Saturday, November 28, 2009


The climategate information was released to the public after it was first uploaded onto a Russian website.

Alex Jones is frequently interviewed by Russian media, most recently about the climategate emails.

Russian TV then reports on climategate, calling the hoax of MMGW criminal.

Then last night a train between Moscow and St Petersburg crashed, killing at least 39. Officials suspect sabotage/bombs after a crater has been found underneath the track where the train was first derailed. Survivors also heard a loud noise just before the train became derailed.
[source : Train derails en route from Moscow to St. Petersburg, ]

The BBC is taking extraordinary interest in this, making headline news all morning.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Man-made Global Warming? BUSTED!

The Federal Reserve? BUSTED!

Euthansia to pay for the bank bailouts? BUSTED!

World Government? BUSTED!

This has been quite a momentous year, as I predicted at the start of this year.

I knew we'd start taking our planet back from the thugs and fraudsters.

But it's not over yet...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


All previous inquiries into the Iraq War 2003 have not addressed PNAC's tell-tale documents, particularly Building America's Defenses, the A Clean Break document written by Neocons, Cheney's comments to the Institute of Petroleum in 1999 regarding Middle East oil and the 'coincidence' that on 9/11 Cheney and his PNAC and Clean Break pals were in positions of great power and used the communication apparatus to lie that Iraq was involved in 9/11 and had WMD and they knew where they were; North, South, East and West of Baghdad and around Tikrit, is how Bumsfeld reported their locations to us.

So I suggest we all tell Chilcot this information that all previous inquiries have not addressed via the page

using the

To submit information to the Iraq Inquiry, please click here.


It doesn't have to be abusive or condescending, just straight to the facts.


I've just read the post by George Robot Monbiot in The Guardian on the communications hacked from the UEA CRU, and he is in baaaad form.
[source : Global warming rigged? Here's the email I'd need to see, The Guardian 24/11/2009, ]

Robot Monbiot does not address the contents of the communications, instead calling for some heads to roll (which is something), and then tries to make a mockery of the scandalous information by writing a fake email by a fictitious Professor Ernst Kattweizel, in which Kattweizel, a member of a fictitious secret society called the Knights Carbonic, lays out the history and strategy of 'the conspiracy' to implement a world government.

Yes, all very, very funny, but very, very foolish.

1. at the Club of Rome they first thought of using the climate as a weapon against humanity to assign any change in climate as man's fault and that because the climate is a global phenomenon then a global solution, i.e. world government, would be needed
2. they then pushed the man made global cooling theory, but that didn't work out so well
3. so they then pushed the man made global warming theory, which because of the enormous amount of research grants offered, caught on
4. they then blamed any extreme weather event on MMGW
5. they then used the demon CO2 to propose, yes you've guessed it, more tax and more surveillance, including black boxes in cars to track every driven millimetre, and personal carbon quotas thus allowing yet more incredible surveillance by the state
6. but despite the terrible horrible threat of CO2, the most polluting activity of mankind, air travel, is to be expanded, and climate change activists are harassed, spied on and falsely arrested.
7. and now lots of emails indicating that MMGW data has been sexed-up and/or falsified have been hacked from a prime research centre into MMGW.

Now, what would Robot Monbiot be saying if such emails indicating a cover up of the 2003 invasion of Iraq had been hacked from Number 10?

Would he be mocking the 'world government conspiracy'?

The facts are plain are simple:
Any theory that supports the imposition of a world government has been, is being and will be financed by the same people who engineered and financed WW1 and WW2. The global institutions of today, being given more and more power by the day, are a result of WW1 and WW2. And now those institutions have been established and accepted they now parrot the mantra every second of every day

global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems
global solutions to global problems

And one such global problem is alleged to be man made global warming.

Those hacked emails prove the theory of man made global warming is highly suspect...just like many of us who believe in the world government conspiracy have believed, because we are not robots.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


If you want good global governance (whatever that is) then the Treaty of Lisbon is for you.

It's right there, in black and white!

Article 1, Section 24, Paragraph 2 (h)

24) The following new Chapter 1 and Articles 10 A and 10 B shall be inserted:
Article 10 A

2. The Union shall define and pursue common policies and actions, and shall work for a high degree of cooperation in all fields of international relations, in order to:
(h) promote an international system based on stronger multilateral cooperation and good global governance.

