Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Oh, it MUST be going oh so wrong!

Lord Jacob Rothschild is having a right royal rant in the FT at his very own EU for dragging his RIT into some new EU legislation that he believes is not correct.
[source : Europe is getting it wrong on financial reform, The Financial Times 21/4/2010]

The new legislation is designed to control hedge funds, make them more transparent, but Fraudschild's investment trust RIT is also to be affected. This would make Fraudschilds RIT more transparent, something that is not desired, and when you see exactly what RIT has invested in recently you will not be surprised why. RIT is driving the agenda, eg cashless society.

But for Rothschild to be able to rant at the EU in the FT just shows how much power the Zionazis have!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The Nazi-WWF-Meteorological Office is being criticised again for its predictions.

For the last decade or so we have been told by them that the planet will melt and the sea will boil unless we implement drastic genocidal policies to slash human population to 'save the planet'. So the Nazi-WWF-Met Office had a motive to lie and lie and lie...that's why a bona fide Green Nazi was put in charge of the Meteorological Office and and not a bona fide Meteorologist.

So why would the Nazi-WWF-Met Office predict such a catastrophe that the global air traffic was stopped for nearly a week?

Because the volcano causing all the trouble is in Iceland.

Little tiny Iceland has been raging against the demands from the City of London that the Icelandic people, not the bankers, pay up for the Icelandic bankers' gambling fuck ups, which were ordered by The City of London.

You heard it all. Iceland should be able to predict this kind of activity shouldn't they? They've been living with this for years. Useless Iceland...etc etc etc

So by predicting another non-event that has affected nearly the whole globe the good people of little tiny Iceland have been demonised.

But it's all gone wrong...AGAIN!

Because it's made people wonder why we need globalisation.

Why do we need globalisation? We don't, but the NWO does. Because it then makes the whole global economy dependent on them, ie they control the movement of food around the world. Why do we import potatoes from Europe when we've lived off potatoes grown in the UK for centuries? IT'S MADNESS! But if we start causing trouble, by asking too many troublesome questions, then the food supply can be reduced.

And if it's not food, it's something else; oil, steel, rubber, even water.


I recently listened to the Red Ice Radio interview with John Hall, author of A New Breed : Satellite Terrorism in America. I did not know the book had been published, but will order one immediately.

Some of you may have asked yourself why I am so vocal and pissed off with this country and the world as a whole and want to change it for the better for 99% of the world (the remaining 1% can go to hell). I know I am taking a big, possibly a very big, risk but I will now tell you.

About 12 years ago I started to get stalked. I don't know why, but I was. I was followed home late at night several times. I even thought that the house I was living in had been bugged, at the least. There would be silent phone calls late at night, and quite often the calls would occur just as I was about to fall asleep, as if they knew I was about to fall asleep (this will become significant later). I would open the front door in the morning to find a large piece of broken glass on the doorstep.

I then went to university to take a postgraduate degree. I was still stalked, and even received a death threat on campus. I answered a phone call late one Friday night and the guy at the other end pretended to be Irish and asked if there was a girl there (I can't remember the name he asked for). When I replied there was nobody there by that name he quickly dropped the Irish accent and in an accent I recognised as one from my home town (north england) he threatened to come round and kill me, upon which another guy in the background on the other end of the line asked, is he there? is that him?, and they both started laughing then put the phone down. I reported this phone call to the campus security the following day who reported that no record of a phone call to my room at that time on that day could be found. And how did they get my number? Hmm, I thought. Who is supporting these stalkers, I asked myself. It was then that I started to look at the JFK assassination again, my interest in this having started in 1992 until about 1996, which then led onto trying to understand David Icke, as stated on my website.

But the harassment would soon go into orbit...literally.

I graduated and got a research position at the university. After a year or so I bought my first house, in the summer of 2001. It then started to get real nasty, particularly after 9/11. But things were starting to get nasty before then.

I began to suffer sleep deprivation, and I can remember the following electronic harassment beginning about the same time I was stalked, but it was very soft in its effect and not that significant. But the following harassment gradually got stronger and more intense, and did not effectively stop until I was jobless and homeless several years later.

Just as I was about to fall asleep I would hear a click and I would be instantly awake again. Sometimes it happened just once a night. Other times it would happen several times a night, and the click would be louder, or would instead be a buzz, and sometimes I would actually feel the click or buzz in the back of my head. When this occured I also suffered from heart palpitations, stress and shallow breathing.

And this did not happen just at home. My employment took me away from home for the working week, so I was put up in hotels Monday to Thursday. This clicking/buzzing occured just as I was about to fall asleep then too.

Sometimes I would be woken up by the buzz/click after having only an hour of sleep, and when I tried to get back to sleep again the harassment would start again, so that I would get approximately three hours of broken sleep per night, e.g. one hour plus another two. This would happen for months at a time, with an occasional brief respite of a night or two, probably for the torturer to review the results of his or her torture and plan a different strategy.

Occasionally just as I was about to fall asleep I would be awakened by a very loud sound, such as a shotgun being fired or the aggressive barking from a violent large dog such as an Alsatian, instead of a buzz or click and these sounds sounded very very close, as if right next to, or even inside, my head! But none of these was nearby in reality because neighbours did not report hearing them, and I did not own a shotgun or an Alsatian, and as far as I know neither did my neighbours.

Why do I strongly suspect that our intelligence agencies were involved? Well one day I was due to meet an ex-girlfriend for a meet up in a pub. She had worked for MI6, but only as a clerk, I was told. The night before we were to meet I was not allowed to get any sleep due to the remote electronic harassment! So during that meeting with her I hardly said a word because I was exhausted. She commented on my silence several times. And to top it all off there was a spook who stood across the road taking photos (it was a nice spring day and we sat outside)!

This harassment significantly increased during the invasion of Afghanistan, and even more significantly during the invasion of Iraq. In fact on the morning of Shock and Awe I was violently woken up by a very loud and relatively long buzz. I put on the TV to hear that we had begun invading Iraq. For the next few months my brain was zapped 6,7,8 sometimes 9 or 10 times a night.

I lost so much sleep by this harassment that I could barely remember what I had done the previous day. I was very irritable and unsociable. I struggled to get any work done for months. Luckily I was able to work from home and could catch an hour of sleep here and there to make up, but to nowhere near the levels I really needed. I could also meditate which helped to recover from the lack of sleep. And plenty of fresh fruit juice had a positive effect too.

This continued through 2003 and 2004.

I tried to protect myself from the electronic cowards by building a Faraday Cage made out of fine copper mesh to sleep in. I also bought a very fine wire blanket, also with a very very fine mesh. These did reduce the harassment but did not stop it completely. I would still be zapped quite frequently, but not 10 times a night like during the first few weeks of Shock and Awe.

But then the harassment suddenly stopped in February 2005. A few weeks later I was told my employment contract was not being renewed, and I lost my job. I believe the emails and phone calls of my employers were being monitored, and that as soon as the decision to not renew my contract, after 6 years of good trouble-free work, had been taken, the job was done; I would be jobless and probably soon homeless. A year or so later I had to sell my house. It took about two months after the cessation of the zapping for me to recover to be anywhere near the healthy energetic person I was. I am changed...but ironically now spiritually and politically awakened and ready to bring down the New World Order. I used to run, swim, cycle and hike regularly, but because of the lack of sleep I gradually had to stop or drastically reduce this exercise. As a result I have put on weight and rarely get out.

