Monday, March 31, 2008


Knight of the Realm, Lord Justice Scott Baker has told the jury in the Diana inquest that they cannot consider murder (by the government anyway, leaving open "assets" in South Africa?).

Let's see;
1. it has taken over 10 years (!!!) to get an inquest.
2. he refused to put Phil and Liz in the dock for questioning. Why? Was Liz going to abdicate? who were the dark forces?
3. Diana predicted the manner of her death. This was recorded in the Mishcon Note. Mishcon was so concerned that he asked that Diana's security be increased. The Mischcon Note was subsequently withheld by senior police officers from a number of investigations.
4. Andanson's Fiat Uno bumped Diana's Mercedes. He was later found in a burning car with bullet holes in the back of his head.
5. Francois Levistre saw the assassins get off a high speed bike to check the carnage.
6. Paul was nowhere near as drunk as his blood samples suggest.
7. above the Pont D'Alma is the flame of the Babylonian Brotherhood, the calling card of the shits who have brought us slavery and world wars.

I am not sure Phil ordered the murder, but I'm convinced that 'someone' within British Intelligence circles connected to unsavoury, underworld characters did/outsourced the job.


Peace between Christianty and Islam via Diana and Dodi would have completely wrecked the plans for the wars we have seen since 9/11.

It's that f'in simple!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


This is the claim being made by Dr Vini Khurana.

This is also a claim being made by myself and many others, because we know the agenda behind mobile phones, digital communications etc.

All you need to do is look at the Vodafone logo below and find the three sixes (one in each of the O's).

I seriously doubt there will be a similar campaign there has been against smoking to stop you using your mobile. For then the whole digital microwave communication scam will collapse, the scam that interferes with your brain functions, and they know it!!

The campaign against smoking was a pretence anyway. That was all about giving the impression your government really, really cared about you, and exercised its authority to interfere in and control everybody's life. The green agenda has exactly the same purpose. More control. More interference. And yet the greatest polluting activity of mankind, air transport, is being expanded faster than ever. Explain that!



Mobile phones 'more dangerous than smoking'

Brain expert warns of huge rise in tumours and calls on industry to take immediate steps to reduce radiation

By Geoffrey Lean
Sunday, 30 March 2008

Mobile phones could kill far more people than smoking or asbestos, a study by an award-winning cancer expert has concluded. He says people should avoid using them wherever possible and that governments and the mobile phone industry must take "immediate steps" to reduce exposure to their radiation.

The study, by Dr Vini Khurana, is the most devastating indictment yet published of the health risks.

It draws on growing evidence – exclusively reported in the IoS in October – that using handsets for 10 years or more can double the risk of brain cancer. Cancers take at least a decade to develop, invalidating official safety assurances based on earlier studies which included few, if any, people who had used the phones for that long.

Earlier this year, the French government warned against the use of mobile phones, especially by children. Germany also advises its people to minimise handset use, and the European Environment Agency has called for exposures to be reduced.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


There's some real sickos and cowards out there with microwave weapons, harassing civilians.

This man, Joshua Mauldin, is in the same league as them, but in mid-table rather than in the top spot like those military cowards.

Mauldin put his two month old baby daughter in a microwave for 20 seconds. She suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

Just imagine what the sea of microwave communications we live in due to wireless broadband and digitial TV and mobile phone communictaions is doing to your brain and body.



A jury sentenced a young father to 25 years in prison for severely burning his infant daughter after putting her in a microwave and turning it on for up to 20 seconds.

Joshua Mauldin was teary-eyed after hearing the sentence yesterday, while his mother sobbed loudly in the courtroom.

The jury had convicted Mauldin on Tuesday of felony injury to a child, rejecting his claims that he was insane when he put his daughter Ana in the microwave last year.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


The King of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah, has apparently rejected Cheney's suggestion for a war on Iran, arguing that negotiation is the best method to resolve the problem of Iran's alleged nuclear weapon program. He also argued that the whole of the Middle East should be free of nuclear weapons, hinting at Israel's nuclear arsenal.

Cheney has since sided with Israel on all matters of Israel's security during a meeting with Palestinian leaders.



Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah in a meeting with visiting US Vice President Dick Cheney has rejected any US military strike against Iran.

King Abdullah Expressed his opposition to any US military strike against Iran, Saudi official sources said.

Cheney who arrived in Saudi Arabia on Friday discussed Iran's nuclear program and its increasing influence in the Middle East with senior Saudi officials, DPA reported.

Saudi Arabia, along with other Persian Gulf Arab countries, sees negotiations as the best way to resolve the standoff between the US and Iran.

The king also told Cheney that the Middle East should be free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, the sources added.

The Saudis say any nuclear non-proliferation efforts should include Israel, which is widely believed to be the only nuclear power in the Middle East with around 200 nuclear warheads.

The US vice president's efforts to drum up support for Washington's war mongering policies against Iran comes as a recent NIE report declared that Tehran is not pursuing any nuclear weapons program.

The Islamic Republic says, as a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty (NPT), the country is entitled to use the nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I cannot believe this!

They are multi-billionaires, partly from the profits from the spilled blood of your fathers and grandfathers in WW1 and WW2.

What are they upto now?



Rockefeller backs ‘social’ stock market

By Jonathan Guthrie, Enterprise Editor

Published: March 22 2008 01:33 | Last updated: March 22 2008 01:33

A “social stock exchange” where ethical investors can trade shares in worthy enterprises could be set up under plans announced on Friday.

The exchange would aim to combine profitable trading with social or environmental missions. Clean technologies, healthcare, first world development projects and help for disadvantaged communities would be included in the exchange.


BBC News 'Click' section, the dept that looks at hi-tech stuff, has just run a 3 minute piece pushing the cashless society.

It started with the 'nightmare' of dropping £2.50 in change in the floor. Oh no! The horror!

Next it scaremongered with the thought of losing your wallet.

It then went onto to advertise several cashless remedies, focusing on the transactions that cost less than £10.

One remedy to the horror of carrying cash was the use of your mobile phone with a new special chip, and the guy presenting the piece used such a phone to catch a tube train.

Then it introduced the use of fingerprints, in which you register your credit and debit cards and they are all linked to a copy of your fingerprint on a database somewhere.

It then looked at PayPal.

And ended with a long scene of Northern Rock customers recently queueing to get their cash out.

This was a hit piece on cash, pure and simple. I'm glad the 'money' I give to the BBC through the licence fee is being used to indoctrinate me into the future plans of our warmongering, megalomaniac monsters.

There was, of course, no mention that a cashless society means there will be no restrictions whatsoever on how much 'money' banks can create out of nothing to finance their dreams of world wars and fascist Satanist dictatorship.

But never mind. Just as long as you don't have to worry about all those 1p and 2p coins, eh?

Thursday, March 20, 2008


BBC Radio 5 Live debate this morning is discussing 5 years on; was it worth it?

The first 15 minutes was taken up with an interview with a man whose son was killed in Iraq. It wasn't Reginald Keys. It was a guy called Doug, and he thought the war was worth it. So we had a bloke whose son was killed in Iraq saying it was worth it.

A student from Baghdad has just been interviewed at length. She was complaining about the state of Iraq, but she doesn't blame the coalition, she blames the Iraqis themselves, for killing each other!

However, the people of the British public who are phoning in are overwhelmingly sane, and expressing their opinion that it was not worth it and Iraq is a bloody mess.

No mention of it being 5 bloody years after Iraq was invaded. 5 Bloody years!

There was no post-war plan. Why?
Billions of dollars has gone 'missing'.
Around a half million civilians were killed during the coalition bombing.
And the coalition financed all the militias while trying to rush through the oil privatisation law, which as far as I know has stalled.

This adds to the MoD package sent to schools portraying a heavenly and righteous outcome to the invasion.


The cartoons of Prophet Mohammed were first published in Jyllands-Posten in September 2005. There wasn't much reaction, so they were published again in early 2006, but this time in several European newspapers, most with Bilderbergers either owning or editing those newspapers. Murdoch was the first to publish the cartoons in Australia.

Those same cartoons have been republished AGAIN, and now 'bin Laden' has issued a threat that the EU will pay for it.

