Sunday, December 31, 2006


In The Independent on Sunday today Robert Fisk tells us a fraction of the story of the collaboration between Saddam and the West. The whole story would be very good blackmail material for Saddam to use against his jailors. There's bound to be some interesting receipts in a drawer somewhere...

But ponder this.

In 1991 the US Army was at the gates of Saddam's palace, but it turned around and left Saddam in power. The USA then encouraged a revolution and thousands of rebellious Iraqis rose up expecting US backing. But it never came, and Saddam having been left in power then consolidated his position by massacring the rebels. The USA was then governed by President George HW Bush. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was Colin Powell. The Commander of the Coalition in The Gulf War I was Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf. All three received an honorary Order of the Bath from HRH.

From this it would appear that leaving Saddam in power and then helping to consolidate his position by encouraging a rebellion and then betraying it was part of 'the plan'.

Fisk does not ask the question why potentially life-saving material has not been released to the world press to save Saddam's neck.

Perhaps he did use it and that Saddam did not swing, but a double did (for whatever reason).

Perhaps he didn't use it because he knew he wouldn't swing because he was part of an op.

What needs to be explained is why Saddam was left in power in 1991 with his power consolidated, and the people who could and should have took him out received honorary Orders of the Bath from our Queen.


Robert Fisk: He takes his secrets to the grave. Our complicity dies with him
How the West armed Saddam, fed him intelligence on his 'enemies', equipped him for atrocities - and then made sure he wouldn't squeal

Published: 31 December 2006

We've shut him up. The moment Saddam's hooded executioner pulled the lever of the trapdoor in Baghdad yesterday morning, Washington's secrets were safe. The shameless, outrageous, covert military support which the United States - and Britain - gave to Saddam for more than a decade remains the one terrible story which our presidents and prime ministers do not want the world to remember. And now Saddam, who knew the full extent of that Western support - given to him while he was perpetrating some of the worst atrocities since the Second World War - is dead.

Gone is the man who personally received the CIA's help in destroying the Iraqi communist party. After Saddam seized power, US intelligence gave his minions the home addresses of communists in Baghdad and other cities in an effort to destroy the Soviet Union's influence in Iraq. Saddam's mukhabarat visited every home, arrested the occupants and...

Saturday, December 30, 2006


I use the inverted commas to question 1) whether the real Saddam has been executed, and 2) if there was an execution at all.

This morning there is talk of ending a dark chapter in Iraq's history.

A short trip to the CIA factbook tells us that Iraq gained its independence as a kingdom in 1932. The king of this kingdom was the Hashemite Faisal I, imposed on Iraq by Great Britain. In fact the whole of the Middle East as we know it is due to Great Britain and France drawing straight lines on maps during WW1 and arguing over who got to rule which set of lines.

So Iraq was initially ruled by Faisal I, who originated not from Iraq but another newly created kingdom, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was granted to the ibn Saud tribe for stabbing their fellow Arabs in the back after they had driven the Ottomans out of Palestine, thus permitting the mass Jewish immigration under British control into Palestine in preparation for the creation of the cruel and barbaric Zionist state of Israel. So for helping the British the ibn Sauds got Saudi Arabia and Faisal, as son of Hussein bin Ali who had driven the Ottomans out, got Iraq following years of rebellion by the people of Iraq against British rule which included Winston Churchill authorising the use of poison gas against the Iraqi people. So immediately we see puppets of Great Britain in control. Offspring of Faisal then ruled Iraq until 1958.

There was then a series of coups in Iraq, ending in 1968 with a coup by the Baath Party.

Before Saddam came to power in 1979 the Iraqi Petroleum Company had been nationalised and Iraq used the wealth from its oil to create a regional power of envy.

But then the CIA-trained Saddam Hussein gained power.

Almost immediately there were disputes with Iran. Saddam was armed by the USA and Europe to fight Iran in a decade long war. And then April Glaspie told Saddam that the USA, Saddam's ally against Iran, had no quarrel with Saddam invading Kuwait, an invasion which resulted in the Gulf War of 1991. Saddam was suspiciously left in power in 1991, and rebellions against Saddam which were encouraged by the USA were betrayed by them, resulting in the deaths of thousands of rebellious Iraqis. Then there was The Highway of Death incident in which thousands of Iraqis were massacred by the good folk of the USAF as they fled Iraq, an incident referred to in "Jarhead".

Then throughout the 1990's Iraq was bombed and bombed and bombed, and just in case that wasn't enough it was bombed some more, and all the while Saddam sat safely untouched in his palace. Madeleine Albright stated live on TV that the deaths of a half million Iraq kids was a price worth paying to keep Saddam under sanctions (sanctions imposed on Iraq due to the WMD which we had sold him).

Then PNAC wrote a "Get Saddam" letter to Clinton.

And then on 9/11 PNAC's dreams came true when Saddam attacked the USA!! (or so the lie was told and repeated ad nauseum). A few invisible WMDs were thrown in and Iraq was invaded in 2003.

So, why was Saddam left in power in 1991? Perhaps he had some blackmail material on Father Bush. If so why has it not been released now? Is it because the real Saddam died in 2000? Or was Saddam working for the CIA all along? When Saddam came to power Iraq was wealthy and a regional power held up as a shining example of what can happen in the Middle East. Now look at Iraq. A shithole, caked in blood and DU and its oil about to pass into the hands of the Anglo-Americans.

I ask, was Saddam part of a long term CIA operation to regain control of Iraq's oil while keeping oil prices high and driving Iraq's economy into an abyss ready for exploitation by Anglo-American corporations?

The chances of finding the answer to that are now virtually nil, which is why I think Saddam should not have been executed.

Dead Saddams tell no tales.

The real Saddam may have died in 2000. Or may be laughing his head off in a mansion in Portugal. Or may have swung this morning.

As ordinary citizens of the world we are not supposed to know these things, only believe in "Life : The Movie" as scripted for us by the likes of the CIA and MI6 and Mossad.

Friday, December 29, 2006


A report in The Jerusalem Post today looks at the interest NATO is now showing in Iran. Apparently

Earlier in the month, IDF Military Intelligence (MI) hosted a NATO conference on global terrorism and intelligence, following which high-ranking MI officers said Israel planned to establish an intelligence-sharing mechanism with NATO.


NATO's interest stems from growing concern that diplomacy will ultimately fail, the Israeli officials told The Jerusalem Post this week, and that military action will be necessary to stop Iran's race to obtain nuclear weapons.

The full report is at

Thursday, December 28, 2006


First, the colour scheme; red and black. Black the colour of darkness, and red the colour of blood. These are the favourite colours of satanists.

Second, can you see three sixes? I can. At least two of them are formed by the earth and the two elliptic curves. The third? Take your pick. 4 + 2 = 6, or on closer inspection there is another subtle 6 formed from the earth and another elliptic curve.

Either way, three sixes on red and black.


Plus, is that white or silver? Priests at Bohemian Grove wear black, red and silver robes at their mock human sacrifice.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


This is the title of a good article by F William Engdahl analyzing the oiliness of the current Anglo-American-Russian relations and politics. It was published well over two months ago. Since then there has been a very photogenic death...


The Emerging Russian Giant

Plays its Cards Strategically

By F William Engdahl, October 20, 2006

On October 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin flew to the German city of Dresden for a summit on energy issues with Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. On the agenda were proposed plans to more than double German import of Russian natural gas. Putin told the German Chancellor that Russia would ‘possibly’ redirect some of the future natural gas from its giant Shtokman field in the Barents Sea. The $20 billion project is due to come online 2010. Putin’s Dresden talks followed an earlier summit in Paris in late September with Putin and French President Chirac and Merkel. A week after his Dresden talks, the Indonesian Navy Chief of Staff announced a remarkable shift away from that country’s traditional purchases of NATO military equipment. Indonesia will buy twelve modern Kilo-Class and Lada-Class Russian submarines. Indonesia cited advantages of cost and reliability over NATO French or German equivalents.

