Sunday, October 30, 2011


We live in freedom, don't we?

It's what our ancestors fought in WW1 and WW2 for, isn't it?

It might look like freedom, but when you look close enough you realise it is not. We live in the wrong freedom.

What we live in is not the freedom our ancestors fought for. We live in fraudism.

Fraud + Fascism = Fraudism = false freedom.

It's not quite freedom, but twisted through lenses and lies, it could appear to be freedom...but it is not!

My grandfathers fought in WW2 against the Nazis. I never met them. They died before I was born. I am told they lived through it but came back broken twisted different men. What did they and their colleagues really fight for?

Initially it was to save Poland. But at the end of WW2 Poland was, as was the whole of Eastern Europe, eventually consumed by Stalinist USSR. Most say the Nazis were defeated, but some disagree. The Nazis were labelled as Fascist. But look around you. Look at what has happened to this Disunited Kingdom?

A cabal of corporations and banks based in The City of London has held us to ransom without fear of prosecution from a subservient government.

Our political, military and business leaders attend a not-now-so-secret meeting called Bilderberg, which is run by David Rockefeller and his undead sidekick Henry Kissinger. The Rockefellers and their friends saved a near bankrupt Nazi Party, and then supported and financed the Nazis in a number of ways, including eugenics. Kissinger brought Nazis to the USA after WW2 in Operation Paperclip, the purpose of which was to help fight the Communists after we had given them Eastern Europe, China...AND THE BOMB! And very few knew the real truth of how Soviet Russia was created by Wall Street too.

Another vocal Bilderberg member is George Soros. He worked for the Nazis.

From this engineered expansion of Communism and preservation of Nazism, extreme left and right, we had the Cold War and the subsequent nuclear tension and arms race, and created paramilitary police states supposed to protect us, and to keep us 'free'.

Another consequence of the Nazis was their persecution of European Jewry. Before WW2 most Jews did not want a Jewish homeland, despite The Transfer Agreement between the British and the Nazis in the 1930s which provided incentives and enticements for German Jews to go to Palestine. But that all changed after WW2, as the Palestinians found out as they were chased off their lands by Jewish thugs. The tension between Jews and Muslims since then has led to global Islamic terrorism and the loss of even more 'freedom' to even more police state laws that are supposed to protect us and keep us 'free'.

Is this what my grandfathers fought for?

A depressing sign of how little we respect what our ancestors fought for, a report in The Sunday Telegraph addresses the lack of respect for the war memorials we built for them[1]. Every year on Remembrance Sunday our leaders put on their grim faces and pretend to care for the war dead as they lay wreathes. But as soon as the veterans leave the Cenotaph our leaders are scheming blatant wars and/or invasions (as with the case of Iraq and very very soon Iran) or fake civil wars to give the pretext for NATO to drop its love bombs and install racist, bloodthirsty Islamists of a highly dubious democratic nature (as in the case of Libya and very very soon Syria and Iran).

And while we spend billions on this military imperialism we kill our old and sick in our rented hospitals to bail out gambling fraudulent banks.

All this sounds like the Nazis and Fascism...and it is. It is exactly what the Nazis did. They went to war while killing their old and sick. They used false flag operations as at Gleiwicz to start a world war, as did our leaders on 9/11. They used government to enrich a cabal through slave labour, as will our leaders as benefits will be denied to blameless jobless British taxpayers suffering austerity who will be forced to work for virtually free while not one single banker is prosecuted for wrecking and looting the economy.

And our banking system allows fraud. The banks pretend to have money that does not exist, then create loads more for loans and mortgages that stand no chance of being repaid and then cry to our Bilderberg leaders that they have no money and can they have all ours to buy yet more whores, yachts and villas!

Then our Bilderberg military leaders go to war and unleash new crowd control technology on peaceful protests, which sometimes turn violent due to their agents provocateur. They may even blow up civilians and blame it on the Reds, as NATO did in Operation Gladio.

I do not think our fathers and grandfathers fought and died for this.

Perhaps this year we will all ask ourselves, what exactly did they fight and die for?

[1] Campaigners warn of rising threats to nation's war memorials, The Sunday Telegraph, 30/10/2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011


In a report in Haaretz today a claim is made that shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles looted in Libya have been smuggled to Hamas.
The improved quality of anti-aircraft missiles held by Hamas in Gaza is increasingly worrying the Israeli defense establishment. Hamas recently managed to smuggle relatively advanced Russian missiles, which were looted from Libyan military warehouses, into the Gaza Strip. Israel is worried about the presence of the missiles, both because they curb the air force's almost unlimited freedom of movement over Gaza today, and because of their possible use against civil aviation in Eilat.