The Bilderberg/cartoon link is something I looked into, and what I found was a definite incitement by elements within Zionism/Bilderberg in publishing the cartoons.



New Bin Laden attack on EU over cartoons

* Ewen MacAskill in Washington
* The Guardian,
* Thursday March 20 2008
* Article history

About this article
This article appeared in the Guardian on Thursday March 20 2008 on p29 of the International section. It was last updated at 02:09 on March 20 2008.

An internet audio message from Osama bin Laden was released last night in which the al-Qaida leader threatened the EU over the publication of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad two years ago, but did not address contemporary issues.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


A musical comment by The Jam on the surveillance society.


Girl on the phone keeps a-ringing back
Her voice is smooth but the tone is flat
She's telling me this and she's telling me that
She talks about me and I must agree
With what she says about me
About how nice I can be
But it makes no difference to my mind

Girl on the phone keeps a-ringing back
She knows all my details - she's got my facts
She tells me my height and she knows my weight
She knows my age and says she's knows my fate

And I must say - it's logical
What foresight she must have
I've got to meet her whenever I get time

Says she knows everything about me
Every word I've ever said
Every book I've ever read
She told me that we met along time ago
I can't think when but she should know

Girl on the phone keeps a-ringing back
Knows where I get my shirts and where I get my pants
Where I get my trousers where I get my socks
My leg measurements and the size of my cock

And I must say it's un-nerving
To think that she knows me
Knows me so well - better than anyone
Better than myself

Says she knows everything about me
Every record I've listened to
Every window that I've looked through
She told me that we met along time ago
I can't think when but she should know

Girl on the phone keeps a-ringing back
She's telling me this and she's telling me that

Friday, March 14, 2008


In response to an e-petition asking the government to ban microchipping humans, the government has just released the following reply;
Thank you for signing the e-petition regarding the banning of micro chipping of humans.

The Government is not aware of any organisation or individual that is planning to micro chip humans, and so although in principle the Government would be against this practice, it seems disproportionate to legislate to ban it.

However, you may be reassured that any attempt to micro-chip someone against their will would certainly be covered by the law on assault, and as such is already illegal.

Note, "micro-chip someone against their will".

Why is tagging, as applied to convicted offenders, not defined as assault? And how can the law be bent to apply to microchips?

You should by now be aware of a growing media campaign to glorify and extol the virtues of the microchip implant. For the government to state that it is "not aware of any organisation or individual that is planning to micro chip humans", they should pull their heads out of their arses and take a good look around.

Who financed the verichip? why? what do they intend to use it for? who have they consulted on potential applications of the 'chip?


It appears the MoD is attempting to give a one-sided account of the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Its version, in which Iraqi streets are paved with gold and children dance and laugh and play in pure harmony, has been sent to schools. Some of the spelling is American! Hmm.

Teachers have protested the imbalance in the MoD version.



raq: teachers told to rewrite history

MoD accused of sending propaganda to schools

By Richard Garner, Education Editor
Friday, 14 March 2008

Britain's biggest teachers' union has accused the Ministry of Defence of breaking the law over a lesson plan drawn up to teach pupils about the Iraq war. The National Union of Teachers claims it breaches the 1996 Education Act, which aims to ensure all political issues are treated in a balanced way.

Teachers will threaten to boycott military involvement in schools at the union's annual conference next weekend, claiming the lesson plan is a "propaganda" exercise and makes no mention of any civilian casualties as a result of the war.

They believe the instructions, designed for use during classroom discussions in general studies or personal, social and health education (PSE) lessons, are arguably an attempt to rewrite the history of the Iraq invasion just as the world prepares to mark its fifth anniversary.

Steve Sinnott, the general secretary of the NUT, said: "This isn't an attack on the military – nothing of the sort. I know they've done valuable work in establishing peace in some countries. It is an attack on practices that we cannot condone in schools. It is a question of whether you present fair and balanced views or put forward prejudice and propaganda to youngsters."

At the heart of the union's concern is a lesson plan commissioned by an organisation called Kids Connections for the Ministry of Defence aimed at stimulating classroom debate about the Iraq war.