These developments underscore the re-emerging of Russia as a major global power. The new Russia is gaining in influence through a series of strategic moves revolving around its geopolitical assets in energy—most notably its oil and natural gas. It’s doing so by shrewdly taking advantage of the strategic follies and major political blunders of Washington. The new Russia also realizes that if it does not act decisively, it soon will be encircled and trumped by a military rival, USA. The battle, largely unspoken, is the highest stakes battle in world politics today. Iran and Syria are seen by Washington strategists as mere steps to this great Russian End Game.

In recent years major attention has been paid to the emergence of a China economic colossus. What is generally missing in these discussions is the fact that China will not be able to emerge as a truly independent global power over the coming decade unless it is able to solve two strategic vulnerabilities—its growing dependence on energy imports for its economic growth, and its inability to pose a credible nuclear deterrence to a US nuclear first strike.

Russia is the one remaining power which still has sufficient military deterrence potential in its strategic nuclear arsenal, and is expanding same, as well as abundant energy to make a credible counterweight to global US military and political primacy. A Eurasian combination of China and Russia and allied Eurasian states, essentially the states in and around the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, do present a potential counterweight to unilateral USA dominance. An understanding of recent Russian developments in this light is essential to understand United States foreign policy as well as global politics at present.

Russia`s Strategic Dilemma

Since the devastating setbacks two years ago from the US-sponsored ‘color revolutions’ in Georgia, and then Ukraine, Russia has begun to play its strategic energy cards extremely carefully, from nuclear reactors in Iran to military sales to Venezuela and...


Remember him? Alexander Litvinenko, the ex-KGB saint, who accused Putin for all the ills of the world, and died a very photogenic death for his benefactor Boris Berezovsky?

I was wondering what had happened to the investigation of the century, and why it wasn't still plastered over the newspapers.

Justin Raimondo was one of the few who, along with me, didn't believe the "Putin did it" theory. I didn't believe the "Putin did it" theory for two reasons; it was too bloody obvious, and the small matter of those three objects up Litvinenko's arse, one of which had apparently burst open (indicating to me the possibility that Litvinenko was engaged in smuggling, had swallowed a couple of bags of radioactive contraband, one of which had burst open, thus also providing a source for the strength of dose that Litvinenko had received). Those three objects up Litvinenko's arse have since mysteriously disappeared from the universe.

Raimondo has today published an article on looking again at the death of Litvinenko, and he raises a very interesting smuggling angle.


Now that the radioactive trail has been followed to Germany, however, the investigation is taking a new turn:

"German investigators are considering the possibility that polonium-210 was smuggled through the country and might be connected to the radioactive poisoning of a Russian security service defector in London. …

"'Alongside several other versions behind this crime, we are seriously considering the possibility that Litvinenko's death could have been connected to the illegal trade in nuclear materials,' a police source told the German newspaper Berliner Zeitung, adding that no clear evidence had been uncovered yet."

On a trip to Germany, Dmitry Kovtun – who met with Litvinenko on the day of his poisoning, along with Andrei Lugovoi, a former "security" man for Berezovsky – shed radioactivity in several Hamburg locations. The German trip was undertaken before the meeting with Litvinenko. Kovtun is now apparently in a hospital in Moscow, along with Lugovoi. The Berliner Zeitung quotes a police source as saying: "'We know that there has been a demand for nuclear materials in terrorist circles for several years,' … adding that Litvinenko's partners could have been involved in smuggling schemes."

Litvinenko, we know, was desperate for cash, and was reportedly involved in a blackmailing scheme targeting several Russian mafia figures and politicians. Now we learn, according to the London Times,

"Sources in Spain last week said he had crossed Russian mafia figures. They claimed he had provided information that helped lead to the arrest in May of nine mafia members, including a senior gang leader with interests in Russia and Spain."

The nine include Alexander Gofstein, a lawyer for the Yukos oil company of Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and Oleg Vorontsov, a former high-ranking adviser to Boris Yeltsin; they are charged with money-laundering. Another figure in this murky drama, scamster and professional Russophobe Mario Scaramella, was recently arrested for… weapons smuggling.

We don't know the specifics of what exactly happened: a horrible accident that resulted from an attempt to smuggle polonium, a mafia hit against a stool pigeon, or, perhaps, a little of both. What we do know, however, is that the accusations lodged against Putin and his government by major media outlets in the West are completely without any basis in fact, and that coverage of this bizarre affair has been absolutely shameful.

Big Western oil companies, barred from scarfing up Russian energy reserves by Putin's invocation of "national security," are busy ramping up a campaign to smear the Russian president as the reincarnation of Stalin, and – absurdly – portray the Russian mafia chieftains as "political prisoners" sitting in the "gulag." If only the Russians would let the Westerners in, they would no longer be bothered by accusations of neo-Stalinism, and known criminals – such as Berezovsky and the Chechen terrorist "government-in-exile" being given shelter in Londongrad – would be quickly extradited to face the music. Instead, criminals like Khodorkovsky, Berezovsky, and Leonid Nevzlin, who looted the Russian economy and then stashed their stolen wealth overseas, are treated as if they are Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Andrei Sakharov rolled into one.



Channel Five's programme on David last night was not what I hoped for, and what I think David was perhaps hoping for having been informed that the programme was set to big him up.

I found it to be reasonable in that it did show David and his warning from 1999 that a large city in the USA would suffer a large terrorist attack, which occured on 9/11, but did not go into too much detail as to why David gave such a warning and who the perps were.

I also found there was too much fluff; plenty of David encouraging his son at football, or taking the ferry between the Isle of Wight and the English mainland discussing his love of the isle. I also found the footage from the back stage of his Brixton talk a little curious, in that they must have hours of footage but it showed David asking his previous wife should he do the reptiles, which was followed by a shot of David guzzling a can of Tennents after the talk. It looked to me as if the producers (or whoever was guiding them) had other things on their minds other than answering their own question; was he right?

David has written alot of very interesting stuff, but very little of it was covered. Why?

There were plenty of images from the Terry Wogan interview, purple shell suits and "they're laughing at you, not with you", but no images of the interlocking pyramid of networks. Why?

If I was to label the programme I would call it a very subtle hatchet job, but it could have been much worse, and also much more informative as to what else David has said and is saying.

BTW I would recommend buying David's DVD of the Brixton talk.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Now that there are UN sanctions against Iran there will be a big rise in small provocations like this, just to drive Iran into retaliating in small ways, which can then be used as "evidence" of non-compliancy.


Iranian diplomats arrested by US forces
By Mariam Karouny in Baghdad
Published: 26 December 2006
The Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani, has objected to the arrest by American forces in Iraq of two Iranian diplomats. US officials say that they were seized during raids against Iranians suspected of planning attacks on Iraqi security forces.

Iran said that the diplomats taken by the US military had been invited by the Iraqi government and warned that the move would "provoke unpleasant repercussions".

"The President is unhappy," said Hiwa Othman, Mr Talabani's spokesman. "He is talking to the Americans about it as we speak. The diplomats came to Iraq at the invitation of the President." He said he was not aware if they had met with Mr Talabani.

Mr Talabani, a Kurd, travelled to Iran last month in the latest of a series of high-level contacts between the two neighbours.

The US said that "a small number" of Iranian diplomats were among those initially detained in the raids, but that they were turned over to Iraqi authorities and released.Several other Iranians remained in custody.

"Our actions [to release the diplomats] were in no way dictated by pressure from the Iraqi government or any party in the government," it added in the statement.REUTERS

Sunday, December 24, 2006


It's Xmas Eve.

No one cares about how shit the world is, just as long as the potatoes are right tomorrow.

So I suppose today, being a Sunday too, is a very good day to sneak some news out. And I'm not disappointed.

First, I am highly suspicious of the timing of the vote to impose UN sanctions against Iran. 23rd December 1913. A date that will live in infamy. The date the biggest fraud ever foisted upon mankind, The Federal Reserve, was voted through (although there are doubts about its legitimacy). 23rd December 2006? Any UN sanction against Iran is a boon for the war party. The slightest infringement will be siezed upon. There are already god knows how many US AND British warships in the Persian Gulf, just floating around waiting for something to happen. They are not just there for a Christmas party. The sanctions will only serve to push Iran into isolation too, and I've already heard BBC reporters this morning talking about Iran increasing the number of its centrifuges to 3000, which will increase the yield of weapons grade material, which will also serve as fodder for the war press to scare the shit of Israel who are being advised by a respected military think tank to attack Iran.

