Thursday, February 25, 2010


Put the reckless gambling banks into bankruptcy and create our own money to develop our public infrastructure and services.


At the moment we borrow money and pay interest on it.


We, Great Britain, have the power to create our own money, interest free and in any quantity we like, to develop our economy, to put people to work, and to give us some pride and sense of belonging in our nation.

But for whatever reason Bildermorgue Bailout Brown does not agree.

That psychopath has bailed them out and told them they can retain and abuse the same practices that got us into this mess in the first place!!

Everyone in politics and economics with any clout knows that it is us, the United Kingdom, that has since 1694 been directing events on a global scale.

But by us I do not mean the Great British public as a whole, but a tiny minority of the Great British public.

The biggest secret is this; that tiny minority can create money out of nothing, while you and I must work our arses off for it.


While you struggle and worry about keeping a roof over the heads of you and your family, there are utter utter bastards, utter utter BRITISH bastards, who have complete contempt for you and your family, who while you work 10 - 12 hours a day, six days a week, AT LEAST, they scheme and plot and engineer scenarios to influence your thinking to your detriment and to their benefit.

At the momement they can't directly order you how to think, but one of their aims is to inject every single one of us with a microchip implant that will be able to influence emotion and thought to some degree.

But the main point is this; when you go to a bank or building society and ask for a loan or mortgage then if your application is successful you will have unwittingly participated in a fraud.

The money did not exist.

The money does not exist.

Do you think the banks would have engaged in such a reckless lending and gambling spree over the last decade if that money did really exist?

The point of our banking system is this; many people have claim to the same piece of physical money. That's what most people believe in, real hard physical money, like gold or silver coin.

But what happens is that the same piece of real hard physical money gets theoretically loaned out many times over to many people.

But this means that many people pay back 'money' as repayment on a loan or mortgage on that same piece of 'money'.

That is how the banks have been able to lend out so much so easily and claim a bailout from us.

But the people behind this engineered WW1 and WW2 and everything sick in this world to feed their greed.


But that psychopath Bailout Brown believes in this system.

That's why he saved it.

That's why he attended Bildermorgue 1991 and met and shook hands with the very families who engineered WW1 and WW2.

That's why he has stayted silent on this matter in public while he belatedly blubs in public over the death of his daughter.

That's why the horror of Stafford Hospital occured, to 'save money' instead of saving lives.

Bildermorgue is Nazi to the core.

They want war and death.

Stafford was an experiment, to see how far the National Death Service could go in mass murder without public outrage in order to 'save money'.

That's why the CEO of the NHS was knighted in January, for services to cheap death.

But the fact is this; this saving money by killing people is completely unnecessary.

We are 'saving money' to pay back money that does not exist!!!

The solution is simple, and it really is this simple;
1. the reckless gambling banks will be declared bankrupt
2. we issue, through a strictly managed central bank, our own money with the defined goals of creating a stable gorwing economy for the benefit of us, the Great British public, who fought and won two world wars.

We don't need warmongers.

We don't need gamblers.

We need investment in public services and insfrastructure.

That psychopath Brown must go, and go now!


I read today that you, Gordon Bildermorgue Bailout Brown, shouted at Tony Blair, "You ruined my life!".
[ source : You ruined my life, a 'demented' Brown repeatedly yelled at Blair, The Daily Mail 25/02/2010 ]

Your encouragement of the reckless lending and gambling by the City, in parallel with a similar policy in the USA towards Wall Street, has led to the current financial crisis which has ruined our lives, and by our I mean 98% of the kingdom who will have to suffer severe cuts in services in parallel with tax and/or NI rises to pay for your bailout, when we should have let the banks fail so we could start again, creating our own money for great public works to get the economy growing again as we want it to grow. The remaining 2% are the ultra-rich who you have enriched further and who have transferred their accounts off-shore beyond the hands of the tax man.

After calling us flat-earthers when it is now evident that even the corrupt WWF-Meteorological Office doubts its own data, you really really must go as soon as possible.

For God's sake, GO!

Your policies led indirectly to the horror of Stafford Hospital, and will no doubt lead to many more unnecessary deaths at the hands of the National Death Service as it is forced to 'save money' instead of saving lives.

I understand that there may well be a plot to get Blair back as leader, but you must still go, and go now.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This editorial in The Washington Bildermorgue Post about Obummer's deathcare reform indicates there is increasing desperation with Obummer and the core of the deathcare bill.

