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Why is it that whenever there appears to be a successful move towards peace between Israel and its neighbours the Israeli PM driving the move towards peace is either ousted or assassinated?

It looks like someone wants war, again and again and again...

Or maybe the next war will be the last war.

I expect Olmert to be found innocent, or at least the case against him not proven, and in the worst case found guilty of a very minor violation, but nothing close to what he is accused of which has resulted in his resignation. The tactics being used are those that ousted Ian Duncan-Smith and many other leaders before and no doubt in the future; throw enough dirt and some will eventually stick.

Netanyahu, the man who would nuke Iran under the most trivial of circumstances and who stated that 9/11 would be good for Israel, is already calling for new elections, which he would probably win, much to the delight of Dick "where was I and what was I doing on 9/11?" Cheney.

I think Livni would be much better for the world than Netanyahu.



Netanyahu calls for elections to end government's 'total failure'
By Haaertz Service and News Agencies
Tags: Kadima, Israel, Ehud Olmert

Opposition leader and Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu called on Thursday for general elections a day after Prime Minister Ehud Olmert pledged to resign following his party's leadership contest in September.

"This government has reached an end and it doesn't matter who heads Kadima. They are all partners in this government's total failure," Netanyahu told Israeli Radio.

Recent opinion polls suggest Netanyahu's Likud party, a critic of Olmert's peace moves with the Palestinians and Syria, would win a snap election.
He added: "National responsibility requires a return to the people and new elections."

Dogged by corruption scandals, the prime minister's decision to bow out of the centrist Kadima party's leadership contest on Sept. 17 and then step down stirred reactions across the political spectrum.

Vice Premier Haim Ramon, a Kadima party leader and Olmert confidant, told Army Radio: "I believe the chance of holding new elections is high."

Four Kadima ministers, including Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz, have launched campaigns to replace Olmert in the Sept. 17 vote.

Polls have shown Livni, Israel's chief negotiator with the Palestinians, ahead within Kadima.

Olmert has faced public pressure to resign over probes into suspicions he took hundreds of thousands of dollars from an American businessman. The prime minister has denied any wrongdoing, and vowed on Wednesday to fight for his innocence.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, head of the left-of-centre Labor party and Olmert's senior coalition partner, told CNN that it was "not yet clear whether there will be election in three or four months from now" if Olmert steps down.

On Wednesday, Barak said: "I think it is a proper and responsible decision made at the right time."

MK Yuval Steinitz (Likud) said that the declaration marked an end to the young Kadima party.

"The only solution to the situation now created is immediate elections. Waiting any longer for Kadima primaries will cause Israel more damage," he said.

MK Reuven Rivlin (Likud) said Olmert should have made this decision months ago. "Olmert's tenure will be remembered as public bedlam and as a farce of a government."

MK Yitzhak Aharonovitch (Yisrael Beiteinu) said Olmert's announcement essentially returned the vote to the public, and said there was no way now to avoid elections. "In a democratic state, when the prime minister resigns, the nation chooses its leader."

MK Limor Livnat said that immediately after the primaries, Olmert should call for new Knesset elections.

"None of the candidates chosen in Kadima will be able to assemble a stable and function government with the current Knesset... Olmert must bring about new Knesset elections immediately after the primaries," she said.

MK Zvi Hendel (National Union - NRP) said Olmert had made the right decision, and hoped the prime minister would be able to prove his innocence.

"Out of respect for the State of Israel, I will be happy if Olmert succeeds in procing his innocence. His resignation is correct, and while it is a pity it was done so late, better late than never."

MK Eldad: Olmert the most corrupt leader in Israel's history

MK Arieh Eldad of the right-wing National Union lambasted Olmert and his administration, calling him "the most failed and corrupt leader in the history of Israel."

He added: "It's the only good news we have heard from Olmert during his tenure."

Labor MK and party secretary Eitan Cabel focused on the political repercussions of Olmert's decision to step down. "Under the current circumstances that exist in the Knesset, it will be hard to form an alternative coalition and the possibility of an election is still on the agenda," Cabel said.

His fellow partisan Deputy Foreign Minister MK Raleb Majadele also spoke about what will happen once Olmert resigns, saying that Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni of Kadima was the only candidate who could create a coalition government without calling for new elections. "She is the only one worthy of succeeding Olmert and [former prime minister Ariel] Sharon," he said.

Other lawmakers, however, like National Religious Party Chairman, MK Zevulun Orlev called for the Knesset to be dissolved and for elections to be held as soon as possible."

"An agreed date of new elections should be decided and the Knesset should be dissolved during the summer break," Orlev said.

His call was supported by MK Yisrael Katz of the Likud who said parties should set an election date in order to ensure that government functioning continues without hindrance.

Livni: Kadima must continue to act as a leader

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, who is considered a front-runner for Kadima party chairman, said following Olmert's announcement that "the personal decision was not simple, but it was correct. Kadima must continue to act in a way that will preserve its unity and ability to lead."

Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, who is also vying for Kadima leadership, praised Olmert's decision as "brave."

"It proves that despite his personal crisis, he see what is good for the state, and in this difficult hour he has made the right decision," Mofaz said.

"Kadima members now have a heavy responsibility to pick the next prime minister. I know they will take this responsibility seriously," he added.

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter also welcomed Olmert's decision as a "correct and brave decision for the State of Israel, the Kadima movement, and himself personally."

Coalition chairman MK Yoel Hasson said Olmert's announcement marked a new beginning for Kadima.

"Kadima is beginning a new path. Choosing the next prime minister from Kadima is a choice to preserve the stability of government in the State of Israel. Olmert behaved tonight in the official way expected of a leader and proved his political and public responsibility," he said.


This morning GMTV briefly reported on the survey conducted by 20th Century Fox on British attitude to conspiracy theory. There are some very encouraging results.

I haven't investigated the moon landing hoax or scientology or Microsoft wingdings, but the rest I can understand.


Top 10 conspiracy theories

1. 48% believe that Area 51 exists to investigate aliens and their spaceships.
2. 38% think that 9/11 was orchestrated by the US Government.
3. 35% believe that the Apollo moon landing was a hoax.
4. 32% are convinced that Diana, Princess of Wales, and Dodi Fayed were murdered.
5. 25% think the Illuminati and the Masons are trying to take over the world.
6. 17% think Scientologists rule Hollywood.
7. 7% believe that barcodes are really intended to control people.
8. 6% are convinced that Microsoft sends messages via Wingdings.
9. 5% believe the US Government allowed Pearl Harbour to happen.
10. 3% think the world is run by dinosaur-like reptiles.

The survey also found that, in general, 61% believe in aliens, 52% think ghosts exist and 21% believe in monsters.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I think I have suggested this would happen, because the greater aim of the DNA database is to analyze our DNA for characteristics. In order to do that a very large population is required, and what better way is there to create that very large population than to take a sample of DNA from anyone who is suspected of committing the most trivial of crimes, all in the name of 'fighting crime' (while the biggest criminals in The City of London ride around in the limousines with whores).


Millions of profiles from DNA database passed to private firms
Millions of profiles on the national DNA database have been handed over secretly to private companies without the consent of those involved, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

Papers obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show that on five occasions since 2004 private firms with police contracts have successfully applied to use the database to help them develop computer programs.

The DNA database contains records of 4.2 million people, of which a million have never been convicted of an offence. Records are rarely deleted, even if a person is not charged.

The disclosure comes ahead of a hard-hitting report from the Government’s genetics watchdog next week which will call for more safeguards on how the database is run.

Ministers say the database is a crucial tool in solving crimes. But when it was set up, there was no suggestion that profiles would be made available to private businesses for commercial purposes.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


In the last few years the Playboy brand has been manufacturing products directed at children.

Now Barbie is into S&M.



BARBIE’S new S&M look has whipped up a storm – with protesters dubbing it “filth”.

The doll’s image is transformed with kinky fishnets, motorcycle jacket, black gloves and boots.

Makers Mattel say Black Canary Barbie, out in September, is based on a DC comic superhero of the same name.

But religious group Christian Voice said: “Barbie has always been on the tarty side and this is taking it too far.

A children’s doll in sexually suggestive clothing is irresponsible – it’s filth.”


I ask again, who (a) wants that, and (b) has the power to implement it?

It wouldn't be the same people who brougt us world wars, Hitler and Stalin, and attend mock human sacrifices in the woods outside San francisco, would it?


The following was written not by a "journalist" but by an ordinary British citizen who is concerned about the real agenda.



Journal of a Sham Election

By a Concerned Citizen

This is the journal of a local person who supported the David Icke stand in the Big Brother by-election and took her own personal action to get key questions answered by David Davis, the man who said he triggered the election to highlight the impositions of surveillance cameras, ID cards, the DNA database and the law allowing 'terrorist suspects' to be held without charge for 42 days.

As the David Icke team soon realised, and this journal records, the 'Big Brother' by-election was not an 'election' at all. It was a coronation for David Davis with all others, and the wider debate, excluded from this stage-managed sham.

If we have to rely on David Davis MP and Shami Chakrabati of the Liberty organisation to protect us from Big Brother then we're in serious trouble.
Picture this, it’s the evening of the 10th July and I am standing in a sports centre witnessing the count for the Haltemprice and Howden by-election, and also the biggest sham and travesty, personally, I have ever been witness to. Elections are only rigged in America aren’t they?! Plenty of characters are here and I had the pleasure of meeting most of the candidates. Mr. Davis is floating around with an almost stupid grin on his face, basking in the glory of his fair and balanced open debate on Big Brother.