Shoulder-fired anti-aicraft missiles have been smuggled into Gaza in recent years at Iran's initiative. But the fall of Muammar Gadhafi's regime has enabled Hamas to bring in much higher quality missiles - and in much larger quantities.

[source : Hamas boosting anti-aircraft arsenal with looted Libyan missiles, Haaretz, 27/10/2011]

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I despaired for the BBC this morning.

Russia Today reported on the mass execution of at least 300 PoWs in Sirte, all with their hands tied behind their backs and bullets in their heads, as well as the unknown thousands of civilians from NATO's love bombs. We went to war on Gaddafi and spent approaching a billion pounds to stop this kind of slaughter, didn't we? And there was also a detailed report on the use of not depleted uranium in Fallujah, Iraq but ENRICHED uranium, and its deployment not in anti-tank weapons but in anti-personnel weapons as a very fine dust. The birth defects in civilians due to this are horrific.

On the other hand the BBC showed the presenters trying to make a toy dog take a dump.

The following report on AntiWar addresses the slaughter in Sirte.


Atrocity Questions Grow as Mass Graves Fill in NTC-Conquered Sirte
NTC Praises Misrata Rebels for Relative Restraint
by Jason Ditz, October 25, 2011

NTC Oil Minister Ali Tarhouni today praised the Misrata rebels that conquered Moammar Gadhafi’s hometown of Sirte, saying “I am amazed at their self-restraint.” The rest of the world is amazed at something else.

That’s because the number of summary executions in the captured city seems to be enormous, and the NTC is burying around 300 of the rebel fighters’ victims in a giant mass grave. Many of the bodies still have their hands tied behind their backs, making the gunshots to the head all the more grim.

The mass grave is just part of the story, and the local cemetary has collected 572 bodies overall. All of them were reported as “mercenaries” by the rebel fighters, though again many of them were summary executions.

Which suited Sheikh Fathie Dariez, who runs Misrata’s prisons, just fine. “There was no mercy for foreign mercenaries,” the Sheikh noted.

There have been myriad questions about the revenge killings and mass detention of “suspects” by the NTC, but the Misrata rebels have been particularly brutal since the fall of Tripoli, destroying the entire city of Tawarga and declaring it “New Misrata,” herding the city’s black population into refugee camps in Tripoli before eventually attacking the camps as well.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


If you woke up this morning and looked out of your window to see yet more grey skies and rain, rain, rain that never seems to go away, and felt like it was the end of the world and you couldn't take any more, then don't go suicidal. Cheer up! Never ever forget that every day is Bankers in Need Day. Yes, I know we have less than a month, yes one month (yippee), to go before the official Bankers in Need Day on 17th November, the day before Children in Need Day so the bankers get all the money. But don't panic. You can, this very day as on every day, celebrate the gift of giving by bailing out the fraudulent gambling Nazi Bankers with trillions. Walk around your office, factory, warehouse, college with a glowing smile on your face, happy in the knowledge that by suffering cuts in social services, a loss of employment and education opportunities, perhaps even losing your job and home, you are securing the planet for a cabal of warmongering kiddie-fiddling megalomaniacs who engineered WW1, WW2, the Holocaust and 9/11 and have nothing but your death on their minds. They only want a half billion serfs on this planet of ours.

Perhaps if you force a smile for long enough they'll let you live, eh?

Remember, remember the 17th November.
The day before Children in Need Day.
Save all your coppers and give generously
on this Bankers in Need Day.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Two recent posts by other authors sum up the global situation.

The first is by Craig Murray entitled Circuses Without Bread[1], in which Murray describes the rise of violence as entertainment as we starve to pay for bank bailouts.

The second is by David Icke, who is a believer in the Albert Pike three-world-war plan, in which Icke views the global picture in terms of engineering yet another world war[2].

The two are linked. Murray states the following.
More death is on the way, to keep the circus going. Then the crowds may not notice there is no bread – no jobs, and their earnings and income eaten up by huge state enforced transfers to the bankers, whether by bailouts or “quantitive easing”.

Icke states that the elite bloodlines are engineering another third world war in line with the plan proposed by freemasonic sicko Albert Pike.

A third world war would mean more death is on the way. Icke has been stating for years that the elite bloodlines have been trying to engineer a world war in the Middle East involving Zionism and Islam which would drag in the USA on one side and Russia and China on the other. I agree with this analysis 100%.

