rostov but changed destination?
7. did those jets return to the area and were they the ones spotted by many eyewitnesses close to MH17 when MH17 was shot down?

As the report states:
Taken together, the accounts do not conclusively prove the missile launched from near Chervonyi Zhovten was the one that brought down the airliner, because none of the villagers saw it actually being launched.

But still, the Ukraine Air Force has some explaining to do.

Let's just say we've seen this thing before. Der Spiegel and Correctiv, with the assistance of Belling Cat, produced flashy multimedia reports stating that eyewitnesses saw the BUK missile that hit MH17 being launched from a field 3 Km north of Shnizhne, while the Ukraine Security Service released tapes which they said proved 100% beyond doubt that Cossacks at Chernukino brought down MH17.

But here we have 'Igor' revealing that Ukraine Air Force fighter jets were in the area 30 minutes before MH17 was shot down, and that a BUK was fired at them but missed.

So what was the Ukraine Air Force doing on 17th July?

Why is the Ukraine Air Force being very coy?

Do German Intelligence know the numbers of the planes that were there when it happened?

Is this why there is an apparent schism in the American-German relationship over Ukraine?


Love him or loathe him: Jeremy Clarkson is and can be very controversial. So controversial that he can divide the nation and set the nation talking about him.

So is Clarkson just the perfect public figure to distract from the possibility that there is a massive Freemasonic cover up over the Hillsborough Disaster?


Well why has the recent Clarkson bust-up been blown out of all proportion?

Yesterday the Hillsborough Inquiry heard former chief superintendent David Duckenfield state, to gasps of the gallery, the circumstances of the deaths of 96 supporters of Liverpool FC.

Duckenfield confessed to lying about what really happened: he was inexperienced; and he issued the order to open the gates that led to the surge that crushed many to death.

But what is more important is that Duckenfield is a suspected Grandmaster of the Dore Lodge in Sheffield.
Senior South Yorkshire police officers who were freemasons orchestrated a “masonic conspiracy” to shift the blame after the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, the inquests into the deaths of the 96 victims have been told.

Maxwell Groome, a constable at the time, said that after the disaster at the FA Cup semi-final between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at Sheffield Wednesday’s football ground, “the word” inside the force was that freemason officers held a meeting to blame superintendent Roger Marshall.

Groome said he heard that the meeting took place in portable cabins at South Yorkshire police’s area office, and was attended by Chief superintendent David Duckenfield, who had commanded the match.

Questioned by Michael Mansfield QC, representing 75 families whose relatives were killed at Hillsborough, Groome said he believed Duckenfield was “a grandmaster of a particularly influential lodge” – the Dore lodge in Sheffield.

[source : Masons colluded, Hillsborough court told, The Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/dec/17/hillsborough-disaster-police-masonic-conspiracy, 17th December 2014]

We all know the police and the juidiciary are infested with Freemasons. It is the power structure that keeps us in our places. They protect their own. It is a mafia run by the monarchy. They organised World War 1 and shot Arch Duke Ferdinand as a false flag to provoke the war.

Why has it taken so long to establish the inquiry?

Why has the establishment fought tooth and nail to blame Liverpool fans? Or even Roger Marshall, as suggested above?

A suspected freemason fucked up big time on 15th April 1989. He had to be protected, for the brotherhood, and for the power structure.

But who cares when Jeremy Clarkson is off to the job centre?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


What I am about to tell you shows just how rotten this Disunited Fascist Queendom has become.

The Guardian has reported that The Royal United Services Institute has published a report on Ukraine which claims to show that Russia is heavily involved in Ukraine, is struggling to continue that involvement and that Belling Cat's report that Russia shelled Ukraine is verified.
Large-scale intervention in eastern Ukraine by regular Russian troops began last August, reaching a peak of 10,000 in December, and Moscow has been struggling to maintain operations on such a scale and intensity, according to a report.

The report, by the Royal United Services Institute (Rusi), claims small teams of reconnaissance and Spetsnaz special operations units crossed the border earlier, in mid-July after Ukrainian government forces had won a series of battles and had pushed pro-Moscow separatists out of territory they had previously occupied.

The Rusi report also confirms the findings of findings of a February investigation, based on analysis of satellite imagery by the Bellingcat group of investigative journalists, that Russian artillery shelled Ukrainian positions from inside Russian territory.