This is why they are scared of giving every freedom-loving democracy a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon.

They know it replaces national democracy with global plutarchy.

This then begs the questions; what exactly is 'good' global governance and who declares it so?

For example, is it good global governance when the Bilderberg Bastards who engineered the current global financial crisis get hundreds of billions in bailouts to buy up weakened competitors and endure the storm while millions of families acroess the EU lose their jobs and homes? And who makes that decision? And who gave them that power?

By the way The Treaty of Lisbon has been rammed down our throats as if we were being waterboarded, I would say that we, the people who have just bailed out the fucking bastard banks with trillions, will not be consulted at all on anything, and if we are then nothing we say will be listened to.

They do what they want...and we pay for it!



This Treaty of Lisbon MUST be torn to shreds.

Global governance, good, bad or mediocre, is not a smart move for the human race, but Bailout Brown, Cowardly Cameron and Clucking Clegg want it.

Bailout Brown didn't give us the referendum promised us by Blair and himself, but instead bailed out the banks with trillions, sending litttl old granny (among others) to an early grave so we don't pay for treatments and pensions.

Cameron has wimped out of pulling us out, despite earlier promises to do so.

And the Lib Dems under Clucking Clegg, despite having Vince Cable and Norman Baker as MPs, are as naive as a child virgin at a paedophile vampire all-night rave when it comes to europe.


It hands the power to control a half billion people to the bastards who engineered WW1, WW2, the Holocaust, Israel and 9/11.

Tear The Treaty of Lisbon to shreds, use it as toilet paper and ram it down the throats of the top Eurocrats, their financiers and their supporters.


In 2006 it was Lebanon.

In 2008 it was Gaza.

Will Lucky Lebanon be the recipient of Israeli festivities this year?

In the last few weeks Israel is reported to have violated Lebanese sovereignty enough for the Lebanese military to be put on heightened alert, and Lebanon attacked an Israeli drone over Lebanon today.


The total collected and pledged for Children in Need is usually a cause for great celebration, particularly on the BBC, making headlines for days after.

Not so this year.

You'd hardly know it had happened, like they're ashamed of the total in comparison to bank bonuses and bailouts that we and little old granny will be paying for decades to come.


When it all goes wrong
What should you do?
When the empire collapses
Do you start anew?

When The Treaty of Lisbon
Is torn into shreds
When political leaders
Are losing their heads

When strange decorations
Adorn the street lamps
When friends and workmates
Are held prisoner in camps

When mass demonstrations
Are a daily event
When genuine citizens
Replace corrupt government

When war is seen
For the racket it is
When the masses decide
That they’ll give it a miss

When terrorist acts
Are so bloody transparent
When banking is seen
As unjust enrichment

When the power to create money
Is returned to the people
When the banks are destroyed
By an enlightened sheeple

When it all goes wrong
When the plan is delayed
When the people awaken
Do not be dismayed

Just put on your running shoes
and sprint towards hell
away from the mob
and from the death knell.


Quasi-Bilderberger Van Rompuy could be the perfect European Fuhrer Dictator President, for now at least. But in future times of war, this meek and quiet man will be replaced, and I predict The Butcher of Baghdad will replace him, and soon.

For a start Van Rompuy was Belgian Prime Minister and stabilised that country at the request of the King of the Belgians. Belgium is the HQ of both the EU and NATO, and you don't get that much power unless the leader of Belgium is a bona fide New World Order gimp. Belgian Royalty with the presence of Prince Philippe is a regular attendee at Bilderberg, and Van Rompuy is a member of the Crown Council of Belgium along with Bilderberg Supremo Etienne Davignon. It is reported that Van Rompuy wants to tax everyone of us in the EU even more to finance the ever-growing EU and its political and legal apparatus, and that he is also very keen on eradicating nationalism with the abolition of national anthems and flags.

So Van Rompuy will quietly (and quietly is the key word) build and strengthen the EU in the near future, to be replaced by the Butcher of Baghdad in a time of violence.

Lady Ashton as Foreign Minister makes sense too, for now. She managed to persuade our courts and lords that despite being the alleged home of democracy, and being promised a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon, that the Great British public did not need a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon, and so she now occupies a very powerful position that was created by the sneaky and treacherous passage of that same Treaty of Lisbon.