I strongly suspect the Arab Spring is designed to replace governments in the Middle East and North Africa that have so far been friendly to the West, and who have kept a firm lid on the Islamic anger provoked by the barbaric treatment of the Palestinians by Israel, with governments of an Islamic nature who would be prepared to start war on Israel en masse. At the same time as supposedly supporting the Arab Uprisings we deny statehood to the Palestinians, thus driving the Islamic world into even more of a frenzy.

Icke also states that the bank bailouts have been engineered to weaken national governments around the world so they are unable to resist the implementation of a world government. And hungry nations will go to war for resources more easily.

We have seen this old trick before.

In 1929 the Wall Street Crash enriched a few insiders, who were friends and relations of the same people causing this current crisis, while the rest of the world sank into depression. A few years later nations around the world began preparing for world war. Wall Street even helped the Nazis financially and materially for that purpose! As did Great Britain by allowing the Nazis to rebuild the German Wehrmacht way beyond that allowed by the Treaty of Versailles. The result of WW2 was millions and millions of dead people and many nations in rubble, which tricked the world into the acceptance of a world government, which has gradually assumed more and more power, but does not yet overtly rule the world. The persecution of the Jews by the Wall Street-created Nazis tricked world Jewry into accepting Palestine and only Palestine as their only safe haven from a cruel world. Since then Israel, which would not survive without assistance from the Federal Reserve, has been provoking Islamic terror which allegedly manifested itself in 9/11 and the subsequent invasion of the Middle East and Caspian by US and NATO.

At the moment nations still have some sovereignty, but that sovereignty is eroding quickly, but not quickly enough. Today there will be a debate in the House of Corrupt Wretches Commons about a referendum on Europe. Cameron, as other Prime Ministers before him, promised us a referendum on Europe. Today he is using a three line whip ordering Tory MPs to vote against holding a referendum!

If the third world war does occur you can bet it will be more gruesome than WW2, with many more horrible deaths from the use of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons used by all sides. Food supplies will be short. Infrastructures completely destroyed. The human race will be unable to resist the implementation of a world government in the form of a vastly empowered United Nations.

And then the horror will have only just begun.

The United Nations, as stated in their Global Biodiversity Assessment 1995, wants a maximum human population of one billion, preferably half that, which is also stated on the mysterious Georgia Guidestones.

That gives you and your family and friends a one in fourteen chance each.

Do you think those are good odds?

A one in fourteen chance of survival?

[1] Circuses Without Bread,

[2] David Icke - They Want To Trigger World War III (Fork in The Road),

Friday, October 21, 2011


This is the title of an article in the FT today by Roula Khalaf[1]. She, like me, appears to be concerned that the Arab Spring will bring Islamic parties to power who are either extremist, violent or both.

The election in Tunisia this Sunday is expected to see Nahda do well. And in Egypt next month The Muslim Brotherhood is also expected to do well. Both are strongly Islamic with strong support for Palestinians.

But she also warns that even more extreme Islamists, the pro-Saudi Salafists, could also do well and make Nahda and the MB parties of the centre.

This outcome should come as no surprise because the area is predominantly Islamic but has been ruled by leaders who have been servants of the West keeping their population under control through police state repression.

My question is this : why are we spending billions in times of austerity on bringing Islamists of a dubious democratic nature to power now when we deny statehood to the Palestinians?

I suspect the answer, but will await the outcome of the aforementioned elections.

[1] Enter the Islamists : Towards a new order in the Arab world, FT, 20/10/2011


Did I hear correctly on Sky and BBC News this morning that Gaddafi is to be buried at a secret location and possibly at sea?

I cannot find mention of this in any of the major newspapers online.

And now the death of Gaddafi is being transformed from summary execution by an unidentified executioner to accidental bullet to the head due to crossfire.

His corpse was apparently taken to Misrata, where it was reported to have been dragged through the streets there before being taken to a mosque. I cannot find any film or images of this.

Apparently DNA has been taken from the corpse, but that will prove nothing.

There is a sense in the media this morning of 'Gaddafi is dead, move on', though some commentators are questioning the precise circumstances of Gaddafi's alleged death.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


The Daily Telegraph has a video of Gaddafi (or a double) bloodied and battered but alive. He is dragged off the back of a pick up truck and looks a bit scared. A crazed al Qaeda rebel is screaming Allah U Akbar! Allah U Akbar! Allah U Akbar! Allah U Akbar!

The video is at the comment at 1744 and is embedded below.

