Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yesterday The City of London toyboy Dmitri Medvedev agreed with the USA, UK and France that Gaddafi had to go.

Despite Russia trying to mediate a ceasefire.

Despite NATO taking the limeade out of Russia.

And despite Gaddafi having a good and growing relationship with Russia, Medvedev has now been outed by Gaddafi as the golden boy of the City of London.

When UN SCR 1973 was passed many questioned why Russia, and even China, abstained. But it is Russia, of all nations around the globe, who should have been well aware of the kind of creature that NATO is, having been either stabbed in the back by NATO or seriously let down by NATO. Indeed, Medvedev has very recently at the G8 publicly expressed his doubt in the sincerity of NATO regarding the proposed missile shield.

So when Medvedev yesterday proclaimed his allegiance with the NATO boys, he exposed why he is the Financial Times' Golden Toy Boy, who have recently published articles and comments fawning over Medvedev and encouraging Medvedev to run against Putin, who they believe is a neanderthal-like, knuckle-dragging caveman who has only two words in his vocabulary; ugga bugga.

What is occuring in Libya is pure fascist imperialism.

Gaddafi was brought in from the cold by Blair. Gaddafi was encouraged to disband his WMD program. Gaddafi was encouraged to cooperate in the GWOT, and he did so by supplying NATO intel circles with the names of al-Qaeda rebels in East Libya. Gaddafi was also encouraged to invest in and develop relations with the City of London.

Now look how he has been repaid by befriending The City of Lizards.

He has no WMD to offer as a deterrent as a defence, so his military is now being wantonly destroyed by NATO, and he is the subject of bungled and inaccurate assassination attempts, which goes well beyond the terms and spirit of UN SCR 1973. He gave the CIA and MI6 the names of al Qaeda suspects in Libya, and now those same terrorists are being supported by NATO, the SAS and US and French Special Forces in a one-sided civil war against Gaddafi. And now his investments in the City of London 'lost' (cough, cough) billions.

It is very possible that all this military adventure in Libya is 'arranged'. That those billions have not been 'lost' but merely transferred to a secret account and, following the advice of City of London toyboy Medvedev, he steps down and he and his family retire to a fortified mansion on the Russian Riviera. This serves Gaddafi because he is then the acclaimed great saviour of Libya, standing up to the Great Satan but against such might realised he didn't stand a chance, so for the good of his people he stepped down.

But is Gaddafi more than that? I don't know. He may well be. What man would offer his grandchildren as a sacrifice to the self-proclaimed Gods of NATO for self- preservation in luxury in his frail dotage?

Whatever, dudes.

Russia does regime change with NATO.

Friday, May 27, 2011


In another example of 'Britishness' a documentary about the inquest into the death murder of Diana, Princess of Wales has been banned in the UK. We can watch all sorts of porn, warporn and tortureporn. But not Unlawful Killing by Keith Allen. This also raises the question as to why we could watch Inside Job (but I think that because it portrays George Soros as a God descended from the heavens to save us all from a corrupt Wall Street, Inside Jobs goes after the minnows of Wall Street and not the Rothschilds and Rockefellers). It took ten years to get an inquest into Diana's death, and even then the coroner demanded that the jury would not be able to reach a verdict of murder.

Many many people, publicly and/or secretly, believe Diana was murdered. Noel Botham also believes Diana was murdered, and wrote a book The Murder of Princess Diana. He was recently on a debate for Press TV hosted by Lauren Booth. Botham appears to favour the landmine reason, but his final words expose the real reason why Diana was murdered.

Diana was murdered in 1997. By then several nations had offered to hand Osama bin Laden over to the USA, but the USA refused. In September 2001, exactly one year after PNAC published its Rebuilding Americas Defenses document in which they called for "a new Pearl Harbor" to persuade the American public to prosecute multiple simultaneous wars around the globe, specifically targetting Iraq and Iran, Osama bin Laden allegedly hijacked several passenger planes, bamboozled the most advanced and sophisticated air defence system in the world, and managed to fly one plane in to the most protected building on the planet, The Pentagon!

Since that day, nearly ten years ago, things have never been the same. Since that day, nearly ten years ago, we have been at war. But more specifically, we have been at war against Islam.

Just imagine what Diana could be doing now, if she had not been murdered. With Diana engaged/married to Dodi, a Muslim, possibly with children from that relationship, what occured after 9/11 may not have been so easy to pull off. The UK at least would have been more Islam-friendly, and not so keen to invade the Middle East and Caspian, and today North Africa. The UK public may have become more understanding of the plight of Gaza and West Bank. The UK public may have become aware and disgusted with our interference and control of the Middle East and the Caspian.

Diana's involvement in the land mine issue persuaded Bill Clinton that land mines had to be banned. Land mines should be banned. But compared to the grabbing of the natural resources of the Middle East and the Caspian, as well continuing the barbarity and disdain with which Israel treats the Palestinians and fuelling global terrorism, the land mine issue is minor.

But if she could persuade Bill Clinton to go against his military, what else could Diana have done had she lived?

Could Diana have persuaded George Bush not to go to war in 2001, and instead find a more diplomatic and lawful solution?

Could Diana have persuaded George Bush to create a truly independent inquiry into 9/11?

Diana had global influence. Diana was engaged to a Muslim, with the potential that the future King of England would have a Muslim baby half-brother and/or half-sister.

As HM Queen Elizabeth told Paul Burrell, there are dark forces. Those dark forces engineered WW1, WW2 and the Holocaust, and subsequently Israel and its barbaric treatment of the Palestinians to fuel Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorism that ultimately led to 9/11 and the subsequent invasion of the Middle East and Caspian, and today North Africa via Libya, for natural resources.

Diana was not going to stop all that by marrying and having children with a Muslim.

So she was murdered in a Brotherhood ritual.

Watch the debate with Noel Botham at the link below.


'US Army may be liable for Diana death'

The US military may have played a role in the 1997 death of Princess Diana as she was campaigning for a worldwide ban on landmines, says the author of The Murder of Princess Diana.

Noel Botham told Press TV that Princess Diana, during her visit to the US in 1997, succeeded in persuading former US President Bill Clinton to vote in favor of a global ban on landmines at the Oslo Conference, which was due to take place on the 19th of September of that year.

However, the idea did not appeal to US military officials and they knew that Clinton “would not change his mind with Diana alive,” said the author.

“There was enormous pressure from the military in America to get him (President Clinton) to stop that (the international treaty on a worldwide ban on landmines) and change his mind, enormous lobbying in the White House,” Botham added.

“Of course, after her death, 19 days later, Bill Clinton went to Oslo and voted against a ban on landmines,” he further explained.

The author of The Murder of Princess Diana also noted that in 1998, less than a year after Diana's death, news media around the world tried to get the CIA, the FBI and the National Security Agency to release their papers on Diana's death, which was to no avail.

“They (the CIA, the FBI and the National Security Agency) all came up with one answer; that they would keep back certain pages, 145 pages that would seriously jeopardize the security of the US,” Botham went on to say.

Meanwhile, a movie called Unlawful Killing caused quite a stir in this year's Cannes Film Festival in France.

It is the story of the deaths of Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and their driver Henri Paul, and was described by its director Keith Allen as “inquest into the inquest of Princess Diana.”

The film cannot be screened in the UK over 'national security issues.'

Britain's Princess Diana died early Sunday August 31, 1997 at a Paris hospital after sustaining internal injuries in a high-speed car crash.


© Copyright 2011 Press TV. All rights reserved.


A country is engaged in imperialist wars yet cannot find water for its sick elderly, and is indeed engaged in a secret plan to kill its sick elderly.

But the country is not Nazi Germany 1943.

It is Great Britain 2011.

The Care Quality Commission very recently inspected 12 hospitals in its Dignity and nutrition for older people project. Its findings are disgraceful.

The NHS regulator today criticises the service for failing some elderly patients by giving them what the health secretary, Andrew Lansley, called "appalling levels of care" in hospital.

Inspection reports compiled by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) take the health service to task for not respecting the privacy of some senior citizens receiving treatment or ensuring they eat properly.

The reports reveal that three out of 12 hospitals in England where standards of dignity and nutrition for older patients were assessed in spot checks were not meeting the basic standards which they are legally obliged to deliver.[1]

The current government have been in power now for over a year. Cameron made the NHS his own personal project, repeating his own personal experiences of the NHS.

But as well as bailing out the Nazi gambling banks and allowing them to gamble (which could lead to an even bigger financial crisis later) without any prosecution for any crime no matter how small, bashing unions but not the banks (who financed his election campaign), and leaving the big tax dodgers and evaders alone, he has now engaged this cash strapped country in an illegal war in Libya, that is expected to cost £1 billion by September[2].

The SAS were sent in to start the civil war in Libya. When Gaddafi did not fall, and was in fact beating the SAS-controlled al Qaeda Libyan rebels, the UK, USA and France managed to sneak a UN SCR 1973 allowing them to defend the civilians from both sides. But within hours there were demands from the UK that Gaddafi be assassinated, well beyond the terms of UN SCR 1973. We have instead assassinated three of Gaddafi's grandchildren. The North Africa Takeover Organisation is bombing only one side and has indeed overtly taken sides in a civil war, that it essentially started through the SAS.

