Monday, February 28, 2011


My definition of Pound Sterling is
a number stored on a specific computer which can only be transferred from one specific computer to another specific computer on a specific computer network and transformed into paper only on a specific network that interacts with humans

This definition covers the facts that
1. when a bank creates a loan the pound sterling for that loan does not exist physically and the loan is thus just numbers on a specified computer
2. when a bank creates a loan that money is registered simply as numbers on a specific computer, but not just any computer (so that if you type a few numbers into a spreadsheet on your computer which does not belong to the specific network then you have not create pound sterling
3. to retain its value when the numbers are transferred from one bank to another bank then it must be transferred on a specific network to eliminate the possibility that anyone, i.e. you, can access that specific network and a specific computer on that network and amend a number on that specific computer.
4. only a specific network can then change that representation from number to paper via a cash machine or bank cashier
5. the above is designed to secure a specified network so that not just any muggins British taxpayer in the street can create money out of nothing by simply typing a few numbers into a spreadsheet on their home PC, and that such God-like power is retained only by a specified cabal of warmongering kiddie-fiddling megalomaniacs who are desperately implementing a world government to kill 80% of the world's human population.


Following the revelations from Pastor Lindsey Williams on The Alex Jones Show last week, and following the revelation from Kissinger himself that the events in Egypt a few weeks ago were "only the first scene of the first act of a drama that is to be played out.", and following the ongoing collapse and proposed invasion of Libya, Henry Kissinger must be arrested immediately on suspicion of treason, of conspiracy of organising mass genocide, and for crimes against humanity.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I am about to watch Steven Spielberg's Munich on DVD again, for about the 30th(?) time.

The scene in Munich that I think drills directly into the whole purpose of the film is the scene in which Eric Bana's character Avner has just killed another alleged culprit in the Munich murders, when he phones his wife and his new born child who are in New York. After briefly speaking with his wife on the phone his wife puts the phone to the baby's mouth and Avner begins speaking to his new born child. The child speaks only one word, dada. Avner, the cold vengeful assassin, begins to cry.

To me, this is the key scene.

The film ends with Avner and his Mossad handler discussing the operation for vengeance for the Munich murders, with the WTC 1 and 2 in the background. Was it a success? several hundred Palestinians were killed in reply, most of them innocent or unconnected to the Munich plot.

So what happened on 9/11? Al-Qaeda, set up with Israel as its main grievance, allegedly flew a few planes into WTC 1 and 2 (and somehow managed a controlled demolotion of WTC7). Was all that vengeance for nothing?

Would it have been better to have sat down and discussed grievances and come to a peaceful resolution?

But that is the whole point of the Albert Pike three world war plan. To have rabid racist Zionazis demand that Jews, having suffered an engineered holocaust, have Palestine as their destiny, and fuck the Palestinians, and to receive sustenance for their barbarity and inhumanity from the Federal Reserve, the Ziocentral bank of the USA, the land of the fleeced and home of the microwaved.

My point is this, to both Jew and Muslim alike:


And the only way out is to look at your families and ask, do you want the spiral of violence to continue until you destroy each other and help create a satanic world tyranny, or do you want to weep with joy as you hear your child or grandchild or greatgrandchild say that immortal joyous word, dada?

It's up to you.


There is a legal concept in UK law called due diligence.

The banks have not shown due diligence.

They went on their derivatives gambling spree without due diligence.

The failed spectacularly in that rampage.

We bailed the ********* out.

As a result millions will lose their jobs (not immediately but over a period of years), and many old, sick and/or disabled will die from denial of service from the NHS due to cuts in services, i.e. to pay for the bailouts of the Nazi banks, or from assisted suicide due to direct or indirect pressure from relatives implying that such old, sick and disabled people are a burden on society and their families while we suffer severe austerity while we unnecessarily pay the gambling debts of the Nazi banks.

The Nazi banks were able to cause so much trauma because they can create non-existent money out of nothing. The legal definition of money is corrupt, and has been for decades. But they have not old you.

They can tell you about the Poisson distribution in mathematics or the Cultural Revolution in history. But where our money comes from remains a secret, unless you study economics at university, and even then it is not fully explained.

So let it go forth from this time and place in cyberspace:

the banks create non-existent money out of thin air!

So the question to ask your MP is this:

Old Age Pensioners have been sent to jail for not paying their outrageous Council Tax bills. Yet despite all the severe austerity measures being, and to be, imposed on the innocent and unsuspecting muggins British taxpayer after the British government, without any legal or moral obligation to do so, assumed the gambling debts of a cabal of Nazi banks, not one member of the senior management of those same Nazi banks has been prosecuted for any crime whatsoever?

But more importantly, why do those same banks retain the power to create non-existent money out of nothing for the economy, when our own sovereign government of the people, by the people and for the people, could employ the exact same simple science of money creation and type a few numbers into a computer and create trillions to get the economy moving, building infrastructure, employing engineers and teachers, instead of killing old and sick people?

Explain yourselves, you corrupt wrteches!!


What does NATO stand for?

Is it North Atlantic Treaty Organisation?

Is it NArco Terrorist Organisation?

Or could it be North African Takeover Organisation?

We shall see. We shall see.


Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia : disappeared.

Hosni Mubarak : disappeared.

There seems to be little interest in where they are.

Is it possible that these revolutions are fake, from top to bottom?

Remember Iraq? We invaded Iraq because, we were told, Iraq had WMD and had been intimately involved in 9/11. Both statements were totally 100% false. But Saddam's wife repeatedly claimed that the man we were told was Saddam was not Saddam. "That is not my husband!" she would yell.

So if they didn't hang Saddam, then where is the real Saddam?