[source : Scale of Russian military intervention in Ukraine revealed, The Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/mar/11/russia-struggling-ukraine-military-operations-report, 11th March 2015]

The Guardian does at least point out that the author of the report, Igor Sutyagin, was convicted for espionage for the USA, and that on his release in a spy swap Sutyagin has been living in the DFQ and working for the RUSI. So he obviously has a massive grudge against Putin and would never, ever, ever consider writing anything that was anti-Russia, would he?

But who funds the RUSI? Most of its finance comes from the UK Ministry of Defence.

And who runs the RUSI? Liz is Patron and the President is Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the Duke of Kent.

So, as you can see, the RUSI and this report is obviously totally unbiased.

Hence why the RUSI has not exposed the plan for war and regime change in seven nations in five years that was revealed to General Wesley Clark, which Clark actually reveals in videos that are actually available on something called Youtube. Have you heard of it? And hence why the RUSI has not exposed The Redirection in which the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia, with a little help from the DFQ, would unleash international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, Lebanon and Iran because that initial plan revealed by General Wesley Clark was by 2007 moribund.

If you still haven't heard or seen Clark tell the whole world about this plan, here he is, on that Youtube thingy:

If you cannot see that this plan has been implemented since 9/11 then you are an...

Either the RUSI is corrupt or each and every employee is an...

Maybe both.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


So far the theories regarding how MH17 was shot down are:
1. Ukraine Security Service who actually released tapes on Youtube of alleged intercepted phone calls which they say prove 100% beyond doubt that MH17 was shot down by Cossacks from Chernukino;
2. Belling Cat who, based on a few videos and a photograph, say that a BUK was launched from a field 5 Km south of Shnizhne;
3. the US State Department who, based on 'sensors', say the launch site was in the Shnizhne area;
4. Der Spiegel and Correctiv (with Belling Cat as co-authors!) who say, based on eyewitnesses who will not go on camera, that the launch site was a field 3 Km north of Shnizhne;
5. Russia who, based on eyewitnesses who went on camera immediately after MH17 was shot down and have been doing so ever since, say that MH17 was shot down by a fighter jet which was waiting for Putin's plane (which had a livery very, very, very, very, very similar to MH17) to fly to Rostov on its way back from Brazil after Putin had agreed the formation of the BRICS development bank, but Putin's plane changed destination but they forgot to inform the Ukraine Air Force.

Now, why is the Ukraine Air Force being very, very, very, very coy about its activities on 17th July 2014?



8 months later.


And why are there so many competing and contradictory theories from the Russia-did-it side, yet there is just one consistent theory backed up by many eyewitnesses who are prepared to go on camera and the very incriminating silence from the Ukraine Air Force, that Ukraine shot down MH17 because the globalists wanted Putin dead for a number of reasons: BRICS development bank; stopping war on and supporting Syria; resistance to Ukraine joining NATO.

Ukraine could kill all the speculation if it opened up its records and logs of 17th July 2014 for inspection.

Yet nearly 8 months later and they still haven't done so.

And far from being 'investigative journalists', the NATO media has consistently pursued and pushed just one possibility, that Russia shot down MH17, while ignoring other possibilities which have evidence supporting them, e.g. the Ukraine Air Force.


What a clown Foreign Secretary Phil Hammond is. It isn't Red Nose Day until Friday. But that didn't stop Hammond performing at the RUSI today, giving a comical speech to entertain the spectators.

I have not yet found the full text of his speech today, but from reports in for example The Guardian here is what Hammond joked about:
1. British Intelligence is innocent of all wrongdoing regarding Islamic extremism and should be given all necessary powers to keep us safe from the Islamic terrorists;
2. Russia is the biggest threat to the world.