And second, despite weeks of a pseudo-civil war in The Palestinian Territories, there has been absolutely no mention of the underlying tension and poverty that caused it; that Israel has been withholding millions of dollars, $600 million to be more precise, from the lawfully elected "government". The benevolent Olmert is reportedly going to release $100 million! With strings!! That's just a sixth of what Israel should have legally passed onto the Palestinians, no questions asked.

But who gives a Santa's fart?

Saturday, December 23, 2006


That is the headline of a report from The Daily Telegraph.

So Russia wants more revenue from the sale of its natural resources?

Remember Mossadegh of Iran? He was voted Iranian of the 20th Century in an Iranian newspaper recently. Mossadegh was trying what Putin is trying now; trying to gain more control of their natural resources from the Anglo-American Establishment.

Mossadegh was overthrown by the CIA and MI6, which has since been admitted as true.

And people learn.

Today there are more subtle ways of retaliating after losing control of someone else's natural resources, and more subtle ways of regaining control of your natural resources.


After Shell, Russia now turns on BP
By Edmund Conway
Last Updated: 7:39pm GMT 22/12/2006

Adrian Blomfield: Western firms must beware of Kremlin
The Kremlin has moved decisively to take back ownership of Russia's oil-and-gas assets, taking effective control of Royal Dutch Shell's Sakhalin-2 project and issuing a chilling warning to BP about its future in the country.

Will BP accede to the demands of the Russian bear
President Putin personally oversaw the signing of a deal in which Shell will hand over control of Sakhalin to Gazprom, while a key Kremlin official warned BP that it has no choice but to accede to Russian demands with its latest project, or face crippling sanctions. Shell and its Japanese partners accepted a $7.45bn (£3.8bn) cash payment for a stake of 50pc plus one share in the project in the far north-east which was until yesterday the biggest single foreign investment in Russia.

Experts hailed Shell chief executive Jeroen van der Veer for securing a good price, but the sale will dramatically reduce the com-pany's reserves. It is particularly troubling for Shell since it was recently embroiled in a scandal over the accounting for its reserves, which led to the departure of previous chief executive Sir Philip Watts.

One analyst had warned that taking cash rather than barrels of oil for Sakhalin would be a "worst case scenario".

But a spokesman said: "This is an acceptable outcome for Shell and ends a period of uncertainty."

advertisementUnder the Sakhalin deal, Shell will halve its stake from 55pc to 27.5, while Mitsui and Mitsubishi will see their shares cut to 12.5pc and 10pc respectively. The Anglo-Dutch group will continue to contribute to management and will act as a technical adviser to Sakhalin, which is the biggest liquefied natural gas project in the world.

Gazprom chief executive Alexei Miller said: "We, as the main shareholder of the project, will do everything to launch it as soon as possible."

Shell had come under mounting pressure to sell its stake to the Russians, with regulators criticising the company for its environmental and accounting record, and threatening to delay the project.

Now that the project has transferred into Russian hands, these obstacles are expected to disappear, and the resources minister Yuri Trutnev indicated as much last night, saying that the companies should "make the project the best in terms of environmental protection".

All eyes will now turn to BP's Russian joint venture, TNK-BP, which is already coming under increased scrutiny from the Kremlin.

In the latest episode, the head of the federal subsoil agency RosNedra, Anatoly Ledovskikh, has said that TNK-BP must accommodate Gazprom's refusal to let it build a pipeline into China.

"This is not an objective reason to change the licensing agreement... I very much hope that TNK-BP and Gazprom reach an agreement. They have no choice," he said.

The Sakhalin deal was hammered out over the course of three meetings in Moscow between Mr van der Veer and Mr Miller. The two companies had previously mulled plans for Gazprom to take 25pc of Sakhalin in return for a share of its Zapolyarnoye field. But with the Kremlin angry about cost overruns at the project which meant it would not receive as much revenue as expected, Gazprom later won the government's backing to aim for a larger stake.


Last year there was a bit of a kerfuffle when two British soldiers were kidnapped at a check point. It was later revealed that the two were SAS, were dressed as locals in white and headdress, and had quite alot of explosive and fire power in the boot of their. A few days later they were broken out of the jail in which they were held by Basra authorities under suspicion of being agents provocateur. When the two SAS were sprung there was a breakdown in trust between the British and the Basra authorities because the Basrans thought they'd caught themselevs something very interesting indeed. This is all verifiable in published reports.

Now it appears the two SAS were about to be sold to insurgents for beheading!

I cannot recall this being offered as a reason at the time for the breakout.

I do however recall a number of reports from Basrans who accused the two SAS of being agents provocateur.


Iraqi police arrested over SAS kidnap
By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
Last Updated: 7:19pm GMT 22/12/2006

A senior Iraqi policeman who allegedly masterminded the abduction of two SAS soldiers last year was arrested today following a major security operation in Basra.

Last year's rescue of two kidnapped SAS troops prompted attacks on Warrior armoured vehicles
Under cover of thick fog, 800 British troops in tanks and armoured vehicles swooped on the home of the police officer and six other Iraqi officers.

Military sources indicated that a substantial blow had been struck against the rogue militias who have been responsible for killing hundreds in Iraq's second-biggest city.

All the officers come from Basra's notorious Serious Crimes Unit. That, as one military commander said, was a "pretty appropriate" name for its activities.

The two SAS troopers were allegedly minutes away from being sold on to insurgents, and certain death, after they were abducted by rogue police at a checkpoint in the Jamiat area of Basra on Sept 19 last year.

Friday, December 22, 2006


The Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies (JCSS) at Tel Aviv University has reportedly released its annual report, called Middle East Strategic Balance, into the current situation in the Middle East. It proposes Israeli military action as the only way to stop Iran's nuclear program.


Dec. 21, 2006 23:40 | Updated Dec. 22, 2006 4:57
'Only military action can stop Iran'

Talkbacks for this article: 7

In a dramatic conclusion concerning the future of the state of Israel, the latest edition of the Middle East Strategic Balance, compiled by the Jaffe Center for Strategic Studies (JCSS) and released to the public on Thursday, calls for military action to stop Iran's nuclear program.

Prepared annually by JCSS at Tel Aviv University, the Middle East Strategic Balance provides an authoritative and indispensable guide to strategic developments and military capabilities in the Middle East by offering a comprehensive, insightful assessment of the complex strategic environment of the Middle East. The report is considered something of a bible for military analysts who follow developments in the region.

The 2005-2006 edition was compiled by former IAF Intelligence officer Yiftah Shapir and Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Zvi Shatuber. Shatuber is a former ambassador to the United Kingdom and was a member of Israeli delegations to peace talks with Syria and the Palestinians.

"Our conclusion is that without military action you won't be able to stop Iran," Shtauber told The Jerusalem Post Thursday.

The website of the JCSS states that regarding its funding

The JCSS budget is based largely on the annual interest that accrues from an endowment fund established by the Association of American Friends of Tel Aviv University from contributions made primarily by the Jewish community of the United States. This is supplemented by foundation support and contributions dedicated to specific projects. In this way JCSS seeks to ensure for itself the financial independence necessary for its research and other activities.

Read that last sentence again.

"In this way JCSS seeks to ensure for itself the financial independence necessary for its research and other activities."

So the JCSS receives its funding primarily from American Jews. And the JCSS claims to have financial independence!

I would be interested in reading this report to see if they contemplated the de-nuking of Israel. As of writing the JCSS does not appear to have published this most recent report on its website.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


On Monday our great leader vowed to use his every last second in No. 10 in an epic quest for peace in the Middle East.
On Tuesday he singled out Iran as a "strateic challenge" (which to the USA means "next on the hit list".)

If he really, really wanted peace Blair would tell the good people of Israel (for there are many)
1) about the manipulation of not only themselves but the Palestinians too by elements within the British elite, which I believe would result in a massive swing of sentiment in the Israeli people to pro-peace and understanding
2) the trickery of the Anglo-American establishment in financing and arming Hitler specifically for a long war and the persecution of Jews

If he doesn't know this then this would indicate why he is in No.10 in the first place.