So why is there such a desire to topple Gaddafi, while ignoring other uprisings that are being brutally put down with hardly a word of condemnation? In an interview on the Alex Jones show two days ago, former member of Congress Cynthia McKinney stated that a recent geological survey was made of Libya, which found that there was FIVE TIMES the oil that was originally thought!

The UK is now going to send Apache helicopters to Libya. These can attack a location more precisely, and are probably better for attempted assassinations of Gaddafi than fighter jets. But they are more easily shot down than fighter jets. If one does get shot down, will ground troops then be sent in in an act of war?

We shall see.

But with the Liverpool Care Pathway causing great concern and being increasingly recognised as euthanasia, and now this Care Quality Commission report on the disgraceful treatment of the sick elderly, can we be proud of our 'Britishness' when we are killing grandchildren for Libyan natural resources?

Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Cameron.

[1] NHS failing in basic care of some elderly patients, warns watchdog, The Guardian, 26/05/2011

[2] Libya: Britain's £1bn war, The Guardian, 22/05/2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011


In a Comment in the FT today, several names other than Christine Lagarde are proposed as head of the IMF.

Someone seen as too beholden to a Brics capital will not pass muster, which complicates Chinese or Russian-backed candidates. Brazil’s Arminio Fraga, South Africa’s Trevor Manuel, Mexico’s Agustín Carstens, and (if he can be persuaded to rejoin the race) Turkey’s Kemal Dervis are capable and well-respected. Stanley Fischer, Israel’s central bank governor, uniquely combines brilliant academic expertise with experience at the top of banking and the Bretton Woods institutions – and might, as a US citizen, win Washington’s support.

A united challenge would force Ms Lagarde to spell out in more detail how she would lead the IMF. Let a true contest begin.

[source : One-horse race will ill serve the IMF, FT, 26/5/2011]

Note how Fischer is described as brilliant with experience as a top banker, while the others are just named as being acceptable.

So who is Stanley Fischer?

He is the New World Order.

He is a member of the Trilateral Commission and CFR, and possibly Bilderberg (I have yet to confirm this), as well the Group of 30. He worked for Citi for a number of years as Vice Chairman of Citigroup and President of Citigroup International as the derivatives scam developed last decade, and has already worked at the IMF and World Bank before. He has also sat on the board of the ICG. He supervised Ben Bernanke for Bernanke's PhD, and he is currently Governor of the Bank of Israel (so I assume he is very Zionist). He holds dual citizenship of USA and Israel.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


In the FT today, frequent Bilderberger Martin Wolf suggests that Christine Lagarde may not be the correct person to become head of the IMF[1]. Wolf does acknowledge that Lagarde is a woman, is intelligent and would probably do a good job.

But, asks Wolf, would her limited knowledge of economics affect the decisions she would need to take, with Wolf suggesting that she would need a first rate economist as her number two to give her sound advice.

There is one criterion that Wolf has neglected to address : is Lagarde Bilderberg?

To date half the heads of the IMF have been Bilderberg. To my knowledge Lagarde is not Bilderberg.

So it is certainly not essential that to be head of IMF you need to be Bilderberg, but it helps.

I really, really, really wonder why Wolf did not address this criterion in his Bilderberg bullshit article in the Bilderberg FT?

[1] Europe should not control the IMF, FT, 25/5/2011


Has that taxi for Obama arrived yet?

In an obvious Freudian slip, wishing the last three years, in particular the last three months, had not happened, Obama yesterday signed the Distinguished Visitors' Book at Westminster Abbey with the date 24th May 2008...and this was even after asking for the date!

This is a very dangerous sign, and indicates he is beginning to really crack up. He must be removed from office as soon as possible before he does something we will all starting a war with China.


Doesn’t Obama know what year it is? President signs Westminster Abbey guestbook 2008!

By Fiona Roberts

Last updated at 6:28 AM on 25th May 2011

* Orchestra also accidentally starts playing National Anthem over Obama as he toasts Queen after misunderstanding a pause from the President

Everyone wishes they could turn back the clock sometimes, and it turns out Barack Obama is no different.

He got the date wrong by three years when he signed the guestbook at Westminster Abbey today on his official visit to the UK - despite apparently asking the dean what day it was.

As a tough election looms next year and he faces criticism for his handling of the financial crisis, perhaps Mr Obama wished it was indeed May 24, 2008, when he was still a rising superstar.

It was the second tricky moment of his day - as Mr Obama was in the middle of a royal toast when the orchestra seemed to misunderstand a pause and began playing 'God Save the Queen' too early.

The visit comes just a month after millions watched as Prince William married Kate Middleton in the Abbey - an occasion to which the Obamas were not invited.

Following a tradition set by former presidents Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he laid a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, before going into the nave to sign a heartfelt message in the Distinguished Visitors' Book.

After apparently asking the Dean of Westminster, Dr John Hall, for the date, he wrote: 'It is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage and our common sacrifice'.

It was the second tricky moment of his day - as Mr Obama was in the middle of a royal toast when the orchestra seemed to misunderstand a pause and began playing 'God Save the Queen' too early.

The visit comes just a month after millions watched as Prince William married Kate Middleton in the Abbey - an occasion to which the Obamas were not invited.

Following a tradition set by former presidents Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, he laid a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier, before going into the nave to sign a heartfelt message in the Distinguished Visitors' Book.

Published by Associated Newspapers Ltd
© Associated Newspapers Ltd

Saturday, May 21, 2011






I thought this claim might come from the treasure trove of data allegedly retrieved from the Abbottabad compound, and it still could provide back up, but allegations are now being made that Iran and Hezbollah did 9/11![1]

Moves are being made to isolate and criminalize Iran.

Moves are being made to drag China into a war in Pakistan.

As Con Coughlin warned in The Daily Telegraph last week, it's going to be "a raging-hot summer in more ways than one".[2]

[1] Is Iran culpable in 9/11? It 'knew about terror attacks before they happened and trained hijackers', The Daily Mail, 20/5/2011

[2] From Arab Spring to boiling-hot summer, The Daily Telegraph, 10/5/2011


Hello. Can I have a taxi please, pretty sharpish?

From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

To Dulles International Airport. I'm going home. I've had enough of waging relentless unconstitutional wars and bailing out the Nazis of Wall Street and their friends with trillions of dollars and then killing sick old people with forced health insurance that will rarely be provided. I'm sick of it. Sick of it. It's time to go home. To get away from all the fraud and the wars and the genocide and the climate change bullshit and the sycophants and the blackmail threats and...

Sorry. I'm under a lot of stress at the moment, and I just needed someone to talk to.

It's time to go home.

How long before the taxi gets here?

10 minutes? That's good. I don't think I'll be killing anymore civilians in Pakistan during that time, so that's that body count capped.

Name? Ask for Barry. And come round the back.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Yeah, but how can a nation allegedly built on freedom and democracy and as one nation under God and all that turn into this satanic beast lusting for war and drugs and oil and genocide?

And why has modern history generally followed the plan for three world wars to implement a tyrannical world government set out by this Freemasonic sicko?


Obama's alleged power to wage war on Libya without approval from Congress runs out today.

What will the Nobel Peace War Prize winner do?


No Clear Signs From Obama as ‘War Powers Act’ Deadline Arrives

60 Days Into Libya War, Will President Flout Resolution Requirements?

by Jason Ditz, May 19, 2011

It is now early Friday, May 20, the 60th day since President Obama informed Congress that he had begun attacking Libya (the attacks technically began on the weekend, March 19, but were reported to Congress on Monday, March 21). This is particularly important because, under the War Powers Resolution of 1973, the President is obligated to obtain Congressional authorization for any use of military force lasting longer than 60 days, or halt all hostilities.

Copyright © 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Donald Trump forced Obama to produce a long form birth certificate. It was almost immediately found to be fake. Then ObL was allegedly killed. Now the birth certificate issue is dead in the Mockingbird Media.

Most flourideoholic Americans do not question the certificate. Why should they? Obama allegedly got bin Laden so he's a true American, someone to trust.

But the people who have looked into this issue still have serious questions.

In fact, the long form certificate that has been released is so amateurish it is like a red rag to a bull! So obviously fake, it is almost a provocation.

Whether Obama had any control over the dodgy long form that was released late April, I don't know.

But one way to implement a police or military state, besides the obvious false flag terror attacks, is to run an assassination attempt on the President...and then blame it on a Constitutionalist/Patriot group who believe that Obama is ineligible.

I wonder if Obama is so vain and naive that he has not considered that he is expendable. They've killed a handful of Presidents before.

So they put out a blatantly fake long form, provoke some Southern Patriotic organisation into an attack, let it happen, and then round up anyone who doesn't support the Federal Reserve, tyranny, being robbed blind, a continuous state of war and world government.

Unless they are, or someone in the Obama inner circle of trust is, truly that amateurish.


This behaviourmetrics as described by the article below is a facade.

You will have to trust me on this one ; they can already read your mind remotely, from miles away. They are truly decades ahead of what is in the public arena. I have asked the Intelligence and Security Committee to investigate this technology because it has incredible implications for crime and terrorism.

Imagine if they could read any suspected terrorist's mind? Would they stop any terrorist plot? Could they even implant a terrorist plot, and let it happen?