Now, you don't need me to point out the jokes. I have covered them at length here many, many times:
1. there was a Covenant of Security between British Intelligence and the Islamic terrorists which allowed the terrorists to operate out of and openly recruit in London as long as their activities coincided with British foreign policy. It is current British foreign policy to oust President Bashar al Assad of Syria, as per an initial plan drawn up before 9/11 for a series of wars in North Africa and the Middle East. But that plan isn't going so well. Four years after the US State Department's fake Arab Spring erupted in Syria, Assad is still there and with the support of the vast majority of the Syrian people. This is why the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia unleashed international cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, and why the British asked Roland Dumas to help them smuggle those Jihadis into Syria, and why Michael Adebalajo was allowed to preach Jihad against Assad, and why Jihadi John was allowed to travel to Syria. But those Jihadis who are unwittingly currently being used as a proxy force now will return to this corrupt Disunited Fascist Queendom. and present a threat to national security. So when those Jihadis return they will serve the secondary purpose, which is to provoke calls for a stronger police state. Beautiful, innit? And now to point 2.
2. Assad has one very powerful ally in Russia. This alliance is probably to do with a pipeline from the Pars natural gas field. But Putin has pointed out that terrorists have been openly recruiting in Londonistan, or London as it otherwise known. And Putin has been pointing out the barbaric nature of the international cutthroat Jihadis that have been unleashed onto Syria as per The Redirection reported by Seymour Hersh years before it occured. But even that plan has stalled. So Islamic State was allowed to rise and will be used in whatever barbaric way is necessary to oust Assad. But why Russia, and in particular Putin? Putin blocked the plan for war on Syria in 2013 after Prince Bandar's false flag at Ghouta, which was supposed to provoke calls for war on Syria because Assad was then and still is in power, contrary to the wishes of the globalists. And just yesterday Russia ratified the BRICS development bank. This is a massive threat to the Federal Reserve/ IMF/World Bank apparatus of international finance that has strangled the planet's development to the benefit of the Anglo-American Establishment. Putin has somehow become the figurehead of this BRICS organisation, and as such is the target of some ridiculous propaganda, the latest being that he is none other than Jihadi John. Before that was the headline in The Sun when MH17 came down: Putin's Missile. That was in July last year, nearly 8 months ago, and there is still no evidence to prove that claim. Lots of claims and allegations and propaganda but no evidence. RT even interviewed a member of the MH17 investigation team just a few days ago and he said that no such conclusion has been made. And no NATO military intelligence unit has presented any evidence to back that claim up either. But thanks to the likes of the NATO media and Belling Cat there has been something for the politicians to use, no matter how unproven and how speculative it is, in order to place sanctions on Russia.

I ask: has anyone proved yet that MH17 was shot down by a BUK supplied by Russia?

Er, nope.

British foreign policy has been a fucking disaster since 9/11. We invaded Iraq, bombed Libya and have supported international cutthroat Jihadis in Syria. The result has been Islamic State. In Ukraine we have been supporting bona fide Nazis as they burned people alive in Odessa and indiscriminately shelling civilians in East Ukraine, just so that NATO can finally drag Ukraine into NATO, and provoke nuclear Russia even further. And last year as Israel murdered over 500 Palestinian children, some for the horrific crime of playing football on the beach, we said and did nothing to stop it.


And Hammond as Foreign Secretary is propagating that disaster even further.

Sunday, March 08, 2015


When thinking of MH17 remember this:
that the same NATO media who are telling you that Russia shot down MH17 are ignoring eyewitnesses who saw fighter jets close to MH17 and that the Ukraine Air Force is being very coy about their activities, is the same NATO media that is not telling you about the plan for war and regime change in seven nations in five years that was revealed to General Wesley Clark, a plan that has somehow led to the creation of the barbaric Islamic State in every nation we have attacked; Iraq; Libya and Syria.


A few days ago I posted that the Dutch Intelligence Service AIVD was obstructing and not being cooperative with the MH17 Investigation. This came as no surprise to me. The job of the AIVD is to 'guide' the MH17 investigation team to one conclusion: that Russia shot down MH17.

But if the evidence for this conclusion was so clear then why the need to obstruct and be uncooperative, and be so that much as to provoke such accusations?

Readers must now be well aware that the evidence that Russia shot down MH17 from official sources, e.g. military intelligence, intelligence services, government departments, has been virtually zero. The best that the mighty US State Department can provide is that image of an arc and straight line intercepting over East Ukraine. I mean, WOW!!!

No. Whenever the US State Department and their ilk need to refer to evidence to back up their claims that Russia shot down MH17 they refer to 'social media', and in particular Belling Cat and Eliot Higgins. This group have firmly stated that they believe that separatists armed with a BUK system supplied by Russia shot down MH17 from a field 5 Km south of Shnizhne. Their evidence is the following:
1. a BUK was filmed heading south out of Shnizhne on 17th July;
2. a photograph of a plume of smoke allegedly taken around the time MH17 was shot down shows a plume of smoke that may or may not originate from that field;
3. a video of a BUK system missing a missile was allegedly filmed at dawn in Luhansk on 18th July.