And if they can do it with Saddam, then where are ben Ali and Mubarak?

And where will the West's new friend Gaddafi, with billions in London and business ties to the Rothschilds, be in a month's time? In a grave having been lynched from the nearest lamppost? Or in safe exile having done his job?

Where are they now and where will they be?


Following the revelations from Pastor Lindsey Williams on The Alex Jones Show this week, and following the revelation from Kissinger himself that the events in Egypt a few weeks ago were "only the first scene of the first act of a drama that is to be played out.", and following the ongoing collapse and proposed invasion of Libya, Henry Kissinger must be arrested immediately on suspicion of treason and mass genocide and crimes against humanity.


And it is not just Obama, it's Cameron, Merkel, the whole lot of corrupt NATO traitors to their nations and to the human race.

An investigation into an attack by NATO in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan last week has confirmed that 65 innocent civilians were killed, 50 of them women and children.

And NATO blame these murders on the victims!!

And we wonder why people like Khan and Tanweer and other angry young men want to go to Pakistan to train to join the Jihad?

And we scratch our heads asking why would MI5 not want Khan and Tanweer identified?

It's bleedin' obvious, innit.


Afghan Probe Confirms: NATO Killed 65 in Kunar Offensive
NATO Blames Villagers for 'Pro-Taliban' Propaganda
by Jason Ditz, February 25, 2011
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Following up quickly on the reports of the massive civilian death toll in last week’s Kunar Province offensive, the Afghan government confirmed today that its probe found 65 civilians were killed by NATO troops during the offensive, with 50 of them either women or children.

The report appears to have been largely in keeping with the provincial government’s reports, which said they were told 64 civilians had been killed in the remote portions of the border province.

NATO denied the killings at the time and insisted again today that their own investigation showed no civilians at all were killed or wounded. The claim follows an embarrassing week of soundbites, in which top US commanders first suggested that local parents were burning their children and blaming NATO, and later claimed that the local parents just burn their children all the time for the heck of it.

Now NATO’s official excuse has changed yet again, and they say that all of the villagers in that region are “pro-Taliban” and made up the reports of all the civilian deaths as “propaganda” against the occupation forces. This will likely not be welcomed any better than the other claims, and will also harm claims that NATO is making progress is convincing locals to support their decade-long occupation.

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Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm not sure if mind control through lightbulbs is the most appropriate subject to talk about today, of all days.

The take down of the USA by The Federal Reserve families is always an appropriate subject to discuss, with both old and new friends.


[loud enthusiastic applause from audience]
Host : Good evening. Good evening...[pause] Shush! [laughter from audience]. Thankyou. Welcome to this biennial Political Oscars. We have seen some tremendous performances in the last twenty four months since we last met. And I think you'll agree that we here at the Academy of Political Performance have had a very difficult job in deciding who is this years Political Performer of the Year. The quality of bullshit and lies has been extraordinary, reaching heights not seen since 2003 when we had to judge those performances in the immediate run up to and during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. So let us linger no longer on this introduction and introduce this years nominees, who are

George Osborne, for "We're all in this together" [applause]
Barak Obama, for "We will change Wall Street" [applause]
Barak Obama, for "We will not kill old or sick people" [applause]
Barak Obama, for "Oi! Arab dictators! Stop killing people! And leave the internet alone!" [applause]
David Cameron, for "We will bash the banks" [applause]
David Cameron, for "We will have a referendum on Europe" [applause]

Thankyou once again, ladies and Gentlemen. You will agree that we have trained them well [appreciative laughter from audience]

And the winner is..............[drum roll]

George Osborne!![wild applause]

Host : Well done, George! A classic political performance, supported by some great bullshit in taxing and bashing the banks, which of course he has not done but has passed the burden of paying for your bailouts [wild laughter from audience, consisting of bankers, top brass military personnel and royalty] onto the ordinary muggins taxpayer in the street!
[the audience erupts into uncontrollable laughter, with some falling onto the floor with such pain from laughing so hard]


Hosni Mubarak : received billions from the USA, extremely friendly with the USA. Now gone, without any defence from the USA.

Colonel Gaddafi : demonised for decades, brought in from the cold by NWO front man Tony Blair. Now nearly gone, after a possible invasion by the UK/USA to complete the 'revolution', the same UK/USA who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan on a pack of lies.

King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz : ?

With all the military hardware and personnel in Saudi Arabia, what will the USA do? Help put down any revolution and protect their oil? Or stand aside and allow the overthrow of the Kingdom of Saud? Or perhaps even join in if the coming attempt at revolution shows signs of failing?

Saudi Arabia is the key. It will show who is behind these Arab revolutions.


For the past two or three days nearly every nation on Earth has rushed to get their citizens out of Libya.

All except Great Britain.

I am now hearing
1. on BBC radio that it is getting very dangerous in Libya
2. the British government is meeting today to discuss sending in the military to rescue British citizens

This is very suspicious.

Particularly when Obama is looking more and more desperate to invade Libya.


Only the Financial Times does not cover the appearance of Charlie Sheen on The Alex Jones show last night/yesterday.

The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Times and The Sun all report on the consequence of Sheen's uncontrolled energetic tirade against some, including the producer of the hit TV show Two and a Half Men, in which Sheen is the star. Despite its great success the show has now been pulled.

If there really is a Jesus Christ...

Or perhaps Pastor Lindsey Williams could have a quiet word.

But the question to ask is, is all publicity good publicity? The Alex Jones show was named explicitly in most reports. Was this the point?

God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.