The two components of the deathcare bill that MUST be retained, according to The Washington Bildermorgue Post, are the IMAC and tax on insurance. This is demanded in the first paragraph.

PRESIDENT OBAMA plans to unveil, in advance of Thursday's health-care summit, a merged version of the House and Senate bills. Whether this is the right approach depends on the product. In particular, the Obama blueprint needs to retain two imperfect but important efforts to control costs: an independent commission empowered to recommend changes to Medicare, subject to an up-or-down congressional vote, and an excise tax on high-cost insurance plans.

[source : Summit Strategy, The Washington Post 21/2/2010 ]

The importance of the IMAC is stressed again later.

It could cherry-pick some of the best parts of health reform: the independent commission; expanding Medicaid; allowing children to stay on their parents' insurance plans until age 26; encouraging state or regional exchanges for individuals to buy coverage; establishing pilot programs to change the way health professionals are reimbursed.

NB the IMAC is suggested first, and also categorised as one "of the best parts of health reform".

So why is this IMAC so important?

Because it will have the unquestionable power to say, "Little old granny. You are the weakest link. Goodbye", and deny life saving treatment for the most curable of diseases...all to save money, which of course has been used to bailout the Bildermorgue Nazi Banks; J P Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs etc.


Remember them? They used British passports for an assassination. We, including many politicians, were outraged. The Israeli Ambassador got his wrist slapped (among other things, if you know what I mean).

Now that outrageous abuse of friendship has been quickly removed from the front page, indeed all pages, and now Bildermorguer Bailout Brown stands accused of being a Bilderbully. The charity involved has broken confidentiality, and has political motives. Some of the main allegations have been disproved or refuted so it appears a story is being inflated.

We have been ZOGed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Do we have a Zionazi Occupied Government, not just in Great Britain, but also in Europe and the USA?

How could the fake passports, i.e. two passports with the same ID etc, have been used for over a year without some sort of flag being raised?

Who else not only knew about the assassination, but provided assistance, perhaps logistically, perhaps with intelligence, perhaps with operational advice, etc?

Was the ultimate goal to provoke Hamas into retribution against Israel so that Israel and the ZOGs of the UK and USA would have a another pretext, besides the alleged nuclear weapons program, to bomb Iran?


Saturday, February 20, 2010


The itinerary for Bilderberg Bildermorgue 2010 has just been released.

Due to the embarassment of Copenhagen, the busting of the Federal Reserve and its constituent banks in the engineering of the financial crisis and the subsequent bailouts for some but not for others, and the transparent attempts of the war drive on Iran as the finale of the failed 911/A Clean Break/Rebuilding Americas Defenses agenda, the general mood of Bildermorguers this year will be just that; exactly like in a morgue.

There won't be any merriment, or optimism. Advisers will be available on how to transfer funds to secret bank accounts, and there may even be advice on how to defend yourself against particular laws in the UK.

But plans for world government are history now.

Bildermorgue has failed.

But take heed. This does not mean that it will not be bugged, or even videoed by parties with great interest in the shenanigans of Bildermorgue, so you should still be very careful about what you say, and to whom...

As such the DJ at Bildermorgue 2010 will be playing songs like Shattered Dreams by Johnny Hates Jazz over and over and over...

So much for your promises
They died the day you let me go
Caught up in a web of lies
But it was just too late to know

I thought it was you who would stand by my side

And now you've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart

You said you'd die for me
Woke up to reality
And found the future not so bright
I dreamt the impossible
That maybe things could work out right

I thought it was you who would do me no wrong

And now you've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart

You've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart
From this empty heart

I thought it was you who said you'd die for love
And now you've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart
You've given me, given me
Nothing but shattered dreams, shattered dreams
Feel like I could run away, run away
From this empty heart
You said you'd die for me

Friday, February 19, 2010


It now appears Brown is milking the death of his mother after milking the death of his daughter nearly a decade after her death, just in time for a general election.

So what am I referring to when I say "left himself wide open".

Gordon Brown attended the Bilderberg 1991 meeting and has said fuck all about that since, not in public anyway.

So we have to ask why Bilderberg Bailout Brown can blub in front of the camera about the death of his daughter for the first time nearly a decade after her death, and now blub over the death of his mother, but he says fuck all about a three day meeting with the Bilderberg Nazis in 1991!