So there is something to their claim.

But hold your anti-Russian horses!

Other parties, even more mighty than Belling Cat, propose different launch sites, some even with Belling Cat's assistance!! These are:
1. within hours of MH17 coming down the Ukraine Security Service released tapes on Youtube which they said proved that Cossacks shot down MH17 from Chernukino;
2. a few days later the US State Department issued that image of an arc and a line intercepting over East Ukraine suggesting that Shnizhne was the launch point of any missile;
3. in December 2014 RTL Nieuws published a report into the photo of the plume of smoke which sent Belling Cat into ecstasy 'proving' that the missile was launched from a field 5 Km south of Shnizhne;
4. but then in January 2015 Der Spiegel and Correctiv published parallel reports with Belling Cat as co-authors (not just references) which 'proved' based on eyewitness statements (but who would not go on camera) that they saw the missile launched from a field 3 Km north of Shnzihne.

Note that neither the US military intelligence, or indeed any member of any member of a military intelligence unit belonging to NATO, have provided any evidence whatsoever that Russia shot down MH17.

But this is the logic:
1. if a missile was launched from Shnizhne, north or south, then the Ukraine Security Service must be the biggest, sickest bunch of fraudsters and cruel hoaxers the world has ever known;
2. and if so then, because they are the source of the video of the BUK with missing missile that video cannot be trusted.

So whenever John Kerry and his sidekick Jen Psaki were and are asked, "where is the evidence?", all they have to show is that image of an arc and a line intercepting over East Ukraine, and reports from social media, and nothing from their own military intelligence units. They cannot point to the Ukraine Security Service for reasons explained immediately above.

But in the rush to 'prove' that it was Russia wot dunnit NATO has ignored eyewitnesses to the explosions who all state and have done so on camera, in contrast to those for Der Spiegel, that they saw fighter jets close to MH17 when it was shot down. This would explain why the Ukraine Air Force is very coy about their activities on 17th July 2014. And when those video statements from those eyewitnesses are submitted to the MH17 investigation, the journalist who submits them receives what can only be described as thinly veiled death threats while the team leader of Belling Cat does nothing to stop them or disassociate himself from those statements.

Here is someone who might be trying to find the truth about MH17. He runs What Happened to Flight MH17? There seems to be very little on the Ukraine-Air-Force-shot-down-MH17 theory and a lot on a BUK. But whose BUK? At least he acknowledges that Ukraine has BUKs too.

But what gets me about this guy is that he is Dutch (or claims to be). He has written this list of facts (see here) that indicate that the Dutch Government is not that keen in finding out what happened to MH17.

I can see this list but no explanation as to why the Dutch Government is apparently not that keen.

One obvious answer would be, because they don't want to know.

But The Netherlands is NATO and Bilderberg. The Netherlands was one of the five founding members of NATO, and the Royal family of The Netherlands usually attend Bilderberg every year. And they want Ukraine in NATO!!

So if The Netherlands has the evidence to crucify Putin through MH17 then why is the investigation being "completely botched", as one victim's family put it? Why is the AIVD obstructing the investigation? Why is there an apparent lack of appetite to prosecute?

The answer to these questions lies perhaps in this question: why did The Netherlands, Ukraine, Belgium and Australia sign a secret agreement giving each a veto on what information was made public?

And the answer to these questions is: BECAUSE THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE!!

And this would explain why not one NATO military intelligence unit has provided any evidence to their governments supporting the claim that Russia shot down MH17, and explains why NATO politicians and governments have always been forced to refer to a former bank clerk from Leicester to provide some evidence.

But of course, the Ukraine Air Force can kill any speculation that they shot down MH17 by opening up their records for 17th July 2014...

And if the MH17 investigation concludes that a BUK was indeed used on MH17 then let's have a look at the stock of BUKs that Ukraine has...


Lily of Laguna, from the film The Way Ahead


The EU, like NATO, was initially just a small group of nations getting together for alleged mutual benefit.

But the EU now has a parliament, with elections, and a foreign minister, and a president and tax laws, and other attributes which form a very big nucleus for a superstate.

But so far that quasi-superstate has lacked a military of of its own. There is NATO, but that includes nations across the Atlantic like the USA and Canada. And there has been a Euro-military operation off the coast of Somalia.