In a "Students' Worksheet" which accompanies the lesson plan, it stresses the "reconstruction" of Iraq, noting that 5,000 schools and 20 hospitals have been rebuilt. But there is no mention of civilian casualties.

In the "Teacher Notes" section, it talks about how the "invasion was necessary to allow the opportunity to remove Saddam Hussein" but it fails to mention the lack of United Nations backing for the war. The notes also use the American spelling of "program".

Addressing whether the MoD should be providing materials for schools, Mr Sinnott said that he did not object, as long as the material was accurate, presented responsibly and contained a balanced view of opinions.

The union has protested to the Schools Secretary, Ed Balls, who has referred the complaint to the MoD. In a letter to Mr Balls, Mr Sinnott said: "I have to say that were the MoD pack to be distributed and followed without the legally required 'balanced presentation of opposing views' there would, in my view, be very serious risk of a finding of non-compliance with section 406 (of the 1996 Education Act) at least.

"I do not doubt that there would be many members of this union who would not accept as 'fact' the assertions made particularly in the Teacher Notes, nor, I think, could some of the assertions made in the Student Worksheet be regarded as non-controversial."

Mr Sinnott reminded Mr Balls that a High Court judge had ruled that the film An Inconvenient Truth, by the Oscar-winning former American vice-president Al Gore, could not be used in schools without teachers counteracting some of the assertions made in it.

Mr Balls sought to distance himself from supporting the material.

He said: "I am sure you are aware my department does not promote or endorse specific resources or methods of teaching for use in schools but I appreciate you drawing this to my attention." Mr Balls added that he had instructed his officials "to take this matter up" with the MoD.

A spokesman for the MoD said the ministry had consulted with interested parties over the proposed lesson plan in order to ensure it had the support of the education community. "We did ask the Stop The War coalition to take part although it refused."

The spokesman added that the programme was "a set of web-based resources" whose use was "completely voluntary".

"We have consulted widely with teachers and students during the development of these products and feedback from schools has been extremely encouraging," he added.

"Teachers and students found them to be valuable and fun resources for applied learning.

"They are designed to support teachers in delivering a whole range of subjects across the national curriculum and its equivalents in Scotland and Wales.

"We are happy to engage with the NUT and we will be writing to them."

Union members say they are also worried that armed forces recruitment fairs in schools glamorise the job by citing exotic countries that recruits will visit but fail to mention that they may be required to kill people.

According to an independent assessment of the MoD's recruitment material by the Joseph Rowntree Trust, however, the material concerned was "very dubious". The trust said it had used misleading marketing with advertising campaigns that "glamorise warfare, omit vital information and fail to point out the risks and responsibilities associated with a forces career".

Mr Sinnott said: "On their recruitment material, it tells what an exotic lifestyle this can be, but it doesn't mention that being in the military involves killing people. These things don't feature as they should in a proper, balanced view of what it is like being in the armed forces."

What the MoD's guide says... and what it omits

* "Iraq was invaded early 2003 by a United States coalition. Twenty-nine other countries, including the UK, also provided troops... Iraq had not abandoned its nuclear and chemical weapons development program". After the first Gulf War, "Iraq did not honour the cease-fire agreement by surrendering weapons of mass destruction..."

The reality: The WMD allegation, central to the case for war, proved to be bogus. David Kay, appointed by the Bush administration to search for such weapons after the invasion, found no evidence of a serious programme or stockpiling of WMDs. The "coalition of the willing" was the rather grand title of a rag-tag group of countries which included Eritrea, El Salvador and Macedonia.

* "The invasion was also necessary to allow the opportunity to remove Saddam, an oppressive dictator, from power, and bring democracy to Iraq".

The reality: Regime change was not the reason given in the run-up to the invasion – the US and UK governments had been advised it would be against international law. Saddam was regarded as an ally of the West while he was carrying out some of the worst of his atrocities. As for democracy, elections were held in Iraq during the occupation and have led to a sectarian Shia government. Attempts by the US to persuade the government to be more inclusive towards minorities have failed.

* "Over 7,000 British troops remain in Iraq... to contribute to reconstruction, training Iraqi security forces... They continue to fight against a strong militant Iraqi insurgency."