So I suggest we demand Brown come clean about Bilderberg 1991.

We will write to Brown. IMMEDIATELY!

Demand that he tells Piers Morgan on camera what he said and what others said at Bilderberg 1991, and any other rumours on the Bilderberg grapevine that he may have been informed of by Blair or Mandelson or Balls, or even Osborne and Hague and Clarke!

He is obviously in a blabbermouth mood. Surely he can tell the nation about his secret meeting with the Bilderberg Nazis?!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


And convergence, of course, means one world.

Strauss-Kahn as head of the IMF has already stated that the IMF is working towards managing a single global economy rather than a loosely connected framework of sovereign national economies.

And today in a comment (i.e. demand) in the FT (where else?) Strauss-Kahn reiterates the Bilderberg lust for world control by proposing that the IMF coordinate the rewriting of banking legislation across sovereign national economies so that the multinational banks, you know the ones that caused the crisis in the first place, can operate under rules that allow them to loot and steal and transfer quadrillions in a split second without it upsetting the quasi-global economy.

Strauss-Kahn seems almost in a panic too.

Time is of the essence in reaching an international agreement lest political patience with regulatory conclaves runs out and we enter a cycle of unco-ordinated policy, distorted capital flows and regulatory arbitrage. The International Monetary Fund, for its part, will work to draw out the systemic and macroeconomic implications of financial sector reforms – and, if it comes to it, the implications of a failure to converge on a common solution.

[source : Reject ad hoc, national financial reforms, FT 18/02/2010 ]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Israel is taking the piss out of us.

We call it the only democracy in the Middle East and call it our ally.

We shamefully did sweet FA as it bombed Gaza in a contrived war in late 2008, and allowed the transit of US weapons to Israel in the contrived war on Lebanon in 2006.

We were going to arrest members of the Israeli government for war crimes but then cowered.

We are currently engaged in yet another propaganda war on Iran for Israel over Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program while Israel bullies its neighbours safe in the knowledge that it has the only nuclear arsenal in the region.

It will drag us down into a horrible conflict that will end in the enslavement of us all.

If and when Israel and the USA bomb Iran then we will be a legitimate target for terrorist reprisal (whether real or false flag) and more 7/7s will kill more innocent British civilians and lead to more police state laws.

We must sever all ties to Israel now.

Not next week.

Not next month.


Show the world that we are muggins to the Zionazis no more.

Their terrorist fathers planned to bomb our Parliament, and they bombed the King David Hotel killing our soldiers. This assassination in Dubai shows they have no respect for us, and they are nothing but murdering terrorists who couldn't give a fuck about diplomacy.

We must sever all ties with Israel...NOW!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Lucky Jim is a History lecturer at a provincial university. His view of history is very different to that of his head of department Professor Welch who views our horrible history with rose-tinted spectacles. Welch has written a manuscript of medieval history which gives a very romantic view of those times. Lucky Jim is given the opportunity to save his job if he gives the memorial lecture in honour of the inauguration of the new Chancellor of the University.

Lucky Jim, after a series of comedic events, turns up for the lecture with a black eye, drunk and getting more drunk after the new Chancellor gives him a swig or two of whisky from his hipflask. Lucky Jim has also had some pills.

Lucky Jim begins his lecture slurring and nervous, clearly unhappy with the theme of the lecture, Merrie England, taken almost verbatim from Welch's rose-tinted manuscript.

But as Lucky Jim becomes more drunk and more confident, he eventually loses his patience and begins to take the piss out of Merrie England.

"One wonders what the ordinary man and woman in Merrie England would think of the telephone, the car".

Jim pauses with a look of bewilderment on his bruised face.

"One wonders?", ask Jim.

"I don't wonder."

"Do you wonder?" (NO! replies the audience who applaud Jim's honesty)

"It wasn't all lutes and flutes and chase me round the maypole. It was torture. Murder. Fraud. All that sort of thing."

Jim begins to feel faint, and starts a new sentence,"...And another thing..."

Lucky Jim then collapses and drifts into unconciousness with a dreamy smile on his face, cheered on and applauded by the supportive audience.


We still live in an era which views history in rose-tinted spectacles.

We still live in a world of torture, murder and fraud and all that sort of thing.