Following the revelations from Pastor Lindsey Williams on The Alex Jones Show this week, and following the revelation from Kissinger himself that the events in Egypt a few weeks ago were "only the first scene of the first act of a drama that is to be played out.", and following the ongoing collapse and proposed invasion of Libya, Henry Kissinger must be arrested immediately on suspicion of treason and mass genocide and crimes against humanity.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Inside Job, the latest documentary on the current financial crisis, is disappointing, which would explain why The Guardian advertised it with interviews of bankers etc last weekend.

And I was horrified to see undead George Soros portrayed as some kind of sacred prophet and innocent.

JP Morgan Chase was mentioned at most twice, and when I say mentioned I mean mentioned in passing and not analysed.

Bilderberg was not mentioned once, despite Martin Wolf of the FT popping up a few times.

The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds were not mentioned either, not once.

The Federal Reserve system itself was not exposed either as being neither Federal or not having any reserves.

I knew the fix was in when Gillian Tett at the FT, who allegedly wrote the 'definitive' account of the crash, was shown many times. Tett believes in the 'shit happens' theory of history.

Inside Job goes after the minnows of Wall Street, the Summers', the Hubbards' and the Mishkins of this world; men with some power but nowhere near the real pinnacle of Wall Street power.

Greenspan was mentioned in passing.

No mention of where the banks got their money, ie the money does not physically exist and they simply created it out of nothing.

And Inside Job does not propose a solution.

Eliot Spitzer, yes he of $1,000-an-hour call girl fame, is interviewed as an expert witness. The film ends with Spitzer saying that he is the last one to criticize Wall Street having been caught in a prostitution sting.

But, and it is a small but, it is worth watching...but with a few caveats as mentioned above.

The Goldman Sachs link is analysed in some but not great detail.

There is one poignant graph in Inside Job. It shows the amount of money pumped into the US economy after the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. It looks an awful lot like the CO2 graph that Al Gore forecasts in An Inconvenient Truth.

I doubt Inside Job will be shown in every school in the UK, like An Inconvenient Truth was.

Perhaps the documentary should be renamed An Inconvenient Inside Job.


It would make sense that Pastor Williams, having inside sources from within the oil industry, can accurately reveal future events related to oil.

But just how 'inside' are his sources?

When asked if Russia was in on the plan Williams could not say. But it is interesting that Kissinger is accused of arranging the current events in the late 1970's with China and the double cross of the oil rich nations of the Middle East, that Russia has agreed to supply China with its fossil fuel needs, when it was Kissinger himself who made that personal trip to Russia a few months after the Litvinenko poisoning. We still do not know what was discussed at that meeting. It is also interesting that Russia has recently agreed a couple of interesting oil and gas deals with a few of the Bilderberg oil companies.

It was also interesting that Williams stated several times that agents of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt were demanding that they invade Israel and kill the Jews. This would, of course, satisfy the Pike war between Muslims and Jews. So this could imply that after the Arabs realise they have been double crossed and plug their oil that they all attack Israel, so that the USA then opens its own sources of fossil fuel, and China has Russian sources, and they use the localised regional but still violent and bloody war between the Jews and the Muslims to call for more global governance and police state laws as extremists from both sides commit terror attacks in their nations of residence?

I am wondering, if Williams' sources are not in the inner circle but are in the fourth or fifth outer circle, that they are part of a compartmentalised plan, in that they know alot more than the ordinary man and woman on the street but do not know the full plan, and may have been told a few things to encourage them to go along with the plan, with those in the inner circle knowing that those things will not come to pass.

The power switch from the USA to China and back to the USA sounds very intriguing. Will China relinquish the position of being the only superpower once the USA has recovered, if that is indeed the plan? And if China does not relinquish that position then will the USA take it back by force? How long is this transition supposed to take?

When and under what circumstances will the one world government and one world currency be introduced?

If a world government is to be introduced quietly then will the entities of 'the USA' and 'China' still exist at that time of power transition, and if not then what would be the purpose of passing power from 'the USA' to 'China' and back to 'the USA'?

And how will the mass depopulation and global eugenics plan be implemented?

Hopefully these events will not come to pass, as we continue the resistance.

But you cannot deny the quality and reliability of the information related to oil.

The more you know, the less you know.

But it is fascinating!


Following the revelations from Pastor Lindsey Williams on The Alex Jones Show the last two days, and following the revelation from Kissinger himself that the events in Egypt a few weeks ago were "only the first scene of the first act of a drama that is to be played out.", and following the ongoing collapse of Libya, Henry Kissinger must be arrested immediately on suspicion of treason and mass genocide and crimes against humanity.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


If you're a government agent tasked with investigating possible terrorist plots against this country and saving lives, and you receive some information that could help identify a couple of men meeting with the leaders of a suspected large terrorist plot, what are you supposed to do?

Is it:
A) follow it up
B) follow it up
C) follow it up
D) follow it up
E) nothing

Well, would you Adam 'n Steve it, our very own MI5 chose E), nothing!

As a result 52 people died in a series of bombs on July 7th 2005.

Have heads rolled for this insane decision?

Witness G, at the inquest into those who died as a result of 7/7, today claimed the reason to do E) nothing was taken for sound operational reasons, and we will have to believe him because he can't tell us the reason due to national security. A cynic, and I am not saying who exactly, could suggest that MI5 believed that, due to the Covenant of Security between the MI5 and the Islamic terrorists, Khan and Tanweer would never plot to blow up anywhere in the UK so MI5 let them get on with it. But if that is the case then why was Operation Crevice running?

We will never know why Khan was not identified, but we can have an educated guess.

They had opportunities, didn't they?

They had a crystal clear photo, but cropped and mangled it so Khan and Tanweer could not be identified.