The British Prime Minister Tony Blair's attack on Iran as a "strategic challenge" raises the rhetoric in a war of words between Iran and the West that is escalating with the possibility of a worse confrontation to come.

Speaking on Iran's doorstep in Dubai at the end of a tour of the Middle East, Mr Blair chose to single out Iran as he called for an "alliance of moderation in the region and outside of it to defeat the extremists".

"A large part of world opinion is frankly almost indifferent. It would be bizarre if it weren't deadly serious," he said.

This really puts paid to any lingering hopes that Iran might be seen as a help, not a hindrance over Iraq. Mr Blair repeated his charge that Iran was "openly supporting terrorism in Iraq to stop a fledging democratic process..."

Iran's attitude in return was expressed recently by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who has widened his prediction that Israel ("the Zionist regime") will "collapse", into a forecast that the same fate will happen to the US and UK "with the crumbling of your devilish rule..."

Devilish rule? You don't think Ahmadinejad is referring to this?

Monday, December 18, 2006


This morning while watching BBC Breakfast there appeared to be a deliberate attempt to hide the lead story of The Daily Express. As usual every half hour the presenters hold a brief summary of the front pages of the newspapers, holding copies of the papers up so that camera 1 or camera 4 etc can get "a good view" and viewers have a few seconds to check out the front page of every paper. This morning there was The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian etc, all held up and in the spotlight for a few seconds so we could check out the photos, headlines etc. Well, I say all but when it came to The Daily Express, it was barely lifted from the desk before it was put down quickly. I just managed to catch a glimpse of a photo of someone who could have have been Diana. So I thought, "aye, aye".

In the next front page summary half an hour later The Daily Express was not even mentioned or even shown!!

So I went onto t'internet and to the website of The Daiy Express. And all became crystal clear. For the photo was indeed of Diana, and the headline accompanying the photo of Diana was

DIANA predicted her own 'murder' time and time again in the few years before her death, says the official report.

And it became even clearer why the BBC was avoiding The Daily Express because within the article based on the official Stevens report are the many tales from friends of Diana who told Stevens that Diana had told them about her fear for her own life, and for those around her. I found this excerpt particularly damning;

...Another of Diana’s close friends, Simone Simmons, gave the inquiry evidence which backs up the Princess’s belief that she was being targeted.

According to the report, she said Diana telephoned her in 1995 to say that the brakes had failed on her car and she was convinced they had been tampered with.

She later received a hand-written note from Diana which read: “Dear Simone, as you know, the brakes of my car have been tampered with. If something does happen to me it will be MI5 or MI6 who will have done it. Lots of love Diana.”

Her former lover, the surgeon Hasnat Khan, also told the inquiry that the Princess had informed him she had been forced to change her car because the brakes on her usual vehicle had been tampered with.

Another of Diana’s former lovers, James Hewitt, said that during his relationship with the Princess he had received threatening phone calls from an unidentified male caller who warned him not to contact her any more.

We can't have kids eating their cornflakes at the breakfast table learning that Diana has accused MI5 and MI6 from beyond the grave can we? Particularly as it is only a week before Christmas.

Now what happened to that Mercedes which Diana was in when it crashed in Pont D'Alma...? As I recall, reps/engineers of Mercedes themselves were denied access to it, to thoroughly check it out, I believe because something had been done/added to it.

The very bright flash, the suspicious men running into and away from the crash scene before emergency services arrived, the crash scene quickly cleaned and scrubbed thus destroying vital evidence while at the same time it took the ambulance 3 hours to take Diana past several adequate hospitals, the first photos of the crash have not been released, Diana was engaged to Muslim Dodi on the brink of "Islam v the rest of the world" clash of civilizations, she was about to go public on the real Windsors, Stevens' laptop being stolen, etc, etc, etc.

Then there's the date the report was released, just before the busiest shopping weekend of the year, and Blair was questioned on that date, the first PM in office to be questioned in relation to an ongoing criminal investigation,...

It's going to take many more millions of pounds and more years of "investigation" to convince me Diana wasn't murdered.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

INTERESTING : New MI5 boss is top "expert" on Al-Qaeda!?

According to David Leppard in The Sunday Times the replacement for Eliza Manningham-Bull-*-er is someone called Jonathan Evans. Apparently Evans

"has tracked Al-Qaeda’s activities in Britain since the organisation first emerged as a threat to this country",


"Evans is a career spy with a background in fighting terror. He served as head of G branch, MI5’s international terrorism section, making him the agency’s then supremo in dealing with the emerging Al-Qaeda threat. Before that he served as a senior officer in Northern Ireland, helping to spearhead the fight against the IRA."

Evans wouldn't have known everything that EMB would hve known, but the inverse should be true. Maybe Evans knows something about the Covenant of Security?

Leppard's report at,,2087-2508471,00.html.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Rashid Rauf was the man arrested in Pakistan implicated in a massive plot to blow ten air planes out of the sky last August. British airports were subsequently closed and mass arrests were made. Air passengers were asked to not take liquids on board air planes for fear they could be used to make bombs on board in the plane toilets.

But now a Pakistani judge has found no evidence against Rashid Rauf relating to terror, and charges relating to terror against him have been dropped.

What does this imply for the rest of the people, soem of whom were women and kids, who were arrested last August?


UK 'plot' terror charge dropped

A Pakistani judge has ruled there is not enough evidence to try a key suspect in an alleged airline bomb plot on terrorism charges.

He has moved the case of Rashid Rauf, a Briton, from an anti-terrorism court to a regular court, where he faces lesser charges such as forgery.

Pakistan has presented Mr Rauf as one of the ringleaders behind the alleged plan to blow up flights out of London.

The British authorities say they foiled it with Pakistan's help in August.


The arrest of Rashid Rauf in Pakistan triggered arrests in the UK of a number of suspects allegedly plotting to blow up transatlantic flights.

The Pakistani authorities described him as a key figure.

But an anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi found no evidence that he had been involved in terrorist activities or that he belonged to a terrorist organisation.

As well as forgery charges, Mr Rauf has also been charged with carrying explosives.

But his lawyer says police evidence amounts only to bottles of hydrogen peroxide found in his possession.

Hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant that can be used for bomb-making if other chemicals are added.

'Suspected conspiracy'

In August, the British government requested the extradition of Mr Rauf, a Briton of Pakistani origin, in connection with a murder committed in 2002.

Scotland Yard declined to discuss which murder case the request related to.

The government in Pakistan, which has no extradition treaty with the UK, said it was considering the request.

Rashid Rauf was arrested in Pakistan earlier that month over the alleged plot to blow up US-bound aircraft, Pakistan's foreign ministry said.

He has been described by Pakistan's government as a "key person" in the "suspected conspiracy".

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Below is a list of Russian Bilderbergers from 1991 - 2006. In all I count six individuals, one of whom, Lilia Shevtsova, has attended FOUR times. She is associated with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Moscow.
(lists consulted are at Tony Gosling's Bilderberg website)

2005 Nemirovskaya, Elena; Founder and Director, Moscow School of Political Studies

2004 Shevtsova, Lilia; Senior Associate. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2004 Yavlinsky, Grigory A.; Member of Parliament

2003 Shevtsova, Lilia; Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2003 Margelov, Mikhail V.; Chairman, Committee for Foreign Affairs

2002 Shevtsova, Lilia; Senior Associate, Carnegie Moscow Center

2001 Shevtsova, Lilia; Carnegie Endowment for International Misery, Visiting Professor, University of California at Berkeley & Cornell University


1999 Shevtsova, Lilia; Carnegie Moscow Center
1999 Trenin, Dmitri V.; Carnegie Moscow Center

1998 Chubais, Anatoli B.; Former First Vice Prime Minister; Chairman RAO EES






1992 no attendee list available


You will see that Bilderberg was not that interested in Russia in the 1990's, probably because Yeltsin was their pisshead-in-chief and was quite happy selling off Russian state assets at bargain prices for a shot of Vodka, and it would seem that Putin was also being groomed by Berezovsky.

But then Putin came to power in 2000, changed the plan, and is now taking back what was stolen.

The two organisations represented at Bilderberg are the Carnegies and the Moscow School of Political Studies.