The Guardian says an AP report is quoting a Libyan information officer stating Gaddafi died in an ambulance on the way to hospital of two bullet wounds, one to the head and one to the chest. The video above shows he had neither at the time he was dragged off the truck.

Here is a photo of the corpse said to be Gaddafi taken from The Guardian from the same report.

This is a case from the 1970s when the family were showing their holiday photos on one of those rotating slide machines when a photo of a beautiful scantily clad woman comes up; Ooops! How did that get in there?

How did that bullet wound in Gaddafi's head get there?

But more importantly, who put it there?

Who had the balls and the authority to execute Gaddafi?

Why did he execute Gaddafi?

And why is he not going public about being the executioner?


It is too much of a coincidence. Clintonella de Vil says she wants Gaddafi captured or killed. A few days later he is reported to be dead. There are conflicting reports of his death; blown up by a NATO air strike, found hiding in a hole, etc. But at least we are seeing photos of an alleged dead Gaddafi, something we were not permitted with the death of Osama bin Marfan Laden.

Gaddafi's alleged death will let a few of people off the hook. If he had been captured alive and brought to The Hague for prosecution he knew where a few skellingtons were hidden.

But there is something curious about all this. Gaddafi was our new best mate. He invested in London, his son gained a PhD from LSE, he gave names of suspected al Qaeda to CIA and MI6 and even tortured alleged al Qaeda suspects for us in the infamous rendition program. Goldman Sachs reported that it had 'lost' a few of Gaddafi's billions. Not good press for Goldman Sachs. And both Russia and China abstained on UN SCR 1973. Immediately our leaders changed the aim of UN SCR 1973 from protection of civilians to one of regime change, even proposing assassination, without any serious protest from Russia or China. And now he is reported dead at the hands of al Qaeda rebels armed and trained by NATO.

You couldn't make this stuff up, could you?

Or could you? The reported rescue of Jessica Lynch was pure Hollywood. But this is on a totally different scale.

So is it possible there is a big Hollywood-style op going down? What was agreed behind closed doors?

The script : a good friend of the West and ally in the Global War on Terror is betrayed by all at the UN, he (or rather his supporters) fight to the death after billions of his fortune are reported lost but are really hidden away in secret account, and he eventually goes down in a blaze of glory, portrayed as the great patriot defending his country, with so far the only evidence of his death being a series of blurred images taken from a mobile phone?

Who would direct and produce such a blockbuster?

But now that NATO has bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed and bombed Libya back to the stone age, like Israel bombed Lebanon in 2006, what will NATO get its troops to do next? What work will NATO find for their idle hands to do?

Syria? With Assad reported to be reforming, is the Arab Spring failing there removing the opportunity to overthrow him?

Iran? Iran has been in the crosshairs for decades, and Soros and Kissinger have publicly stated Iran is still in the crosshairs.

Both simultaneously?

One curious statement that supports the Hollywood thesis. In April Kissinger said he wanted the war in Libya to continue. It did. It may be something. It may be nothing. Just one of those things that makes me go, hmmmmmm.

Perhaps we had all better get used to shouting, or perhaps even singing in our new national anthem, Allah U Akbar!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Audit the Fed.

Kill the Fed.

Replace the Fed and other similar systems around the world with a monetary system close to that employed by the American colonies with Colonial Scrip.

We know it works economically.

We know it takes the power to create money out of thin air away from a bunch of warmongering megalomaniac satanists.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


A plotter arrested in the alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the USA is a member of the anti-Iran terrorist organisation Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO). Gholam-Hossein Shakouri, aka Ali Shakouri and Gholam Shakouri, is reported to be a senior member of MKO.

He and the MKO would obviously welcome a war on Iran.

But to add to this intrigue it has also been claimed by a Pakistani official that the prime suspect Mansour Arbabsiar, a cousin of Shakouri, received forged identity documents from Mossad.

This information makes the plot sound more real but indicates that it is a frame up of Iran designed to implicate Iran in a contrived plot that it has nothing to do with.


'Saudi envoy plot suspect is MKO man'
Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:47PM GMT

Interpol has gained information about the second suspect in the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States indicating that he is a key member of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO).

A source told the Mehr news agency on Monday that Interpol has learned that Gholam-Hossein Shakouri, aka Ali Shakouri and Gholam Shakouri, the second suspect in the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to Washington, is one of the senior members of the MKO, which is an anti-Iranian terrorist group.

Shakouri has travelled to numerous countries with many fake identity documents, including forged Iranian passports, and he was last seen in Washington and at Camp Ashraf, where MKO members are based, the source added.

One of the passports used by Shakouri was issued on November 30, 2006 in Washington with the number K10295631.