I had to laugh as I watched the man who I had witnessed personally over the past previous few days, squirm and lie to his voters bare faced. Of course, as we all know he won the seat for Haltemprice and Howden making him an MP. Now to the casual observer this process may have appeared open, balanced and fair, but believe me it was anything but. What I am about to describe to you is a version of events very different to the ones presented in the media. Hold on tight. This is in reverse chronological order and begins with ‘bosom buddies’ Mr. Davis and Shami Chakrabati’s cosy little debate on liberties in Willerby.

09/07/2008 – Willerby Manor Hotel

Excellent, I thought, another opportunity to ask Mr. Davis some more awkward questions. Today Mr. Davis was meeting with Shami Chakrabati (Head of Liberty) amongst others to discuss our ‘liberties’. I got there nice and early and was handing out a list of questions that David Icke would like to have asked Mr. Davis if he were not barred from his events! How ironic, eh? That Mr. Davis receives personal support from Bob Geldoff at Guildhall, and David Icke, the man who has written numerous books on the subject of Big Brother, a leading authority on the subject, is barred from the event?!?! Now alarm bells should be ringing!!

This is just one of the ways that the by-election has been hi-jacked and the debate stifled – ah yes, that reminds me – back to Shami and Mr. Davis. So there I was outside the Willerby Manor Hotel handing out question leaflets, and stating to people that David Icke had been banned from the Guildhall – when lo and behold the free public event that was advertised on Mr. Davis’ website was at the cost of five pounds! OK, I thought, I’ll go find out who I give my money to. By the time I had got from the hotel entrance to the conference room where the so-called debate was being held, it was constituent members only. My God I thought, what are these people afraid of? Certainly not moving the goalposts!

The world’s media attended this event and at least one camera captured not just my protests – but various other protests that fell on deaf ears. How ironic, once again, that a debate centred on liberties and freedom, and also attended by the Head of Liberty, left individuals at the door, shut out, voices silenced. If freedom of speech isn’t for everyone then it’s for no-one at all; and sadly on that day the point could not have been illustrated better.

Whilst the melee was going on outside the room where the debate was to be had, who should turn up but Shami herself, closely followed by the ‘puppet’ Mr. Davis. At this point Shan Oakes from the Green Party (candidate that came second to Mr. Davis in the sham by-election, yes she was excluded from this debate, too) sprinted across the hotel into the reception area and told Shami Chakrabati exactly what had just gone on.

For a split second I thought to myself ‘great, surely she will do or say something’, and then I remembered the question I was going to ask her if I could get in and her connections to Davis. Silly me, of course she isn’t going to do anything, maybe apart from forcing Andy Burnham, Culture Secretary, to apologise to her for suggesting Mr. Davis was conducting ‘late night, hand-wringing, heart-melting’ phone calls with her over the 42 days issue. On this one, I have to agree with Andy Burnham.

Shami disappears no doubt for some more ‘hand-wringing’ with Mr. Davis, and the outcome doesn’t change – we are not allowed entry to the debate. If Shami would like me to apologise I am available for some ‘late night, hand-wringing, heart-melting phone calls’ over issues of liberty and truly open debate.

Concentrating on Shami Chakrabati for the moment, I will record here what I was going to ask her. This should make it clear to all what perfect bedfellows Shami and Davis really are (just a shame they didn’t have the ideals of John and Yoko).

‘You have close ties to the British American Project, and are a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation. Both recruit up and coming young talent in various fields of business, and like the Bilderberg meetings, discussions are private and non-attributable. For liberty to mean anything process must be transparent. How can you justify your position as Director of Liberty in light of this?’

Seen as though I was not allowed to ask this fair and honest question, in a fair and open debate, I have no choice but to answer it myself. You have no justification for your position as Head of Liberty. On this day you stand accused of stifling debate, dodging questions, encouraging secret agenda debate and having no positive effects on the rights denied to the very people you claim to represent. You silenced the voice of open, truthful debate and replaced it with your order of debate, not the peoples.

Shami Chakrabati you and Mr. Davis should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves and resign forthwith. (After maybe a couple of ‘hand-wringing’ phone calls). Don’t you just love a good rant!?!? So that’s basically what happened on that day, and if we rewind a bit further, Mr. Davis, only the day before, is caught out, bare-faced lying to his constituents in Eastringham, near Howden (no media, maybe that’s why I was allowed in!).

7pm 08/07/2008 – Eastringham Village Hall, Near Howden

Again, another free public meeting wherein Mr. Davis wanted a ‘safe debate’, no ‘awkward questions’. On the panel tonight were Martin Bell (bless him, I loved the stories he regaled about war zones, cheese and fine wines but couldn’t help thinking, that’s not what this is about – nice and safe though) and a guy whose name escapes me who wrote ‘Taking Liberties’ – how ironic, again, that he should be sat next to a man that was, and is, doing exactly that!