The reason for Carnegie is self-evident in the name.

On the board of MSPS in 2005 was Mikhail Khodorkovsky before he was sent down. Sponsors of MSPS include Open Russia Foundation, which opened in 2001 in London, of all places. I wonder why London?

But who is on the board of ORF?

Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Dr Henry Kissinger
Lord Jacob Rothschild

According to the Yukos website, "The motivation for the establishment of the Open Russia Foundation was to foster openness, understanding, and integration between the people of Russia and the rest of the world."

Yeah, right!

Other sponsors of MSPS are George Soros' Open Society bollocks, and Morgan Stanley.

Another board member is Lord Robert Skidelsky at Warwick Uni, who was at Bilderberg 2005.

Today we read that Shell is being forced to sell its stake in Sakhalin-2, and there are fears at BP that it could be forced out of its Russian projects too.

And we know who controls both Shell and BP from behind the scenes, don't we?

Was Litvinenko done in to pressure Putin to stop this, and now that he isn't then the pullout is now being made to look like Russia is a thug in taking back its own natural resources?

As is reported by 2005 Bilderberg attendees to Daniel Estulin,
"A European banker pointed out that Russia could effectively devalue the dollar by re-denominating its energy trade with Europe from dollars into euros, forcing Europe's central banks to rebalance their foreign exchange reserves in favour of the euro. Jean-Claude Trichet, governor of the European Central Bank was present during the debate."

"The discussion began with a European expert on international relations pointing out that over the next several years Russia is poised to assert itself and to increasingly challenge the Bush administration's foreign policy goals. Someone openly asked the committee if the world is safer today than in 2001 and will it be safer in four years time? A Dutchman responded by saying there is little doubt that the hand of international terrorism has been substantially strengthened by the US and its heavy-handed policy in the Middle East. "


One thing that does concern me though is that I think a strong Russia is required for Pike's WW3. According to Pike's plan Communism was supposed to be held in check until "the final cataclysm". I currently see Putin rebelling against the Rothschilds, the British Monarchy and their cronies. But I also see that it could also be part of the plan in strengthening Russia.

Monday, December 11, 2006


OK. I wondered why Putin would bother with a discredited critic such as Litvinenko in such a way. But if he can get his hands on Berezovsky, Bukovsky and the rest of the Russian Robbers by doing Litvinenko in the way Litvinenko died then maybe, just maybe, there was some state planning involved.

But then again, maybe Putin is just capitalising on the situation...

I still have some doubts about that though due to the as yet unexplained presence of those objects up smuggler Litvinenko's arse, one of which had apparently burst open, thus allowing the possibility that he accidentally poisoned himself.

Bukovsky sure sounds disturbed to me in this following report.


Kremlin wants to quiz exiles
Mark Franchetti and Jon Ungoed-Thomas

The grieving wife and a poison riddle that remains

RUSSIAN prosecutors investigating the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, the former spy, want to travel to London to question a billionaire Russian exile and a Chechen associate.

The move is likely to further strain relations between Russia and Britain, which have been undermined by allegations that the FSB, the former KGB, might be involved in the killing. Russian authorities are also suspected of disrupting the BBC Russian service’s coverage of the murder.

The Russian investigators’ targets are Boris Berezovsky, a billionaire businessman who employed Litvinenko and is a long-standing critic of Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, and Akhmed Zakayev, a Chechen exile the Russians have wanted to extradite on terrorism charges, which he denies.

“There is no doubt that we will demand to question Berezovsky and Zakayev,” said a source close to the Moscow inquiry. “They both knew Litvinenko and could hold vital information.”

Russian investigators are likely to want to question Berezovsky about his links to Andrei Lugovoi, a key witness and possible suspect. Lugovoi had previously worked for Berezovsky, and it is understood the oligarch was considering employing him as a security adviser.

Zakayev was a close friend of Litvinenko. He accused the Moscow authorities of launching a black propaganda campaign over the former spy’s murder. “One [Moscow] version is that Mr Berezovsky killed Litvinenko because it was in his interests. It’s an absurd allegation,” he said.

The Home Office has refused previous requests from Moscow for the extradition of Berezovsky and Zakayev. The Moscow intervention will be viewed by critics of the regime as a crude tactic to divert attention from the Kremlin.

The threat of a diplomatic row between London and Moscow comes amid developments in the investigation. These include:

Traces of polonium are reported to have been found in a cup and a dishwasher at the Millennium hotel in Mayfair, where Litvinenko had a meeting on the day he is believed to have been poisoned.
Police in Hamburg, Germany, yesterday found radiation in apartments linked to Dmitry Kovtun, one of the three businessmen who met Litvinenko at the Millennium hotel on November 1. A German civilian jet was also tested for contamination.
Moscow authorities have been accused of a misinformation campaign after it was reported that Kovtun had slipped into a coma on Friday. Kovtun denied the report this weekend in a telephone conversation with The Sunday Times.
Mikhail Trepashkin, who is detained in Russia and who had warned Litvinenko his life was in danger, has been moved to a high-security jail. He will not be allowed to speak with British investigators.
New tests indicate that Mario Scaramella, one of Litvinenko’s associates, is free of polonium contamination, despite being initially told he had been given 10 times the lethal dose.
Litvinenko’s friends believe he was assassinated by his former employer, the FSB. They are compiling files on previous cases that they now believe may be linked to polonium, including the deaths of two Chechen leaders in prison and that of one of Putin’s former bodyguards who died of “an unexplained illness”. The Kremlin has said it is “complete nonsense” to link these deaths to polonium.

Speculation about the possible role of the Kremlin has angered Russian authorities. It was reported yesterday that the Russians were suspected of disrupting the BBC’s Russian service FM broadcast in Moscow and St Petersburg at the height of the coverage of the Litvinenko poisoning.

There is also suspicion that the Kremlin might be orchestrating a campaign to discredit Litvinenko. It emerged yesterday that Julia Svetlichnaya, a Russian academic who suggested the former spy might be involved in a blackmail plot, is believed to have been previously employed as a communications manager for a state-owned Russian company.

There are also reports that the Russian authorities are suspected of orchestrating a campaign of harassment against Tony Brenton, Britain’s ambassador in Moscow. Brenton has been targeted by Nashi, a nationalist youth movement linked to the Kremlin, since he gave a speech to the Russian opposition in July.

While Tony Blair is anxious that relations with Moscow do not suffer irreversible damage in the affair, Russian dissidents insist he adopts a tougher line. Vladimir Bukovsky, the leading Russian dissident in London, said: “We expect the British government to respond properly. Instead, we hear that our so-called prime minister told his colleagues that the priority is to retain good and friendly relations with Russia.

“What is this? A licence to kill? An open invitation to come and murder anyone Russia wishes as long as we have positive relations. Prime minister, you are wrong. Your prime duty as prime minister is to defend the citizens of this country and its sovereignty.”

British detectives in Moscow were still waiting to interview Lugovoi yesterday. He was due to be interviewed on Tuesday, but has not yet been made available by the Russian authorities.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


The News of the World attempts to DESTROY (using NOTW phrasing) the theory that Diana was murdered.

I believe she was murdered. Why?

There are oddities; police radio silence at the time of the crash (as happened in the JFK assassination), traffic cameras on that particular stretch of road were switched off just for that night, and it took three or more hours to travel the short distance to a hospital. There were motives too; she was a loose cannon, she had encaptured most of the British public (as shown by the grief and mourning in the months after her death), she was turning people away from the Windsors, and had been expressing intent to go public on what the Windsors are really like. There was also the possibility that she was about to marry a Muslim, which would not have helped the now glaringly obvious plan for a clash of civilizations between Islam and the West. The alleged level of drink and drugs in Paul's blood would also imply that he should have been absolutely legless and barely concious, struggling to walk straight. And Mercedes-Benz themselves offered to examine thoroughly the Mercedes-Benz car involved in the crash for any sign that something in the car itself failed which could have caused the crash. But authorities denied this opportunity and quickly scrapped and crushed the car. That particular car had been stolen the week before and recovered. Had something been introduced into the car, into the steering or brake systems, which someone didn't want Mercedes-Benz to discover?