But one side effect of all this is that I get quite violent spasms that shake my body when I'm resting. My neck is often violently snapped to the side, and I can feel the energy flow being blocked in my neck before the snap. It's unpleasant. I never had this before 2001, and I believe that something has happened to my body's natural electrical network which was not expected/planned, and may have something to do with awakening my kundalini through meditation which has provided a lot more energy to flow around my body.

So maybe the harassment did not work. When it started I didn't know what was going in the world. I felt it was wrong, but did not know why. But I do now...and let this be heard:

our drug-dealing, kiddie-fiddling terrorist intelligence agencies are in bed with criminals. Not just those on yachts in the Med, but local ones too, the ones at street level, probably all the way into the local cop shop.

So if those criminals are reading; you are working for paedos, and people who use kids and paedos, for political control!

And to prove I am not making this up after the fact, during that time I wrote twice to the Intelligence and Security Committee, once in 2003 and once in 2004, naming names, to demand that they investigate this electronic harassment technology with the evidence I had recorded and the literature that I had read that described the research into electronic harassment; from the hearing of buzzing and clicking from microwaves reported by civilian and military personnel (see The Zapping of America by Paul Brodeur), to the technology to remotely beam sounds directly into people's heads, as well as remote thought reading and control (see books by Jim Kieth).

Guess what happened? Sweet FA.

The ISC believed the torturing, drug-dealing, kiddie-fiddling MI5 when they said the 7/7 bombers were clean skins and that MI5 don't do torture, but they didn't believe me, with all the evidence I provided.

Well, the total 100% bona fide idiots of the ISC are handing their kids and grandkids directly into the hands of these kiddie fiddling scumbags.

If you have not listened to the interview, please do so now.

So what do I think happened to me, and why? I think I was initially the subject of low-level harassment and stalking by low-level criminals. I am still unable to think of a good reason why...maybe they just didn't like me (which I am glad about). When I did not lose it, by running to a psychiatrist and getting detained in a mental institution, my details may well have been passed up through the chain of command of the criminal-intelligence network, who eventually gained access to this satellite technology, which was used on me in ever increasing intensity and strength until I was jobless and homeless. Either that or I was selected by some secret military-intelligence operation, with the help of the low-level criminals, for gradually increasing levels of harassment to see how much it would take to break me. The harassment was mostly from directed energy weapons, causing the clicking and buzzing and another form of e-assault I called the headfuck, but the shotgun/aggressive dog sounds indicate that those sounds were beamed directly into my head via a microwave weapon of some sort. The military-intelligence apparatus were definitely involved because of the attacks due to meeting with MI6 ex-girlfriend and the very significant increase in their intensity during the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The low-level criminals could not launch satellites armed with these weapons, but the military-intelligence complex would.

Another thing that started to happen during this time was that when I was driving I would get very strange thoughts, such as someone or something trying to persuade me into driving into somebody else's oncoming car at high speed, or getting strong sharp pains in my foot and elsewhere which temporarily diverted me from being in control of my car.

I often thought how my harassment was being facilitated. Was it my next door neighbour? Or even someone in the attic?! I laugh now at those ideas, but when you're absolutely shattered and confused by this harassment you don't and can't think straight. But just before the harassment virtually stopped in early 2005 I eventually came to the conclusion that it must be satellite-based, because it happened when I was in Prague for a holiday, as well as in hotels when I was working away from home at a client's offices.

The harassment still continues, but only a few times a year. It only occurs now if I arrange a meeting with friends days or weeks in advance, and the night before the meeting I am zapped so I lose sleep. For example last year I arranged to go for a walk with a friend in the Forest of Bowland. Guess what happened the night before? Yep! I got zapped, and got three hours broken sleep only. The purpose of this is to make me appear unsociable and uninterested, then to lose my friends and eventually become socially isolated. A similar zapping occured in July 2001 when I had prearranged to go for a seven hour hike up Scafell Pike. The night before the walk I was seriously zapped. I drove us there and nearly fell asleep at the wheel on the way back (obviously that was the purpose of the zapping - for me to crash and at least be seriously injured and for it to be blamed on 'fatigue'). But it shows how fit I was that I could do that then. I could not and would not attempt that now.

John Hall has taken a big weight off my mind with this research.

The technology exists and has for years, if not decades.

It is being abused.

I believe I lost my job and was forced to sell my house because of it.

Who will be next? Your son or daughter? For what? For simply not being liked by a local intelligence-agency-supported-and-protected criminal? Or as a mild form of eugenics? Or for any other reason, perhaps something as simple as wanting to gain some satanic gratification from remote torture.

If they're not killing little old granny to pay for the bailout then they're using electronic harassment on citizens trying to found out what's really going on and trying to stop the global warmongering, kiddie-fiddling and financial frauds.

Think about it.

What do we all need, and when are we at our most vulnerable?

We all need sleep, and are at our most vulnerable when asleep.

When asleep you are static, and are thus an easy target.

When asleep you are effectively unconscious.

When asleep, or about to fall asleep, you cannot defend yourself.

When asleep your body should be repairing itself.

When asleep your brain should be resting.

But when you're being buzzed awake several times a night for months on end...

This technology is classed as 'non-lethal'. It is invisible. It leaves no scars or wounds, but can kill people slowly, affecting internal organs only. In my case the vertebrae in my neck will leave some evidence due to the violent snapping to the side causing excessive wear.

They are cowards, simple and plain.

And think about this, because I hadn't. One reason suggested as to why some people are singled out is because they may be unaffected by the current electronic control grid. What electronic control grid? The one being implemented by the massive increase in microwave digital communications, from mobile telephones to the ongoing introduction of digital TV and radio. Digital microwave communications effectively hammer your brain with very tiny pulses, thousands of times a second. That is bound to have some effect on your brain over time. But what effect could that be? Well, Police and Military personnel have all complained about feeling aggressive, dodgy and numb and sick when a new digital communication network was implemented for them.

But also think about this : if this technology does exist then why can it not be used to track down Osama bin Laden? Or to track the thoughts of suspected terrorists around the globe? Are planned terrorist acts being discovered by this technology, or indeed, as I suspect may well be the case, being implanted directly into the brains of terrorists, and those terrorist acts allowed to happen?

This technology opens up a whole new dimension to global intelligence operations.


And when you find out that somebody else is already making a fortune from a business idea you had...

And when you find out that somebody else has already written that book you have dreamed of writing...

They fink you are stoop-id.

They think you are too dumbed and numbed by the chemicals in the water, from the additives in the food, from the media yelling which Z-list celebrities are fucking each other, and now from the digital microwaves silently and invisibly tap,tap,tapping at your brain and interfering with your brainwaves.

This is why there must be an investigation into this technology. We know it exists. A library of books and journal articles has been published about it, but you don't read them because you're too interested in which celebrities are banging each other!

But is it always being used for the purpose for which it was proposed? If not, then why not? And how is it being abused?