The hall was reasonably well filled; I would say a comfortable 150 people attended and so began the phony debate. Mr. Davis addressed the issue of a Big Brother presence in England, and basically blamed the Labour Party. Martin read a poem, and as charmed as I was, by his charming befuddlement, I thought to myself ‘this isn’t a debate, this is more like a self-congratulatory party to celebrate the fact that we have achieved looking like we are having a debate and actually discussing nothing at all’.

Questions were then taken, and to no surprise at all, on my part, he wasn’t even looking in my direction. I had my hand raised to the ceiling! I think he recognized me too!! My hand still raised and thinking ‘damn, not going to be able to ask this question’, a guy, stood against the wall next to me, had actually had his hand up for me (don’t know your name but thank you!). Mr. Davis indicated for this man’s question and he duly informed him that he had his hand up for me! Result!! I stood up and asked him this:

Me: Fleishman-Hillard is a global PR firm representing companies that have introduced ID Cards in the US and Spain. Can you explain why your ‘Freedom Campaign’ website is set up by Fleishman-Hillard?

Davis: Well ... er ... well ... in the short time I had to set up this campaign I didn’t have time to look into the connections and what companies it was associated to ... blah blah blah.

Me (stood up): So then Mr. Davis, can you confirm or deny that you have been close friends with Kevin Bell for the past 20 years, who also happens to be the Vice President of Fleishman-Hillard? And Entrust, a client of Fleishman-Hillard, is responsible for your website, and is also responsible for 30million Spanish citizens ID Cards?

Right off on one; Mr. Davis rattled, his lie shown up to the high heavens, all in a bit of an uproar, party members telling me he’s heard what I just asked him, me saying that I know, I just wanted to make sure that the people had heard, still standing.

Davis: Sit down! Sit down! And I’ll answer the question.

Watch out for Mr. Davis’ turn about -

Me: If you don’t mind I would rather stand – it is all about civil liberties after all.

Laughter, the sweet sound of laughter……..I remained standing and listened to Mr. Davis’ pathetic back peddle

Davis: Er ... yes ... er ... well ... I ... actually… ... had a meeting with er ... Kevin Bell and he told me er ... .he didn’t believe er ... in them. Wouldn’t work, wouldn’t work.

Now, what worried me the most is not that Kevin Bell (Mr. Davis’ close friend of 20years) doesn’t believe ID cards will work, but Mr. Davis’ blatant lie about not even knowing the connection with regards to ID Cards; something integral to his stance against Big Brother. Oh Lordy, someone hold me up or beam me up. Old mates are you Mr. Davis? Why don’t you be honest about your connections? Or is it because you think that it wouldn’t lay well with the voters?

A man, who resigned from the Shadow Cabinet on the basis of challenging Big Brother, then has his website set up by the very same company that is responsible for 30million ID Cards. Or do you know the game you’re in? I suspect you do, or else you wouldn’t be lying about important facts such as these to the people who could potentially vote for you.

Mr. Davis was also asked at this event why David Icke had been turned away from the Guildhall despite having a ticket for the public event. Mr. Davis’ response to this was to move swiftly along to the next question. Maybe it’s because he didn’t want to answer the biggie:

‘You have been strongly supported in your stance against Big Brother by Ed Vaizey MP, Michael Grove MP and Colonel Tim Collins, who are all original signatories to ‘The Statement of Principles’ of the Henry Jackson Society, a Neocon or Neoconservative ‘think tank’, set up in Britain in 2005 and named after the US Senator Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson, one of the icons of the Neocon Movement in the US, that has controlled the Bush Administration since it came to power and orchestrated the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the War on Terror in general.

This is the very same War on Terror that has been used to justify the introduction of the Big Brother society that you say you oppose.'

Once you start looking at the connections, money and glowing support for a one Mr. Davis, you start to see things, and the man that is now MP for Haltemprice and Howden in a very different light. Which brings me nicely to a conversation I had with George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, outside the Conservative Club in Willerby the very same morning. Once again a high profile figure turns out to support Mr. Davis on his stance against Big Brother. I turned up again to ask a reasonable question of Mr. Osborne. The Press Association was there, two or three newspapers, and the general stick of hypocrisy. He was duly interviewed and publicly supported Mr. Davis on his stance against Big Brother.

After waiting patiently and ingratiating myself as a budding reporter for the University Press; it went like this:

Me: Mr. Osborne, how do you justify your support for ...

Mr. Osborne: Wait ... wait ... hang on ... you haven’t told me your name or where you’re from, blah blah (trying to silence debate!)

Me: My name is ****** and I’m from the university and I really need to ask you this question and I really need you to listen (no cameras, but picked up on audio, not that the press will use it!).

Mr. Osborne: OK, OK (squirming and hopping).

Me: Mr. Osborne, how do you justify your support for David Davis and his stance on the Big Brother issue regarding your recent attendance of the Bilderberg meeting, a ‘think tank’ for World Government that has proposed a plan to microchip Americans under the pretext of fighting terrorism?

Mr. Osborne: Well ... er ... well ... I ... we don’t normally admit to being at such a meeting, but, er, on this occasion I think we can make an exception. Yes, I was at that meeting.