The MKO fled to Iraq in the 1980s, where it enjoyed the support of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and set up Camp Ashraf in the eastern province of Diyala, near the Iranian border.

Over 3,000 MKO members are currently residing at the camp. In addition, the group has sent elements to Iran on spying and terrorist missions.

The MKO is listed as a terrorist organization by much of the international community and has committed numerous terrorist acts against both Iranians and Iraqis.

Iran has repeatedly called on the Iraqi government to expel the group, but the US has been putting pressure on the Iraqi government to block the expulsion.

Earlier in the day, a senior Pakistani intelligence official said that the prime suspect in the alleged plot, Mansour Arbabsiar, who is also a cousin of Shakouri, had received forged identity documents from the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

On October 11, the US Justice Department accused Iran of plotting to assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, with help from a man suspected of being a member of a Mexican drug cartel.

Tehran says the media hype created by Washington is an attempt to deflect international attention from the anti-corruption and anti-corporatism protests currently rocking the country.

Iran's envoy to the UN, Mohammad Khazaei, has filed a complaint against the US for what he called the “evil plot.”

Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has described the US accusation as an immature scenario and says US officials will ultimately be forced to apologize.


Monday, October 17, 2011


Senator Dianne Feinstein claims that she was informed of the alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the USA in early September.

Feinstein said she was initially skeptical when she was first briefed about the alleged plot in early September but now believed "it's very real."

[source : Lawmakers say alleged Iran plot was "very real", Reuters, 16/10/2011,

What exactly was she told, and by whom?

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Max Keiser has been calling for the guillotine.

So has someone else.

Silver Bullet - Bring Forth The Guillotine


I can't make out who hounded Liam Fox out of the MoD?

He supported going beyond the terms of UN SCR 1973 and assassinating Gaddafi.

He supports strong links with the USA.

And now his chum Werritty potentially has close links to Israeli intelligence.

So who would want Fox out?

Indeed, was hounding Fox out the real aim, or was it to only expose Werritty?

Who would brief the media on the strange and curious goings on at the MoD involving Fox and Werritty?

Craig Murray on his 13th October blog entitled The Real Werritty Scandal stated that he was told the investigation into Fox would be a whitewash, so I assume that whoever has been briefing the media is not someone who wants war with Iran or at least to not go to war on Iran for a foreign country.

I can only assume that it was a faction within the MoD who are truly patriotic, though whether they still want to go to war on Iran, albeit for this Disunited Fascist Kingdom and not a crazed nuclear trigger happy bunch of Zionazis, is unclear.

The investigations into this scandal must continue and go much much deeper.

And the Ambassador of this Disunited Fascist Kingdom to Israel Matthew Gould must answer the questions put to him by Craig Murray.


We know for a fact that the Liverpool Care Pathway is used to euthanise our elderly and sick folk.

And now a second more cowardly way of killing our old and sick in these times of austerity is raising its ugly head. It involves inserting a form to Do Not Resuscitate into a patient's medical file, but the form is unsigned. Ward staff have been interpreting the presence of this file to mean that a decision to DNR has been taken and the patient is not revived. But for the patient to be left to die the form must be signed, AND the decision to DNR must have been taken after consultation with the patients family. Frequently this consultation with the family has not taken place too.

This is euthanasia, and cowardly at that.

And it is taking place in parallel with the LCP in our hospitals in this Disunited Fascist Kingdom during the imposition of austerity after we bailed out the gambling Nazi bankers while at the same time we spend billions in engineered invasions and civil wars to help bring al Qaeda linked Islamic groups to power.

But what are our nurses and doctors being taught at college and university regarding care and ethics for this to be happening? And who took that decision and when?


Elderly patients condemned to early death by secret use of do not resuscitate orders

Elderly patients are being condemned to an early death by hospitals making secret use of "do not resuscitate" orders, an investigation has found.

By Laura Donnelly and Alastair Jamieson

7:04PM BST 15 Oct 2011

The orders – which record an advance decision that a patient's life should not be saved if their heart stops – are routinely being applied without the knowledge of the patient or their relatives.

On one ward, one-third of DNR orders were issued without consultation with the patient or their family, according to the NHS's own records. At another hospital, junior doctors freely admitted that the forms were filled out by medical teams without the involvement of patients or relatives.

Under medical guidelines, the orders should only be issued after senior staff have discussed the matter with the patient's family. A form, signed by two doctors, is then placed in the patient's notes to record what decision was taken.

The findings emerged in spot checks of 100 hospitals undertaken by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), an official watchdog, earlier this year.