Monday, April 19, 2010


Now that the FSA has decided to investigate Goldman Sachs, we must write to Lord Turner immediately and tell him how GS fits into the CFR/Bilderberg/Federal Reserve scheme of things, and that that system is essentially run for the benefit of the ultrarich few who engineered all the shit in the last century and first decade of this century.

I believe that those who wrote to the Chilcot Inquiry about the Clean Break/PNAC Rebuilding America's Defenses agenda and 9/11 have forced that particular inquiry to go hunting for the 9/11 Neocons, so we can influence these kinds of investigations.

Go on.

Have some fun.

Get Goldman Sachs.


City watchdog launches Goldman Sachs investigation

FSA to look into the UK activities of the embattled Wall Street bank which the US regulator has accused of a $1bn fraud

Embattled Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs is now facing an investigation by the City watchdog, the Financial Services Authority, following the $1bn (£650m) fraud allegations brought by the US regulators.

Goldman Sachs insisted its actions were "entirely appropriate" and that it would "vigorously contest" the charges brought by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Tell me it isn't true...even though we all know deep inside it is.



These figures, published below, for the earning of the top five hedge fund managers are DISTURBING and DISGUSTING. We are witnessing a small self-appointed clique manipulating the world's assets and wealth for their own self enrichment. Between the masonic and Zionist control that encompasses the globe, especially in Britain and America, there is an evil and despicable greed devouring vast fortunes into the hands of the thieves masquerading as hedge fund managers, this while the rest of the world's population are being made homeless with billions living in abject poverty and destitution.

Total amounts earned in for 2009 -

1.David Tepper $4 Billion
2.George Soros $3.3 Billion
3.James Simons $2.5 Billion
4.John Paulson $2.4 billion
5.Steve Cohen $1.4 billion

Friday, April 16, 2010


Remember him, the Jewish teenager who had applied to be a member of the audience for BBC Question Time but was turned down, but a year later then gets a call out of the blue from the BBC asking him if he wants to be a member of the audience for the infamous QT with Nick Griffin, and he got to ask his question about the holocaust?


But hang on! The audience for last night's debate was SUPPOSED to be selected from within a 30 mile radius of the venue in central Manchester, but a glance at Weiner's Wiki (yes, he has one) states he is attending a school in North London!

Who is this kid?

Why is he being given so much airtime, not quite as much as that violent revolutionary Berezovsky, but much much more than the average UK citizen, asking two questions on two live TV debate programmes.

Who the F is he?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The second investigation into the UEA CRU has found them innocent of wrongdoing too.

But hang on. Let's ask some questions about this investigation.
Q: who created and financed it?
A: the UEA themselves

Q: you mean the UEA investigated itself?

Q: who chaired the investigation?
A: Lord Oxburgh

Q: Who is he?
A: Vice-Chair GLOBE UK and Vice-President GLOBE International, Chairman of Shell from 2004-2005, chairman of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association and of the wind energy company Falck Renewables (so he is totally 100% bona fide impartial...NOT!)

Q: What is GLOBE?
A: GLOBE is a global green movement/forum for world leaders to ram through the Nazi green agenda based on bogus science and is intimately linked to The Club of Liars Rome.

Q: were there any criticisms of the CRU in this brilliant whitewash?
A: yes. they are not as keen at rigourous statistical analysis as most scientists (yet global policy affecting six billion people is being rapidly implemented due to their statistical analysis).

Q: So isn't this all a green Nazi scam run by the rich for the rich to implement silent genocide and lucrative carbon trading systems for the Bilderberg banks that buggered us last decade?
A: In the words of the nodding dog in the Churchill Insurance ads, Oh yes!


Scientists cleared of malpractice in UEA's hacked emails inquiry

Researchers 'dedicated if slightly disorganised', but basic science was fair, finds inquiry commissioned by university

The scientists at the centre of the row over the hacked climate emails have been cleared of any deliberate malpractice by the second of three inquiries into their conduct.

The inquiry panel, led by the former chair of the House of Lords science and technology select committee Lord Oxburgh, was commissioned by the University of East Anglia with investigating the research produced by the scientists at its Climatic Research Unit (CRU).

The work of the unit has come under intense scrutiny since November when thousands of private emails between the researchers were released onto the internet. At a press conference earlier today Lord Oxburgh said, "Whatever was said in the emails, the basic science seems to have been done fairly and properly," although his panel did criticise the scientists for not using the best statistical techniques at times.


So Brown has finally 'fessed up to deliberately creating the conditions for us all to be given a good Bilderberg buggering!

Tonight we are to hear Brown say,
In the 1990s the banks all came to us and said: "Look, we don't want to be regulated, we want to be free of regulation"


But when in the 1990's? Brown was at Bilderberg in 1991, before Blair. And Blair was at Bilderberg several times in the 1990's. Was it at these meetings that deregulation was discussed and proposed by the Bilderberg creeps?

So in 2005 Brown said this to the CBI,
no inspection without justification, no form filling without justification, and no information requirements without justification, not just a light touch but a limited touch...And driving further the risk based approach in financial services, I will publish at the Pre Budget Report 10 new simplification and deregulatory measures which will cut demands for information, forms and reporting requirements including cutting by 15 per cent disclosures of change of control and up to 20 FSA consultations each year.

The Bilderberg buggering was well under way by then, but Brown enabled it to accelerate into the climax of 2007/2008 when the shit hit the fan, and we bailed the Bilderberg bastards out.

Vote Bilderberg in 2010; Osborne, Brown and Balls are all tarred and feathered.

But why was there so little regulation of the banks when the goverment wants to know every little detail about our lives, even criminalising innocent kids for very minor 'crimes' just so they can get a sample of their DNA?

Can we have light touch regulation of the British people too? No database for this, that and the other? No ID Cards? No European Police Force renditioning British people off British streets merely for expressing their disgust and distrust of Europe and all its corruption? No One World Nazi green agenda forced down our throats?

Sunday, April 11, 2010


It would appear that the pilot made a dreadful error. He was warned several times to turn around and go back home because the weather was terrible. Maybe he was under orders from his President to ignore those warnings, due to the very important business of the visit, and ignored the Russian warnings, and continued his attempts to land but tragically failed.

Accidents can happen.

Accidents will happen.

There will be those who will claim Putin did it. Or the CIA did it to blame Putin.

There will be those who will claim that the pilot committed suicide to discredit Russia, or that Russia or even the Anglo-Americans took electronic control of the plane and crashed it, and that Putin is taking control of the investigation to cover it all up.

But accidents can happen, and will happen.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Only last week Wikileaks was identified as part of the Soros network for releasing damaging info.

But now that a set of videos has been released on it showing the forces of hell shooting up and torturing, what can we believe?

Well, what if the videos have been released by the Pentagon to provoke more Islamic terrorists, or more Islamic civilains to join terrorist organisations? The videos have even been shown on BBC News!

This is like shouting at the Islamic terrorists,"Oi! Islamic Terrorists! Look what we can do to your bretheren, and you can't do a fucking thing! You pathetic bunch of losers! Bang! Bang!".

A few months ago a Hamas leader was blatantly assassinated by British and Israeli intelligence.

Last week Gaza was bombed again, the Israelis saying they were bombing bomb factories when they were in fact bombing dairy factories.

And Hamas recently ordered that no more rockets be fired from Gaza.