Me: Yes, in Chantilly, Virginia, I have your name on the attendance list here (Google Bilderberg meeting 2008).

Mr. Osborne (well puffed up and sure of himself): Well, yes I was there ... haw, haw ...laugh, laugh, but I can assure you microchips were not discussed.

Me (pulling out a report from reporting microchips being discussed and planned at the Bilderberg meeting he had attended): Well, if that’s the case Mr. Osborne you might want to read this; it says the complete opposite, in fact.

Mr. Osborne (backing off trying to make excuses): Er ... well ... thank you ... I will.

Me: I suggest you do, because your bosses are planning to recruit more ‘blue eyed, blonde haired terrorists’ making them almost impossible to recognise – thus giving them the excuse to microchip us all.

Mr. Osborne (walking away): Thank you ... anyway, must go and blah, blah, blah.

Me: Mr. Osborne, hang on, don’t walk away. You haven’t answered my question. How do you justify your support of Mr. Davis in light of this?

Mr. Osborne (must have slipped into standard response mode): Well, er ... er ... it’s all about individual civil liberties blah, blah.

Me (laughing): Please, how can you say that after attending a secret meeting only a month ago that discussed and proposed a microchip for every man, woman and child in America!?! (still laughing).

At this point Mr. Osborne fairly ran for the door, but did pause at the top of the steps of the Conservative Party Office to say: 'Thanks'.

Me (waving as I walked away): No problem Mr. Osborne. See you soon.

Again, in and around Mr. Davis’ campaign there are individuals supporting his stance on Big Brother, whilst at the same time having connections to the very substance of what Mr. Davis’ campaign opposes; ID Cards, microchips, Neocons, secret meetings and deliberate suppression of the truth out loud and proud. But hey, what better place to hide the corruption and lies of the ‘establishment’ that knows the people are becoming restless about Big Brother. Have a placeman, a yes man and the rest will follow. The appearance of a full and honest open debate. The placeman I am talking about here is Mr. Davis.

To conclude I would like to finish with my first encounter with Mr. Davis on the 5th July 2008 in Cottingham Church. It was a Saturday and raining hard.

05/07/2008 – Cottingham Church

I was stood outside a supermarket handing out election leaflets when I heard Mr. Davis was in the church. Excellent, my opportunity to ask him why he refuses to debate with David Icke (and others of course!). I briskly walk over to the church just hoping he was there and that I could have a chat with him. It couldn’t have gone any better. As I am walking down the aisle who should appear walking away from the altar towards me?!? Yes. Mr. Davis. I clocked him and as we both rounded a massive pillar in the church the conversation began:

Me (to Mr. Davis): Don’t suppose you’ve seen David Davis anywhere?

Davis (looking a bit puzzled): Well yes, that’s me…….

Me: Hi, pleased to meet you (shook hands). Could you tell me why you have refused to have an open debate with David Icke over the issue of Big Brother?

Davis: Ah yes well, time constraints plus too many candidates, there’s not enough time to debate. I mean would you want to debate with The Monster Raving Loony Party?

Me: Well….. (humouring him – everyone has the right to stand and be heard) regardless of time constraints, and the number of candidates, this debate still needs to be had at some point. It isn’t a localised problem, it is on a global scale and if we aren’t careful very soon we will be living in a Global Fascist Dictatorship. What’s your take on it?

Davis: My concerns are ID Cards, DNA Databases and cameras which are against civil liberties ...

Me (interrupting): I appreciate what you’re saying and agree with you – but the problem is global and connected, it’s a global Big Brother problem, not local.

Davis: Oh well, let’s sort out England first!

Me: It’s not a case of that, it’s a global problem. Have you heard of the Bilderbergs, Council for Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Commission?

Davis: No, never heard of any of them, and if it’s a global Big Brother, where’s your evidence?

Me: Oh I have evidence Mr. Davis. The question is will you read it and will you look at it? There’s no point in it being presented to you if you don’t do that.

Davis: Send it to me and I will.

At this point I asked Mr. Davis for a card or point of contact – which he responded to by saying I could send the evidence to the Conservative Party Office in Willerby. The information will be sent, but here is the address in full for anyone else wanting to enlighten him –

Conservative Party Office

32 Main Street



HU10 6BU

Tel: 01482 657938


So there we have it. You make your own mind up. But do remember; I’m not politically motivated nor a journalist - just an individual that has concerns and questions. And during this experience I had first hand, my concerns were confirmed, my questions unanswered.

The man that is now MP for Haltemprice and Howden is surrounded and protected by the Big Brother Agenda he is supposed to oppose; the agenda that he resigned over and the agenda that ultimately assured he was elected as MP. This debate was fake, controlled and contrived from start to finish. I am only glad that I was close enough to witness the hypocrisy, lies and deceit that passes for Democracy in this country, and county of Yorkshire. If you agree please feel free to distribute this journal far and wide.