New ‘Behaviometrics’ Technology Allows Government To Know What You’re Thinking

Paul Joseph Watson
May 19, 2011

Big Brother doesn’t just want to know where you are, he wants to know what you’re thinking. Short of implanting a device in your brain that divulges your every thought, the government has opted for the next best thing – behaviometrics – a new omnipresent surveillance technology developed for the US Air Force and destined to be used in law enforcement to “monitor suspicious behavior”.

The system revolves around a camera that tracks facial movements biometrically in order to build a psychological profile of the individual under surveillance.

“Huntsville, Alabama’s Photon-X, Inc. recently received an Air Force contract to develop such a camera,” reports Wired News. With one snap, the company claims, its sensor can build a three-dimensional image of a person’s face: the cornerstone of a distinctive “bio-signature” that can be used to track that person anywhere. With a few frames more, the device can capture that face’s unique facial muscle motions, and turn those movements into a “behaviormetric” profile that’s even more accurate.

This new technology is the next step up from DARPA’s infamous gait analysis program, which purported to be able to identify terrorists by the way they walked. The program was widely savaged at the time as being an outrageous example of paranoia gone mad.

A video demonstration of the technology that features on the Photon-X website shows a number of different measurements changing when the subject alters his facial expression from a smile, to a frown, to an angry look.

* A d v e r t i s e m e n t

“The motion of a subject’s face is correlated to a uniform facial muscle model, and the motion of each muscle is quantified. Using the Behaviometrics Analysis System, it is possible to quantify simple data that describes the linear motion of all of the facial muscles in realtime and then interpolate this data using a psychological profiling system,” states the website.

In plain language, the movements of the muscles in your face will alert Big Brother, through the process of “behavior analysis,” to your presence as a suspicious individual who may be engaging in the act of thought crime, or God forbid, planning a public protest.

“Body posture movement, gait and micro-expressions,” are also measured by the technology to allow “operators to track user activity in a covert manner,” according to the contract description.

This will then be used to keep tabs on “insurgent operations,” which sounds like something that might be done by the US military in Iraq or Afghanistan, but in fact we learn that the technology is also destined to apply to “law enforcement, banking, private corporations, schools and universities, casinos, theme parks, retail, and hospitality,” meaning that the “insurgent” could be you walking through a shopping mall.

Stock up with Fresh Food that lasts with eFoodsDirect (Ad)

The system is also designed to help humanoid robots detect people or objects, meaning that your suspicious activity could trigger a friendly visit from an android who will then interrogate you regarding your intentions.

George Orwell never dreamt up anything like this. In comparison, the potential for this new breed of technology to be used as a tool in the construction of a high-tech prison grid that constantly tracks the behavior, movements and even thoughts of an individual, makes the world of 1984 look like a walk in the park.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

©2011 is a Free Speech Systems, LLC company. All rights reserved


In a press conference yesterday Medvedev revealed he does not think that Mikhail Khodorkovsky presents a threat to society.


Khodorkovsky was one of a handful of businessmen favoured by The City of Lizards who economically raped Russia, most of whom fled Russia to The City of Lizards or to Tel Aviv.

He is closely allied to Lord Jacob Rothschild.

He is a threat not just to Russia but to the whole world.

He therefore belongs in jail, and will soon be joined by more economic rapers.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The current lawyer of the hotel maid who says she was sexually assaulted by DSK is Jeffrey Shapiro.

Who is he?

Why did the maid choose him?

Shapiro seems to be a medical negligence/work place injury lawyer, not a criminal rape lawyer. He has had some notable successes, mostly hospital negligence related.

He does not appear to have experience in prosecuting for sexual assault.

If this was a set up of DSK would "they" place so much trust in such a lawyer?


The current lawyer for DSK is Benjamin Brafman. Brafman has successfully defended high profile members of society. Perhaps most notable is his defence of Michael Jackson for child molestation. Many believe that Jackson was on the good side and/or had been seriously abused. The media attacked Jackson a lot. So what can we deduce from Brafman representing DSK, particularly if DSK had begun to steer the IMF towards a friendlier, more loving and caring version of globalisation, as some allege?

Why did DSK choose him?


New York celebrity lawyer 'perfect fit' for IMF chief

by Gregor Waschinski – Tue May 17, 5:38 pm ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) – It's the kind of difficult case New York lawyer Benjamin Brafman thrives on. A high-profile client, seemingly long odds at the outset and the world's press eagerly hanging on his every word.

After putting himself through college, Brafman, a former assistant district attorney, has grown into one of New York's toughest and sharpest defense lawyers, earning a reputation for winning surprise acquittals often for celebrity clients.

Now he's back in the limelight as one of the lawyers for IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is facing seven counts for the alleged sexual assault of a chambermaid in a Manhattan hotel. The IMF chief denies all the charges.

"We believe this is a very, very defensible case," Brafman told the first court hearing Monday, refusing to be knocked back when the judge refused to bail Strauss-Kahn, one of the world's most powerful men.

Brafman, 62, was brought into the case early on Saturday, just hours after the news broke that the head of the International Monetary Fund had been escorted off an Air France plane minutes before take-off from JFK airport.

Strauss-Kahn was arrested, questioned for hours in a special victims unit, charged and then on Monday hauled into court, in a sudden fall from grace as he shared a bench with down-and-outs and petty criminals.

But Brafman has seen it all before. In the late 1990s, he defended the rapper Puff Daddy, Sean Combes, who was charged with gun possession and bribery charges after a shooting in a Manhattan nightclub.

Police found a weapon in the rapper's car, and brought charges. But with Brafman steering his case, the rapper, now known as Diddy, was acquitted.

Brafman also represented the rapper Jay-Z when he was accused of assaulting a record producer at another New York club. Jay-Z pleaded guilty in a deal and was given three years probation.

And later he was one of the lawyers who worked on the defense for pop singer Michael Jackson, who was eventually acquitted on charges of child molestation.

"I'm a take-charge advocate and a well-disciplined trial lawyer," Brafman told the New York Times in an interview a few years ago.

"You need to be able to pull rank and say no to a client. 'Not on my watch, it's not good for you or for the case and we're doing it my way!'"

An orthodox Jew, born to immigrant parents who survived the Holocaust, he grew up in humble circumstances in a Jewish district of New York.

He put himself through night school to get into college, and at one point worked as a stand-up comic to pay his way.

Unlike many of the big names on the legal circuit, he studied law not at one of the big name Ivy League establishments, but at Ohio Northern University.

After taking his first job at a major New York law firm, he moved over to the other side joining the prosecutors office in Manhattan. Turning the page back, Brafman decided to return to private practice and initially made a name for himself defending those from within the mafia mob circles.

Today, according to New York Magazine "he's developed a reputation as the man to have on speed-dial when you're in really big trouble."

And the courtroom is his stage. He is known to put defense witnesses at ease with his disarming, down-to-earth humor, while skewering the prosecution with his sharp cross-examinations.

Brafman is "the single best courtroom attorney I've ever seen," says CNN legal expert Jeffrey Toobin.

And Los Angeles lawyer Mark Geragos told CNN that Brafman was the "perfect lawyer" for the Strauss-Kahn case.

"First of all, because of the high profile nature of the case, he's clearly able to navigate the shoals of the media," Geragos said. He added Brafman had experience defending such cases and would be "perfectly attuned to understanding" the political nature of the case.

Brafman has already given a glimpse of the defense he intends to put forward on Strauss-Kahn's behalf, including shooting down police claims that the IMF boss had fled from the hotel shortly after the alleged sexual assault.

A witness will testify that the veteran French politician was heading to a lunch appointment and not fleeing a crime scene, Brafman told the court Monday.

The New York judge on Monday denied Brafman's plea to grant his client bail, turning down his offer to put up $1 million in cash and surrender the IMF chief's passport.

But undeterred, the feisty lawyer, put everyone on notice that these are just the opening shots in what could prove to be a very long legal fight.

"This battle has just begun," Brafman warned.

Copyright © 2011 Agence France Presse. All rights reserved. The information contained in the AFP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of Agence France Presse.

Copyright © 2011 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved.


It was reported that DSK had an alibi for when he allegedly sexually assaulted a hotel maid. But it now seems he was not having lunch with his daughter, as the alibi suggested.

Initially it was believed the maid arrived at DSK's room at 1330. DSK left his room at 1228 and left the hotel at 1245 to meet his daughter for lunch, in which case DSK could not have committed the sexual assault.

But now the maid is believed to have arrived at the room at 1200, making the sexual assault possible.

And it now appears that DSK will claim the assault was consensual.

These kind of people really do live in a completely different world to the rest of us.


Dominique Strauss-Kahn: sexual contact with chambermaid 'consensual'

Dominique Strauss-Kahn will admit he had sexual contact with the hotel chambermaid who alleges he attacked her, but insist it was consensual, his lawyers have indicated.

By Jon Swaine, New York 10:51PM BST 17 May 2011

Follow Jon Swaine on Twitter

The International Monetary Fund chief allegedly locked the maid in his suite at Manhattan's Sofitel on Saturday and forced her to give him oral sex. He was denied $1m bail and is being held at Rikers Island jail.

However in a hint at what may become his main line of defence, his attorney, Benjamin Brafman, said at New York criminal court: "The evidence, we believe, will not be consistent with a forcible encounter".

It came as prosecutors, who claim a medical examination of the maid "corroborates her accounts", were alleged to have discovered blood in the hotel room.