It's just strange that Wikileaks was under threat of exposure, but now it is "saved".

Yes, the videos should have been released. But why Wikileaks? And why now?

And why has the BBC covered them, particularly when the GE 2010 has been called?


I am disturbed by this information, which seems to support the suggestion that Russia is still controlled by the British after the fall of Yeltsin.

And would also explain why Russia Today is not covering the Hollie Greig story despite its massive potential to cause great trouble for, or even bring down, the British government.

All after what Britain has done to Russia since 1848.



CEO of Bahamas-Registered Company Put in Charge of Russian National High-Tech Center
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April 6, 2010 (LPAC)—"The financial capital of Russia is the Cayman Islands!" Lyndon LaRouche exclaimed in a discussion with colleagues Saturday. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev demonstrated the case on March 23, making good on his ill-advised promise to rely more on businessmen than on specialists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, in implementation of a "modernization" program for the country. He named Victor Vekselberg, CEO of the Renova holding group, to head the project to build an R&D center in the Moscow suburb Skolkovo, to develop new technologies and — above all — market them. This is the scheme Kremlin aide Vladislav Surkov has dubbed "the Russian Silicon Valley." (See EIR, March 26, 2010, "London's 'Our Men' Continue to Poison Russian Economic Policy.")

The "principal business address" of Renova is in the Bahamas — well-known as a British Commonwealth tax haven.

As readers of Stanislav Menshikov's The Anatomy of Russian Capitalism know, Vekselberg is also one of the post-Soviet Russian "oligarchs" most directly entangled with City of London interests. His Renova group has a long-standing alliance with the Alfa Group of Pyotr Aven, one of the members of the 1991-1993 Gaidar government in Russia who was schooled through the London Institute of Economic Affairs and, especially, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). In 2003, Alfa and Renova engineered the merger of TNK, then Russia's fourth largest oil company, with British Petroleum, to form BP-TNK. In 2003-2006, Vekselberg negotiated unsuccessfully to form a joint venture between his aluminum company, SUAL, and the core City of London investment outfit, Fleming Family & Partners Capital Management LLP.

Vekselberg's Renova is a partner in constructing a new factory in Chuvashia to produce solar batteries, which Rosnano CEO Anatoli Chubais (Gaidar's close ally and privatization czar in the 1990s) has hailed as the wave of the future for high tech in Russia.


George Robot has today applied for appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live Fighting Talk by trying to defend the indefensible, Professor Peter Jones of the UEA CRU.

Apparently now that Jones has not come out of the Parliamentary investigation into Climategate squeaky clean, criticised for ignoring FoIA requests and possibly deleting data, Robot is sympathising with Jones saying that as a climate scientist Jones has a communication problem!

Never mind that for decades these same climate scientists have been communicating to us that the world is about to melt unless we murder 80% of the world population to reduce our carbon footprint, and submit to a tyrannical world government.

It is as plain as day; the green agenda is the death agenda.

Mass extermination and tyrannical world government.

Only it will be slow, and relatively invisible to us, with the stolid stench of death being created in the underdeveloped world.

(And a major/minor world war over Iran would help to get the party started too.)

How Robot can come to this conclusion of a lack of communication skills is ridiculous. Graph after graph after table after table after figure after figure after equation after equation has been printed, reprinted, and reprinted again, all to persuade us to kill ourselves and each other, and anyone who disagreed was a "flat-earther" and/or a "denier".

But now, apparently, the scientists have a communication problem.

However, I would agree with Robot's assertion that our education is shit. It is shit by design, so that we lose our ability for critical thought. For years our education has been about learning by repeating, not about concluding.

So when these God-like scientists say the world will melt unless we murder 80% of the world population and submit to a tyrannical world government we are supposed to agree without question, and not look up The Club of Rome, or research the background to the WWF.

Kill yourself to save the planet, worthless earthling!
Sir! Yes, Sir! (Bang!!)
That's one less idiot...



The root of the climate email fiasco

Learning forced into silos of humanities and science has created closed worlds of specialists who just don't understand each other.

George Monbiot
The Guardian, Tuesday 6 April 2010

The MPs were kind to Professor Phil Jones. During its hearings, the Commons science and technology committee didn't even ask the man at the centre of the hacked climate emails crisis about the central charge he faces: that he urged other scientists to delete material subject to a freedom of information request. Last week the committee published its report, and blamed his university for the "culture of non-disclosure" over which Jones presided.

Perhaps the MPs were swayed by the disastrous performance of his boss at the hearings. Edward Acton, the vice-chancellor of the University of East Anglia, came across as flamboyant, slippery and insincere. Jones, on the other hand, seemed both deathly dull and painfully honest. How could this decent, nerdy man have messed up so badly?

None of it made sense: the intolerant dismissal of requests for information, the utter failure to engage when the hacked emails were made public, the refusal by other scientists to accept that anything was wrong. Then I read an article by the computer scientist Steve Easterbrook, and for the first time the light began to dawn.

Easterbrook, seeking to defend Jones and his colleagues, describes a closed culture in which the rest of the world is a tedious and incomprehensible distraction. "Scientists normally only interact with other scientists. We live rather sheltered lives … to a scientist, anyone stupid enough to try to get scientific data through repeated FoI requests quite clearly deserves our utter contempt. Jones was merely expressing (in private) a sentiment that most scientists would share – and extreme frustration with people who clearly don't get it."

When I read that, I was struck by the gulf between our worlds. To those of us who clamoured for freedom of information laws in Britain, FoI requests are almost sacred. The passing of these laws was a rare democratic victory; they're among the few means we possess of ensuring that politicians and public servants are answerable to the public. What scientists might regard as trivial and annoying, journalists and democracy campaigners see as central and irreducible. We speak in different tongues and inhabit different worlds.

I know how it happens. Like most people with a science degree, I left university with a store of recondite knowledge that I could share with almost no one. Ill-equipped to understand any subject but my own, I felt cut off from the rest of the planet. The temptation to retreat into a safe place was almost irresistible. Only the extreme specialisation demanded by a PhD, which would have walled me in like an anchorite, dissuaded me.

I hated this isolation. I had a passionate interest in literature, history, foreign languages and the arts, but at the age of 15 I'd been forced, like all students, to decide whether to study science or humanities. From that point we divided into two cultures, and the process made idiots of us all. Perhaps eventually we'll split into two species. Reproducing only with each other, scientists will soon become so genetically isolated that they'll no longer be able to breed with other humans.

We all detest closed worlds: the Vatican and its dismissal of the paedophilia scandals as "idle chatter"; the Palace of Westminster, whose members couldn't understand the public outrage about their expenses; the police forces that refuse to discipline errant officers. Most of us would endorse George Bernard Shaw's opinion that all professions are conspiracies against the laity. Much of the public hostility to science arises from the perception that it's owned by a race to which we don't belong.

But science happens to be the closed world with one of the most effective forms of self-regulation: the peer review process. It is also intensely competitive, and the competition consists of seeking to knock each other down. The greatest scientific triumph is to falsify a dominant theory. It happens very rarely, as only those theories which have withstood constant battery still stand. If anyone succeeded in overturning the canon of climate science, they would soon become as celebrated as Newton or Einstein. There are no rewards for agreeing with your colleagues, tremendous incentives to prove them wrong. These are the last circumstances in which a genuine conspiracy could be hatched.