The thesis is that Freemasonry has been directing events since its creation 6000 years ago (as stated on the plaque buried by George Washington) underneath the Capitol with the aim of global governance. In 1782 it allied with the satanist Illuminati. After it was banished the Illuminati then infiltrated The House of Saxe-Gotha which later assumed control of the British throne.


Monday, February 15, 2010




We are a few months from a general election.

Brown's daughter died years ago.

Brown's government is helping to cover up a paedophile scandal in Aberdeen this very day as the investigator is being charged with a breach of the peace for simply planning to hand out leaflets on the scandal in public.

Brown contributed to the current financial crisis by encouraging the City watchdog the FSA to go easy on the City of London and its reckless lending and gambling.

Brown then bailed out the City of London with your money, your children's money and your grandchildren's money and little old granny will pay too, but not with money, with her life.

Brown signed us over to Europe after reneging on a promise that he would offer us a referendum on The Treaty of Lisbon.

Brown sold our gold at rock bottom prices as part of a conspiracy to suppress gold prices at particular times as identified by Reginald Howe at The Golden Sextant.

Brown raided your pensions.

Brown is Bilderberg, and with that comes all the Nazi connections through Rockefeller.

Brown is fake.


Goldman Sachs is at the heart of Bilderberg.

Bilderberg has one of its main aims the formation of a single European Super State.

A European Super State requires a single European currency.

A single European currency would not have been accepted if member states were known to have been breaking all the rules for monetary integration.

But now with the Treaty of Lisbon signed and a single European Super State and currency almost there the can of worms can be opened and emotional blackmail can be applied in the form, "look, we've come this far, we can't turn back now ...", etc, etc, etc.

Greece is probably not the only one to play this game.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Robert Green has been arrested by Grampian Police. Attempts to contact him, to ascertain the charges against him and to discover the state of his health are being ignored.

Green has been investigating a paedophile ring in Scotland which looks like it is being protected by people at the very top of the Scottish Law Enforcement and Justice systems.

The UK Column has been reporting this.




This morning, Robert Green, the campaigner leading the investigation into the Hollie Greig case, was detained by Grampian Police in Aberdeen.

Robert had gone to Aberdeen to campaign for justice for Hollie, and to announce his intention to stand for election there as an MP on the single issue of Hollie’s case. Somehow, Grampian Police traced Robert to his B&B, picked him up from there and handed his key back to the proprietor – clearly indicating they intend to keep him for some time.

We are extremely concerned for Robert’s safety. Grampian Police’s press office will not confirm his wellbeing. He has committed no crime other than to speak out. Are we going to stand for this?

If you would like to contact Grampian Police to enquire about Robert, they can be contacted by telephone on 0845 600 5700 or by email

If you call, ask for the Chief Constable. Please stay calm, be polite, but be firm. It is your right to speak to a police officer, so if the receptionist refuses to pass you on, ask them if they are a police officer, and again, politely but firmly ask to speak to the Chief Constable. Record the call if possible. One question you might like to ask is whether or not Robert has been permitted legal representation.

We will provide updates here as soon as they come to us.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The UEA which runs the CRU is actually financing the 'inquiry' into the allegations derived from Climategate!

This is akin to a fraudster financing the police investigation into his or her alleged fraud!

This gets more scandalous and more pathetic by the day.


University pledges independent review of climate research

By Steve Connor, Science Editor

Thursday, 11 February 2010

The man in charge of the scientific investigation into the stolen “climategate” emails has vigorously defended his inquiry against suggestions that it might not be seen as being truly independent by an increasingly sceptical public.

Sir Muir Russell, a former senior civil servant and university vice chancellor, said that his review into the scientific implications of the stolen emails has complete freedom of inquiry and will be fiercely independent despite the fact that its costs are being met by the university under investigation.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


How many grannies can the LCP kill in an English country hospital?
I don't know but Brown'll have a go in an English country hospital.

This needs no restating
England's credit rating
means little old granny's going to die an ugly death

if she sneezes, coughs or faints she won't be saved by Pathway saints in an English country hospital.


Bilderberg met in Greece last year, with a significant number of Greeks attending, including the chairman of the national bank and the economic and finance minister.

Now Greece is going down, causing the new EU a big headache in which all heads of EU states are now being asked for further economic and political cooperation.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Blair is shitting his pants, lashing out at conspiracy theorists.