They received information in March 2005, which even Witness G says would very probably have identified Khan and Tanweer and increased the chances of stopping their plot, but did not follow it up.

So it would not be unreasonable, ie it is reasonable, to assume that someone within MI5 did not want Khan and Tanweer identified.

Despite recordings indicating they wanted to commit fraud and join the Jihad.

Despite all those arrests for terrorism which resulted in the suspects being quietly released without charge.

But this assumes that the alleged bombers were the bombers and the only bombers. It is possible that other bombs were detonated that they knew nothing about.

We just don't know.

Nearly 6 years later and we are still in the dark about what exactly went on that day and before.

They had chances to stop the 7/7 attacks.

They let the banks rob us blind and we are now killing old people to pay for the bailouts.

Welcome to fascism.


MI5 decided not to follow lead that would have identified 7/7 ringleader

Intelligence service officer tells inquest that he can't explain why agency did not follow lead, for reasons of national security

Esther Addley, Tuesday 22 February 2011 15.39 GMT

MI5 decided not to follow lead that would have identified 7/7 ringleader

Intelligence service officer tells inquest that he can't explain why agency did not follow lead, for reasons of national security

MI5 could have identified the ringleader of the 7 July attacks as a trained jihadist four months before the bombings, it has admitted, but for reasons that it refuses to disclose it decided not to investigate a crucial piece of intelligence.

A senior security services officer told the inquests into the atrocity that he had "a high degree of confidence" that had agents chosen to investigate information in March 2005, that two men called Saddique and Imran, from Batley in Leeds, had trained in Afghanistan in the late 1990s, they would have identified Mohammad Sidique Khan as one of the men.

Khan, from Batley, was the leader of the suicide bomb plot in July 2005, in which 52 people were killed on the underground and a London bus.

A decision was taken not to pursue the lead, however, for "proportionate and reasonable" reasons, said the man, who is giving evidence anonymously as Witness G, but the explanation "cannot be disclosed" for national security reasons. © Guardian News and Media Limited 2011


The people who run our society are seriously into eugenics.

They started and financed the first eugenics societies, and drove the Nazi eugenics programs, including the T4.

And they could finance the eugenics movement because most of them were bankers, becoming so wealthy because they could create non-existent money out of thin air while we work our arses off just to survive.

Now fast forward to 2011.

The Nazi bankers have just deliberately engineered a global financial crash, in which they get richer and we pay for their bailouts with austerity. They have been writing of their desires to kill most of us. UN documents propose a maximum population of about one billion. The mysterious Georgia Guidestones propose a maximum population of a half billion. The Greens want to blow up shoolchildren who don't agree with the bogus theory of man made global warming.

Let's face facts. The extreme Green movement is a death cult.

But I digress.

The point of this blog is to highlight the UK media's gradual creeping towards a UK T4 program. In the last year this creep has accelerated. I want you to ask yourself this very important question; how much media time and space has focused on such topics as assisted suicide, and how much media time and space has focused on who should create our money?

The answer to the latter is zero.

The answer to the former is quite a lot. I highlighted one example in December last year in a post entitled The Nazi BBC. The whole two hour program of Victoria Derbyshire on that day focused on Tony Nicklinson who has locked-in syndrome and wants his wife to kill him without repercussions because his quality of life is so low. In that post I wrote
With the savage cuts in public finances in the pipeline, as a consequence of the reckless behaviour of the banks that financed and collaborated with the Nazis, specifically J P Morgan Chase and the cabal of banks controlled by Bilderberg and the Rothschild Inter Alpha Group, there will be growing pressure on the aged, the infirm, the weak, the sick and the disabled to feel that either (1) they are a burden, or (2) their quality of life is so low that they will wish to leave this world. For the Nazi bankers who caused this financial crisis, this would be heaven.

If you can remember, on 21st January last year the BBC aired live the launch of the Assisted Suicide Bill introduced to the Scottish Parliament by Margo Macdonald.

In practical terms, many doctors and families are expressing their concerns that The Liverpool Care Pathway is being used to kill old people.

And now assisted suicide is to be 'discussed' in the soap opera Emmerdale!

The myth about soaps is that they reflect society. Well if that is the case, let's have a storyline in a major soap that addresses the genocidal banking and monetary fraud that allows a warmongering genocidal cabal to create non-existent money out of nothing!

There is much much more to this Emmerdale story of assisted suicide than chasing ratings. It is part of the creep towards a UK T4 program to satisfy the death lust of the Nazi bankers.


Emmerdale assisted suicide storyline shocker


Published: Today

A PARALYSED character in Emmerdale is to die in a controversial assisted suicide storyline, The Sun can reveal.

Jackson Walsh's mother and his lover crush a lethal dose of tablets in a drink.

The ITV1 soap, watched by eight million viewers, was slammed last night by campaign groups who fear the producers are using the plot just to "chase ratings".


Seeing the vast difference in quality between the original uncropped colour photo of Khan and Tanweer and the cropped, corrupted, black and white image that was 'hastily' sent to the USA for identification, I am reminded of the classic song by A Flock of Seagulls called If I Had A Photograph of You.

Someone within MI5 obviously did not want Khan and Tanweer identified.

Surely the security of the nation and the realm cannot be in the hands of these Inspector Clouseau types?

There is no need to wish. They had a photograph of Khan and Tanweer...but they completely mangled it beyond recognition.

Wishing (If I Had A Photograph of You)
by A Flock of Seagulls

It's not the way you look,
It's not the way that you smile.
Although there's something to them.
It's not the way you have your hair,
It's not that certain style;
It could be that with you.

If I had a photograph of you,
It's something to remind me.
I wouldn't spend my life just wishing.