It all stinks.

Friday, November 20, 2009


With the Paul-Grayson Audit the Fed bill rapidly approaching becoming law, we could soon see the likes of David Rockefeller doing the perp walk, hands cuffed behind and being forced into a police car with a look of horror on his face.

I've got my bottle of champagne on ice ready and waiting to be opened...

Thursday, November 19, 2009


The FT could have kept this quiet, like it does with Bilderberg, but has instead decided to publish the story that in 2004 Herman Van Rompuy, the favourite to be offered the position of President of the European Union, stated that
"Turkey is not a part of Europe and will never be part of Europe,...An expansion of the EU to include Turkey cannot be considered as just another expansion, as in the past. The universal values which are in force in Europe, and which are also fundamental values of Christianity, will lose vigour with the entry of a large Islamic country such as Turkey"

[source : Van Rompuy against Turkey membership, FT 19/11/2009]

This is in contradiction to the negotiations between the EU and Turkey to permit Turkey to join.

The Butcher of Baghdad is still in with a chance, albeit slim, so any opportunity to cause division and doubt over Van Rompuy would help Blair.

If it were up to me I would, of course, appoint nobody, scrap the EU and put on trial for treason all those who financed and worked towards the Europe Project from WW2 onwards.


The decision by NICE to not recommend Nexavar for use by the NHS for the treatment of liver cancer is only the tip of the iceberg.

Liver cancer cannot be cured but Nexavar can significantly prolong the life of whoever is taking it. Apparently Nexavar is used abroad and the manufacturers Bayer are willing to subsidise any treatment.

Yet NICE wants people to die.

So we can bailout banks with hundreds of billions, if not trillions, and create two hundred billion out of nothing and call it quantitative easing, but cannot find the money to prolong the lives of terminally ill people who have been paying their national insurance for decades and in their hour of need get a kick in the teeth and are told to die quietly as soon as possible so that Great Britain PLC doesn't pay out for the treatment and any pension!

The Nazis would have been proud.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In the last couple of years a new special day has appeared on our calendar. That day is Bilderberg Bankers in Need Day. Coming before Children in Need Day means that the Bilderberg Bankers get more, hundreds of billions more, than they should.

Banks such as JP Morgan Chase were given tens of billions which it used to buy up a few of its competitors after 'someone' began rumours that those competitors were in serious trouble which led to a run on their deposits and rescue by the US Treasury and Federal Reserve, which is part owned by JP Morgan Chase. Those banks who were bought up had never sent a representative to Bilderberg. But those banks who had received tens of billions in bailouts, and those sickening bailouts were proposed and authorised by Bilderberg!

Explain that!

If that's not a prosecutable conspiracy...

Attend Bilderberg and you get tens of billions in bailouts from your friends.
Don't attend Bilderberg and you get bought up with bailout money.

Meanwhile, thanks to such manipulation by the Bilderberg Bankers, there will be many many more Children in Need, but also many many more Little Old Grannies in need of protection from the Liverpool Care Pathway, and its equivalent to be implemented under ObamaCare.

That, my awakened friends, is how it works on screwed up Planet Earth.

Friday, November 13, 2009


The BBC Radio 5 Live debate this morning hosted by Nicky Campbell is on Afghanistan. At least two callers came on to state that they believe 9/11 was a conspiracy, and immediately Campbell made the ignorant statement that if the CIA or the Zionists had managed to pull that one off (i.e. 9/11) then surely they would have found at least one WMD in Iraq?!

9/11 was the catalyst for the implementation of the plans set out in the 1990's by the same group of Zionists focused on Dick Cheney. Those plans were laid out in two documents, A Clean Break and Rebuilding America's Defenses.

A Clean Break called for Israeli aggression against its neighbours, specifically Iraq, Lebanon and Iran.

Rebuilding America's Defenses called for America to fight multiple simultaneous wars to impose its will and grab natural resources. It was stated in that document that a new Pearl Harbour was required to initiate this aggression.

Before 9/11 the USA was negotiating with the Taliban regarding pipelines to extract the fossil fuel in the Caspian basin, but the Taliban wanted too much money. The Taliban had also eradicated the opium harvest.