Anyone who does any research into global events in the last decade or so can be left in no doubt : there has been a conspiracy to defraud and murder sections of the world as laid out in two documents, both written by the same Zionazis, entitled A Clean Break and Rebuilding America's Defenses.

For those who still do not understand what has happened, here is a brief summary.
1. the Zionazis demanded war on Israel's neighbours
2. the Zionazis demanded war to grab natural resources
3. the Zionazis understood the need for a New Pearl Harbor to sway public opinion in favour of this
4. the Zionazis at the very least allowed 9/11, their New Pearl Harbor, to happen
5. the Zionazis on 9/11 occupied very powerful positions in government and in forming public opinion
6. the Zionazis with significant public support due to 9/11 went on the rampage using the might of the Israeli and USA military to attack Israel's neighbours and grab natural resources.

I would urge anyone who understands this to write to the Chilcot Inquiry using their online form laying out in some detail what has happened. I did. And I sincerely hope that Blair is aware of this and that it is causing him great anxiety.


Tony Blair attacks Iraq Inquiry as part of Britain's 'obsession with conspiracy theories'

By Jason Groves
Last updated at 9:38 AM on 09th February 2010

Tony Blair yesterday launched an extraordinary attack on the Iraq inquiry - as the chairman warned that he and others could be recalled over 'gaps' in their evidence.

In an outspoken interview in the U.S., the former prime minister dismissed the inquiry as part of a ' continual desire to sort of uncover some great conspiracy'.

Speaking on Fox News he said critics of the war were obsessed with conspiracy theories, and refused to accept that his motives were 'genuine'.

Read more:


The Who supplied some great half time entertainment last night for the Super Bowl.

But what was their last song?

It was featured in Summer of Sam by Spike Lee.

When the lines" Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" were sung there were was a massive cheer!

Good luck, you murdering Zionist MFS!

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Even if it is only to clean the toilets?


And thankyou very much for Agnetha to sing it for us.


Purple Haze - almost exclusive to those who were there

ps Bilderberg 2010 is on schedule to be broken/smashed/obliterated/fcukt

Monday, February 01, 2010


Bilderberg is Nazi to the core.

Their banks (JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Banco Santander) engineered and have profited the most from the current financial crisis.

To bail the Bilderberg Nazi bastards out we, the muggins British taxpayer, forked out trillions in loans and guarantees, with even more being dished out in the USA.

The crisis evolved under Bilderbergers Blair, Brown and Balls. They created the FSA which was supposed to regulate The City of London, but which was then asked by Brown and Balls to relax and take it easy. Similar events occured in the USA with their SEC.

The bailout occured under Bilderberger Brown.

To pay for the bailout we are being told to prepare for severe austerity measures, no matter who wins the GE 2010.

The two largest sectors of public expenditure are health and pensions.

Both of these can be most easily attacked by removing persons who require both a pension and health treatment, i.e. old sick people.

A policy called the Liverpool Care Pathway has been developed and made operational within the NHS. Several senior medical personnel have already expressed their concern that old sick people are being unnecessarily placed on this LCP which ultimately leads to a slow death of the 'patient' by starvation and dehydration.

The organisers and financiers of Bilderberg, who are also the engineers of the financial crisis via their bank J P Morgan Chase (for whom Blair and his son now work) were significantly involved with creating and financing Hitler and Nazi Germany, financing the Nazi racial health and hygiene programs and giving IG Farben the technology to prosecute a long war. Hitler implemented the T4 program to exterminate those deemed "life unworthy of life".

So while we create trillions to bail out Nazi bankers we must slash public spending.

This will inevitably put pressure on old sick people.

Old sick people may feel like giving up and committing suicide, such as Pratchett does now, when their relatives are struggling to make ends meet, when life appears shit for everyone.

Pratchett should not give up, but instead fight the Nazi bastards.

He should demand that some of the trillions used for the bailout should instead be used for supreme palliative care and scientific research, which would create many jobs, instead of all the cash going into the vaults of the Bilderberg Nazi banks for their private profit, never to be seen again.

For how can a cure be found for Alzheimers etc if all sufferers kill themselves out of desperation and depression?

Demand the bailouts be repaid in full...NOW!

Bankrupt the Bilderberg banks.

Take the power to create money from the private banks and return it to the people who would elect a bank committee to finance us out of the shithole with a growing stable economy and infrastructure.

It's dead easy. Honest!