It's not the make-up
And it's not the way that you dance,
It's not the evening sky.
It's more the way your eyes
are laughing as they glance
Across the great divide.

If I had a photograph of you,
It's something to remind me.
I wouldn't spend my life just wishing.

It's not the things you say
It's not the things you do
It must be something more
And if I feel this way for so long
Tell me is it all for nothing
Just don't walk out the door.

If I had a photograph of you,
It's something to remind me.
I wouldn't spend my life just wishing.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Apparently MI5 had no inkling of a plot such as occured on 7th July 2005 in London.

Maybe not MI5 as a whole, but someone inside MI5 must have.

Let's see what information we have now.

We now know there was a Covenant of Security between the Islamic extremists and MI5, which protected those preachers in mosques calling for terrorism. Hence the name Londonistan.

Shortly after the bombs went off MI5 told the ISC that the bombers were 'clean skins'. It turns out that the bombers had been under surveillance. And not only under surveillance, but had been bugged and recorded as expressing a desire to join the Jihad, and committing fraud to finance the Jihad.

The terrorist training camp which the bombers had attended had been run by a man called Babar who is strongly suspected of being a US intelligence informant after being released very early on in a long sentence.

Warnings were received from Saudi Arabia.

The alleged 7/7 bombers were meeting regularly with a white Muslim 'convert' from the British military Special Boat Services called Martin "Abdullah" McDaid, who was already 'suspected' by MI5 to be a terrorist (see J7 website, "McDaid Who?"), for which we can interpret that McDaid was an active agent of ? And this haunting of the plot by McDaid raises the question as to where the alleged bombers got their interest in and knowledge of bomb making?

Now recall all the arrests that had been made around that time, for the slightest thing. Every week it seemed that one or several Muslim men were arrested on suspicion of terrorism, only to be quietly released without charge a few days later. Just a few months ago figures were released by the governent that the vast majority of arrests related to terror were baseless. But with the alleged 7/7 bombers, there were recordings, there was bugging, there was surveillance, there was photos of them meeting with other suspected terrorists, there were warnings, etc etc etc ad nauseum.

And what happens?

Diddly squat!

Well that's not quite true, because over 50 innocent men and women were blown up on 7/7.

All thanks to the corrupt inklings of MI5, who helped to arrest dozens of innocent Muslims, like those arrested on suspicion of plotting to blow up Old Trafford football ground, but when there was sufficient evidence of a Jihadist plot just let them get on with it, particularly when a 'convert' from the SBS is watching and encouraging the plotters.

Suspicious and patriotic MI5 agents must investigate this themselves, but do so very discreetly. The corrupt wretches of the ISC won't, despite being told a tray of rotten pork pies.


A few weeks ago Kissinger hinted that he knew much more was coming to the North Africa/Middle East region, possibly beyond, when he said on Bloomberg that what was happening in Egypt at the time was "only the first scene of the first act of a drama that is to be played out."

Arrest the undead Kissinger immediately!


A spoonful of fluoride helps the Nazism go down
the Nazism go down
the Nazism go down
Yes! A spoonful of fluoride helps the Nazism go down
in the most satanic way.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The economy does not work without money. The corrupt wretches in the House of Commons and the House of Lords have given the power to create non-existent money out of nothing to a bunch of Nazi warmongering kiddie-fiddling megalomaniacs who have already financed and engineered two world wars, the holocaust and numerous false-flag terror attacks, such as Pearl Harbour, 9/11, and it is now becoming increasingly clear that 7/7 in London was at the least allowed to happen (by factions within MI5, and I would urge everyone in MI5 and Special Branch to start their own private investgations into who in MI5 and Special Branch had control over the surveillance of the alleged 7/7 terrorists).

So if we do not create our own money (and we can so easily do this) then how do we get the Nazi banks to lend to stimulate the economy?

Well, here is a short conversation between our Chancellor and the Nazi banks, and it is backed up by the shocking report in The Independent today on the treatment of elderly patients by the NHS (but which does not address the LCP).


Osborne: We love you. We love you. We love you. You know that. But we need you to lend just a bit more money.

Nazi banks : [After some shallow thought] OK. We will say we will 'make available' a few more billion [Nazi bankers chuckle amongst each other], but that does not mean we will actually lend it out! But in return you must kill as many old people as you can.

Osborne : Yes, of course. Of course. Consider it done. Thankyou. Thankyou mein Fuhrers.
[Osborne tries to make a Nazi sun salute, but doesn't bother as the Nazi bankers are now laughing loudly amongst each other so anything he did would be ignored]

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Eton/Oxford/Bullingdon Bully Prime Minister speak with forked tongue. Him speak of BIIIIG society. Him speak of charity while killing old people via the Liverpool Care Pathway. Him speak of bashing banks but bashes unions instead.

It's all a load of codswallop, and alot of it is designed to get us to do stuff for free so we can pay off the gambling debts of the Nazi banks while killing old people via the Liverpool Care Pathway to satisfy the Nazi death lust of the Nazi banks.

Tens if not hundreds of billions of pounds in tax is dodged...EVERY YEAR.

Tens of billions of pounds in bonuses is paid to gambling bankers who use our money as collateral...EVERY YEAR.

This is the true real BIG society.

BIG tax dodging.

BIG bankers bonuses.

And as for this
This is not another government initiative – it's about giving you the initiative to take control of your life and work with those around you to improve things. It has the power to transform our country. That's why the big society is here to stay.

[source : David Cameron: Have no doubt, the big society is on its way, The Observer, 13/2/2011]

If we created our own money instead of begging from Nazi banks then we can transform our wrecked society into a proud society, one we can believe in, trust in, and be happy in.