Before 9/11 the USA received many warnings about an attack on the USA, involving simultaneous hijackings and using those hijacked planes as weapons, causing some high level officials to fly on private jets, or to not even fly at all!

Before 9/11 Cheney was drooling over the prospect of controlling Iraqi oil stating in 1999, "While many regions of the world offer great oil opportunities, the Middle East with two thirds of the world’s oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies, even though companies are anxious for greater access there, progress continues to be slow."

On 9/11 the people who had written Rebuilding America's Defenses and A Clean Break were either in high office, e.g. Secretary of Defense and Vice President, or were high level advisers with massive power to persuade and/or direct.

On 9/11 the most powerful air force in the world was mysteriously absent and unable to stop hijacked planes flying over North USA for nearly two hours, with one of those planes flying directly into what is assumed to be one of the most protected buildings in the world, The Pentagon, just across the river from The White House.

After 9/11 Osama bin Laden was immediately blamed and we were promised a dossier of evidence by Colin Powell. No such dossier was made public, and the FBI do not explicitly list 9/11 as a crime that he is wanted for, stating that there is not enough evidence to prosecute bin Laden over 9/11.

After 9/11 opium production is now at record levels.

After 9/11 the corrupt Karzai now runs Afghanistan. Karzai's brother is a CIA agent with reported links to the heroin trade.

After 9/11 war criminal Henry Kissinger was appointed to investigate the mass murder, but was hounded out by angry relatives of those murdered on 9/11. Instead a commission was appointed to investigate 9/11, with links directly into the White House, with several members of that commission since complaining of interference and withholding of evidence, leading them to conclude that 9/11 is being covered-up.

After 9/11 Iraq, having also been accused of executing 9/11, as well as having WMDs, was invaded and now its oil fields are being sold to Anglo-American oil corporations, just as Cheney wanted.

After 9/11 Lebanon was bombed back to the stone age after a contrived kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers on the Israel-Lebanon border, as demanded in A Clean Break.

After 9/11 both the USA and Israel, egged on by the UK, are threatening war on Iran, as demanded in A Clean Break.

After 9/11 there has been a massive increase in powers of arrest, detention and surveillance by the state.

Ask the question that police investigators ask themselves when investigating a crime, cui bono?

Cui bono?

Who benefits?

Who benefitted from 9/11?

Not you.

Not me.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We are such lucky lucky people.

We should be grateful that today, of all days, we are told that even if we are innocent our DNA can still be stored on a database for six years.

My grandfathers and great grandfathers would be so proud to have fought to create such a society.

Due to their ultimate sacrifice our freedom knoweth no bounds.

Not even the Nazis, with their deep fascination with all things genetic, did not go this far! I have very very deep suspicions about what any DNA that has been collected is being used for.



Home Office to keep DNA of innocent for six years, not 12

Government expected to announce limit in response to ruling by European court of human rights

Alan Travis, Wednesday 11 November 2009 08.38 GMT

Home Office ministers are expected to announce a six-year limit on the retention of DNA profiles on the national database for people arrested but not convicted of any offence, bringing it more in line with Scotland, where five years is the norm.

The predicted climbdown comes after the government last month withdrew proposals to keep the DNA profiles of innocent people for six to 12 years, depending on the seriousness of the offence for which they were investigated.

This was dropped in the face of an expected defeat in the House of Lords to enable ministers to get the policing and crime bill on the statute book before the parliamentary year ends tomorrow.


Shagbands, as discussed on the BBC Breakfast programme this morning, are harmless fun, yeah?

Well, if you want a pervert paedophile to get excited at the suggestion your kid is making by wearing such a 'fashion item' so that he (or she) grabs your kid to be abused by a network of disgusting men and women, provoking you into calling for microhipping all kids, then I suppose they are simply harmless fun.

Personally, I do not think they are harmless fun.

I think they are the next phase in the war on children.

And the aim of that war is to sexualize children, to incite paedophiles into comitting more crimes against children to provoke calls for microchipping.

A few years ago Playboy, the adult porn company, was selling duvet covers, towels, stationery, all sorts of stuff to kids. There was outrage, outrage that is not apparent with the shagbands.

But make no mistake; these shagbands are just another battle in the sexualization of children.