With all my love,


Monday, July 14, 2008


What do the bail-outs of first Northern Rock, and now Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae tell you?

First, that housing is such an important matter that our governments are prepared to pump in billions and billions and billions to stop the collapse. But if housing is THAT important why is the issuance of mortgages left to private companies whose sole purpose is profit when they know that housing is such an important matter that if they screw up the governments will bail them out?

Second, that somehow our governments can find those billions and billions and billions from somewhere. Were those billions and billions and billions found in the corner of a broom cupboard? If not, were they just created out of nothing? If so, why don’t they create even more billions and billions and billions out of nothing to make the world a better place?

Saturday, July 12, 2008


So David Icke has identified the problem.

He is also provoking a reaction.

What is his solution?

We need an economy to survive, a real, practical and much fairer economy, and we are talking several large and many small economies, than what we have now.

There is only one person, as far as I can see, who is aware of the New World Order and is proposing realistic, practical economic solutions to our situation, and that is Lyndon Larouche.

There is one difficulty: Larouche worships FDR, while Icke detests him. In fact this dispute runs all the way through the history of The United States of America, and probably beyond. Larouche thinks the American Revolution was genuine, while Icke thinks it was all a trick, to replace overt control with covert control.

Larouche proposes implementing the American System of Economics, which led to the rapid development of the USA into a world superpower. In turn the USA gave all its high technology and know-how to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany to build them up for a horrific, bloody world war 2, which resulted in the global institutions of today and much greater centralisation of power.

Question : was the American System of Economics withheld from the human race until the American Revolution, and then implemented so that America would rapidly become the world superpower, but controlled so that it never surpassed Great Britain until the time was right, i.e. with the establishment of the Federal Reserve and World War 1?

We are talking about some very cunning and evil people here. I would not put it passed them.

Anyway, I'm a little disappointed by the number of votes Icke got (I was expecting one or two hundred more) and wonder if the lack of any real economic solution was the cause of this. I know Icke didn't want or expect to win the by-election, but now the problem has been identified, which is definitely provoking a reaction as shown by the Google Video hit count, what are the practical and fairer economic solutions we want and need?

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I've recently added films I like to my profile, so I thought I would say why I like those particular films.

Gettysburg – depicts the battle in the US Civil War that turned the tide in favour of the Union. It shows to some degree what people were prepared to go through to set other men free. It contains one of the funniest lines in cinema in which a Confederate prisoner when asked by a Union officer why he was fighting, answered “I’m fighting for my rights”, but due to the Southern accent “rights” sounds like “rats”, to which the Union officer replies “fighting for your what?” with a very quizzical look. It drives one to ask what the Confederates were really fighting for. Brilliant! Anyway, the slaveholding Confederates get a good whoopin’.

Gladiator – a General in the Roman Army is entrusted by the Emperor to return Rome the Republic to the people, but the Emperor’s son has other ideas, kills his father and orders the General and the General’s family to be executed. The General survives, seeks revenge, becomes a famous Gladiator and eventually ends up in the Coliseum fighting the Emperor’s son, who he kills, but dies in the process. The republic is then returned to the people. There’s a moral in there somewhere…

Monsters Inc – in a world of monsters where energy only comes from terrorising children in their bedrooms, a rather shifty lizard-like monster hatches an evil plot to kidnap children and attach them to a device that catches the children’s terror directly, making the energy capture much more efficient. But the plan goes wrong, and a child sneaks into monster world and is on the loose, causing havoc, because the monsters have been warned by their leaders that children are evil and dangerous. The child hooks up with two soft monsters, and gradually the monsters realise that much more energy can be harnessed from the children when the children are made to laugh rather than when they are terrorised. The child is returned to her world after a fantastic chase through a series of doors, and the monsters change their tactics from terrorising children to making them laugh, getting loads more energy and having a much better time!

JFK – this is the film that got me into conspiracy theory, even though it is not quite telling the whole truth. It shows how Oswald could not have shot JFK, and proposes a very credible alternative, using actual eye witnesses to the event.

The Sum of all Fears – a group of Nazi terrorists purchase a nuclear bomb and set Russia and the USA on a collision course, hoping to provoke nuclear war between the two. The nuclear bomb came from an Israeli jet that crashed during the Yom Kippur war, and the plutonium for that bomb came from America. The man who smuggles the bomb into the USA is called Brother Mason. Hmm, not that I’m suggesting Brother masons are trying to encourage a nuclear war between America and Russia due to an Israeli nuke…

Munich – Spielberg’s version of the hunt for the planners of the massacre of Israeli athletes at Munich in 1972 ends with a long shot of the World Trade Centre. In retaliation for Munich Israel bombed several refugee camps killing hundreds. As the hunt dragged on, doubts set in about the morality and effect of the hunt for the Munich planners. Between then and 2001 thousands of Palestinians were murdered by Israel. Then on 9/11 the World Trade Centre was attacked resulting in the deaths of nearly 3000 people. That attack is attributed to al Qaeda terrorists who cite Israel as their number one grievance. The moral is violence begets violence. Israel provoked Munich. Munich provoked Israel to retaliate killing thousands of Palestinians, which resulted in 9/11. STOP THE KILLING!