At the moment the banks have us by the jaffas. They said they would change, but they didn't. They said they would lend, but they didn't. They said they would be fairer, but they haven't.

Let's start creating our own money and start to rebuild our wrecked society without Nazi banks demanding we kill people that they detest and we love.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Rejoice ye not!

For a NWO agent who has played his part for decades, but who may have recently seen the or some light, has resigned, but left his country in the hands of the CIA torturer and former security minister Suleiman, and/or the globalist agent al-Baradei, and/or the US-friendly military.

Hmm. Sounds like a true revolution of the people, for the people and by the people to me.

But as I said weeks ago, this will take months and one or two counter coups before it settles down.

Give it a few months and there will be another mass protest, this time against western meddling, but it won't be as productive and will be put down brutally.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011


And so were you!

All of you!

When we hand over the God-like power to create non-existent money out of nothing to people who claim to be 'experts' then we expect to be treated with some respect.

Instead they engineer world wars and order their minions to order us to fight those wars. Out of the carnage they then finance a world government apparatus.

But in the last decade they found a new trick to exploit us with; a credit bubble based on property, backed up with fancy mathematical jiggery pokery 'proving' that everyone would be a winner!

But it didn't turn out that way.

It's obvious, even to the roach in the muddy Bridgewater Canal, that when you lend to jobless no hopers then you should not expect to get your money back. But that's what the banks did! They loaned and loaned and loaned, creating trillions in debt, and then sliced and diced those debts into tiny pieces, mixed them all up into bundles so that nobody knew who owed what to whom, and then sold that debt on to 'investors', i.e. mugs, i.e. us in the form of our banks and pension funds etc etc etc.

So when the jobless no hopers couldn't repay their loans the whole system panicked. All it needed was a BIG failure, and Bilderberg Hank Paulson provided it by allowing Lehman Bros to fail, but only after bailing out some other banks beforehand. Paulson has not satisfactorily explained why he allowed Lehman to fail.

Anyway, in the following panic select Bilderberg banks grew and gobbled up competitors with bailout funds supplied by their Bilderberg minions in government. Other banks, belonging to the Rothschild Inter Alpha Group, ran crying to their governments for bailouts, who then ran to the IMF for bailouts. The IMF, a tool of the coming world Nazi tyranny and having earlier boasted that it would soon control the global economy, gladly supplied the bailouts and demanded Nazi austerity in return. Thus the Bilderberg Nazis had deliberately piled up gambling debts that were first transferred to the public by corrupt national governments assuming those debts, then those corrupt national governments sold their citizens into IMF Nazi austerity by accepting IMF bailouts.

But where does the IMF get its money? It creates out of thin air.

And how could our governments get their money? By creating it out of thin air.

But for some corrupt reason, they rely on the Bilderberg banks and Bilderberg IMF for their money, instead of allowing the Nazi private banks to go into bankruptcy, and then creating their own money to create nations the citizens can be proud of. If we created our own money we would not be killing old people via the Liverpool Care Pathway in order to satisfy the death lust of the Nazi banks and pay off the gambling debts of those same Nazi banks.

We, or was it the installed monarchy in 1694, gave the banks the God-like power to create non-existent money out of thin air.

They abused that power.

They need bashing, for ever and ever and ever.

Never stop bashing the banks and bankers until they are dead or in jail.

Ignore Oik.

He is a COCC.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


The following article is perhaps the most important one you will read this year (unless something similar regarding 9/11 is published). It deals with the Oklahoma City explosion in 1995 in which the Alfred P. Murrah Building was destroyed. Rumours of foreknowledge, and certain people not turning up for work, and troops waiting around the corner have circulated for years. But now the final nail in the coffin for the official story has been firmly hammered into place.

If they can do it for the OKC bombing, then they can do it for 9/11, and 7/7 and all the other alleged terror attacks. NATO's Operation Gladio was exposed by former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who also claims that 9/11 was run by the CIA and Mossad. If this is the case then I seriously doubt that MI6 knew nothing about it.

It's all an explosive and murderous fraud designed to bring in a tyrannical world government.

Hitler's men burned the Reichstag. They then went after those they hated.

The goal is to reduce human population to about a billion, at the maximum.

You therefore stand a 1 in 14 chance of surviving.


Confirmed: FBI Got Warning Day Before OKC Bombing

Paul Joseph Watson
February 8, 2011

New documents released under the Freedom of Information Act confirm that the FBI received a phone call the day before the Oklahoma City bombing warning that the attack was imminent, and that the feds tried to reach a deal with bomber Terry Nichols to take the death penalty off the table if he admitted making the call.

The documents were released to Salt Lake City lawyer Jesse Trentadue, who in the course of of a 15 year battle in trying to ascertain why his brother was tortured to death during an FBI interrogation related to the case, has all but proven the attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Building was an inside job run by FBI agents who were handling Timothy McVeigh.

“What that indicates to me, there is a record somewhere of that phone call and the FBI needs to explain it,” said Trentadue in an interview with KTOK News. “If the call was from one of their informants with McVeigh, clearly, they had knowledge of the bombing and didn’t stop it.”

Thursday, February 03, 2011


Just pointed out on Alex Jones, RIA Novosti would scrap Egypt's peace treaty with Israel if it came to power.
Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood movement has unveiled its plans to scrap a peace treaty with Israel if it comes to power, a deputy leader said in an interview with NHK TV.

Rashad al-Bayoumi said the peace treaty with Israel will be abolished after a provisional government is formed by the movement and other Egypt's opposition parties.

"After President Mubarak steps down and a provisional government is formed, there is a need to dissolve the peace treaty with Israel," al-Bayoumi said.