The reality: The number of British troops in Iraq is now under 5,000. They withdrew from their last base inside Basra city in September and are now confined to the airport where they do not take part in direct combat operations.

* "The cost of UK military operations in Iraq for 2005/06 was £958m."

The reality: The cost of military operations in Iraq has risen by 72 per cent in the past 12 months and the estimated cost for this year is £1.648bn. The House of Commons defence committee said it was "surprised" by the amount of money needed considering the slowing down of the tempo of operations.

* "Over 312,000 Iraqi security forces have been trained and equipped (Police, Army and Navy)."

The reality: The Iraqi security forces have been accused, among others by the American military, of running death squads targeting Sunnis. In Basra, the police became heavily infiltrated by Shia militias and British troops had to carry out several operations against them. On one occasion British troops had to smash their way into a police station to rescue two UK special forces soldiers who had been seized by the police.

* "A total of 132 UK military personnel have been killed in Iraq."

The reality: The figure is 175 since the invasion of 2003. A British airman died in a rocket attack at the airport two weeks ago despite British troops not going into Basra city on operations. Conservative estimates of the number of Iraqi civilians killed since the beginning of the invasion stand at around 85,000.

* "From hospitals to schools to wastewater treatment plants, the presence of coalition troops is aiding the reconstruction of post-Saddam Iraq."

The reality: Five years after "liberation", Baghdad still only has a few hours of intermittent power a day. Children are kidnapped from schools for ransom and families of patients undergoing surgery at hospitals are advised to buy and bring in blood from sellers who congregate outside.
No Iraqi oil for the Iraqis.
No al-Qaeda link to Saddam.

What did we go to war for?

How dare Blair go for the Presidency of the EU! Imagine that bloodthirsty bastard in charge of an EU army!

Blair for EU President?




No link between Saddam and Al-Qaeda: Pentagon study

Thu Mar 13, 6:04 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AFP) - A detailed Pentagon study confirms there was no direct link between late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and the Al-Qaeda network, debunking a claim President George W. Bush's administration used to justify invading Iraq.

Coming five years after the start of the war in Iraq, the study of 600,000 official Iraqi documents and thousands of hours of interrogations of former Saddam Hussein colleagues "found no smoking gun (i.e. direct connection) between Saddam's Iraq and Al-Qaeda," said the study, quoted in US media Thursday.

The US administration appeared to bury the release of the study, making it available only at individual request and by mail -- instead of posting it on the Internet or handing it out to reporters.

A Pentagon spokesman on Thursday said they did not know why the Joint Forces Command was not posting the report online, but denied that it was an attempt to limit its distribution.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Ants were thought to form one of the 'better' forms of society, working together for the common good, each having an equal opportunity. But researchers have found through DNA sampling that the DNA of a particular group of leaf cutting ants is present in the queens of colonies, indicating that those 'royal' ants cheat to ensure their offspring grow into rulers and reproduce instead of becoming sterile workers. This is hidden from the rest of each colony, so there are no 'revolutions' against the cheating rulers.

This is a tale mirrored in human society today.



11 March 2008

Royal corruption is rife in the ant world

Far from being a model of social co-operation, the ant world is riddled with cheating and corruption – and it goes all the way to the top, according to scientists from the Universities of Leeds and Copenhagen .

Ants have always been thought to work together for the benefit of the colony rather than for individual gain. But Dr Bill Hughes from Leeds ' Faculty of Biological Sciences has found evidence to shatter this illusion.

With Professor Jacobus Boomsma from the University of Copenhagen , he's discovered that certain ants are able to cheat the system, ensuring their offspring become reproductive queens rather than sterile workers.

“The accepted theory was that queens were produced solely by nurture: certain larvae were fed certain foods to prompt their development into queens and all larvae could have that opportunity,” explains Dr Hughes. “But we carried out DNA fingerprinting on five colonies of leaf-cutting ants and discovered that the offspring of some fathers are more likely to become queens than others. These ants have a ‘royal' gene or genes, giving them an unfair advantage and enabling them to cheat many of their altruistic sisters out of their chance to become a queen themselves.”