But now that NATO is provoking Russia in Ukraine the President of the European Commission is using the opportunity to call for a European Army to defend Europe from Russia.

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is advocating the creation of a Europe-wide army, Germany's Welt am Sonntag weekly reported Sunday.

"Such an army would help us to build a common foreign and security policy, as well as jointly assume the responsibilities of Europe in the world," Juncker said in an interview.

A European army, according to the EC president, could "react credibly" to dangers facing the 28-member bloc or its neighbors.

Juncker added that forming the European armed forces would signal to Russia the hitherto political and economic union is "serious about upholding the values ​​of the European Union."

[source : Who is the Enemy? EC President Reportedly Wants to Form European Army, Sputnik, http://sputniknews.com/military/20150308/1019212095.html, 8th March 2015]

Saturday, March 07, 2015


Not sure whether to believe this or not.

The families of victims were allowed to see the collected wreckage of MH17 this week. Well, not all of it. The families were not allowed to view the cockpit. And even now the pilots' corpses and even postmortems have still not been released, indicating that something very significant happened at the cockpit.

But a Russian newspaper is reporting that the remains of a R60 air to air missile can either be seen in photos of or have been found in the wreckage of MH17 (not sure which coz the Google translation is not that smooth).

See here for the Russian report.

Read and decide for yourself.

I'm no expert on R60 missiles, but when lots of eyewitnesses are prepared to go on camera and state that they saw fighter jets close to MH17 when it was shot down, and the NATO media ignores them, and the guy who films those witnesses and hands that evidence to the MH17 investigation gets death threats, and the Ukraine Air Force is very coy about their activities on 17th July 2014, and the NATO media and their gimps are only focusing on one possibility (that separatists used a Russian BUK), then I don't have to be an expert in anything to think that someone is hiding something...


The Friendship Pipeline is the pipeline that is planned to transport natural gas from the massive Pars field through Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and onto Europe.

But NATO has other plans and wants a pipeline from the Pars field through Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.

You will note that both proposals transit Syria.

However, President Bashar al Assad wants the Friendship Pipeline which will not threaten Russia's influence over and business with Europe.

But this is precisely why NATO has allied with headchopping Saudi Arabia so that the latter pipeline from Qatar will threaten Russia's influence over and business with Europe.

You can see the sides taken over Syria in this pipeline.

Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon wand The Friendship Pipeline and are assisting each other with the support from Russia, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been financing the international cutthroat Jihadis, Jordan has been used as a training base for those Jihadis, and Turkey has been allowing the Jihadis into and out of Syria through its porous borders with Syria.

This is why Saudi Arabia unleashed the cutthroat Jihadis onto Syria, who have now morphed into Islamic State, a kind of Saudi Arabia on steroids.

This is the bigger picture.

But there is an even bigger picture.

9/11 was an inside job to provide the casus belli to kick off a series of wars on nations who had nothing to do with 9/11 and were actually assisting the USA in its bogus war on terror.

Those nations were Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon, and also Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

The first 4 were named in A Clean Break by Israel in 1996 as targets for war, and more than coincidentally are the four nations aligned for the Friendship Pipeline.

It's all there.

If you can't see it then you are an...


It hasn't happened yet, has it?

Samantha Power has not pulled off an Adlai Stevenson moment, unveiling devastating evidence that Russia is involved in Ukraine in the many ways she and her ilk claim. She made lots of accusations, without any evidence, unlike Colin Powell who held up a vial of something in 2003. Power didn't even cite Belling Cat's latest report.


However, we do have this devastatingly convincing evidence from the US State Department proving 100% beyond doubt that MH17 was shot down from Shnizhne.

But 100% beyond doubt was a phrase used by the Ukraine Security Service when they released tapes of alleged intercepted phone calls which they said proved 100% beyond doubt that Cossacks had shot down MH17 from Chernukino.

What surprises will Power reveal at the next UN SC meeting? Will she use hand puppets of Larry the Lamb and Basil Brush to recite an important conversation, such as an alleged intercepted important phone conversation?

Friday, March 06, 2015


No, I'm not talking about Eliot Higgins and President Bashar al Assad, I'm talking about Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Well, to the ignorant, ungrateful, reptilian nymphomaniacs who couldn't give a f*** about anything, Israel and Saudi Arabia would appear to be enemies. But they are actually intimately linked.