Remember remember the eleventh of November.
The UGLE Freemason plot.
The seventh King Edward.
more evil than Jedward,
cared for his loyal subjects not.

Remember remember the eleventh of November.
The Freemason warmongering plot.
They wanted and planned
the killing of Ferdinand.
This must never be forgot.

Remember remember the eleventh of November.
The Freemason megalomaniac plot.
The League of Nations,
And The United Nations.
Freemasonic world government's what we've got.

Remember remember the eleventh of November.
The Freemason genocidal plot.
They sent us to die.
We didn't know then why,
But it's obvious; they want to rule the lot.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The majority of the nuclear power plants proposed yesterday by Ed Miliband, designed to secure our energy requirements for the future, are on the coast.

For years we have been terrified by the prospect of rises in sea levels due to the MMGW, and that because of MMGW we must be taxed more and placed under oppressive levels of surveillance and lose yet more freedoms.

And all the while we expand air transport, the most polluting activity of mankind, and we are driven into using cars more and more instead of improving our public transport network, and our police harass and spy on climate change activists?

Yet we are going to place nearly ten fully functional nuclear reactors, securing our future energy needs, right next to the sea?!

This does not make sense...unless as a growing number of sceptical members of the public believe that MMGW is as fictional as WMDs in Iraq.

The threat of MMGW due to CO2 has been used to introduce a nuclear energy policy.

But who owns the uranium mines?

And who processes uranium ore?


Imagine a fantastic public transport system, of frequent trams and trains, everyone has a seat and the profits are immediately returned to the system for improvements to services and/or staff.

Such a system is achievable...but not in the UK.


There are several reasons;
1. our rail network is absolute crap. It's improving. but very very slowly, because it has been privatised and profits go to shareholders not the system. This has at least two effects.
a) commuters are driven onto the roads and into their cars that need petrol or diesel...and who owns the major petrol and diesel corporations? Bilderberg. And more cars means more car tax, which should go into developing the road network but instead finances...not the roads.
b) because you are daily fighting for a seat on the train you may begin to think that getting rid of a few people might not be such a bad idea...

2. our road network was not designed to handle as much traffic as it does today, so the same idea is planted into your head everyday; there's just too many people.

Congestion reinforces this suggestion of over-population of the planet...and our transport system promotes congestion.

A much better rail system also transporting goods between major nodes such as Birmingham and Manchester would take many HGVs off the road and free up a lane in both directions of the motorway system.

But we can't finance such a fantastic rail system...because we're bailing out the banks instead.

And who runs the banks?

The same people who financed Hitler and his genocidal policies of mercy killing and suicidal war, and also implemented the Liverpool Care Pathway in the NHS before the financial crisis indicating foreknowledge and conspiracy.

They've said in a official UN document they want 1 billion people as a maximum on the planet. They've probably developed a complex nonlinear programming model of the perfect economy consisting of 1 billion people, with them at the top reaping a guaranteed maximum profit and us working 12 hours day policed by a paramilitary force with incredible powers of arrest and detention, and possibly execution.

But what the heck, eh? Jedward can still win X-factor!

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Our Fuhrer, who art in Whitehall
Hallowed be thy bloodsoaked name
Thy EU kingdom come
Thy dictatorial will be done
In Europe as it in Pacific-Asia, North America, South America and Africa
Give us this day our daily funerals
Forgive us our cynicism,
as we wage war against those who were engineered to terrorise us.
Lead us into drugged-up temptation,
do not deliver us from killing little old granny.
For the EU kingdom, the power and the glory are yours after blatant lies, engineered wars and terror.
Now and for ever.


Saturday, November 07, 2009


Twenty years ago the Berlin Wall came down.


Well, this week the Lisbon Treaty was finally rat-ified by the curious Vaclav Klaus, who outwardly seems to understand and oppose the EU, but he still went ahead and signed not just the Czech people but nearly a half billion people in Europe into tyranny.

The Berlin Wall was erected because Stalin had been allowed to take Poland and Eastern Europe. Yes, we went to war to liberate Poland, but instead gave it and Eastern Europe to Communist tyranny.

It's all part of the three-world-war plan.

So get over it.