The NOTW tries to DESTROY the Diana-was-murdered theory by looking at several theories. The last one is that Dodi and Diana were about to be engaged.


THE THEORY: Al Fayed claims Dodi bought Di a ring and they were engaged.

THE FACTS: Investigators pieced together a minute-by-minute account of Diana and Dodi's final hours. They have spoken to close friends of the couple and studied hours of footage of interviews by US TV journalist Daphne Barak.

She interviewed several pals of the playboy who said he'd he made no mention of an engagement. A step-uncle who spoke to him on the fateful night revealed he told him he was only THINKING of proposing.

In one of her last conversations with best friend Rosa Monckton, Diana dismissed talk of an engagement. And a Monte Carlo jeweller who claimed they had chosen a £230,000 emerald ring has since changed his recollection of events.

Let's look at that last sentence again.

"And a Monte Carlo jeweller who claimed they had chosen a £230,000 emerald ring has since changed his recollection of events."

The jeweller is Alberto Repossi. Repossi claims that police forced him to change his version of the engagement ring story. Repossi can back up his initial claim, that Dodi and Diana had selected and bought an engagement ring from his shop, with security film footage and receipts.

In the last few days we have seen a joint effort to kill the Diana-was-murdered theory by claiming that the blood in the sample which was labelled as Paul's was indeed Paul's blood through DNA tests. First, DNA testing is not 100% accurate. But this does not address the theory that Paul's blood was tampered with, by the addition of certain chemicals which would indicate he was absolutely pissed out of his skull. The BBC are running a new series "The Conspiracy Files" starting tonight, with Diana's death in focus.


Four news reports could be linked to indicate that something is in the pipeline. And those in the know are getting ready.

1. "British Insider Tolls Alarm: Systemic Crisis Is Imminent" at

This report indicates the much prophesised crash involving the derivative market is really upon us.


It appears that those at the top are getting out of the stock markets in a big way. Buffet and Gates left about a year or so ago and bought large quantities of gold and dumped their dollars. It now seems that others are rushing to get out too.

3. "Christmas terror attack warning" at

Is Reidy just making sure that we stay terrorized while we shop for all those useless Christmas prezzies?

4. "Police to get ‘dirty bomb hoods’ in terror alert" at,,2087-2496487,00.html

The Police are being told to acquire NCB protection suits ASAP.

Putting these together it could be surmised that an attack is about to happen. Just before the 1929 crash the connected ones "miraculously" got out of the market JIT and made a fortune. If the Police are being told to acquire NCB protection suits ASAP then someone knows something.

I also wonder if this is to do with the conference on the Holocaust and the Creation of Israel sponsored by Iran which begins tomorrow?

Saturday, December 09, 2006


In the late 19th Century a most diabolical plan was hatched. That plan involved provoking a war between the Jews and the Muslims. But how could such a war be provoked when Jews were scattered across the globe? Easy peasy. Finance a political movement that called for a Jewish homeland in what is now called Israel, encourage that movement to take that land, no matter what, driving hundreds of thousands of locals into refugee camps, and then give that Jewish political movement the bomb. This will 1) provoke much anger in the Muslim world, and 2) provoke a nuke arms race in the Middle East, which could eventually lead to large scale nuclear war, with two religions mutually destroying each other.

The man who hatched this apocalyptic plan was the diabolical Freemason Albert Pike.

World War 1 was partially about taking Palestine from the Ottomans. The Ottomans were allies of Germany, and both of these opposed mass Jewish immigration into Palestine. So WW1 was partially about destroying Germany to remove the opposition to the plan, and to wrest control of Palestine and place it into the hands of the Rothschilds, who had financed the initial Jewish settlements in Palestine. Then began some Jewish immigration into Palestine.

Hitler collaborated with the Zionist movement and Great Britain to transport Jews into Palestine. But most of the Jews were happy in Europe and were against Zionism, understanding the anger that mass immigration into Palestine would create. So a war between Hitler and the rest of the world followed, which stopped the overt flow of Jews into Palestine. Hitler's persecution of Jews following the official closure of what was known as "The Transfer Agreement" led to many Jews fleeing, but not to Palestine, though some did go there. Anti-Zionist movements accuse the Zionists of refusing to rescue millions of Jews by not paying a ransom (which people like the Rothschilds could easily pay) or refusing offers of homelands other than Palestine. At the end of the war Jews were then either terrified by the Anglo-American-financed Hitler into believing Israel was necessary for the survival of Judaism, or were encouraged by other means to moving there. Terrorist Zionist movements bombed, bullied and murdered their way into stealing and founding Israel. Israel was then given the bomb.

So, let's take a look at this from the Muslim perspective. You see terrorist murdering Jews driving your fellow Muslims from their farms into squalid refugee camps. These same Jews then receive massive finance from the USA and live in relative luxury. These same Jews then receive recognition at and preferential treatment from the UN (via the veto from the USA). And the to top it all off these same Jews are given the bomb.


of course it's going to trigger a nuke arms race.



Many years have been spent setting this trap. We know who the sponsors of this trap are. So why fall into a trap you know is there when you know who has set it, why it was set, and knowing it will lead to your mutual destruction?

I suppose some would say it is easy for me to talk like this. I haven't had my grandfather driven from his farm, or my brother shot by a sniper.

But it's time this arms race was stopped.

It is part of the plan.

I agree with the study from the US Army War College earlier this year which called for Israel to de-nuke, not for other Middle East countries to nuke-up.

Step back. Millions have died already.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Several national newspapers are today reporting that the death of Alexander Litvinenko is now being treated as murder. Yet I can find no mention of any post-mortem report which points to that conclusion.

There is also now no reporting whatsoever of the three objects inside Litvinenko's body, one of which had apparently burst open. This was not just reported by The Independent, but also even by the BBC!!

Media around the world reported the discovery of these objects.

So what happened to these objects??

What were they??

Meanwhile traces of Polonium-210 have been found inside the British Embassy in Moscow, and relations between Russia and Great Britain are descending into an abyss, just when they were about to reach an agreement that would facilitate the extradition of the Russian oligarchs who are wanted in Russia and found sanctuary in London for themselves and their multi-billions.

Why would Putin risk losing the opportunity to get those oligarchs in the dock and assets returned to Russia by having a discredited critic murdered in such a photogenic fashion?

Monday, December 04, 2006


Accuser of Putin alleging he finances al-Qaeda, and was behind 9/11 and 7/7.
Alleged smuggler of nuclear material.
And now possible blackmailer? of London-based oligarchs?

The pristine Litvinenko diamond is slowly turning into a zircon.

The report in The Observer yesterday is interesting to me for two reasons;
1. Litvinenko apparently told Svetlichnaja that "he was going to blackmail or sell sensitive information about all kinds of powerful people, including oligarchs, corrupt officials and sources in the Kremlin,' she said. 'He mentioned a figure of £10,000 that they would pay each time to stop him broadcasting these FSB documents. Litvinenko was short of money and was adamant that he could obtain any files he wanted.'"

I see the word "oligarchs" and I think of..."London-based oligarchs"?

2. this Shvets lives in Virginia, USA, and worked for...Berezovsky. So his neutrality is doubtful.

It gets murkier and murkier. As I said, it is a very shady world and anyone could be playing any part.

The Observer report is at

ps still awaiting the post mortem of Litvinenko.


Further to a post from last Friday, this report does not imply that every single member of British Intelligence is a terrorist, but it does show that some can be, and that members of that club can be in the very top levels of government.

If then, why not now?



Butchered By The Brits -
Their Role In Irish Terror
Daily Mail via NewsEdge Corporation

British security forces were last night accused of widespread collusion with loyalist terrorists in 'acts of international terrorism'.

It was the most categoric indictment to date of the role of undercover British agents on both sides of the border in the 1970s.

In an official report, a joint Oireachtas committee said 'the spectre of collusion' at the height of the Troubles was ' widespread'.

Damningly, they accused British security forces of involvement in 'the butchering of innocent victims'.

The committee said it was 'fully satisfied' that there was collusion in a whole series of loyalist gun and bomb attacks - including several south of the Border.

Among the atrocities identified is one of the most shocking mass murders of that era - the Miami Showband massacre of 1975.