A charity for the elderly said the disclosures were evidence of "euthanasia by the backdoor," with potentially-lethal notices being placed on the files of patients simply because they were old and frail.

...Hospitals are not supposed to put the documents in any patients' files until they have been filled in, in case a blank or half-completed form is mistaken for an order not to resuscitate, as a patient enters cardiac arrest.

In 2009, heart attack victim Peter Clarke was left to die at Derby Hospitals Trust after clerical staff inserted a DNR form into his notes.

Although the document was blank, nursing staff making handover notes misinterpreted it, and said the widower, who had been admitted suffering heart disease and flu-like symptoms, should not be resuscitated if his condition worsened.

When he suffered a heart attack, nurses did not call doctors to revive him. An hour too late they realised the DNR order was blank.

Last year an inquest into his death found staff had been "routinely" placing the forms in medical records before they had been signed and witnessed. The trust stopped the policy, and said it was not aware other patients had been affected.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


We can...if we're stupid and dumb enuff!

Why would Iran
1) want to blow up the Saudi Ambassador to the USA
2) and in Washington DC
3) and kill US civilians at the same time
4) and use money transfer methods that are easily traceable all the way back to Iran?

Can you see some bright spark in Iranian foreign intelligence think the following
Right. We're surrounded by US and NATO forces. The whole world and his goldfish knows they want to invade us. Here's a good idea. Let's blow up the Saudi Ambassador to the USA in Washington DC killing many American civilians at the same time using a bunch of Mexican amateurs who usually deal drugs and let's finance it all by wire transfers that lead all the way back to us. They'll never know who did it!!

Iran is indeed surrounded. Since 9/11 US and NATO troops have invaded the region, and replaced the governments of the day. Iran was named in Rebuilding America's Defenses as more of a threat than Iraq. Several attempts have been made at provoking war on or revolution in Iran since 9/11. All have failed. Both George Soros and Henry Kissinger have stated that Iran is still a target for war and revolution. And Blair has used every opportunity to push for action on Iran.

It is possible that the assassination was requested by a rogue element within Iranian intelligence that is wanting the USA to start war, eg has been compromised and/or infiltrated by CIA/MI6/Mossad.

But I seriously doubt that if the plot is genuine that the order did come from the top.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Following on from my blog yesterday about the curious growth and widely predicted rise to power of radical Islam and The Muslim Brotherhood in nations experiencing The Arab Spring and related NATOlutions, the following article by Franklin Lamb adds a little more spice to the mix.

In his article Lamb refers to a 2009 CIA report on the future of Israel[1]...and it is not good.

The report was squelched by the Zionist lobby, and when you learn what the report allegedly stated you can understand why.

But the article by Lamb needs to be read by all. It backs up my thesis that Israel was created not because it was promised to the Jews by God but to create much anger and friction and resentment to provoke first Islamic Fundamentalist terrorism (which was allowed to fester in London by MI5 with a Covenant of Security) and soon a major regional war which could be classified as WW3 if it goes nuclear (and with the Zionutters in Israel you can bet they'll launch their non-existent nukes).

The resulting terror has placed the world in a dark place, and now with trillions going missing in the bailouts a major war is required to bring about a world government which the fraudsters will control so they will be free from prosecution and free to implement their human population reduction and control programs.

Bringing The Muslim Brotherhood to power in Israel's neighbours Egypt and Syria in NATOlutions is not the way forward for the human race at the moment, and can only bring trouble.

[1] Panetta to Netanyahu: Israel May Not Survive the Current Arab/Islamic Awakening, Al Manar, 10/10/2011

Monday, October 10, 2011


The Russian state owned media organisation Russia Today is showing concern over the true aim of the Arab Spring.

This morning on RT in the UK the first ten minutes or so of the hourly bulletin was about the results of revolutions in Libya and Egypt.

The BBC has hardly addressed the over 20 deaths in Cairo last night which occured when Egyptian security ploughed into Christian protestors in Tahrir Square. Coptic Christians were protesting against attacks on their churches by Muslims when they were themselves attacked by radical Muslims. Violence between the two sides erupted and Egyptian security drove in with armed vehicles, mowing down protestors. Following the removal of Mubarak the Muslim Brotherhood is widely expected to gain power in Egypt in the coming elections. The MB even has its own TV station! The attack on the Israeli embassy in Cairo a few weeks ago is a sign of things to come.

RT reports from Libya always show the Libyan rebels, who are now referred to as loyal to the NTC in NATO media, shouting Allah U Akbar and shooting guns into buildings or into the air.