Realise that your children, you, your mother and father, your grandmothers and grandfathers are all considered by those at the top to be little more than cattle, to be microchipped, worked to death and/or sent into war, and then led to the abbatoir at the first sign of illness to save paying for your treatment and your pension.

There's nothing left to talk about.

I do so hope that Jedward win X-factor.

Monday, November 02, 2009


The banks have proven themselves unworthy of our trust.

We gave them the power to create money for a stable and growing economy.

Instead they abused that power to go gambling with the aim of creating terrible conditions to prompt the call for world government of finance.

This comes at a time when there are similar calls for world government because of climate change, international terror etc.

It is simple and plain.

They want to rule the world.

They engineered WW1 and WW2 to create the international institutions being empowered today by the engineered crises of finance, climate and terror; the UN, the IMF etc.

They must be stopped.

And taking away their power to create money, a power that we the people should have to create the economy that we, not they, want is the first step.

We need much better transport infrastructures, more and better equipped schools to excite children with art and science, more and better hospitals to care for not kill little old granny.

We can't do this while we not they are paying for the reckless gambling of the megalomaniac bankers.

Put them and us out of their misery.

Declare them bankrupt and start again, this time with a system that benefits society in general, and not just a warmongering cabal of bastards intent on world domination and mass depopulation.



The hour of truth has come. The same zombie banks that have driven the world economy to the brink of total chaos, and deprived hundreds of millions of people of the means of existence, that have shifted the costs of the destruction onto the taxpayers, and saddled the public budgets with astronomical debt, are at it again, engaging in high-risk operations and paying mega-bonuses to their managers.

The real economy is in a free fall, internationally, massive lay-offs are throwing people into despair, and the number of hungry people has gone over the one billion mark for the first time. The de facto policy of genocide being implemented, with the intention of reducing the Earth’s population from 7 billion to 2 billion people as an anti-crisis measure, threatens all mankind.

Following a short period of panic, in October 2008, when calls for a new financial architecture were heard, the financial powers of the British Empire reasserted themselves completely at the three G20 Summits in Washington, London, and Pittsburgh, and demonstrated that governments are simply the enforcement agencies of the banks. The urgently needed reorganization was prevented and the systemic crisis got even worse. We are now faced with a new mega-crash, and an imminent hyperinflationary explosion. A casino economy cannot bring the world out of the crisis.

And, the most incredible of all, is that no analysis of the causes of this crisis has been made, even though it threatens to become the greatest challenge in the history of mankind. Rather than facing the fact that the entire caste of economists has failed miserably, the various experts are making the absurd claim that no one could have forecast the crisis, and that everyone was taken by surprise. Or, alternatively, all kinds of investment advisors and so-called gold bugs now claim they had long warned of the crisis.

The truth is that many people in high-placed positions, as well as ordinary citizens in many countries, know that there is one man who foresaw the crisis a long time ago: Lyndon LaRouche. To cite just one example among many, Massimo Pini, a former member of the Board of Directors of the Italian state company IRI, a government advisor and close friend of former Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi, wrote in the January 2008 issue of the Italian monthly Area, that Lyndon LaRouche was the only economist who had in fact forecast the catastrophe in many, many publications, and that at a time when no one else suspected such a thing.

As anyone interested in the truth can verify for himself, LaRouche has warned of the systemic crisis since 1971, and at every branching point where decisions were made to strengthen the monetarist system, he warned of the dangers involved and, especially since the beginning of the 1990s, of the coming systemic crisis.

Over 12 years ago, the Ukrainian economist Natalia Vitrenko and the President of the Schiller Institute, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, released a call for the new Bretton Woods System proposed by LaRouche, which has since been signed by many thousands of people in important institutions on five continents.

It is now of existential importance to grapple with the economic method that allowed Lyndon LaRouche to recognize the systemic errors of monetarism, because this method is a reliable guarantee for finding a way out of the crisis. In this crisis, we should definitely not listen to those who were surprised by the crisis, and who have learned nothing in the meantime.

The basis exists, and it is urgently necessary, for the Four Power Agreement between the USA, Russia, China and India, which LaRouche has proposed, to be realized. These leading nations, first and foremost, must unite their efforts for a radical reform of the world financial and monetary system, eliminating speculative financial bubbles (derivatives). These countries must ensure, for mankind, that the world monetary system is subordinated to the power of sovereign nations. These countries must create a new credit system, to provide long-term investments in national economies. And the main project should be to build the Eurasian land-bridge.