The maid's attorney, Jeff Shapiro, strongly denied suggestions that the pair may have had consensual sex.

“There is no way in which there is any aspect of this event which could be construed consensual in any manner,” said Mr Shapiro. “This is nothing other than a physical, sexual assault by this man on this young woman."

Mr Shapiro also moved to quash suggestions that the maid may have been involved in a conspiracy.

"This is a woman with no agenda," he said, adding that she had not even known who Mr Strauss-Kahn was.

Meanwhile the brother of the woman, a 32-year-old from Guinea with a 15-year-old daughter, said she had phoned him and said "somebody did something really bad to me" after the alleged incident.

Reports from France that Mr Strauss-Kahn, 62, would claim to have been having lunch with his 26-year-old daughter, Camille, at the time of the attack, have not been backed up by his lawyers' statements.

Mr Brafman, who successfully defended Michael Jackson against allegations of child abuse in 2004, said only that Mr Strauss-Kahn's lunch date was "the reason he was rushing" to leave the Sofitel.

The timeline of Saturday afternoon that was originally given by the New York police has also abruptly been changed, with potentially important implications for Mr Strauss-Kahn's trial.

While the maid was said to have arrived to clean room 2805-06 at 1.30pm, the criminal complaint against Mr Strauss-Kahn says the alleged attack actually took place at 12pm.

Mr Strauss-Kahn is then said to have left the room at 12.28pm and exited the hotel at about 12.45pm, before meeting someone – reportedly his daughter, a Columbia University graduate student – for lunch.

He then took a car to JFK airport, and called the Sofitel to say he had left a mobile phone behind. Police first said this showed he "left in a hurry", but it is now unclear if in fact he had left a phone.

But by then, police officers were at the hotel, responding to a 911 call.

They coached hotel staff to tell Mr Strauss-Kahn they did have the phone.

"Where are you? We'll get it to you," one reportedly asked.

He replied he was arriving at JFK for a flight – a move Mr Brafman said would be "inconsistent with logic" if his client had indeed attacked the maid and was attempting to flee, as prosecutors claim.

The comment triggered an alert to the Port Authority police, whose detectives boarded the Air France flight 23, an Airbus 380, and removed Mr Strauss-Kahn from the First Class cabin at 4.38pm.

Mr Brafman and William Taylor, Mr Strauss-Kahn's other lawyer, declined to confirm yesterday whether the IMF managing director was admitting to having had sex with the maid.

Their client has been forced by investigators to pose for naked pictures, in case he has telltale injuries, and undergo a DNA test. Before being taken to Rikers Island, he was given a cavity search.

© Copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Exposing the culling of the human population who our leaders detest (which is most of us).


They should have started this weeks ago, but in this case better late than never.

And they can begin by trying to get UN SCR 1973 anulled. France, UK and USA have clearly gone beyond its terms.


Moscow to talk peace with Gaddafi envoys

Moscow will host talks with envoys of embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi later on Tuesday, with an offer to broker a ceasefire in the country.

“We have agreed to meet with representatives of both Tripoli and Benghazi in Moscow,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday. “Representatives from Tripoli will visit us tomorrow [on Tuesday].Benghazi representatives were to arrive on Wednesday, but said that due to technical reasons they had to postpone the visit.”

The Russian FM added that he hoped representatives of the Libyan opposition forces would visit Russia in the near future. Sergey Lavrov observed that Russia is ready to negotiate with all sides of the Libyan conflict.

“Moscow is very interested in the quickest end to the bloodshed in Libya and switching to political negotiations,” he said. “We support the African Union initiatives aimed at a ceasefire and beginning dialogue in reaching a national reconciliation in the interests of the entire Libyan population, in the interests of Libya's sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Sergey Lavrov added that he supports the initiative put forward by the UN humanitarian representative on announcing pause in military actions in Libya in order to bring aid to the country’s civilian population.

In the latest development in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, NATO air-strikes have reportedly caused fires at a security services building and the headquarters of the country's anti-corruption agency. According to Libyan officials, the coalition was trying to destroy files linked to corruption cases against the rebel leadership.

The two buildings are close to the residence of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, which has been a constant target of NATO bombs.

© Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV-Novosti”, 2005–2011. All rights reserved.

Monday, May 16, 2011


According to Joseph Stiglitz, DSK was not as evil as previous IMF chiefs, and was not producing as much profit as the global satanists expected?


The IMF’s Switch in Time
Joseph E. Stiglitz


The IMF’s Switch in Time

NEW YORK – The annual spring meeting of the International Monetary Fund was notable in marking the Fund’s effort to distance itself from its own long-standing tenets on capital controls and labor-market flexibility. It appears that a new IMF has gradually, and cautiously, emerged under the leadership of Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Slightly more than 13 years earlier, at the IMF’s Hong Kong meeting in 1997, the Fund had attempted to amend its charter in order to gain more leeway to push countries towards capital-market liberalization. The timing could not have been worse: the East Asia crisis was just brewing – a crisis that was largely the result of capital-market liberalization in a region that, given its high savings rate, had no need for it.

That push had been advocated by Western financial markets – and the Western finance ministries that serve them so loyally. Financial deregulation in the United States was a prime cause of the global crisis that erupted in 2008, and financial and capital-market liberalization elsewhere helped spread that “made in the USA” trauma around the world.

The crisis showed that free and unfettered markets are neither efficient nor stable. They also did not necessarily do a good job at setting prices (witness the real-estate bubble), including exchange rates (which are merely the price of one currency in terms of another).

Iceland showed that responding to the crisis by imposing capital controls could help small countries manage its impact. And the US Federal Reserve’s “quantitative easing” (QEII) made the demise of the ideology of unfettered markets inevitable: money goes to where markets think returns are highest. With emerging markets booming, and America and Europe in the doldrums, it was clear that much of the new liquidity being created would find its way to emerging markets. This was especially true given that America’s credit pipeline remained clogged, with many community and regional banks still in a precarious position.

The resulting surge of money into emerging markets has meant that even finance ministers and central-bank governors who are ideologically opposed to intervening believe that they have no choice but to do so. Indeed, country after country has now chosen to intervene in one way or another to prevent their currencies from skyrocketing in value.

Now the IMF has blessed such interventions – but, as a sop to those who are still not convinced, it suggests that they should be used only as a last resort. On the contrary, we should have learned from the crisis that financial markets need regulation, and that cross-border capital flows are particularly dangerous. Such regulations should be a key part of any system to ensure financial stability; resorting to them only as a last resort is a recipe for continued instability.

There is a wide range of available capital-account management tools, and it is best if countries use a portfolio of them. Even if they are not fully effective, they are typically far better than nothing.

But an even more important change is the link that the IMF has finally drawn between inequality and instability. This crisis was largely a result of America’s effort to bolster an economy weakened by vastly increased inequality, through low interest rates and lax regulation (both of which resulted in many people borrowing far beyond their means). The consequences of this excessive indebtedness will take years to undo. But, as another IMF study reminds us, this is not a new pattern.

The crisis has also put to the test long-standing dogmas that blame labor-market rigidity for unemployment, because countries with more flexible wages, like the US, have fared worse than northern European economies, including Germany. Indeed, as wages weaken, workers will find it even more difficult to pay back what they owe, and problems in the housing market will become worse. Consumption will remain restrained, while strong and sustainable recovery cannot be based on another debt-fueled bubble.

As unequal as America was before the Great Recession, the crisis, and the way it has been managed, has led to even greater income inequality, making a recovery all the more difficult. America is setting itself up for its own version of a Japanese-style malaise.

But there are ways out of this dilemma: strengthening collective bargaining, restructuring mortgages, using carrots and sticks to get banks to resume lending, restructuring tax and spending policies to stimulate the economy now through long-term investments, and implementing social policies that ensure opportunity for all. As it is, with almost one-quarter of all income and 40% of US wealth going to the top 1% of income earners, America is now less a “land of opportunity” than even “old” Europe.

For progressives, these abysmal facts are part of the standard litany of frustration and justified outrage. What is new is that the IMF has joined the chorus. As Strauss-Kahn concluded in his speech to the Brookings Institution shortly before the Fund’s recent meeting: “Ultimately, employment and equity are building blocks of economic stability and prosperity, of political stability and peace. This goes to the heart of the IMF’s mandate. It must be placed at the heart of the policy agenda.”

Strauss-Kahn is proving himself a sagacious leader of the IMF. We can only hope that governments and financial markets heed his words.

Joseph E. Stiglitz is University Professor at Columbia University, a Nobel laureate in Economics, and the author of Freefall: Free Markets and the Sinking of the Global Economy.

Copyright: Project Syndicate, 2011.


Not surprisingly, this is not being reported by main media.

DSK has an alibi. He had already checked out and was having dinner with his daughter when the alleged assault of a hotel maid took place.

As for the other later allegation...


Strauss-Kahn lawyers see alibi in sex case - radio

PARIS - Lawyers for Dominique Strauss-Kahn have proof the IMF chief was at a restaurant having lunch with his daughter at the time he was alleged to be sexually assaulting a hotel maid, France's RMC radio reported on Monday.

RMC said the lawyers had pieced together Strauss-Kahn's movements and found that he left the hotel at midday, after paying his bill and handing in his key, then went to eat with his daughter and took a taxi to the airport.