Yesterday RT interviewed an adviser to President Assad of Syria. She said that the fraction of the Syrian population who are protesting is small and that the Muslim Brotherhood is playing a large role in the uprising[1]. She also referred to outside influences supplying arms to the protestors. RT has recently showed what appeared to be armed protestors in Syria openly carrying automatic machine guns. But when NATO media claims a woman was murdered by Syrian state security and that photos of her badly mutilated body were too gruesome to show on TV and for that woman to then step forward and say that she was alive and well, who should you believe?

Earlier this year articles by CFR member and ex-MB member in The FT[2] and by analysts from the Rand Corporation in The Washington Post[3] portrayed the MB as cute, cuddly mild and reformed Muslims who wouldn't hurt a fly. Yet you can easily find statements from senior members of the MB in which they state that war on Israel is their aim[4][5].

The MB is MI6/CIA.

The Rand Corporation want world war 3 (which is what state on my website is the true purpose of the creation of Israel).

So if radical Islam in the shape of the MB comes to power in Egypt and Syria, what next?

For decades there has been relative peace in the Middle East. It could have easily kicked off between Israel and its neighbours as Israel abused the Balfour Declaration and Palestinians, but people like Mubarak and Assad have held back. Gaddafi was cooperating with the UK and USA in the Global War on Terror with involvement in rendition and torture and by supplying intelligence to MI6 and CIA on suspected al Qaeda in Libya.

Yet two of these are now gone and NATO wants the third ousted.

And for what?

To be replaced by radical Islamists?

It is more than curious that leaders like this are being replaced by radical Islamic political organisations whose publicly stated aim is war with Israel.

And only RT is showing some concern about this.

[1] ‘We’re building our own Arab democracy’ – Syrian presidential aide,
[2] Egypt can bring in the Brotherhood, FT, 2/2/2011
[3] Five Myths about the Muslim Brotherhood,
[4] Muslim Brotherhood: 'Prepare Egyptians for War With Israel',
[5] Muslim Brotherhood Calls for War on Israel,

Thursday, October 06, 2011


Cameron made a nautical reference to the economy in his speech to The Conservative conference yesterday.

But if we put in the effort, correct those mistakes, confront those vested interests and take on the failed ideas of the past, then I know we can turn this ship around.[1]

Cameron thinks we can avoid a terrible fate, by changing course. But it is too late. The Titanoik, aka the British economy, has been hit by the iceberg of the troubled Euro and a severe austerity budget. She is sinking. All growth estimates indicate she is in trouble, being low and then revised down. And The Bank of England surprised the world today with yet more quantitative easing, a month earlier and a larger quantity than expected[2], implying there is growing concern there.

Abandon the severe austerity budget!

Prosecute banks like JP Morgan Chase and senior bankers like David Rockefeller for fraud and conspiracy to murder (they knew beforehand that a result of their trashing of the economy would be the deaths of our old and sick because health services would be slashed, but it's in his blood due to the Rockefeller involvement with eugenics and the Nazis).

[1] Full text: David Cameron's Conservative conference speech,
[2] Quantitative easing boosted by £75bn by Bank of England, The Guardian, 6/10/2011

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I watched the Cleggeron give his speech to The Conservative Conference this afternoon. It cracked a few jokes, the funniest of which was one regarding health and safety
Britannia didn't rule the waves with her armbands on

The audience laughed. And so did I, at first. But then I remembered what The British Empire has actually stood for since the satanic Venetians covertly invaded this Isle after the League of Cambrai.

This Disunited Fascist Kingdom has a bloody, tyrannical history.

We ruled our colonies with the bayonet and the musket, with hangings and floggings for the most trivial of crimes. We massacred civilians by their hundreds or thousands at a time. We were the greatest slave trading nation on Earth. We had Impressment to force many broken men into the Navy to control trade routes.

Today we rule the world not by physical control of trade routes but by the sordid Venetian Freemasonry and the shadow banking system based in The City of London.

And still there are some with dreams of empire.


When a criminal is sentenced under law we call it paying a debt to society. It is a recognition that the criminal owes something for causing distress, often great distress to their victim or victims.

We are already seeing the result of the gambling of the Nazi banks from their naked abuse of the God-like power to create money out of thin air, a power we entrusted to them to create a growing and stable economy.

We are seeing a reduction in employment opportunities while many are dumped onto the dole.

Welfare is being cut, leading to homelessness, break up of families, and highly qualified personnel working for poverty wages in menial jobs under threat of losing benefits.