The fate of humanity is hanging by a thread. What we urgently need is an open discussion on the forecasts and solutions of Lyndon LaRouche. As the former President of Mexico, Lopez Portillo, put it already in 1998: It is time to listen to the wise words of Lyndon LaRouche!

I support this call.


We are being forced into a cashless society. One consequence of this is that transactions that can now be made anonymously with cash will be recorded electronically, unless you trade without money, i.e. sell your TV for a tablet. One such sector of the economy is drugs.

Until now drugs have been illegal so that the elite can make a sweet sweet profit from their trade to fund revolutions and counterrevolutions, and to fund black projects. But now with their dream of a cashless society for the implementation of the implantable microchip, the cash cow of the illegal drug trade is to be sacrificed, but they can gain in one way; drugs, mindbending addictive drugs, will be more available to society in general, leading to a larger section of society unable to use their brains in a critical way, to analyse the world and think, hum, something's wrong.

This explains why the media is following the sacking of Professor Nutt and the related resignations.

Drugs fuck you up. There may be less deaths from ecstasy use than from horseriding, but MDMA can fuck your brain up. And that's what these scientists such as Nutt do not see.

They do not realise the full agenda and how the cashless society for the implantable microchip demands the legalization of drugs. But not only drugs, it demands the legalization of a lot of other stuff that until now has been deemed illegal.


There is the military, and then there is the secret military. The secret military work on the above top secret projects, and are decades in advance of what is out there in the public domain.

So when you read this report, ask yourself what can the secret military do now?

And I'll give you a clue. When I was bouncing around on a spacehopper in the early 1970's the secret military was reading minds remotely, with no wires connected to brains, even then.


Psychic 'mind-reading' computer will show your thoughts on screen

By David Derbyshire
Last updated at 7:55 AM on 02nd November 2009

A mind-reading machine that can produce pictures of what a person is seeing or remembering has been developed by scientists.

The device studies patterns of brainwave activity and turns them into a moving image on a computer screen.

While the idea of a telepathy machine might sound like something from science fiction, the scientists say it could one day be used to solve crimes.

In a pioneering experiment, an American team scanned the brain activity of two volunteers watching a video and used the results to recreate the images they were seeing.

Although the results were crude, the technique was able to reproduce the rough shape of a man in a white shirt and a city skyline.

Read more:


In a desperate attempt to save face the Meteorological Office and its friends in the media have claimed that just one high pressure system brought an indian summer to Great Britain and thus the Met Office was right all along; that they can predict the weather months in advance. The purpose of this is to give them some credibility in their claims that in a decade or so if we don't kill several billion people that due to MMGW the seas will boil and the sky will melt etc etc. You know, the kind of weather and climate that appeared in biblical times (either that or that found in the Chicken Licken story). If a world government is to be created from weather predictions then the people making the predictions need to have some credibility. Hence the exaggeration of an indian summer.

Just one solitary high pressure does not an indian summer make.

The key word is 'summer'. We had a period of a few days of warm air being transported from Spain, and then yesterday we were back to the usual for this time of year; rain and gales, with branches being blown off trees, floods from torrential rain etc.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


If you were to defraud the whole of the UK, how could you get away with it?

Two ways would be to play the race card, and get everyone else but yourself to pay.

OK, to play the race card you need racial tension. So why not permit mass immigration into the UK but underestimate and under report that immigration. So on the streets of the UK the ordinary British man and woman reads in the paper that some immigration is occuring but not much, but in reality the mass immigration is plainly visible. This drives many British men and women into resentment against the immigrants and the British public is split.

To get everyone else to pay for the bailout why not use a tried and trusted method of killing the elderly? When little old granny is tucked up in bed in hospital away from her family and at the mercy of the state, she can be slowly and quietly murdered by automatically deciding that at the first sign of illness she is dying and put on a path to death, thus saving on her treatment and pension.

In the first half of this decade our Labour government implemented both of these policies.