But the committee also found evidence of collusion in a number of attacks in the Republic, including a bomb attack on Dublin airport in 1975 and pub bombings in Dundalk and Castleblayney.

Equally damning is the committee's finding that the British cabinet of the day knew the full extent to which its security forces had been infiltrated by loyalist terrorists but failed to respond. It comes less than two weeks before publication of a separate official report into the Dublin and Monaghan bombings - that is expected to be just as outspoken in its condemnation of British collusion.

Relatives of some of the 18 terrorist victims whose deaths were investigated led calls last night for a full public inquiry.

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern called for 'full and unfettered British co-operation with the ongoing investigations and inquiries'.

There have been repeated claims that a previous investigation by Mr Justice Henry Barron into collusion allegations, upon which the committee based its report, was hampered by a British refusal to cooperate.

Mr Ahern said that the report's findings were 'deeply troubling and a matter of most serious concern'.

And the committee itself said there was no valid reason why British authorities should not play their part in uncovering the full extent of collusion.

It said: 'We are horrified that persons who were employed by the British administration to preserve peace and to protect people were engaged in the creation of violence and the butchering of innocent victims.

'We are of the view that these matters cannot be swept under the carpet,' it insisted.

The committee of five TDs and two senators also had some harsh words for successive Dublin governments, which it accused of ignoring clear evidence of collusion at the time.

'The fact that little or nothing was done to address this is, to put it mildly, alarming,' the report stated.

The committee based part of its research on official British files recovered from the national archive in London, including documents about loyalist infiltration of both the RUC and the UDR, the reserve force that replaced the notorious B Spemitteecials. The document, entitled 'Subversion in the UDR' and written in 1973 by military intelligence, estimated five to 15 per cent of UDR soldiers were linked to loyalists, and that the 'best single source of weapons, and only significant source of modern weapons, for Protestant extremist groups, has been the UDR'.

A memo from a civil servant recording a meeting in September 1975 between Mr Wilson, Mrs Thatcher, and then Northern Secretary Merlyn Rees, shed further light on the issue.

It concluded that 'there were certain elements in the police who were very close to the UVF, and who were prepared to hand over information, for example, to Mr Paisley'. Meanwhile the com-yesterday called for a full debate in the Dil and Seanad on the issue of British collusion.

Margaret Irwin of victim group Justice for the Forgotten said: 'I think the findings are absolutely brilliant and powerful. Nobody could have asked for more and I want to congratulate the committee on doing that.' But she went on to criticise the committee's failure to call immediately for a public inquiry.

Jeffrey Donaldson, a Democratic Unionist MP who served in the UDR, last night attempted to defend the since-disbanded organisation and the RUC.

Although he accepted that rogue elements were involved in atrocities such as the 1975 Miami Showband massacre, he insisted it did not prove that systematic security-force plotting with the loyalists took place.

He said: 'There's no evidence that these individuals were acting under the direction of anyone within the security forces.

'It could also be claimed that there's evidence of collusion between security forces south of the border and the Provisional IRA. I would say to the Irish Government, you should be very cautious about pointing the finger at the security forces in Northern Ireland.' Comment - Page 14


SHORTLY after 6.15pm on Friday, December 19, 1975, a car bomb containing 150lb of explosives was detonated without warning outside a popular pub in the centre of Dundalk, Co. Louth.

The explosion at Kay's Tavern resulted in the death of two men and injured 21 people.

Hugh Watters, a tailor, died instantly while lorry driver Jack Rooney died three days later. Both men were in their 60s.

Mr Watters was believed to be enjoying a drink after work in the bar at the time of the explosion, Mr Rooney to have been walking past the pub.

Shortly after the incident, it was claimed the bomb was planted by the outlawed 'Red Hand Commandos' - a branch of the paramilitary Ulster Volunteer Force.

Justice Henry Barron, the retired Irish judge who in 2003 published the Barron Report into the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings, had in 2001 requested the publication of a British bomb disposal expert's report on the Kay's Tavern incident.

The report was commissioned by the Justice for the Forgotten, a Government-backed group for the victims of the Dublin-Monaghan Bombings. It stated IRA methods of crystallisation for extracting nitrates when making bombs were not learned by Loyalist groups until the end of the 1970s.

Controls in 1973 on the nitrate content of fertiliser had made the traditional method of mixing it with fuel oil impossible.

The report found the bomb detonated at Kay's Tavern was most likely made from explosives seized from the IRA. A second bomb which exploded on the same day outside a bar in Silverbridge, Co.

Armagh, killing three people, was found to contain similar materials.

The British bomb expert concluded that only five people, all British soldiers, would have had access to both the seized explosives and the Loyalist terror groups.

No one was ever brought to justice over the atrocity and after the publication of the Barron Report, victim Mr Watters' daughter Margaret English accused the State of neglecting the victims' families.


PATRICK MONE, a 56-year-old farmer, was killed when a loyalist bomb exploded in Co.

Monaghan in March 7, 1976.

He was standing outside the Three Star Inn in Castleblayney when a car bomb went off without warning at 8.20pm. The 200lb bomb caused severe damage to the street and many buildings had to be demolished.

Mr Mone and his wife Anna had been married for six years. She witnessed the horrific incident sitting in their car nearby.

No one has ever been convicted for the crime. In January 1999 a former RUC sergeant, John Weir, claimed to have information that the Castleblayney bombing was carried out by a fellow RUC officer and a UDR officer. He said the explosives were provided by another UDR officer.

JOHN Francis Hayes, a father of three, was killed in a bombing at Dublin Airport on November 29, 1975. The 38-year-old from Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, was in the toilet adjacent to a public bar.

The UDA claimed responsibility, claiming it was 'retaliation for the murder of members of the Security Forces by the PIRA'.

In July Judge Barron said allegations of collusion between the British forces and loyalists could not be proved.

His wife Monica expressed her disappointment. 'We've all been ignored. I had a threeyearold boy and 11-year-old twins and I had to bring them up alone,' she said.


THE Oireachtas committee's report looks into a number of killings by loyalist gangs, including: Father of three Trevor Brecknell, 32, bar owner Patrick Donnelly, 24, and 14-year-old Michael Donnelly were murdered in the gun and bomb attack on Donnelly's Bar in Silverbridge on December 19, 1975.

Mr Brecknell had just visited his new-born son in hospital before the attack.

Joe O'Dowd, 61, and his nephews Barry, 24, and Declan, 19, were shot dead in their home in Ballydougan, Co. Down, on January 4, 1976.

Declan was due to return to work on an oil rig following the Christmas holidays, and friends and family had gathered to see him off, before UVF gunmen entered the house.

After shooting Declan in the hallway, they entered the sittingroom and opened fire.

In a suspected coordinated attack, just 15 minutes later - and 20 miles away - a UVF attack left three members of another family dead. Brothers John Martin, 24, Anthony, 17, and Brian Reavey, 22, were all shot dad in their home at White Cross, Co. Armagh.

Six men armed with automatic weapons burst into the Reavey home and shot John as he sat in a chair. They then opened fire with machineguns on Anthony and Brian.

Anthony survived the initial attack but died of his injuries on January 30.

Catholics Elizabeth McDonald, 38 and Gerard McCleenan were killed in a loyalist bomb attack on the Step Inn in Keady, Co.

Armagh, on August 16, 1976.


IT WAS an otherwise routine night of shuttling from gig to gig for the Miami Showband, one of Ireland's most popular touring cabaret bands of the Seventies.

The band was returning from a gig in the Castle Ballroom in Banbridge, Co.

Down, on July 31, 1975 when their minibus was flagged down on the outskirts of Newry in what appeared to be a routine military roadblock.

The Dublin group was travelling in two vehicles and was making its way back to the Republic in the early hours of the morning.

Road manager Brian Maguire was first on the road with a van stocked with equipment while the second vehicle was driven by the band's lead singer Fran O'Toole.

He was joined by band members Tony Geraghty, Stephen Travers and Des McAlea.

The drummer, Ray Millar, had left in his own car and was heading north to Antrim to spend the night at his parents' home.

But on this occasion it was not a regular roadblock that stopped the Miami Showband at 2.30am.