[source : Muslim Brotherhood wants end to Egypt-Israeli peace deal, RIA Novosti, 3/2/2011]

RIA Novosti is the sister to Russia Today, both owned by the Russian state.

But why?

Why is the FT supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why is George Soros supporting the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why do they and their masters want instability in the Middle East?

Well, at the very least instability in the Middle East will drive the price of oil up and up and up, just as Pastor Williams proposed.

But if the MB comes to power in Saudi Arabia, and other states in the ME, then expect big trouble in little Israel, between Jew and Muslim, as proposed by the evil depraved Albert Pike


The undead George Soros writes in The Bilderberg Washington Post today that he is prepared to pump his own money into the revolution in Egypt and finance the new democracy.

Yesterday the FT came out and publicly supported the Muslim Brotherhood. Today Soros does the same.
While the slogans and crowds in Tahrir Square are not advancing a theocratic agenda at all, the best-organized political opposition that managed to survive in that country's repressive environment is the Muslim Brotherhood. In free elections, the Brotherhood is bound to emerge as a major political force, though it is far from assured of a majority.

But Soros also has a private joke with us. He jokes
I am, as a general rule, wary of revolutions.

[source : Why Obama has to get Egypt right, The WP, 3/2/2011]

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


This is incredible!

The FT has published a comment from a senior fellow at the CFR in which the author suggests that Egypt can have a Muslim Brotherhood government.

And he should know because he used to be a member!

According to Ed Husain, the MB have mellowed just enough that they will be acceptable to govern Egypt.

Egypt is ablaze. Hundreds of thousands protested in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Tuesday, but for fear of an Islamist regime the US now risks being remembered as a democracy that abandons democrats. After generations in opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood now wants to play a part in Egypt’s future, giving a rare chance to strike a deal for their compromises and democratic involvement.

To this day we are paying the price for ignoring ordinary Iranians and siding with the Shah in 1979. Then, secular democrats triggered a revolution only to be brushed aside by fundamentalists. Today, ordinary Egyptians lead demonstrations but the Brotherhood waits in the background; an indispensable force in national life.

With a network running through trade unions, mosques, businesses and universities, the organisation is hugely influential. Opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei has already formed a loose alliance, and for sound reasons. Last September, of the million signatures petitioning for change under Mr ElBaradei’s leadership, the Brotherhood collected 800,000.

I know all too well the power the Brotherhood can wield, having spent my student days in London as a member of its global organisation. Disillusioned by their conspiracy theories, distance from spiritual Islam and implausible answers to world problems, I eventually left. And after the 2005 bombings of London’s Underground, I wrote a book exposing what I now saw as their bankrupt agenda. I have since spent three years warning Europeans of the destructive influence of Islamist ideologies.

...To its credit, the Brotherhood also often calls for improved human rights. Pressing for them to clarify their views – on gender equality, rights for religious minorities and abandonment of killing, stoning and whipping as punishments – could become one condition for its intent to enter government in coalition. Perhaps the most important issue remains the Brotherhood’s stance on Israel. Israel remains a regional superpower, with little to fear from Egypt’s shabby military. Even Mr ElHelbawi, often an apologist for suicide bombers, does not dismiss existing agreements between Israel and Egypt. Even if a post-Mubarak Egypt turned belligerent, Israel could protect itself. Preventing an unlikely future conflict is no reason to suppress Egyptians’ democratic aspirations.

[source : Egypt can bring in the Brotherhood, FT, 2/2/2011]

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Henry Kissinger must be immediately dragged before a committee to explain his statement on Bloomberg that what we are seeing in Egypt is "only the first scene of the first act of a drama that is to be played out."

Kissinger is the ultimate insider. The Trials of Henry Kissinger shows he is "a Rockefeller man".

He knows what's really going on, or if not then he has a pretty good idea.

Get him in front of the appropriate committee and interrogate him, coz it sounds to me like he knows something. And if that something is the rearranging of the chessboard for war on Israel then the USA and the whole world had better know about.

But he may also be scaremongering. By suggesting there is more to come in the coming months this will drive the price of oil up and up and up...

Whatever. Get Kissinger to explain himself.

Or do we have to wait. Can't we write to Kissinger himself directly?


We have just seen in The Palestine Papers how Israel with MI6 tried to contain Hamas in Gaza, suggesting assassinations and torture. In January 2006 the Palestinians elected Hamas. Israel then illegally withheld finance, and in late 2008 contrived the bombing of Gaza in Operation Cast Lead. Funnily enough it was Egypt that brokered a deal between Hamas and Israel in which Hamas would stop rocket fire in return for Israel to lift its blockade. Official Israel statistics show that rocket fire fell dramatically to near zero in the summer of 2008. However, Israel did not honour its side of the deal. It then killed several Hamas on the day of the US Presidential election, and then used the provoked response from Hamas to begin Operation Cast Lead.

So this is what happens when democracy does not go the way Israel wants.


Dominique Strauss-Kahn told an audience in Singapore that the IMF is ready to assist Egypt.
"But clearly the situation in Egypt is the kind of situation that could have been expected not only in Egypt, when you see the problem created by the high level of unemployment,...Now the question is how to rebuild this, that's not only true for Egypt, (it) can be true also for countries where you didn't have this kind of unrest but are almost in the same situation...And of course the IMF is ready to help in defining the kind of policy that could be put in place."

He also said the global recovery is not what he wanted, with growing protectionism which he said risks creating war.

Was this a veiled threat? I dunno.

But for Bilderberg Strauss-Kahn to be warning that the global recovery is not going the way he wanted is possibly a good sign.