Pearl Harbor – released at the same time as PNAC’s Rebuilding America’s Defenses and just in time for 9/11, to remind Americans what happened at Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941 and what America did in retaliation. Two loveable all-American rogues, both flying aces, fall in love with the same gal, the very pretty Kate Beckinsale. One volunteers to fight in the Battle of Britain, where he is shot down and presumed dead (but he survived and escaped from behind enemy lines). He was seeing Kate. The other two are stationed at Pearl Harbor when news of the others presumed death is received, and they eventually start an affair. But the day before the Japanese attack Pearl the other dead pilot returns from the grave to discover the affair between the other two. After a drunken brawl they are awakened by the Japs flying over the car they were sleeping in and watch as Pearl is bombed. They race to a remote airfield, jump into some fighter planes and chase the Japs away. They then volunteer for the Doolittle Raid, bomb Japan, and escape to the Chinese coast where one of them dies after they encounter a Japanese patrol. The other resumes his affair with Kate and they bring up the child Kate had with one of them.

The film starts with a shot of a plane gliding into a shallow descent, just like the planes crashing into WTC on 9/11, and ends with a long shot of an obelisk. I have already pointed out clues in this film that suggest someone knew 9/11 was coming, hence the timing of its release.

What do I think is special about Pearl Harbor? The attack on Pearl Harbor is shown in graphic and at times terrifying detail. Some of the original music is good, and the soundtrack evokes the period. Some of the cinematography captures the beauty of Pearl Harbour and Oahu. But it is the portrayal of Franklin D Roosevelt that makes this film special, because the initial scapegoats for the attack, Admirals Kimmel and Stark, had been exonerated from their guilt for the Pearl Harbor attack during the making of the film, and the blame shifted to Franklin D Roosevelt. Yet the film did not reflect this revision. And one has to ask why, particularly when the last scene in the film contains a medium-sized obelisk, prompting the question, how many American backyards contain medium-sized obelisks?


Following his banning of David Icke, David "Liberty" Davis banned members and supporters of the Socialist Equality Party and the Green Party from his public meeting yesterday.



Members and supporters of both the Socialist Equality Party and the Green Party were excluded from a public meeting yesterday organised by David Davis on the eve of the Haltemprice and Howden by-election. The meeting at the Best Western Willerby Manor Hotel featured a platform including Labour MP Bob Marshall-Andrews and Liberty director Shami Chakrabati.

Davis’s own web site said the speakers were to discuss “the modern relevance of our ancient British liberties.” Yet when members of the only two parties standing against Davis whose candidates oppose Labour’s anti-terror legislation arrived, stewards barred them from entry.

When asked on what basis this was being done, a number of reasons were given. Firstly, stewards said that the meeting was by invitation only and that SEP members’ names were not on the list. This was an obvious lie, given that no such indication was made in Davis’s advertisement for the meeting and the fact that there was no list to consult.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Well, it's that time of year again, when our politicians will soon be absent from the seats of power, and hasty and dangerous decisions can be taken without challenge.

The war rhetoric between Israel and Iran has escalated considerably in the last month or two. And we only have a few months left of the Bush/Cheney axis of evil. I'm a little concerned about August, for we are awakening very quickly now. David Icke's talks in Hull this last week have been very well presented and equally very well received, as shown by the applause and the comments in local media.

They do not have much time left at all, and they know it.

I see their panic in the news, in their documentaries, in their speeches.

Panic. Everywhere.

We need to get through August nuke-free.


A near 3 hour talk given by David Icke in Hull last Sunday on the bigger picture surrounding the Big Brother state.

Incisive, fact-filled presentation of the state of the human race.

ps send to Simon Mayo and your MP

Monday, July 07, 2008


So before they can recite their ten times table four year olds will receive sex education?

What force would (a) want this, and (b) be able to implement it?

Sunday, July 06, 2008


The Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday continues to speculate on the hospitalisation on Alex Allan. Apparently one of his neighbours found him 'with blood everywhere'.

"Spy in a coma found 'with blood everywhere' by painter who used his artist colony house",

But with further reading of their article you begin to understand that
1. his parents and family were concerned he was ill because he phoned them.
"'I think they knew he wasn't very well because he phoned them. She came round in the car. She was horrified because he was unconscious. She called an ambulance.'"

2. police and whitehall officials are convinced there is no foul play.
"Last night a Whitehall source said: 'There is nothing to suggest this is anything other than a tragic illness.'

A police source said that officers had examined the circumstances in which Mr Allan was found and 'quickly established there were no indications of anything suspicious'.