The schedule meant he had already left the hotel at the time the maid alleged he chased her down a corridor, forced her into a room and assaulted her, RMC reported on its website, adding that the lawyers had material evidence and witnesses.

Strauss-Kahn, a centre-left former finance minister whom polls had tipped as the likely frontrunner to win France's 2012 presidential election, will appear in court on Monday. The case has sent shockwaves around the world.

His lawyers have said he will plead not guilty to charges of a criminal sexual act, unlawful imprisonment and attempted rape, which threaten to bring a humiliating end to his career as International Monetary Fund managing director.

The radio did not cite its sources.

Copyright 1995 - 2011 . All rights reserved. The content (including but not limited to text, photo, multimedia information, etc) published in this site belongs to China Daily


IMF chief DSK is either guilty or innocent.

If guilty then his reputation as a sex addict is reinforced.

If inncoent then he is being framed.

If he is being framed then the framers are Sarkozy and/or the network that put him into the IMF.

That network is Bilderberg.

DSK attended Bilderberg in 2000. If he is being framed by this network then he longer has any allegiance to that network, and he should sing his heart out about what happened at Bilderberg 2000.


A Saudi Arabian diplomat has been assassinated in Pakistan. This follows a grenade attack on the Saudi Arabian consulate on Wednesday.

If Webster G Tarpley is correct, that Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are trying to break free of the Anglo-American Empire and build relationships with Russia and China, then these actions together with the alleged killing of bin Laden episode indicate threats to both Pakistan and Saudi Arabia from the empire.

But Pastor Lindsey Williams said that there would be trouble in the Middle East, with oil prices rising, Arab governments overthrown, China taking temporary control but this control would return to the USA after large oil fields in the USA had been opened up because Gulf states had decided to stop sales of oil to the USA due to interference.

Can the analyses of Tarpley and Williams be reconciled?

Are current actions against Pakistan and Saudi Arabia helping to drive them towards China?


Saudi diplomat assassinated in Karachi
Mon May 16, 2011 5:56AM

A Saudi diplomat has been assassinated by unknown assailants in a drive-by shooting near the Saudi consulate in the Pakistani city of Karachi.

The Saudi diplomat was onboard a vehicle with diplomatic plates when two motorcycle riders opened fire at his car at a crossroads, Pakistani police in Karachi told AFP on Monday.

"The consulate employee died of multiple bullet wounds on the spot," said Karachi police chief Fayyaz Leghari.

"The attackers fled on the motorbike," he further explained.

The recent assassination marks the second offensive on Saudi interests in Pakistan's largest city in less than a week.

The attack came in the wake of a grenade attack on the Saudi consulate on Wednesday which left no damage or casualties.


© Copyright 2011 Press TV. All rights reserved.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Why did a dude from the army hand the FA cup to Man City on Saturday?

Why did members of the army, navy and air force make the draw for early rounds of the FA Cup?

Why is the head of the army now calling for widening the target list in Libya otherwise Gaddafi could stay, after trying to kill Gaddafi a week or so ago but killed his grandchildren instead?

We are not living in a police state.

We are living in a military state.

Everything is referred to as a weapon.

Even in tennis, a back hand lob is referred to as a weapon.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yesterday the UK media was in raptures with news that bin Laden had been allegedly killed wearing just his underpants.

The Sun : Senator Inhofe says bin Laden was shot in his underpants[1].

The Daily Mail : Senator Inhofe says bin Laden was shot in his underpants, and says bin Laden was shot 20 minutes into the raid[2]. (This now gives three different times bin Laden was shot. His 'daughter' says she saw him shot in the first few minutes of the raid. Inhofe now says 20 minutes into the raid. Carney says he was shot towards the end of the raid.)

But a report in The New York Post says he was wearing a white undershirt and a tan robe[3]. According to this report, the footage from the SEAL cameras is being analysed, and we can assume that this report of bin Laden's clothing at the time of is execution is supposed to be accurate.

Unless for some perverted reason bin Laden ran into his room, cast off his clothes, perhaps to try to seduce the SEALs in just his underpants, only to get summarily executed? This may not be such an outrageous suggestion if reports about pornography in the compound are to be believed:-)

[1] Bin Laden shot in just his pants, The Sun, 13/5/2011

[2] 'A bullet through the eye and out of his ear... and shot in his underpants': Republican describes 15 'gruesome' photos of Bin Laden's corpse, The Daily Mail, 12/5/2011

[3] 25 SEAL helmet cams show Osama running for his life, The New York Post, 13/5/2011


Two weeks ago President of Yemen Saleh said he would go, but in his own time. He has now changed his mind and is staying, much to the chagrin of the USA.

After Saleh said he would go media focus then switched to Syria, trying to drag in Iran too, and has stayed on Syria since.

What will now occur in Yemen to 'persuade' Saleh that he must obey the USA?


Saleh Slams Call to Leave Office, Vows to Stay ‘By All Means’

Opposition Calls GCC Plan 'Dead

by Jason Ditz, May 13, 2011

Faced with another day of massive protests, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh angrily condemned calls for him to leave office in a timely fashion. He insisted instead that he will defend his presidency “with all our forces and by all means.”

Saleh gave a speech vowing to continue his rule to supporters. The supporters seem enthusiastic, but reportedly number only a few thousand, much smaller than the massive anti-Saleh rallies elsewhere in the capital city.

The comments were seen as a rebuke of US calls for the Yemeni ruler to accept to GCC transition plan. Saleh had once endorsed the plan, but later refused to sign the agreement.

Copyright © 2011


It looks llike Medvedev, with the backing of The City of Lizards London, is making a quick and powerful move in the race to be President of Russia.

In the FT yesterday Medvedev was portrayed as the saviour of Russia, a moderniser, while Putin was compared to a simpleton caveman keeping Russian business Russian and dependent on exports of fossil fuel[1]. Of course, modernisation means privatisation and selling off state assets to foreign businesses. Hence the support of the City of Lizards London for Medvedev.

Medvedev now has the confidence to implicitly warn Putin of a civil war(!) if too much power is concentrated in one man's hands[2].

But what Medvedev does not seem to understand is that by selling off state assets to foregn businesses, particularly those with links to the City of Lizards London, he will be placing too much power in the hands of genocidal warmngering megalomaniacs!

[1] Russia: Shades of difference, FT, 13/5/2011

[2] Medvedev warns about excessive power, FT, 14/5/2011


About a month ago I asked why the Special Tribunal for Lebanon had not released the names of those in Hezbollah it had decided to frame. Last August rumours began that Hezbollah had killed Rafik Hariri, and that the indictments would soon be made. September passed with no indictments. Then October. Then November. Where are the indictments?, the STL was asked. There coming soon, was the reply. December passed without indictments. Then January. Then February, March and April, and still no indictments of members of Hezbollah.

But now, as both Syria and Libya resist the New World Order's fake Arab Spring, the STL has suddenly been provided with fresh evidence that Syria was indeed the culprit!

How handy is that?!

First it was Syria.

Then it was going to be Hezbollah.

Now, as Assad resists the New World Order's fake Arab Spring, it is going to be Syria again.


Report: Fingers pointed at Syria in Hariri probe

New information linking Syrian officials to 2005 assassination may isolate Damascus further. Lebanese media report suggests France considering cutting ties with Assad

Published: 05.13.11, 10:30 / Israel News

The spotlight is once again on Syria as another turning point is noted in the UN tirbunal's investigation into the death of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

According to Lebanese press reports, prosecutor Daniel Bellemare has obtained new information indicating the involvement of Syrian senior officials in the 2005 assassination. The material was included in the amended indictment draft which was filed last week.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Con Coughlin, known conduit of information for MI6, writes about Iran in The Daily Telegraph today. Coughlin lists Iran's alleged advice for Syria in clamping down on its unrest, and Egypt looking to reestablish ties with Iran.

Coughlin also states that the Arab Spring is not due to the self-immolation of a street vendor in Tunis but is instead due to the failed CIA/MI6 Green Revolution in Iran in 2009. There is some truth in this in that the Arab Spring is fake and is being run from Langley. Coughlin accuses Iran of interfering and manipulating the Arab Spring for its own ends.

I get the impression from the article that Coughlin is telling us that something is going to happen with Iran this year. This would support the statements of Soros, who theatened Iran with the bloodiest of revolutions, and Kissinger, threatening a joint US-Israel military attack on Iran.

Coughlin ends with this thinly disguised warning.

The growing involvement of Islamist groups in Tunisia’s elections last weekend also resulted in renewed street protests, after the government suggested that an Islamist victory could prompt a coup by those loyal to the ousted regime. At this rate, the movement once called the Arab Spring promises to provide the region with a raging-hot summer in more ways than one.

[source : From Arab Spring to boiling-hot summer, The Daily Telegraph, 10/5/2011]

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We are told there were survivors of the assault on the Abbottabad compound that allegedly housed ObL for over five years right under the noses of the CIA and Pakistan military. The survivors allegedly include three of ObLs wives and about ten children of ages between 2 to 12 years. As far as I know they were last reported to be in a hospital in Rawalpindi, and they have not been seen in public.

The USA says it has demanded they be handed over. Pakistan says it has received no such request from the USA.