IMF says ready to help Egypt, others in trouble

By Philip Lim (AFP) – 9 hours ago

SINGAPORE — The IMF Tuesday said it was ready to help riot-torn Egypt and other nations stricken by chronic unemployment, but told governments to tackle economic strains or risk instability and even "war".

International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn also said rising food prices could have "potentially devastating consequences" for poorer nations, and warned that Asia's fast-growing economies risked a "hard landing".

Overall, he told an audience in Singapore, widening imbalances across and within countries were sparking tensions that threaten to derail the fragile global economic recovery -- and could even spark armed conflict.

Strauss-Kahn said he did not want to comment on the political turmoil in Egypt, with President Hosni Mubarak facing the biggest challenge to his long tenure in charge of the most populous Arab nation.

"But clearly the situation in Egypt is the kind of situation that could have been expected not only in Egypt, when you see the problem created by the high level of unemployment," he told a questioner after giving a speech.

"Now the question is how to rebuild this, that's not only true for Egypt, (it) can be true also for countries where you didn't have this kind of unrest but are almost in the same situation.

"And of course the IMF is ready to help in defining the kind of policy that could be put in place."

In his speech, Strauss-Kahn said high unemployment and income inequality were a "strong undercurrent of the political turmoil in Tunisia and of rising social strains in other countries".

Nationwide demonstrations last month led to the ouster of Tunisian strongman Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, while massive street protests raging in Egypt are seeking an end to Mubarak's three-decade rule.

"As tensions between countries increase, we could see rising protectionism -- of trade and of finance," the IMF managing director said.

"And as tensions within countries increase, we could see rising social and political instability within nations -- even war."

Strauss-Kahn called anew on China to adjust its exchange rate in its own economic interest, but said he disagreed with critics in the United States and elsewhere who want a rapid revaluation to the yuan.

He said the US government itself should not have a problem financing its massive debt, and downplayed fears over Japan's debts after a downgrade last week by Standard & Poor's.

But for the global economy as a whole, Strauss-Kahn struck a worried tone.

"While the recovery is under way, it is not the recovery we wanted," he said.

"It is a recovery beset by tensions and strains -- which could even sow the seeds of the next crisis."

He said the pace of recovery between advanced and emerging economies was unbalanced and echoed the situation just before the global economic crisis struck in late 2008.

"While growth remains below potential in the advanced economies, emerging and developing economies are growing much faster -- and some may soon be overheating," he said.

Growth in economies with large trade surpluses like China and Germany is still being powered by exports, while expansion in deficit-stricken countries such as the United States is being driven by domestic demand, he noted.

"These global imbalances put the sustainability of the recovery at risk."

For Asia in particular, Strauss-Kahn warned there were "risks of overheating and even a hard landing", underscoring the dilemma for policymakers trying to keep a lid on inflation while fostering job-creating growth.

"Food prices are rising too... with potentially devastating consequences for low-income countries," he added.

Copyright © 2011 AFP. All rights reserved.


The Nazis collaborated with and were financed by the British-allied banks and bankers of Wall Street, the same cabal that have just engineered the current financial crisis and grown bigger and stronger after it.

A component of this collaboration was the eugenics movement. The Harrimans and the Rockefellers were instrumental in driving the eugenics program in both the USA and Nazi Germany. The Nazis implemented the T4 program to kill those deemed "life unworthy of life" such as the weak, infirm, elderly and disabled, and this included children too.

The controversial Liverpool Care Pathway was designed to assist the pathway to heaven. Those considered close to death were placed on the LCP without relatives being told and after a quick checkbox questionnaire of the patient. But the LCP has instead been used to murder old people. There was some concern a year or so ago about the way in which the elderly were quickly placed on the LCP after several people were placed on the LCP, but due to circumstances left the LCP and survived.

It has now been reported in The Daily Record that Midazolam, a drug used on those on death row just before their execution, is being used on the elderly in hospitals in Scotland.

Watt 's fears were echoed by angry daughter Patricia MacGillivray, who believes she and her family saved her dad John's life in 2009 by insisting that he be taken off midazolam.

Patricia, 44, said she was told by staff at Perth Royal Infirmary that John, now 80, was at death's door after a suspected stroke.

But she claims her dad started to improve after he accidentally knocked the line out of his arm that was pumping the drugs into his body.

And she says he recovered and went home after the family ordered doctors to stop giving him the sedatives.

John is still alive and well nearly two years later. And Patricia said: "What 's happening in our hospitals. is euthanasia by the back door, and society needs to wake up to it.

"People must ask questions when their loved-one is in hospital. They must ask, 'What's that you're giving them? Is there any alternative?' "This issue affects every single household in the land.

"My dad is lovely and enjoys life with his family. It terrifies him to think about what happened to him.

"He was horrified when we told him about it and insists he's never going back in to hospital."

MSP Margo Macdonald, who has fought for the rights of terminally ill patients, is also deeply concerned about the use of LCP.

She said: "People haven't got a clue about it.

[source : Death row drug fed to dying Scottish pensioners, The Daily Record, 1/2/11]

The two largest components of public spending are pensions and health. By quietly killing an old person the government kills two birds with one stone. Murdered old people don't need a pension, and murdered old people don't need expensive health treatment. Thus the government can satisfy the death lust of the gambling Nazi banks by killing those deemed "life unworthy of life " by the LCP, and also pay for the gambling debts of the gambling Nazi banks.

The COCCs (Cameron, Oik, Cable and Clegg) must stop bashing the unions and stop this blatant Nazi-style murder of the elderly now!

They must also drag the likes of David Rockefeller before a court and charge him and his associates with mass murder.

Whose side are you on, COCCS?
Whose side are you on?