He added: 'Because he is a person of significance, investigators made sure nothing untoward had occurred. But it was quickly established there was a medical reason for how he was found. He is being treated as a medical patient not the victim of any kind of poisoning or other attempt on his life.'"

On Friday the Mail was one of several papers who published pictures Medvedev and Putin next to bin Laden and Litvinenko. The message was obvious (to all who had a brain).

BP is getting kicked out of Russia.

A joint investigation is taking place between Britain and Russia.

Most people want harmony.

Some want disharmony leading to war.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


It appears that the by-election in Haltemprice and Howden has descended from a noble cause into a farce.

David Davis resigns the seat in protest against the Big Brother state.

David Icke invites David Davis to a friendly 'debate' on the Big Brother state, but Davis refuses.

Davis begins to get visits of support from MPs with questionable motives.
1. David Cameron visits Davis claiming that Bilderberg is nothing to worry about, this after his shadow chancellor George Osborne met them in private for the second time this year.
2. Patrick Mercer, former member of British Intelligence and seriously involved with companies whose interest is...surveillance, overt and covert!
3. the confused Ed Vaizey, signatory to the Henry Jackson Society which is basically the British arm of PNAC. I say Vaizey is confused because he voted for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty yet the HJS wants a large unified European military force and no referendum, and it is the warmongering of the American signatories to the HJS that is driving the introduction (or rather implementation) of the Big Brother state.

Then Davis holds a 'public' press conference with Bob Geldof, but when Icke turns up with "the correct paperwork" the meeting is immediately assigned as 'private' and Icke is banned!

You could not make this stuff up! It is comedy gold. Absolute comedy gold.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Alex Allan, the chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, was recently found comatose in his home. From paranoid reports in The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph and The Sun yesterday you would think those bloody Russians had gone and murdered another spy on the streets of London...AGAIN!

But a report on the website quotes a Met officer that shines a completely different light on the mystery. From$1230303.htm)

A Metropolitan police spokesperson said Mr Allan's illness "is being treated as non-suspicious".

Has this new paranoia anything to do with the recent decision that Litvinenko was not poisoned by Russia, which has led to a joint investigation taking place, leading some scoundrels to whip up trouble between Russia and Great Britain as soon as anyone farts in order to derail that joint investigation?

I think so.

Just this year a couple of mysterious deaths and disappearances have instantly been blamed on "those bloody Russians".

The death of Georgian tycoon Arkady Patarkatsishvili was instantly blamed on Russia, again with hints and unfounded suggestions that "those bloody Russians" poisoned him. Patarkatsishvili was connected to Berezovsky, Lord Goldsmith and Lord Bell (yes, the same Bell who managed the photogenic death of Litvinenko via Bell Pottinger Communications). His death was not that suspicious at all. It looked like Patarkatsishvili had a heart attack, he complained of chest pain just before his death, and he lived a very unhealthy and exercise-free life, smoking and drinking to wild excess. So when he suddenly collapses, and the post mortem concludes he died of heart attack, who gets the blame? Yep. "Those bloody Russians."

And then there was the mysterious disappearance of the Latvian tycoon Leonid Rozhetskin who disappeared with his plane leaving a pool of blood. That was also instantly blamed on "those bloody Russians". Further investigation has revealed other potential and more likely culprits, including himself!! (he bought a fake passport just a few days before he disappeared, so maybe he faked his own death and is still alive which would also explain why his private jet is still being flown around the globe).

I was one of a few who questioned the death of Litvinenko.

I think there is another "frame Russia" psyop being pushed by some scoundrels who know the real truth about Litvinenko's death and wish to drive a wedge between Russian and British investigators of Litvinenko's death.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


This video of David Icke's press conference yesterday is a condensed version of the Brixton 2006 talk, and shows the basics of where we are, how we got here and where we are going; continental governments underneath an all powerful world government controlling the microchipped serfs after they cede all their power due to engineered war and terror.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Yesterday Cherie Blair, the wife of war criminal and mass murderer Tony Blair, expressed her concern about the safety of her children in the street.

Her husband, the father to her children, was in Number 10 Downing Street with her for 10 years, from 1997 to 2007!!!!!

During that time the British public were given a few crumbs from the table, but Tony will be remembered for one thing; IRAQ.

And the effect of that was brought home to us on 7th July 2005 when over 50 people were blown up and many more injured in a number of highly suspicious explosions on the London transport network.

During Blair's occupancy of Number 10, other decisions he took that have seriously affected the safety of the law-abiding British public are;
1. the mass influx of violent films and games, along with the worship of the characters in those phenomena, and criminals in general.
2. the mass influx of drugs, particularly heroin from Afghanistan since 2001.
3. the 24 hour drinking laws, which have recently been criticised by the vast majority of police and health authorities for creating the opposite of its intended effect.
4. the willingness to use huge military force on the basis of now known to be pure and fabricated lies.

All these lead our children to see moral decay, and copy and worship it.

Where has Cherie been for the past 11 years?