Pakistan says a 12 year old girl claiming to ObLs daughter says ObL was captured in the first few minutes of the raid on the compound and that she saw ObL being shot dead. This contradicts claims from the USA that ObL was killed at the end of the raid when he was caught in a room with his wife, who tried to protect ObL but got shot in the leg,

Pakistan also says that one of the wives says she moved there only a few months ago (I heard this on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 2/5/2011), while now it seems they have been there for years.

Only a press conference with all survivors free to answer any question from the international free press can clear up some if not all of the contradictions in this never-ending story.


In many news reports one of the men shot dead at the Abbottabad compound was ObL's son Hamza. At first it was Khalid, and he was alive. Then it was Khalid but he was dead. Then it was Hamza, and he was alive. Then it was Hamza but he was shot dead lunging at the SEALs.

But now Hamza escaped!!

With Hamza's escape there is no need to ask about what happened to his corpse, ie was it buried at sea too.

So only four corpses then? The courier, his wife, his brother and ObL.

In the USA now, 4=5.

It makes sense because due to 1984 USA, 2+2=5.

It also adds a possible revenge motive for any false flag terror attack.


Osama bin Laden son 'disappeared during compound raid'

Hamza bin Laden, the youngest son of Osama bin Laden, may have escaped capture during the Navy Seals raid that killed the al-Qaeda leader.

By Rob Crilly 4:44PM BST 10 May 2011

Follow Rob Crilly on Twitter

Pakistani security officials believe a member of the bin Laden household has disappeared since the raid, further deepening the confusion about who was killed.

It is understood that three of bin Laden’s widows, currently in Pakistani custody, have told interrogators that one son has not been seen since the operation.

The fresh details raise fears that the al-Qaeda leader’s youngest son and closest confidant, Hamza, may have escaped capture.

The White House initially claimed that Hamza, 20, had been killed at the house in Abbottabad, about 30 miles from Islamabad. Officials later said his 22-year-old brother Khalid had been killed instead.

Monday, May 09, 2011


And with recent statements by George Soros, that Iran would suffer the bloodiest of revolutions, and by Henry Kissinger, that the USA should be prepared to assist Israel in attacking Iran, I am wondering if this is why Syria is being allowed to put down the CIA/MI6-driven unrest, albeit with token condemnation, so that Iran can be blamed and the PNAC Rebuilding America's Defenses and Israeli A Clean Break agenda can be finally fulfilled, 10 years after the London-Washington-Tel Aviv Axis-of-Evil did 9/11 for that purpose.

And I would not be surprised if the alleged information that was allegedly collected at the compound shithole where ObL was allegedly summarily executed began to accuse Iran for something or other.

Iran was explicitly named in Rebuilding America's Defenses and A Clean Break.

Iran is surrounded by US military bases.

Iran has experienced several attempts to drag it into war and attempts at instigating revolution.

But Iran still stands.

If attacked, Iran could block the Persian Gulf and drive oil prices up (and this is what Pastor Lindsey Williams said would occur this year).

Unless the situation has deteriorated so quickly and is now so bad for the New World Order that they have decided that a possible nuclear confrontation between the USA and China and/or Russia needs to be at least threatened if not instigated.


Iran helping Syrian regime crack down on protesters, say diplomats

Claim comes as four women shot dead by security forces in first use of violence against an all-female demonstration
Simon Tisdall and foreign staff in Damascus
# The Guardian, Monday 9 May 2011

* News
* World news
* Syria

Iran helping Syrian regime crack down on protesters, say diplomats

Claim comes as four women shot dead by security forces in first use of violence against an all-female demonstration

o Reddit
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* Simon Tisdall and foreign staff in Damascus
* The Guardian, Monday 9 May 2011
* Article history

Syrian protesters
Iran has been helping the Syrian regime crack down on protesters, according to diplomatic sources. Photograph: Majed Jaber/Reuters

Iran is playing an increasingly active role in helping the Syrian regime in its crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, according to western diplomatic sources in Damascus.

The claim came as Syria's security forces backed by tanks intensified operations to suppress unrest in three new flashpoint towns on Sunday and it was confirmed that four women had been shot dead in the first use of force against an all-female demonstration.

A senior western diplomat in Damascus expanded on assertions, first made by White House officials last month, that Iran is advising president Bashar al-Assad's government on how to crush dissent.

The diplomat pointed to a "significant" increase in the number of Iranian personnel in Syria since protests began in mid-March. Mass arrests in door-to-door raids, similar to those that helped to crush Iran's "green revolution" in 2009, have been stepped up in the past week.

Human rights groups suggest more than 7,000 people have been detained since the uprising began. More than 800 people are said to have died, up to 50 during last Friday's "day of defiance". Last night two unarmed demonstrators were reportedly killed during a night rally in the eastern city of Deir al-Zor.

"Tehran has upped the level of technical support and personnel support from the Iranian Republican Guard to strengthen Syria's ability to deal with protesters," the diplomat said, adding that the few hundred personnel were not involved in any physical operations. "Since the start of the uprising, the Iranian regime has been worried about losing its most important ally in the Arab world and important conduit for weapons to Hezbollah [in Lebanon]," the diplomat said.

Last month White House officials made similar allegations about Iranian assistance for the regime, particularly in terms of intercepting or blocking internet, mobile phone and social media communications between the protesters and the outside world. But the officials did not provide hard evidence to support their claims.

Activists and diplomats claim Iran's assistance includes help to monitor internet communications such as Skype, widely used by a network of activists, methods of crowd control, and providing equipment such as batons and riot police helmets.

Syria has denied seeking or receiving assistance from Iran to put down the unrest. In a statement issued on Friday, Iran's foreign ministry stressed Syria's "prime role" in opposing Israel and the US, and urged opposing forces in the country to compromise on political reform. US policy towards Syria was based on "opportunism in support of the Zionist regime's avarice", it said.

The Assad family, from the Shia Muslim minority Alawite sect, is likely to be nervous about appearing to be helped by its Shia-dominated ally to crush protesters drawn from the 75% Sunni population.

Regime forces backed by tanks were in action over the weekend in Homs, in the town of Tafas north of Deraa, and in the coastal city of Banias, activists said. Violence was also reported in the Damascus dormitory town of Zabadani.

Along with arbitrary detentions, shootings have continued.

Razan Zeitouneh, a lawyer in the capital who is monitoring the protests, said four women were shot dead in the village of Merqeb, close to Banias, and six men were shot dead in Banias on Saturday. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2011

Sunday, May 08, 2011


Why do we not see a much better shot of the face of this alleged Osama bin Laden watching a TV in a shithole?

Because if we did then there would be mass riots and lynchings because the muggins British public, the muggins American public, the muggins public of the world would fully realise the horrific hoax that has been perpertrated upon them for the last decade.

Why not film this bin Laden also from the front so we could see him laughing at Obomber, or joke "look mum, I'm on TV" or something? No all we see is the left ear and part of a nose.

But that is all we need.

On the left is the alleged bin Laden watching a video of himself and Obomber. On the right is the real bin Laden before 9/11.

Skin colour? Different. Real ObL much darker.

Ears? Different. Real ObL smaller and at different angle.

Nose? Different. Real Obl has slight hook near the top.

Take this photo of ObL from The Daily Mail today.

And comapre this to the man in this image from the videos released by The Pentagon.

The alleged ObL is the same man who was in the late 2004 video that helped to give George Bush victory in the 2004 US Presidential Election. But now he looks absolutely knackered, possibly drugged. I would say that he has been dragged from whatever life he was living on his CIA wages and forced into making these blatantly false videos asap.

But again : check the ears. ObL ears stick out more than the alleged ObL.

Meanwhile, we could ask where was ObL on 11th September 2001? I watched 9/11 Press For Truth again and had forgotten about a brief mention of a report broadcast on CBS on On 28th January 2002. Apparently ObL was in a hospital in Rawalpindi for kidney dialysis. The transcript of that interview is now reproduced.


Hospital Worker: I Saw Osama
Accused Terrorist Said To Have Had Dialysis On Sept. 10

(CBS) Everyone remembers what happened on Sept. 11 and, reports CBS News Correspondent Barry Petersen, here's the story of what may have happened the night before.

In a tale as twisted as the hunt for Osama bin Laden, CBS Evening News has been told that the night before the Sept. 11 terrorists attack, Osama bin Laden was in Pakistan. He was getting medical treatment with the support of the very military that days later pledged its backing for the U.S. war on terror in Afghanistan.

Pakistan intelligence sources tell CBS News that bin Laden was spirited into a military hospital in Rawalpindi for kidney dialysis treatment.

"On that night," said a medical worker who wanted her identity protected, "they moved out all the regular staff in the urology department and sent in a secret team to replace them." She said it was treatment for a very special person and "the special team was obviously up to no good."

"They military had him surrounded," said a hospital employee who also wanted his identity masked, "and I saw the mysterious patient helped out of a car. Since that time," he said, "I have seen many pictures of the man. He is the man we know as Osama bin Laden. I also heard two army officers talking to each other. They were saying that Osama bin Laden had to be watched carefully and looked after."

Those who know bin Laden say he suffers from numerous ailments — back and stomach problems.

Ahmed Rashid, who has written extensively on the Taliban, said the military was often there to help before Sept. 11.

"There were reports that Pakistan intelligence had helped the Taliban buy dialysis machines and the rumor was that these were for wanted for Osama bin Laden," said Rashid.