But what intrigued the scientists was that these ‘royal' genetic lines were always rare in each colony.

Says Dr Hughes: “The most likely explanation has to be that the ants are deliberately taking steps to avoid detection. If there were too many of one genetic line developing into queens in a single colony, the other ants would notice and might take action against them. So we think the males with these royal genes have evolved to somehow spread their offspring around more colonies and so escape detection. The rarity of the royal lines is actually an evolutionary strategy by the cheats to escape suppression by the altruistic masses that they exploit.”

A few times each year, ant colonies produce males and new queens which fly off from their colonies to meet and mate. The males die shortly after mating and the females go on to found new colonies. The researchers are keen to study this process, to determine if their hypothesis is correct and the mating strategy of males with royal genes ensures their rarity, to keep their advantages undetected by their ‘commoner' counterparts.

However, the scientists' discovery does prove that, although social insect colonies are often cited as proof that societies can be based on egalitarianism and cooperation, they are not quite as utopian as they appear.

“When studying social insects like ants and bees, it's often the cooperative aspect of their society that first stands out,” says Dr Hughes. “However, when you look more deeply, you can see there is conflict and cheating – and obviously human society is also a prime example of this. It was thought that ants were an exception, but our genetic analysis has shown that their society is also rife with corruption – and royal corruption at that!”

The research was funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and carried out in collaboration with Professor Jacobus Boomsma, Director of the Centre for Social Evolution at the University of Copenhagen . It is published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA .

Media contacts:

Jo Kelly, campuspr Ltd: tel 0113 258 9880, mob 07980 267756, email

Guy Dixon , Press Office, University of Leeds : tel 0113 3438229, email

Notes to Editors

1. Reference: Hughes, W.O.H. and Boomsma, J.J. (2008) Genetic royal cheats in leaf-cutting ant societies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A .

The paper is available from PNAS press office: PNAS News Office, Tel: 202-334-1310


2 . Dr Hughes is a L ecturer at the Institute of Integrative and Comparative Biology in the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of L eeds . The key theme of his work is evolutionary biology, looking at models of social, symbiotic and sexual relationships in insect species, including the leaf cutting ant.

3. The Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of L eeds is one of the largest in the UK , with over150 academic staff and over 400 postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students. The Faculty has been awarded research grants totalling some £60M and funders include charities, research councils, the European Union and industry. Each of the major units in the Faculty has the highest Grade 5 rated research according to the last government (HEFCE) Research Assessment Exercise, denoting research of international standing. The Faculty is also consistently within the top three for funding from the government's research councils, the BBSRC and NERC.

4. The University of Leeds is one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK with more than 30,000 students from 130 countries. With a total annual income of £422m, Leeds is one of the top ten research universities in the UK , and a member of the Russell Group of research-intensive universities. It was recently placed 80th in the Times Higher Educational Supplement's world universities league table and the University's vision is to secure a place among the world's top 50 by 2015.

5. campuspr is a public relations company that specialises in promoting university research and knowledge transfer. Working in partnership with the University's press office, campuspr is contracted by the Faculties of Biological Sciences and Engineering at Leeds to promote the wealth of research projects, grants, new technologies and knowledge transfer activities that these faculties are actively engaged in. For more press releases, see


While Iraqis fight each other they won't fight the 'coalition of the stealing', and won't organise to protest the oil grab by Anglo-Americans.



GAO Comptroller: ‘Significant’ Amount Of U.S. Funds For Iraq Funneled To Sunni And Shiite Militias

During a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing today on waste, fraud and abuse in Iraq, GAO Comptroller David Walker said that “the Iraqis have a budget surplus” which “is not being spent.” He added that oil “revenues are going up” and therefore “one of the questions” regarding Iraq reconstruction is “who should be paying?”

Citing Iraq’s rising oil revenues and the fact that the U.S. has already spent $45 billion rebuilding the country, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) said that instead of President Bush “asking for billions” more to rebuild Iraq, the Iraqis “ought to be able to use some of their oil to pay for their own costs and not keep sending the bill to the United States.”