Instead, a gang of UVF gunmen intended to frame the band as members of the IRA by planting a bomb in their vehicle.

Still in their stage clothes, the bandmates were ordered to line up in a ditch near the roadblock.

However, the bomb exploded prematurely, killing two UVF members, Harris Boyle and Wesley Sommerville, in the process.

The remaining gunmen opened fire on the band.

Three bandmates - O'Toole, Geraghty and Brian McCoy - died at the scene.

Guitarist Stephen Travers and Des Lee survived the attack, and the latter vowed never to return to Northern Ireland.

The following year, three men from the Ulster Defence Regiment were each jailed for 35 years in connection with the Miami Showband killings.

At the time, the judge said he would have imposed the death penalty had it not been abolished.

The soldiers were members of the outlawed UVF and received the longest life sentences in Northern Ireland history.

Rodney Shane McDowell, James Somerville and Thomas Raymond Crozier remained in jail until they were released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

Omagh families: we need inquiry

FAMILIES of victims killed in the Omagh bombing called on the Irish Government last night to launch a full cross-border public inquiry into the atrocity.

Survivors also attacked the publication of an edited version of a report investigating claims by a garda that officers ignored crucial intelligence which could have prevented the 1998 bombing.

The Nally Report found the allegations by Detective Sergeant John White were motivated solely by concerns about his own career.

The families' spokesman Michael Gallagher said: 'The families are deeply concerned by the timing of the censored report into Garda intelligence and John White's allegations, in the light of court proceedings involving John White.

'We believe this report is of limited value and now call on the Government to hold a full cross-border public inquiry into the full circumstances of the 1998 Omagh bombing.' The Real IRA attack on Omagh on August 15, 1998, killed 29 people and injured around 300 others.

The Nally Report concluded there was no foundation to Det Sgt White's claims that a Real IRA informer told him in advance of the 1998 attack about a car which was to be used in a bombing but that on passing this warning on to a senior officer, it was never passed to the RUC.

'Indeed it is clear from what he said to the group that he made no allegation or mention whatever of his concerns to any person, not even his wife, until after his arrest on 21 March, 2000,' it said.

The report states that there was a direct connection between the difficulties he found himself in with his superiors in the force and the making of his allegations concerning the Omagh bombing.

Meanwhile, Det Sgt White was challenged about the validity of his health claims before the Morris tribunal yesterday.

Det Sgt White has been suffering from acute depression since the publication of three tribunal reports in August, and sought relief from giving evidence on the grounds of illness.

Paul Coffey SC, acting for the Tribunal, voiced doubts over this.

'The Tribunal was told that the applicant was falling asunder and would not be able to answer questions. However, we have seen in the course of these court proceedings that Det Sgt White is giving specific and detailed directions on his phone to his lawyers.

'This does not suggest he is in fact falling asunder as he has led us to believe.'

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Sunday, December 03, 2006


The News of the World is reporting on The Tower of Doom, a block of flats which had mobile phone masts placed on it's roof ten years ago, since when the residents of the top floor have suffered or died from cancer. This is well above the normal rate, and the residents blame the masts. I would agree. However it goes much deeper than that.

The introduction of microwave communication into society has a much more sinister aim than to increase the rates of cancer, which is one aim. Throughout the 1960's and 1970's our intelligence agencies were experimenting with microwaves and they found that microwaves are deadly to the human. With sufficient strength they can cause cancer. But at certain frequencies they can interfere with, and even control, brain function. So along with microwave-based mobile telephone communications we are now experiencing a rush towards microwave wireless broadband communications. And to add to that in the next few years, TV and radio are going digital too!

The effect of all this on the human brain will be like a gentle, silent hammer tap, tap, tapping away at your brain as all those digital signals slowly and gently interfere with and potentially change the operating frequency of the human brain on a mass scale. You've seen pictures of the newly built span bridge in the USA which collapsed when the wind began rocking the bridge at its natural frequency, and the bridge seemed to gain energy from somewhere and began to sway violently until its supports could not take the stress? That is called resonance. The wind found the natural frequency of the bridge and amplified it until it collapsed. A similar effect will occur with the human brain and these digital microwave signals, the brain as the bridge and the mirowaves as the wind. Our thoughts will be clouded. Our behaviour will change. This was shown in a report after TETRIS was introduced into Lancashire and the policemen involved began reporting feeling disturbed and violent.

All these modern communications systems are built on the research of our intelligence agencies during the 1960's and 1970's, and are simply a way of sneakily introducing a system of mass invisible electronic control.



By Guy Basnett

SIX neighbours from the same floor of a block of flats have all been hit by cancer after two phone masts were installed on the building now dubbed The Tower of Doom.

Two people died after the disease struck in six out of just eight homes on the top storey.

Tenant Mike Cole, 70, said: "It's like living on Death Row. You're constantly worrying who's going to be next."

And campaigners say the shock statistic, uncovered by the News of the World, flies in the face of government guidelines which maintain no link has yet been proved between mobile masts and sickness.

Our investigation has also revealed local authorities around the country are raking in cash from mobile networks by allowing them to site masts on tower blocks, and council buildings.

The cancer rate on the fifth floor of Berkeley House in Bristol is TEN TIMES that of the rest of the UK.Cancer Research say two per cent of people suffer from the disease. Yet on that floor alone it affects nearly 20 PER CENT.

All the cases have occurred since the Vodafone and Orange masts were put up 10 years ago...and two women neighbours have already fallen victim to the killer on the roof.

Barbara Wood, who lived at No 42, died two years ago, in her 70s, from breast cancer that spread to her stomach. Two years previously a Mrs Davies, of No 47, died of the same disease.

Two more residents—Bernice Mitchell, 68, and 62-year-old Hazel Frape— have both had breast cancer. An 89-year-old woman moved out after she contracted the same disease.

And 63-year-old John Llewellin, from No 48, is battling bowel cancer.


Other residents, such as Doreen Sheppard, 73, from No 45, have complained of headaches and other health problems.

Doreen told the News of the World: "I get terrible headaches, and I've started suffering Meniere's disease, where I lose my balance.

"I blame it on the masts. They're right on top of our homes."

South Gloucestershire Council has been trying to get the masts taken down after its agreement with the phone companies ended in 2004. But the firms are fighting the move and the masts still loom over residents while legal wrangles continue.


Other residents are worried about the effect on children. There are three schools within 250 yards of the flats — Christchurch Downend Infants School, Christchurch Downend Primary and Staple Hill Primary.

Last year the Government's chief advisor on mobile phone safety Sir William Stewart, the head of the National Radiological Protection Board, called for a ban on erecting masts near schools.

Sir William — who bans his own grandchildren from using mobile phones unless it's an emergency — said: "I don't think we can put our hands on our hearts and say mobiles are safe. If there are risks, and we think there may be, the people who will be most affected are children. The younger the child, the greater the danger."

The World Health Organisation says evidence "so far" shows no adverse short or long-term effects from mobile phone base stations.

But in August the International Journal of Cancer Prevention published a report claiming people's risk of contracting cancer was FOUR TIMES greater if they live near a mast.

The Bristol cancer cluster is not the only one being blamed on phone masts.

Families in three streets surrounding an Orange mast in Shooters Hill, Stoke-on-Trent, claim the radiation has led to seven deaths. Four died from brain haemorrhages within three years. Three others succumbed to cancer.

However an Orange spokeswoman said: "We're satisfied our base stations, operating within international guidelines, are safe and do not present a health risk."


THREE children taught at a nursery school next to a mast developed leukaemia. And a further three living nearby also suffered the disease.
Nurse Tracy Rimmer, 36, says her daughter Penny was diagnosed with leukaemia after attending the Kinderworld Montessori nursery, in Southport, Lancs.

Penny, who attended the school for two years, was sent for treatment at Liverpool's Alder Hey Children's Hospital. "There we bumped into the parents of two other children from the nursery, both with leukaemia," said mum Tracy. "It was a staggering coincidence."

Penny, now eight, beat the disease. But campaigners claim children—with their thinner skulls and developing brains—are most at risk from phone mast radiation.

And Health Protection Agency chairman Sir William Stewart, has called for a ban on masts near schools "as a precautionary measure".