But it is no longer sufficient for scientists to speak only to each other. Painful and disorienting as it is, they must engage with that irritating distraction called the rest of the world. Everyone owes something to the laity, and science would die if it were not for the billions we spend on it. Scientists need make no intellectual concessions, but they have a duty to understand the context in which they operate. It is no longer acceptable for climate researchers to wall themselves off and leave the defence of their profession to other people.

There are signs that this is changing. The prominent climate change scientist Simon Lewis has just sent a long submission to the Press Complaints Commission about misrepresentation in the Sunday Times. The paper claimed that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's contention that global warming could destroy up to 40% of the Amazon rainforest "was based on an unsubstantiated claim by green campaigners who had little scientific expertise". It quoted Lewis to suggest he supported the story. The article and its claims were reproduced all over the world.

But the claims were wrong: there is solid scientific research showing damage on this scale is plausible in the Amazon. Lewis claims that the Sunday Times falsely represented his views. He left a comment on the website but it was deleted. He sent a letter to the paper but it wasn't published. Only after he submitted his complaint to the PCC did the Sunday Times respond to him. The paper left a message on his answerphone, which he has made public: "It's been recognised that the story was flawed." After seven weeks of stonewalling him, the Sunday Times offered to run his letter. But it has neither taken down the flawed article nor published a correction.

Good luck to Lewis, but as the PCC's treatment of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal suggests, he's likely to find himself shut out of another closed world – journalism – in which self-regulation manifestly doesn't work. Here's a profession that looks like a conspiracy against the laity even from the inside.

The incomprehension with which science and humanities students regard each other is a tragedy of lost opportunities. Early specialisation might allow us to compete in the ever more specialised labour market, but it equips us for nothing else. As Professor Don Nutbeam, the vice-chancellor of Southampton University, complains: "Young people learn more and more about less and less."

We are deprived by our stupid schooling system of most of the wonders of the world, of the skills and knowledge required to navigate it, above all of the ability to understand each other. Our narrow, antiquated education is forcing us apart like the characters in a Francis Bacon painting, each locked in our boxes, unable to communicate.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


If mind-reading technology can be created, and it has been, then there is no reason for torture, unless there is some sick satanist desire for power to be satisfied.

They could simply stick your head in a 'machine' and ask you questions, and the 'machine' would show whether you are lying or not.

No need for waterboarding.

No need for sleep deprivation in a room that is lit by bright lights every second of every day and loud disgusting music played every second of every day.

But then as with vote-counting, aka vote-rigging, machines, how would we know that the outcome/result is truthful?


A bit of common sense is being shown by some MPs, who are recommending that TBTF banks should be broken up.

But they could go a bit further and take back the power to create money out of nothing.



Cross-party support among MPs for break-up of big banks
A powerful cross-party Commission ordered to recommend financial reform to the next Government is set to propose a radical break-up of the City's biggest banks.

By Louise Armitstead
Published: 10:59PM BST 03 Apr 2010

David Davis, the Conservative MP and chairman of the Future of Banking Commission, told The Sunday Telegraph: "The report is not yet written but I agree with the principle of breaking up the banks, either in terms of size, or by utility.

"We have to do this even if the rest of the world won't follow too. And if bad banks leave the UK as a result, so what?"


Earlier this year the African Nations competition was hit by terrorists. Several people were killed. Teams withdrew from the competition.

Now the supporters of Eugene Terreblanche, who was killed in his bed, are suggesting that people be extra extra aware when they go to South Africa in the summer for the World Cup 2010, even going so far as to suggest that terror is coming to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

What does this have to do with the coming World Government?

The World government wants nationality and patriotism destroyed.

That's why the unelected EU Chief Gimp von Rompuy only a few days ago proposed that all nations in europe cede their national sovereignty to the EU, ie to him, the unelected quasi-Bilderberger von Rompuy.

Competitions, particularly football, such as world international championships, are a big threat to them because they increase patriotism. Many people wear their national football shirts/shorts/hats, drink beer and have a good laugh (except for a small breed of England fans).

Last weekend I listened to a discussion on the state of football that was broadcast on BBC Radio 5 Live. As the show was broadcast from Manchester alot of the talk was about Manchester United and finance in football due to the green/gold revolution to kick out the Glazers. The Glazers took control of MUFC with the assistance of Bilderberg banks.

But what I was struck by was the sympathy shown by some of the supporters and experts for the suggestion of a world league of clubs.

This is exactly why the European Champions League has grown into what it is today; A LEAGUE. Initially it was a knock out competition. But now the first round is a league. And it's not restricted to just Champions, but second, third and fourth placed clubs from the previous season!

It is assuming the status of a European league, currently still playing second fiddle to national leagues. But for how much longer?

We already have world club competiton, as small as it is.

European and world club football is designed to gradually assume more importance than international football for fans due to the massive amounts of money being pumped into the club sport. Much more money goes into club football than international football.


Well, who started it all? Bilderberger Rupert Murdoch.

Fans now complain that they are paying lots more money to see their players play at club level due to the salaries of those players, when one of them could easily play an international friendly and come back a crock. And who pays for that? Not the national team. The club does. So now players are more frequently withheld or suspiciously become injured just before an international friendly. It used to be an honour to play for your country. Now it's a hindrance.

TerreBlanche supporters have vowed to take revenge.

And revenge leads to more revenge, which leads to more revenge, etc etc etc...

We've seen what's happened between Israel and Palestine.

Now imagine if terror strikes the World Cup in South Africa?

Imagine if several of the world's top players are mowed down by African Islamic terrorists?

What will become of international football then?

I have no advance knowledge of such terror, but I would not be surprised if it did occur when just a few months ago a continental football competition on the same continent was hit by terror.


Did you watch Pearl Harbor last night? All the way to the very very end?

Two major films have been made about that "dastardly and cowardly" attack on Pearl Harbour by those naughty Japs; Tora!, Tora! Tora!, and Pearl Harbor.

Both show the Japanese bombing an American Navy who were in complete surprise. And so would you be. I mean, how could the Japanese Navy sail halfway across the Pacific Ocean without being detected?

But that's just it. The Japanese Navy was detected, but its position was known by only a select few in Allied circles.

When attempts were made to protect and save the Pacific Fleet they were stopped.

When crystal clear proof emerged that the Japanese were about to attack Pearl Harbour a warning was transmitted to Pearl Harbour, but not via the usual and fast military channel of communications; no, it was sent by ordinary postal courier, so the warning arrived well after the Pacific Fleet had been sunk.

All this means that Pearl Harbour was allowed to happen.

And it was allowed to happen after Japan had been very deliberately engineered into a corner so that its only path was to start war on the USA. This was a scheme agreed between Churchill and FDR. Indeed it was Churchill who suggested the provocation, and he knew from British spies in Japan what was coming to Pearl Harbour.

So if it was engineered would we find some indication, in plain sight?

Pearl Harbor ends as it starts, with a plane ending a turn and flying towards the camera with the sun directly behind the plane, but at the end there is also an obelisk in the back yard of the surviving pilot.

Pearl Harbor was released in the USA on 25th May 2001, less than four months before 9/11. It cost $132 million to make.

