Thursday, November 29, 2007


I wonder if he'll now get another half hour on BBC HardTalk or BBC Question Time.



Berezovsky sentenced to 6 years for stealing 215 mln rbls

29.11.2007, 14.08

MOSCOW, November 29 (Itar-Tass) - Moscow's Savyolovsky court on Thursday found businessman Boris Berezovsky guilty of stealing 215 million roubles belonging to the Aeroflot company, and sentenced him to six years in jail.

The court dropped the money laundering charge as it concluded that Berezovsky himself had been the recipient of the stolen money, together with Aeroflot's former deputy director general Nikolai Glushkov.


If you went around to your neighbours house to ask to borrow his lawn mower for a couple of hours, but he instead gave you a piece of paper with "1 lawn mower" written on it, you'd think he was cheeky, and possibly a little insane, particularly if he wrote the loan down in a little book on the table next to his front door.

But if a few hours later he came around to your house asking for the return of the lawn mower he loaned you, and that if you didn't return it he would take you to court and bring in the bailiffs, you'd think what?

That your neighbour was insane, a fraud and a thug?

Well, that is what is going on today in your local high street, and in The City of London.

Fraud and thuggery, down at the Bank of Thuggery and Fraud.


From reading World Socialist Website, it would appear that the outcomes of Annapolis were
1. the USA i.e. Israel was given all the power as to who decides what is fair and who has been trying
2. Abbas was pressured into starting a Palestinian civil war.

Iran did not attend and is holding its own summit with Hamas.

So are we any closer to a lasting peace?

I would say as long as they are talking then there is always a chance, small deals can lead to slightly larger deals can lead to big deals etc. And you never know, Iran might start talking! However, if points 1 and 2 above are true then I am deeply disappointed and think we've been stitched up good and proper.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


This is a question asked by FT columnist Martin Wolf today, and the industry being referred to is banking.

Wolf's answer is, "banking takes high risks."

What is the real reason as to why banking is so profitable? The banks make their profits for themselves out of nothing!

Let's assume that the plain black ink bic biro is our national currency, called the "pen".

A bank has one pen. A customer asks for a loan of 9 pens. You would think the bank can't satisfy the request, but in bizzaro banking world the bank can issue a note with "9 pens" written on it and then claim the customer owes it 9 pens. If the customer repays the "loan" of 9 pens, in real pens or with more pieces of paper with values totalling 9 pens, then the bank can say it has 10 pens + interest, when in fact it has only one real physical pen. The bank can then issue pieces of paper with even greater numbers on them. Eventually the bank can have pieces of paper with values totalling 1 million pens all derived from creating the pens out of nothing and "loaning" them out and the "loans" being repaid, so the owner of the bank is now a millonaire in pens, closes the bank down and lives the life of luxury for the rest of his life, spending the paper notes he issued as hard currency to buy a house, a boat, a ferrari, etc. All he did was issue some pieces of paper with numbers on them.

That is why banking is so profitable. They can simply create money out of nothing, while the rest of us mugs work our arses off just to survive.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


This is a very interesting blog, indicating
1. the Portuguese have been impersonating Inspector Clouseau en masse
2. there is a vast and well protected sickening paedophile ring in Portugal
3. a possible Freemasonic link

I still find the timing of Madeleine's abduction very significant, just as stories about who knew what about 7/7 were appearing thick and fast in the mainstream media following the prosecution of suspects of Operation Crevice and all the evidence that came out those prosecutions. Following Madeleine's abduction those stories stopped, and the whole world was driven into a frenzy looking for just one girl, while hundreds of children have gone missing, and thousands of children have died of drought and famine, since without any mention.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


But only after meeting with Putin in Moscow yesterday.


And even after Israel attacked Syria who then pulled out, Syria will now attend, because the Saudis are attending.

It looks like we have another chance for talks to begin to solve the diabolical problem that those pesky Illuminati critters posed the human race.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Last night's Spooks had a good dig at Iran.

MI5 were the good guys (as always), and saved an Iranian diplomat's life during an assassination attempt, but later found out he had lied and had agreed to purchase some triggers for a nuclear bomb from an underground source. A Russian spy was somewhat embarrassed when certain documents were given to her to prove the purchase.

It is stuff like this that subtley develops beliefs in the mass psyche, all preparing us for the attack on Iran. The propaganda will not stop.

I find the timing of the current "credit crunch", which is slowly snowballing into something global and has a lot further to go, and the build up to war on Iran more than "coincidental".

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I stayed up late last night, flicked through the channels and ended up watching one of the MTV channels on cable, to see what our youth are being programmed with.

I saw two videos that indicate, along with the supermice news, where the NWO are taking the human race.

The first video was by an entity called "Narcotic Thrust", which consisted of a group of young women cheerleaders in short skirts and tight tops making a series of "dance" moves, which were basically to roll and jump around with their legs wide open. They were dressed in black, red and silver, the colours of Bohemian Grove.

The second, I can't remember who it was by, consisted of a compilation of young men and women masturbating, but you only saw their faces as they went through the process.

There was not one song about the shit state of the world, but there were plenty of videos of lots of shiny, happy people, and Kylie Minogue "Spinning Around" in extremely tight hot pants.

While you were sleeping, this is what your children are watching.

I would not have been surprised to see a mock or even real sacrifice, or young men and women rolling around in blood during an orgy.

Do you want your child to grow up as human, or beast?

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Genetically engineered supermice can run faster for longer. They are also much more aggressive.

There is no way that this genie is getting back into the bottle!

This is where the human race is heading; a genetically engineered global elite protected by genetically engineered global supercops policing a genetically engineered global slave population, all financed by a bankrupt and fraudulent banking system.

You can bet that some more kids will be kidnapped for scientists to experiment upon in those underground bases to get this technique adapted for humans.

Who is funding this research anyway? And how were the mice genetically engineered?



Case Western Reserve University researchers have bred a line of "mighty mice" (PEPCK-Cmus mice) that have the capability of running five to six kilometers at a speed of 20 meters per minute on a treadmill for up to six hours before stopping.


They knew who Jean Charles was within 15 minutes of his head getting shot to bits.

They also knew he was not carrying a bomb.

Did Blair know? If not, why was he not told?



...Minutes later, Commander Dick told the jury, she began to fear that an innocent man may have been killed. Barely 15 minutes after De Menezes had been shot, an explosives expert confirmed he was not carrying a bomb, and documents on him revealed his name and identity.

Friday, November 02, 2007


We are always told, "get legal advice"?

But who really knows how our banking system actually works, in order to "advise"?

And who gives them permission to "advise"?

And how did they acquire the knowledge in order to "advise"?

And how much would they charge to offer that "advice"?

And would that "advice" really be that impartial?

It's time to find these things out.


Where did all that come from?

How many hospitals and nurses, and/or schools and teachers is that?

£23 billion for one financial institution in big trouble. The BBC said last it represented every family in the UK each lending NR £760! (but without their permission)

The difference is that when we, i.e. the human race, say "lend" we mean temporarily transfer control of but not ownership, but when the banks say "lend" they mean magically create something out of thin air and trick us into believeing it exists, lend out a piece of paper expecting us to equate the piece of paper with the physical object, but they expect repayment in real physical objects i.e. the banks create something out of thin air!

"lend" v "lend".

Hmm. Are there two definitions of "lend"? Particularly in contract terms?

How much more money is being and will be created out of nothing to save a fraudulent, bankrupt system benefitting only a few, while the human race stagnates or degenerates?