Doctors at the hospital told CBS News there was nothing special about that night, but they declined our request to see any records. Government officials reached Monday night denied that bin Laden received any medical treatment that night.

A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Tuesday the United States has seen nothing to substantiate the report.

It was Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf who said in public what many suspected: that bin Laden suffers from kidney disease, saying he thinks bin Laden may be near death.

His evidence — watching the most recent video, showing a pale and haggard bin Laden, his left hand never moving. Bush administration officials admit they don't know if bin Laden is sick or even dead.

"With respect to the issue of Osama bin Laden's health, I just am...don't have any knowledge," said Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

The U.S. has no way of knowing who in Pakistan's military or intelligence supported the Taliban or Osama bin Laden, maybe up to the night before Sept. 11 by arranging dialysis to keep him alive. So the U.S. may not know if those same people might help him again — perhaps to freedom.

©MMII, CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, May 05, 2011


The New York Times is now reporting that the courier shot at the SEALs as they landed. He and a woman were then shot. And that was the only shooting at the SEALs. No more shots were fired at the SEALs. The same NYT report also says that bin Laden did have an AK47, but that it and a Makarov pistol were outside of bin Laden's reach when he was found, allegedly with his wife.
[source : Account Tells of One-Sided Battle in Bin Laden Raid, NYT, 4/5/2011]

Apparently the courier and his wife were shot as the SEALs landed. The couriers brother was shot as it appeared to the SEALs he was preparing to shoot at the SEALs. ObLs son was shot as he lunged at the SEALs. Then ObLs wife was shot in the leg as she lunged at the SEALS, then ObL was shot first in the left eye and then in the chest.

But this completely contradicts statements from both Pakistan and US officials that no weapons were found in the compound.

The NYT has changed its story a little. Initially it reported that 79 SEALs landed in 4 helicopters, while other reports state it was about 25 in 2 helicopters. Today the NYT covers both possibilities by stating that more than 20 SEALs were involved, but does not provide the number of helicopters.

So how can they not get the story straight, even though bin Laden has been dead for nealy 10 years?

Because this was a very hastily put together psy op by a very small number of people in a very limited amount of time and was to take place thousands of miles away in Pakistan.

Last week Obomber was forced to produce a birth certifcate. He spent years and millions of dollars trying to protect the certificate and others (if they really exist). What was released was, just like this ObL death, also riddled with inconsistencies, with out of sequence serial numbers, etc. It was immediately proclaimed a fake. But now the fake birth certificate issue has very quickly disappeared from the media, because of this bin Laden death.

We are told that the mission to kill ObL was given the green light on Friday 29th. It was to go operational on 30th but was postponed due to bad weather, but went live on 1st May (in the USA time zones).

To fake this death they have to write a script, for the military, the intelligence agencies and the media. Everything, absolutely everything, has to agree, and distributed through the usual and correct channels.

Take the Jessica Lynch myth. She was captured on 23rd March 2003. On 2nd April a film was released by The Pentagon showing her mythical rescue. That's 9 days to script and film a rescue. The 'rescue' was shown as brave soldiers blasting their way into a hospital to rescue a tortured woman soldier. Just as with the SEALs at the ObL compound, these rescuers of Lynch faced fierce resistance, ie a firefight. It appears they got their story straight that time, but the myth lasted only a month when personnel at the hospital reported the truth. It was a Hollywood-style rescue.

It is possible that an initial hastily written script was released to certain persons in the military, government, media etc, for the operation to go live on 30th, but due to bad weather that operation was postponed, and due to that some details have been amended without being told to others.

But it is more likely that the inconsistencies are designed to make the fake birth certificate a distant memory. Inconsistency after inconsistency after inconsistency helps to keep the birth certificate off the front pages.

Look. These people faked the rescue of Jessica Lynch. They admit to making fake bin Laden videos. They lied about WMD in Iraq. They lied about yellow cake. They lied about what happened on 9/11. They lied about The Gulf of Tonkin. They lied about 7/7 bombers being unknown.

They lie.

They lie.

They lie.

I just find the timing of this ObL death too coincidental.

Obomber is forced to release a birth certficate of some form. It is immediately shown a fake. Then ObL is killed and now nobody cares about the birth certificate.

Obomber certainly did change something.

He changed the front pages.

ObL was dead already.

Obomber has used up a massive Get Out of Jail Free card.

He can't have many more left, if any at all.


U.S. security officials admitted they did not recover any arms and explosives during their detailed search of the compound and the 13-roomed house, during which they removed two buffaloes, a cow and around 150 chickens.

[source : Tug of war over the young bride who tried to save Bin Laden as Pakistan refuses to hand her over to the U.S. , The Daily Mail, 5/5/2011]


Obomber stated live on air, just minutes after the operation that there had been a firefight.

Carney stated there was a firefight.

It has been stated that a woman was shot dead in crossfire. How could she be killed in crossfire if there was no crossfire?


If it looks like bullshit and smells like bullshit, then it probably is bullshit. But in this case there is no probability. It is 100% bona fide pure unadulterated bullshit.

Osama bin Laden is dead. Stop promoting the 'Osama bin Laden is alive' theory.

ObL is dead, but he did not die a few days ago. He died nearly a decade ago. Two months before 9/11 ObL was serioulsy ill in hospital with kidney trouble. He had Marfan Syndrome, so had only a few years to live, if that.

PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses and Israel's A Clean Break both named Iraq and Iran as targets for war. The two documents were written by the same bunch of Zionists, and they were at the top levels of US government and policy formulation before and on 9/11. Afghan opium had been nearly eradicated. PNAC publicly stated they needed "a new Pearl Harbor" for all the military adventures they wanted.

Then this guy called Osama bin Laden allegedly gave them 9/11. PNAC & Co. were in ecstasy as they watched men and women jump from the 100th floor of the WTC 1 and 2. They had their Pearl Harbor moment, and did not let it go to waste.

Within minutes Iraq was accused of 9/11. Afghanistan was accused of protecting al-Qaeda.

They invaded Afghanistan, and within a few years the opium crop was back to record levels. NATO troops now protect the crops.

They then invaded Iraq, based on so many lies; involvement in 9/11, WMD, ignoring UN resolutions (even though Israel ignores them too without any punishment), yellowcake, etc etc etc.

Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. They did not find any WMD. But they did find lots and lots of oil. And they started to build the largest US Embassy in the world while instigating civil wars so that the Iraqis who had survived the indiscriminate bombings and DU of years of a NFZ, could not come together and fight the US.

Iran was then subject to several attempts to start war or revolution. In 2009 a CIA/MI6 green revolution failed to overthrow the Iran government. So it is no coincidence that in this fake Arab Spring, George Soros stated that Iran would suffer the bloodiest revolution. Bilderberg gave a green light to war on Iran last year, but it has not happened. Hence Henry Kissinger has demanded that the Arab Spring be accelerated so that Iran can be got at.

They needed Osama bin Laden to be alive in the public mind for all this to happen.

Many people at high levels know that 9/11 was an inside job and that ObL has been dead for nearly a decade.

So is it any surprise that when you kill a man who has been already dead for ten years the story of his death can be very difficult to get straight and accepted.

No photo.

Buried at sea.

Retraction after retraction.

Contradiction after contradiction.


Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Obomber is not going to release a photo of a dead ObL. Will he spend millions more if a FOI request is made?

So that's that.

Move on.

Love lies.

Love Obomber.

Love war.

Love torture.

Love the police state.

Love corruption.

Love satan.


The Dawn in Pakistan is also reporting that an unnamed official from the ISI told AFP that ObLs daughter saw ObL get shot, but does not state at what point during the raid this shooting took place.

Three women and nine children are now in custody and being questioned.

[source : Daughter saw bin Laden killed: Pakistani official, The Dawn, 4/5/2011]

Other reports say they went to a hospital in Rawalpindi.


It is being reported by al Arabiya and many others that ObLs daughter says ObL was captured and killed in the first few minutes of the raid.

But White House spokesman Jay Carney says ObL was killed at the end of the raid.
Bin Laden and his family lived on the second and third floors, and they were cleared last, with bin Laden killed toward the end of the siege, Carney said.

Bin Laden was not armed but did put up resistance when U.S. forces entered the compound, he said.

According to the U.S. official, who is not authorized to speak on the record, bin Laden "didn't hold his hands up and surrender."

A woman in the room with him -- believed to be bin Laden's wife -- rushed U.S. forces and was shot in the leg, but not killed, said Carney.

[source : U.S. revises story on bin Laden's raid, offers more details, CNN, 4/5/2011]
NB no mention of the daughter who states she saw ObL being shot.

And there is this implication that the brothers shot at the SEALs.
On the first floor of the building, two al Qaeda couriers were killed in addition to a woman caught in the crossfire, he [Carney] said.

Yet no weapons have been found at the compound!

Three days later and still no consistency.


bin Laden's daughter has allegedly told Pakistan authorities that ObL was captured alive and then killed, but this was done in the first few minutes of the assault on the compound.
Senior Pakistani security officials said Osama bin Laden’s daughter had confirmed her father was captured alive and shot dead by the US Special Forces during the first few minutes of the operation carried out at the huge compound in Bilal Town, Abbottabad.

...The daughter has reportedly told her Pakistani investigators that the US forces captured her father alive but shot him dead in front of family members.