But despite all that money, it contains many historical inaccuracies. The film is very emotional, following the fate of hundreds of sailors as the ship they are in overturns and sinks, drowning them in a vast steel coffin. The computer graphics showing the results of bombs and torpedoes exploding on ships are very good. However, one of the key emotional points in the film is when two US pilots manage to get into airborne after the attack and shoot down several Japanese fighters. This is loosely true. But what are the numbers on these two US planes? 306 and 308, i.e. 9 and 11.

Another indicator that something else is going on in the film occurs in the scene just before the two heroes of the film embark on the Doolittle Raids to bomb Japan in retaliation. The scene takes place at a gas station which is owned by Sunray Petroleum. There is a Sunray Petroleum, but it was only created in 2001 and its business is exploration services. Yet more sun from the Babylonian kiddie-fiddling Brotherhood.

So what else happened in 2001? On 11th September four planes were allegedly hijacked and flew unimpeded around the most protected air space in the world, the North East sector of the US, for well over an hour to be eventually flown into the WTC and most surprisingly The Pentagon! Major politicians came onto TV say that it was "our Pearl Harbor". A year earlier the Zionazis had published a document calling for multiple simultaneous wars in energy rich areas of the globe, recognising that such enormous military action would not receive public support without "a new Pearl Harbor".

So if 9/11 was engineered then releasing an emotion-packed film lacking in historical fact but reminding Americans of Pearl Harbour 7th December 1941 would put Americans in the mood for retaliation, doncha fink?

Hmm. Just another 'coincidence' I suppose...NOT!

Saturday, April 03, 2010


Cui bono?

Not me.

Not you.

Not your family.

The rip-off bankers do, though.

You remember them. The bankers who inflated a massive credit bubble based on property, then when the shit hit the fan were bailed so they could buy up their competitors and/or take clients from their competitors.

But the result is that we, yes we, have to suffer massive cuts in services while at the same time suffer massive rises in tax. And in the USA you are now being forced to pay for health insurance ( just like we do ) but there are exemptions and a board that will decide whether you live or die.

But this is exactly what we have here in the UK with NICE and our NHS.

You are forced to pay up for health insurance. Then when you need it most you get the one finger from your own government, so that it can pay for the bailout...WITH YOUR MONEY (and demise)!

Anyway, back to war on Iran.

I do not find it a coincidence that the biggest bailouts in history occur just as we enter a period of significant friction between two religions that was predicted well over 100 years ago by a high-ranking Freemason, with the friction over alleged WMD.

Israel was given the nuke by the Rothschilds in the 1950s.

Iran was given nuclear power by the USA, now the USI, in the 1950s.

The USI is now in the Middle East in such presence due to the engineered 9/11.

A war on Iran would result in a war on Israel by Iran, and thus WW3.

And with WW3 on the front pages who cares about bailing out the banks for trillions?


Pardon my Swahili, but we don't need to cede our sovereignty to anyone!

The EU, of which you are unelected supremo, is a creation of a bunch of warmongers who financed both Stalin and Hitler, but who decided that FDR's gimp Stalin should be the victor because they wanted and still want total global government. So of course, national sovereignty is not wanted in such a society. So any nationalist/patriot is undesirable.

So the plan is
1) a group of loosely-coordinated continental governments such as the EU, NAU etc
2) would amalgamate to form a world government after a pre-designated crisis.

Those groups in 1) would result from WW2 and other wars, which would be engineered and financed by the same people trying to foment WW3.

There is the coincidence theory, that shit just happens but always seems to benefit the same people, or the random theory, in which shit happens but not at random but in order to benefit the same people.

So when I say Fuck You von Rompuy, what can you do?

Can you get me sacked for simply expressing my point of view?

Or as Chief EU Gimp can you do fuck all?

The point is von Rompuy that you are delivering hundreds of millions of innocent people into the hands of the same families who engineered and financed WW1, WW2 and the holocaust.

May God have mercy upon yourself, is nowhere near enough, and will not save you.

More appropriate would be, May God have mercy upon your soul when the hundreds of millions you have betrayed finally realise what you have done and come after you.

Good luck von Rompuy. I don#t want to see anyone become a strange decoration.

I want justice, and justice alone.

But then again, what is justice for treason?

Friday, April 02, 2010


I recently purchased a DVD called Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee which I had seen a few weeks previous on BBC2. It is, not surprisingly, about the battle of Wounded Knee and the bullying of the Sioux off their hunting grounds so that the USI could get its hands on the gold underneath the mountains that the Sioux had been allocated in previous treaties.

The same bullying is occoring this very day as Israel is beginning yet another provocation of the Islamic terrorists by bombing cheese factories in Gaza that has been under blockade for years by Israel. Israel's assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai was obviously not enough of a provocation.

If there is one thing that irks me about the evolution of the United States of Israel Freedom-loving America, it's the way the native American Indians were treated; slaughtered, butchered, herded into territories of ever decreasing size and sustenance, and forced into the false prison religion of Christianity, so that the United States of Israel Freedom-loving America could become the warmonger and financier of Israel it is today along with the subsequent global terror it is provoking.

The exact same thing is happening in Gaza, except for the Christianity bit.

And it's just plain wrong.




And potentially very very dangerous to the whole human race...and that includes you!


The drugs of choice for the club scene have been illegal and thus under the control of the gangstas.

So when a legal drug, easily accessible from plant shops and the internet, comes along that's cheap and gives a high that is reported to be just as great and intense as those illegal drugs, what do you do?

You shit yourself.

All those profits that have given you villas in Majorca and Verbiers and a yacht in Monaco are threatened.

So what do you do?

You get the drug banned. Make it illegal.

But how do you do that?

You could manufacture some yourself, but make it dodgy by mixing it with something, and sell it over the internet. Then when people start dying, it gets banned.

Ah, but.

A big but, with a capital B.

Surely the dodgy something will be discovered in toxicology reports and then the sale leads all the way back to you, and you end up doing bird.

So what else can you do?

You can get your good ol' mates who control the media to scare the shit out of the population.

So a few deaths from young people who have taken Mephedrone are significantly exaggerated and the media is outraged that such a killer drug is so readily available, a phone call away (never mind that alcoholic drinks kill tens of thousands each year, and never mind that that same media sent our boys and girls into contrived wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to kill civilians, or be killed, and bomb civilians with 'smart' weapons from 30,000 feet).

Anyway, after all the media terrorising, Mephedrone is to be banned and only available from the suppliers of ecstasy, cocaine and heroin, i.e. our intelligence agencies.

I wonder how much they'll sell it for?


Russia Today and its sister RIA Novosti have still not covered the sickening story of Hollie Greig.

Alex Jones has recently covered and is going to cover in more detail the Nancy Schaeffer/William Fain investigation into the CPS defrauding families of their blond-haired, blue-eyed children for physical and sexual abuse by adoptive or foster parents for a fee.

And David Icke yesterday had a DoS attack on his website for running the story on the Canadian Indians being abused and 'disappeared' by elements within the white Canadian government apparatus, leading all the way to Buckingham Palace.

Maybe pedophilia or paedophilia really is 'strictly off limits', except when, in the scheme of things, you are trying to bring down the most popular form of prison religion, Christianity, with a pedophile priest scandal and therefore convert billions from doing good works and charity into doubting why and refraining from continuing the good works?