Health services are being cut, operations cancelled.

This is causing and will continue to cause great distress to the muggins British taxpayer of this DFK.

The bankers owe a debt to society.

But they tell us to get over it and move on.

And today Cameron will tell us to pay our debts to the bankers while the bankers don't repay their debt to society!?

This is not right.

Do not pay your debts to the bankers until the bankers have paid their debt to society, by rotting in prison for a very, very, very long time.


During these last few weeks in this Disunited Fascist Kingdom (DFK) we have seen the conference season which ends this week with the Conservative Party conference. Today the Cleggeron will show its Cameron head and repeat what the Clegg head said a few weeks ago; that we, the muggins British taxpayer, must suffer varying degrees of austerity to pay the debts of the gambling Nazi banks while no banker goes to jail for trashing the economy.

In August this year we saw riots in several cities across this DFK. Those involved in the riots who were arrested and charged were given very very harsh and disproportionate sentences.

So how can this be right? That a banker who completely wrecks the economy of this DFK, causing unemployment, homelessness and deaths of the old and sick, are not penalised, while alleged looter Anderson Fernandes who steals one ice cream gets locked up for over a year?

The answer lies in fascism.

This Disunited Fascist Kingdom is indeed fascist.

The state does not work for us. Instead the state works for a cabal of warmongering megalomaniacs who control the reins of government through the control of money supply.
Give me control of a nation's currency and I care not who makes the laws.

This or something very much like it was said by one of 'em, and it shows the complete contempt for the welfare of the nation. This has most recently manifested itself through their naked abuse of the power to create money out of thin air to create trillions based on our, repeat our savings etc, which was then loaned out to people who could never repay it. But we still bailed them out!

So while they bask in the sunshine on their yachts on the Mediterranean we join the back of the dole queue looking for a job paying poverty wages hoping the NHS doesn't kill our old and sick family and friends in hospital.

This is coming. It is visible now, but not yet here.

We are like the citizens of Leningrad in 1941. We know the Nazis are coming. We cannot yet see the full horrific results of their warfare against us but we know it is coming.

This warfare was caused by bankers and politicans who smile, who wear nice suits and don't wear swastikas.

But just because they smile and wear nice suits and don't wear swastikas doesn't mean they aren't Nazis.

Sunday, October 02, 2011


The single European currency the Euro was agreed at Bilderberg 1955. Bilderberg is associated with the Null World Order based in the Anglo-American Establishment.

So if this cabal wanted a single European currency why is this DK (not UK) not in the Euro?

One answer is that to create a single European currency is a massive massive project with potentially lethal pitfalls and banana skins. So to stay out of it while it is formed while standing on the sidelines encouraging its formation means that this DK does not suffer the disasters that befall the Euro while it is formed but can join it after it has stabilised.

This is what I have believed is the case, that a single European Super State is being engineered with a single leader, a single currency, a single military, a single foreign policy, etc but one that is not as strong as it could be while it is being formed and then the DK can finally join as the ruling nation.

But lately I have come to question this because there seems to be little appetite to solve the Euro crisis among European leaders, many of whom are Bilderberg, who are leaving things a bit late. On the one hand you have Soros demanding the Euro be saved through Eurobonds, and Merkel risking her political career to get Germany to donate more and more to saving Europe. On the other hand Trichet and Barosso appear to be concerned but are also doing little.

So what is going on?

Is there a split within Bilderberg over the Euro?

Webster Tarpley has recently published another thought-provoking article, this time about the Euro[1]. He claims the Euro is being attacked to place the depression onto Europe so that the UK and USA can gain strength and eventually rule a broken Europe.

This makes sense in some ways, but not in others.

Across the world we see formations of continental unions; the African Union, the North American Union, etc. David Icke proposes these are stepping stones towards a single world government, and I can understand this. It is easier to form a world governmnent from 5 or 6 continental unions rather than from 200 or so sovereign nation states.

But what will happen to these unions if the Euro and thus the EU is destroyed?

What kind of world government are the Null World Order working to create?

Is it something overt like the UN but with a lot more authority? Or will it be as-it-is but more covert with their authority exercised through financial means? If the latter then was the former the most desired but is now unattainable?

If a new bank is created using the EFSF as a basis from which to create trillions out of thin air to save the Euro, the EFSF being in reality nothing but numbers on a computer, then this will signal Bilderberg's intent to save the Euro. I can see Tarpley's point of view, but I can also see a new bank being created by the Bilderberg Nazi bankers to create trillions out of thin air to save the Euro while we kill our old and sick because of austerity.

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