They encouraged and allowed the reckless gambling of The City knowing that the institutions involved would be bailed out because they were too-big-to-fail, while at the same time encouraging mass immigration and Islamic extremism to grow to divert the inevitable anger away from the City and onto the innocent immigrants, and also implementing the Liverpool Care Pathway so that the weakest and most vulnerable in society, little old granny, could be murdered in her bed so that British government bonds could be sold to investors who are concerned that the British government might not be able to fulfill its part of the bond. And of course, with interest rates as low as they are money can be borrowed very cheaply at 0.5% and used to buy British government bonds at over 3% thus making a sweet sweet profit.

Life is great when you're a banker, and get the British government to create a bogeyman for the British public to fight each other over while you make billions from gambling and killing little old granny.

Throw in an expense system for MPs in which you can claim for porn and keep £100,000 for simply saying sorry and then get a former Major in the SAS to expose the scandal and drive the British public into another frenzy against another section of society other than the banks then you're onto a winner!

For such massive fraud and murder to have gone unpunished required a lot of forward planning. That forward planning involved under reported mass immigration and encouragement of Islamic extremism in the UK (which also helped out geopolitically), and the implementation of euthanasia via the NHS to pay for the bailout to keep British government bonds and securities classed as good by the credit reference agencies.

It's a sick, sick country.

Let's unite and fight the real enemy, not each other.


Fascism was officially born in Italy by Mussolini. Mussolini was given $100 million by J P Morgan, i.e. Rothschild, in 1925 and we recently learned that Mussolini was a British agent during WW1 propagandizing for war. Fascism opposes freedom of expression.

Today, still, the following can be found on the Unite Against Fascism website;
"We call on the Home Secretary and the police to ban the EDL action."

The UAF link the EDL with the BNP.

On the BNP website you can read the following in their manifesto for the economy;
"The banksters cannot be let off the hook for their role in the current financial crisis. The BNP demands that the banksters responsible for the catastrophe which has crippled the international banking system be held personally legally liable for their actions in terms of corporate governance laws. They should have to pay a personal price for the mess they have created, and not be rewarded with huge bonuses which have come from taxpayer-funded bailouts."

This is something most British taxpayers can agree with, particularly myself who has provided a detailed legal argument as to how the banksters can be prosecuted, and is possibly partially why Nick Griffin was stitched up on BBC QT, for no other British political party is so keen to see the banksters prosecuted.

I can find no similar statement on the UAF website.

The Pecora Commission found that J P Morgan was working against the interests of the USA and banking operations in the USA were changed (but for whatever reason the Federal Reserve still remained). Lord Turner this year stated that in his opinion it was the derivatives market that had caused the current financial crisis. And who was and still is the largest player in derivatives? J P Morgan Chase.

In other words, J P Morgan financed fascism with his loan to Mussolini, J P Morgan was found by the Pecora Commission to have been involved in the crash of 1929, and Lord Turner indirectly blamed J P Morgan Chase with its derivatives policy for the current crisis.

The main beneficiaries of the current crisis, as Bilderberger Martin Wolf so kindly pointed out to us in the FT, are Bilderberg banks, primarily J P Morgan Chase, Banco Santander, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, whose most senior managers have all regularly attended Bilderberg in the last decade, usually as members of the steering committee. For those who are still unaware of Bilderberg it was started by a card carrying Nazi and financed by collaborators of the Nazis and works towards first establishing a fascist european government and then secondly a fascist world government which will be crowned after yet another engineered world war.

But now, let's get this straight.

The BNP want the banksters (the same banksters who bankrolled fascism in the first place via J P Morgan!) sent down while the UAF want to ban protests?!

Is this Alice in Wonderland? or 1984?

Say NO! to racism. I fully support that.

But let's get everything into perspective.

The word fascism should be used very carefully.

Black and white should unite to fight the real fascists; those Bilderbergers who really believe in true bona fide Nazi policies of global corporatism and murder, policies in effect today, and who financed those policies and continue to finance and implement those same policies today.

The race card is being played to divert anger away from the real culprits, who have been identified by the BNP; the banksters.

Thanks to the banksters, little old granny, be she black, white, or any colour, is going to get it. She is being killed off right here right now to pay for the bailout via the Liverpool Care Pathway. The policies being introduced now, such as for assisted suicide, are only the beginning. You will soon be bombarded with mercy killing propaganda.