This of course leads to more of the me-me-me Satanic way of thinking.


Russians who have attended Bilderberg since 2006 are

2009 - nobody

2008 - Dmitri Trenin, Deputy Director and Senior Associate, Carnegie Center, Moscow

2007 - nobody

2006 - nobody

This updates the list from

There are no members of The Trilateral Commission from Russia, but as with Bilderberg, it is slowly expanding to include one or two Chinese members.

And as for the CFR...


I tried to access David Icke's website yesterday and found it unavailable.

A few hours earlier I had been able to access the site and I was extremely stunned and sickened to read the story of the Canadian Indians who have been 'disappeared', which implicated our very own HM Queen.

Icke now states that his website suffered a denial of service attack.

This is exactly the first thing that I thought when I tried to access the website later and couldn't, because the Canadian Indian story could be more explosive than 9/11, Pearl Harbour, WW1, WW2 and the holocaust put together!

And the DoS attack adds some proof to it all.


No, not me.

But Boris Berezovsky is, or was, or still is. Is he? We don't know.

We do know however that on 13th April 2007 an interview with Berezovsky was published in The Guardian which the billionaire, who was given political asylum by Great Britain, stated

"We need to use force to change this regime," he said. "It isn't possible to change this regime through democratic means. There can be no change without force, pressure." Asked if he was effectively fomenting a revolution, he said: "You are absolutely correct."

...As well as claiming to be financing and encouraging coup plotters in Moscow, Mr Berezovsky said he had dedicated much of the last six years to "trying to destroy the positive image of Putin" that many in the west held, portraying him whenever possible as a dangerously anti-democratic figure.

Though I suppose it could all be a very very big ruse...

I mean, under Yeltsin the oligarchs including Berezovsky raped Russia, Yeltsin then annoints his Chief of Staff Putin, Putin is swept to power on the back of a well-timed war with Chechnya, and the first thing Putin does is pardon Yeltsin.

I mean, the oligarchs quickly and quietly got away with their billions and only one of them has been arrested and the trial is still ongoing.

I mean, the natives are starting to get restless, asking questions about where all the money went (though Russia paid all its debt off under Putin yet it is now having to start borrowing money again).

Is Usman/Usmarov a loose cannon who was gotten to by Georgian Special Forces?

Or is he a Russian agent under FSB orders to blow up Russians just metres from the FSB HQ?

Or was the killing of four civilians near Arshty the last straw/provocation and he was allowed to blow up Moscow to drive Russia into the protecting hands of the Kremlin, just as they were getting restless?

I don't know.

But just three years ago Berezovsky admitted he had been and then still was plotting a violent revolution against Putin.

Is he still?

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Which came first? The denial, or the admission?

Yesterday Reuters reported that the Caucasus Emirate denied any responsibility for the Moscow bombs. But I wake up this morning to find Umarov/Usman proudly claiming responsibility.

Is it Umarov/Usman? I don't know.

I know that the videos of a fat Osama bin Laden shown on our msm are fake.

I have no idea if that is the real Umarov/Usman or not.

But the reason given by Umarov/Usman for killing 39 civilians in Moscow is due to a military operation in the area of Achkhoi-Martan.

According to Moscow-based human rights organisation Memorial, in mid-February a group of armed insurgents had been located in an area near the village of Arshty. The Ingush Government began a military operation in the area against these insurgents. But at that time of the year wild leek and garlic in the surrounding forests are picked by the locals for eating. The locals should have been given advance warning of the military operation so they could decide whether to stay at home or take precautions when outside. The Ingush Government say they did give advance warning, but the locals say they received no warning.

During the firefight between The Ingush Government and the insurgents four civilians were killed. The Ingush Government says they were caught in crossfire, but there is evidence that the four were executed after some humiliation.

It is for this abuse of human rights that Umarov/Usman killed 39 Muscovites on Monday.

Whether the abuse and executions were ordered by Putin or Medvedev, to provoke terrorism, is disputable, and I think it highly unlikely.

It may have been a few rogue soldiers who need alot more discipline.

But something obviously went wrong, by design or not, at Arshty.

And for that 39 innocent Moscow civilians were killed by The Caucasus Emirate.

Or was it due to the 20 terrorists that the Ingush Government did kill (it is interesting that Memorial did not question the status of those the Ingush Government labelled as terrorist).



A Fatal Journey to Gather Wild Leek

Details of the “accidental” death of civilians during a security operation

On 11-12 February 2010 a security operation was conducted in the heavily forested area on the borders of the Chechen Republic and the Republic of Ingushetia in the neighbourhood of the Ingush villages of Arshty and Dattykh. The security forces have claimed that as a result of the operation a large illegal armed group had been destroyed, while denying that there had been any victims among the civilian population.

At the same time, already on 12 February, information had been received from the area that in the course of the security operation many civilians had been killed. On 13 February staff of the Memorial Human Rights Centre visited the village of Arshty. On 14 February in the Achkhoi-Martan district of Chechnya staff of Memorial and Human Rights Watch questioned several dozen witnesses of the events. It can be stated

with certainty that a large number of civilians was present in the area where the security operation took place. At least four of them were killed.

Human rights defenders have been able to find out the circumstances of their deaths (photographs can be viewed on the site of the Memorial Human Rights Centre).

Early in the morning of 11 February it was announced that an anti-terrorist operation would be conducted in the area around the villages of Arshty and Dattykh, Sunzhensky district, Ingushetia. The decision to conduct the operation was made by the Operational Headquarters of the Republic of Ingushetia.

According to official reports, between the villages Arshty and Dattykh a large number of members of illegal armed groups had been found. Throughout the day, gunfire was heard in the area and rocket attacks

were launched into the forests from the air. The firing ceased as dusk fell, but was renewed with the dawn on 12 February.

During these two days there was conflicting information about the number of members of illegal armed groups blocked in the district and the size of their losses. According to figures given by various official sources, it was estimated there were from 15 to 25 members of armed groups. After the first day of the security operation there was talk of 10 or 11 killed; but the night of 12 February the number of dead rose to about twenty. The President of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, who visited the area of the security operation on 12 February, stated that 18 members of illegal armed groups had been killed. According to the Prosecutor of Ingushetia, Yury Turygin, among the bodies identified were those of Israilov, a “former personal bodyguard of the leader of the armed underground Doku Umarov,” from Argun; Dzeitov, a “leader of the illegal armed group in Sunzhensky district,” from Bamut; Isa Ferzauli, who was “on a wanted list;” Beslan Khatsiev; Beslan Makhauri, Shamil Gadamauri; and Khasmagomed Sultygov, a resident of Ordzhonikidze village.

However, already on 12 February there were reports that among the dead in the area of the security operation there could have been civilians from the surrounding villages who had been gathering wild leek in the


Later the press secretary of the President of the Republic of Ingushetia, Kaloi Akhilgov, confirmed the evidence of civilian casualties. In an interview with the Echo of Moscow radio station he said: "About 70 local residents who had been gathering wild leek had been removed from the area of the security operation...Unfortunately four of them came under fire and were killed. These victims are not included in the number of 18 members of illegal armed groups who were killed during the special operation." In an interview with RIA Novosti President Yevkurov said the same.