Meanwhile, U.S. tax money is ending up in the hands of sectarian militias in Iraq. Later in the same hearing, Walker confirmed that a “significant” amount of what the U.S. spends on Iraqi contracts is being diverted to Sunni and Shiite militias. Stuart Bowen, special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, agreed, adding that “it is a significant problem.”


Ken Masters was the Military Police investigator based in Southern Iraq who was investigating the reports of abuse and torture of Iraqis by the British military. He allegedly committed suicide. He was also investigating the scandalous breakout of two SAS dressed in Arab clothing who had been detained after their car was stopped at a roadblock in Basra and found to contain explosives and machine guns. The British Army invaded the prison they were held in, released them, and they have never been heard from again.

It now appears as though Michael Todd had been investigating more claims of British complicity in abuse and torture, but this time investigating the extraordinary rendition of terrorist suspects using British territory. It appears that he may also have committed suicide, though the initial post-mortem was inconclusive.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


There are some funny pledges of allegiance on The Times website today. I won't post mine there because I know The Times is under British Intelligence control from previous censorship.

So here is my pledge of allegiance.


I hereby pledge allegiance to the flag, the flag that has enslaved and brutalised many of my fellow humans in the past, and continues to do so today. I promise to fight and die in the world wars that my masters engineer, and if I don’t die in them then I promise to reduce my carbon footprint by committing suicide to ‘save the planet’ for them. I further promise to not ask any questions at all about money or politics or modern history, but instead promise to watch football, drink, fight, fuck without love or care, and dress my little girls up as if they were 18 year old tarts in order to excite the paedophiles that my masters either let off or release early (for they too are paedophiles). I further promise to love my European government and to love my eventual World government, to be imposed on me by treachery, and to willingly and without protest or resistance give up all my freedoms that our fathers and grandfathers died for.

I hereby pledge allegiance to the flag that has betrayed everything my grandfather fought in world war 2 for, that keeps me in debt slavery to a cabal of genocidal, warmongering Satanist megalomaniacs, that cares about me so much that it wants to inject a microchip implant in my body and wants to know literally everything about me in order to control every aspect of my life.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Trust Britain to come up with the idea of getting ill-educated British children to swear allegiance.

Swear allegiance to what? We were the greatest slave-trading nation on earth, ruled a quarter of the world's population through brutality, engineered world wars 1 and 2, and the coming world war 3, and implement genocidal economic policies upon the world.

And not forgetting to lie, cheat, steal, swindle and defraud.

You may just as well force your children to swear allegiance to the kiddie-porn-dealing, human-trafficking, drug-dealing crime syndicates across the globe.

Friday, March 07, 2008


Who should take responsibility for the 8 students shot dead at Mercaz Harav yeshiva?

The Rothschilds!

During the 19th Century, "the age of Rothschild", there was an attempt made by the Rothschilds and their relatives Montefiore to transplant first British and second European Jews to Palestine. Neither the Ottomans controlling Palestine or British Jews wanted this.

Why? Because they knew such mass Jewish immigration would cause big, big trouble.

The Rothschilds financed the first Jewish settlements in Palestine.

During the 20th Century, another attempt at mass Jewish immigration in to Palestine was made. Herzl had published Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State), his address to the Rothschilds, as they were the recognised leaders of the Zionist movement. The Rothschilds had managed to get Hitler into power via the Warburgs and IG Farben. Hitler collaborated with the Zionists to get German Jews transferred to Palestine by offering them inducements, and a little violence to remind he didn't want them in Germany. The Jews refused, because they knew there would be trouble. While in control of The Federal Reserve the Rothschilds failed to pay Hitler's ransom offer, or as leaders of the Zionist movement they failed to agree to a Jewish homeland other than Palestine (then controlled by Britain which was at war with Hitler), thus condemning millions of Jews to their deaths.

After WW2 the alleged deaths of 6 million Jews at the hands of Hitler was used as emotional blackmail to create Israel, and Palestinians were terrorised and driven from their farms into the cesspit refugee camps of Gaza and West Bank.

Upon the creation of Israel the Rothschilds then spied for Israel, giving Israel nuclear secrets and the bomb, leading to the nuclear arms race we see in the Middle East.