First, the British through The Balfour Declaration gave Palestine to the Jews having told Palestinians that if they rebelled against their Turkish rulers the British would grant them autonomy. But as usual, Perfide Albion was up to something, plotting and scheming. A few hundred miles away the British were embarking on a love affair with the Saud tribe, and eventually assisted them into grabbing the Arabian peninsula to found what we call Saudi Arabia and control all that oil.

The anger from the betrayal by the British in giving Palestine to the Jews drove many Palestinians and indeed Muslims into rebellion. The Sauds have been using that anger against Israel to fund using their vast oil wealth their own private army of Wahhabi terrorists. But note that this has been directed against the West, not Israel. And in turn that terrorism has been used by the West to implement the police state and to go to war. In other words:
1. Israel provokes the anger;
2. Saudi-funded terrorist direct that anger against the West, not Israel;
3. the West uses the terror to implement the police state and as a casus belli.

Beautiful, innit?

This menage-a-trois of Israel, the USA and Saudi Arabia came to a climax on 11th September 2001: Saudi Arabia supplied the patsies; Israeli aqents filmed the event and engineered the whole thing through the military.

No sooner was the dust settling than Osama bin Laden was the accused. But he denied responsibility and pointed the finger at Israel and treasonous forces inside the USA. He died shortly after from Marfan syndrome, but somebody forgot to tell us why bin Laden suddenly changed from being a tall wiry lanky man to becoming short and fat.

Within weeks a very curious hit list of nations targeted for war and regime change was drawn up. Seven countries in five years was the plan: Iraq, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Somalia.

Of these the first four were named in A Clean Break, written by Israel in 1996.

And of these only one was suspected of involvement in 9/11. But the evidence against Iraq was thin so Iraq was accused of developing WMDs too.

Anyway, the rest is one big Zionist fuck-up written up lots of times on this blog.

We've been involved in wars in this plan in Iraq, Libya and Syria. Result? Islamic fucking State!!

Approaching one million people have died so that headchopping Islamic State can saw the heads off of British aid workers.

Nice one, Dave!

And just for good measure we are supporting Nazis in Ukraine.

Anyway, the Saudis unleashed the cutthroat Jihadis because the original plan was moribund.

A few days ago Benjamin Netanyahu begged for yet more American assistance, this time to save his political career with an attack on Iran. This is also because the Plan B of unleashing the cutthroat Jihadis is also moribund, with Assad still in power with overwhelming support from the Syrian people.

But now Israel's strange bedfellow Saudi Arabia has waded in and agreed with Netanyahu that Iran is on the rise and that the solution is to send American troops to Iraq to defeat Islamic State before Iran takes the honours.

But the real problem is that Iran really would destroy Islamic State. The Americans would put up a show of a fight but they want to use Islamic State to get to Assad. But that won't happen if Iran destroys Islamic State.

Hence the desperation in Saudi Arabia too.


Graham Phillips recently spoke to the MH17 investigation team for five or so hours, submitting evidence that MH17 was shot down by a Ukraine fighter jet based on statements from eyewitnesses who claim they saw a fighter jet close to MH17 when it was shot down.

However, Phillips is not the only one to have recorded such eyewitnesses giving their statements on film. Within an hour or so of MH17 being shot down journalists were recording witnesses saying they saw a fighter jet close to MH17 when it was shot down. Such witnesses continue to state this. Indeed, the BBC pulled a report on MH17 because it contained such statements from such witnesses.

But now that Phillips is back in blighty, how is he being treated?

Check out these tweets:

You will note that in the bottom tweet one E Higgins Esq is included in the conversation. So does Higgins try to discourage such threatening talk and/or disassociate himself from the unsavoury comments and general threats towards Phillips?

Well, not that I can see.

And another invited to join the conversation is RobPulseNews, who has pinned this tweet, so it is obviously very important to him:

Yes folks. That is the same Victoria Kagan-Nuland who is the wife of Prince Neocon Robert Kagan who was the 'intellectual' behind the wars that 9/11 was designed to kick off, and she also the woman who handpicked NATO's man Yatseniuk for Prime Minister.

There is something very nasty and very ugly in all this.

A journalist submits evidence to the MH17 investigation which supports the thesis that MH17 was shot down by Ukrainian fighter jet, which would explain why the Ukraine Air Force is being very coy about their activities on 17th July 2014. But rather than ask the Ukraine Air Force about their activities on 17th July 2014 these people would rather bully Phillips and issue veiled threats of violence and even death.