[source : Bin Laden’s daughter confirms her father shot dead by US Special Forces in Pakistan,, 4/5/2011]

We were told the assault took about 40 minutes.

So what was happening for about 35 minutes after they had allegedly shot ObL in the first few minutes of the assault?


Obomber stated in his grand announcement that there was a firefight.

Yesterday I quoted a report from The Guardian
U.S. forces faced a firefight throughout the 40-minute raid. "We expected a great deal of resistance and were met with a great deal of resistance. There were many other people who were armed in the compound," Carney said.

Carney is White House spokesman Jay Carney.

Yet a report in al Arabiya states that there was no firefight because no weapons were in the compound!
Similarly, according to information Pakistani officials collected from detained persons, Osama was neither armed nor did inmates at the compound fire at the US choppers or commandos.

“Not a single bullet was fired from the compound at the US forces and their choppers. Their chopper developed some technical fault and crashed and the wreckage was left on the spot,” a well-informed official explained.

...Security officials said they did not recover any arms and explosives during their detailed search of the compound on Monday and Tuesday. Also, they said, it was a simple house comprising 13 rooms, six on the ground floor and the remaining on the first and second floors.

[source : Bin Laden’s daughter confirms her father shot dead by US Special Forces in Pakistan,, 4/5/2011]

So if no weapons have been found, and no firefight took place then why was any occupant of the compound shot dead? What kind of unarmed resistance can hold up an elite military unit for 40 minutes and result in the deaths of four adults (maybe five, because they still can't decide what happened to ObLs son)?

And in this same report it states that ObLs wife and daughter have allegedly told Pakistani officials that they were present when ObL was killed, and claim that ObL was captured alive before being shot, and that they only moved to that compound a few months ago. Regarding this last statement I heard on BBC Radio 4 yesterday that the wife said they only moved there a few months ago.


ObL is no longer listed on the Wiki page for Marfan Syndrome. He was listed in the Well Known People section, and his job title was given as CIA Operative.


Tuesday, May 03, 2011


A few weeks ago rumours began that Rupert Murdoch was to launch a bid for F1.

Now it is being reported that the Agnellis will launch a joint bid.

Both are Bilderberg.

Are they that confident of the outcome of current events that they think buying F1 is worth it? What timescales are they thinking of? Is WW3 really on the cards? Or just small scale regional wars?

What will proposed rise in price of oil do to F1?

But as I asked a few weeks ago, what are the politics of Bernie Ecclestone? Who does he fund and support?


Agnelli in talks with News Corp over Formula 1 bid
The Agnelli family is in talks with Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation about launching a joint offer for Formula 1 (F1) motor racing.

By Ben Harrington 8:50PM BST 03 May 2011

Exor, an investment vehicle controlled by the Italian family, on Tuesday confirmed it had teamed up with News Corporation, chaired by Rupert Murdoch, with view to making a joint bid for F1.

Exor, which is listed on the Borsa Italiana, is a major shareholder in Fiat Group, the car manufacturer that owns the Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo luxury car brands.

Exor also owns 60pc of Italian football club Juventus and 69.8pc of property agent Cushman & Wakefield.

In a statement, the company said: "Over the coming weeks and months, Exor and News Corporation will approach potential minority partners and key stakeholders in the sport. There can be no certainty that this will lead to an approach to Formula One's current owners."

Exor is run by John Elkann, the grandson of the late industrialist Gianni Agnelli.


I am reminded of the ridiculous claims in the case of Gerry Conlon in which it was claimed that children were involved in the Guildford bombing, for which Conlon was found guilty. Conlon later proved himself innocent when it was found that evidence proving his location at the time of bombing had been withheld from the defence.

Now, it is being alleged that many people in the compound where ObL was alleged to be were armed.
Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was not armed when U.S. special forces stormed his compound in Pakistan but he did resist before he was shot, White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Tuesday.

Carney said bin Laden's wife "rushed the U.S. assaulter" and was shot in the leg but not killed, contrary to what a White House official said on Monday.

Carney declined to offer further details on bin Laden's behavior during the raid. Resistance did not require a firearm, he said.

U.S. forces faced a firefight throughout the 40-minute raid. "We expected a great deal of resistance and were met with a great deal of resistance. There were many other people who were armed in the compound," Carney said.

[source :]

According to many reports, at most only five people died at the compound. ObL, the courier, and the courier's brother. An unnamed woman also died, but there are contrary reports that ObLs son either died or survived.

But there is an agreement that nearly ten children aged 2 to 12 years old were found at the compound.

And many reports state that at most 18 people were in the compound at the time of the assault.

So who were these "many other people" at the compound who were armed and put up such great resistance that a unit of at least 24 elite US military (some reports suggest it was 79) took 40 minutes to kill 5 people, yet only children, some as young as 2 years old, and some women could be found?

Did these great warriors, these "many other people" escape, and were allowed to escape?

Or was it the kids, who gave bunny rabbits to local kids, found in the compound, who were apparently not ObLs children, but could hold up at least 24 elite US military for 40 minutes yet no arms could be found at the compound?

[cue music for Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em]



The current interview of Dr Steve Pieczenik on the Alex Jones show is of the same AAA quality and historical significance as that of Piers Corbyn.

If there is a God I pray that he or she protect Pieczenik with his or her elite angels.

His information is as Alex Jones describes; DEVASTATING!


Despite reports in UK media, including the BBC, that ObLs brother was taken alive, CNN is reporting that it has been told that there exists a photograph of the dead son of ObL. Other photos include ObL at a hangar before being dumped at sea.

It is possible that he was taken alive but killed in transit.

But if he is also dead what happened to his corpse? Was that buried at sea too?


CNN White House Senior Supervising Producer Stacia Deshishku

From CNN’s National Political Correspondent Jessica Yellin

A Senior US Official tells CNN 10 hard drives, 5 computers and more than 100 storage devices which includes discs, DVDs and thumb drives were taken from the compound.

The senior us official also says the White House received 3 sets of photos yesterday. The photos included:

1. Photos of OBLs body at a hanger after he was brought back to Afghanistan. This is the most recognizable with a clear picture of his face. The picture is gruesome because he has a massive open head wound across both eyes. It’s very bloody and gory.

2. Photos from the burial at sea on the USS Carl Vinson. Photos of OBL before the shroud was put on and then wrapped in the shroud.

3. There are photos of the raid itself that include photos of the two dead brothers, one of OBLs dead son (adult adolescent, maybe approx 18 yrs old) and some of the inside scene of the compound.

The official says the challenge is that the picture that includes the most recognizable image of OBLs face – from the hangar in Afghanistan – is so gruesome and mangled its not appropriate for say the front page of the newspaper. On the other hand, this is the one that is most identifiable as him.


The NYT reported that 79 personnel in four helicopters were involved in the operation to assassinate an alleged Osama bin Laden.

But The Daily Mail is reporting that just 24 went in, and that one helicopter was shot down as it approached the compound BEFORE ObL was allegedly shot.
In the early hours of May 1, two dozen members of the Navy's elite SEAL Team Six went in.

[source : How Bin Laden's most trusted courier led CIA to the compound where he had been living for 'SIX YEARS', The Daily Mail, 3/5/2011]

The NYT reports that one helicopter was hit during the escape. So how many personnel and how many helicopters a) went in, b) returned?

This DM report also admits that ObLs son could have been taken alive. If so, where is he?

This DM report also states that among the survivors were
a wife, a daughter and eight to nine other children who did not belong to Bin Laden


In a New York Times report Obomber's Counterterrorism dude John Brennan said that bin Laden could have been taken alive if he did not resist.
American officials insisted they would have taken Bin Laden into custody if he did not resist, although they considered that likelihood remote. “If we had the opportunity to take Bin Laden alive, if he didn’t present any threat, the individuals involved were able and prepared to do that,” Mr. Brennan said.

[source : Behind the Hunt for Bin Laden, NYT, 2/5/2011]

So this explains the untrue OBL-used-wife-as-human-shield-while-firing-AK47 story. ObL was unarmed. Did he resist? How can a man seriously ill with kidney failure resist a member of an elite military unit?

The same report states that
1. nine children, from 2 to 12 years old, are now in Pakistani custody
2. four men and one woman were killed. One man is alleged to be ObL (identified by ObLs wife and through facial recognition software after a photo of the corpse was sent to Langley). Another dead man was named as ObLs son Hamza. The other two men were the courier who had been under surveillance and his brother. The woman is unnamed, though The Daily Mail says it was ObLs wife, in which case how many of ObLs wives were there? And where are they now?
3. ObL was on the third floor.
4. the compound had been under satellite surveillance for months (they could have quickly known it was ObL if they had used their remote mind reading technology)
5. during the escape a helicopter stalled so it was blown up. But it is also reported elsewhere that one helicopter crashed or was shot down. This NYT report states that four helicopters flew 79 personnel into the compound. So that leaves just two helicopters to carry back out 79 US personnel, a dead ObL and according to later reports on BBC Radio 4 One O'Clock News today ObLs brother, who was alive!

Things do not compute.

Who was at the compound at the time?

Who shot the helicopters and how may were lost? Did one crash and one stall under fire during the escape? Or are the crashed and stalled helicopters the same one helicopter, leaving three for the escape? Could those three carry 79 personnel, a corpse of ObL and a living brother of ObL?

What really happened?

Who owned the compound?