I think it is fair to say that without the Rothschilds the Jewish presence in Palestine would be minimal, and there would be nowhere near the level of violence we see now, with Israel bombing and shooting Palestinian toddlers, and Palestinians exacting revenge by shooting students.

But that is what is supposed to happen. Death resulting in more death...

And eventually world war.

Monday, March 03, 2008


Diebold manufacture the insecure voting machines that were at the centre of allegations of vote rigging against Ron Paul earlier this year.

On the board of UT are;
Richard Myers - former JCS, and the military adviser to Bush and Rumsfeld for the invasion of Iraq 2003 and in charge of the military on 9/11.

Jamie Gorelick - member of the whitewash committee to investigate 9/11


USS Cole and USS Nassau have been sent to Lebanon.


Apparently it is in preparation for the invasion of Gaza I predicted to the ISC shortly after 7/7.

The Saudis are also in on this.

I read yesterday that Saudi Arabia had ordered its diplomatic staff out of Lebanon.



Cheney & the War Party Still At It: U.S. Naval Deployment to Eastern Mediterranean Heightens Chance of War
Increase Decrease

March 1, 2008 (LPAC)--The Bush Administration has dispatched Navy warship, led by the USS Cole and the USS Nassau to the Eastern Mediterranean in a show of gunboat diplomacy that threatens to actually trigger a new Mideast war. Senior U.S. intelligence sources confirmed to EIR today that they are alarmed that the United States has deployed these Naval forces to the region, in partnership with Saudi Arabia. The Saudi foreign minister was at the White House on Feb. 15, meeting with President Bush, Vice President Cheney and members of the national security team, in what the Washington Post characterized today as a planning session for coordinated action against Syria, which Washington and Riyadh blame for the stalemate in Lebanon.

However, several Washington sources confirmed that the U.S. naval deployment coincides with escalating confrontations between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, and a growing prospect that Israel will launch a major military invasion of Gaza, to wipe out Hamas. One senior U.S. intelligence source bluntly warned, "It is not a question of whether Israel will invade Gaza. It is a question of when. The Israelis are paranoid, and they will not tolerate a Muslim Brotherhood (i.e., Hamas) state on their border."

The source added that the deployment of the U.S. Navy could directly draw the United States into the conflict--if Israel gets in trouble in the Gaza operation, and if Hezbollah takes action against Israel in support of the Palestinians. This could, further trigger a broader regional war, particularly if Cheney and company seize the opportunity to blame Iran for the escalating violence coming from Hamas and Hezbollah, or if the "war party" faction in Tehran takes some kind of provocative action.

Further adding to the crisis is the fact that it is now universally recognized among all governments in the region that the Annapolis conference has not moved the Israel-Palestine peace negotiations forward, and that Bush's promise to finalize a two-state solution before leaving office at the end of the year is all hogwash.

One source added that the idea of the Bush Administration aligning with Saudi Arabia against Syrian involvement in Lebanon is a further act of foolishness. The biggest asymmetric warfare threat comes from British-promoted Wahhabi fundamentalists--heavily financed by Saudi Arabia! If a further confrontation breaks out and draws in Iran, this will fuel a Shi'ite asymmetric warfare that is right now not a threat.


He seems so happy, shooting that big gun from between his legs. I don't want that smile to move to Africa, to help poor little children with HIV. I want my Prince Harry to kill, kill, kill!

His mother would be so proud of him!

Death. That's what our leaders want. Death. And when they get it, they want more death.

A RATIO OF 105:3

During the last week the approximate numbers of deaths in and around Gaza are
105 Palestinians, the majority of whom were, repeat were, civilian women and children. Many more were injured, but due to the shit state of the Palestinian health service, their lives are threatened.
3 Israelis, two of whom were soldiers. Other Israeli soldiers were also injured, but they were airlifted to a luxurious military hospital and are doing fine.

Allegedly 6 million Jews died in a Holocaust. Should that give Israel the right to execute its own Holocaust?

This is the bloody purpose of Israel. And it will lead, as planned, to major war.

I call upon Dmitri Medvedev to get the situation sorted.