Staff of the Memorial Human Rights Centre visited the village of Arshty on 13 February in the afternoon to investigate the circumstances of the deaths. They interviewed a number of local residents who told them that no one from their village had suffered in the course of the security operation, but people from the Achkhoi-Martan district of Chechnya had been killed, including children.

In the south-eastern outskirts of the village of Arshty, Memorial staff saw seven bodies of adults, six of which had been packed in sleeping bags. It is possible that these were bodies of those identified as

members of illegal armed groups.

On 14 February, staff from Memorial and Human Rights Watch worked in the Achkhoi-Martan district of Chechnya. They interviewed several dozen people, including relatives of those who had been killed, and one

witness of the tragedy who had miraculously survived. This enabled the circumstances of the loss of life to be clarified, and to answer the question why these people were in the area of the security operation.

During 10-11 February, a large group of residents from Achkhoy-Martan and nearby villages (about 200 people in all) travelled on buses and goods vehicles to the forested area on the border with Ingushetia to

gather wild leek (gathering wild leek is a traditional source of seasonal income, primarily for poor families; wild leek is gathered in the forests from February to the middle of March). Residents had received in advance from the head of the Achkhoi-Martan district administration permission in writing, which secured free passage for the people and their vehicles to travel to the area to gather wild leek. Relatives of those killed showed the human rights defenders lists of names on an official stamped document given by the district administration.

Representatives of Memorial and Human Rights Watch established the circumstances of the deaths of civilians from Achkhoi-Martan district

On 11 February Shamil Kataev (born 1991, of Sadovaya St., Orekhovo (Yandi-Kotar), Achkhoi-Martan district) went to gather wild leek together with his friend Movsar Tataev (born 1988, of 20, Shchorsa St.,

Achkhoi-Martan) and two more residents of Achkhoi-Martan – the brothers Arbi Mutaev (born 1990) and Adlan Mutaev (born 1993).

As Adlan Mutaev, who survived the security operation and was then in Achkhoi-Martan hospital, told the human rights defenders, about three o’clock in the afternoon on 11 February, all four men were making their way towards the exit from the forest with sacks full of wild leek when suddenly they were fired at by automatic weapons from behind a hillock. Shamil Kataev and Movsar Tataev were wounded. The Mutaev brothers tried to escape. 16-year-old Adlan was wounded in the leg, but was able to hide in a pit, and the soldiers who came up did not notice him. For two days Adlan hid from the soldiers, going into a deep ditch, where there was a spring and a small stream. Then, despite the gunshot wound and his frostbitten limbs, began to make his own way out of the forest. Local residents found him not far from the edge of the forest.

Arbi Mutaev also tried to hide, but was seized by soldiers – armed men of a Slavonic appearance in camouflage. According to local residents, the soldiers at gunpoint ordered Arbi to pull along his still-living

comrades. Shamil asked the soldiers not to kill him. When Arbi could no longer lift up his friends, the soldiers pulled his hat over his eyes, and there was the sound of shots being fired. The soldiers left the

corpses lying in the snow. They took Arbi Mutaev with them, leading him around the forest, half naked, and humiliated him. Arbi was released only on the second day.

For two days no one was allowed to enter the forests around the village of Arshty, the dead and the wounded were not taken out. At last, on 13 February the residents of Achkhoi-Martan, whose relatives had not

returned home from gathering wild leek, reached an agreement with the law enforcement officers to allow them into the area of the security operation. They searched the forest and found the bodies of four men who had been killed: Shamil Kataev, Movsar Tataev, Ramzan Susaev (born 1969), and Movsar Dakhaev (born 1992).

The body Shamil Kataev had multiple gunshot wounds, with a bullet hole in his forehead (see photos from Memorial). From the pockets of Kataev’s coat his passport, mobile phone and permission to collect wild leek had disappeared. Shamil Kataev had gone to gather wild leek to make some money so as to be able to connect his home, where he lived in extreme poverty with his father and four brothers and sisters (the youngest of whom is 10 months old), to the electricity supply. On the body of Movsar Tataev, Shamil’s friend, were three gunshot wounds and several knife wounds, including on his back and in the groin area (human rights defenders were given a video of the body, made before the ritual cleansing). Both were buried in Achkhoi-Martan by the relatives of Tataev, since the Kataev family lacked the funds for a funeral.

Ramzan Susaev, according to his relatives, was shot in the chest. Also his “entire left side had been shot through, his back and been torn apart and his left hand broken, on his right side there were also gunshot wounds.”

On 13 February the elder brother of Susaev, together with fifteen other villagers, went in search of Susaev. He found the body in the forest and brought it home, together with a sack full of wild leek that had lain

beside him, and tied to the bag a hoe for digging up leeks. The bag was shown to the human rights defenders (see photo). According to relatives, in the period before the funeral was held, people from the Prosecutor’s Office kept coming to see him, examining the body and taking photographs.

Movsar Dakhaev (born 1992, of 36, Mamakaev St., Achkhoy-Martan) was killed by three shots in the back. Relatives said that "it was the first time Movsar had gone to gather wild leek, to enjoy the company of the others. He wanted to go, he asked his mother to let him go. In the morning, as they reached the forest, he took his own photograph with his phone, we’ve kept it (see photo). The soldiers explained that the guys had got where the members of the illegal armed groups had been, and were hit by accident, but none of us knew that there was a security operation going on there, they did not warn anyone.” At the same time, the head of administration of Achkhoi-Martan district has said that the residents were told about the security operation in the forest area.

The human rights defenders in total questioned several dozen residents of Achkhoi-Martan, including the relatives of those killed, and also a number of those who had been gathering wild leek. These all reported

that no one had warned them about any security operation in the forests, and that they had passed all the checkpoints without hindrance, right up to the forest area. Moreover, those who went to gather wild leek have said that until the moment when the soldiers began to shoot at them, they had not heard any sounds of gunfire. The soldiers opened fire on them unexpectedly at close range – as in an ambush, point blank.

From the words of the residents questioned it became clear that one other resident of the village, Mair-Ali Vakhaev (born 1965), had not yet returned from gathering wild leek. His body has not been found; nothing

is known of his fate.

Kaloi Akhilgov reported that as of 15 February there had been no reports from residents of the Republic of Ingushetia about the death or disappearance of relatives in the area of the “security operation.” At

the same time, the residents of Achkhoi-Martan district in Chechnya have made statements about six people who have not returned from the forest to the district administration.

It is possible that the list of victims is incomplete. The evidence gathered by Memorial is not exhaustive. However, it can already be stated with confidence that the people in the forest were not killed as

a result of errors by artillery or helicopters. Nor has there been any confirmation that “members of illegal armed groups used them as living shields” (RIA Novosti was told this kind of information by a

representative of the Operational Headquarters for Ingushetia). The evidence gathered, the statements by the witnesses who survived, the character of the gunshot and knife wounds, allow it to be asserted that

those killed were shot at point blank range and, possibly, finished off by their killers.

It is necessary to investigate both the murders themselves, and the reason why hundreds of people happened to be in an area of mortal danger.

Human rights defenders continue to investigate the events of 11-12 February.

February 15, 2010