Says it all doesn't it?

Thursday, March 05, 2015


Do you ever get that feeling when you just want to tell everyone to fuck off/get lost when you're standing humiliated, alone outside Freemason's Hall, having had your brains zapped the three previous nights, on the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand, to protest the Freemasonic engineering of the carnage of World War One, and you begin to realise that far from being part of a brotherhood of truth of justice and all that, you are actually all on your own, and can therefore do or say anything in your quest to stop all this shit?


I thought not.


Graham Philips has given his evidence to the MH17 investigation, consisting of statements from eyewitnesses which support the claim that MH17 was shot down by a Ukraine fighter jet. He seems confident that his evidence was well received and that the investigators were open to his evidence.

But on his way back to England he was detained for 4 hours of questioning from the police.


Wednesday, March 04, 2015


According to this article I picked up from E Higgins Esq, the Dutch Intelligence service, AIVD, is obstructing the investigation into MH17.

Google Translate has translated this particular section of the article:
How did the cooperation between the police, and intelligence?

Who does not run smoothly, sources close to the investigation tell. In particular, the attitude of the intelligence service AIVD calls the police and some of the OM much annoyance. The prosecution and the police to track down and having to seek information from the AIVD. But the secret service frustrates research in the eyes of some of the prosecution and police constantly, invoking laws and regulations.

That the AIVD withholds information, research very difficult, said the sources. Within the research team, one wonders how motivated or politics is really to bring the perpetrators to justice. Officials argue that politics increasingly strong interest in ensuring that there is no criminal case against those responsible.

[source : Google Translation of: Vijf vragen over het MH17-onderzoek, NOS, http://nos.nl/artikel/2022540-aivd-houdt-informatie-achter-voor-politieteam-mh17.html

Hmmm. The Dutch Intelligence service is obstructing the investigation, withholding evidence, and thus guiding the investigation to come to the conclusion by NATO: that MH17 was shot down by a BUK supplied by Russia.

Not surprisingly, the article then goes onto to state that the investigators think a BUK shot MH17 down, but will not say who, but still over 6 months after the disaster, the investigators have still not yet eliminated the possibility that MH17 was shot down by a plane, but they are apparently 'working towards' eliminating this possibility.

1. multiple eyewitnesses state on camera that they saw fighter jets close to MH17 when it was shot down;
2. the Ukraine Air Force is being suspiciously coy about what their fighter jets were doing on 17th July 2014;
3. the Dutch Intelligence is being uncooperative and withholding evidence;
4. I assume that the ultra-reliable Ukraine Security Service passes stuff to Dutch Intelligence;
5. the pilots bodies and postmortems have still not been released, and the cockpit was missing from the wreckage inspected by the victims families yesterday;
6. there does not seem to be the political will to prosecute the suspects;
7. but when asked by victims relatives to hand over the investigation to an international team the Dutch PM effectively said "Fuck off!!".


What justice?

This is NATO justice: fixed, unjustice.

Dutch means NATO and Bilderberg.

The Netherlands was one of the five founding members of NATO, and the Dutch monarchy is a regular fixture at Bilderberg, and senior Bilderberger George Soros is meddling in Ukraine, arranging a financial war chest, and reportedly vying for the role of chief central banker for Ukraine.

NATO wants Ukraine, and now that NATO's man Yats is PM, Ukraine wants to join NATO.

Why would the Ukraine Air Force be very coy about their activities on 17th July 2014, when so many eyewitnesses say they saw fighter jets close to MH17 when it was shot down?

Why would NATO media and their gimps ignore the possibility that Ukraine was involved in the downing of MH17, either through their BUKs and/or their fighter jets being used?

Why is there so much secrecy over the cockpit of MH17?

And now, why would the Dutch Intelligence service be so obstructive to the investigation team, and why is there a reported lack of political will to prosecute the suspects?

I'll tell you why.

Because Ukraine shot down MH17.

NATO knows it.

That's why Ukraine is being so quiet about their military activities on 17th July, why NATO media and their gimps are focusing on just one possibility, and why there is so much obstruction from the AIVD and a lack of political will to prosecute, even though the victims families have requested that the investigation be handed over to an international team, a request that was very suspiciously denied.

For months I've been saying the fix was in. This report supports that claim. The investigation is being 'guided' to come to a particular conclusion through withholding of evidence and obstruction.