Friday, May 28, 2021


At a time when they say we are fast approaching the end of freedom and humanity, they are still, STILL not giving their stuff away for free! And are in fact ramping up the fear factor to flog their products!? is shipping with free delivery...BUT ONLY FOR THE WEEKEND!!

And Garth Icke is still showing only 2 full interviews of this week's Right Now. But he does tease us with excerpts of the other 3 interviews. The aim? BUY SUBSCRIPTIONS TO ICKONIC!!

The Ickes, Alex Jones and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are cut from the same cloth.

All of 'em utterly, utterly detestable and despicable.

David Icke does realise that he has grandchildren, and another on the way, who are going to suffer from the satanic agenda he claims to be exposing? Coz he's not acting like it!

And Garth does realise that he has a child and another on the way who are going to suffer from this agenda? Coz he's not acting like it, feeding the ducks, walking around Wales and getting wasted darn sarf watching Derby County FC on the telly.

The Ickes are giving it the big un that they're here to "wake us up", BUT THEY'RE CHARGING US FOR IT!?!?

In just a few months time the delayed reaction to the vaccines, or the booster vaccines, are going to lead to many more deaths, which will be blamed on unvaxed and/or Russia, and then it's protective custody.

And once you're in protective custody you won't be able to make Dot-connector or Right Now.

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